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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  February 17, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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reagan, a hoover and a taft. presidential descendants. i'm are ashleigh banfield, thanks for watching, everyone. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend" good to see you and here we go, again. more snow plablanketing the easn u.s. causing massive pileups. new details of oscar pistorius what his family is telling us about the super star. do you know who is turning 50? a look back at the man, the legend, michael jordan. it is sunday, february 17th. good morning to you.
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getting up early today. i'm christi paul in for randi kaye. i want to start with you in vatican city for a beginning and end of sorts here. pope benedict xvi is residing from st. peter's square right now. this is one of the last appearances he will make as pope. on the other end of the spectrum it is audition day for some of his successors. joining me now from rome cnn international correspondent ben wedemen. ben, i want to start with pope benedict. how will he spend his last 11 days now as pope? >> well, right now what we see is a much larger crowd that he's addressing in st. peter's square. numbers as high as 150,000 people on a normal sunday it wouldn't be even half that number. now, he's going to give this angelus prayers and address the
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faithful in a number of languages. right now in italian but also be speaking with them in english, polish, german. also today, however, he's going to go into a week of retreat for the period of lent and during that time he will be meeting in prayer and contemplation with many senior bishops and cardinals and, obviously, when that week comes to an end he will resume his normal activities, which include public audiences meeting with senior officials within the vatican and from without, as well. it is going to be a very busy last 1 1 days for benedict xvi before he steps down on the 28th of february at 8:00 p.m. rome time. >> ben, i know we heard a new pope is expected to place by the
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end of march, is there a lot of time to pass without having a pope and how do the college of cardinals start that whole process? >> according to vatican regulations, between the time that the papal seat is vacated, either through death or resignation, there is a 15-day period which allows the cardinals who will participate in the conclave to come to rome and sit for the conclave and elect a successor to the pope. in this case, what we're hearing, however, since unlike in previous instances the pope, actually, we know when he's going to leave his position. the senior vatican spokesman yesterday suggested that the conclave could be moved up a bit. we know that the cardinals do want to be done with the job of electing a new pope by palm sunday, which is the 23rd of march. and the vatican officials have said that they are confident there will be a new pope by
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easter, which is at the end of march. so, we may find that because of these pressures, that, in fact, the pope will be elected earlier than previously expected. christi? >> i know pope benedictine before he was pope helped put a lot of church leaders in place? does he have any hand in picking his successor, especially when you look at why it is he is stepping down? >> well, directly he will not because he will not be sitting in on that conclave. but it's important to remember the conclave is expected to include 117 cardinals. he has appointed 67 of those. the other 50 were appointed by his predecessor, pope john paul ii. so, directly, no, he will not have any input into the conclave, but, indirectly, because he had such an important role in appointing those cardinals, he will have some
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role to play, but not directly, as i said. christi? >> ben wedemen, thank you so much as we look at live pictures there from vatican tv. coming up in our 8:00 hour here, we'll take a closer look at the intrigue and the secrecy in the church, as well as hollywood's obsession with the vatican, you know, it's there. i want to talk to you about what's happening back here at home. a blinding whiteout in detroit. this is on a major freeway. no immediate reports of fatal y fatalities. 44 vehicles that collided saturday on interstate 75. listen it to this couple who was caught in the middle of that i-75 smash up. >> it was just like somebody suddenly threw a white sheet across the windshield and we couldn't see anything.
