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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 25, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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enter the presidential campaign, with college affordability, a key issue for younger voters. >> i want to make college more affordable for every young person who has the initiative and drive to go and make sure they're not burden byed by thousands of dollars worth of debt. >> reporter: students can borrow directly from the government. now obama proposes to slow tuition growth by increasing state grants. yet he would need congress to help fund that. >> i'm not going to go out and promise all sorts of free stuff i know you're going to end up paying for. what i want to do is give you a great job so you'll be able to pay it back yourself. >> reporter: mitt romney's plan to help students, remove burdensome regulations and get the government out of the student loan business. romney says the flood of federal dollars just drives up tuition. molly broad of the american council on education says the recession's heavy toll on state budgets is also a factor.
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>> when the state reduces its support, the only other place to turn for most colleges in the public sector is to increase tuition. >> reporter: either way, students like jackie feel left out in the cold. >> a lot of people who don't have students in college or don't have kids my age just think, you're either wealthy enough to go to college or you get financial aid from the government. and it is aththat simple, but is not that simple. >> reporter: christine romans, cnn, new york. and here we go, hour two, i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for staying with me. we are awaiting mitt romney, he's about to speak in ohio. let me show you here this new poll, actually our cnn poll of polls. it is an average of other polls. as of today, president obama stretched his lead in ohio to six points over mitt romney. just yesterday that lead was five. the reason for the change, the washington post has a new poll
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today showing the president leading ohio by eight points. that stretches the cnn average of five different polls to that six-point lead for the president. again, we are talking ohio here, very, very important state for mitt romney. we will, again, hear from him shortly as he visits this town called vendalia, north of dayton. we'll keep you posted on that. now to this, strange bedfellows here. you see this picture on the right, you bill clinton, on the left, you have mitt romney. romney today addressed the clinton global initiative in new york. here's mitt romney on rubbing shoulders with the former president. >> all i got to do now is wait a couple of days for that bounce to happen. >> so, romney speaks before the clinton initiative. and shortly there after bill clinton spoke to, where is the big reveal, this guy. piers morgan with many an interview this week. good to see you again. how did that go? how did that go? you and bill clinton? >> he's fantastic, isn't he? i spent half an hour with him.
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he's just the single most charismatic, impressive politician there is in the world. and many people feel that. one of the more interesting exchanges i had with him, i said does he bemoan the fact that america has a 22nd amendment that prohibits him from running again. i'm sure if he did, he would win the next election. he's funny about that. he's allowed to run as president of ireland because of his irish heritage. he's also, because arkansas is part of some former french colony or part of the french empire, he is allowed to also go to france where he would have to stay for six months and learn the language, to run as president of france. >> that's not a bad gig. >> you could have president clinton of paris. it could be most entertaining. >> it could be very entertaining. i hear they have fabulous wine there, but i digress. i want to play some of your interview. seriously here, you're talking to bill clinton, talking about romney's appearance at the
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clinton global initiative. here you go. >> mitt romney today came out with this line, went down very well with the audience, as you expected. there is one thing we learn, a few words from bill clinton can do someone a lot of good. what words would you have for mitt romney given the state of the election campaign right now? >> well, i think, you know, the debates are very important for him. >> crucial? >> i think so. and i think if he's going to double down on that 47% remark, that will cause difficulties because we now know that the overwhelming number of those people work and have children and the reason they don't pay federal income taxes is the median income is as low as it was in 1995 now, and until the current election season, republicans and democrats supported both the child tax credit and the earned income tax
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credit. this is a rejection of basically more than three decades of bipartisan policy to support working families. it is not a bunch of freeloaders. >> there he goes. piers morgan bringing up the 47% from the secretly videotaped moment in that fund-raiser back in, what, may. but no big surprise he's going straight for that 47% line. >> no, and quite interesting because bill clinton on my show actually a few months ago had, of course, supported mitt romney over his record of bain capital and refused to join in the obama super pac bashing of romney over that. >> that made news. >> it made a lot of news because it was like he was opposed to the way barack obama is coming at it. on this, they certainly agree the 47%, which is -- you've seen a real widening now of many of the polls since this whole fury over the 47%, it has become a key, key thing, i think. mitt romney as bill clinton rightly pointed out has to have a brilliant debate.
