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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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>> you have more and more women in the workforce working so they're not really home watching these types of shows. there's a void there and i think that they see that these, this new crop of talk shows can help fill that programming void. >> so, who will emerge from the void to claim daytime dominance? bet on the host turned anchor turned daytime talker. >> if i had to pick one, it would be katie couric. >> i feel like this is going to be the perfect place for katie couric. -- captions by vitac -- hello again, everyone. afghan police turning their guns on the americans who are training them. it's called a green on blue attack. the latest one happened today in
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southern afghanistan. nato officials say afghan police shot and killed four american troops and that wasn't the only insider attack this weekend. anna coren has more from kabul. >> reporter: it's been a deadly weekend here in afghanistan. two more green on blue attacks have been afghan soldiers turning on the coalition forces that are training them. early sunday morning, four american soldiers were killed after an afghan police officer turned his weapon on them. this fol whos an attack on two british soldiers killed on saturday. n now, this is an alarming trend for coalition forces who have already lost 51 soldiers this year as a result of green on blue attacks compared to 35 last year. in other tragic new, nato claims responsibility for a deadly air strike has killed eight afghan women. anger brought out in the streets, it's believed they were
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only picking up firewood at the time of the strike. his deepest regrets and sympathy to the lost of innocent life. these tranlic events only add to the complexities of the war, creating new problems for forces who are steadfast in exiting afghanistan by 2014. anna coren, cnn, kabul. the father of a u.s. marine killed in a green on blue attack opens up about the disturbing circumstances surrounding his son's death and the scar it's left on the family. that emotional interview coming up this hour. the protests over an anti-muslim ber net video have flared up in pakistan. the demonstration today outside u.s. consulate turned violent. hundreds of people marched and through rocks. groups firing in the air and used water cannons to push the crowd back. some officers threw rocks.
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reuters reports one person was killed when people in the crowd opened fire. benjamin netanyahu is urging the u.s. to stop iran's race for nuclear weapons and tells candy crowley that iran's motives are not legitimate. >> what we know is of course that iran is allowed under international agreements to do what it's doing because there are legitimate peaceful purposes for enriching this uranium. >> you think so? it's not legitimate. this country that talks about, denies the holocaust, promises to wipe out israel, and it's like timothy mcveigh walking into the shop in oklahoma city, i'd like to turn my garden, i'd like to buy some fertilizer.
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how much do you want? 20,000 pounds. come on. we know they're working towards weapons, we know that. it's not something we can surmise. we have absolutely certainty about that and they're advancing towards a nuclear program. >> netanyahu says if iran is not stopped, it could be ready to produce a nuclear bomb in six months. two other international stories we're following right now, growing rage in china over a disputed island chain. protesters held rallies in two cities. tried to storm japan's embassy in beijing. arriving in tokyo, leon panetta warning that quote, provocative behavior, unquote, could lead to war and in lebanon, pope benedict wrapped up a three-day visit by celebrating mass. some 350,000 people witnessed the ceremony on beirut's waterfront. the pontiff said the diverse religions should live in harmony despite difficult times. he also calls for peace in s
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syria, saying both sides should lay down their arms. republican vice presidential nominee congressman paul ryan said printing money is not the way to boost the economy. in a florida speech, he blasted democrats and the federal reserve's latest efforts to stimulate the economy. >> when they undermine the value of our dollar, it wipes out our standard of living. >> ryan's claim comes after the fed announced another round of buying billions of dollars worth of debt held in mortgage-backed securities hoping to increase the money supply. critics say it will cause inflation. nancy pelosi says the romney ryan team may ensure democrats retake the house of representatives. on cnn's state of the union today, she said when romney picked ryan as his choice, it changed everything in the
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democrat's favor. >> one year and a half since the republicans passed their budget, which the romney ryan republican budget which serves the medicare guarantee. we had been saying the three important issues, they are medicare, medicare, medicare. >> the house has 435 members, 218 is needed. democrats hold just under 200 seats. more revealing pictures of britain's duchess of cambridge, but they are fighting back in court. great shot.
