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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 5, 2013 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> cnn. >> the moose is pregnant. >> you know, my grandma watches this show. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. happening now in the "newsroom," steroids and suspensions. a possible blockbuster move by major league baseball. >> i'm not answering any further questions regarding the whole situation. >> big names on the list? ryan braun, a-rod, 18 other players and the possible use of performance-enhancing drugs. >> we all hoped we had kind of got through it. >> it could be the largest wave of suspensions in sport history. we're at the miami clinic swirling at the center of the steroid storm. fire threat on four-wheel drive. jeep defying the government request to recall hundreds of thousands of cars, saying they
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are safe. >> chrysler contends their gas tanks on these vehicles were built according to government safety standards. >> why are some advocates saying jeep grand cherokees are 20 times more likely to catch fire? plus, a billboard bust. the woman miguel kicked in the head during a show may now have brain damage. this morning, she is awaiting a doctor's report will miguel be sued? and delivery by drone? domino's taking to the sky with your pie. we're live in the cnn newsroom. and good morning to you. and thank you so much for being with me, we'll get to the bombshell in baseball in just a
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minu minute. but first, late breaking news from the white house. tom donilon is resigning as national security adviser, guess who is taking his place? susan rice. jake tapper joins me now. wow. surprised by this? >> no, not at all. susan rice has remained a close friend of president obama's. someone he trusts, and the way he handled it, the withdraw of her name for secretary of state, really rose her stock at the white house. people at the white house with whom i spoke at the time were impressed that she took her name out of consideration it seemed like the stars were aligning for john kerry anyway. she handled herself in the view of white house officials can
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class and dignity. it doesn't surprise me they would name this position, which doesn't require senate nomination, we should underline, for her. the president relies on her, trusts her and this is a reward for being a good soldier in many ways. >> not exactly in the spirit of bipartisanship. many republicans think susan rice lied about the talking point on benghazi and now she's being rewarded. >> she repeated what was on the talking points, that's true, and the talking points were inaccurate, but the question is, how much of a role did she play in that? you look at the e-mails that we report the on several weeks ago, about those talking points, there are a lot of questions about the role played by the state department and the cia, the white house, et cetera, and yet if you look at the u.n. role in this, what dr. susan rice, the ambassador to the u.n., she and her staff come on at the enand say can we use these talking point for the sunday
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shows? and, remember, because people like tom donilon and hillary clinton did not want to go on the sunday shows that sunday after the attacks at the compound in benghazi, and i was substituting for george stephanopoulos, so i was hosting one of those five sunday shows, donilon and hillary did not want to do the sunday shows, and susan rice raised their hands, and ultimately the u.n. ambassador has very little to do with deciding any controversies in benghazi, especially in my view, why there was so little security there. but, yes, ultimately, she's being rewarded for being a good soldier, no question. >> jake tapper, i know you will talk more about this later this afternoon. thank you for joining thus morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. to the bombshell in the baseball world. performance-enhancing drugs have a long and documented history in our national pastime. this morning, a new and
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potentially explosive chapter being written. some of bauble's biggest stars, players michael exrodriguez and ryan braun, facing a massive doping schedule. some 20 baseball players in all supposedly have ties to a south florida anti aging clinic. espn says the man who ran it all is about to start talking and he could blow the lid off what is reportedly the worst drug abuse case in baseball history. rachel nichols in miami, miles away from the clinic. success pennings could be up to 100 games, double the usually amount. >> yeah this is something that could be the largest drug scandal in u.s. sports history. could be is the key part of that phrase. just because major league baseball is seeking these suspensions doesn't mean they will happen. but it is a huge, huge step that the founder of this clinic has decided to work with them, come forward, tell them what he
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knows, the key is going to be how much proof he can provide, whether this turns into a he said/he said situation or whether he really has some more of the records, receipts, phone records, maybe even dna evidence, that can back this up. major league baseball scheduled to meet with him by the end of the week, but the big hurdle cleared for them, he finally agreed to participate in the investigation. and what it could mean for players involved, what it could mean for the sport of baseball, is huge. yankee skipper joe gerrardi addressed that just last night. >> i think we all had hoped we had kind of got through it. but obviously, we're not through it yet. >> you know what i worry about? baseball being affected as a game, the whole thing and what it's been through in the last 15 years, and that's my concern. but i always worry about my players, always. because i think, you know, one