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that first debate is crucial. if barack obama skewers him over the 47%, then all the battle over the economy, over the record that barack obama has, which is not that great, you know, 8.2% unemployment, $16 trillion debt, gas prices doubling, plenty of clubs to hit him with, but the reality is that 47% has now put mitt romney in a very difficult position. >> yeah, no doubt the obama campaign will be reminding americans of that each and every day until november 6th. let me turn the page, talk foreign policy because i know you and president clinton, you went there as well. here is more sound. this is his take on iran and its nuclear program. and whether, you know, we should take iran at its word that its nuclear program is not about building nuclear weapons. here it is. >> what they're really saying is, in spite of the fact that we deny the holocaust, we threatened israel and we demonize the united states or we do all this stuff, we want you to trust us. in spite of the fact that we won't cooperate with the
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international regime set up to avoid an arms race in the middle east and set up to avoid nuclear proliferation, we want you to trust us. so they don't have a tenable position. >> do you trust them? do you trust ahmadinejad? >> not on this, i don't. >> his argument is, look, why should america be allowed nuclear weapons, why should israel who never admitted they have them, why should they be permitted to have them, why should many countries be aloud nuclear weapons and not iran? >> then why isn't going for some bigger nonproliferation initiative instead of acting like what he really wants is a nuclear bomb because that will help to get everybody to get rid of their nuclear weapons. no serious person believes that. >> so then here's my question, piers. is what should the united states do? did the two of you get into that? >> we did get into that. and he's pretty diplomatic. he wouldn't directly answer because, of course, his wife
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hillary is secretary of state and that's for her to decide really along with the president. so he's quite careful his position there. but certainly he didn't detach himself from what the president said today, which is there is a point in time beyond which doing nothing is not an option. and, you know, the rhetoric is being severely ratcheted up on all sides, from israel, iran and from america. and it is a dangerous situation. but, you know, it is interesting to me talking about ahmadinejad because ahmadinejad has a large following in iran and many other middle eastern countries who do think there is a hypocrisy to the way iran is being treated and the way other countries are being treated in terms of their ability to have nuclear power. also interesting talking to bill clinton about any parallels he saw between iraq and saddam hussein and this situation, because here you have a bad guy in the middle east, who people are accusing of either having or wanting to have nuclear weapons, and we all know how that ended with a catastrophic failure of
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intelligence. that didn't do america or the west any good at all in terms of winning the hearts and minds of the people of the middle east. he said it was a very clear difference. the very clear difference was that ahmadinejad is readily admitting to enriching uranium for nuclear power. the only question then becomes do we believe him when he says quite adamantly and quite consistently, i have no plans to build a nuclear bomb, i only want to use it for medical purposes and so on? do we believe him or not? bill clinton was pretty straightforward, i don't believe him. many in america do not believe him. that's the big, big play now, i think, for israel, and for america. does israel go alone? does america help israel? what happens? >> well, ahmadinejad last night. the possible future president of france, bill clinton, coming up tonight on the show. is there anyone else i need to know about later this week? >> every day is another president. the most exciting one i've got i think is a couple of weeks, we
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booked usain boemlt, the jamaic sprinting sensation. i fancy my chances, 100 meters, the bolt against the morgster, boom. >> i don't think so. piers, see you later. thank you for coming on. watch tonight, "piers morgan tonight," 9:00 eastern. a lot more news happening this hour. watch. time is running out. that is what president obama just told the world about the nuclear standoff with iran. but does that warning mean anything? plus, a dad on his death bed asks iran's president to grant his final wish. and, yikes, the nfl's ref mess, just got a whole lot worse. and now the pressure is on the league to do something, anything. now, that's what i call a test drive. silverado! the most dependable, longest lasting, full-size pickups on the road. so, what do you think?