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[ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. the royal family is bracing for another round of topless photos of prince william's wife, catherine. they are to be published monday in a magazine in italy, but the couple's also going on the offense cht they're going to file a criminal complaint against the photographer and they're filie ining that in par
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france. so, what exactly is this legal action about? >> well, the royal family is sending its lawyers in a french court and they are going to file a criminal complaint against the photographer for an invasion of privacy. they're also going to be seeking damages and they're going to try to stop the publication of more topless photos in france. so, it's up to the french judicial system to decide if they will pursue this. they could inflict some heavy fines on the magazine, the french magazine if they decide or they could ask for heavy fines. they could also take it off the stands. these are the options. the main options they have. but it's all up to the french. >> we know that the italian publication owned by former prime minister, would be printing something, distributing
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it this week. do we know whether the royal family will be pursuing similar junctions in italy or other countries? >> right now, they're just focusing on france, but the italian publication that says it will be publishing 26 pages of more topless photos, it's the same company owned by the same company as the french publication. in the first place. they are facing these possibility of those charges. >> my goodness. now, the royal couple so far, while the p palace is handling it this way, they're going about their business. they're in the far east on their tour of duty. does it seem as though that they are fairly unrattled? >> well, if we look at the pictures they have their smiles, you see them there. but we are hearing that they're very, very upset and very saddened by all this.
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in fact, just to give you an idea of how outraged, they've used the word outraged, here's part of the statement they published. the incident is reminiscent of one of the worst excesses of paparazzi likening to the -- will and kate and the royal family is particularly incensed about this because it brings back the painful memories 15 years ago, losing diana. his mother. again, in france. in paris. >> common denominator there. >> pursued by paparazzi, trying to run away from the paparazzi, so this has been very, very painful for william. also saddened kate. she's very upset by this. they're on this official tour, representing the queen on her
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diamond jubilee. the people there have been very warm. but we know for sure that it is really, really saddened and upset the royal family. >> and we don't know how quickly does it take for this court to entertain this moment, this suit in france? is it a matter of days or a long-term haul that the royal attorneys are willing to engage in? >> we don't know that. we will wait for the charges to be filed tomorrow in this court and then it's up to the french prosecutors to decide in the first place if they want to pursue this. >> oh, boy. well it's very complicated and extremely uncomfortable. >> those magazines, we're doing our job, they say that kate is no different from another celebrity and they defend their actions. but obviouslily, they took those
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pictures. seven and one-third football fields. >> incredible. >> that far away. you can imagine. and they were in a private re residence. the uncle of prince william. they thought they had privacy. they were on vacation in a private home. >> wow. i know this is just the tip of the iceberg. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. back to this country now, the the teachers strike in chicago. it could end today. we'll go live to the teachers union meeting to see where it stands. and if you have to go out today, you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone. also watch from your laptop. just go to we make a simple thing.
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the strike in chicago could come to an end today. right now, the bargaining team is giving the members details of the agreement it has with the city. you heard from the union a short time ago. what are they saying? >> well, the union is saying
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this is not something where you just file a bunch of member shim in and they vote. this is going to be a complicated meeting. from what one of the reps was telling us is that this is a document. hundreds of pages long. they want to make sure every one, these delegatedelegates, ud it. we spoke to some of the delegates and they say they have a lot of questions about this. so this is not something that's going to be a hurry up, thumbs up or down on whether or not the strike is is over. we may not know at the end of the day whether or not the strike is over because they could also decide to wait 24 hours before making that determination. so, a couple of things up in the air, but i can tell you that both sides are are very, very serious about this. they want to make sure they can get kids back in their classroom as soon as possible, but the union is saying they're not just going to sign something they want us understand it.