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>> you could hear all the cars banging. >> detroit is not the only place getting snow. here's meteorologist samantha mohr with more of our forecast. >> getting walloped of the snow off the northeast. moved on up into new england and dumping heavy snow and bringing in gusty winds as this low continues to deepen right off the coast of new england. travel on i-95 being discouraged today. winter storm watches in the blue and in the orange we have blizzard watches in place. winds here gusting up to 50 miles per hour today. we're talking heavy snow. not as much as we saw last weekend when we had the top ten record snowfall in boston, but definitely will be getting a good six inches or so throughout today as that snow continues to pile up here. this is not the only weather
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story. look at this cold air settling in across the deep south into florida. morning lows well below freezing here. and overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, the coldest night of the season so far, we're expecting to see that hard freeze continue. bad news for all of the crops in florida, especially that citrus crop and it's going to feel, just if you're out and about in southern florida as you head out the door this morning, we're talking wind chill factor in the 20s. so, a whole different change here as the cold mass settles in here across the eastern u.s. we'll be following this and let you know how it will affect your travel as you head through today. >> sam, thank you so much. i want to take you to washington now and the first draft of the president's immigration plan. the draft sent to several federal agencies includes an eight-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. also in there, increases in border security and an expansion
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of the e-verify system. now in the senate, the so-called group of eight are also working towards concrete legislation on immigration. a white house spokesman says the president's plan is a way forward if congress fails to act. marco rubio, meanwhile, is part of the gang of eight and he says the president's plan would be "dead on arrival." in congress. he released the statement yesterday saying president obama's leaked immigration proposal is disappointing to those of us working on a serious solution. he went on to say this legislation is half-baked and seriously flawed. he slammed the president's immigration plan, as you heard, gave the republican response to the state of the union and right now he's in the middle east visiting israel and jordan talking to leaders in both of those countries and president obama is scheduled to travel to israel next month. we're hearing from jesse jackson jr.'s family as they speak in support of the former congressman just a day after details of his plea bargain were
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made public. jackson admitted to misusing campaign funds for personal expenses such as a $43,000 watch and fur coats, apparently. his brother talked about how jackson is handling these recent events. >> still under a strict regimen with the doctors and he's had todite wito deal with his health issues, as well as the legal issues. we ask that you continue to be mindful that he's not able to speak for himself. >> jesse jackson jr. stepped aside to deal with his health problems. he could be sentenced to as many as five years in prison. let's go to los angeles now where some are showing support for cop killer christopher dorner. the group protested outside the police department yesterday what dorner did was wrong by killing four people and injuring others, they still believe his accusations of racism and unfair
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treatment by his former department. the protesters say police corruption needs to be addressed. >> i think there are a lot of honest policemen out there trying to serve the people. but it is just atrocious what mr. dorner did and we don't want it to happen, again. >> he died from a single bullet last week. oscar pistorius is in shock over the news of him killing his girlfriend. we'll bring you the news, stay close. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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well, he may be known for wearing number 23, but today it's all about the big 5-0 for his airness. michael jordan celebrating his 50th birthday. for you kids watching this is before there was lebron and kobe, michael jordan was wiping the floor with his competition in a chicago bulls uniform. the five-time nbc mvp won six championships. a quick look at the career of a man considered by many to be the greatest basketball player ever. >> i'd do anything to win. limits like fears are often just an illusion. >> puts the shot in the air, good! >> when the light comes on, i'm as competitive as anybody you know.
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♪ >> jordan to drive, hangs, fires! >> and the world's fastest man usain bolt is speaking out about oscar pistorius. pistorius accused of killing his girlfriend on valentine's day. here's what bolt told our rachel nichols. >> when i heard, who, as in the amputee, the guy who ran the 400 meter. i was asking all kind of questions because this can't be the same guy that i've seen and that i know. i can't really process it. i'm trying to process what's going on. as far as i'm concerned listening to the news and hear what's up and follow twitter and let's see what's going on because, for me, i'm still in shock. >> now, danica patrick turned
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the attention on to her personal li life. joe carter joining us now with this morning's bleacher report. >> for those of you out there who have not been keeping up with danica's personal life. she is dating ricky stenhouse jr. he's her competitor and happens to be five years younger. it is very juicy stuff. on top of that, danica in the off season has been criticized saying she's not ready for full-time nascar. she's more of a publicity stunt, a ratings grabber. yesterday danica patrick shut them all up by letting her driving do the talking. she clocked it in at 196 miles per hour. that puts her in great position today to become the firsz female to win the pole at the daytona 500. more of a curse than a blessing to be number one in college basketball.
