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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  September 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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launch, and aught over of a great book. my darling, thank you so much. cbs this morning rock and rolling. >> right there tomorrow. >> i'm going to watch it because i'm a big today show fan. >> suze orman, you do so many wonderful things on >> yay. -- captions by vitac -- nlg from cnn worrell head quart . four troops dead in afghanistan. that just one day after a deadly strike kills two marines. >> the topless kate photos spreading around the world. now a second magazine is publishing the pictures and a third may come out tomorrow. and they're back. "saturday night live" kicks off its 30th season. just wait till you see it take on the campaign.
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it is sunday, september 16th. good morning, everyone. so glad you're with us. i'm randi kaye. we start in afghanistan this morning where four coalition groups were killed early this morning by men who were believed to be afghan police. officials aren't saying exactly where. it's the second such attack in less than 24 hours. on saturday two were killed in helmand province. remember, helmand province is where attackers dressed as u.s. army soldiers, stormed a joint u.s./british base late friday night. two u.s. marines were killed in that attack. joining me now to talk about the latest is anna coren. an narks what can you tell us today about the coalition troops. >> reporter: details are few and far between but as you say four
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coalition troops were killed. a believe turned on the troops. as you say, this is the second attack in 24 hours. the other one happening yesterday, also in southern afghanistan. you mentioned this is the taliban hotland, helmand province in particular but the taliban are extremelyive in the south of the country. they now really have spread out across the whole region, across all 34 provinces which is great concern for coalition forces who are in the process of transferring power, transferring security to the afghan armed forces in the hopes of exiting here in 2014. randi. >> how many of the so-called green-on-blue attacks have we actually seen? >> reporter: we receive seen now more than 30 attack this year. the death toll has risen to 51. it really has risen quite sharply this year. last year there were 35 attacks.
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the year before, even less. so we are seeing real alarming trend. now, the taliban will claim responsibility for every single green-on-blue attack. i've spoken to u.s. forces and they say that's a complete lie, completely inaccurate. they say it's 25% of the attacks in which the insurgency has infiltrated the police or the armies. it comes down to personal grieveses, cultural differences and the fatigue of an 11-year war that's about to enter its 12th year. >> amazing. anna coren, thank you for the update. to libya, investigatie investig arriving. they're supposed to be investigates the deaths of four americans including ambassador chris stevens. they were killed in benghazi last week. this is the video of the gutted out consulate. it's believe the attack was planned by al qaeda operatives. now to california.
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na cue la basseley na cue la talked yesterday. part of it hinges on his past. >> it was all choreographed. there were conversations between the federal probation officers and him. he was ready and willing and very cooperative it's unknown where nakoula went after the interview. now, let's move to egypt where protesters had gathered for several days for anti-american demonstrations but now it turns out not all of the protesters were there because of their anger toward the u.s. and the anti-muslim interview. they were there because they were getting paid to be there. our cnn international correspondent ben wedeman is there. ben, good morning.
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>> reporter: this is the egyptian prime minister who made that claim in an interview with the bbc arabic service. of course, we've heard this before. in fact, a cnn official of the muslim brotherhood mention thad some of the protesters are being paid by the remnants of the old mubarak regime. now obviously it's difficult to ascertain the voracity of the claim and there obviously were people in the crowd who were there out of jen you wine fury. but in the past there are forces paying modest amounts of money to young men who don't have any other form of income to go out and throw rocks and clash with the police here. randi? >> and do we know how -- any idea exactly how many were there for legitimate reasons and how
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many were there for their own beliefs, i guess i should say, and how many were there because they were getting paid? >> reporter: no, it's not at all clear. and the demonstrations here in cairo sort of morphed. in the beginning the initial demonstration outside the u.s. embassy on tuesday evening was organized by the sol a fi movement. that's the real hard court islamic fundamental lists, but they basically with drew after that and were replaced by sort of the same young men who don't seem to have anything better to do who in a sense they were probably motivated in part by fury over the youtube video, but many of them basically are through due to the forces that clashed with them and many of them see this as an opportunity to throw rocks at the
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authorities. >> and what is the situation there today? sunday is the beginning of the workweek in egypt. are there protesters still in the streets? >> no. actually i saw yesterday morning at about 5:30 as the police really came out in force into tahrir square cleared them away and life has snapped back to normal in this part of town. traffic is as traffic is in cairo. school began yesterday as well. so there really is no sign of any protest anywhere in cairo at the moment. randi? >> ben wedeman in cairo for us this morning. ben, thank you. federal investigators say a chicago teen who wanted to kill americans in a terrorist attack is behind bars this morning. they say the 18-year-old unsuccessfully tried to detonate a bomb in front of a downtown bomb friday night.