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>> and if there isn't an agreement? >> if there isn't a decision, there is an agreement. but what may not be known right away is whether or not the strike is actually lifted. that's what they are going to decide today or in the next 24 hours. whether or not the strike will contin continue. certainly, very frustrating to the people. those kids who have not been able to get to school and parents are wondering do i pack a lunchbox, send my kid off to school? right now, we don't have an answer. >> thanks very much. the boy scouts of america facing serious allegations of a cover up. we'll tell you what that's all about. dumb luck? or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions.
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you know what's complicated? shipping. shipping's complicated. not really. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service shipping's easy. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. no. come on. how about... a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate boxes. starting at just $5.15. only from the postal service. boy scouts of america is accused of kovrg up a pile of cases. the los angeles times is reviewing hundreds of documents from the 1970s to the 1990s. the paper says scout officials quietly asked those suspected of abuse to resign. give us an idea of how widespread this is?
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>> these documents, this is not just isolated cases. this is spread throughout the united states from places like los angeles to providence, rhode island. it's a culture of corruption it seems that even the executive leadership, they knew about this sh didn't report it and kept the people on the boy scouts from tell the parents about it. >> so, that's revealed in the documentation? how was that discovered or alleged that officials knew about it then failed to report it? >> some of these documents the "l.a. times" got their hands on, we asked the boy scouts of america how they got them. they didn't want to talk about that. these are people blacklisted from volunteering with the boy scouts and in the correspondence back and forth between the leadership and people that were allegedly abusing these children, it showed they knew about these cases, covered them up and went so far as to hide the cases from the parents and
5:24 pm
law enforcement. they didn't report these cases. 80% were not reported to law enforcement. >> so, a cover up also leads one to think that potentially, those who are accused of participating in this kind of behavior, they have also been kept within the system. they were able to continue doing the jobs that they were doing? >> yes. >> while they abused kids? >> in some of these cases, the alleged abusers moved from one state. we reached out to the boy scouts of america and got their take on what they had to say about these allegations brought forward and they said to us, we have always cooperated fully with law enforcement and now require our members to report even suspicious of abuse directly to law enforcement. recent media reports looked at the subset of the boy skuts of america's plans for approximately 40 years ago when the boy scouts of america served 5 million young people. so their take, it's completely
5:25 pm
different now and this sort of thing, if it happened, there's barriers in place and obstacles in place, youth protection services, to keep these things from happening. >> so, part of this "l.a. times" reporting also highlights a father, what do we know about him? >> he was a parrish priest and one of the counselors, he was on their executive leadership. these documents allege that the father recommended that the boy scouts not tell the parents. so, he was covering up for other child molesters within the boy scouts of america only for he himself later to be pinned by two boy scouts saying he raped them! . >> so, are charges expected to come? >> we asked, they didn't feel
5:26 pm
comfortable answering. they wouldn't go on the record because of this reporting. >> thanks so much for bringing that to us. it has been especially deadly for u.s. troops in afghanistan. the latest insiders attack. flo: every driver is different. we've got great news for them all. you can try snapshot from progressive before you switch your insurance. [ horn honks ] just plug snapshot into your car, and drive like you -- to see
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checking today's top story, four american troops were killed in southern afghanistan today in what officials are calling an inside attack. afghan police turned their guns on americans and in just a few minutes, we'll hear from the father of a marine killeded by the afghan officer he was
5:30 pm
training last month. hundreds of afghans demonstrated in the streets today. demonstrations were held in kabul. in karachi, pakistan, protests turned violent. police used water cannons and batons to push them back. ro reuters says one person was killed when people in the crowd opened fire. the unrest that started in the middle east has spread across 21 nations. violent demonstrations have taken place in 11 countries that you see there. all of this has sparked new debates and foreign policy in the 2012 presidential race. earlier, i spoke about this with brian from the center for american progress and i asked him from the controversial anti-islamic video sparked so much unrest or were extremist groups just taking advantage of
