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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 20, 2013 2:00pm-4:00pm EST

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check this out. this pays $650,000 to gas it up. what's it for me. frederica whitfield back in the house, takes over from here. good to see you, fred. >> good to be back. good to see you. i'm frederica whitfield in for brooke baldwin. newvalentine's day murder in south africa. a bail hearing against the man known the world over as blade runner. prosecutors set the scene in the bathroom of the olympian's house. remember, oscar pistorius has admitted that he shot his model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp through the bathroom door. but, he says, he killed her by mistake thinking she was an intruder. blood stains on a cell phone and a cricket bat also were found in the bathroom. neighbors recall sounds of arguinging coming from their home before the shooting. a police investigator told the
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court two boxes of testosterone and needles were found at the scene. and new information has been revealed that pistorius once discharged a gun at a restaurant. but the police investigator agreed with the defense that steenkamp's body showed no other signs of assault and no evidence had been found to contradict mi pistorius' version of events. meanwhile, speaking outside the courthouse, pistorius' uncle had this to say about his nephew. >> he's not a violent person. he's a peacemaker. he's always been a peacemaker. and that's his nature. he looks tough and he looked like the superstar and hold himself in public domain, but he's actually a very, very kind, soft person. >> cnn's robyn curnow is covering the story from pretoria. i spoke with her just a short
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time ago. so, robyn, it's important to remember all of these new details are surfacing in a bail hearing. this is not a murder trial as yet. can you explain how the court system works had there, and what is in store for pistorius? >> reporter: well, this has been a bit of a trial within a trial, hasn't it? it's just a bail hearing, but we've been hearing all sorts of evidence from both sides. in fact, the state kind of laying their cards on the table. now that isn't surprising. that often happens here in south africa particularly with such a high profile and, of course, important case, premeditated murder, you know, is a very key and upon charge. so a lot of -- a lot to pull out and try to 0 defend that. in terms of the actual process, there might be a trial by the end of the year at the soonest, the south african court systems, there's backlogs, it's very slow. so they're going to try to hurry it up because it's obviously a high-profile case. you know, the wheels of justice turn very slowly here. in terms of prison conditions,
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if oscar pistorius doesn't get bail, i mean, if he's going to spend at least until the end of the year behind bars, and i can tell you something, i've been into south african prisons and they're not pleasant places to be. you talk about overcrowding. you talk about unsanitary conditions. you talk about all of that stuff, violence, gang cultures, but, more importantly, remember, he is disabled. he has, you know, no legs beneath his knees. he needs prosthetics to walk on. south african prison service doesn't have any special programs or any special priorities for disabled prisoners. unless he is given special treatment, he's going to be thrown into quite a crazy system. >> and so let's talk about one of the key arguments upcoming which may help pistorius is that steenkamp had locked 0 the toilet room door when she heard pistorius screaming for help. can you explain why this is relevant? explain the dangers that many people live with there in south
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africa. why pistorius and steenkamp may have been so afraid. >> reporter: you know, and i think oscar spoke about this yesterday in his statement. he talked about the fear and the paranoia you feel in the middle of the night. it's dark like this. and you just sort of start hearing noises in the night and there's a reason why you get scared in a place like this because the crime rate is very, very high. it's not unusual for people to wake up and find somebody,s you know, over their bed with a gun at their head. every south african -- i'm south african -- has some horror story. oscar said that he had been robbed before. his brother had been robbed before. so there is a sense of paranoia when you go to sleep in this country. you are fearful. now imagine if you don't have le legs, that you are that vulnerable, that you can't bounce out of bed and start defending yourself. so that, in a way, plays into the defense's argument that oscar was doubly vulnerable and doubly paranoid.
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the fact he shot four shots into a closed door is another argument entirely. in terms of the context of why she also, perhaps, locked that door, she might have heard oscar screaming, call the police, reeva, which is what he said he called out. she might have heard that and said, oh, lock the door. that is one line of argument. when you hear oscar tell it, it's a valid point under the circumstances by which we all live when it gets dark like this. >> thank you, robyn. it's a fascinating case. and bundle up, baby. a blanket of snow is expected over much of the u.s. a massive winter storm is expanding fast from california to the midwest. we're talking heavy snow, ice, freezing rain. all of that. the huge storm system may wal lop the southeast with violent thunderstorms, floods, hail, and possible tornadoes. and then on to california heavy snow already has left hundreds of drivers stranded on mountain highways. casey wian joins us.
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so, casey, isc california equipped to deal with this kind of snow? >> reporter: well, we've had most of the snow overnight, frederica. you can see behind me there's just pretty much a light dusting on those hills there, but it was a much different story overnight. behind me you can see interstate 15 and that is one of the main roads that connects los angeles. that highway was closed on and off because of heavy snow conditions. one of our affiliates showing one of the accidents that happened on the highway last night, one of the reasons why the california highway patrol had to shut down this interstate overnight. so far no fatalities. no serious injuries reported, but there were a lot of inconveniences. interstate 5, which is to the west of here, connects the southern california area with northernc california. there's a section there called the grapevine and that was closed early this morning
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because of very difficult, icy conditions. that stretch of the highway closes often. motorists were trying to avoid that anticipated closures, took another highway, about 100 cars there got stranded. so it was a very difficult night, but most of the storm has moved out of southern california and now to arizona, frederica. >> okay. so that means the folks preparing for the big academy awards, they don't have anything to worry about? >> reporter: i'm not a weather forecaster. i don't know what the rest of the week looks like but apparently not. >> okay. very good. well, we'll take that prediction. i'm sure they will, too. casey wian, thank you so much. appreciate that. our meteorologist chad myers will be joining us. chad, which states might be hit the worst? >> right now, like casey said, arizona, you are in it to win it. then in a new mexico, oklahoma, kans kansas, and even up into nebraska and as far north as wisconsin and michigan. so you said a lot of the country going to be covered up with s w
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snow. it is moving out of california. it is still going to be a cold prep for the academy awards, i'm afraid, here across parts of california as the slide, the moisture slides off to the east and eventually becomes a snow event here. already snowing in parts of oklahoma, but ice into springfield, missouri, and all of those areas right around springfield, significant ice accumulation. there will be snow in denver. there will be snow on i had-70, i-80, 35, from kansas city down to wichita. wichita, by morning you'll have 5 inches of snow on the ground and it will continue to snow until it's stacked up to about a foot team. farther to the southeast, this pink area here from tulsa and points eastward, that is where the ice accumulation could be an inch thick. i know growing up right there in omaha, ice is the worst thing possible to drive on. you can get some traction and snow, but when you get an inch of ice on the power lines bringing down power lines, bringing down trees, springfield, missouri, and the area right there from fayetteville on up to springfield could be a big mess in 48 hours. >> yeah. and it's terrible, that black
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ice, forget it. you cannot drive on it norwalk. it's a nightmare. chad myers, thanks so much. appreciate it. right now a quick look at other stories we're following. the white house will soon unveil an aggressive plan to help protect the u.s. from devastating cyber attacks. china will be a main focus. an american cyber security firm says it tracked a hacking network to hang high, and the chinese military. cnn reporters tried to investigate a building named as a home base for the hackers. police chased them away. take a look. >> keep driving. drive away. drive away. >> they're seriously running them down. china is denying any involvement in the recent attacks on american companies and institutions. and back in this country, former congressman jesse jackson jr. dabs his eyes with a handkerchief today as he pleaded guilty to using $750,000 of campaign money for personal
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expenses. among those purchases,s michael jackson memorabilia and a rolex watch. jackson is to be sentenced june 28th. his lawyer talked about the next step. >> the process that begins now is explaining that conduct to the audience that counts and that's obviously the sentencing judge. the way we're going to do it is not going to be on the courthouse steps. it's not going to be to oprah. no offense to oprah. we're going to do it as lawyers. >> jackson could get up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine. his wife is due in court later today and is expected to plead guilty to filing false tax returns. and the new pope could be known sooner than expected. pope wen dikt xvi is considering changing the rule. they should vote on a successor 15 to 20 days after.
