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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 19, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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permission. the 14 around going quietly. more than 15,000 people have liked their facebook page and hundreds of people turned outat a city council meeting in support. the mayor said after the meeting, they will launch an investigation. hey, let them dance, right? how does it go? ♪ >> oh, i'm not doing that move. i draw the line. anderson starts now. >> good evening everyone we begin with breaking news. today a hearse bore the body of a navy s.e.a.l. just outside of boston. today new details leading up to the murder of he and others last week. including the american
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ambassador there christopher stephens. the threat he foresaw and the signal he gave to at least one person he knew about to what he was seeing. today what many suspected that the killings though they happened during a wave of protests, were not committed just by protesters. listen to the kcenter direct today at a homeland security hearing. >> i would say yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack an our embassy. >> he went onto say, they lacked significant advanced planning organization. now you are looking at the scene, just outside the consulate in bengazi, tonight
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360 has obtained exclusive information. he talked about being worried about the security threats there. he specifically mentioned the rise in islamic extremism and our source tells us he emailed a journalist in the wake of the bombing in june. he wrote, maybe you should travel to bengazi in light of what appearing to be going on. did he want it that way or did he and his people die because of it? at this point we simply don't know. senator john mccain supported the president's steps taken
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since then. i spoke to senator mccain earlier today. senator mccain a source familiar with the ambassador's thinking in the months before his death he talked about the threats he was facing and growing al qaeda presence and mentioned being on an al qaeda hit list. in june he wrote, maybe you should east to check out the situation there which appears to be heating up. given what we are learning about the concerns that he had, does it make sense to you the small level of security that he apparently had with him? >> it doesn't make any sense. and the white house spokesman and the secretary of state, state that go it was not a
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serristse terrorist attack when it had all the earmarks of one. so why they would want to tell the american people that in the face of the facts i don't know. there are also other report that is there had been other threats made and report that is there is basically an al qaeda extremist outfit ma lilitia there. >> actually med with ambassador stephens in a hotel in tripoli and when he arrived at the hotel he had no security with him at all and that surprise ed her at the time. i have never seen an ambassador who doesn't have a larger
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entourage. what do you attribute this to? >> he lived in a hotel during the fighting. but also it is pretty clear that the security people should have given him more security in b bengazi. there is far more islamic influence in that part of libya than in tripoli. >> the people in the obama administration said this was an off shoot of the video. but the it was said today that the attractiack was a terrorist attack. how significant do you think that is? >> i think it is significant that the president's
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spokesperson would go on our networks and tell people thing that is are absolutely false and by the way, fly in the face of the facts. i think maybe the american people are owed an apology. but the most important thing that we have to understand is that this video is not the cause of it. islamists who use these videos use these toen flame people to attack america. i'm confident that people are making videos right now. we should be standing up for freedom of speech and that we will defend people's right to speak out and express their views rather than condemn the vehicle not the cause. >> dow think there needs to be an investigation about the security attack and elsewhere?
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>> there has to be. but i want to emphasize that libya is weak and their borders are pourous but still it is the obligation of the host country to protect our personal and it is ours, but we have to depend on the host country and we have to sort out and rethink what presence we are going to have and what relationship we are going to have with these countries. >> you hit president obama hard on policy and you said you don't believe the president has the quote strength or ability to lead the nation. are you saying that he is responsible for these attacks? >> no, but i'm saying that he is responsible for our failure in afghanistan and iraq. we left iraq and it is now
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disintegrating and in afghanistan, oh overruled his advisers on several occasions. and now, we have this situation we are leaving and the whole premise was to train afghans in order that we could turn over these responsibilities to them. and now how can we train work with these people? so that prololicy has been a failure. >> we will talk more with senator mccain later on in the program. fran, as we mentioned serves as a member of the advisory
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comment. s committee. as i said, you met with ambassador stephens, he had told another source that he was on the al qaeda hit list and there were security concerns. >> you know we had a long conversation especially about darna and we talked about their increase in numbers and access to weapons. he suggested i go to bengazi. it was august 29th, less than two weeks before he was killed. the other thing worth mentioning, as senator mccain said to you, chris stephens was with the rebells and my take on the situation was that it was fragile and i was worried about the militia.
