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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 24, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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king umberto ii was the last king of italy. his reign was just over a month long. it ended in june 1946 after the republic was formed. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week, i will see you next week. 'd . hello i'm fredricka witfield, you're in the cnn news room. and they're off -- america's greatest race, the daytona 500 kicked off about an hour ago as scheduled. the historic start with female driver danica patrick at the head of the pack in pole position nearly upstaged by this harrowing collision on the same track less than 24 hours ago. at least 28 fans were injured when more than a dozen cars crashed on the final curve of the nationwide race. here's how one woman described what happened.
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>> there was a wreck and i got hit by an engine or a part of an engine and i got a broken leg. >> workers spent hours repairing the fence to insure today's race would go on. today was pope benedict xvi's last public prayer before he retires. thousands gathered in vatican city to hear him speak. the pontiff assured the crowd that although he's retiring, he isn't going to abandon the church, but will dedicate his time to prayer and meditation. now to a scandal surrounding the catholic church, italian media are reporting on allegations of a network of gay priests at the vatican. blackmailed by a network of male prostitutes. meanwhile, an american cardinal says he intends to help select the new pope despite a petition that he not be allowed to do so. the l.a. archdiocese relieved cardinal roger mahoney of public duties after it was revealed he plotted to conceal child
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molestation priests. meanwhile, four priests have accused of a scottish cardinal of inappropriate behavior. they have reported cardinal keith o'brien to the vatican. the cardinal has denied the allegations. hollywood's most celebrated actors are getting ready for the red carpet at the oscars, the 85th annual academy awards gets under way about five hours from now. this year could be one for the record books. we'll explain why in just a few moments, live from hollywood. and stay with us, for our red carpet special beginning at 6:00 eastern time. the far-reaching winter storm now dumping heavy snow across the central plains, denver has been slammed with several inches and is expected to get even more. and in the northeast, a messy weekend as well. this is what manchester new hampshire looks like. before it's all over, the winter storm could leave as much as ten inches of snow in some parts of new england.
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all right on to south africa now. the older brother of oscar pistorius has also been charged in a woman's death. carl pistorius is charged with culpable homicide after an accident involving a motorcycle in 2010. the charges were initially dropped, but he is now facing a trial at the end of march. prosecutors say carl pistorius had been driving recklessly at the time of the accident. coming up, we'll talk about how this could impact oscar pistorius's murder case. a suspect has been identified in the fatal shooting on the las vegas strip that left three dead. police are now looking for 26-year-old ammar harris. they believe he opened fire from a range rover thursday morning. killing rapper kenneth cherry, who was driving a maserati. cherry's maserati caught fire after colliding with a taxi. the taxi driver and a passenger died from the impact, cherry's
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father tells our affiliate, kvvu, his son was a good guy. >> there was no guns in my son's car. he was a victim just like any other victim, just being attempted to be carjacked or did something wrong. driving a car and a person got mad at them, they just was jealous of my son. >> police have impounded the range rover. they say ammar harris was driving. now, let's talk about what's going on in washington. the president and congress go back to work this week. and high on the agenda is those forced spending cuts. and this will have an impact on everyone. athena jones is in washington. athena, the deadline is friday, $85 billion in cuts in defense and other programs. how might everyday people be affected by the cuts, if they go true? >> reporter: the administration has been emphasizing the bad impacts, they say there will be less money for things like food safety inspections, border security. mental health programs. food aid for poor senior
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citizens. not to mention what will happen to your job. especially if you're a federal worker. transportation secretary ray lahood talked about this on state of the yoounion this morn, let's listen to that. >> we're going to look at everything we possibly can to get to where we need to be which is about 600 million in cuts. but we can't do it without also furloughing people. >> so you heard the word "furlough." that means asking people to stay home, requiring that people stay home from work so the governments can save on their pay. hundreds of thousands of government employees could be forced to stay home. and secretary lahood said that could affect things like air travel. it could mean you have longer lines at security or have delays when you're trying to catch your flights. now there's been a lot of back-and-forth as you can match with both sides pointing the finger about who's to blame. if these forced spending cuts go through. whether the blame should be shared. here's what senator john mccain had to say this morning also on "state of the union."