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his last day will be february 28. and with fist bum ms and a full heart, robin roberts returning to "good morning america." the "gma" anchor was back on the air this morning, 74 days after leaving to have a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder. >> faith, family and friends have brought me to this moment, and i am so full of gratitude. there are so many people that i want to thank throughout the morning. >> roberts has an interview with the first lady, michelle obama, on her agenda, and she'll be on the red carpet for the oscars this sunday. welcome back, robin. we've missed you. all right, facebook founder mark zuckerberg and google co-fou co-founder are teaming up to help change the lives of 11 people today. they're set to announce a newfoundation that rewards research aimed at curing certain diseases and extending human life. the first 11 recipients will each receive $3 million. our ali velshi will talk with
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zuckerberg and sergey brin at 3:00 eastern time. and we have much more this hour including new developments in the jodi arias trial. the woman accused of stabbing and shooting her boyfriend to death is on the stand today. she says she does not remember stabbing him. and drivers caught in a real traffic jam becoming sitting ducks for robbers. it's all caught on tape. we'll have the story. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of succulent lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine lobster and lobster tacos. it's back, but not for long. [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream. what's yours? come celebrate lobsterfest and sea food differently.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. welcome back. the arizona woman who brutally killed an ex-boyfriend saw her alibi collapse and now claims self-defense. her name is jodi arias. she has just told a jury in phoenix, arizona, that she didn't remember stabbing travis alexander. she says she does remember shooting him by mistake and she just said she remembers holding a kitchen knife as travis lay dead. but she can't remember whether she used that knife against him. travis was stabbed 27 times, and the state says that's what killed him. the knife. again, jodi arias says she was
2:16 pm
acting in self-defense that day after a series of fights with travis, punctuated by steamy sex acts. she says the final fight began after she accidentally dropped his new camera, which the couple had just used to record their sex scenes. here's her gripping testimony just a short time ago in phoenix. >> so he's freaking out. i'm freaking out. i rolled, like i said, i rolled off to my left and began to run down the hallway and i could hear him following -- i could hear had his footsteps chasing me. >> were you scared when he was chasing you? >> yeah. i didn't want him to grab me again. >> what were you scared he would do? >> who knows? at that point he had already almost killed me. i remembered where he kept a gun, so i grabbed it. i jumped up on the shelf, kept it on the very top. i grabbed it and then i run out
2:17 pm
the other door as he was opening the door, and he ran, chasing me, and i turned around and pointed it at him so that he would stop chasing me. i pointed it at him with both of my hands. i thought that would stop him because if someone pointed a gun at me, i would stop. he kept running. like a linebacker, he got kind of low and grabbed my waist. before he did that, as he was lunging at me, the gun went off. i didn't mean to shoot him oregon anything. i didn't even think i was holding the trigger. i just was pointing it at him and i didn't even know that i shot him. it just went off and he was -- he lunged at me and we fell really hard against the tile toward the other wall. there is like a huge gap -- like i don't know if i blacked out or what. there's a huge gap, and the most clear memory that i have after that point is driving in the desert.
2:18 pm
but there are certain little things that have come back, like pictures in my mind that have come back since then. >> well, let me ask you it this. do you remember stabbing travis alexander? >> i have no memory of stabbing him. >> so jodi arias says she shot travis alexander by mistake but does not remember stabbing him, and that was the cause of death. examination is expected to start soon. and just moments ago, new information released on that deadly gas leak in kansas city. witnesses say the explosion was so powerful, it knocked the roof off a restaurant. more on what led to the blast next. created the luxury crossovr and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. there's a lot i had to do... watch my diet.
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a huge blast that took out an entire building in kansas city, missouri, has turned out to be deadly. mayor sly james says crews pulled the body from the rubble today that was once j.j.'s restaurant, which blew up yesterday evening. it's not clear if the body is that of a missing employee. about 50 minutes before the explosion firefighters responded to a call of gas odor. the mayor says it appears that a
2:22 pm
construction crew hit a natural gas line while digging, but investigators are still working on the case. at least 15 others were hurt. >> of those 15 patients that -- a total of 15 patients -- nine have been released and six remain at the hospital. three are in krcritical conditi, one in serious condition and two in stable condition. >> everything shook. you didn't just hear it, you felt it. you could really feel the shock wave from it. it was the most intense explosion i've ever heard or felt in my life. >> the mayor also said today he cannot be 100% certain if everyone who was in the restaurant has been accounted for. something of an inspiration here. when chad leathers watched painful tumors take over his brother drew's body, he took charge of the fight against a rare disease in a truly unusual
2:23 pm
way. here's dr. sanjay gupta with this week's "human factor. ". >> reporter: what would compel thousands of people to run a mile in their underwear in the middle of winter? they are raising money to help this man, drew leathers, and many others like him who suffer from neurofibrosis or nf, causes noncancerous tumors to grow in the body. drew grew up in the suburbs of atlanta. when he was 16, he was diagnosed with this rare disease. >> by senior year of high school, the pain was a daily experience for me. >> reporter: by the time he was 23, the tumors were so bad, he says, he was no longer able to walk. little was known about the illness are or how to treaty it. drew's struggle inspired his brother chad to do something drastic. he gave up a successful graphics company and joined the children's tumor foundation to raise money and awareness for nf. >> to see a life that you see so promising being stripped away, you know, the only thing to do is to reach out and do your best
2:24 pm
to try to find a solution, educate other people about it. >> reporter: four years ago the cupid's undy run was conceived. the first event held in d.c. raised approximately $10,000. now the event has gone international and race officials say more than $1.3 million will be raised this year. at 25, drew is benefiting from his brother's efforts. after being bedridden for years, he's in a clinical trial that uses a cancer drug to shrink those tumors. he has less pain, he's out of bed, drives a car, and he plans to go back to school next fall. >> the fact we have an option to stem the tide of that suffering in any way makes it the most important thing i could do in my life. >> reporter: and drew gives credit to his brother and their friends who are working to help him and others suffering from nf. >> through all of this, he's just been a stalwart. he's so strong, has had such faith, and it has been because of the community that's been around him.
2:25 pm
>> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. and you are probably saying there's no end in sight to the rising gas prices. everyone is feeling the pain when they fill up at the pump so what is driving the price spike? we find out next. and facebook founder mark zuckerberg and google co-founder sergey brin are teaming up to help change the lives of 11 people today. they're set to announce a new foundation it that rewards research aimed at curing certain diseaseses and extending human life. the first 11 recipients will receive $3 million. our ali velshi will talk with zuckerberg and brin about the foundation and the reward. you can see all of this at the top of the hour, 3:00 eastern.
