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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 16, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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card, it's going to feel real good. >> thanks fun to watch. thank for joining the conversation. find me on facebook and tweet me. i read every message. i want to hear what you think of our discussion on infrastructure and central banks. have a great day. thanks for joining us. americans gunned down by afghan forces they train. it's called a green-on-blue attack. the latest one happened today in southern afghanistan. officials turned their guns on american troops, killing four of them. the attack comes just a day after another attack when two british troops were shot in
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helmand province. insider attacks are on the rise in afghanistan with more than 50 this year alone. we have this exclusive interview with an afghan man who admits to opening fire on u.s. troops. >> reporter: in a small house in a taliban controlled village is a man who claims to be responsible for a green on blue attack. with his face covered, he pulls out his police uniform. something he hasn't worn since the attack on the 2nd of october, 2009. on patrol with u.s. forces in central afghanistan, this father of two said he wait ed for an opportunity to launch his premeditated attack. the americans went inside the nearby school for a break, he explains. they took off their body armor and put their weapons down. at that moment, i thought it have the right time, so i took my gun and shot them. two soldiers were killed. 25-year-old sergeant aaron smith
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and 21-year-old private first class brandon owens. three others were injured, including captain, tile lehr kirk. when asked why he turned his dpun on the u.s. soldiers training them, he says because they were burning copies of the k ork koran and disrespecting it. when i told them i had killed americans, they took me to a safe place, give me new clothe, then drove me to pakistan where the taliban welcomed me very warmly like a hero. he says he later moved to iran for three years, returning to afghanistan only recently after being told it was safe. they said americans were not everywhere like they used to be. that taliban had brought security and i should return home. green on blue or insider attacks have increased this year in
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afghanistan. it's an alarming trend that has causing fors to be extremely worried and every time there's an attack, the taliban immediately claims responsibility. >> we know they lie. we think they overstate their influence on these tragic incidenc incidences. we think somewhere around 25% are insurgent related to some degree. >> reporter: the majority of attacks are related to personal grieve enss and the fatigue of a w war. new measures to be put in place to protect troops, the afghanees are determined to ensure these attacks don't derail this vital partnership. >> we have been working for the last 11 years. we have built a very good relationship together and this will continue despite any -- by the the taliban to make us
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separate. that will not happen. >> reporter: but for this 30-year-old afghan, he believes these attacks won't stop. i know they will increase. i know more people will do what i did. anna coren, cnn, kabul. >> and hundreds of afghans demonstrated in the streets again today, protesting an online movie that insults the islam religion. in pakistan, protests turned violent. hundreds of people marched to the u.s. consulate there throwing rocks. police used water cannons and batons to push them back. some officers reportedly threw rocks at protesters, reuters says one person was killed. benjamin netanyahu is urging the u.s. to stop iran's race for nuclear weapons and he tells our candy crowley that it is not a
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campaign issue. >> this is not an lek tral issue. it is not based on any consideration. it is of all political persuasions to stop iran. this is a regime giving vent to the worst impulses. deny the rights of women, democracy. don't give freedom of religion. all the things that you see you from these mobs storming the american embassy is what you see with the regime. you can't have such people have atomic bombs. >> netanyahu says if iran is not stopped, it could be ready to produce a nuclear bomb in six months in his view. the issue of iranian nukes has been talked about on the campaign trail. president obama and mitt romney have agreed that iran should not have a nuclear weapon, but romney has criticized the president, claiming he has not been doing enough to stop iran's
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nuclear program. we could be seeing the chicago teachers strike come to an end today. in just a few minutes, the teachers bargaining team will give it members details of a tentative agreement it has with the school board. the walk out has crippled the school district for the last week. how are they feeling about this agreement? optimistic? is. >> reporter: well, there's definitely a mood difference in the teachers today than we have seen in the past week or so. and in talking to a couple of them as they were coming in, they said they have a lot of questions. the union did release some broad guidelines. what they are going to vote on today is not the agreement itself. they're going to say yay or nay on whether to lift the strike. there is another option.