5:31 pm
the opportunity. >> extremist groups in countries like libya and other places still in the middle of the transition that's likely to take years to come to fruition are are looking to assert themselves in ways that aren't really in line with the mainstream in those countries. what i think we've seen over the last few days are the fringe voices reacting. because remember, the people who did this film, most of us have not really seen it, are on the fringes as well and they're trying to enflame emotions. what we see is a moderate consensus saying we need law and order and the images are really a small number of people. >> even susan rise was saying it was her belief that many libyans have come out and expressed their sympathies for the death of ambassador stevens and in her view and others, it was extremists in libya who took
5:32 pm
advantage of the opportunity and caused the burning and led to the deaths of the four americans. so, let's talk about how this is taking center stage now in the race for the white house. all that's erupting. starting with kcairo. benghazi and now, beyond. you wrote an op-ed "the new york times" about all of this saying the republicans are in disarray, they're divided about national security and foreign policy. so, did mr. romney's handling, his comments following the unrest in egypt further kind of underscore a real girth of understanding if not confusion? >> yeah, it's a little bit of both and i think if you see mitt romney hours after our top diplomat and three other americans were murdered in libya, he was trying to use this as a political case and then the reaction to romney within his own party. many republicans shaking their heads and criticizing and saying this is not the moment. some even noting that when
5:33 pm
reagan and george h.w. bush ran for president in 1980 and we had servicemen killed trying to rescue hostages in iran, reagan didn't politicize that moment, neither did bush, so it seems that the republican party has lost its way. there are so many splits inside of the party about spending and how do we predict power in the world that many republicans really don't know what they stand for on foreign policy and mitt romney i think as a result has been heavy on rhetoric, but really doesn't offer any clear details of what he would do differently on most of the key issues that america faces in the world. >> thanks to brian there. in afghanistan, there's been an alarming increase in the number of so-called green on blue attacks, when afghan police turn their guns on american troops training them. a father opens up about the incident in an emotional interview with david.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: this is the game greg was supposed to see. the 21-year-old marine had only two days left before heading home to see his brother play ver. >> he told me that i have to stay here until november. he says i'm not going to come home. >> and i was like, well, i don't understand. he goes you've got to be able to tell mom and justin and shane -- you know, that i'm going to be killed over here. i said, out in the field, he goes, no, in our base. >> then it happened. greg was gunned down august 10th by the very forces he was training. like he said, it happened inside the base. and by his own calls in the
5:35 pm
letters, he knew it was coming and on one particular night on guard duty, he had a run-in with the trainee. >> a guy said to greg, we don't need you here, we don't need you here. why would you say that? give i giving my life for you guys to help you, to make better. the guy just started tormenting him all night. >> his dad said greg spent the rest of the night with the trainee. >> pitch-black out. kept saying it over and over again. we don't want you, we don't need you. >> building up national security is considered the lynch pin, but attacks by trainees have become more frequent. >> i basically collapsed and we were both on the r floor. balling. >> but greg's two brothers refused to cry. at least during the day.
5:36 pm
>> one night i went into shane's room and he was on the end of the bed and his head was hanging over the end of the bed. i thought he dropped water on the floor. he was balling. heart broke for him. later on that night, i heard noise from justin's room and i went inside and he had a pillow over his face, 4:30 in the morning, screaming at the top of his lungs. heart wrenching. and i explained to justin, why don't you guys cry during the day, both, we can't -- we have to take care of you and mom. >> with the community behind
5:37 pm
him, the buckley family is now coping the best they can and justin, ocean side's star running back, wearing cammo, makes sure to salute his fallen brother each time he scores. >> what would you tell him right now? >> tell him i love him and miss him. that's what i would do. s, it goes through a lot. ♪ tartar builds and that feeling fades. with new listerine® ultraclean™, you can keep it dentist clean. it's the only mouthwash with proven tartar control and new everfresh™ technology for a powerful dentist clean feeling up to 3x longer. ahhhhhhhh. [ male announcer ] keep your mouth dentist clean with new listerine® ultraclean™. power to your mouth™.