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when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers." how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side? and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet. and while i make my way into the venue, the candidate will be rehearsing off of his phone. [ candidate ] and thanks to every young face i see out there. [ woman ] his phone is one of his biggest supporters. [ female announcer ] with cisco at the center... working together has never worked so well. but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy,
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>> make no mistake, a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. it would threaten the elimination of israel, the security of gulf nations, and the stability of the global economy. it risks triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and the unraveling of the nonproliferation treaty. that's why a coalition of countries is holding the iranian government accountable and that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> chief white house correspondent jessica yellin outside the united nations for me. the president very much so been under pressure from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and from mitt romney to draw a tougher line when it comes to iran. how did he handle that today at the u.n.? >> reporter: well, he resisted campaign season pressure to intensify his rhetoric against iran just to respond to his critics. he did use stark language to describe what we know to be the
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administration's policy, which is that he believes that there is time for diplomacy to work, but as he said today, time is not unlimited. and then reiterated that military options remain on the table. he did not say that, what he said, though, was that the u.s. will do what it must if iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons. so he didn't alter his administration's position, but he made very clear in language that is important to israelis at least that he still believes that a nuclear iran threatens the existence of israel, brooke. >> president in new york also spoke to this crowd today. take a look. >> what are you going to do the rest of your life? >> well, you know, first things first here. we do have an election ahead. >> so you see the president and the first lady sitting with the ladies of "the view." again, jessica, the criticism, you know, coming from republicans, why is the president taking time to do this
3:16 pm
and not meeting with world leaders? what is the white house saying? >> reporter: well, they're, you know, saying that they're not meeting with any world leaders because he's in and out. and what i will say to you as putting on my analyst hat is it is a do no harm kind of approach. if you were to sit down with world leaders, he could risk having a news-making moment and it is probably safer, i guess, from a political point of view not to do that. and if he meets with one world leader, the other ones want -- other allies will expect a meeting to or it is harder to say no. this way he can say no to all of them and he's already as i speak to you now, brooke, he already left town. but as you say, he's taken criticism for it and he will have to answer that criticism as it turns out most americans are not placing foreign policy at the top of their list of concerns, so i guess the calculus was, this is one they can take the heat on. brooke? >> jessica yellin for us in new york. jessica, thank you. coming up, we'll talk about the hazing case where parents
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parents at a los angeles area high school are demanding answers after members of the soccer team at the school made these allegations, school officials are calling, them, i'm quoting them, deeply disturbing. these three players, they have accused their teammates of luring them into this ritual of hazing and sexual assault, all part of an initiation on to the varsity soccer team. some of the boys allegedly subjected to physical assault for as young as 14 years of age. cnn's casey wian is live outside this high school, the puente high school. fill me in.
3:21 pm
>> reporter: well, the latest, brooke, is that los angeles county sheriffs investigators have interviewed 70 current and former soccer players at la p t pepen puente high school. they say it appears hazing was going on in the soccer program for years and that some of it may have risen to the level of criminal conduct. four boys at the time of the alleged incident, three of them still minors today, one of them an adult, were questioned, cited and lease ereleased as the investigation is ungoing. also an unnamed teacher or staff member at this school has been placed on temporary administrative leave while the investigation continues. some of the boys who say they were victims of this alleged abuse, this hazing, say it was a ritual for members of the team who made varsity. >> they told me if i wanted it
3:22 pm
the easy way or the hard way the varsity team. in that moment, my heart was, like, pounding and, like, i just, like, kind of, like, blacked out and i said -- i told them -- i just remember telling them, i want it the easy way. but i tried to run, but, like, they got me back. >> we do not and will not turn a blind eye to reports of harassment or hazing. therefore we took immediate action to contact law enforcement, to initiate an investigation. >> reporter: now, the attorney who represents three of those alleged victims says his understanding is the soccer coach either witnessed or in some way indirectly participated in this hazing. we tried to reach him, he has not returned our calls, that coach. law enforcement, though, says there is no evidence of direct involvement by any factulty
3:23 pm
member or a coach at this time, brooke. >> let me just take you back to something you said a moment ago, this allegedly has been going on for years. is this the first time the allegations have come to light? >> reporter: absolutely. and many parents and many school officials say they have been taken completely by surprise. they held sort of a protest outside the school yesterday afternoon. very upset about the allegations. they say they were completely in the dark. >> and so an attorney for three of the boys is now saying he is suing the high school and suing the school district, what do you know about that? >> reporter: he says he plans to file a lawsuit, that lawsuit has not been filed yet. our producer stan wilson asked that attorney whether he had any corroborating evidence, such as medical records from the boy who claims to have been hospitalized after being sexually assaulted by what they believe is a javelin spear, they did not. that's all we know at this point about this lawsuit. he says he will be filing it in
3:24 pm
the coming days, though, brooke. >> my goodness. casey wian, stay on it for us. we'll follow up with you. casey at la puente high school in the los angeles area. as iran's president gets ready to speak to the united nations, a father is on his death bed, right here in america, asking mahmoud ahmadinejad to grant him one final wish. cnn speaks with this dad by his bedside. on golf's biggest stage. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common.