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the teachers union delegates could decide whether or not they want another 24 hours to think about it, so it's not entirely clear how happy they are and looking at the actual deal, the information released from the union, it doesn't appear there is a clear winner. neither the city nor the teachers. it looks like both sides had to take some steps back. as one of those teachers did tell me, they're going to have a lot of questions. so, no immediate decision right away on whether or not the strike will end. at least not in the next couple of hours. >> what are parents being asked to do to prepare for monday? >> reporter: that's really the tough part is that parents simply have to prepare for their kids to be back in school on monday. but it's not assured. it is something that they can think about perhaps having some back-up babysitter in case the kids aren't back at school until tuesday. they're still on strike until these delegates say this strike
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is over. >> thanks so much. republican vice presidential nominee, paul ryan, says printing more money is not the way to boost the american economy. in a florida speech, he blasted democrats and the federal reserve's latest efforts to stimulate the economy. >> and when they undermine the value of our dollar, it wipes out our standard of living. where the most insidious things the government can do to its people is to deface its currency. >> the fed announced another round of buying billions of dollars of debt held march backed securities. critics say it will cause inflation. meanwhile, nancy pelosi says the romney ryan team may ensure democrats retake the house of representatives.
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on state of the union today, she said when romney picked ryan, it changed everything in their favor. >> the issues go with us. one year and a half since the republicans passed the -- romney ryan republican budget, which serves the republican medicare guarantee. and they are medicare, medicare, medicare. >> the house has 435 members to take control 218 is needed. right now, the democrats hold just under 200 seats. tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the occupy wall street protest. we'll go live to the park where it all began. [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury
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a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally. one year anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. it started in new york's zuccotti park and ahead of the anniversary, police made several arrests for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. poppy harlow is in zuccotti in lower manhattan. is this movement still alive? >> it is a great question.
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really depends who you ask. i spent some time down here, it was the heart of the movement last september when they camped out in this park behind me and folks this week, a lot of them told me, it's irrelevant, this movement, but if you ask the activist, the people still so involved, they think they are as alive as ever. the volume may not be the same. they may not be as visible, but they say they are still hard at work. some folks think this movement has fizzled. that you guys are down for. >> they've been writing that obituary since day one. >> it started with this. one year ago. >> it's our duty as americans to fight for our country and to keep it you know, true to serving its people. >> a grass roots movement that made the the 99% and the 1% form a lexicon. occupy. in a brooklyn work space, justin is keeping occupy alive today.
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>> what's changed is that people now recognize that the game is rigged and as we evolve and grow, we're going to continue to resist. that's the impulse behind occupy wall street. >> that impulse grew in zuccotti park. >> i want the banks to stop forclosures. >> saw thousands of arrests and got people talking. >> all great movements start with just a few people. >> police are trying to clear us off the street right now. >> around 1:00 a.m. on november 15th, cops surrounded zuccotti park and evicted the protesters who had been camping out here for two months. they vowed to keep the movement alive. >> it's a continued stand. >> for a few months, they worked out of an office. ironically right off wall street. >> you walk in, you get a name
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tag like this. >> this is some of our working spaces. lot of occupiers working here. >> hoping to reinvigorate the movement, may 1st, a day of action around the globe, but it wasn't sustained. do you think it's relevant today? >> i think the message. >> i don't see any reason it would have diminished in importance. >> it just seems to me to be a rag tag bunch of people. >> stronger, weaker? >> different. there are things that are stronger. i think there are connections to actual organizing issues are stronger. >> occupy says it has about $40,000 left in the bank and has formed groups focusing on specific issues like student debt and housing. there from the beginning, mark bray says give it time. >> if you look at all the social movements in history, it takes that before you get going. >> zuccotti park is no longer occupied, but it is still surrounded by police barricades. a reminder of the past year. >> we don't need to sit in the park.
