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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 29, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a siatio l>> i-t in te burpark siio in urrk i'm he wh romarcno. i' h wrorc. up imanhtan,e're seng sere fodinin inhumben, re e area we stse hea fin fro maybe miael ea earo blaymber mostf thmil tnnels gog int new rk h e bebler st thclod. tel o nfliing ntform ion hew hbe lioln tunelso i'not s re li ig rm tn at'spen yet li orn tuls i't snot tbut'sall eneye brges d ormost o thunnetre cer inlytl ers st o osed th at tsne pnt er'rely seeg ed ts lps e wis reee it's dddown l wi ltle 's dd wnt. at lst wwerebl t ge le the ltell we drehup.ehe i'm lde're ll d surhunde b . war rit m w. re thisurde b wa iris wh a l t hifeopl ad i dowthewhhore ae ltseeipl rit no a ow e stem wares a havebeenei br chedri no onyou st watavenast te sabred onu dus, a then t sli ttly low saa lel. du aen liy w le at's ary asbad as ts
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's isryasds t s he i amost feesike siatiowhermisssip jushe i a gostee haeredke wit eurge a siio er thisipwusd. go bufurtrha edit eay,ge a i nthw new burtr orans,hat y,tytart to i fillithewater that kinor ofs,t wha we'rt t eingllh in lerer nhat natinfhae' rht ngn a l some f that subys ctinuto ll wh wa rr.n methub cnu w we'wa gttinword at i the ba erye' ginrd i tunn t ere es fo feeofbay war iome par of tnn te foeebattywatunn imeorar t t ea ver dttnn obv tusly wer maneattaner we eeein watbvly ruringntoanan se ralweubwainattops i low in o maatta selwa obousl spsways wer sutowown lama nigta. obsl syser s wntual laigdanfld is down i lor maatta alwherare u rghtnfowis anow wha i e yoseei arolod yomata ere rtanha yoeiroyo >>anrson'm atty prk >> ty, d ieanonee herll datt i'll pellou , wh ihaer'ml al h py tdarepo i ll thl ter whreding i'll hell tupo hat, i was r aut tworeng ft lll t, ias aghern h r oag f bu aere hagbu rallybov ood sta a
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athis int sll i wa t r lyupdove oud ta b natss t s asell tha wae'veeen pd gin bom n nrse tw dths aslha iven neije ey. n weselsowhad dshatoneeath we neld y jeout.n ques weasod at ewell thande hen y tnuesone llers d klleden iners ked conectut. o pelejure say teyer lecoingct. t eir pe house aparely breause the sa tle g twer rs ou uso are bsetohe nehbor r andou o a tr ell.neor sohoseared th talies ia r catell you .sosee i heath yu li i sakin ecalierllou gh abt thnotunn s.iea y srlieinwe hrd e alerf abeth tuels nnreclos. i cie h rept alat t y at tu s let. os i uldot imag ce theepy wod y ve otned nce t tle i dagheti.o od e t tibut e thg weereomewt coerneabouis t therthwere a nuer oew coneteleousion creer cong t unufrom this o catile.on re ven e actco'm t sta ing inomhi the dson tiriv n t' hdto ta begeve natut thi e onv i ho berelae velyigh oundn hi manhtan. gottuckere ll.laly h ndery ad o of nhn. th l catiot ck e isl. y o fl oded. hso w lre ati bt is coerne abo therews wd af bcorse,cone thibos is a ews . mand ory coe,his a evaction ndy aconone.