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new york police are bracing for the first anniversary of the occupy wall street movement monday. police made several arrests on saturday fordisorderly conduct and resisting officers. today, they kept a close watch on zuccotti park. this was the epicenter of the protest that eventually spread across the united states. supporters of the occupy
5:41 pm
movement say tomorrow is about quote flexing people's power in the streets end quote. investors also had their say this week on wall street and there are three things that will help paint a picture on the entire housing market. good to see you. >> likewise. >> so, the first thing tuesday with the housing market index, it's the homebuilder's association rating of how optimistic their members are about new construction. what should we expect? >> well, we should see another increase and we have been in. not just on that index, but also from the housing sector as a whole. there are several breakthroughs taking place and it is showing we may actually be in a housing recovery, which is wonderful news for homeowners, but also for would be homeowners. >> and then wednesday, the mortgage index. the federal reserve trying to loosen the tax on mortgage lending. is this new hope for people who
5:42 pm
have been trying to get a mortgage? >> well, it absolutely is because we're looking at mortgage rates that are going to remain low. not just for the short-term, but for the foreseeable future. this is great news if you're thinking about obtaining a mortgage. if you're worried about interest rates rising, clearly, you don't have to worry. you can still access a mortgage in a very, very low rate and it's obvious those numbers are going to stay there for a while. this number on wednesday's going to be interesting because with the federal reserve coming out with that report last week, with their action, remains to be seen. >> all right. also on wednesday, existing home sales numbers. talking about those properties that are out there, available for the taking, not new construction. how much is, will this i guess be a measure of the demand? >> this is a big number because wall street's expecting to see an increase of 2% in august. and august is not a big month
5:43 pm
for home sales. you figure kids are already back to school or about to go back to school, so families are already rooted where they are. so you don't see a lot of movement with single family homes, but we are expecting a 2% increase in august. this will p push the annual rate to 4.5 million, which is pretty high and then when you look at last week's foreclosure numbers, we actually saw a decrease year over year of 13%, so people are not losing their homes as rapidly as they have in years past and obviously, we're seeing movement in housing sector. so this is great for everyone across the board. >> now, let's talk about the price of oil when ever there are tensions in the middle east and as we've been seeing it rising in the past week, there's the concern about whether the oil industries will be impacted in -- >> well, you're right about that. it is quite sad, everything that's taken place, but right now, gas prices are already at historical high levels for this time of year and then when you
5:44 pm
start adding in the political unrest an turmoil that's taking place in the middle east, you can only assume gas prices are going higher and unfortunately, they probably are. oil priced out at $99 a barrel on friday. it's expected to move higher that week because of the geopolitical concerns we're seeing over there, so i think everybody has to be prepared for paying more at the pump in the next couple of weeks. >> thanks so much. have a good rest of the weekend. what hours are left. >> take care. he's got one of the most distinctive voices in the music industry. ♪ there goes my baby i don't have to say his name, do i? he's got a new album out and he's teaming up with some other familiar faces and voices. we'll explain. at usaa, we believe honor is not
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aaron neville has tackled many generes of music. now, he is taking on one of his childhood inspirations.
5:48 pm
doowop. he is partnering with the rol g rolling stones and keith richards. ♪ >> it was like a labor of love for everybody. this one, acting like a bunch of kids. it was like to me like in a candy store, you know, because we went in with 12 songs on the list. wound up doing 23 or something like that. being in the studio with all of these guys, don was, when everything was good, he'd snap his fingers. that's the one. i'd see keith sitting there, a smile, wow, man, this is heavy.