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let's listen. >> i won't put all the blame on the president of the united states. but the president leads, the president should be calling us over somewhere, camp david, the white house. somewhere and us sitting down and trying to avert these cuts. >> so there you heard it from senator mccain. he wants to see more leadership out of the white house, fred? >> thank you so much, athena jones at the white house, appreciate it. more now on what's taking place in rome as the pope blessed thousands of catholics in the vatican for the last time. there have been questions raised on why he's resigning. although he says it's because of old age. so the italian publications speculate it could be because allegations of a network of gay priests at the vatican. blackmailed by a network of male prostitutes. cnn international anchor, becky anderson, joining us live now from rome with more. becky, an emotional moment for catholics, for the pope. but all under this cloud of suspicion as well, right?
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>>. >> reporter: here in italy, storm clouds over vatican city, which is just behind me here. the spiritual and government seat of the roman catholic church. 1.3 billion catholics around the world. today, the pope, pope benedict xvi taking mass, it was his last public blessing. in st. peter's square for the tens of thousands who were gathered. but really the italian media absolutely abuzz with these allegations that a network of gay clerics may have made themselves vulnerable to blackmail, by male prostitutes. let me just tell you, fredricka, what the vatican has said. they've been very quick to rubbish these, ha they call rumors saying, and i quote, it's deplorable that as the time for the roman catholic church to elect a new pope approaches, they are talking of course about
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the conclave which will be mid march sometime. after the pope has resigned. a rash of they say often invented, unverifiable or completely false news stories have appeared. the very big question here is simply this -- why did the pope sensationally resign when he did? that was of course, february the 11th last monday. had he heard these reports earlier? some people saying here in italy, at least it's alleged that the pope received a report about what we are discussing here back in december and made his decision to resign back then. and now of course, a new series of reports out of the british media suggestions that the top british cardinal and the only man eligible to vote in conclave is reported to have conducted inappropriate behavior with people dating back to the 1980s.
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these reports from four priests, three current priests and one former priest. he was supposed to be at mass today in scotland, he wasn't there, he says he's seeking legal advice. and the vatican has said that they are aware of these reports. about keith o'brien. fredricka? >> becky anderson, thanks so much from rome and we'll have more on how this report might influence a conclave later on today in the 4:00 p.m. eastern hour. meantime back to the pistorius family. well it certainly has its hands fup. one famous son charged with premeditated murder. his older brother facing a homicide trial. straight ahead, we'll go to south africa for the latest. and another athlete everyone wants to talk to, manti te'o has gotten grilled at the nfl combine. hear what he had to say about -- that humiliating internet hoax. r education is where it can take you.
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you know, it's only going to make me stronger and it definitely has. >> all right, te'o trying to have a sense of humor about, he was in indianapolis for an nfl scouting conference. he is pped to be drafted by the league in april. olympian oscar pistorius is not the only member of his family in trouble with the law. his brother carl is facing a culpable homicide charge for the death of a motorcyclist in 2010. i spoke to third-degree executive producer and host which is a show in south africa. deborah patta. "third-degree" is broadcast on the south african independent television station. i asked her why both brothers are in trouble at the same time. >> it throws the spotlight on his family.
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were they dark tendencies within the family as a whole. i mean here is this brother who is charged with culpable homicide as a result police are saying of reckless driving. we don't know if there was alcohol involved. i think perhaps the media wouldn't have paid much attention. clearly this hadn't been a huge issue in south africa until the spotlight was cast so sharply and profoundly on his brother, oscar pistorius and now everyone hungry for information all of these dark things come out. anything is available for scrutiny. and perhaps it would have just been one of those sad things about a family member. and not really taken that seriously. i think that's been part of the problem. with this entire case. >> did oscar pistorius become sort of a symbol of the triumph of south africa and now in another way, is also symbolizing a lot of what south africa
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perhaps doesn't want showcased? >> it's a shakespearean tragedy in every since of the world, fredricka. this is the story we like to think of ourselves. we like to think of the nation that endures against all odds, we're the miracle nation. nelson mandala's rainbow nation. we this incredible election in 1994. there was no violence, people went to the polls peacefully. after years of oppression and racism in this country. so oscar pistorius on another level added weight to that narrative. that's the story we like to tell of ourselves and now this fallen hero as you quite correctly say tells a very different story. one of a hero who has this dark, ugly side. it's thrown a terrible spotlight on the state of our police services. we had the murray conner massacre last year in which 34 miners were gunned down. big in the question, are our