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earlr yocoulee fshes oe. lighbehi rlyome.ul you n see t pwer o f ies o a gh hi lot e. tho u buldinse. t p thre flhes a lig t hileho ey mbu havin lood likthls liigtnin wele mactavooik ansflimersinoing w off t i ard may c ey sf boorsrng lkinaboufft t i dlossf aywer c ood thwate inppinouup t a ssoverfhe rsis. no th tesprisg. weineeei a it erre, sito no seifsweiscan weanveei hert ase, wellto thiss a psetfn mannttan anders onofy llcoll guesisa psf anrkinannd bede m thi is allartes of maattathat ouin be mhist dn't of rmal seemat thta atack. but e por is outo dt m t ofaleeth k. so hernt ut st othe ghtsousee a mtf like sornha ge.rato i one tsue a ose ke ildis. ge wetoo kn i tere e sme people indihe bldin behwedknm tis ie s a plerick hot,inut b iineh m yo ca ist swiupck bind out, i see the pple yoo a wi ling - the bdre eeth pormaey be atifuaparents ownli -hen soutrn mhattooki intma befu ar thts hudnwniver and ut macrott tokint jersth.ud u caerjusteeandro co tle o pele w rs dided o tcaghst it out and soy he npe whei d ed t artm its. t thtndnd s the toue ndsn are eit cotme,. thheou s e co ders. rs
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auallhanku. i'm asorll.nk i' hmingroub heang you theorayor o i' aanti hcitygs ub ea joing on e phue. thor o atity jog n ph wh is the stuatn youe seei rig nown atntic wh cityishe satou eiigowatic ty >>'m rry,e've loonta >> ther y,let'checve inoithta ali erveli. t'ec ali,inhat h theituaon?lil i,t heua?
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>> andeon we ha go t >> wateleve deesingha go wehou t hav teve pe ed abt 1ng we ou avnutea. 're ille eingb 1 ver high wate tealevs. e i'ml subsngntiayer oserigo eteev came tham i w whebsia i ster taed t yo sowe armehaot w sheeing an iy ta treceng o tyoe wat so arlevs. s wenglso anink at th wind rece o t ing at kee o evgoi weo k thnderobay g eefor othe o hroi and hal or o berebaye ha n wr heseen h th nd al ck eor ofhis betorm. e had it n stasen th ove efsinld.rm itsotaolkn peladehiare prablylxpecng to halk th -- hav pde thae wst artpr lyec t hitha inth- theavexthfe wt ursit an ten yohere gxtng t sta to s thers fanodin tmoviyo g tta sland thall ght, we' fin tvituf owinarou ove ndere. l t, e'e wishave picdufp a und in ou ve he e.aga. wi thveeic ad i heoregarn, as t th may s gog toerellas t yo aywe'vgot abo go40to0pelple, 500yo pele i 'v shetersbo 40here eryby elpe ise, at0 pe ihoe.hes three is ybels cutew inplacho one is this alowe out.uin thace's netralingis you uldn get aut owe eret.f thu trs d anyy.ang as y can u dn et oe i'me
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trwnto.ny this ysn'tan se p'mnte seleed bausetohere aot is 't of swate p the is le bse re awnto of atltitecity th m nowsptoytoeestl buifty ino walkp aut0 feees ckbuhere i'i bale ap toee m waisinreteri' bso t siatio hertoe is not is erimpring st t for sybodwatcng otthis is pr ig orta t. t r odtcnder as his i motaslan tit's nerd. s mo ing banbett of's n ju becseyou' eein g tt it of ca ownjuecoveru'ere doe nin me it'it gogto bca bwnte er ref. oe nu'reoverg it me it'n nw goyork b bbut phi delpa t re's stilregoinertoit be a i n lork mreo t hilp cot.'s the ar stililainotbef ao m oodi conrns d co tharlil-lyia eas. 're tchidi thaonverys cafullas lyiwel in a anti s. cite hiharywe'v stl ca llt hi l atiwind e'veit sllot 'v stlot f hicea th'snd ceve s intot t dotownnd iseastilth ver cnt dangous tuatn he .down i we daveileporer of se tr sngs at hedownndthe pow dve lisor dow o i s eatlatric cy, aerso wneowlisow i la c aso >> al th mor o aanti c al thcity cam und m o ati tiff tyamnd ffcritism,
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gornor cristitm,eoldeopl goor maator c stacuaon he ft e th mard dpl not maoruppt ua hhat. f an thma dotncouged opleppt tostay it. an ace, ay inhat oud lerea.oay i gornor e, ch istieat a. aoyed aut goor h iethatand id nosot t aed a atd no timeo tr t et t, jus metr shelr inplac tryi t ge emeencyus elinac wkers yi t peogeemecyin eergeies the w rscan. t eo heidn't eges he n. hn' fel le it s f l st - cd myes joing . m he wit crob rcia.yejog heitb ia wee seeg we me oreees - thers aotf deis fl mngor - arou. >>erhe ran habeen af bde pller aad ts ouorm >> r ha en escial i bhe pl a outh t s uthe rmjery, esalelmva are thclud g p tshe ofer phadelialm d.c. e goudatrem pdousmoun o of phel c. infa. nothe stergo hal ofemusunf th fa noe eralfth storis mtly -- thi i a gnate fo exp iencor her my-hi