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it was not as bad as it was at the height of fighting. the lack of security and security forces and their organization and training. the other thing we don't have the information on yet, is whether those concerns that he had that he had expressed to at least one source were passed up the chain of command. whether other folks knew about it. >> bob, you were pretty upset about it. you said he shouldn't have been there if he was on a hit list. >> anderson, i was on a hit list. in each case the cia pulled me out of the country i was in. one time i left in the morning at 2:00 with my wife the second time i was evacuated the next
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morning. and this is standard protocol for state department. when there is a threat to an ambassador, they are pulled out, moved or security heavy security is sent in, and i mean somebody likes se s seals. somewhere in the state department let our ambassador down. >> the sources haven't come across a specific threat. but i mean, i know a lot of diplomates bristle against the tight security in the post 9/11 era. saying it gets in the way of them being able to interact which they feel they need to do. is that explanation for this light security? >> it was a diplomate and he was a brave man and doing what i
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would have done in that case. but on the other hand, it is the higher ups in washington who have to put no to it. he knows them and he was doing his job and he died doing this job. the point is someone has to step in and protect our diplomates especially in the middle east that was circling the drain. yes, it is going to put a distance between us and the locals which is unfortunate. >> fran, do you agree that if he was on the hit list that he should have been pulled out? >> i do. when he arrived at the hotel to have breakfast, you said it to mccain, he arrived with a car and a driver. i was surprised i waited in the lobby to greet him and walk him to breakfast. i was surprised. i will say in fairness now, we
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had an extensive conversation about the extremism problem in libya. i find it remarkable if he was really concerned, this was the kind of conversation that he would have shared that with me. this was my third trip to libya and i knew him. i'm surprised that he wouldn't have mentioned it to me. he was the kind of guy that it probably wouldn't have intimidated because he probably felt like he had to be without that to do his job. >> we can't say the source, but wouldn't anyone in that job be on an al qaeda target, say he was pulled out, wouldn't they go after who ever replaced him? >> absolutely. remember the drones have killed a lot of libyans in afghanistan.
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this is a tribe al society in libya. the ambassador was a natural target and there is only one way to protect these people and the seals provide a security team. but the ambassador would never be able to wander around hotels. she is absolutely right. >> fran, you agree with bob there needs to be an investigation? >> absolutely. even if it was the embaambassad preference, absolutely. we need to understand it to protect others better. >> let us know what you k. i'm on facebook and twitter. i'm tweeting about this tonight. also, mitt romney's effort to restate his roemarks.
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>> now remember, shortly after the liberal "mother jones" magazine put out that clip, mr. romney called a light-night news conference and asked for the whole tape to be released, which it was the next morning. the gap is there because the camera person accidentally stopped recording. fast forward to what happened today as mr. romney was asked to reshape that comment. as that was happening, this
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campaign staff seemed to be picking a fight without the facts to win it. romney campaign spokesman ryan williams sent an e-mail saying this: debunked mother jones tape. remember that. he is referring to the obama's spokesman calling him out for saying this.
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>> well this afternoon ryan williams complained that mother jones truncated that clip to leave out the part that the palestinians might come around. he writes: >> keeping them honest, that clip was followed later yesterday by the entire tape and nothing truncated it at all. david corn who broke the tape story wrote: and about the allegation for the room knee ro campaign, he said he did no such thing. he joins us now.mney
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campaign, he said he did no such thing. he joins us now. is that true? >> no, it is not. it is true that there were parts of the film -- parts of romney's remark that is were left out. those parts that were left out don't necessarily debunk the rest of the film. >> does it seem strange to you that the romney campaign would be talking up parts of the video while at the same time saying that it has been debunked? >> yeah, it is strange. i think that it reflects that the campaign is in a little bit of a crisis mode right now. they are trying to offset some of the negative press that they have because of the release of this video. they are trying to claim that it is somehow not legitimate and at the same time you have romney giving press conferences out
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there where he is doubling down on the film. whether they are referring to the clip about his mid east remarks hardly matters. the film is legitimate or it isn't. >> they keep drawing attention back to it rather than away from it. >> well, a few things, you may be trying to apply logic to politics. governor romney, mrs. romney and paul ryan have given somewhat different explanations about what he was trying to say. we are at a point in the campaign where everything is raw. the staff has had a rough week to ten days. sometimes you try to return every punch does this make a lot of sense? not always. they say they left leaning mother jones and they say bedunked and say they try to
8:24 pm
stir up dust. they might be ready to turn the page. >> we got our first filglimpse today. two and three said it would make them less likely to back migtt romney. >> well, you know it is hard to say because what you may end up doing is preaching to the choir as you look at those numbers. i think what you see in the campaign is a rekalbration because you can't put the genie back in the bottle this late in the campaign. i might as well make the best of it. they are talking about the 1998 audio from president obama trying to make this an issue of who is for a big bloated government that would be president obama versus who is
8:25 pm
for a government who can lift everybody up, that would be mitt romney. in the end, it is going to be hard to tell who this is going to impact the race. except if it comes up in the debates and i bet it will. and they can both explain their position. >> it does feel like this team has been jumping from strategy to strategy. >> especially since that politico story this week that this campaign still functions as though it is not quite ready for prime time? >> in a word yes, it does feel that way in washington and around the country. i'm in michigan today. she wants mitt romney back here. but a lot of republicans say that mitt romney should not be talking to israel and redistribution. he should be saying president
8:26 pm
obama is a nice guy but look at the last few years he hasn't created jobs. i cannot think of one campaign that has not had a rough patch like this. we have 48 day to go. republican ares are nervous. not only about the romney ryan ticket. but to collateral damage. here is what they think. he has to get back on the economic message and he has to get there by that first week of october. and 48 hours later a big unemployment report. anybody who thinks that the romney campaign is in trouble thing that is. >> what are you hearing? >> reare seeing candidates with tough races on their hands distancine ining going on. >> you do see it. you see it with other candidates, i think the greatest
8:27 pm
sign with how republicans are nervous is that they are scrambling with this energy. the debate is going to be the moment when republicans are going to look to romney to reassert himself. >> it is interesting. this whole controversy, i guess the reason it has perhaps had the legs that it has had, it reinforces the narrative that has haunted the romney campaign from the beginning. >> that is the crux of the problem for mitt romney. if you look at the new poll out today, which candidate connects with order americans, this has been mitt romney's problem. if you look at the numbers, barack obama 66%, mitt romney 26%. that is almost a 3 to 1 margin.