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they call themselves coyotes and lie in wait ready to pounce on anyone stuck in traffic. and caught on tape they snatch and run robberies in lima, peru, take only seconds, as you see. police are now trying to crack down. l latin affairs editor is here. you have more examples of the traffic jams and what happens as a result. >> talk with about a crime of opportunity, when i first saw -- >> sitting ducks. >> the thing that caught my attention was the fact that they're so incredibly brazen. they wait for traffic to stop. and as soon as they see that, they go to the cars. they open locks. they try to snatch away purses, whatever they can, wallets in
2:29 pm
one case. >> it's not an issue of just having your windows up? >> no, no, no. they find a way to get into your car and they -- as soon as they get there, they do what they have to do to get your money to get your belongings and then they get away. again, this is in lima peru. it's not happening in the united states just in case people missed that fact. but it had been happening for about three months. police tell us since december, more are or less. they started surveillance work are in mid january and by the time they arrested these four suspects on monday, police say they had already stolen about $46,000 from people, so they were very prolific as well. >> was anyone getting hurt in the process or were they strictly out for the goods, the money, the jewelry? >> strict areally out for the goods. luckily nobody got killed. some people got a little bit hurt because they would beat people up in order to get their wallets or their money but that's really all they were after. as soon as they got the wallet,
2:30 pm
they ran away and they disappeared. >> you said arrested. is this part of a gang? are there more? >> part after gang. four arrested and they're looking for four more. this investigation is not over yet. >> oh, my goodness. well, i guess at this point nobody wants to be in the car in traffic. nothing of the sort in lima, peru. >> the good news is the gang has now been dismantled according to police so it seems to be over. >> good. phew. have you filled up your car la lately? wow, those gas prices are way up. the climb has been so fast and furious, as you can see in the chart from gas buddy here. so what is behind this sudden hi hike? allison kossic is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the rest of us worry. >> reporter: we worry about the gas prices here. they're spiking as well. no wonder we're seeing sticker
2:31 pm
shock. gas praises are up the most this month than they've been in 3 1/2 years, part of the reason is refineries are sort of going on this trend lately where they're switching over to the cleaner but more expensive summer blend of gasoline. in order to switch over, they have to shut down some of their refineries. that squeezes supply and causes the prices to go high er. plus you add on the fact oil prices are up about 10% over the past two months, that creates more pain at the pump. you know what the timing, frederica, it couldn't be worse. you remember the payroll tax holiday expires so americans are taking home less in their paychecks. frederica? >> so any hope on the horizon gas prices may be working their way down some time soon? >> reporter: aaa expects gas prices to sort of peak or reach a ceiling in the spring, so you are going to see them go a little higher. this is what the pattern has been where you're seeing this happen earlier and earlier in the year. look what's happened. gas reached its highest price of the year in about mid may of 2011 and then again in march,
2:32 pm
even earlier, march 2012. it could be even earlier this year. i have a bit of good news to leave you with, though. the highest price that gas will go this year won't be as high as last year. i'm talking about the national avera average. the national average was $3.94 last year. aaa is not expecting it to go any higher this year. frederica? >> still painful at the pump. thanks so much, alison kosik, appreciate it. up next, our daily hot topics debate including the rise and fall of olympic star oscar pistorius. even if he's acquitted of murder charges, can his reputation ever recover? plus, a mom hires strippers for her son's 16th birthday party. should she face legal charges? and no letup to the war of words between legendary record exec clive davis and kelly clarkson. we'll find out who started that feud. our panelists will be revealed next. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody...
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i'm fredricka whitfield in for brooke baldwin. the hot stories you'll be talking about at the dinner table. the biggest story in the world right now, a beautiful model shot dead by an owe llympian, b runner, oscar pistorius admits he killed reeva steenkamp. he says he thought it was an intruder hiding out in the bathroom. our hot topics panel today, lanny love, psychologist expert, dating, tom o'neill, editor at gold chris, national correspondent for "the national journal." good to see you as well. wendy walsh, expert at good to see all of you. >> hello. >> this is an incredible case. i mean, it really is riveting. everyone is at the edge of their seats no matter where you are or what corner of the world.
2:37 pm
i nknow it's very early. but what's plausible about this story, gang, of fear, self-defense, mistaken identity? chris, you first. >> you know, fredricka, what strikes me about the story is the hero worship that we have with our athletes and this eide he was such a good story, the script of the man who could run with no legs. none of the story about the gun obsession, with the violent outbreaks, the speedboat crashes, the violent behavior came out before this terrible incident and we've knocked, you know, this hero off his pedestal and it's about as american of a media story as you get, you know, big-time star, whether it's barry bonds are or lance armstrong. we see it over and over again. and it's about time, i think, we as the media start to lack at these guys and try to give you better portraits. because they're great on the field doesn't mean they're great off it. >> wendy, is that what this is about? does this put the microscope on athletes overall or people that
2:38 pm
are considered heroes or symbols are or role models that perhaps we don't expect that they can make them infallible. is that what this story helps reveal? >> and this is a lot bigger than just a mistake. >> it does help reveal we put these athletes, actors, musicians, politicians even on such pedestals and because of technology, of course, becomes an even taller pedestal where the entire globe looks and then for them what they have to do to try to stay on top of that pedestal, there are rumors now that there were testosterone and needles and steroid use in his home. i also would look at what are the personality types of the kind of people who seek this kind of fame. >> what do you mean? >> seek to win medals. seek to win politicians. are they narcissists who need to have the world looking at them? we want to look at are these the people we want to have as role models. >> really? so, lani, if we're talking about
2:39 pm
a case that's about murder but now we're also talking about whether an athlete or someone of greatness such as oscar pistorius has, i guess, some expectation that the world should worship him or her, i mean, is that fair or even that an athlete would have -- would be predisposed to aggression or anything like this. it doesn't seem right. >> well, i mean, the thing is that we know he's guilty. we're just trying to figure out how guilty is he. was it truly an accident or was it premeditated? the thing is what intruder robs and then runs to the bathroom? it does not sound right. we want to be on his side but this story is not adding up, and we need to figure out all the facts. i'm getting emotional with about this because a woman has died and supposedly from what we're hearing they were arguing before and then there were shots. we need to find out the true story. forget about all the -- he was handicapped and he was this
2:40 pm
great champion. we're trying to find 0 out what really happened in this situation. >> yeah, and i think everybody wants to know the details of the story. we only have dribbles and drabs of the facts, tom. but that is the way a murder investigation goes. i mean, it's only been a week. but we talk about the layout of perhaps the house, what we hear is there's a bathroom involved. he was in the bed. he didn't have his prosthetics on but then suddenly he did. a gun is fired. he thinks there was an intruder, you know, let's talk about naturally what someone might suspect would would happen. if you think there's an intruder, you might call out for that loved one who might be in the house 0. this whole story of fear and intrude he, mistaken identity, do you buy all this? >> well, the thing is -- >> absolutely not. and what makes this so preposterous is that the latest information that came out during the hearing this week is that if we buy his story, let's just follow it through, that he is startled by this intruder who
2:41 pm
then runs in the bathroom and he gets his gun and fearing for the life of his girlfriend there, you know, points his rage at the door of the bathroom to protect her, we just found out that the gun was under the bed on her side of the bed. so, in other words, he was -- he had to go around, if this is true, get the gun there, and he clearly saw that she wasn't there. so there's only one place she could be. and that's in the bathroom. >> okay. there's so much more to ask about this. we're going to be talking about it for days. we'll be talking about some other discussions later on with our panel. coming up next, a 16th birthday party quickly turning from celebration into a club scene when strippers arrive. what? now the mother who hired the entertainers faces legal problems of her own. that's coming up next. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
2:42 pm
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2:44 pm
getting in a fender-bender is never cheap. in one town they're especially costly. missouri city, texas. a houston suburb with a budget problem has decided to start charging a so-called crash tax next month. so if you get into a crash drivers would pay up to $2,000 for road service depending on how bad the wreck is. if you don't call for help, you will still get charged. the city is expect ed to gain a extra $50,000 a year thanks to this crash tax. let's bring back our panel, okay, and then let's divulge on this a little bit.