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last night the top ranked team lost, again. number one duke had a chance in the final seconds to win the game. right here 2.8 seconds left. but the shot is no good. unranked maryland wins 83-81. in the last five weeks the top ranked team in college hoops has lost. this means only march madness is going to be total chaos. in my opinion, the best part of the nba all-star weekend. i love me some dunk contest. dunks over a painting that painting is of himself dunking. it is a painting that he painted himself and signed himself. sent it to ebay. terrence ross played for the toronto raptors. he would upstage the previous dunk. his former hero, vince carter, reverse jam off the backboard. terrence ross the 2013 dunk champion. for all your entertaining sports goes go to
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all-star coverage begins today at 7:00 p.m. eastern. the nba all-star game 300 combined points, no defense and a whole lot of dunking. >> who knew a basketball player was such a good artist. >> he brings a sketch pad on the road with him to sketch. >> i wonder what all of those would go for. thank you, joe. as a parent, this is disturbing. the idaho man accused of slapping a toddler on a delta flight has been charged with assault now. that's not the only trouble he's facing, though. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. shareable data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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an idaho man accused of slapping a crying toddler on a delta flight, can you imagine, and using a racial slur has been suspended from his job, we heard. joe rickly huntly and the company called the allegations disturbing and he is facing assault charges. the boy's mom said her son started to cry because of the altitude change upon descent. we all know how that goes. the slap, she said, only made him scream louder. you'll hear from her in the next hour, by the way. in atlanta students at morehouse college will have pretty special guest for commencement. president barack obama. the president will give the address in mid-may. now, the new president at morehouse has it in with the white house. he is a forcmer member of the
6:23 am
obama administration. pretty good connection to make it happen. if you want to own a piece of camelot, time to pull out your credit card. thousands of pieces of memorabilia will hit the auction block. like air force one bomber jacket and a birthday card signed by john jr. to his dad and a marked up itinerary for the slained president's trip to dallas. the items were found in the home of one of jfk's special assistants. let's move on to a modern day camlet. you might have different ideas of who that might be, we're talking about the jolie-pitts. movies, six kids, brad pitt and angelina jolie could add winemaker to their resume. editorial producer nadia belchick. why wine? >> they're now making wine. they're doing it with a renowned
6:24 am
french winemaker so the label is going to say jolie-pitt-parin. they've been to blending sessions and even involved in the very unique design of the bottle, as you can see. you may remember that brad pitt fancies himself as an amateur architect. interesting wine and interesting bottle. >> you say interesting wine. you can attach any name to it, but it has to be good wine to sell. so, what do we know about the quality of this? >> we know they started with a rosa and interestingly enough it used to be called pink floyd because he reported the wall on the estate where angelina and brad lived and have lived since 2008. 1,000-acre chateau estate in the wine district of france, which is conducive to growing grapes
6:25 am
organically. so, we know they're going to start off with that and then go to weitz and then eventually reds. >> boy, they're living the life. >> you may ask why. various reasons why celebrities will do this. tax rebates. maybe because they really love wine and their own use and very lucrati lucrative. >> many celebrities involved in wine. tell me. >> antonio banderas. >> that was a gem assignment. >> then we have fergie from the blacked eyed peas and kyle mack lachlan and lil' jon has a winery and, yes, he does. and nancy pelosi herself -- >> what? >> owns vineyards. >> so they don't put their names on all of it, obviously.
6:26 am
>> lil' jon, lil' jon winery, lil' jon wine. what about christi paul blanc. it has a nice ring to it. >> i'll take it nadia, thank you, good to see you. we'll tell you about another round of snow is headed to northeast. victims of super storm sandy say they're begging for money. we'll tell you what's going on. the patient, presented with
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good morning, washington. look at that gorgeous sunrise. who wouldn't want to get up today. if you know that is what you're going to expect, although chilly in washington, d.c. you could see some snow a little later today. we'll talk about the weather in just a minute. i just want to say good morning to you and thank you for spending some time with us this morning. a special welcome to our troops watching on the american forces network and we appreciate your service and the service that your family members give, as
6:31 am
well, as they wait for you to come home. i'm christi paul in for randi kaye. half past the hour and military fighter jets chased down two planes near the florida resort where president obama is staying. >> there's a little plane and two f-16s up in the air. >> the secret service and faa are looking into why a cessna 152 violated flight restrictions around noon. this was yesterday. five hours later, fighter jets accompanied a smaller two-seater aircraft to its destination. the president, by the way, taking r and r this weekend. he is taking the fairways while the first lady and their daughters hit the slopes in colorado. relatives of oscar pistorius are are strongly disputing prosecutors claim that he committed premeditated murder. the double amputee known as blade runner is charged with killing his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. he is in jail right now awaiting a tuesday bail. his client denies the allegation