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a preliminary hearing is now set for tomorrow. also in chicago today could bring an end to the week-long teachers strike. they're set to vote today whether to end the walkout that's crippled the nation's third largest school. both have said that they will get back to school tomorrow but a plan is still in the works. the gop is talking about a different kind of high, a sugar high. plus, what's a presidential campaign without snl's twist on things? can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. we discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. it's just one way purina one is making the world a better place...
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or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. track, we are less than two months away and a new poll shows mitt romney is falling behind president obama in key battleground states. the biggest difference is? ohio. polls show the president leading mitt romney among likely voters by seven points. these polls were taken between sunday and tuesday of last week after the democratic national convention. but take a look at florida and virginia. it shoes obama leave but they're within the sampling area, but they're virtually tied. this time they're targeting the federal reserve. the stock market bounced higher
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this past week after the central bank announced its latest move to stimulate the economy. it's buying up additional dollars in mortgage-backed securities. the program is aimed at pushing mortgage rates even lower but critics including even vice-presidential candidate paul ryan says it's a bad idea that will do little to help the middle class. >> we don't need sugar-high economics, we don't need economic money creation. we need economic growth. we don't want to print money. we want opportunity and growth. and when they do this to our money, it undermines the credibility of our money. >> the obama campaign is responding to the latest attack by saying, quote, congressman ryan has no credibility when it comes to helping the middle class. the 2012 cast is campaign i
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giving the "snl" cast plenty to talk about. there are a few new places. check this out. >> election day is new. things aren't great. the economy is in the tank. the job market's horrible. and now even my foreign policy is under attack. but there's something i want you all to know. i'm not worried. not in the least. should be. seems like i would be, but i'm not. and i'll tell you why. our campaign has a secret weapon, and that secret weapon is speaking right now in tulsa, oklahoma. let's take a look. >> hello, i'm mitt romney. and i understand the hardships facing ordinary americans.
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for example, this summer one of my horses failed to medal at the olympics, so i know hardship. >> isn't he great? so, america, i know you're not in love with me anymore, but i want you to know that my heart still beats for you and i can prove it. ♪ i'm so in love with you that was fun, right? so do you want that or this -- >> ♪ e-i-e-i-o >> the man is a christmas miracle. so there's your choice, america. stick with what's been barely working or take your chances with that. >> no matter what your politics, that's pretty darn funny. and you might have noticed veteran "snl" wasn't played by
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arm i stas. it was played by jay pharaoh who's also funny. the latest on her work on behalf of the u.n.
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welcome back. today brought more shelling across syria in the country's ongoing civil war. you're looking at new images coming out of rossston. opposition groups blame syrian security forces. those deaths happenied on the same day the envoy met with the president. rah heemy says he believed al assad is more aware of the scope of the crisis, but there's still no end in sight. and in pakistan a roadside bomb killed 14 and injured others. the apparent target was a passenger van. so far there are no details on
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the occupants nor has anyone claimed responsibility for that attack. an american free after two years in a nick rogge want hello ho. his 22-year sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering charges have been thrown ought after months of pressure from human rights activists. here's his 35-year-old sister fighting for his freedom just last month in grenada. >> jason is absolutely evident, i have no doubt in my mind. there's no evidence of any drugs, no evidence of any illegal money. jason didn't even know the other people with whom he was arrested. >> he's now out of nicaragunica. you'll see him reunite with his mother and sisters right here only on cnn. actress angelina jolie is in
6:18 am
baghdad at a ref ju camp. she's discussing efforts made by the iraqi government to meet the needs of the refugees. more than 21,000 refugees have sought sanctionary in iraq. the korean meteorological association estimates the storm seen by images taken by nasa will hit south korea in a couple of days before making its way to china. pope benedict will speak in beirut this morning one last time before he leaves lebanon and what train he has had so far. he arrived friday while hundreds of people violently protested the u.s. at an protest. he's addressed syrian refugees and told lebanon to be an example of co-existence for the middle east. that's because about 40% of
6:19 am
country is christian. mohamed is life this morning. what did he say. >> reporter: an open mass was attended by hundreds of thousands of people who gathered to hear pope ben did the 16th. the pope parade for piece and that they would try to force that path. here's more about what the pope had to say about piece and the importance of it in this region. >> translator: our community, brothers and sisters to give this region in the middle east peace and reconciliation so all may live in peace. >> reporter: throughout his
6:20 am
visit the pope spoke about he was here as a pilgrim of peace, that he was here as a religious leader not a political leader and tried to stress the purpose of co-existence here in lebanon. this trip comes at a very volatile time with this brutal war in neighboring syria and increasing secretatarian vie li and the spillover of violence as well. rehab di? >> did he have specific comments about the violent protests taking place in the middle east? >> reporter: randi, the pope didn't speak specifically about the violent protests but he was welcomed enthusiastically here and he met with leaders of every faith that he could here. he met with religious and political and cultural leaders yesterday as he was at the presidential palace. he gave a speech in which he urged the leaders to work for the good of this country, for the good of the middle east. this was the central anyone ten.