2:45 pm
fair, are tom? >> could you imagine if the government is not going to charge us for emergency services, what's going to happen when your house is burning and you're dialing 911 and then they say, well, we'll send out a truck but are you going to put this on mastercard or visa? this is crazy. >> insane. >> wendy, perhaps this is a sign of the times. there are a lot of cities that are cash strapped and trying to get creative about how do we raise some revenue and this is one measure. what's wrong with that? >> and lots of cities are getting crazy creative. here in los angeles selling pot on every block and taxing the heck out of it. no, this is a problem. it's encouraging people it to break the law. if there is a crash -- >> it is? >> where there is personal injury, you are supposed to call and report it. it's telling people, oh, don't report crimes. report personal injury. the law says that you have to report any car crash where there's personal injury. so you and the dude could meet each other and go, hey, just a broken arm, let me pay your dock are tore.
2:46 pm
we're good, let's leave. years later you could be the subject of major lawsuits and there's no police report to protect you. >> do you see missouri city as on to something that perhaps other cities might be inspired by this and say, well, we're going to give it a whirl, too? >> well, it's a sign of the times. cities need money. they need to have a dui tax, all these drunk people, especially l.a. they would make a whole bunch of money that kind of way. if you're going to do tax, do it for things like that. people crash all the time. if i crash, i am pushing my car all the way to my house. i'm not calling nobody. no, i'm not doing that. >> all right. let's talk about something else which really is going to inspire lots of discussion. so one mom is in a whole lot of trouble after being arrested for hiring strippers for her son's 16th birthday party. judy is charged with five counts of child endangerment after allege allegedly hiring two strippers to attend her son's party with five of his friends and the
2:47 pm
party, by the way, took place at a bowling alley where, according to the parents of five of the children the dancers actually performed there. so there were actually pictures that were made there, too, and the party was displayed on line by way of those pictures. that's when some of the parents complained to police saying she endangered their children's welfare. and reports of what happened actually stunned some of the bowling alley patrons as well. take a listen. >> you don't think you send your kid to a birthday party and they come home telling you there was a stripper there, that's for sure. >> i can't understand it. it's mind-boggling. >> it is mind-boggling. so, are chris, who is more culpable here, the parents or the bowling alley or both? >> i don't know if there's a 16-year-old boy in america who wouldn't love that for a birthday present, but if you're a parent, you have to know that, like, that's just not okay.
2:48 pm
o one, it's a public place. two, they're minors here. you know better. you can't serve minors alcohol. you also can't serve minors strippers. it's just common sense, and i think, you though, i don't know what the bowling alley knew or didn't know that was going on in a back room but this just seems like a lapse of common sense and, you know, the problem of trying to be that cool mom just really backfired on her. >> tom, wouldn't the bowling alley -- how could they not know? why is just the mom in trouble? >> i know. we're all letting everybody else off the hook. and i can't decide if this mom is the greatest mom in the world or the worst mom. >> come on. >> you guys, stop! let a mom talk. that is terrible! >> you know what, fredricka, i have to jump in. tom -- >> go ahead. >> i feel sorry for the strippers. to have to strip for 16-year-old boys, i feel sorry for them. that's -- how bad is the economy that you've got to take a job
2:49 pm
like that? 16-year-old boys are the worst customers in the world. they're laughing. they're throwing quarters at them. they don't appreciate it. >> wendy, we're laughing. it sounds funny. do you see this as kind of a serious big no-no, too? >> there are two points i need to make right now. one is this mom is obviously doing as she once did because she's 33 years old and has a 16-year-old which means she was pregnant at 16. okay, first thing. enough said. and the second thing is because our culture has become so highly sexualized and we're using sexy bodies to sell these kids pretty much any product and half of them are naked on facebook, nobody polices that, she sort of lost sight about where the laws are in our culture. and i think facebook should get on and taking the six packs and eight packs of 12-year-old boys off facebook and the little girls with the cleavage when they're 13 and the duck face, they have to go. >> words of which isdom by wend there. all right. tom, chris, lani, wendy, thank you so much. appreciate it. the verbal jabs continue to fly
2:50 pm
between legendary record exec clive davis and singer kelly clarkson. so what started that feud? we're going to tackle that topic as well. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age.
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it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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2:53 pm
singer kelly clarkson is in a war of words with legendary record exec clive davis after he published some scathing comments about her in his new memoir. now the pop star is speaking out and says she will not be bullied. ♪ since you've been gone ♪ i can breathe for the first time ♪ >> clarkson accuses davis of lying about her in a post on her twitter page. she denies getting hysterical, quote/unquote hysterical, in a fight over her hit "since you've been gone." she did cry in his office after he called her a horrible songwriter. davis responded today and sort of walked his comments back
2:54 pm
saying, in part, quote, i think kelly clarkson is a tremendous vocal talent. i am truly sorry that she has decided to take issue with what i know to be an accurate depiction of our time together. i stand by the chapter as written in my book, end quote. back with our panel. tom, you first. clarkson says she just had to respond. you have to give her props for standing her ground but, at the same time, ways to take on clive dav davis? >> oh, this fight has been going on for years all over the fact she wanted to write her own songs. she won that. now they're fighting about the song "since you've been gone." the bottom line is this, clive finally got his version out there with his book but, clive, you don't -- i'm talking to you, clive, right now. you don't get the last word anymore because you're not the emperor of music in this world of social media and divas. you are up against a diva and divas win today. >> okay. lani, is that true? no matter what? the song is a hit.
2:55 pm
she's a hit and so she probably is getting a whole lot of support for speaking her mind. >> this is what we call, fr fredricka, going in on somebody. kelly clarkson went in on clive davis. >> she struck. >> she did it respectfully. she did it respectfully. that's the way you do it and clive is probably getting his stories mixed up. he's probably talking about judy garland. who knows? >> so, wendy, do you see this as kind of, you know, i don't know, a publicity stunt to help spur some book sales? >> were you reading my mind, fredricka? >> i don't know. >> they're both winning here. she is reaffirming her status with her fans and he's selling some books, but i don't like that word hysterical. it still bugs me. a little sexist, don't you think? >> chris, how do you see this? >> i think kelly clarkson is winning here. she took on an 80-year-old man. he's a hall of fame in the rock of roll. nobody knows who he is. the kids don't know who he is today. >> come on, yes, they do. >> i don't know.