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we've got your attention. now, we need to follow through. >> and so follow threw with what mission? >> well, it's going to start tomorrow morning pretty early on. we are just about a block and a half from wall street and the plan is activists tell me they're going to meet about 7:00 a.m. here in new york, right during rush hour. they're going to meet at four locations, then at 7:30 a.m., their goal is to create a human chain around the new york stock exchange. they admit that's going to be hard. there's going to be a lot of police presence. there's going to get as close to the new york stock exchange as they can. one activists told me on the phone, there will be arrests. they're trying to make their voice heard once again to mark this first anniversary. i can tell you though we do not expect it to be anything like it was when they were camping out in the park an evicted during november, but one thing that stood out to me filing this
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report is that they said look, rosa parks was not the civil rights movement, but she sparked it in many ways. we are trying to spark a broader, longer discussion, system of change here. some believe that's what's happening. tomorrow morning's going to be a good indication of where they stand and what their numbers are like here in new york. >> keep us posted there from lower manhattan. the boy scouts of america is a accused of covering up alleged child sex abuse cases. "the los angeles times" is reviewing hundreds of documents from the 1970s and '90s. the paper says scout officials quietly asked those accused of abuse to resign around then covered up the tracks. nick is tracking the story. how widespread is the "l.a. times" saying this is? >> they're not isolated incidences. from los angeles to chesapeake, virginia.
4:18 pm
hundreds of cases that were documented that weren't reported to law enforcement. >> and if these weren't i guess reported by these officials within the boy scout, are they saying parents didn't know or what are the alleged victims saying. >> the most outrageous thing about this is there were documents, these perversion files, people that were blacklisted from volunteering. the statements received from victims of abuse were never handed over to the parents. parents had suspicions, never made it over to the children. in fact, we spoke to the boy scouts of america earlier today and they gave us a statement saying we have always cooperated fully with law enforcement and now require members to report even suspicious of abuse directly to local law enforcement. recent media reports looked at a
4:19 pm
subset of files from 40 years ago. what they're saying is that there's a whole different culture now in the boy scouts. this isn't the case now and this phenomenon doesn't really exist still. it's a different time and that's sort of how they're catching. >> so, how did the "l.a. times" get these documents? >> it's unknown. they acknowledged these documents are unique and original, but said they don't know how the "l.a. times" got their hands on them. >> so now what in terms of legal recourse, a criminal investigation, boy scouts of america handling of these accusations? >> that's a great question, one we asked and they didn't feel comfortable. we asked if you're worried about charges. one of these cases, a person that was in the boy scouts of america for three decades, he preferred dealing with handicap students. what happened was he was charged, he was brought to court and even after he was convicted,
4:20 pm
the boy scouts of america said they had no prior knowledge of his abuse and child molester status, even though they knew about it, even wrote a letter of recommendation. >> is there any way of telling how damaging this is for the boy scouts of america? this isn't the first time an investigation has been unfurled, but now it sounds with these documents, it may be opening up a whole new can of worms? >> it's another black eye on a tainted organization that should represent a standard of principled men, leadership, people are strong character. this is not something that the boy scouts of america want to be dealing with again. even after the past allegations. >> thanks so much. at one point now, does youtube take down videos.
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worldwide outrage over an anti-islam movie is growing attention to youtube and raising
4:24 pm
question about whether it should ban the video. josh levs is here to talk about how youtube decides on which videos ta talk down, and then the whole issue of freedom of speech. >> let's start with this. we actually don't know how much of the protests, the violence, is really about this one video that's online. we have had reporting about the libya attack being preplanned, but what we know is that factually, there are many people around the world who are furious about the video. it's brought all this attention to youtube and to what policies youtube has. youtube has pulled the video from a few countries already. indonesia as one example in which there's some laws there that actually give them a reason to pull it. they also chose to pull it from egypt and libya as well, saying they were concerned about the sensitivity, but the white house the other day asked to take a look and youtube came back with
4:25 pm
a statement, we're going to leave it out. it's well within our rules. they have some guidelines that they follow in deciding what videos should stay. i want to show you a clip of a video in which they talk about this. take a look. >> we encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express on pop lair points of view, but don't permit speech that attacks a group based on certain characteristics. we draw the line at content encouraging illegal activities. >> so, encouraging violence, for example, is it demeaning a group of people? some could say i think this does. many other people especially in the united states are saying no, thest a matter of free expression. the president of one of those groups was on cnn this morning. >> the only kind of hate speech that is illegal in the united states is when it incites imminent lawlessness and i think
4:26 pm
google is correct that the video in question did not meet that standard. >> google, which owns youtube, constantly having to make subjective decisions about what videos are okay. >> interesting. but this isn't over because the white house has been asked to weigh in on this as well. >> the extent was asking youtube to take another look at it and then they said no, we're not going to do it. what you do have all the time, this is what's so fascinating about the way technology is changing the world. there are so many difficult decisions youtube has to face. for example, they say they don't all allow gory vooid, violent video, then you get these videos out of syria that show gore and violence. what we found is a youtube official who gave a talk a few years ago who said there's something they take a look at.