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police trigger-happy. now we seed the lead investigator on the pistorius case charged with seven counts of attempted murder. shooting at a taxi two years ago and now oscar pistorius himself regardless of whether it's a premeditated murder, or an accident, either way, it doesn't say something particularly good about this country. >> and also, casting a spotlight on crime. by way of oscar pistorius talking about his feeling of vulnerability. the paranoia that comes with the kind of crime rate that sweeps the nation of south africa as well, right? >> absolutely. this paranoia, this crime-ridden country. where oscar pistorius, his words, he's saying that he felt vulnerable at the point that he shot, he didn't have his legs on, according to his testimony. so therefore he would fire so recklessly into a toilet with not even warning shots given out. now of course a court is going
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to have to decide that was true or not. but i guess for many south africans, it is in the realm of possibility. that yes, you could mistake someone for an intruder. because that's actually happened before in this country. in fact even with other sports stars, with they've mistaken somebody for an intruder. so i guess it wasn't an argument that was outside the probability in this country. there's a lot of holes that the defense has shown. and if it is premeditated murder, then that needs to play against that background of obscene levels of violence against women in this country. five times the global average. >> what do you believe as it pertains to the oscar pistorius case, watch "ac 360" a special, blade runner, murder or mistake. tonight at 9:00 p.m. and hollywood is buzzing, ahead of tonight's academy awards. coming up, we'll hear all about the scene on the red carpet at the dobly theater and an industry insider gives us the lowdown tonight. and later, mc hammer heads to
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winning an oscar remains a pinnacle of achievement for anyone in the movie business and this year's nominees are just hours away from learning if they will win oscar gold. nichelle turner joins us from the red carpet for a preview, it's not too early to be on the red carpet. this is a long affair. >> oh no. honey, we've been partying here for few hours. i'm late to the party. at 11:00 this morning here in hollywood. you asked about people already here. look over here, i'll show you this red carpet number one is 1500 feet long, 33 feet wide and
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this afternoon, all of the a-list celebrities will be stopping at all of these different ports. all of the different reporters are doing right now to their respective stations. letting everybody know what's going to be happening tonight on the show. giving them a little bit of preview. setting the scene for them. i want to ghif you a preview of one of the tightest races and one of the races that everybody is paying attention to, best picture. now at the beginning of awards season. we came in, we thought lincoln would be a shoe-in to win the best picture but then this little movie named "argo" started cleaning up. the director of the movie, ben affleck was not nominated for a best director nomination. some people think throughout the awards season there have been a lot of makeup awards. but people shouldn't forget, fred, that "argo" is just that good. it's a great movie, in my top three this year. so we'll have to see what happens tonight. >> and not to undermine the
2:23 pm
value, if "argo" is to win, it's not winning, or if it wince, it won't have won simply because it wasn't nominated. >> no, it will win because it was a great movie. by the way, there's a lot of firsts here at the academy awards. in the best actress race, one of my favorite little nuggets, the oldest actress ever nominated, emanuel rivet and the youngest actress ever nominated. quvenzhane russell for "beasts of the southern wild." >> nichelle turner, thanks so much. you're in good company there. because we also have somebody who has worked this oscar frenzy for like ten years now. he knows what it's all about. and there's a lot to the oscars. it's not just the award but all the huge lead-up.
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we get some insight now from martin grove. he's a movie analyst with and has attended these oscars for many, many years, you know it inside out. give me an idea. this is a lot of fun, but there's an awful lot of anxiety involved. especially if you are a nominee. kind of exhausting, isn't it? >> fredricka, of course, because you know even though everybody thinks they know what's going to happen with oscar, you never really kn really know we're talking argo and it's won all the big awards to date. but what if academy members just can't embrace it? they don't want to vote the way everybody else voted? who would win then? i don't think "lincoln" wins the election. i think "life of pi" becomes the alternative. 11 nominations for "life of pi," i believe "argo" is going to win. >> do you think "argo" is going to win because of the
2:25 pm
precedents? it swept s.a.g., it swept the golden globes and the academy will feel that kind of pressure? >> well, yes, you see the academy will see that it's won all of these other awards. on the other hand, they sometimes rebel with the notion that they're following and not leading. this film has won everything. the critics choice, the producer's guild, the screen actor's guild, the director's guild, and saturday night in france it won the caesar as the best foreign film. >> okay. all right. well we're out of time. martin grove, thanks so much. we'll all be watching this evening. appreciate your insight and expertise. good to see you. >> pleasure. >> stay with cnn tonight for the movies, the stars and who is wearing what. hollywood's biggest night, piers morgan will be on the red carpet with a special, the road to gold. that's tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern.
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a look at what's trending-on-line. you know how you have the oscars that celebrate the best. you've got the razzies which kind of outlines the worst. and so what was the worst film according to the razzy awards? the "twilight" saga, "breaking dawn part 2." and the cast took a beating,


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