2:56 pm
>> clive davis? >> they look at you like, i don't know, but i've heard of kelly clarkson. >> alicia keys. >> we do. i'm not sure the kids do. >> interesting. >> he sounds like one of my uncles, fredricka. >> okay. all right. well, good talking to all of you all. loni love, wendy walsh, tom o'neill, chris, thanks very much. facebook founder mark zuckerberg and google co-founder sergey brin are teaming up to help change the lives of 11 people today. they're set to announce a new foundation. the first 11 recipients will each receive $3 million. ali velshi talks with zuckerberg and brin about the foundation and the award. you can see all of this at the top of the hour. h i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
2:57 pm
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3:00 pm
thanks so much for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield in for brooke baldwin. two men who changed the way we look up information and communicate with friends on line will join us. mark zuckerman and sergey brin will be joining us for a rare live interview. right now they're at an event launching a new foundation that rewards research aimed at certain diseases, curing certain diseaseses, and extending human life. our ali velshi. it's an exclusive and you only hear it and see it here on cnn. first here are some of the hottest stories of the day we're following for you. all right, just in to cnn, disgraced cyclist lance armstrong has once again decided not to cooperate with the u.s.
3:01 pm
anti-doping agency. usada. he faced a february 6 deadline to cooperate but received an extension until wednesday. today his lawyers issued this statement saying, quote, lance will not participate in usada's efforts to selectively conduct american prosecutions that only demonize selected individuals while failing to address the 95% of the sport over which usada has no jurisdiction, end quote. he had been asked to submit to a full debriefing about how he doped during competition and got away with it for years. olympic star oscar pistorius is spending another night in jail. no decision was made to grant him bail. the defense says pistorius shot her by accident thinking she was an intruder. an investigating officer told the court pistorius wasn't acting in self-defense when he shot through a bathroom door. he said investigators have found no evidence that is inconsistent with pistorius' story.
3:02 pm
and the stock market is pulling back one day after the dow jones industrial average reached a five-year high. right now the dow is down 75 points. 13,960. the s&p 500 and nasdaq are also down in this final hour before the closing bell on 0 wall street. and jesse jackson jr. dabbed his eyes were a handkerchief today as he used campaign money for personal expenses. among those was purchases michael jackson memorabilia and a rolex watch. his wife is due in court later on today and is expected to plead guilty to filing false tax returns. we'll have a live report from washington in just a few minutes. the new pope could be known sooner than expected. pope benedict xvi is considering a rule change to allow for a vote on his replacement before march 15th.
3:03 pm
that's the date set by church law which says cardinals should vote on a successor after a vacancy occurs. benedict's last day will be february 28. with fighting in syria showing no signs of easing, the u.s. is providing another $19 million in humanitarian assistance. the money will help provide emergency medical care. the u.n. says nearly 70,000 people have been killed since the assad government fwan a crackdown on the opposition two years ago. more on the story that has the whole world talking, blade runner oscar pistorius spending another night in prison. he is charged with the valentine's day murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he says it was an accident, that she was an intruder. police investigator says he doesn't believe miss miss waspit acting in self-defense but there is no evidence that is inconsistent with pistorius' story. speaking outside the courthouse
3:04 pm
pistorius' uncle had this to say about his nephew. >> he's not a violent person. he's a peacemaker. he's always been a peacemaker. he looks like a superstar and holds himself in public domain but he's actually a very, very kind, soft person. >> pu today shocking new details have been revealed as prosecutors make their case at a bail hearing. the latest from pretoria, south africa with robyn curnow. >> reporter: details on what prosecutors say happened valentine's day morning and counter charges from the defense according to prosecutors witnesses heard arguing coming from the pistorius home for an hour before the shooting. the defense saying the witness' house was about 1,000 featet aw.
3:05 pm
they say pistorius used a cricket bat to break down the bathroom door. that bat and a cell phone found splattered in blood using a diagram, the officers say he aimed his gun at the toilet, pointing out he had to turn and fire at an angle in order to hit the toilet. police say a witness heard a gunshot, then heard a female scream, then more gunshots. the defense say no females screamed. defense attorneys pressed the police officer who admitted that steenkamp's body had no sign of assault or defending herself. he could find noggin consistent with oscar pistorius' version of events. pistorius said he thought he was shooting at an intruder. prosecutors say police found bullets in a safe in the home. they say that will lead to charges of possessing illegal ammunition. but later the investigator said they did not establish whose ammunition it was. authorities say they also found two boxes of testosterone and needles which defense attorneys
3:06 pm
contend is actually herbal medicine. prosecutors say there's no way the killing of reeva steenkamp was self-defense, that pistorius knew his girlfriend was in the bathroom when he opened fire. they cited two previous incidents of police encounters with pistorius that suggest he could be prone to violence adding that since they consider pistorius a flight risk, he should be held without bail. and with that court was adjourned until tomorrow. robyn curnow, cnn, pretoria, south africa. and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and the wife of google co-founder sergey brin are joining forces on a mammoth new project. they are pouring millions of their own money into research that could save your life. they announced the breakthrough prize for health sciences. winners will get a cash reward more than twice as big as the nobel prize.
3:07 pm
i am in san francisco at ucsf and they just made this announcement of the break throuh prize in life sciences which, as you said is going to be bigger than the nobel prize. they have awarded the first batch but on an ongoing basis they will award these prizes and the goal is to cure and solve diseases, extend life. it's a life sciences award. as you said, i'm joined now by facebook founder mark zuckerberg and ann, who is not just the wife of sergey brin but is the founder of 23 and me which many of you will know because you can find out where you come from. it's a dna test that's accessible to all of us. both of you are investors. you are creators. you said in the announcement we need more heroes. you have both done things in markets where there were vacuums, that somebody else
3:08 pm
wasn't doing it. what's the vacuum here? there is a nobel prize. >> well, i just think that society has a lot of heroes for a lot of different things, but we don't have enough heroes who are scientists and research eer and engineers. and these people are just doing great work, the people who won these prizes today. and what we're trying to do is set up this institution and do what we can from the sidelines of that work to reward and recognize the amazing stuff that all these folks are doing to cure diseases and expand our understanding of humanity and m improve all these people's lives in different ways. we feel like if we can recognize that work, then it can inspire a lot more folks to do similar work as well. >> and, ann, when you announced the first round of winners, i have to say of them i probably could identify or recognize two or three of the things they're noted for doing. they are working on highly specific things. this isn't the 50 years later rewarding somebody for finding a cure to cancer. these are incremental improvements that are really changing people's lives? >> and i think that's a really
3:09 pm
important distinction about this prize and what we want to encourage, is that we want to encourage people to take risk, make major breakthroughs, and then be rewarded in the near term after that. so for some of these individuals, their discoveries were recent and they've done recent things that have been really significant. and we really want to get people in the life sciences to actually think big, take risk, and then recognize that there's a major reward that could come their way. >> in your own family, sergey carries a marker for parkinson's disease, his mother has that. that's one of the things you'd like to see some pro 0 degrees towards. what else are you looking at? >> so we're going to look across all of laf sciences, but we're specifically interested -- our family has been really motivated to make major breakthroughs in parkinson's disease and parkinson's is really interesting to me because sergey, my husband, does have this genetic marker that makes him high risk for parkinson's disease. so it's a clue and that's actually a really unusual situation where i think a lot of
3:10 pm
science is going to go. we're going to start to understand that people have something earlier, and we actually have the opportunity now to prevent it. and that's super exciting. and that's one of the things i really want to encourage is getting more and more people thinking about, wow, we could identify some of these people earlier and then we could prevent disease rather than potentially curing it. and my goal is to make anyone who is actually coming up with a therapy that you are taking to actually know who was that person who invented that? >> reward that and encourage others to go into it. your company that you founded 23 and me, that clue that many people can have, is the first step in average people taking a swab and finding out what their genetic heritage is. mark, so you've got -- you've got anne and you have sergey from google, you have art levinson from apple, chairman of apple. you've got -- you've got yuri milner on this group you that has financed a lot of companies you might think of as competitors. this is sort of the face of the new technology. you're not all people who
3:11 pm
normally work together, certainly in business. you're kind of competitors. >> yeah, i think all these companies actually work together a little bit more than people think, but the big thing here is that science and technology are very closely related. and when you're building these information technology companies, the market rewards you and you can make a lot of money, but a lot of these folks doing such extraordinary work in science don't have the same opportunity. and, because of that, i think it would just be a shame a lot of folks growing up trying to figure out what they want to go into, don't go into critical work because of that. if by having these prizes we give an innocecentive and can k of make some of these folks a little more well known as figures that some younger students want to grow up to be like then we're doing our job here. >> i have to ask you, i love what you do in 23 and me. but there are a lot of people suspicious of squen etics and all that information. google, i use it every day, but there are a lot of people who are suspicious.