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as we have been reminding you this week, the president of iran is speaking to the united nations general assembly tomorrow. there is a dying man in a bed in detroit who is desperate to get the president to listen to him. cnn's paula newton with this father's plea. >> reporter: this man says he doesn't know how much more pain he can take, or how much longer he will live. and so he has a plantive message
3:28 pm
for the president of iran. >> please, please, please release an innocent man and reunite him with his father and his mother. >> reporter: he recently underwent brain surgery to remove a malignant tumor. he faces radiation and chemotherapy, but he says his fate lies not with the doctors and treatment, but with the man and the regime that have imprisoned his son. >> i hope and pray that i will get to see my son one last time before i go to the other side. >> reporter: amir is a former marine, a decorated iraqi war veteran, born in arizona and raised in nebraska and michigan. within weeks of setting foot in iran for the first time in august of last year, he was there to visit his grandmother, he was arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, and after several months -- >> my name is amir --
3:29 pm
>> reporter: showcased on iranian tv as a cia operate iiv. he has been convicted of espionage and sentenced to death, though he has now been granted a retrial. the u.s. government deny he was ever a spy. amir remains in prison in iran, and has no idea that his father is dying. dr. ryan baird is the neurosurgeon treating his father. >> it is stressful enough dealing with the surgery and the diagnosis and the coming treatment, there is no doubt in my mind that any other family or personal issues are going to make it more challenging. >> reporter: so with president mahmoud ahmadinejad in new york now, they say they are putting themselves at his mercy. >> i'm sure that he's going to hear my voice. he's in the united states, he is going to listen to me. and hear me. i just want him to hear my voice as a mother, don't destroy this family. please don't destroy this
3:30 pm
family, bring amir home. amir is the heart of this family. >> reporter: now facing an incurable cancer, he says he cannot accept the fact that he may never see his son again. >> that's my biggest fear, that i may not see him. and that's my last wish to see my son and hug him and kiss him before i pass to the other side. >> reporter: ahmadinejad has so far refused to meet with them or discuss amir's case. but somehow this family hopes what is now a desperate plea will finally be heard. paula newton, cnn. it has been described as an ugly scene, the bodies of an american couple found stabbed multiple times in their st. martin home in the caribbean. the main suspect expected in front of a judge tomorrow. the bodies of michael and thelma king were found friday. police arrested a suspect sunday, but in charges have been
3:31 pm
filed and the prosecutors office will only say the suspect is a 28-year-old man who was born in jamaica. the solicitor general says there are strong indications he was involved in the murders of the south carolina couple. even though the dow, take a look, is a bit off today, more good news on the housing market and the price of your home, but the good news, folks, doesn't stop there. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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thousands and thousands of volunteers are out and about today to register voters in their communities for the largest one-day voter registration drive in history. more than 200 celebrities, musicians are also taking to social media to mark this day. in fact, dave matthews fans, anyone, dave matthews band premiered a new version of their video called "mercy." ♪ singing mercy will we overcome this ♪ ♪ one by one
3:35 pm
could we turn it around ♪ ♪ carry on just a little bit longer ♪ ♪ i try to give you what you need ♪ >> dave matthews, 50 cent, george lopez, stephen colbert, john ledgend, talked to wilmer valderrama last hour. let's talk economy. i know that's issue number one as you head to the polls november 6th. it is not a good thing for a key economic number to come in at the same level it was nine years ago ago, but that's where we find ourselves in the housing market alison kosik here to explain. >> reporter: home prices, brooke, right back to where they were in 2003. after the price declines we saw during the housing bust, we'll take it. so we learned today that the price of a typical home went up again in july.
