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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  October 24, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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we would rather see them living on theo ror ridiculouridiculous. here is piers more gone. >> tonight 13 days to go. the prize, the white house. >> the president doesn't understand what it takes to get this economy going. he doesn't have a job for americans. >> plus donald trumps october surprise fizzles a bit.
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what is the difference between mitt romney's refusal to release his tax returns and the president not being inclined to release his college records. this is piers morgan tonight. >> good evening. our big story tonight. a shift in the map. 13 days to go until the election day. that is of course the state where president obama k accepted his party's nomination. cnn estimates that mitt romney is cleedileading in is states. it takes 270 to win the white house. >> our campaign is growing into a movement that says we are going to get america back and strong and provide for our
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families. >> but president obama is in the midst of a 48 hour non-stop campaigning exhibition. >> people say what did i say i was going to do in 2008 and what have i delivered? they can have confidence that the things i say, i mean. >> we begin tonight with the governor of massachusetts. governor how are you? >> i'm great how are you? >> somebody tweeted me, it said whether you are a supporter or not of president obama, what he doesn't hear of people saying he has done a brilliant job, that is why he should be re-elected.
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>> how do you react to that? >> i told you the story about when the president came to visit me. i want him to take the advice in terms of the bragging. this president added 5.5 million jobs in the last few months. who has extended health care to every single american after 90 years of trying and brought bin laden to justice. the record is long and extraordinary but when you consider that he has been up against extraordinary political and economic head winds. >> newt gingrich said there were
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five words that would break barack obama. >> well, leave it to newt gingrich to be so wrong. this is a president who sees everybody. who sees both the folks who have emerge emerged and those who are struggling and understands that we have work to do some finish the job. he actually cares about and sees everyone and has a strategy to reach them. >> 23 mope yifrmillion american unemployed. >> today benghazi we see e-mails
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that the administration did know this was a terrorist attack. none of this is very good for the president, is it? >> well look, first of all, you cannot deny that there are people still out of work. you can accept and have to that a strategy that is about investing in innovation is the reason why we are getting the job growth that we are. imagine how it would be if the president got the things that he has asked for. remember the fog of war. there was an intelligence report, on sunday talkshows more information has come out. if you ever would think that this president given the seriousness with which he takes
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the role of commander in chief would take americans in harm's way you need to think again. >> let's turn to mitt romney, this old stomping ground. did you inherit his binder of women? >> well, let me tell you that we have had success in encouraging talent into this administration. we know what that record really is and what that performance really was. we slipped in job creation from 35th to 47th. we know that the level of debt
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hit record highs and we know that we came in and delivered on none of that. he made one contribution and that was the health care reform which was successful here and confidence. and when i listen to him talk about obamacare, it sounds like the only element he doesn't like is the obama part of it. >> governor, always a pleasure. nice to talk to you. thank you. >> he is here to talk about his man. >> i learned a little bit about how the numbers are calculated
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and we don't have one number determining anything about the election. >> any regrets? >> none. >> i was surprised when you think about the fact that they called governor romney a fellon. just about every name you can think of. when i went on some of these shows, they were describing how the numbers were arrived at. you think that it came out of fort knox and i was accusing the president of coming down and changing the number the night before. this is 2,000 people calling them up and saying, are you working? >> if mitt romney becomes president, every time the job figure has gone down, that is
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good news for him every democrat will jump up and say jack welsh says this is complete rubbish. >> in 2003. president bush was accused of cooking the books. in this case, i'm in the business world. did you see the layoffs today? whether it was department 1500. 52% of the companies, piers. missed their revenue forecast. this economy is weak. >> new home sales jumped in september. that is great for the housing industry. >> and housing is starting to turn. housing is down to $775,000. that is about half of what a
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good economy had. >> i'm sure you know very well. let's see what he had to say about the economy flt. >> under here, of the two candidates, either one that becomes president, american business is going to get better about the next four years, in terms of the economy, i think the economy will get better under either one of them. >> regardless of who wins, the economy is clearly beginning to show enough green shoots to recover. >> the economy has gotten better every year. >> he was partially right. he made the point that the economy will be better. a 1.5% gdp growth will be better. what you will get is a chance of