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onhe i agrod. at foe wixpncer n onl col uonveryro wi nnllry rati hrd to bre ains thiswind now the tidebr h cooinue tbrfly ns oundisere.nd e wheaterbr ttcohasue t y nde. er ts ertoed e whf rit he is nt ing dineryto whquirily h is ev tho nh th prere fo g dryui evhoth re th.o it goi to herfor ite me te. we ha th the atitnticoio ertyr e t ma r jo ing e o thphhane hemrtic mar,'m majosorrg we o loshph co act th yomambefe.rrweos go rnorco t rist waso crefical somof tecions u goor madestas earer.cral m womderi t ifyou wancis t o de sponto wrt. werifu ansaid t he w crioncal wfeid som wpeop ri stllomop stlencoagedo go to shelrs. co letede sathishe g t vern illel. etadvisad ais isinrmed this s nrn th lltimvii a dootined wishiso nhengaim theoveorindo shrbaljousgahe ere vell b enty o timo al usnger e b ty pinti oimndond moin erqrterckin pti righnd mo n mqerin fus is whe i ghoulde, t nresi mnts of f atnticsity,heakinsurehat al l old t tsi rssourofs we
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at havicy,nin ret the tyalf o atntic t ci r arur we ma avaavableo the d the ef gatticthem ti aar afemavale place and thep the a gafeem t ase ac poiblyand nti thihe tinge is or polytihi tg o wh. mr mar,we'v bn w earimr fr thema -'v bfromn n yornd al theriayor frhe iom nordewar the alhe or 91alls hav ibeenarhe yrocting some91alli lsavennecearil e you h ing ocng meli silarrobls ce il intlan c yo hg ty? >> i sar sorbl wou inyouan reat at, ?ease you' i kinof b akinorupouure , se u' in >> byein. ewyo andwark >>hey'ye ha ng p blemithyooond manrk pele clingy' ha pemh911.o ansomef hempe c nng even em1.gencs. ar you mecinghat obleem n veghtno >>no em nc harveu ngt bt nle tiveno an >> noinfoatioin h that bnrerd. ive cnnot sa yfohatio we' periatcinghatreind.f prob cm inthe cy ofsatlanc t e' ci. ringtdf obin cofan ci >>oy. wh'sour nuer e coern ght >>onow? wh wh areurou wuchin te mcotn t clw?ely? wel whre win t mighttow w'rkeep gcly? rel finrs cssedht and sing wep in pray cful.ed nd se sagty our ayresil.nts,
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w sa dot waur t eperice a ss olifsis, weon't wa do towa t experience a an o jurif. we e juwe doi't allwahat to capecen to kp pele o trif wejurm'soill wat d toaeep the as s ke aspee o potiblyan. 'sa dtophe sas poly. >> m ayor ppreate ur ti toight we'l mlet u go thanoryou ry mh.ree titoht 'lt go anu m wee gog to tea sho brk. wel ta wegoto tto cadho mrs bro weta gi c us an mervwf wergi e wors of ait goi to brvn f is a wa. we l beightack. rs oio b a webehtk.
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>>welce ba toour >>lcbao coinuirovere. we'r co ngcotoui yiveerfrom 'r asory pk. y lo ofeindom sirli arou. as p alough t's o ond sliou alghrks bause of lo pow fost bse o
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lof thowarea f st thenti reon is cered in ea 're out tho bckstireros cthed i wa e t bs bodwal and iseallustll war bo al fars th eyed sae.ll 're sting gowa t cha arthmyeryes jus a mome t.g g t i tanthao sher you a us pi aurem of he itoshoupiehoben i elieofheob iie subw trn staon ahot of bwwaterrta poingt ofwn io notte ly ino g iohookenot bu ler manttan in as we.ho en warun lanattean tnels i wew wa york we bteievell t tls tunls to i neyorkre shurk bdowve t i haun hed ne corklictg inhurmatn abt twinc n iha e nnel i kno forct inatab fa tnc el knorll t oth tuels ae ceainlshutown. woulthinkhe tth tu lins ln tcennelnlut a ul inwe. ch mye jinining u t felm the a we . sereeath jin u f ad, youhe couive se usth abignt ctur of w, reou thouethinsg a g anhow ch ong ur wht's ing toinehere i anw ngis. nt's g mtohre l ingero. phil elph n. stl m h l miler pr hoo il ph sowherin atstilce per.ho so b winsoer gsts awrom e ceer acewell..
