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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 22, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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then closed this steel plant. >> not long after i lost my job, my wife went in for major heart surgery. mitt romney stopped by the hospital room to tell us we no longer had health insurance. as he was talking, we could see he had a really bad cold. he was coughing and sneezing and everything. i said to him, my wife is sick, would you mind covering your mouth, if you're going to be doing that? >> mitt romney didn't even have the decency to cover his mouth. >> does he even think about other people? that's just so inconsiderate. >> how hilarious was that? it's just good fun. >> that was well written. >> it certainly is. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. we have much more ahead on cnn "saturday morning," which starts right now.
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good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. it is 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. it's the first day of fall. in libya pro-democracy demonstrators have stormed the headquarters of a radical islamist group linked to an attack that left four dead. >> that group has denied any involvement but some benghazi citizens apparently want that compound turned over to government troops. eight people, including some members of that radical group have been arrested in connection with the consulate attack. >> now to politics and presidential taxes -- no, we're not talking about the candidates' tax plans or mitt romney's comments on the 47% of americans who pay no federal income taxes. instead we're specifically talking about how much mitt romney paid himself. his campaign released his 2011
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f tax return and romney paid almost $2 million in taxes off an income of almost $14 million, a 14.1% rate. so why the low rate? the majority of romney's income came from investments. in fact, all but about half a million of it. here's what the obama campaign had to say afterwards. "mitt romney took advantage of complex loopholes and tax shelters only available to those at the top." >> the romney campaign released a letter with numbers from the last 20 years of taxes, no returns, just a summary. basically it said that the romneys owed taxes for the last 20 years and averaged a rate of 20.2% and never paid below 13.66%. let's bring in paul steinhauser. good morning to you. why now? this is a late friday afternoon push out of these documents.
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what do you make of that? >> yeah, that's the traditional here in washington for so-called friday dump, if you want to hide a story, dump the documents or the news late on a friday because most people are moving ahead to the weekend, you won't get that much coverage. there may be something else here at play. maybe the timing is fortunate for mitt romney. maybe they wanted to get this out now because next week mitt romney i guess you'd call it a restart or buildup again, you're going to see mitt romney back on the campaign a lot more. this would be a distraction if it happened next week. the following week we have the beginning of those presidential debates. maybe it's fortunate for them or a smart move to get the tax returns out now. they say there was no politics at play here. you mentioned that summary. it was interesting. not only the 2011 returns as we knew were coming but they put out the summary. maybe it is a push back against some people. senate marjd le-- majority lead
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harry reid said he heard from a source mitt romney paid no taxes. >> certainly trying to silence that voice from harry reid. romney has been getting heat from conservatives. we heard ann romney to just back off, this is such an important election. what is mitt romney saying about all the criticism? >> mitt romney is pushing back as well. let's look at some of these numbers he's pushing back against. there from been a slew of polls in the states. look at our cnn poll of polls. in ohio, crucial battle ground state. mitt romney is trailing barack obama by about 5 points. virginia, another important state that the president won four years ago, mitt romney would like to grab back, he's down by 6 points in our average. wisconsin, where paul ryan is from, down by 9 points. mitt romney was interviewed last night. listen to what he said. >> you are slipping in the polls at this moment.
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at love republicans are concerned about this campaign. you bill yourself as a turn around artist. how are you going to turn this campaign around? >> actually, we're tied in the poll. we're all within the margin of error. we bounce around week to week, day to day. there are some days we're up, some dags woor down. we go forward with my message that this is a time to reinvigorate the american economy, not by expanding government and raising taxes on people but instead by making sure government encourages entrepreneurship, innovation, and gets the private sector hiring again. >> polls are a snapshot of how people feel right now. we have six and a half weeks until the election. those debates could definitely move the needle. randi? >> no question about that. paul, thank you very much. >> romney's number two hit a bit of a speed bum. during a speech yesterday. vice presidential nominee paul ryan was addressing the national aarp convention.