3:12 pm
all sorts of information on there and you're a computer guy and just last week you talked about how a hacker got into facebo facebook. so we're in this world where we have all sorts of information. i thought you would be involved in giving out a prize to make sure information is all secure. tell my viewers watching right now about information and security and what they -- can you assure them that all of this stuff is safe? >> i mean, on facebook, all these companies spend a lot of time working on that. but it's obviously important for the health work and life sciences work as well. there's this mix between the genetics work to help understand what are the leading indicators for disease and then work on diseases like lots of forms of cancer to help solve those things once you have those leading indicators and a lot of these folks that we were awarding today are just doing work on both sides of that to do -- to really push the state-of-the-art forward on these things and improve a lot of people's lives around the world. >> i think there's two really
3:13 pm
interesting trends happening. there was a massive amount of genetic data generated and anyone can get access to their genetic data. you have these big databases and what's so exciting, if i was 12 or 13 right now, the potential discoveries you are going to be able to make in the next 10, 15, 20 years is phenomenal. >> you are not troubled by the fact all that data, some people fear that stuff. >> but i think if you can actually -- if i can point to you and say, look, you are going to be -- you are going to live to be 100 and you're going to be healthy, running around, traveling the world. if i can cure your disease or i can actually help you prevent these diseases, i think people are willing to take more of a risk to be part of the database and part of this community that will do something that's for good. so you don't worry when you go into safeway or a store and you actually use your discount card and you actual ly get the discounts because you know you're getting a discount, you are getting something for that. being part of this big community with genetic data and health information is going to help solve and prevent disease. and fundamentally i think that's
3:14 pm
what people want. there's nothing worse than walking into a hospital and seeing people sick and miserable and having a horrible treatment. and that is what this prize is going to be helping to fix. >> mark, sorry, we talked about how in 15 years every year will be adding a year to how long we can live. you just mentioned living to 100. that's fairly common now and we know that of kids born today many of them will live to be 100. how old -- how much can we extend life and how much should we extend life in your opinion? >> you are asking questions that are a bit above me, i think. >> i'm not sure a lot of people know your pay rate. >> the work that these folks are doing, they're each taking big risks and taking on these big projects. each of these is a step forward for humanity, right? these questions where we'll be in 10, 20 years, they're important but i can guarantee you that people who are sick or who might have these issues want the cures these folks are working on building.
3:15 pm
in order to get more of the best people and the smartest people who are going to school today to work on these problems to help cure these diseases, i really hope that the work we're doing here today can just be an institution. >> like the nobel prize or -- it's a thing. people talk about the breakthrough prize. somebody got awarded that, that's a big deal. >> this prize isn't really about the people who are winning it today. it's about the college and grad students who are in the lab trying to figure out what they should be researching. it's about younger kids who are still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. >> sergey had a similar experience to yours, did things in the college dorm room that became big businesses. >> yeah, but, let me add to that point. i will define success of this prize when i go to you and say tell me your favorite basketball player, tell me your favorite celebrity, tell me your favorite scientist. like that's awesome and that's success for this prize. >> let me ask you, mark, how does this work into -- i know
3:16 pm
it's not a commercial venture. how does this fit into a facebook world in five years or ten years when this thing is a really big deal? >> oh, it doesn't. there are things -- i focus on facebook because i think it's a good thing for the world, our mission of helping people connect and making the world more open and connected, but there are lots of things that would be awesome to see exist in the world that facebook isn't the right vehicle to work on those things through. it's awesome to be able to work with a lot of folks who are really smart and have been successful in other areas and draw on their experience to do things like this as well. >> while we're here live on cnn, any announcements you want to make about-face book? >> no. >> well, i guess that's it. do you know if sergey had any announcements he wanted to make about google? >> not that i know of. >> thanks to both of you. we hope this does end up being the institution that you hope it is and that in one day you'll be able to ask people along with their favorite sports star who their favorite scientist is. so thanks for doing this and thank you for joining us. fred, that's it for me in san
3:17 pm
francisco. a lot of people around here very, very excited about the idea there is real money going into the development of things we don't even know could cause us to be healthier and end up living long er. >> right. that's a lot and that is quite the endeavor. thanks for bringing that to us. appreciate it. jesse jackson jr. pleading guilty today. he was charged with using campaign funds to pay for lavish personal expenses. everything from expensive watches to fur coats. the once rising political star now faces possible prison time. we've got that for you next. in, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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3:20 pm
former congressman jesse jackson jr. pled guilty to using $750,000 of campaign money for personal expenses. among those purchases michael jackson memorabilia, bruce lee memorabilia, and children's furniture. lisa sylvester is tracking the story from washington. so, lisa, jackson could get up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. why does jackson's lawyer believe that he actually might get a reduced sentence? >> you know, his lawyers have come out and it they are essentially saying, look, this is a guy who has health issues. i mean, he has talked about having depression, bi-polar disease.
3:21 pm
but, boy oh, boy, that's going to have to be weighed against some of the things we are now learning from these court documents that just came out today. jesse jackson, he was essenti essentially using his campaign credit card like it was his own personal spending account, paying for everything from home appliances, restaurants, dry cleaning, fur coats, a $5,600 spa outing at the martha's vineyard holistic retreat. and then, as you mentioned, all of the memorabilia, and a lot of it, too. like $8,500 for two michael jackson hats and $4,000 for a michael jackson and eddie van halen guitar. now during the court proceeding jesse jackson jr., i can tell you i was in the courtroom but several times he looked back directly at his parents and during that key moment when the judge asked him how do you plead, he looked back at them, he dabbed his eyes and he said guilty, your honor. jackson also told the judge, quote, i used moneys that should have been for campaign purposes. he is pleading guilty.
3:22 pm
this is a felony. conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud and making false statements and could face up to five years in prison. as we said during a plea agreement with the prosecutors, they had agreed that perhaps a sentence maybe in the three to four-year range would be more appropriate because of these outstanding issues. >> now what about his wife? she, too, is facing some charges and will be mrpleaing? >> reporter: his wife filing false tax forms. she is going before a judge right now as we speak today. that proceeding is happening. she faces potentially three years in prison, fred. >> oh, boy. all right. lae is a sylvester, thanks so much for bringing that to us. appreciate it. all right. should teenagers be required to pass a drug test before they get their driver's licenses? a new proposal in west virginia says yes. a lot of parents aren't very happy about that.