6:21 am
he was greeted by everyone. you saw his picture and welcome banners plastered on practically every street corner. you even has hezbollah here welcoming the pope. there were banners welcoming the pope. that's quite extraordinary. >> yeah, that is certainly something. what has security been like though, i'm curious. >> reporter: it's been quite tight, randi. as the pope has been ridden through parts of beirut, there were helicopters overhead. also we were told that weapons permits were suspended for everybody except the bodyguards of politicians. so very heightened security. and there had been concerns in the days leading up to the pope's visit as to whether or not he would actually make it here. the anti-american protests that have been going on in response to the anti-islamic film that
6:22 am
has been released. so there was some worry. >> mohamed jam june for us. thank you. here's a question for you. do you ever feel unappreciated at work. wait till you hear what this car employer gave his employees to show his appreciation. a species of monkey that has a whole lot of people talking. i had pain in my pelvic area... and bleeding that wasn't normal for me. she said i had to go to the doctor. turned out i had uterine cancer, a type of gynecologic cancer. i received treatment and we're confident i'll be fine. please listen to your body. if something doesn't feel right for two weeks or longer, see your doctor. get the inside knowledge about gynecologic cancers. knowing can make all the difference in the world. exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath.
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welcome back, everyone. 25 minutes past the hour. checking stories cross-country. in st. louis it is the ride of the century. hundreds of motorcyclists descend on this area that has police on alert. cyclists rode down interstate 95 doing stunts like wheelies. there is one reported accident but the cyclist is said to be okay. i like this next story. in foxborough, massachusetts, an 11-year-old girl helped bust a serial burglar. haley anderson came home from school to find her basement door kicked in and house ransacked. her friend called police but before they arrived, the bandit was gone. there was another house, and the burglar was still inside that home and was holds a prescription for codeine that belonged to little haley's dog.
6:27 am
four tuskegee airmen gett tg a rousing welcome. hundreds of well wishers formed a path of honor to greet them upon landing. >> we often hear about business owners selling their companies without any care or concern about their pleas. well, howard cooper is not one of those business owners. this week he expressed his appreciation to the staff that helped make his car dealership successful. cooper gave all 89 employees $1,000 for every year that they worked at his dealership. one employee had been there for 46 years, another for 30. all right. at $1,000 a year, yep, do the math, you get the idea. he spoke on a local radio station to talk about it. >> it was emotional, but it was fun. >> i think he's a man that really admires loyalty and i
6:28 am
think he had so many employees that were here for 20, 30, 40-some, almost 50 years, and i think he wanted to do something to -- something nice for them. >> the final payout isn't known, but you can bet his staff is happy to have him as a boss. what a nice thing to do. all right. take a look at this. looks sort of human, right? if you haven't heard, scientists discovered a new species yes, sir of monkees. an expert takes us through natures fascinating find. facts.t talk. tell me your plan... and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers. anncr: where do the candidates stand on issues that... affect seniors today and in the future? find out with the aarp voters' guide at
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are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. welcome back and thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm randi kay and i'd like to thank our troops for watching. officials believe the attack was carried out by members of the afghani police force. the nationalities of the coalition troops have not been released. back in the u.s. a 55-year-old murder case finally put to rest. 72-year-old jack mccullough has
6:33 am
been convicted in the murder of 7-year-old. mccullough is scheduled to be sentenced on november 30th. in missouri a single-engine plane crashes killing a father, his three children, and a family friend saturday. authorities are unsure what caused the plane to go down or if weather played a part. bad news for hockey fans. after weeks of talks, another nhl lockout began at midnight. the second leaguewide stoppage in less than a decade. the league wants to cut players' salaries, but the players say no way. they have a month to straighten this out. ladies and gentleman, meet lasoula. it was unknown to the outside world even though it was well known by locals in the region.
6:34 am
it's the first new monkey species yes, sir discovered in more than a century. and joining me is mark, wildlife expert and a member of the jane go goodall institute. should this not come as a surprise? what do you think? >> i think it's a great surprise. we discover different species, fish, insects, but it's very rare to discover a new mammalian species. i think it's really exciting. >> what should we know about the lesula. >> we want to know its monkey organization, home range, in some ways we want to know who it is and why it took so long to discover. >> yeah. that's what i wanted to ask you. can you explain to our viewers why it took three years for the scientists to conclude this was a new species?