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listen. >> the first step to better medicare is to repeal obama care. [ crowd boos ] >> ryan appeared at the event shortly after president obama spoke to the group via video conference. in his appearance the president said the romney/ryan claims about obama care just were not true. ryan is back on the campaign trail this morning. he'll be in miami in about two hours and then it's on to orlando. >> florida senator marco rubio had a pretty tough time getting back to washington last night. seems his american airlines flight was delayed so he used the extra time to tweet about it a lot. american air says maintenance problem, yet suddenly group of new passengers boarding, holding plane to get connectors on from delayed flight? delaying flight for maintenance to squeeze connectors from other
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flight, oldest trick in book. feel bad for crew. some saw it and tweeted back afterward saying thanks for your patience, marco, we hope you have a great flight. rubio was headed back to washington to vote on a spending measure to fund a measure to fund the government until march. rubio voted against it. the measure passed. >> ann romney was on a flight that had to be delayed. >> the charter flight landed safely. no one was injured. >> i think i'm going to tweet next time i have some plane trouble and i'm delayed. it obviously gets attention. >> all they said was, thanks, marco, enjoy the flight.
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>> it didn't exactly get him off the ground any faster. >> i try to keep myself from tweeting during those times. >> it's supposed to be turned off. >> we have much more ahead this hour. >> here's a look at what's coming up. >> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is cnn "saturday morning." big news in the fight against cancer. getting closer to a cure. that according to a leading research group. we'll tell what you it is it and how soon we may have it. >> it's the stape that launcheda thousand blogs and may have derailed a campaign. all morning we'll look at mitt romney's comment on the 47% and the anatomy of a league. paparazzi politics. >> stop smiling. you might confuse the computer. that's the rule in one state. we'll explain. olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card!
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all's fair in love and war and politics. negative ads, smear campaigns, they're nothing new, but what about hidden camera videos? this one from mitt romney's fund-raiser has been the big news on the campaign trail. in it you've probably heard it by now, romney talked about 47% of america feeling entitled for handouts and being in the bag for president obama. he also said this -- >> my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. >> this is not the first time we've seen this. remember in 2008 president obama said in times of trouble people cling to their guns of religion. >> kelly, people love to see the
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hidden video of celebrities and those audio tapes but are politicians different? >> well, i think ultimately it depends. at revealing politics, we're very careful to follow the law. and with this romney video specifically, although it was an inpolitic way to say it, frankly this is a message that romney has put out several times. >> and you say follow the law, we know that if florida specifically where this was recorded, it is a two-party state, which means each party being recorded has to know they're being recorded if they're recording the audio. speaking of this recording, is this just playing dirty? this was supposed to be a private event. this person recorded when he did not know he was being recorded. >> well, i think it depends. i don't actually know because the person has not come forward who decided to record it. we don't know all of the
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specifics about how the video was obtained. i will say that i am disappointed that it got such coverage considering the fact that it started with not a full context surrounding the video and then in addition when the mother jones blog decided to put it up, it seems to cut out in the middle. and they claim that the person who recorded it noticed that the recording device was off and then turned it back on. but the context of this specific thing is very important. i mean, quite frankly, victor, i wish that somebody had gotten a hidden camera video of romney talking about whether or not the white house knew about what was going on in libya because, quite frankly, maybe that would have gotten the coverage it deserved this week. >> there will be more about this tape and how it was edited and if it came out in piecemeal, we'll see the longer portion of the tape.