3:23 pm
3:24 pm
3:25 pm
the donald is lashing out, the target, the man behind this
3:26 pm
petition calling from macy's department stores to drop the trump clothing line. right now the petitioner has collected more than e 685,000 signatures. if he doesn't stop his efforts, i'm quoting the letter now, we will have no choice but to commence a major multimillion dollar lawsuit against you, your organization, and co-conspirators, end quote. the attorney calls the petition, mop like bullying. and coercion. the defense attorney joey jackson is on the case. joey, good to see you. does trump have a case? >> well, listen, i have to be careful in speaking about this because i don't want to be sued and i don't want you to be sued either. >> are you wearing a trump tie? >> no. >> okay, just checking. >> ultimately what happens is there's something called interference of contractual relations and that's when a party intervenes.
3:27 pm
the problem here, fredricka, it's protected conduct. this person believes donald trump shouldn't have that line. he has expressive opinions. he's getting a petition together and remember that thing called the first amendment? it's protected. >> freedom of expression. he's speaking his mind. what's the matter with that? >> absolutely. >> but then how is it donald trump and his attorneys can say we're going to take issue with this and make it a legal matter? is. >> because what they're saying is that he's doing it in a malicious way, that he's attempting to impair his business relations, that is donald trump's relations, with macy's and he has no real lawful purpose. it's just something he's doing out of malice. you know and i know based upon reading and reviewing this case, however, that he really feels that donald trump is out of line, he's acted inappropriately and improperly. he's getting everyone involved, comparable to a boycott, to say don't buy those products. i believe this person is protected and well within their rights and doesn't have to worry about $25 million. and that's not legal advice, by the way. >> okay. >> disclaimer. >> very good. we have a response, by the way,
3:28 pm
from him. he told us that trump says his macy's line is doing well. so what damages could there be? is he driving home a real point there? >> well, what happens in these cases, fredricka, there's under the law a number of damages. one is an injunction. that means that, listen, stop doing this. the law and equity can tell this person to stop and the alternative is compensatory damages meaning if you impair my ability to make money for the amount of money i've lost, i'm going to get it from you. >> oh. >> and finally punitive damages and that says if you're malicious about it, the law punishes you, i see those as unlikely. i see any damages unlikely. if anything maybe there's an injunction which the court says stop it. i doubt it. i think he's protected in doing what he's doing. >> let's switch gears, so to speak. lawmaker in west virginia proposing teenagers get drug tested before being able to get a driver's license. can you do that? can you single out a certain populace and subject them to a
3:29 pm
test that nobody else would have to take? >> aha. therein lies the issue. we saw this happen in florida and michigan as it related to welfare recipients and the law requiring them to take a test prior, a drug test, before being given welfare and the courts didn't take so kindly to that. there were a number of legal battles and i think there will be legal battles here and the legal battle will really be predicated upon two things, f d fredricka. number one, you're invading people's privacy. we have a fourth amendment right to individual privacy and pr protection. and so when you force someone to take a test you're invading and stampeding on that privacy. the second issue is what's being called overbroad. it's not every teenager that may have an issue or that may consume any type of substance like this. and so why are you really looking in an overbroadway to make everybody accountable for the instances of a very few. >> so it sounds like you do not believe this drug testing will accelerate. >> it may. there will be legal challenges.
3:30 pm
you can be clear, of course it has to pass the hurdle of being passed into law. that's more political debate but when it does or if it does you'd better believe the aclu and other entities will be all over the privacy issue. >> all right, joey jackson, thanks so much. good to see you. appreciate it. coming up next, for days people staying at a hotel in downtown los angeles complained of something strange going on with the water. rooms were flooding, water pressure low. their complaints led to an investigation and you're not going to believe what they found. ó>ó>wuñoññz]m=iwiwiwí'÷'íw [ male announcer ] this is bob,
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and rarely may lead to death. you are likely to bruise more easily on xarelto®, and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. tell your doctors you are taking xarelto® before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit the pentagon is warning today of drastic civilian cutbacks under the automatic budget cuts set for march 1st. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is standing by with more on that story. what are they saying? >> well, you know, fredricka, we've been hearing for weeks about this fancy word around washington called sequester. what are we really talking about? layoffs at the pentagon,
3:34 pm
cutbacks in military spending, but it is the layoffs that are going to start if this budget cut problem is not solved, if congress cannot avert mandatory spending cuts. what the pentagon did is notify congress, are some 800,000 civilian workers are facing one day of furlough for the next 22 weeks. it is going to start hitting an awful lot of people right in the pocketbook. i want you to have a quick listen to one of the pentagon officials that explained some of the impact today. >> the effects of sequestration and the continuing resolution on our military personnel will be devastating. but on our civilians, it will be catastrophic. these critical members of our workforce, they work in our depots. they maintain and repair our tanks, our aircraft, our ships, they teach our kids. they care for our children. they provide medical treatment to all of our beneficiaries. they take care of our wounded
3:35 pm
warriors. >> so, there you have it, that's some of the impact, losing one day of pay every week for the next 22 weeks, and just think of this, there are 84,000 military children enrolled in dod schools around the world if their teach ers are furloughed one day a week with no resolution. these kids may not be able to complete a full accredited school year so the impact just keeps growing, fred. it's a very tough situation. but before i go, i want to say, welcome back. and we want to see baby pictures. >> thank you. i've got lots. i'll share. maybe not everyone wants to see them, but i'll send them to you. >> being 0. i'm looking forward to it. >> great to be back. appreciate it, barbara. all right, surveillance video of a canadian woman adds to the mystery around her death. this, take a look, is 21-year-old elisa.
3:36 pm
she peers out the doors, runs back in and presses several buttons. strange behavior. what happened afterwards is even more bizarre. several weeks after she was last seen, los angeles fire crews pulled her body from the hotel's water tank on the roof. so let's turn now to the hotel. very gruesome find. very perplexing mystery here. what more do we know about this case? >> reporter: well, let's start with the actual case itself. i can't call it murder because what the lapd is say iing is they're treating this as a suspicious death. they are not calling it a homicide. what they will tell us is that lamb, a resident of vancouver, c canada, came down here as a tourist. she arrived in los angeles on january 26th. on january 21st she went missing. she was last seen here at the cecil hotel. you saw the surveillance video. pictures that the lapd has sent out of her and then yesterday
3:37 pm
the maintenance worker responding to some concerns about some water problems at the hotel went and checked the rooftop's water tanks. there are four of them. when he looked in one of them, that's when he made the grausome discovery. the fire department investigators have been here. they did identify her through body markings. at this point the youautopsy is still being conducted, are fredricka. >> and so what kind of role to the hotel guests play in all of this? apparently they were very concerned about the water pressure and, you know, then once they learned why, did the hotel guests know about this? how were they enlightened, so to speak? >> well, some of them learned by watching the local news. >> reporter: you may notice that the front doors of this hotel are open. the hotel has not closed. it has stayed open. it is on a flush order, meaning that all the people who are here, they can only use it to flush the toilets. no showering, no washing your hands, definitely no drinking of the water. so we've spoken to some
3:38 pm
residents here who say that the h hotel has not been honest with them, not been forthcoming. and here is what one couple from the uk told us. >> the water did have a funny taste. >> it wasn't right. >> there was something wrong. the pressure in the water was terrible. the shower was awful. the water -- and when you turn the tap be on, the water was coming black first for two seconds and then it was going back to normal. in the uk we drink water from tap and it has a proper taste. the water here -- we never thought anything of it. >> we thought it was pollution. >> we thought it was the way it is here. >> reporter: so when they found out they said they felt absolutely sick to their stomachs. they feel psychologically twisted. they really feel quite disturbed about this. the hotel is having them sign waivers saying, yeah, you can stay here at the hotel, but it's not our fault if anything happens to you. we do want to add, fred, that we
3:39 pm
did call the department of public health. the public health department is thoroughly testing the water now. >> oh, my goodness. all right. kyung lah, a mysterious story. our reporter in shanghai went to a building, pinpointed in this hacking scanndal and wa literally chased down, as you see right there by chinese authorities. we'll tell you what happened next. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
3:40 pm
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3:42 pm
all right. new developments in the story of last week's nightmare cruise on the carnival "triumph." a lawsuit alleges, quote, carnival knew or should have known that the vessel "triumph" was like ly to egs perns mechanical issues because of prior problems, end quote. also, the suit alleges conditions on the ship create add severe risk of injury, illness and/or disease.