6:35 am
>> i think people really want to be careful when they say a particular animal or set of animals is a new species because it adds a lot to the equation. it means that there's likely others. i mean this discovery really gives me a lot of home that there are other species yes, sir out there who we don't know about because we're losing species at an unprecedented rate. they want to be careful. they have to do the genetics and biology and the morphology just to make sure that it's not an aberrant individual of a known species. >> right. as we're looking at the pictures of one of these, the look is sort of unique, right? >> very unique, yep. and it's found in a very rural area of the drc. so, you know, once again, i expect if we keep looking we're going to find more new species. >> yeah. in the region, of course, though, the lesula is just another animal.
6:36 am
one was kept as a pet. but others are hunted. do you have some concerns that it could disappear just as quickly as it was discovered? >> oh, i do. in fact, this one was discovered as a pet who was leashed. and, so, yeah, i have a lot of concerns. it's very important to recognize that the local people where animals like this exist, you know, eat them and they sell them and they use them for their own economic well being, so that's why i think it's incredibly important that scientists get on top of this now and really make sure we can save this species. >> yeah, you certainly have to protect that little guy. what a great look. mark, thank you. appreciate it. >> you bet. thank you very much. in afghanistan, a marine's prediction tragically comes true two days before returning home. the ones who inspire us,
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buckley jr. predicted his own death in afghanistan two days before he was scheduled to go home. the marine told his father that if he wasn't out of there soon, he would be dead, and he was right. cnn's david ariostos spoke with his devastated family. >> reporter: he helped train afghan forces. the 21-year-old marine only had two days left before heading home to see his brother playing a vevarsity football. before coming home he phoned his dad. >> he told me if i have to stay here to november, he said, i'm not going to come home. and i was -- i don't understand. he goes, i'm going to -- you've got to be able to tell mom and justin and shane, you know, that i'm going to be killed over here. >> i said out in the field or whatever? >> he said. no, in our base.
6:40 am
>> reporter: then it happened. greg was gunned down august 10th by the very forces he was training. like he said, it happened inside the base. and by his phone calls and letters, he knew it was coming. and on one particular night on guard duty, he had a run-in with a trainee. >> the guy turned around and said to greg, with don't want you here and we don't need you here and greg said, what did you say? and he said it again and greg said why would you say that? i'm here giving my life to you to help you to make you do better for yourself and the guy started tormenting him all night. >> his dad said he spent the rest of the night with a trainee. >> pitch black out and all he kept saying over and over again wrks don't want you, we don't need you. >> building up local securities is cored the lynchpin for nato strategy for withdrawal but attacks have become disturbingly
6:41 am
more. it's a sign that the war has gone on enough. >> i basically collapsed and his mother collapsed. we were both on the floor balling. >> but greg's two brothers refused to cry, at least during the day. >> one night i went into shane's room, and he was on the end of the bed, and his head was hanging over the edge of the bed. i thought he dropped water on the floor, he was just bawling. i broke for him. and later on that night, i heard noises from justin's room, and i went inside, and he had a pillow over his face at 4:30 in the morning screaming at the top of his lungs, heart-wrenching. and i explained to justin why
6:42 am
don't you guys cry during the day and they both turned around at the same time and said, we can't. we have to take care of you and mom. >> with the community behind them the buckley family is coping as best they can. and justin wearing camouflage to salute his brother. greg was supposed to be home for this game. what would you tell him right now. >> i would tell him i love him and i miss him. that's about it. >> thank you. >> david ariosto, cnn, oceanside's long island, new york. >> and we'll have more on the latest green-on-blue attacks in afghanistan coming up in the 7:00 hour. we'll be back.