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3 to 4% >> you don't know how he is going to do this. >> he is going to have an energy policy. i mean we have a chance in america to create the american century. we have 100 years of gas. we are finding liquid petroleum everywhere. we have a chance to be the low cost producer of all chemicals for sure. we have just become the saudi arabia now. the migration of plants to china and saudi arabia is now here. we'll have low cost electricity. that will make all of our products lower cost. go you want to take a chance
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that the ep aa will just put a clamp on this thing? >> do you want to take a chance on that? >> his mistake was putting a thoughtful article into the "new york times" because they write the head line. what he talked about there was the president denied him. he said you wouldn't spend $50 billion of taxpayer money and
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get the same results. you understand the subtle new wans. people in places like ohio. they hear let detroit go bankrupt and then they see obama win. if that is what gets him home, wasn't that a piece of disaster? >> they put it into the wrong place. jo. >> they gave the pension benefits to union employees and cut the throats of 20,000 non union retirees. that has to be told in ohio. there are a lot of non union
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people who were smashed. >> was that the problem? is it down to a question mark? >> you don't have a thing to do with the headlines in america. it goes into the newspaper and the times took a very thoughtful article of his. president obama was wrong when he said that is not true. if you read the article it is very clear that he did not say that he did not want to throw him under the buzz. >> why didn't you vent the system? you have a safety valve where people can ring the bell, go to
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a person and get the story out. because you want to have a safety vent in everyone of your offices. >> good to see you. >> great. >> now, when we come back. the man who started october surprise and why he says the president should take his $5 million deal. no, no, no, stop! humans -- one day, we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... stop, stop, stop! my car! not so much. but that's okay. you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car, and we give you the money to buy one
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i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way.
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who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there. donald trump promised to pledge to give $5 million to charity if president obama releases his college transcripts and passport information. how are you? >> hello piers. >> people are racing to condemn it as a cheap publicity stupnt.
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>> i have had tremendous praise. and frankly. i'm looking at it in a positive way for the president. i think it is a tremendous thing for the president. he gets to give $5 million to a charity of his choice. he gets to spend and give $5 million to a charity of his choice and all he has to do is release papers that will explain things that other presidents have done. >> we both know that he is never going to do this. >> i don't know that at all. i hope he does it. there will be nobody happier than me if he can sign that $5 million for that charity. if he doesn't do it, i would
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say, why hasn't he done it? $5 million is a lot of money. >> frank rich from new york mag seatbe seen says i'll see traump's mony and double it. >> he'll attack it. but frank rich was a failed theater critic. >> what is the difference between mitt romney's refusal to release his tax returns and the president not being inclined to release his tax returns? >> he has released his tax returns and released more than
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many people have released. >> john mccain did it. people have done it and it is not a big deal. frankly. i personally hope he does it and i would think he would do it and it is a lot of money that he can choose. >> i consider myself to be a friend of yours. but, when he gets to this issue i'm on the side i believe 100% barack obama was born in america. >> well, that is okay. by wait, that is not the only
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issue. but i have to tell you, that would be solved in two seconds. piers, whether you agree or disagree. there is a tremendous percentage that just doesn't know. >> barack obama released seven years, mitt romney's own father released 12 years. what is to stop your friend mitt to say i know there are doubts. here it is going back 12 years. >> i tell you, as far as i'm concerned and i told this to mitt, i would like to do a swap. college records, passport applications for every tax return he ever signed. his returns are beautiful and perfect. if i were him and i'm not, i'd say i'll release all of the rest
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of them. he has released a lot. i'll release the rest of them if you release your college records and your college applications. >> i think that would be a great deal for mitt. >> i'm doing this in a positive manner. this is a positive. this can clear up any doubt about the president. that is a positive thing. >> if he doesn't do it and there is a 99.999 percent certainty that he won't. >> why wouldn't he did it? >> if there is nothing wrong with his applications and everything is fine why wouldn't he do it? i think that would be a terrible think of the president to not do it in order to pick up $5 million. i think that would be outrageous. he would say it is a pub policity stunt for years. >> i'm not looking to pay $5
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million. i have other things. i have my own charities. i don't have to pay $5 million. it is a serious very serious offer essentially where a charity is the beneficiary. if everything is fine with those applications why wouldn't he do it? he'll say i don't want to do this. this has nothing to do with me. here is $5 million a tremendous amount of money going to a charity for showing some papers. >> why wouldn't he take it up? >> the only reason he wouldn't take it up is if there is something wrong. >> i don't think he will. if he doesn't, you can see mine. >> i'm sure he would be
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obama's second term would be a rerun of the first. we need someone to turn things around fast. the future of our country is at stake. >> he is back. does it help or hurt the candidates. welcome to all of you? >> good to be here.
