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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 22, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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whitfield. and barack obama making a campaign stop, the first time in paul ryan's home state since ryan was added to the republican ticket. and with only a month to go before early voting starts, it is a state that could play a role in deciding the election. athena jones is with the president today. does the president feel like he has an advantage in that state? well, certainly, fredricka, the democrats have a historical advantage here, but you know, the campaign spokesperson was asked about it on the way over on air force one. and she said we always thought that wisconsin would be closer this time than last time around. you will remember that president obama won the state by 14 points in 2008. and it has not gone for a republican since ronald reagan, so nearly 30 years ago. but she also said yes, you can see the latest polls showing that the president is ahead. our cnn polls have him up 52% to romney's 43%.
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but sake said they will treat wisconsin like any battleground state, which is they will act like they're five points behind. >> all right, what is the expected message from the president today? >> well, the day will be all about energizing the supporters. when we got here today there were people lined up. it is also, they expect him to touch on the early voting. it is not expected to start in wisconsin until october 22rd, and absentee voting has already started, idaho, south dakota, by some estimates by election day 40% of voters may have already cast their ballots. so this is something we're hearing the president and surrogates stress a lot, along with registered voters, making sure they're registered, walking up and down with clip boards, energizing the base and making sure they get out and vote.
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>> and does the president and the team have high expectations for the fundraising today? >> well, looks like they will pull out at least $600,000 with the two fundraisers, with hank aaron, one is a lower dollar fundraiser, $250, the other $25,000, all told, given to people who they expect to come. over $600,000 they expect to raise here, which will, of course, be important when we head into the last days of the election, fredricka. >> all right, hard to believe, just 45 days, athena jones, thank you so much from milwaukee. and our republican vp nominee, paul ryan, teaming up. while there, he vowed that a romney-ryan administration would be tough on fidel castro. >> look at where we are today.
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this is our public debt. this is the -- is not even the full total debt. this is the amount of treasury bills our treasury department has to sell on the open markets, 48% of our debt today is owned by foreign governments. by overseas. number one is china. >> jeb bush told the crowd that he thinks romney and ryan will carry florida into the election. and mitt romney spending the day focusing on raising money for his campaign, but it is his personal finances that are getting most of the attention this weekend. yesterday, the republican presidential candidate released tax documents, including his 2011 tax return, showing he paid nearly 2 million in federal income taxes. because romney's income came largely from investments he is taxed at a lower rate, 14.1%. mitt romney may not think his presidential campaign needs a
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turnaround, but sarah palin sure thinks he does. she is the latest republican to voice her frustration with the romney campaign. the former vice presidential nominee told the weekly standard "with so much at stake in the election, mitt romney and paul ryan should go row and not hold back telling people the state of the economy. she went on to stay "america needs to have a come to jesus moment in discussing our dysfunctional and debt-ridden government." that from former alaska governor, sarah palin. in libya, new fighting in benghazi. but it is not the libyans who support the u.s. who are under siege. it is the radical islamist group tied to that that killed the u.s. ambassador.
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hundreds of pro-u.s. libyans stormed the center, forcing the group to flee the city. they still have no organized force. and the leader of the free syria army says his troops are moving in to better coordinate with rebel soldiers. this is the city of holmes. they cannot independently say the video is authentic, but activists say 166 people have been killed across syria today. and a prisoner on death row claims he is too fat to execute. the legal guys are weighing in on this case. 
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a . all right, just seconds away from our great legal minds who will take a swipe at a case that could make its way all the way to the u.s. supreme court. richard, what is it about the case? the swabbing, the dna for everybody? >> unreasonable search and seizure, the ninth circuit court of appeals will overturn the case, going to the supreme court. >> avery? >> well, what is the difference between the swab and fingerprints, i don't think it will every get to the supreme court. we have the answers for you and more coming up. all right, in 90 seconds, in fact. no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay.