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6:44 am
welcome back to "early start weekend." this morning's passport. kate middleton sun bathing topless. they're the photos everybody is talking about and naturally the royal couple is pretty upset. st. james palace released a statement saying their royal highnesses had every expectation of privacy in the remote house. it is unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them. the couple was there for much needed relaxation heading up for this week's tour of asia. now the italian magazine says it plans to public more of these topless photos tomorrow. it comes more than three weeks after naked pictures of
6:45 am
william's young brother prince harry partying naked in a las vegas hotel room. here to talk about the naked truth of this second nude royal photo montage is nadia bilchik. good morning. cnn, of course, isn't airing these photos. you have? >> i have seen the photos. they're quite interesting because there's one with kate because she's got her bikini top. whether she's putting it on or taking it off is very revealing. my favorite is the one where she's bending over and prince william is rubbing lotion on her lower back and her bee key eny bottoms are quite far down. she has quite good reason to be upset. people say they're grainy but they're clear enough to see everything. >> the chateau, they say, is owned by the queen's nephew. this is pretty private. so this must have been an incredible lens. >> we're hearing the telephoto
6:46 am
lens came from half a mile away, 20 new york blocks. this would be half a mile around ten new york blocks. a very powerful lens. remember, the photographer was not on the property so that changes the legality. >> going topless. this is france. not everyone in the u.s. does it but they do it in france. >> but she's kate middleton. she should have been more mao accident. she should have known. yes, it's a private chateau, but where was security, randi. did she say to the security guards, excuse me, boys, i'm going to show and bare my all. the body language definitely shows intimacy and we know they must be in love by those photos and apparently there's a lot more to come in the italian magazine which by the way is owned by silvio berlusconi. he owns the publication but
6:47 am
there are going to be a lot more revealing photos to come. if you look at the intimacy between the two, i don't want you to know what's going to be published but certainly she has reason. she's been fully exposed. >> you bring up a good point. where was the security at the time, but they're a very relaxed couple. she does her own grocery shopping. so the fact that she does -- >> she needed to be more prudent. there are people around. she has to know people will take any opportunity to photograph her. so should she have been allowed some privacy, absolutely. but should she and will she bemore prudent going forward? oh, yes. >> this is the second scandal involving a nude or semi-nude royal. we mentioned prince harry. why is this causing such an uproar. we saw him in the hotel room covering up his privates. >> and he's a man. this drove princess diana to her death and st. james palace said it so well. the incident is rem is sent of
6:48 am
the worst excess of the life of diana, princess of wales. i think that's a very big part of it. >> from what i understand, the photographer actually took these photos, tried to sell them in england, and nobody would buy them. why is that in. >> for two reasons. very protective of kate and watermelon. also they don't want to sabotage their relationship with the royals going forward. they were sold the french papers, irish today, italian tomorrow. >> and what sort of legal action -- i know they were talking throughout the weekend they're planning to sue in some way. >> planning to sue for invasion of privacy. we don't know exactly what the details are, but we know -- it's going to be interesting to see what the italian and the irish people will say, but certainly an invasion of privacy. another interesting point, has it damaged kate's so-called brand? in my opinion they have come to her defense. ly tell you those beautiful
6:49 am
pictures in asia exquisitely dressed, somehow you can't thing of kate with the black-and-white bikini half off with prince william rubbing lotion on her lower back. >> i like her style. >> you would never look at kate -- it takes a lifetime where he said in essence that brand for a product is like a reputation for a person. so her reputation has been indelibly changed by this. >> yeah, perhaps, but that's one reason why we're not showing the photos here on cnn. >> not yet, randi. >> i don't think we will. all right, nadia. thank you. we'll be back with some scathing words from bob costas on the nbc's olympic coverage. we are all reflections of the people who came before us. the good they did inspires us, prepares us and guides us. at new york life,
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president obama is vowing to bring to justice the killers of ambassador chris stevens and three others. now looking back at this week's memorial, remembering the lives of these four heroes. >> it's tragic. it's so deeply saddening, but it also makes us aware, though, of the kind of role that people like chris over the years are playing unsung, but the critical role that they play. >> ty was not one to be seen as a hero. he would want to be seen as a guy on his team who did his job. >> and did it well. >> did it well. did it the best he could. >> glen lived his life to the fullest. he was my brother, but if you ask his friends, he was there
6:54 am
brother as well. if the last few days teach us anything, let it be this. that this work and the men and women who risked their lives to do it are at the heart of what makes america great and good. >> four americans, four patriots. they loved this country. and they chose to serve it and served it well. they didn't simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. they embodied it. the courage, the hope, and, yes, the idealism, that fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better
6:55 am
than before. that's who they were, and that ice who we are. ♪ bob costas on koenen sharing some opinions on nbc's olympic coverage. you might be surprised. over three and a half small in size. big on safety.
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so bob costas may have looked like he was having a great time covering the summer's olympics on nbc, but apparently he wasn't all too happy about the network's coverage of the closing ceremonies. listen to what he had to say on "conan." >> in the final act in a closing ceremony that had iconic british pop acts, the final act is the who. >> yeah, huge. >> and nbc decides that at that moment they should provide america with a sneak preview of "animal practice." and then come back an hour later and have the who -- >> and check in on the who. so here is the balance that nbc has to consider. the who, "animal practice." roger dalty, pete townsend, monkey in a lab coat. you know, i'm sure you'd be the first to attest, koenen, that when it comes to the tough calls,


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