6:32 am
and his uncle spoke yesterday to reporters. >> after consulting with our legal representatives, we deeply regret the allegations of premeditated murder. we have no doubt he is no substance for litigations and that the state's own case, including its own forensic evidence strongly refute any possibility of premeditated murder. or murder as such. >> a south african network, by the way, as you know is going ahead with rieeva steenkamp reality show. we'll look at that issue and tackling that issue at the top of the hour. we showed you video earlier of the havoc snow squalls caused on detroit roads. now the northeast is facing another round of severe weather and just a week after last
6:33 am
sunday's monster blizzard. want to go to cnn weather center and samantha mohr. new england is going to get socked, again, today. t t >> the timing much like last weekend and the wind like last week. we had lightning associated when this snow moved in through the carolinas and now heavy snow being dumped across new england and, once again, it's those winds that is really going to cause problems here. especially at the airports with delays and then traveling along i-95 with the blowing snow causing whiteout conditions. heavy snow in providence and in boston and eastern long island, as well. winter weather advisory in east hampton and all the way on up into boston where we could see around six inches of snowfall and those winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour and a blizzard warning, blizzard watch once you get on up into maine and places
6:34 am
like bangor and seeing whiteout conditions and make the wind chill factors feel like it's down in the single digits at times. check out the winds peaking later on this evening. up aroundmiles per hour at times. we know that will cause problems out there. a lot of the snow melted from last week. not the accumulating snow here but the wind causing the snow to blow around and really limiting that visibility. so, gusty winds expected with those gusts up to 50 miles per hour as we head throughout the afternoon and evening hours. current temperatures look like this. with those gusty winds, you know it is feeling a whole lot colder than this outside. good news is, in the northeast we'll see a little bit of a warm up once we get on into our tuesday. so, this episode will at least be short lived in retrospect, i think. >> i like that calling it an episode. north carolina under a winter
6:35 am
weather alert. how serious is it? >> in north carolina, the snow has ended now. now, i think a problem with the temperatures as we head in through the morning hours and then overnight tonight, too. some of the coldest air of the season has settled in across parts of the deep south. so, we're going to continue to be concerned with these very, very cold temperatures. look at this, a freeze warning in place across much of northern and central florida. we are concerned about the citrus crop, once again, christi. >> so good to see your smiling face today, sam, thank you. victims of super storm sandy say they are are begging banks to release insurance money and while they wait, some have had to use apparently their life savings to complete repairs. deb feyerick interviewed one of the families dealing with this right now. >> reporter: begging for money is not something catherine hall ever thought she would have to do. >> i had to run to the bank two fridays ago and begged them to give me a loan just so i could
6:36 am
pay my contractor. once he's finished doing this segment of the work, we have to stop because we don't have any more money. >> reporter: nearly four months since super storm sandy destroyed her home in island park, new york. she has been calling her mortgage banker almost every day. she's begging them to release insurance money so her and her family can rebuild and go home. >> we have a 4-year-old little boy who basically we spent his college fund. you know, the money we put by since his birth towards being able to send him to college later in life is what we've spent. it's gone. >> reporter: hall, who is originally from britain and her husband, bob, and 4-year-old son, nathan, have been living in a hotel since november. the halls are among more than 6,000 families still waiting for insurance money. new york's governor blamed unnecessary red tape and accused banks of failing to release $200 million worth of insurance. the problem is some lenders require proof the repair has
6:37 am
been made before they will reimburse for the cost of that repair. >> a lot of older people here that, you know, that just don't have any money and they're being told that, you know, do 30% of the work and then they'll get 30% of the work. get 50% of the work, you'll get 50% of the money. >> the reason that they do that, they're scared you're going to get the check and leave them, leave them with a property that's not sellable. you know, but we've invested a lot of money in this house. you know, it's our home. >> reporter: banks contacted by cnn including wells fargo, jpmorgan, citibank and bank of america tell cnn they've distributed more than 75% of all insurance money. the hall's mortgage lender, who they ask we did not name did not respond. >> we came here to live the american dream and now we're living the american nightmare because they're holding our money and we can't get it and it's not fair. it's not fair on anyone.