3:36 pm
home values in 20 cities rose more than 1.5%. so we're seeing a trend here because this is the third month in a row that housing prices have gone up. a good thing about these rising home prices, it is falling foreclosures. what happens is as the home values increase, you wind up having more equity in your home, that means fewer borrowers are under water. that's a good thing. brooke? >> i've seen people asking us on twitter, is it the time to buy? is it? >> well, you know, of course it is a personal decision, but, sure, prices are going up. if you were once on the fence about buying, you may want to consider taking the plunge. all the data makes it look like the bottom is holding. look at mortgage rates. the record lows, it is another incentive to buy. last week, the average 30-year fixed hit 3.49%. that's down from 3.55% the previous week. the big caveat, you got to still have pretty stellar credit to qualify. so the reality, the harsh reality is home buying is still out of reach for a lot of americans. the good news is that home
3:37 pm
values are going up against and interest rates are staying low. >> good, good, good. alison kosik, thank you so much. now i want to talk about a story, we talked about this yesterday, i heard you, read all your tweets, tweet during my two hours here. talking about the morning after pill in some new york schools it is being given to students. but today, we're talking to one parent who is pretty upset over this whole thing. find out what she is doing to take on city leaders. there's a health company that can help you stay that way. what's healthier than that? i i had pain in my abdomen...g. it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already gone through menopause.
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you know how we talk about there is no republican who has ever gone on to win the race for the white house without winning the state of ohio. guess where mitt romney and paul ryan and rand paul are now? ohio. they walked up to the stage. i understand they walked up to the song "the boys are back in town." let's take a listen. >> did you get help from that? his idea now, he's got one new, one new idea. i admit one thing he did not do in his first four years, he said he'll do in the next four years, raise taxes. is there anybody who thinks that raising taxes will help grow the economy? his plan is to continue what he's done before. the status quo has not worked. we cannot afford four more years of barack obama. we're not going to have four more years of barack obama. his plan and his approach says
3:41 pm
fundamentally that government knows better than you how to live your life, how to pick winners and losers, how to choose companies that can be successful and products that have a future, the government, that a group of bureaucrats of real smart people, working hard, they're good people who work in washington, but he has this view that somehow they know better than free people. so he's going to put them in the most important -- or one of the most important relationships that you have, that's the relationship between you and your doctor. he's going to put government between there if he has his way. he wants a government that is more and more expensive and intrusive. do you know how much money he spent in one year, putting money into companies that he thought had a bright future, green companies. he spent $90 billion, $90 billion. and sent it into companies that in many cases that were owned by campaign contributors of his. >> you hear the boos in the crowd. mitt romney attacking the president here, again, speaking
3:42 pm
in vandalia, ohio. you see paul ryan. as of today, president obama has stretched his lead in ohio, that's in our cnn poll of polls, so today we're showing the president with a six-point lead, up from five just yesterday. a quick note, our jim acosta who has been so -- so intimately following the romney campaign on the road, he'll be interviewing mitt romney in the next hour. stay tuned for "the situation room" where you'll see that interview. want to move along it new york where a big, big fight is going on over the morning after pill, plan b as it is known, handed out to some students in certain schools. the pill, of course, it can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, even lower abdominal pain, it is this pill that women or in this case here young girls can take to prevent pregnancy if they have just had unprotected sex. last year new york city schools began this pilot program that allows these pills to be
3:43 pm
distributed to students. it is available in 13 schools across the city. and that has made some parents, shall we say, pretty unhappy. among them, mona david, the president of the new york city parents union joining me today. and, mona, thank you for being with me. tell me how you feel about this, how other parents feel who you're talking to. >> parents are outraged. we feel that mayor bloomberg has completely overstepped his bounds. he's putting the health and the safety of our children at risk and in addition to that, the fact that he is dispensing a chemical hormonal drug cocktail to our children where in new york public schools our children can't get tylenol or aspirin, it is just absurd. and it is wrong. and it must stop. >> right. i understand. so a student has to get a parent's permission to get tylenol, but not necessarily in