8:28 pm
if you are talking about people who depend on the government, see themselves as victims, are entitled to get government money. this is not what you want to do, you are talking to people who are veterans, senior citizens and pay payroll taxes. especially if you are a voter who hasn't made up your mind yet. >> senator john mccain ran against barack obama four years ago. tonight he speaks out about the tape. that is up next. of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there. we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created.
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tonight more of my conversation with john mccain. it is safe to say, when you are talking to the last guy to run against barack obama. and when it comes to saying how
8:33 pm
good or bad it is to run about the guy. you have seen the tape, what do you make of it? hemissing 37% of the country. many who are elderly veterans who might vote for mitt romney. it sounds like he is discounting them. >> i didn't see his remarks in hi it's entirety. you assume and know that mitt romney is not interested in receiving the support and votes of any american and he is speaking them actively and he wants the vote of any american. i think what his concern is, is the rise because of the economy of americans who have to rely on sub sistense to stay alive and
8:34 pm
live descent lives. it is the obama policies that have caused the problems. >> do you agree with governor romney when he said that 47% of the people view themselves as victims? >> i don think that is what he meant anymore than barack obama meant when he said that people cling to guns and bibles. i don't know if you remember what i said the fundamentals of our economy are strong even they we are in a criticize. my gosh. he is concerned about the growth of the welfare state. many of us are. >> how concerned are you about the romney campaign?
8:35 pm
peggy noonan said that she wrote a prewithering critique of romney's committees. she called him to be more like reagan and called for a republican intervention saying his campaign is incompetent. >> i never saw peggy's name on the ballot. but the fact is that campaigns have ups and downs. it is still a very close race. i might remind you in 2007 i was given up for dead politically. there was nobody who thought we could get the nomination and i can't tell you the number of krcritics and second guessers tt i had. and they were astonished when we came back from the dead. you will always have the people who will be quick to jump on it. but frankly, i don't think
8:36 pm
republicans help republicans by making these kinds of comments. >> the newest line of attack should sound familiar to you. you talk about president obama the redistributionist in chief. do you think it can work for governor romney now? >> i think that we get back really anderson, again to jobs and the economy. jobs and the economy. jobs and the economy and what we want to do is ask people if they are better off now than they were four years ago or do you think you are going to be better off four years from now. i'm glad that foreign policy has finally emerged as an issue to be discussed in this campaign. but it is really going to come
8:37 pm
down to jobs and the economy. >> thank you for having me on. >> anderson 14 employees of the atf and justice department are cited for possible disciplinary action in mexico. that is the recommendation in the report released today. two of those employees have now resigned. the report also found attorney general, eric holder, had no information until 2011 until a border agent was killed with guns. >> teacher's union voted to suspect it's strike. >> pilots are calling in sick as they fight new contract rules. more than 300 flights have been cancelled since sunday. flight across the south space shuttle endeavor bids
8:38 pm
farewell to florida's space center and begins the piggy back ride to la aboard a 747. endeavor will go on display at the california science museum and -- yeah it is so cool. people are getting emotional. >> yeah, i was there for the last one. i feel so blessed to have seen it actually launching. >> you are so lucky. >> i am. >> yeah, you are. >> and i'm lucky i work with you. >> coming up, amanda knox's boyfriend speaks out. they spent six months in colt y solitary confinement. coming up ahead. that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use
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world. knox is the student who was convicted of stabbing her roommate in 2009. his time in prison included six months in solitary confinement. now raffaele sollecito is out with a new memoire that deals with the day that happened and i spoke to him earlier. when you were first called into the police you and amanda, you went in without an attorney. did you not realize you were not a suspect? >> no, no one told us we were suspected. at that time, we were completely -- so, we didn't know anything. i realized it too late.