5:49 pm
♪ >> what do you want people to get from the album? >> always talking about the american songs, this is defin e definitely part of american songs. it was my innocence. you can sit in the same room with your grandmother and your granddaughter and nobody was offended. all about the love and bubble gum and ice cream. ♪ >> doowop had the most, my brother, we lived in the project
5:50 pm
and be harmonizing. used to run me a way for a long time. ♪ the clothing. i did i did one of their songs on a cd called "ting-a-ling." ♪ >> tell me what that was like the first time that you really heard a doo-wop song. what did it do for you? >> it was magic to me. it was like medicine. ♪ >> me and my friends used to walk up and down the street harmonizing and singing, you know. every time i heard a song, i could picture where i was. one time i remember the first
5:51 pm
time i went to a party or something like that, you know, started dancing. it brings back memories. >> and do you hope, kind of, that your music does that to people, too? >> i sure do. no doubt. i want it to be medicine for them like it was medicine to me. ♪ ah, "my true story," his new album will be released in january. from one arizona native to another. how you doing? >> you're right, nobody sounds like him. he has a unique voice, very unique. >> beautiful. timeless. >> brings me back. so fred, we have a very interesting story. you know the computer system we have here where you can top-line
5:52 pm
someone. >> sure. >> i don't know if you ever top-lined the wrong person you were talking about. >> that's why it's always nice to be polite. >> even someone within the catholic church, the catholic church has committed to social sin and now they're being sued for it. it all centers around this, a million-dollar mansion that an archdiocese was trying to sell. the church walked away from the offer and an e-mail surfaced. it was an e-mail that the couple was never supposed to see. one half of the couple is going to join me in a half hour for this discussion, and he said the church refused to sell them the house because they're gay. >> that's why you should never say anything you wouldn't say to your mom. you know, don't write e-mail or tweet or do anything that you would not want your mom or
5:53 pm
someone close to you to read or see. >> yeah. yeah. but i still think -- >> that's the rule. >> since the top line thing, people say, oh, my god, he's such a jerk, and i'm like, did you mean to send this to me? and they would be like, what i was saying was -- i know what you were saying. i like being back on the couch with you. >> i do, too. okay. do you have a few more minutes? >> i'm surprised nobody has said to move along yet. >> we could have nice smoothies or something. >> that's right, you can't do adult beverages. >> a smoothie is still adult, isn't it? >> i'll spike it. >> thapgnks, don. we'll see in you a couple minutes. one top comedian has a new gig, and you could say he owes it to barack obama. erery y titi.
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don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. the dangers of a potential nuclear iran. the horrifying attack on the u.s. embassy in libya and the president's foreign policy. all of that being discussed in the sunday morning talk shows. here are some of the highlights. >> reporter: can you tell me what you would like that red line to be in the best of all possible worlds for you and for israel? what would you like the u.s. to commit to in terms of a red line? >> in six months or so, they will be 90% of the way there.
5:57 pm
i think it's important to place a red line before iran, and i think that actually reduces the chance of a military conflict. because if they know there is a point stage in the enrichment of other nuclear activities, they can't cross it because they'll face consequences. >> reporter: we're not at that stage yet. they do not have a nuclear weapon. there is considerable time and space before they will have a nuclear weapon should they make the decision to go for that. >> was this a long planned attack, as far as you know? >> the way these demonstrators acted and moved, i think we had -- this leaves us with no doubt that this was pre-planned -- predetermined. >> our current assessment is that what happened in benghazi was, in fact, initially a spontaneous reaction to what
5:58 pm
transpired years before in cairo. what we think happened in benghazi is extreme militants came to the consulate as this was unfolding. >> how spontaneous is a demonstration when people bring rocket-propelled grenades and heavy weapons and handle a very tactically handled operation? the fact is the united states is weakened. >> congress, as a republican here, supporter of governor romney, is this american weakness that brought this on? >> in my view, it was the lost component of it. president obama's policy has been confusing, it's been apologetic, and it's been misguided. what he's doing is telling our allies he's undecided. >> this has brought forth a pouring of outrage from the u.s. it has everything to do with the
5:59 pm
u.s. policies. are we disengaging from that part of the world? >> chris, that's just false. let's be plain. our partners and allies have responded effectively and promptly when we have asked them to protect our facilities. >> all right, and from the sunday talk shows to "saturday night live." nbc revealed a new star, so to speak. last night snl debuted jay farrell portraying the president. here's jay's first night on the job. >> election day is near. and things aren't great. the economy is in the tank. uh, the job market is horrible. uh, and now even my foreign policy is under attack! but there is something i want you all to know. i'm not worried. not in the least. should be.


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