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>> i can't work out for the love of god whose side he is on. i remember watching the super bowl and half way through it pops up clint eastwood in which he appears to be endorse iing barack obama's add. i am confused of new york. >> well, he shouldn't be confused considering he made his appearance at the rnc convention. making his empty chair speech. >> i thought he was completely barking. >> that is funny considering that the new yorker ran their image based on the empty chair speech right after the first debate. >> they were joking weren't they? >> it was memorable right? >> i love clint eastwood.
9:32 pm
>> you are convinced he is a fully fledged romney man. >> it is the great irony that he could lose the election and there is clint eastwood in a commercial today and he was the guy in the add who said the bail out was a great idea. well done barack. clint eastwood says that the middle class in america has not been successful in the past four years. i think clint eastwood agrees with the vice president with that. he is supporting mitt romney and for good reason. >> i can see charles here. >> wrisling with fear. you are boiling over. i like it.
9:33 pm
what do you think of his apparent flip-flopping? >> i think he's pretty good when he has a script. >> i think he is one of the great movie stars of the world. >> i don't see, you are right. you know more about hollywood than i do. >> and i don't see how it helps mitt romney. maybe there is a focus group thing. they do microtargeting and maybe they say that this works, i don't know. >> clint eastwood did mitt romney a lot of harm before this add. >> there he is all over the tv again. and i say it is a rather coop fusing message. the whole bail out becomes the key determining fact in the
9:34 pm
election. if obama scrapes home in ohio because you know what, employment rates are low because of the bailout and that comes down to the split with romney, then clint eastwood is the guy who told the super bowl that the bailout is the great idea. look at today. today is the republican party going off the rails. you have mr. empty chair making his big debut. and sarah palin comes out and says the president is shucking and jiving wink wink, nod nod and you have murdock coming out that things the government should force women to bear the children of their rapists. i'm sure that romney could think
9:35 pm
that he could be pointing to their phony five point plan. >> the true character of the elements in this party are rushing to the floor. it is not good timing for romney. >> let's play that soundbyte. >> i trstruggled with it and i came to realize that life is a gift from god. it is something that god intended to happen. >> why oh why oh why do these republicans come up with these sentences causing damage to mitt romney? steer clear of it. he was asked about the question of rape so he was answering the question and it was a legitimate pro-life argument that he made. if you listen to the clip he said i've struggled with it in
9:36 pm
the past. i know there are people that disagree with me but i believe that the broader thing that comes out of the horrific situation is the blessing of a child. >> you would like god to say god intends rape to happen. >> he said, rape is horrific but the blessing of a child could come out of it. >>. he is not pro rape. >> he said it is god's intention. >> am i wrong? >> i don't think we should misquote him. i think it is unfair to misquote him. this is not a theological argument that we are having here. and whether we want to live in a country where the government can for force women to bear the
9:37 pm
children. you have paul ryan with the same position. this an date candidate is the o person that has cut an add. this man represents a big string in the party. my concern if i'm a voter and if i'm a father like i am, if this is a kind of person that romney is associating himself with, as his running mate, who will he pick to put on the supreme court? i do not want to live in a country where a man can enforce that but mitt romney has the opposite view. i think it is bad social policy. >> let's take a short break. and we'll come back with your reaction to this. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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that is something that god intended to happen. am i misrepresenting when he says that women get raped and have babies. >> this becomes personal. but iming that the part of me says that is easy for you to say. you think you struggle with that a lot? think about the woman who has to make a realdition about whether or not they will carry the child that is -- will turn into a child to term and what rape means and what god meant by what came from the rape. we are always on chaky ground. >> i think we need to back up and keep their noses out of it.
9:43 pm
>> if a woman gets rapes it is a woman's decision. >> she decides without fear, she decides what she does. >> i believe that there be an exception in the case of rape. but it is unfair to clay ssify republicans to call them pro rape. they are two separate topics and it is not fair to classify them as pro rape. i want to say that richard murdoch's opponent helped to define forceful rape and rape. >> i think that she makes a fair
9:44 pm
point. i don't think that is fair. i think she is right on that. it goes to the judgement of romney. what you are seeing now is pattern inside the party. the only person who has cut an add for is this man and that add is running today. he is aso theiating himself with people who think this way. it reminds people that it has changed more dramatically than any one i can remember.