4:27 pm
to see whether a video has social, documentary, social -- >> all of those things can be argued for anything. >> anybody who wants to, raises a question, can flag the video. >> and just to make clear, there's no government entity that can police youtube similar to like a sec would about broadcast outlets. there is no standard or certain criteria that must be met that would be associated with an internet outlet. >> correct. as a u.s.-based entity, has a right to search and protect, but there are cases in which youtube runs into the law, for instance, in part of europe. up against a law in a country, you find them pulling a video. so much more on this i want you to see it. my facebook and twitter. the video i told you about, so
4:28 pm
much more background on this. it's a very kompb kated story and keep in mind, youtube doesn't control every video in world, so if they take your video down, you can still share it in other ways. >> thanks. foreign policy is on the micro scope on the presidential campaign trail and so is the economy. is there room for both? don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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foreign policy is now taking center stage in the race for the white house. although the romney ryan campaign wants to return to issues relating to the economy, romney's criticisms of the administration may not allow
4:32 pm
that to happen. joining me now from washington is cnn's senior political analyst, ron brownstein. so, did romney's quick to criticize approach reveal a weakness in his readiness for the world stage? >> it was kind of an odd week because mitt romney was ner really able to get into a debate about the substance. certainly, this is a republican argument. they believe president obama has been too conciliatory, even apologetic in the way he has approached the arab world, but the way romney delivered his critique never really got that the discussion. instead, which was was he too quick on the draw, was he unsteady and it followed a very uneasy and difficult trip to london, israel and -- which he had some gaffes. the most dangerous thing for any politician so to play into a preeconomisting story line and mitt romney is playing into this discussion on whether he is too
4:33 pm
quick on the draw and not quite steady enough in dealing with these foreign issues. >> and how much of is this revealing who romney is or who might be advisinging romney as it appeals to world affairs? >> i think each are interesting because certainly, mitt romney although thought of more in the context of the republican debate in the primary, he was not most conservative candidate, but he has really identified himself with many of the most conservative voices. from the george w. bush years. the other thing that's interesting, too, mitt romney is a management consultant. we think of him as a very deliberative and deliberate guy. also the antithesis of john mccain, warrior in the military and yet, on these foreign policy issues, it is seen that romney has been very quick on the draw as we said and hasn't had the kind of deliberative, steady pace and hand that you might
4:34 pm
expect. >> so, how redeeming might be potentially that rob portman eventually came out 24 hours later, john mccain came out speaking in romney's defense. does that help in any way? >> i think it's oddly less relevant because what we said is what we started with, which is this the substance is to be had. there's a republican view that obama has mishandled the middle east and that's what portman and mccain were offering a supportive testimony on. what they didn't is that whether it was appropriate for mitt romney to be saying what he did in the midst of this violence and whether he was again, too quick on the draw so they can kind of vouch for him on substance, but not the instinct and readiness. >> benjamin netanyahu getting on the air on "state of the union," still being rather stern about
4:35 pm
the obama administration's approach to iran. does this say more about the relationship between netanyahu and obama or does it say more about the u.s. policies and israel or how the u.s. perhaps wants to tread carefully as it pertains to iran. the last thing this administration wants is yet another war to be involved in. >> i think what the u.s. can accept in terms of iranian capacity is probably different than what israel feels it can live with. on the other hand, there is also a long tradition here that benjamin netanyahu as the prime minister of israel has a more difficult relationship are democratic presidents than republican presidents. his world view is closer to some of those advisers than mitt romney. bill clinton or barack obama. there is genuine tension there. now, you know, this was a very dramatic statement and almost what seemed a very overt intervention in an american
4:36 pm
presidential election. >> seemed like a challenge. >> it did and it's a very high risk kind of action by netanyahu. both because i think americans are not really that disposed for foreign leaders. if barack obama gets re-elected and you know, he is leading in the polls today, that relationship which has been fraught gets more difficult. >> always good to see you. enjoy the rest of your sunday. >> thank you. 21 countries now have been, have seen protests in this last week. is that antimuslim video to blame or is there ng else at work?