8:44 pm
i was just in the last questioning, and after two hours and three days, they were so aggressive and so overwhelming of me, i started to realize something was totally bad and wrong. but it was too late. >> one of the things when amanda was questioned by police she ended up saying things that kind of implicated her and you. made it sound as if meredith was the there. >> there are ten investigators who are aggressive and they push you saying you are a liar. you were just to me, saying you are stupid and you are covering for her and she will be back and
8:45 pm
you will never see her again and you fell in love, with a whore and they were aggressive. and this is a detail, but it lasted almost ten hours in this way. after you are exhausted and you don't sleep, they threaten you saying you will -- you will be in jail for the rest of your life, you will never see your parents again and you give them what ever they want. >> when you were found guilty, did you think this is it? was there a moment where you thought the appeals aren't going to work, i'm going to spend the rest of my life in jail? >> no, i was almost hopeless. but, i would never say that nothing would work. i also had the hope just i just
8:46 pm
told the truth after me. and say i have nothing. i have lost everything. the truth is more important than my life now. because in anyway my life is not worth of living without the truth. >> and that is why you wanted to write this book. because meredith's family was against the idea of the book being written. but for you why was it important for you to tell your story? >> all the people understand follow the case. to make people realize and understand the truth. >> we have a digital dashboard question from a viewer on facebook. they wanted to know how much contact you had with meredith kircher? did you see her much?
8:47 pm
>> not so much. we dated for eight or nine days. >> i think that is one of the thing that is people were surprised about. people assumed that you had been together for a while. you had only been together for eight or nine days with amanda. >> it sounds crazy but it is. >> you are still in touch with amanda? >> yes. >> we skyped yesterday. >> what is that like? you have been through something that nobody else can imagine. >> our conversation we talk about family, relationship with friends. about movies, books, music, cd's anything. i mean, friends like we are good friends. we are now almost -- yeah, we are almost a brother and sister. we have passed through a lot
8:48 pm
together. >> she is seeing somebody else you are not involved romantically. >> i'm moving on with my life separately. >> prosecutors say they want to try to overturn the verdict, are you concern birthday thaed abou? >> i will defend myself until the end. >> raffaele i appreciate it thank you. >> thank you so much. >> the book again is called, "honor bound". prince william and this wife continued their trip today. as word broke about the fphotos published. chase scene netflix coming soon extra butter tickets swoon penguin journey junior mints movie phone evil prince bollywood 3d shark attack ned the head 5% cashback signup for 5% cashback on movies through september.
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colorado prosecutors have filed a motion to add ten new charges in the case of holmes accused of killing people in a movie theater. it would bring the total count of 152. french magazine published obscene cartoons of a figure depicting the profit mohammed. those topless photographs of kate middleton sun bathing are getting a lot of exposure. now a gossip magazine has
8:53 pm
published the fphotes and a magazine in denmark plans to do the same. >> that is crazy. >> isn't that crazy? >> i have never seen anything like that. >> um, all right. time now for a story of easton who was losing his tooth on his first day of first grade so his parents tied dental flos s to i and take a look. >> oh, i saw it. >> that is kind of gross. >> you didn't do that kind of stuff? >> what is it? >> my tooth fell out. >> are you serious?
8:54 pm
>> it is okay. let me look. >> smile? >> did you not do that kind of stuff? >> nothing to doorknobs or motorized cars. no. >> you lived a shelter eed childhood. playing with the tooth until it finally came out. we have to go. we'll see you tomorrow. coming up, the competition is fierce at the goldfish beauty pageant. you have to see this. k out that. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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time now for the ridiculous. we would like to introduce you to the goldfish beauty pageant. china has hosted the beauty pageant drawing fish from 14 different countries. well, the most important part would be the not floating belly up to the top of the bowl part. if you don't believe me ask the guy with the job title, goldfish beauty pageant judge. >> we judge gold fish by five criteria. and overall impression. >> the all important pageant criteria of body shape. i think it is high time that
8:59 pm
they develop body image issues. look at this pageant fish. that thing weighs almost four pounds. the judge says in the 40 or 50 years he has been raising goldfish, that is one way to spend your time. it is the biggest one he has seen. there are few problems inherent to the gold fish bowl, there is no good way to keep the tiaras from falling off. the main problem is there is no interview portion. as we aull can imagine, the interview portion. >> some of the people in our nation don't have that, i believe that our education such as south africa


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