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thing you never want to forget. thee are human beings. >> reporter: this is a huge impact. not just on baseball and baseball fans and players, but, really when you look at sports, such a huge part of american culture, number one rated tv show every year is the super bowl. we like to think sports are a fun release. we don't like to think at the highest levels of the game it's being rigged that people are cheating and just parents out there, you don't have to be a baseball fan, but you can be toting your kids at soccer practice and swim meets and little league, and if your child is getting the message to get the college scholarship, to compete at the highest levels, you have to take drugs that could hurt your body, that's a huge concern. >> you think baseball would have taken care of this problem. it's been working to take care of the problem supposedly, but nothing seems to matter. >> yeah, you know, baseball got criticized for a long time for being behind on this issue. they've certainly taken steps,
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not only to catch up, but put some of the strongest policies in place in american sports leagues and spent more than a million dollars on this investigation. teams of people here in miami, trying to track the founder of this clinic down, get him to cooperate so they definitely have taken a more aggressive stance, it will be interesting to see what the fallout will be, once they meet with him, decide what they can move forward on in terms of issuing suspensions. it won't be some big public thing. major league baseball doesn't do it that way, they will notify players in private and they will have a chance to appeal. if they appeal that will be in private and it could take months. don't expect to see ryan braun pulled off the field in the next couple of days, if the suspension is issued, it will be in a couple of weeks, privately and a chance to appeal. he certainly will. we may not hear much about this for months. but major league baseball aggressive in taking action,
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we'll see what happens. >> rachel nichols, thank you. let's talk more about a-rod. joe carter here to talk about that. a-rod has been hurt, hasn't played yet, he's on a contract that the yankees want to dump. what does this mean for him? >> this is the highest paid player for major league baseball. the biggest player on this sport's biggest team. for him -- for major league baseball, to say they've got a guy that's going to bring them the closest they have ever come to the needle, if you will, damaging for alex rodriguez, ryan braun, and 18 other players, look at baseball as a whole, and related to alex rodriguez, back in the late '90s to early 2000s, baseball steps in, cleans up the sport and ten years later, back again. like getting punched in the eye, heals, and then getting punched in the eye again.
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baseball carries a huge black eye. the marquee player, the greatest player ever, six, seven years ago, he was on pace to beat the man and came forward and said he did steroids -- not steroids, performance-enhancing drugs. and when there is smoke, there is fire if tony bosch can bringford tbrin forward the evidence, i think that alex rodriguez' contract comes to an end. chrysler refuses to recall 3 million jeeps because of a fire risk, despite accidents like the one are you seeing now, a fiery crash on houston highway. this belongs to a jeep cherokee. the fire started when the car was hit from behind and then burst into flames. the driver died. and he is now one of the more than 50 people who die after jeeps caught on fire following a rear encollision.
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business anchor christine romans in new york with more on the jeep recall. christine, why is chrysler refusing to recall these vehicles? >> chrysler does not agree with the u.s. government that this gas tank is a problem. they think the design of the gas tank behind the rear axle is a commonly accepted design and chrysler says almost all of the fatal accidents were the result of a high-speed accident, for example, like a tractor-trailer going 65 miles an hour, slamming into a stationary cherokee. it's the accident that causes the problem, not the fuel tank. chrysler in a statement says initial conclusions are based on inclusive analysis of under lying data. and we are committed to working with the agency to resolve this disagreement. hundreds of fires have occurred, and there is a push for a recall of these vehicles. chrysler says numbers are overstated. the vehicles in question, 1993
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to 2004 jeep cherokees, 2002 to 2007 liberties. no estimate from chrysler on what a recall would cost. likely $3 million to deal with problems. toyota lost its title as number one automaker after its big recall. this is a very big rebuff of the american government, quite frankly and of regulators in the country by chrysler. very rare for a car company not to be able to negotiate with the government and figure out a way to get this done quickly and get it done to the benefit of government. auto drivers and automaker itself, carol. >> christine romans reports from new york. she may be more popular than her husband, but she is not impervious to hecklers. she was reading prepared remarks last night when she was heckled.