6:38 am
and everyone is in the same position. everybody. like i said to you, i don't know a single person who has had a dime. >> reporter: the waiting and uncertainty is taking a toll, as devastating as the storm itself. >> just feel for these people. cnn's deb feyerick with that report. if you'd like to get more report about sandy families fighting to get their money, go to new jersey firefighters are hoping to bring comfort to some of those victims, though. not just those affected by the super storm either, the firefighter union is collecting donations for the sandy ground project. the fund will help to build 26 playgrounds in areas devastated by superstorm sandy. that number 26 stand out to you? bet you know why. the number of victims killed in the school shooting at sandy hook elementary. the playgrounds will honor each victim killed in that tragedy. that's something, isn't it? listen up, ladies. you are about to get some relationship counseling.
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all right. ladies, right now we'll give you expert love advice from an unlikely couple. tireece gibson and the minister reverend run. now rev run one of the founding members of run dmc and tyrese gibson a model, actor, singer. susan hendricks talked to them
6:43 am
and asked about the book and what women should do when he just won't put a ring on it. >> well, we have this scenario that we talk about in the book. i think if the goal -- yeah, please start that. >> when you win a football game and it's all over the championship, it's over and you go home. when a woman gets a ring, the game just waits to get started. i can't wait to get that ring. that's not when it's over. that's when the whole game starts and then you have to make sure the marriage lasts before you're throwing the ring in his face and all that other crazy. >> then the flip of it is, i would say, if you're doing really well for yourself as a man, financially, we can give you a ring in three weeks, three months or three years. i think instead of putting the emphasis on the ring, you should pay more attention to the actions of the fiancee. the actions of the husband and say, does your actions represent that you're ready to really settle down and be committed or
6:44 am
are you just a man doing really well for yourself and you're able to buy rings for everybody. >> it's not just about the wedding, but the marriage and the work therefore. >> the ring becomes a validation thing that a lot of women have -- girl, he bought me a ring. >> they have songs out there. >> put a ring on it. that's cool. >> rev run, why write this book together? what inspired you to do it? >> i write these words of wisdom out in the morning and he was on the list and i didn't know him and he responded. >> some chapter about cheating and infidelity. >> do tell us. >> it was a words of wisdom and then i had a problem with some of the elements of that and i responded. so, i hit him up and he actually responded to it. i thought it was a mass e-mail and if you responded it wouldn't go to him. long story short, we had a 4 1/2
6:45 am
hour conversation and we argued and went back and forth and then he became my mentor. >> what did you want women to know about men? your inner deep secrets? >> the thing is, i have a 5-year-old daughter, he has a beautiful wife. i'm seeing somebody on and off, but, basically, we said we have to put our hearts on the pages and we have to say instead of us exchanging our wisdom and knowledge and insight on relationships how to make them work and fully function, we're going to put it out there. and we have a problem with what women don't know. for the things that you know and you figured out, beautiful. instead of us, with what we know sitting back and witnessing a woman get 15 heartbreaks shattered in the pieces before she finds the right man with this bold, uncomfortable truth in this book, we feel like we can get in front of 15 heart breaks before you find the right man. then we also put a powerful message in there. >> what was your favorite part about writing this book and the message you want to get across?