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
much of the has been placed on muslims. the role of this film or other is the author of "no god but god." he also is a religious scholar and fellow at the center on public diplomacy. good to see you. >> thanks, fredricka. >> let's delve into this film. what is it about this movie, this film that insults a muslim faith or the profit mohammed? >> well, one out of four people on earth is a muslim. the reverend for the prophet mohammed is -- really dem grated the prophet, but in the most despicable terms and pretty much
4:41 pm
throwing the kitchen sink. those who see the prophet as somebody worthy of emlation and obviously as one can imagine, this is quite disturbing for a lot of people. >> and so given that description, does it seem clear that the film is at the root of the violence or do you believe that it there is something else or is there a combination of things? >> i think it's enormously simplistic to say this film is what is causing the protests and i really commend cnn for being one of the few media outlets that are involved here. obviously, the film has been used as a pretext r for some of this violence and obviously there are those muslims who were genuinely disturbed, but there's something far more complex taking place here. in libya, what we've seen is an al-qaeda attack on an american diplomat. in egypt, we're seeing an
4:42 pm
internal conflict between the muslim brotherhood and far more religion party which has used this film as a way of trying to weaken the muslim brotherhood's grip. it's a more complex situation than pointing at a film. >> so, so many other objectives have come with a type of attacks we've seen. is it a stretch to say this film is being used as an excuse to further ignite or to spawn protests or actions from people whether they be extremists or otherwise who are angry, upset about something else? >> yeah, and let's use the egypt example as a perfect one here. the film was first talked about on one satellite station. called el nas, which is run by ultra -- saudi muslims, which is the mouthpiece for the newer
4:43 pm
party. so in a sense, this was a perfect opportunity for the party to come out and to really try to flank the muslim brotherho brotherhood, which they see as being too accommodating, too westernized. in other places around the world, there is still a deep sense of anti-americanism at the root. we havthe tendency to think that with the election of president obama and the arab spring, there is this wave of -- that is not the case. the film is being used by a lot of these different groups to further their ointerests. >> and youtube has no plans to remove this film from the internet air waves, so to speak, so do you feel like as long as there's access to this video that it may continue to be used as an excuse, whether it be for
4:44 pm
extremists who have other agendas or those who don't like the message to voice their concerns? >> we're in unchartered territories here. now we know that a couple of individuals with an ax to grind and islam phobic sentiments can launch a kind of waves of violence we've seen in parts of the middle east. now, there's no stopping it. this is just the beginning. people now know that they can get admiral mike mullen to give you a call and not upload a video on the internet. there many individuals who are going to use this to their advantage and we're going to have to figure out how to really balance the freedom of speech with the national security interests of the united states. >> thanks so much. author of "no god but god" and
4:45 pm
fellow at the usc center. thanks for your time. you can see more stories about faith on our belief blog at co/. british royal family members brace for more revealing photos of the duchess of cambridge, but they're not taking it sitting down. they plan to fight back. paperless discount... paid in full discount... [yawning] homeowner's discount... safe driver discount... unicorn discount. unicorn wearing a sombrero. olé... countless discounts -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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the royal family is brace ing for another round of topless photos of prince william's wife. they're to be published monday in a magazine in italy, but the couple is launching a legal fight in france by filing a criminal complaint against the photographer. the photographer was about seven football fields away. here's a look at what's at stake. nadia is here with me now. you have seen the images. >> i have. >> how clear are they? >> very clear. not that grainy. believe me, you can see all the parts. now, there's one with kate either putting back her bikini top or taking it off and there's one where she has her back
4:49 pm
turned and prince wiley yam is rubbing suntan lotion into her back and her bikini bottoms are quite a lot down. so yes, it's very revealing. >> so clearly, they thought they had a private moment and something they should expect maybe at a private villa they had rented. they're not like out on the beach. >> the photographer was half a mile away. if you think of a mile is 20 blocks of new york city, so it's ten blocks away. >> incredible lens. they thought they had a moment of privacy. and that's what the palace is per suing now. >> they're in the queen's nephe nephews chateau in the south of france cht there must have been servants around. you can't e tell me she's not aware there's not a lens on her anytime she steps outside. i think she could have been a little more prudent. not that being topless is so unfamiliar.