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>> we have an obligation to stand up for those kids, and i don't care what you believe in. wait, wait. one of the things that i don't do well is this. one of the things -- >> according to the pool report, mrs. obama approached the heckler and said, listen to me or you can take the mike, but i'm leaving, you all decide. have you one choice. the heckler was from a gay rights group. escorted out of the building. mrs. obama stayed. just ahead in "the newsroom," the swollen missouri river has busted through another levee. hundreds of people now evacuating. ♪
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time to check top tore stories. mississippi governor in the middle of controversy after giving this response to why american schools have fallen behind other countries. >> i think parents became -- both parents started working, and the mom is in the workplace. it's not a bad thing, i'm going to get in trouble, i can just see -- i can see the e-mails tomorrow. >> well, he's already in trouble, because, yes, mothers all across the country are e-mailing him, he was speaking at a "washington post" forum on education. he said both parents being pulled away for long period of time has contributed to the reading problem in this country. fbi agents have now raided the office of california state senator ron calderon. no arrests are planned, but declined to comment further on the vastgation. calderon's spokesperson declined
9:18 am
comment. delta will end hub operations at memphis airport after labor day it will cut flights to about 60 daily. some 3,200 customer service jobs will be lost as a result. a second levee along the swollen missouri river has failed and floodwaters creeping up to people's homes. this is west alton, missouri. authorities forced people who lived in 43 homes nearby to evacuate. mart you know savidge in live in west alton, missouri. good morning mart you know. >> good morning, carol. take a look at all of this. what's interesting, when we were here yesterday morning, none of this water was here. this all came up overnight, and you are right. it came from that second levee breach. that levee breach is two miles in that direction, this water slowly making its way overnight. a lot of people woke up and saw in this morning and were a little surprised to hear about
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it. the levee breach is so large, they cannot plug it, at least not until floodwaters recede and that's really what's interesting here, that the crest has gone by, the floodwaters are actually going down, yet the flooding in west alton in some areas like this, is getting worse. there are homes here and there are businesses, and, unfortunately, not much authorities can do about those flooded so far. they are worried about another levee breach. this one is some distance away, about four miles, on the mississippi river. what they call a slide. where part of the levee has actually, like, a landslide, given way and they fear that levee is greatly weakeneded. it is next to a power plant and right next to a major roadway used for people to evacuate. focused on that area today, carroll. hoping it would not give way. they constructed an emergency levee of stone, they are keeping their fingers crossed. again, all happening as the
9:20 am
water is supposedly going away, but not the threats say authorities, carol. >> ironic, wasn't it just last year, you were reporting on drought conditions in that area? >> right. not even -- not even last year so much. five months ago -- well, it is last year. but five months ago, they were talking about the mississippi river being closed as a result of the fact that the water level so was low. the river is closed now, but it's because the river is so high. considered dangerous for navigation. so the swing like that, to go from almost record lows to now nine feet above flood stage is something that is rarely seen in this part of the world and certainly has the hydrologists studying it very carefully. >> martin savidge live from missouri this morning. let's talk about the had you monday fwo humongous tornado that hit el reno, oklahoma.
9:21 am
it was the widest tornado in history. huge. chad myers is standing by. what, more than two miles wide this thing was? >> reporter: yeah, we talked about this yesterday, carol and the day before, how i just have never seen a damage path like this damage path. where we had tornado damage two miles to the north and another half mile to the south of this interstate, i-40, and it was just -- i thought there is no possible way this could be an ef-3 tornado. they are going to upgrade this, and yesterday they did upgraded it to an ef-5 with wind speeds approaching 295 miles per hour. carol? >> sorry, chad. i'm just looking at that damage, it's incredible. this thing was upgraded to an ef-5 and so wide if it hit a more populated area it would have been even more devastating.