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all right, over the years we've heard different arguments as to why a state should not go through with an execution. but is weight a good reason? an ohio inmate claims he is too obese to die by lethal injection in january, and wants it to be delayed. our legal guys are back, all right, gentlemen, so this convicted killer, ronald post weighs 480 pounds. and he has tried to lose more, but at 54, he says you know what, it is not just an issue of his weight, but his veins are not good enough for lethal injection, and it would be a complicated process, leading to cruel and unusual punishment. so avery, you know, what are the options here? >> well, you know, it is
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interesting that the opinions about this have been thermo nuclear, but under the constitution this is not how we do these things. the fact is, there are legitimate arguments that u.s. district judge, leslie wells, who has the case, has to make the decision on, but what is really interesting, i haven't seen opinions on this. the federal officials had to know, fredricka, this was coming, this was coming. why didn't they just do a quick gastric bypass, with that, he wouldn't be 500 pounds. >> in order to make sure -- so a procedure like that -- >> to make sure. >> to make sure that his execution would be able to go through? >> absolutely right. why in the world do the prison officials screw around with this? this thing should have been taken care of a long time ago
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and the federal judge has to make the decision. should have never, never happened. >> interesting, richard, so how often does this happen that somebody's physical condition precludes them from being a candidate for execution, when they have been convicted and are serving what is left of their life on death row? >> you know, fred, there must be something in the water in cleveland these days. avery, come on, this guy has been in prison for almost 30 years. they have exhausted every single appeal right they could. he is in a wheelchair right now. he is not going anywhere. he will get stuck with those needles. they will give him the three-drug cocktail. he says i'm going down. i tried to lose weight, i went on the exercise bike in prison but it broke because i was too fat. the fatness didn't preclude him from killing and murdering somebody, so it is not going to protect him from getting the death penalty.
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>> irrelevant. >> i know doctors who will find the veins, this guy is going down, there are no further defenses. it is over. >> this is interesting, of course, the family of the hotel clerk that was killed in the 1983 murder, says this is just another last-ditch effort to delay his execution. so it will be interesting to see what happens. it is not over yet. okay, let's talk about another case, gentlemen, i want you to take a swipe at this one, involving the aclu that is looking into a case that involves a -- a cheek swab for dna. and this taking place involving a person before they have is actually been charged with a crime. and this is all, you know, predicated on a california case. avery, what happened in this case? >> well, the protester was told by the cops look, we'll let you out of jail early if you let us do a little dna swab. well, she did.
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a federal district judge said that was not unconstitutional. was not an unreasonable search. the federal court of appeals said yeah, that is not unconstitutional. this week, 11 federal appeals judges got together and heard arguments on the question. even if they rule it is unconstitutional, you have cases like the maryland supreme court that say it is unconstitutional. so the question is, will this case, a dna swab find itself in the u.s. supreme court as an unusual search? and that is really the question that is posted. is it different than fingerprinting? >> well, that is my next question, how different is it from fingerprinting you will be asked here -- to give up a swab before you are charged? >> that was one of the arguments made in the court of appeals. and the judges completely rejected that argument, fred. >> two to one -- >> in 2004, the interesting people in the great state of
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california, many of whom participate in those legal marijuana sales facilities that they have there, voted in this law, which says that even if -- even if you are arrested upon a felony arrest, you must give up your dna swab. you must give a swab upon a felony arrest. the people voted that. so what happened was avery gave you the facts of the case. it is on appeal right now. look, defense attorneys argue this all the time, it is an unreasonable search and seizure, i think this is going to d.c., get your tickets now, this will be in the u.s. supreme court. >> u.s. supreme court -- wait until it happens. >> right, right. >> and then i'll consult with you, as well, yeah. >> and you can swab it, weigh it in and just hang out there. >> okay, as long as the weather is good. all right, thank you, gentlemen, always good to see you, always a great treat.