9:45 pm
he changesiteria and that is why the democrats love it when these republican senator candidates do what they do and say what they say. nobody loves this, this is disgusting. they make a stupid comment. >> when people get this close to power and have these kinds of views. >> this isn't -- >> i think people are afraid of these kinds of politics. >> mitt romney says that he thinks there should be an exception for rape. >> just because he has a vice presidential candidate that has
9:46 pm
said that, doesn't mean that is his point of view. >> you were outnumbered tonight so i gave you the last word. >> coming next, the wall street vp who quit goldman sachs accuses the firm of deceiving clients and he will join me live. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating?
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want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route... leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work.
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in this case, blasting his employer goldman sachs, greg smith is back with a book, "why i left goldman sachs". my opinion was someone has come out and said, they got too greedy, too detached from reality and people and that is
9:50 pm
what got america he into the financial mess, and that was it. when i read the book, you gave your colleagues a 9. the highest score possible for culture and values in your last performance review. they say you wanted your pay doubled to more than a million dollars and a promotion. you left with the impression, given you've been there 12 years, really what this is all about is you feeling a bit peeved. >> not at all actually. the thing about the reviews, you actually get to choose who reviews you. the idea that people i gave nines two were the people that selected me to review them. it's not an issue of how i felt. it's an issue that i worked at the place for 12 years, i used to fly out to stanford twice a year and recruit kids to come this. this company that took microsoft
9:51 pm
public, to a company that has a $500 million settlement with the s.e.c. for fraud and people going to jail for two years. >> goldman sachs at its heart has always been a banking firm that wants to make as much money as it can. i presume it was that the entire 12 years you were there. a couple of wobbles, but essentially you were buying into the culture from day one. >> goldman sachs has a long history, except its mentality used to be long-term greedy, which sidney weinberg stood by. you service clients well and they come back to do business. today's mentality, profit although all costs, eat what you kill mentality, where you don't care what happens to the client. i talk about a story, after the s.e.c. suit, i fly asia to comfort one of the biggest clients in the firm. and the client would look you in the eye and saying i don't trust
9:52 pm
goldman sachs, and a partner is celebrating the fact that the client is still going to do business with us because we have to. my position, why not actually address the problem and try to repair this client issue. >> the ceo said this today. >> we went, we investigated, turned over everything, at the end of the day with all of the stress and i wouldn't want to go through that again, we'll probably be a better firm because of it anyway, because we really did look at everything again. as far as the book itself, i think the consensus of those who review the book, there really was nothing there. >> i mean, you know, in a funny way, you probably have done them a favor. you probably have something that changed theire ethos. do you regret? >> the idea that goldman has done nothing. i guarantee if someone not on
9:53 pm
wall street hears about teachers pension funds being ripped off the fonormal person this is erecommendations o egregious. it's very unethical, but by the letter loft, it's not illegal. >> is it getting better. see any changes since this has blown up? >> the biggest misconception right now in terms of the financial crisis, dodd-frank, passed almost two years ago. two years later, less than one-third has been implemented, wall street has spent $300 million lobbying against the serious things that caused the crisis, which are derivatives. i would tell viewers call politicians before the election and ask them why don't you have the political will to fix this and to be frank, the answer, as
9:54 pm
you probably know, most of their campaigns are funded by the big banks and this revolving door between washington and wall street affects their ability to make objective decisions. >> my big issue, the bonuses. goldman sachs probably going to go under, and the first thing they did, they handed themselves bonuses. >> 2009, let me give you an example of the per veer incentive. jpmorgan, they go in front of congress and say it was just a head. and the person who lost the money, the person who runs the group, leaves with a multimillion dollar golden parachute. taxpayers have to bail the banks out this per veer incentive where bankers swing for the fences, thing goes wrong, they lose their jobs, things go well,
9:55 pm
they get incentives. i think that wall street needs to be more transparent. and need to have markets that are free. right now they are unfair markets. >> this is an interesting read for anyone interested in wall street and the banking world. appreciate you coming up. coming up, a photo bomb for the ages. only in america, a very touching one. this. [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp, just $14.99! try as much as you like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp. offer ends soon! my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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for tonight's "only in america," the kid stays in the picture, talking points, prompter reads, everything staged in the presidential race. . one thing obama/romney can't control. the photo bombs that strike without warning. here is the president and first lady in the stands, blissfully unaware guft staring into the camera is stealing the show. or how about the shot from the second presidential debate. josh romney giving obama a menacing death row stare, but tonight, we may have a winner, hands down, surely the best political photo bomb of all time served up in delray beach, florida, the daughter of zion jr. academy, all seems standard fare until you notice the back row, and from we witness one of the great budding romances in history, a little boy seizing the moment to kiss his sweetheart. we're not sure if it's requitted or


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