4:50 pm
>> the palace seems to disagree and that's why they're per suing this lawsuit. they want to sue this publication, but there's more. there are others jumping op the band wagon. apparently, there is a lot more to come. now, the question is, how damaging is this for kate middleton and i don't think it's terribly damaging. first of all, people are feeling incredibly sorry for her. this invasion of privacy, so they're all being very defensive of her. also, if you think, it's just 15 years since princess diana died, so one has feelings about princess diana and so there's a great sense of people rushing to her defense. >> and apparently, there are real feelings involving prince william, talking about his mother dying and then they being
4:51 pm
p per pursued by the paparazzi. >> and so he couldn't protect his mother, can he protect his wife. >> you have analyzed it, up, down, front, center. thanks so much. an emotions are running high in china where protesters are furious with japan. we'll tell you why. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. vsp members can save on all authentic transitions lenses, including our new transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you.
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typhoon samba is -- more than 25,000 u.s. troops are based. there are no immediate reports of damage, but the storm is moving north with 120 mile per hour winds. it's expected to hit south korea in just a couple of days. and no signs that china's anger with dying down. protesters held rallies in several cities today. they're furious that china is still claiming a disputed island chain. yesterday, a mob tried to storm the embassy in beijing. leon panetta warning that the quote, that the quote provocative behavior unquote
4:55 pm
could lead to war. the newest daytime show katie joins the air waves. how that's helping to heat up the talk show wars. you've been busy for a dead man.
4:56 pm
after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & cars? you still have it. i'll always have it.
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so this is it? we'll see where the waves take me. sayonara, brah! sayonara, brah! why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. katie couric's new show is off to a hot start in the ratings, but she faces a lot of competition from a slew of similar shows. kareen winter has more. >> there's a war being waged in
4:58 pm
your living room. >> is everybody ready for a good show? the competition for your attention. steve harvey, katie couric, ricky lake, jeff probst. >> it's kind of kill or be killed with these daytime hosts and we're going to see who lasts. >> returning for another season are ellen and dr. phil as well as programs like "the view" and "the doctors." >> this show has been my life and i love it to know when it's time to say good-bye. >> since oprah's departure in 2011, the newcomers are eager to take her crown. >> everybody is vying for the crown. everybody wants the new oprah to come in, sweep up daytime, making amazing again. >> viewers are favoring katie
4:59 pm
couric. >> i'm very glad to be here. >> but creating a show that draws viewers for the long-term won't be easy. >> how can we do it in a way that will bring people in, make them listen and really be compelling, engaging television, but i love a challenge, so i say bring it. >> steve harvey brings his talents to daytime. his relationship themed show is off to a start. >> i feel like steve harvey's more worried about his punch line. what do i say next? >> guys who cook to attract women are now called gastrosexuals. >> maybe he'll ease into it and be less scripted, but for now, i'm not seeing him as a front-runn front-runner. >> they enter tv landscape that's changed dramatically in recent years. gone are the school of


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