9:22 am
>> reporter: it would have been unbelievable. there is no ef-5 damage here. no house completely removed from foundation. doppler on wheels, scientists, storm chasers, the ones we are talking about so long. these men and women drive trucks with doppler radar on the back. a pickup truck with doppler radar on the back and two separate trucks found 295 mile per hour winds or better. i used this analogy, but i can't do any better than this. a carousel, merry ground g. round with horsed on it. it's two miles wide and going 185 miles an hour around, and the horses are also spinning at 110 miles per hour as it goes around and rolls right through here south of el reno. that's how they got to the 295 mile per hour winds. the good news, where the winds were were just an empty field. we don't have damage like we see in moore, the damage widespread, only a couple houses every mile
9:23 am
compared to a neighborhood, a residential area, getting winds like that. where moore was 210, this was 295. damage would have been astronomical. >> reporting live from el reno, oklahoma. still ahead in "newsroom," a jury arrives at a verdict, but a family still searching for answers. details in the shocking trial of a woman called the female james bonds. uh-oguess what day it is!is?? huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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in california, a stunning end to the trial of a woman prosecutors called the female james bond. 47-year-old kellysoo park shed tears as the jury declared her not guilty in the murder of aspiring model julianna reading. but for reading's family, they were left waiting for closure. we have the emoekz reaction. >> find the defendant kiel soo park not guilty. >> reporter: minutes after the acquittal --
9:27 am
>> go to hell, whore! murderer! >> quiet! >> reporter: without speaking to reporters, the distraught family of julianna reading left court. reading came to hollywood to pursue a modelling and acting career. she appeared in a music video, landed small acting roles. she was 21 when strangled in a rental condo in 2008 and then a stunning twist to the case. kelly soo park, prosecutors called her "the female james bond." the muscle they contended, hired to kill reading by this doctor. the doctor dated reading briefly and reading's father pulled out a business deal with the doctor five days before the arrest. park nabbed after her dna found at the murder scene. the dna evidence was
9:28 am
inconclusive, and the 47-year-old park wasn't strong enough to strangle a 21-year-old victim with her bare hands. >> nothing to be happy about here. it's completelianable what the victim's family was going through. a dreadful murder. our client didn't do it. >> reporter: the distinct attorney's office did not speak on camera, but said in a statement, we fought hard and fire in a court of law to obtain justice. although we disagree with the verdict, we respect our system of justice. analysts say that jurors have a hard time convicting women. that is little consolation to the family of julianna reading. up next in the newsroom, sexual assaults in the military and what exactly constitutes rape. >> the young folks that are coming into each of your services are anywhere from 17 to 22 or 23. gee whiz, the level of the --
9:29 am
hormone level created by nature, sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur. >> the senator's comments drawing fire from both sides of the aisle this morning. ♪ (annoucer) new beneful medley's, in tuscan, romana, and mediterranean style varieties. ♪ just mix it in, and take play to new places. three cans in every pack. new beneful medley's. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation.