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you said it depends if it's okay to record somebody privately. is there any time that thinks it's okay to record a politician who doesn't know he or she is being recorded? >> i personally have done some hidden camera investigations. i stand by them. i always very carefully look at the laws of the state. but frankly sometimes people will say things when they don't know that they're on camera that they wouldn't necessarily otherwise. and there is a place for that in politics. however, i think that the onus is on the media and on the people watching the video to figure out exactly what the context is of that and then to take that into consideration when they are watching that video. >> but you're part of the media. you created a web site and this is not about you but more about paparazzi politics, but you bring up your own hidden cap ra investigations. how much of the onus is on you and your web site to put it into
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full video and put it into context? >> i put my picture, i put my name, i put everything i do up for scrutiny. i allowed cnn to follow pee around for a week and watch what i do so i stand by that. the message is not just a function of -- just a function of the message itself but who puts it out. i think it's definitely at least shady that the person who filmed this has yet to come forward and stand by it. >> we'll see if that person comes forward. this will not be the last of these types of videos. we've got much more on this coming up in the next hour. we'll take a look at how this tape even got out there four months after it was made. "the anatomy of a leak" on saturday morning. rand,? >> apple stocks sets a record of
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good morning, atlanta. the sun just coming up over the city. a lovely shot there, lights coming on. people starting their day on this first day of fall. glad you're with us. the long wait is finally over for apple fans, while people looking to buy something a little bigger, like a house, are finding it won't cost as much due to a dip in mortgage rates. >> it's all part of the week that was. alison breaking downs numbers for us. >> stocks ended the week to the down side. the dow dipped 14 points but it was enough to snap a two-week winning streak. concerns about the global economy kept the market on edge for much of the week. among the problems, a new report showed the manufacturing sector in china is contracting. business activity in europe is declining and here in the u.s. new jobless claims didn't fall as much as wall street would have liked.
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but one up side to a weak economy, oil prices fell, settling friday just under $93 a barrel. also making headlines this week, apple shares soared to a record high. the stock closed at $701.91 on tuesday. it's been on rising this year, 73% since january. the s&p 500 is up just 14% in the same period. the record came in the same week the iphone 5 went on sale. it's expected to be the best selling smartphone of all time. and finally from a record high to a record low, mortgage rates fell to all-time lows this past week. freddie mac said the average 30-year fixed dropped to 3.49%, matching the previous record low hit in july. this comes one week after the federal reserve announced a plan to buy billions of dollars in home loans. analysts say we haven't seen the full effect of the fed's move just yet. rates are expected to go even lower.
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weekend. >> you dread it. some people do like to smile for their photo in the end. >> but in new jersey that is no longer allowed. there's because a grin can distort your face. it apparently makes it harder for computers that use fact recognition technology there in new jersey to recognize you. >> really. >> now, i'm a naturally smiley person, right? >> i think we actually have our photos. our producers wanted to see if we were smiling or not. so let's take a look at our driver's license photos. we're both smiling. >> we're both smile be. i've always smiled in my driver's license. >> if you get pulled over, you want to hand over your license looking good, right? >> you know, especially when you go to maybe a club or someone cards you, i haven't been carded in a while -- >> i got that license after waiting three hours because there was a computer problem and i was still smiling. new jersey says you can't even frown either. you can't even make an
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exaggerated frown. >> some people need to do something with their mouth because they naturally when you take a photo do something, don't they? >> they say even a frown distorts the distance between your mouth and chin and mouth and nose. >> who frowns on a driver's license photo? nobody twhants on your driver's license. >> don't do that. >> i will not. >> the new jersey motor vehicle commission is warning people. they don't want to look mopey. >> this recognition technology is used to catch identity thieves. you can manipulate how your faces look and all that. >> fortunately here in georgia i can still smile. >> you can, you can. this is not new jersey. so if you are in new jersey, just so you know. okay. what should we talk about next? what do you think? >> let's talk about this mom at tennessee. looked at her baby's diaper and saw an idea that led to business success. here's her story in this week's
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"how we got started." >> can i have it? thank you! you want to wear it? >> margarita's idea started with her first child and her idea to make cloth diapers work. >> when i brought the ideas to my friends and families, a lot of them were like you're crazy, i'll give you two weeks. it was just the most cost effective option for diapering my baby. >> reporter: the cloth diaper she bought did the job but she wanted a better look and fit. >> i was looking at them. you always get these ideas on how you can make something look better and i've always sewn all my life. >> when she first started making the diapers, the diaper was not pretty. i was like are you going to put that on our child? it was pretty ugly. >> reporter: she perfected her design and took the leap. she placed an order for 2,000
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diapers to be made. >> $15,000 was a risk i was willing to take to be able to sell that in 12 months. and best case scenario, maybe three to four months. but we blew through that within the first month. >> reporter: pretty soon their home was overflowing with diapers. she moved into this warehouse, added employees and expanded into new product line. >> and our kids were diapered for free. we're happy and life is good. >> "how we got started," brought to you by regions bank, it's time to expect more. things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward.
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