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bin gs aw yo are rm ht outce a thell. yoare seeg a yogre r te yo aree oee a g sqll, at sallineoin re to oome ghthrouyou an sq, s l e ineaseour ndsinin abotoe tou0un or0 nute inse r we'lshaveo wch tatboith e sallit ruckor atehos 'l vewind ws t inhease sasiitnifintlyck a let'osjustan utndnd gvense yo si afily birs-eyview t'f wstt's t gog on g. yobackut t the a ireystew win ws gustgog toon ck the milin p hou in stto eveld. it snoilng i wst pou nvirgia. and so el toitno ivi winia we'lkindrgf.panou d ross he tviiatake you 'l allndhewan do to vissinia he seng wkeds ioull rchmo ove doo vi ia. sa sto her se wn ithe rmovedemarv wi win satoereblowg fshoderv wi inre, shor hee.ow the hond fallyow almi, or do ahe e ittl bi fnlywmi eaer do lo isla. tl bubinawelo sll la he bu sqllsin uthe veont a s h sqw s mpsh e. thhe is retrom aov. 're ill hou shro th s ing m ov. ov rit no wt's kin e l oouer ghe ov floing inrino wtters in rk. o ill ryhighlo g nn't t m erwro.. 'sl ay ovegh flo t msge. ro t anerso wha weyevelo eings. now is anhesohaow tideegiing co
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thwhighideis iwid gig ov. co w tin. thstarghnge to io o. ov e ti werevelars goio t.o. it is wstillel thrs oiet aov any it cordtagee'veeen ileforhr the anyloodg rdgevenor is ill hecurrg. thode's aul lof wat goins downl in err ths atunns.lofat in wn nd nneearthathey sd the canarumpateyout sdhe mlion n opallo t mwoner. ey'rtryi to ep t wloer ou watew com.g 'ryio in t waer's w ou teom wa'sgoin ou at'slway thease whe yoin ou ha wat c ming 's iayoheehe yog ty l ehaat w cng he i he. >>eporr: cha t at's l ceainlgood hhe >>or neha ther's ce nl odm he wioberrcia jpe in ienev youia jnt. terevou cing inater lelst. goinrdown arwe ceeingg t ak oferle oodiin in wnwer arin t omhatt? >> idin r apprs s it aears tmtt >>pp138, whshs a rsnow tr ne cord the13h d cord asw nerdhe10.2 dlook lik rd that watill ben to.2 cedeok it wikl re de aat theatwayl be tothe ttomf th edeow w re ade.hey
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d th go acke uomthw ainn te. top rtthf gheckightid aich sti t cong up.p f we hghe todycle s evh ytiayco . soere . h t owe'l hav tleo sevwhatappe athis int soe .me e n'ltav t ccle swillatepehe at s t high -hi i n a ceerll hig e tide gh syemecau itsig a de fulloon. wi aull msynnau i on se a a ll n.n onhe otwierll y mnn s a et ton hioter tes. y at'shat he. not ly d w tave ahi t. h ge 'st h huicanrunng t on dor w in ne jers, wee h h t huannnonn higtide n with he srser hweh ti hs twith e mo a welligde th s htisth mollders. repter:r i'm nderrsg, yove c ered lotepf thr:e r thi'gs. er yo cedotth ho doestht. coare? >> ie had hoesar tim coe? iha tay trng timut anontt a t rela ittro tometng iane sn ntfore a and itlat just rdet i s to pu re d intt us rds. to it'u strgembinion.nt >> s. it't'trtraninn. combatio weaw tt ont' the wehemapsan formbtheioast vewe tondaysth e tps also f trtet thys grnd, peri cinghels f h gr, ristong. an eing th rortsomino
10:20 pm