6:46 am
>> tyrese's old stories. running around and singing and all his antics and how he's cleaning it up. >> tyrese, what about you? >> he's calm, covering the tattoos a little bit. >> what i love about this man is that he's my mentor, my best friend and, more importantly, he's exposed me to how to treat a wife. he's been married for 19 years. he's shown me through his physical actions how to be a great father and that has done more for my spirit and my life than anything. that is the new blue print of my life and that's what manology is. >> it's a manual so ladies won't be manipulated. >> can't wait to read the book. >> that was a good one-liner to make you remember. hey, the oscars, controversial executions, lance armstrong deadlines. grab your calendars, i'm breaking down big events that you'll want on your radar. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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i know it's darn cold where you are this morning but spring is just about a month away. time to start thinking about your garden. i don't know if you knew, you don't need a yard to grow your own fruits and vegetables. you can do it on a porch or patio. author of "body confidence." let's talk about fruits first. is this really easy to grow indoors? >> well, the reality is that we need at least 12 servings of fruits or veggies a day and -- >> who gets that? >> that's not the easiest thing so make it fun anded a vench erous. you get the freshest, it's
6:51 am
economical and it's simple. you can simply get some seeds and get a pot and feed it with sunlight and water. >> anything in particular that grows better indoors than other fruits? >> the fruits that i love, you have blue berries, you have strawberries great for smoothies and yogurt. then you have lemon. people don't like to drink a lot of water and by adding lemon to your water allows you to keep doing it. these are simple to grow. >> what about vegetables? >> i love tomatoes and people love them for sauce and salads. you have tomatoes right there and peppers. >> are they easy to grow? >> they are. all of it, you can get something already made or do the seeds and make it an adventure with kids. >> i was going to say, if you got your kids, this is what we're hoping to do. if we get our kids involved in it, if they made it, maybe they'll eat it and feel invested. >> that's the biggest thing. you say you need to eat 12 a day and people don't do it because
6:52 am
they're not invested. today, hunter and i, my 8-year-old son, we're going to go get some of these things and we're going to live it and he's going to be invested in the process. >> we hope. what about herbs? >> you have oregano and parsley to spice up your meats and chives for potatoes. this is chives right here. put those on some baked potatoes. it allows you to enjoy your food and make you feel like you're part of the process. >> how easy to continue this process, though? does anything go dormant during certain seasons? >> as long as you have plant food, sunlight and water, they'll be consistent throughout and you can have fun. instead of building a whole garden, just find the ones that you can use consistently and you enjoy and start simple. my call to action for everyone right now is find one of these and make it happen and you'll see, it is going to be fun and then you'll keep expanding. that's how we create a culture of health in our society. >> it may help your bill, too. your grocery bill.
6:53 am
>> doesn't get better than that. >> thank you for being here. we appreciate it. you know it's called the annual oscar nominee luncheon. i don't know how many home grown fruits and vegetables they have all at that luncheon. but we were there. highlights from the ultimate hollywood celebration, coming up. [ laughing ] [ barking ] ♪ come on, boy! [ barks ] here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 am
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6:57 am
i know i am. tuesday all eyes on dell computer's q4 earnings report. this is a big deal since they announced they'd go private last week. also on tuesday, let's get to it here. warren lee hill a death row inmate who is declared mentally disabled. he will be executed in georgia. moving to wednesday, if lance armstrong has any hopes to get it reduced, he has until wednesday to speak underoath. also on wednesday ray nagin going to be arraigned. he is accused of money laundering, of fraud. accepting $200,000 in bribes. so, obviously, wednesday, thursday, friday or thursday, friday, saturday, not a lot going on yet, but you know it will fill up. lots of good stuff, though sunday to watch on tv. first the nascar daytona 500 kicks off in florida. later that night, the 85th academy awards in beverly hills. we want to make sure you knew
6:58 am
what was coming up and you can set your calendar accordingly. can't wait, say, maybe for another week for hollywood's biggest award show. i know that people want to see it, you're in luck because nischelle turner got the gem assignment. she got the chance to sit down with all the nominees for a special oscar look ahead. >> this is one of my favorite parts. >> the annual oscar nominee luncheon. >> today was the first day where it felt like, oh, this is really happening. >> a great excuse to get dolled up. >> i normally stay in my pajamas forever. >> and break bread -- or not. with the who's who at this year's academy awards. >> steven spielberg and say hello, it's ridiculous. >> no winners, no losers, just nominees. >> here's some of them now. >> for some the beloved tradition is a reminder of early
6:59 am
oscar memories. >> my father worked for price water house. when the accountants used to come on the oscars, we would go crazy. one year my dad saying, i had a meeting with this guy once. i just thought my dad was it. for me, this is something beyond the realms of imagination. >> reporter: for others the occasion validates years of sacrifice. >> just seemed like it was too hard to continue to struggle. i can't take this rejection any more. and then suddenly just as i made that decision i would get to the point where i bought my ticket home and then i'd get a call. >> reporter: it mixes the excitement of youth -- >> how did i get here? >> i am looking to all these legends and heroes. >> reporter: with the confidence of veterans. >> older and wiser. >> reporter: for the ultimate hollywood celebration. >> i saw ellen hunt and i was able to communicate how i loved her performance. >> i got to know sally field through this. >> just the


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