3:44 pm
the case of this plan b pill. at the same time, we mentioned the mayor of new york talked about this coming out vehemently in defense of this program. here he was. >> the good news is we brought teenage pregnancy down by something like 25% over the last ten years. the bad news is there is still an awful lot of girls who get pregnant at a very early age. >> i just want you, mona, to respond to the mayor's side, the city's side. let me run through some statistics for our viewers. numbers between 2000 and 2009, according to the new york city department of health who had to sign off on this program, let me say that, there was a 20% decline in teenage pregnancies in this time period, there are still more than 20,000 teen pregnancies in new york each year, 87% of those unintended. and when you look at just the numbers, when you see that decline, you see the number of unwanted pregnancies, 87%, you see that everyone from, you
3:45 pm
know, the health department to the mayor signed off on this, why do you feel the way you do? >> because the mayor and the health departments do not know the medical history of these children. they do not know if a child has any allergies to medication, but moreover, it is our children, our children do not belong to mayor bloomberg. he has mayoral control of the schools, he doesn't have parental control of our children or our children's bodies. we are the parents. mayor bloomberg and the department of health allege that they have done outreach, they allege that they sent letters, but in our experience dealing with the department of education, for us they have a proven track record of not engaging parents, of not sending information to parents. and -- >> so, mona, what are you going -- i hear your frustration, what are you going
3:46 pm
to do about it? >> well, one of the things that we're doing right now is we're exploring, you know, our legal recourse as parents because mayor bloomberg and the department of health are saying that parents should have opted out. and for us it is a little bit ridiculous expecting parents to opt out when we have to opt in with informed consent for anything that happens with our children in the schools. if our children want to go on a school trip, we have to give informed consent. so we believe mayor bloomberg is not only circumventing the rights of parents, but we believe he's circumventing federal law. he keeps on -- he keeps on quoting state rule. but we're talking about federal law here. we're talking about the rights of our children and of parents. >> and the may, you know, points out this program has been going on since january, but i think it
3:47 pm
sounds like it was made public over the weekend and that's why we wanted to hear from you and take it a step farther and see what you might do about it. we'll follow up with you and see what legal recourse you can take and if and when something changes. mona davids, thank you. two words you're familiar with, todd akin. he's that missouri republican who faced many, many calls to drop out of his senate race after his comments about what he called legitimate rape. well, tonight is yet another deadline for him to drop out. but now he has a big time republican in his corner. we'll explain who and what's happening next. the day that we say to the world of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there. we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity.
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as i mentioned a moment ago a prominent republican going all-in for todd akin. let me refresh your memory on missouri republican todd akin. he's running forred u.s. senate. here he is explaining why abortion cannot be justified even in the case of rape "if it's legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut things down." shout down pregnancies that is. >> i've said pretty dumb things
3:51 pm
in my career. my wife still occasionally looks at me and says lunar colony? and i get it. but if saying something dumb disqualified you, joe biden couldn't be vice president. >> paul stein hauser, cnn political editor, i think a lot of folks said when the republican national committee stopped supporting todd akin, carl roves, they said the race was over. win for the democrats. win for claire mccaskill, but the campaign is not dead. could he still win? >> he could still win. the polls show it's competitive between him and claire mccaskill. she's the democratic incumbent. but gingrich yesterday out there in missouri with akin, he's about the only major republican politician who's been supporting him other than former arkansas
3:52 pm
governor mike huckaby who ran for the white house a few years ago. the family research council also backing akin. keep your eyes on this race, brooke. >> paul, thank you. a lot of talk on this one today, that controversial call last night. watching monday night football, nfl fans are saying probably yelling at the television that the refs were wrong. now the pressure is on the league to do something former nfl qb drew bledsoe weighs in next. ally bank. why they're always there to talk.