an h rd hetsing portin comg . . it'she g strt penomal tom m wh's bn go g's . p i'omhear tg in m ywh e b ngo youe. go g toi'eearinictus of lery e n maatta ou >> wanto goto cecktuof in l thoug mata wh is o>>an pduce i ckinower ug manhtan. wh oug, nou pcegive i an orvie erof hat yonhren. , venoie seeg, f m th tvanteooint in leree fth nt nhatn? >>ntnah l ders at i was>>own here ars ibaso treen ve g thi re ba fotast vie ee ghi wn he. fstie 'sust h pur blaness cros ttimesqua.urlassos meua m rit ntothe wor tre ceer moria ri nte flordwats tr hcee mia cme up st e we sid h cup weidgh m a f bocks ma fctuay nr b ks aseybanfld. i'm iua t n asamnfvi.init m i t at ian sviit eyavet
10:21 pm
i re sly dlinefromthat areave 's aren dne eerom at ea aer tuatn. th onl thgsat wh thightnlre righ arod t 9/1 hmeoria w ht e frdom tor, ghro t/1meia e n wor fr m tradcentto did hav pweror an exte nederior a adnt thid's av pall rrk an w.teri d astth stter bitl s a eces.f lithere serit and ther esli jure eer sentionf beg do herder juerenonbe doer dou tre we ou ea tiere repos that te w yo sto exangead tenar oome hreepo haet te yoaterto exge ti'veust ene toleeha hose rerts ere nue. ve tdo y wan ol tose res n ehasi thoe. y reanrts e nootre, fr e esiho info atiorewes novehat ttrnewfr rk sck ehangdid t ta fo oniohreeeet of atter. tw s engd ta viou yonhereeetre o prlemsr. elwherin lor ouyrerms eleromaatta hleimata nfie is joi ngeiie us soi now. casyou dn'tears thaw. astheu ew y'tk strk exangeas not ken teeeet ofha e wa ex thgee we ear er repot s tn t t
10:22 pm
t thofad wahapped. th we wear ve spon t tse re ortsthd didt rertpp . ethe sand tre oughtheyre tsdn't coid trure the hd e's ghey sethi 't coruremkabl hs shi anrsonembl i casee e edf th boaralk anon ain. ca e edis wer ith rcedibefo ar k ouvery n. eyes w i rdifo ouryes wantotellyou abt t nute o, t s wa nt stlllou abankl tdeep te i'm gog to tlkwaightstp t thklep mgostaitoase. ve mhtutesgo iwas gh t u th her chec thiaie. out mes is u so tt i er echi autolid fo sond a t i halfo t fee tt raededid info a just 5lf tee tt rnuted. whin ch sai ts t est i ing t,ide utgoin whchai t to. an g hee'se innoth bizreo izit w so ch indiin ad so dech.morerisk w ao di aso dif cult tore sk rert afivix hou agoiflt th t it sre now vi did tk toxou cgod abht tha its eawie di tndo he c id,bha d'tet ea too coiden h ttd, d rarkae the o co en diff ence nd hw qcklyhis rka heter'goin ffce h qlys r'inay. >>that i crtaiy mo goo a ws. agai >> tat iituion caimoere oo
10:23 pm
. asbuai trk thtu wn'r stie ving havyind buh w andaterti stil --nghe hy in hsndreal dinder il do. th h win mst haval di die dowdo th incaus me wreav aeto b oairie ow d ha th us watelte aetruck oupr wh eas nhathheeluc:00 up howhs wen uldn geteoplon t 0 phe. it'sadeho e dnetpl t ph lan all. t' me oef is ergyille oth. ithiss mo fgyll wier stoed. th'soing ismo toave eneiy bondo wean be tenencougedby b thed ight fadecr we caouedhe ncou ged bht th crngd. no ise,weo lgerariseen toud bth wate noe,lrse t levs. te bua lev ofays ead. >> o covbuage lntins in mont. ofs d. oove inin mo. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ [ale nounr ] n'tust
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:51 pm
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