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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  October 6, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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for afghanistan instead of criticizing them. rather than targeting the support they receive from pakist pakistan. it might be a good idea to check your pantry right now. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, 39 people in 19 states have been infected with an outbreak of salmonella found in peanut butter and other products. you can review a full list of all voluntarily recalled products at gas prices rise, yet again. the national average at 3.81 up from 3.79 yesterday. it looks like what goes up, well, goes up even more. according to a new u.n. report. hundreds of billions bid on expectations of temporarily rising prices for energy and food is the root cause of today's price volatility and not about to change any time soon. bad news for drivers in places like california where the average gallon of gas is $4.61. topping $5, actually, in some parts of the state.
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in ohio, a legal win for president obama's campaign and the democrats. it should be easier for voters to cast their ballots in the key battleground state. a federal appeals court affirmed a lower court's decision to block the state's early voting restrictions, which would have closed early voting in person to most on the friday before election day. the state could appeal the court's ruling, but ohio's secretary of state says his office is currently reviewing that decision. we'll be talking to his assistant secretary of state at 9:00 eastern time. death threats, threatening phone calls and vicious e-mails all because they decline to be a campaign stop for mitt romney, that is a terrifying response this mexican restaurant in denver, colorado, is now getting. the cafe a has been a neighborhood joint for years and the owners who are from mexico are mormon. they say they just didn't want it be a campaign tool, but weren't expecting this kind of backlash. >> i couldn't sleep last night.
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we didn't want to exclude anybody, we just didn't want -- we didn't want to be a campaign stop and boycott came in. my phone is blowing up from my e-mails. you know, i'm getting 100 e-mails. i already deleted 100 of people saying that they want to see us out of business. >> our affiliate kusa says the restaurant's phone was constantly ringing while they were there to interview the owner and even listen to callers telling the owners to go to hell, that's a quote. after a stronger than expected performance in this week's debate, mitt romney is riding a new wave of momentum. today right into the critical swing state of florida where he will be campaigning all weekend long. they believe romney ve-- so, ca
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romney use this new-found momentum to help him in a crucial state like florida? well, let's bring in a man who knows. bernie thompson a popular conservative radio talk show host in the sunshine state famous for saying things like this about the race for the white house. listen. >> i won't be surprised if barack obama just takes a bite out of his ear. he might just take a bite out of his ear. you have to do something, but it's going to get, i think it's going to get ugly because that is the only thing that barack obama can do. >> and joining me now is bernie thompson. good morning. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, so, i think most can agree, certainly, that wednesday's debate was certainly a big win for mitt romney, hands down. but observers are still criticizing him, actually, about
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not giving enough details. so, i want to read to you what a conservative columnist for "new york times" said right after the debate. romney had his share of lines and the stinctions he drew between romney care and obama care and didn't say anything about helping the uninsured. how do you respond to that? is it time for romney to give more specifics? is he having a problem with that? >> easy to criticize both of them for not giving enough specifics. romney has a 59-point economic plan that most people have never looked at. i would say that is probably too specific. i think mitt romney should focus on saying things like, mr. president, we are, you seem to have a problem with profits, which my company made. but most americans have a problem with deficits, which you've rung up four consecutive trillion dollar deficits. they both have a little problem with details. but there is a big, i would
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strike a big contrast if i was mitt romney. i would put a working state on one side and a welfare state on the other side and i would say america would be much, much better if dollars were earned instead of dollars awarded. it is time to stop rewarding our friends and punishing our enemies and having the government treat every american the same, which is a foundational principal of the rule of law. and i think mitt romney has to do more of that. has he been specific with his plan? he laid five out in the debate, which is more than the president did. that's why independents thought mitt romney did very, very well. >> let me ask you about one of the issues where they differ, medicare. that is a big deal in florida romney says he supports vouchers for medicare, a plan that is not very popular. how does play in florida with all those seniors? >> right now in florida, you've got about 12 million registered voters. 36% who are republicans, you have 40% who are democrats.