3:53 pm
i love you, james. don't you love me? i'm a robot. i know. i know you're a robot! but there's more in you than just circuits and wires! uhhh. (cries) a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally. hi there. today on the help desk we're helping you prepare for
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retirement. helping me this hour, liz miller and greg mcbride. greg, this is for you. >> i'm five to ten years from retirement. i have maybe 10% to 25% of my net worth available in cash. i'd like to invest and put it to better use. but given the political and economic uncertainties, what would you suggest i do with my cash resources? >> and this is actually one of the questions that most of us ask, but this gentleman is five to ten years from retirement. what to do? >> well, the money he's going to be withdrawing in the first five years of retirement has to be very conservatively invested. so we're talking cash investments or high quality bonds. yes, the returns are low, but he doesn't have the ability to take a whole lot of risk because he needs that money so soon. now, money that he's going to earmark for withdrawal beyond that 10-year time frame, that can and should be invested a little more aggressively so he can preserve his buying power in the years ahead. >> do you agree with that? there should be some ris snk.
3:55 pm
>> i think in the longer term to support that retirement, absolutely. but even in the shorter term there are still nice quality stocks with higher dividends 45 would give income in the next five to ten years to give him retirement and maintain that liquidity. maintain that in today's environment as well. >> if you have an issue you want our experts to tackle, upload a video to
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3:57 pm
well, here we go. nfl replacement refs cannot stay out of trouble. their latest and perhaps biggest mishap came on monday night football. green bay leading seattle 12-7, time expiring, check it out. last play of the game. seattle tosses. last ditch. there you go. hail mary pass into the end zone. apparently intercepted by the packers, but wait. see both the refs? two different signals. two replacement officials one says touchdown and other calls interception after a delay and check of the instant replay, it is ruled a touchdown. seattle wins. packers are stunned. the rest of us even president obama weighing in on this today wondering when will this end. look at this. president tweeting just a couple hours ago nfl fans on both sides
3:58 pm
of the aisle hope the lockout is settled soon. and as he returned to the white house minutes ago from new york, i'm told reporters were shouting at him packers and the president said "i've been saying for months we need to get our refs back." so that's the president. now to drew bledsoe, former nfl quarterback. nice to have you on. played 14 years in the league, patriots, bills, cowboys. drew, let me just say that the nfl issue, the statement today basically backing up the ref's call basically saying story over. this is final. are these replacement refs, are they ruining the season? >> let me say one thing first. and that is that, you know, controversial calls have been around forever. there are actually two times i was playing football where we left the field, went to the locker room and came back on to the field to finish a game. one time the buffalo bills didn't come out to finish the game. so it's not lice controversial calls have not existed prior to these guys being there.
3:59 pm
plus they're being held to a standard that's a little unrealistic. they're being held to a standard of perfection. and perfection's never been attained in officiating. that being said, i do think the nfl is running the risk of affecting their credibility. they got out in front of performance enhancing drugs way before anybody else did. they've been out ahead of gambling issues. they're addressing safety issues. they're number one on tv. it's the greatest product in american sportds. and right now the nfl is running the risk of losing that credibility and losing that status as the best, you know, television there is out there. >> are you worried that because of these refs, drew, you know 30 seconds that someone could get hurt out there? >> you know, that's one of the concerns that you have. the guys that are -- >> oh, did we lose you? there you are, drew. 20 seconds. keep


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