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appreciate it. the legal guys are here every saturday, noon eastern, to give us their take on the most intriguing legal cases of the day. a suburban atlanta couple charged with unspeakable crimes. it is a bizarre story that you just have to see to believe. i'm interesting in neuro law, it is where science is going, you translate it into social policy, how we actually are running the system here. i'm david eagleman, and i'm a neuroscience, at some point there will be a tech shooting or the aurora theater shooting. and we'll find that the suspect had a brain tumor, at some point that will happen. and then society is going to have to deal with this very difficult question about this
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a scary story of alleged child abuse in georgia, police say a teenage boy was left in a blacked-out room for four years by his own parents. and now they're under arrest. >> reporter: it was in this unsuspecting and comfortable
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looking suburban home in northwestern atlanta that 18-year-old mitch comer says he was in a blacked out room, starved, and abused. his stepmother and dad were arrested after he was found walking in downtown los angeles, more than 2,000 miles away from home. he spotted and mistaken for a lost child. >> he weighed 97 pounds, he was 5'3", the lapd said his skin was too white, he was obviously malnourished. >> reporter: he said the family put him on a bus to l.a. with a list of homeless shelters, he said despite the years of torture and being a captive, investigators say the teen is talking. >> he is very polite, very timid, and surprising to me, he
4:22 pm
let us in. >> reporter: neighbors say they were not aware the teen even lived in the home. and investigators say his 13 and 11-year-old sisters had not seen their brother in two years. right now, his two sisters are in protective custody. a family has volunteered to care for comer until the investigation is completed. the teen's parents have been charged with seven counts of child abuse and are being held without bail. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. the u.s. is on alert as new anti-american protests erupt overseas. demonstrations in bangladesh's capitol city turned violent. the demonstrations are over an independently made film mocking muhammad. and saying the security didn't have proper alarm systems, they want to be
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compensated for the injuries, 12 people were killed, over 50 wounded at the theater. and shut down by passing a spending bill, working until after midnight, senators approved a 524 billion dollar package to fund the federal government for six months. the passage was delayed over partisan fighting. and a bill passed over unanimously that strengthens the u.s.'s resolve regarding iran, regarding containment and nuclear weapons. the one dissenting vote came from senator ron paul, who said it could be an act of war. and jewel, now with a new hobby. how her one-year-old son, kase, inspired her, next. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. jewel has been nominated for four grammys, her debut album sold 12 million copies. she is a singer, songwriter, poet and producer. and now you can add children's book author to that list. she just released her new book, called "that is what i do." congratulations on the new book. >> thank you so much. >> so tell me, what inspired you to write this book? >> i wrote this song for him when i was pregnant. and as i wrote the lyrics out into a notebook, it really struck me i wanted to have it made into a children's book, so
4:28 pm
here i am. >> was it kind of a different thing to do, take out what you had written for music and now putting it on the pages? >> i would like to say it was a difficult process, taking time to craft. but actually, it was the lyrics from the song, so it is just sort of song form, rhymes, i want to teach my son rhyming as he gets a little older. this is a love letter to my son, i wanted him to know how loved he was, all the things i would do for him and i wanted to give it to other parents, as well. >> would you mind reading a verse? >> if i had the sun, i would put yellow in a brush, the sun would hit your face, and as darkness came the canvas would fill up with night. that is what i do, do, do, because i love you, you, you. >> it is very rhythmic, we have a portion of the cd, and we'll
4:29 pm
listen to it right now. >> if i owned the sky ♪ ♪ ♪ i would tell you what i would do, gather up the clouds and leave only the blue. if i had the sun, i would put yellow in a brush ♪ ♪ ♪ >> awww, so sweet. >> he seems to be agreeable to it. he really enjoys the books and likes pointing to the little animals, and it is a neat book to be able to give him. >> is there any way you can recognize whether he may be musical, too? >> he loves my guitar, and may be musical. i think all babies do, though, so whatever he is into, i am 100% supportive. >> that is what i do, very cute book. jewel is raising money and awareness for cancer, and downloading for research and construction. she is also


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