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good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm carol cost tello. 32 minutes past. the u.s. markets poised to open lower this morning after the dow broke a 20-week long streak of winning on tuesday. opening bell will -- actually, it's been wrurung by a group of graduates from yale. domino's having fun much the new pizza delivery method. using drones instead of drivers,
9:33 am
a franchise in the uk posted video of an unmanned drone deliverying pizzas. you won't see this in the u.s. any time soon. any type of unmanned aircraft for commercial use is banned in the u.s. on the subject of deliveries, amazon will roll out amazon fresh grocery delivery service to 20 urban areas by 2014. amazon fresh service will begin in los angeles later this week, before going on to san francisco. until now, the service was only available in amazon's hometown of seattle. it was an impressive site. the top leaders of every branch of the military, sitting side by side at a senate hearing on capitol hill. each answering painful questions about the shocking number of sexual assaults in the military. 26,000 reported last year alone. at issue? legislation that would strip commanders of their power to overturn convictions in sexual
9:34 am
assault cases. the generals, remain opposed to giving up that power. senator kirsten jill i grand wangi gillibrand says the chain of command system opens victims up to retaliation. >> have you lost the trust of the men and women who rely on you, that you will actually bring justice in these cases. they are afraid to report. they think their careers will be over. >> reporter: and she criticized how the military lumps all sexual assault and harassment cases together. >> reporter: not every single commander can distinguish between a slap on the ass and a rape, because they merge all of these crimes together. >> reporter: senator claire mccaskill also had strong words. >> unwanted sexual contact is everything from looking at you sideway in a way you don't, to pushing up against the wall and
9:35 am
brutally raping you. you have to delineate the two problems. >> senator saxby chambliss catching flack for his comments. >> the young folks coming into each of your services are anywhere from 17 to 22 or 23. gee whiz. that's -- the level of the -- hormone level created by nature, sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur. >> criminals, not hormones, cause sexual assaults. perpetrating this line of thinking does nothing had-to-help change the culture of our military. we must be focused on combatting this problem directly. sexual assault is a serious problem. >> it's shameful, repulsive. >> failing in our efforts to fully protect our people from sexual assault and sexual harassment. >> reporter: but they say, one commanders are equipped to
9:36 am
handle. >> congress woman jackie spear trying to deal with this for years. there is a facebook page called nn wo fn wook. appear of offensive, sexist humor. like this one who says this is my rape face and a woman with a black eye, that says she burned the bacon, only one. a female soldier lying on her stomach holding a gun. hey hey, i can bang even when i'm not on my back. we are joined now by the congressman from washington. >> thank you, carol. >> you were able to get that page removed by facebook, and not by the marines. it's back up, and your photos are all over it. >> i didn't try to take it down.
9:37 am
it violated facebook's own terms and usage, so they have been taking these pages down, because they violate their rules. they are offensive and they are full of hate, they are anti semitic, anti women and racist and to think that any of these people who are placing these pages online are active military, frightens the life out of me. it speaks of a violent culture that is truly unacceptable. not just in our military, but in our country. >> you sent a letter to the marines and the marines did denounce the page and said the page is not reflective of their sentiments toward women, yet they have failed to take any action against this page, because they told you, they lack the resources. is that acceptable? >> no, it wasn't. and i fired off a statement last night suggesting that you cannot hide behind the sequestration argument in terms of dealing
9:38 am
with criminal acts or with acts that are violate of the creed of good order in the military. >> what would you like? the marines to find out who is behind the page or unspoke punishment for those who comment on the page? >> you know, if this happened in the private sector, these individuals would be fired. i think first and foremost, the marines need to determine whether they are active military and if they are active military and used government resources or government time, they should be kicked out. pure and simple. beyond that, they have to be much more rigorous in terms of making sure that there is not a hostile work environment, that is a form of sexual harassment that is not acceptable in the private sector, nor acceptable in the marine corps or military service. >> in light of the hearing that took place on capitol hill. all the generals testified and they were questioned harshly,
9:39 am
what does that facebook page say about the continuing culture within the military, despite a senate hearing that took place just yesterday? >> despite a senate hearing, despite years of developing training programs and prevention programs, and a lot of money for this program and this problem, the military has not effectively addressed it. so that is why so many of us feel that we've got to do things differently and it's important to note that we have countries like the uk, canada, new zealand, australia, and israel. all who have taken out of chain of command, criminal acts. and there should be no exception in the united states either. our system is based on the british system. but somehow, our military brass can't bring themselves to recognize that commanders with no legal training have no ability, frankly, to ascertain
9:40 am
whether or not a case is criminal and whether or not it should move forward. the system is rigged on behalf of the predators and that's why we have so many of them still serving. >> and i assume you will continue to speak out and eventually the legislation will be introduced, taking power away from commanders. >> it has been introduced by me and the house and senator gillibrand in the senate and we'll take up the issue this afternoon in the house armed services committee when we take up the national defense authorization act. >> thank you, congresswoman. appreciate you being with us this morning. >> my pleasure, carol. ahead in "the newsroom," fallout from the jump. miguel's leap at the billboard music awards may have caused one woman brain damage. we'll get into that story, next.