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and then the 24% or the remainder is going to be the most important percentage in america and i think it's 24% who are not registered republican or democrat. these are going to be the most important voters in the united states. but, let's look at medicare. you have mitt romney who says, i want to give you vouchers, which i personally don't agree with. but what would you rather have? vouchers or $761 billion cut to pay for obama care? i mean, the -- i would much rather -- >> not a cut in benefits, let's be clear. >> it's really important, though, to understand how would vouchers not empower you to have more control of your health care? i don't think medicare is going to be the deciding factor. i think it's going to be much, much more than that. >> after the debate, our analyst, cnn analyst david gergen had this to say. we have a horse race and we certainly do, no question about it in the state of florida. take a look at this polling with me. latest polling from the "wall street journal" shows a virtual
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dead heat. you see it there, obama 47% and romney 46%. you know the state better than most. what do you think romney has to do to tip it in his favor in. >> well, here's what he better not do. ten days ago he was behind. he came from behind and he is in a dead heat, as you know right now. if he plays prevent defense and i know his consultants are going to want him to be very, very careful and not make a mistake. that's how you will lose to barack obama. in the radio clip, my point was, he is going to come out swinging and he's going to come out maybe with a few punches below the belt. romney is going to do what he did in the first debate. that is, american voters are very interested in style, maybe even more style over substance and that was the first debate you've ever seen where barack obama was outstyled. body language, mitt romney looked much more presidential and come out mitt romney and continue to strike contrasts say that we are not a government with a country, we're a country with a government and empower
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the people in every way possible and point out that, you know, americans have lost 40% of their net worth under this administration. as you pointed out earlier, gas prices are twice as high. we have acts of war on anniversaries of 9/11 with no response other than appointing the task force to understand whether it was a spontaneous task force. point these things out and do not play prevent defense or you will lose to barack obama. >> you can bet the president will come back on offense in the next debate, for sure. bernie thompson, thank you so much. i enjoyed listening to your radio show the other day, as well. one of the nation's top ceos accuses the obama administration of cooking the books. we'll hear from the former head of ge, next. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy.
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former general electric ceo jack welch set off a firestorm
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yesterday sending out this tweet questioning the validity of yesterday's unemployment numbers accusing the administration of changing the numbers. mr. welch appeared on "anderson cooper 360" last night to talk about those allegations. >> i got a tweet out there that i stand by. >> right, but you don't, you don't regret -- >> i can't prove anything that they did anything to anything. >> in your heart you believe they somehow cooked the books? >> i don't really know. but i do know this. these numbers are implausible. >> but, you know, so many politicians these days are saying, you know, michele bachmann will say something that is not correct or not provable and say, look, i'm just asking the question. is it responsible to say, i'm just asking the question, but to say these chicago guys will do anything -- >> should have put the question mark at the end, like i did last night. a question mark would have been better at the end of that. >> so, you are kind of backing away from the chicago guys part? >> i'm not backing away from anything. >> you wish you could amend your tweet. >> i wish i had a question mark
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at the end of it. the same implication is there. >> i want to bring in our business correspondent ali velshi because i don't pretend to be an expert on this kind of stuff. that camera? that camera there. what do you make of jack welch's tweet and what are you saying tonight? >> anderson, this is very troubling. anybody who has asked me in my entire career who the best ceo in america is, the answer would be jack welch. jack welch needs to be out there getting this country back on track. ceos and all sorts of people retweeting what he said. i think thehe is absolutely rig there are questions to be asked. pay attention to the payroll survey, pay attention to hours worked and pay attention to wages and income. that's what touches people. to say something like this is like donald trump saying that president obama is not an american citizen without any proof. you are jack welch. jack, you have to take this opportunity while everybody is
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listening to you to actually, say, yes, anderson, i am taking that tweet back and send a new tweet to say, i was exaggerating. there are problems bls should look into it, but throw out an accusation, that is like asking the government -- >> look at this. we had 25 economists polled before this number came out. the average number they expected was about 115,000. not one of them had a number below 8.1. >> the bureau of labor statistics, which determines the unemployment number is a nonpolitical and independent agency, by the way. hundreds, if not thousands of convicted criminals could go free, all because of this chemist. the outrageous allegations about a massachusetts drug lab.
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a massive scandal is unfolding in massachusetts. it centers around this woman. her name is annie duken. state drug lab entrusted with thousands of drug labs, evidence in several cases but she's accused of faking drug results and forging and breaking drug protocol. what happens based on the questionable drug samples handled by her. here's susan candiotti with her. >> it was refreshing because i didn't think it was real. >> reporter: it was real. until last week this woman was doing about three years in prison on a drug conviction. then she was suddenly set free. what is it like to be out of prison? >> yay, i can breathe. >> reporter: free because of the bizarre alleged actions of this woman, former massachusetts chemist annie ducan.