3:43 pm
the case was filed in florida. cnn is reaching out to carnival for a response. and the white house will soon unveil an aggressive plan to help protect the u.s. from devastating cyber attacks. china will be the main focus. an american cyber security firm says it tracked a hacking network to shanghai and the chinese military. cnn reporters tried to investigate a shanghai building named in the report as a home base for hackers. police chased them away, literally. take a look. >> keep driving. drive away. drive away. drive away. drive away! drive away. >> china is denying any involvement in the recent attacks -- hacks on american companies, that is, and institutions. john mccain called it. yesterday at the start of this town hall meeting he told these arizonians that he would entertain questions, comments, even insults. well, down rained the insults,
3:44 pm
most mostly on the topic of illegal immigration. as you'll see, the senator, well, he served up some thoughts of his own. one of the first suggestions, however, coming from that room with the u.s. army on the mexican border. >> why go down interest there and stop them? because the only thing that stops them, i'm afraid, is a gun. that's all that will stop them. and why didn't we do that? we wouldn't have the mess we are in today. thank you for listening to my question. >> because that, frankly, is not the kind of nation we are. >> three to five years, they don't know how to pay english, they work hard, no felonies, they take a test, a legal certified test and become american citizens. now the system did -- >> that's not the case, sir. you can say that. you can say that pigs fly, but it's not true. i'm in charge, you're not.
3:45 pm
and i can tell you that it's not going to be the case. >> you're taking away from the social security to give it to a dependent class of people. >> taking away from their social security? i see. >> as a police officer in the state of arizona, if you pay in 15% for 20 years, you get 50% of that amount of money that you were making for the rest of your life. right now when i retire -- >> this is an orwellian experience. you've had enough time. you've had enough time. go ahead, sir. >> you don't listen to us. that's the reason i'm like this. >> you know something, again, i've had town hall meetings for 30 years. people are happy that i have town hall meetings and i listen to them and get back to them and this is what it is all about. occasionally i get a jerk like you here. go ahead, ma'am. >> this is pretty intense here. >> yes, it is. that's what this is supposed to be. >> all right. john mccain there reiterating
3:46 pm
that sometimes it's supposed to be intense. so he welcomes it. all right, the verbal jabs continue to fly between legendary record exec clive davis and singer kelly clarkson. so what started this feud in the first place? we'll find out. dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (announcer) at scottrade, our cexactly how they want.t with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade.
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a palestinian director whose film is nominated for an oscar was detained on arrival at the los angeles airport. he says he and his family were
3:49 pm
grilled by officials at l.a.x. after their flight from turkey. he issued this statement saying, quote, immigration officials asked for proof that he was nominated for an academy award for the documentary "five broken cameras" and they told me that if i couldn't prove the reason for my visit, my wife, my son and i would be sent back to turkey on the same day, end quote. well, fellow documentary filmmaker michael moore giving a play-by-play of the ins tent on twitter, moore tweeted this saying, quote, apparently the immigration and customs officers couldn't understand how a palestinian could be an oscar nominee, emad texted me for help, end quote. emad said he was released after an hour and a half. kelly clarkson is in a war of words with legendary record exec clive davis. he published scathing comments about her in his new memoir. now the pop star is speaking out and says she won't be bullied. ♪ since you've been gone
3:50 pm
i can breathe for the first time ♪ >> clarkson accuses davis of lying about her in a post on her twitter page she denies getting, quote, hysterical hysterical in a fight over that hit "since you've been gone" but she says she did cry after he called her a horrible songwriter. davis responded with, i think kelly clarkson has decided to take issue what i know to be an accurate depiction of our time together. i stand by the chapter as written in my book. the white house correspondents' dinner has had some of the top funny men as hosts over the past several years, and funny women. we'll tell you who will be hosting the dinner inside the beltway next.
3:51 pm
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michelle obama's new official portrait was unveiled today at the white house. the picture was taken earlier this month in the green room of the white house. it features what the first lady has been calling her mid-life crisis bangs. but this time she's covered up her arms there, at least in one of them, which were permanently on display in mrs. obama's previous portrait from 2009. there you go. the before and the after.
3:54 pm
during his failed presidential bid, it's fair to say newt gingrich had some help from people worth plenty of money. but now gingrich is saying, keep the billionaires out of politics. the former speaker is lashing out in a column for the conservative site, human events. and he's naming names. politic political editor paul steinhauser is joining us. >> he was starting off with a major republican super pac called crossroads. he started up another super pac dedicated to helping republicans in a general election win in a primary which could be less conservative party groups. they are pushing back against rove. now newt gingrich is getting involved saying that rove is dead wrong.
3:55 pm
he says i'm unalterably opposed to a bunch of billionaires financing a boss to pick candidates in 50 states. >> okay. you know what, let's kind of, you know, turn a page a little bit. >> yeah. >> a lot of washington really looks forward to those correspondents' dinner, the white house correspondents' dinner and they look forward to find out who is going to be hosting. apparently you are going to lift the veil. who might be hosting? >> this is the biggest dinner in this town, no doubt about it. the hottest ticket. who is going to headline it? conan o'brien. this will be the second one for him because he did this dinner, he headlined it way back in 1995 when bill clinton was president. he's doing it again. jimmy kimmel was the headliner
3:56 pm
last year and seth myers two years ago. >> you have to come armed with a sense of humor. the president has a pretty good sense of humor. >> it is tradition for the president to say some jokes before the headliner. >> if only he can serve out some first. thanks so much. paul steinhauser, good to see you. a winter storm is here and chad myers is here to tell us about it, next. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok...
3:57 pm
little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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all right. brace yourself. a massive winter storm is taking on. what is going on, chad? >> it was making snow and rain in the mountains and now into arizona, making snow in tucson and now eventually tonight it will move into kansas, oklahoma, parts of nebraska and texas and eventually in the southeast five inches of snow in nebraska. winter storm warning. that is the plains and i know they get it but we've been calling it the triple threat. there's heavy snow on the north side, severe storms and flooding to the southeast and in between not even drawn in here is an ice storm for springfield, missouri. here's the snow t does snow in denver along the front range and it eventually moves out by tomorrow night into


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