7:51 am
>> can you tell us what happened. >> reporter: the state of massachusetts is accusing her of tampering with drug evidence that could call into question at least 34,000 cases going back to 2003, 34,000. at the moment she faces only three charges. however, in boston alone, the d.a. estimates as many as 500 convicted felons could be set free. how big of a mess is this? >> at this point, susan, we don't know. >> reporter: at this lab, now closed by the state, ducan allegedly mishandled drugs seized by police for evidence at trial. she allegedly estimated the amount of drugs at times by simply looking at them and certified some drugs as cocaine that are now testing negative. she didn't just write down the wrong thing. prosecutors accuse her of doctoring evidence to change test results. >> she would take known cocaine from an area that she knew was
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cocaine and actually add them to the sample to make it cocaine. >> reporter: she is also charged with lying on the witness stand about the credentials on her resume, including a masters degree in chemistry she never received but the question is why. was she trying to help police? was she trying to make herself look good? so far it's a mystery. the only thing we know is what's in this court document where investigators say at first she denied doing anything wrong, but they say she later admitted, quote, i screwed up big time, i messed up. i messed up bad. it's my fault. in some cases her alleged tampering may have destroyed solid police work. in others it may have wongfully convicted the innocent. >> this is the most egregious situation because this is government-tainted evidence that has been presented against these individuals. >> reporter: how can something like this happen? >> i don't have the answer tore that. the community has no confidence right now in the justice system
7:53 am
because they are being told that the scientific evidence which we're all supposed to depend on, you know, in the year 2012, is faulty. >> reporter: we tried unsuccessfully for two days to reach her attorney. she's free on bail wearing a court monitor. judgments are in the process of staying sentences and setting felons free on bail until everything's sorted out, making moms like stephanie cooper nervous. >> i do worry for my safety, you know, and my son also. >> reporter: community organizer michael kozu is worried about what will happen to this boston neighborhood. >> we're concerned about with people getting let back out, it will go back to what it used to be. >> reporter: eliuzza johnson insists she was wrongfully accused of serving crack on the street. after serving half her sentence she's free for good and plans to challenging her conviction back home. what she can't get back is time
7:54 am
with her child. >> i lost custody of my child, and i don't know how i'm going to fix that. >> reporter: what do you think of the chemist who is now accused of -- >> destroying my life, but i forgive her. but as long as i have my daughter, that's all i care about. >> reporter: susan candiotti, cnn, boston. >> with so many drug samples and cases involved, we will dig deeper into the fallout with our go-to legal expert next hour. the fight for the presidency takes to the street. "sesame street," that is. yes, this battle is between mitt romney and big bird. so who will have the last word? [ female announcer ] food, meet flavor.
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you know it's a big story when big boardenters the presidential debate. first, mitt romney plucked him, and now big bird is pecking back. cnn's jeanne moos milks the mockery. >> reporter: he's gone from being a happy-go-lucky bird. ♪ i'm happy to be me >> reporter: to the unemployment line all because of a couple of mitt romney lines. >> jim, i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. stop other things. i like pbs, i love big bird, but i'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from china to pay for it. >> reporter: let the mockery begin. obama got bin laden. i'll get big bird. you tell that so and so romney anyone who bleeps with big bird bleeps with me. big bird even extended his middle finger at the candidate. >> and you're going to count on one that we all know and love. >> reporter: big bird started his own big bird parody account. reacted by crying and showed up in a deployment split screen.
7:59 am
>> i like pbs. i like big bird. >> reporter: his reaction was a scream. >> not going to keep spending on money to borrow money from china to pay for it. >> aghh! >> reporter: his response included a message. >> f-u-m-i -- >> reporter: a message spilled out for myth. and this isn't the first time that mitt romney has stalked big bird. >> i like big bird and bert and ernie for my grandkids to like. >> reporter: o. >> he got rid of your jobs, now he wants to get rid of big bird's job. >> reporter: day after the debate the president joined in. >> thank goodness somebody is finally getting tough on big bird! we didn't know that big bird was driving the federal deficit. >> reporter: to be clear, cutting pbs funding might


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