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miguel's leap at the billboard music award may have seen like a bold and artsy move, but now there is a lot of concern about the woman he came down on top of. a. jrc a.j. hammer following the story. she may have brain damage? >> this comes from what was he thinking department this morning. we have been looking at the video everyone who saw this happened, figured there might we a lawsuit coming too. a brutal blow to the woman's head. a shocking accident at the awards show. and now according to a report by tmz, a lawsuit is being threatened by the victim here, a lawyer for this young woman tells tmz, she is suffering from cognitive difficulties, waiting for a doctor's report to determine if she has neurological injury. and miguel told not to make this jump at the awards show by producers, but he ignored them
9:45 am
and obviously did it anyway we have reached out to miguel about the reports. he hasn't responded to us just yet. but some speculation now that someone close to him is leaking a story currently on saying the singer is more concerned about any possible injury that the woman suffered than a possible lawsuit. that would be good if that's true. nothing filed. basically what we call a public negotiation here. both sides trying to get a little positive publicity for their side. but most importanting, call ohl, we can all hope this young woman hasn't suffered any permanent damage, that was really quite a hit she took there. >> did miguel ever have contact with this woman? >> that is unclear at this point. again, these are reports that are floating out there and what tmz is saying, we would like no think he reached out privately. we're waiting to hear back from miguel and his people. hopefully we hear from them soon and find out exactly what is going on and what he's doing about it. >> a.j. hammer, thanks so much.
9:46 am
in the "newsroom," more fallout from the planned parenthood foundation. the susan g. komen has canceled some of its events. as your life changes, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan.
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. >> c this blooik bike change the world? zblmpls zblmpls zblmpls zblmpls zblmpls ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the 2013 lexus gs. this is the pursuit of perfection. it's 49 minutes past the hour. we now know the cause of the blue bell fire in colorado.
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they say power lines burned 10 acres. power has since been restored. the susan g. komen is cancelling its 3-day day walk/run for breast cancer. the spokes woman says economic uncertainty and competition from other groups were factors in the decision. participation in the group has continued to drop more than a year after a controversy involving planned parenthood. a second levy along the swollen missouri river has failed, now water is cink up to people's homes. the vifr nearly 9-feet up to its bank. it has forced people to evacuate. recent high profile kidnappings and other crimes have many wondering whether it's safe for americans to head south of the border. the false arrest of an arizona mother in mexico is only adding to the confusion.
9:51 am
cnn correspondent chris lawrence has more for you. >> americans flock to mexico for its beaches and bars. but bloody murders have stained the image of all that sun and sand. and some americans have seen their trips turn terrifying. this arizona mom was recently released after a week in jail, after mexican authorities accused her of smuggling drugs. >> i'm innocent. >> for weeks, authorities have been searching for this young marine kidnapped while visiting his father. and so-called express kidnappings are on the rise. >> you will be picked up maybe in a pirate taxi, taken off to an atm. they would drain your account as best they could. at midnight, they go back to the atm using your card, take more money out and let you go. >> in the last decade, for more than e americans have been murdered in mexico than any other country in the world.
9:52 am
number jumped from 35 in 2007 to 113 two years ago. >> there are certain place in mexico you would not want to go on vioxx. >> the state department warns about anywhere in these red zones, including tijuana and acapulco. >> we don't see these things happen in cabo san lucas or cancun, which has a safer rate than orlando. >> you heard right. as recent as a year ago the murder rate was higher in the city considered disney world's front door. >> so it doesn't necessarily mean anyone should consider cancelling their trips because of this. >> americans show no signs of doing that. in fact, part of the reason so many u.s. citizens are killed in mexico is that so many of us go there. this year, 20 million americans
9:53 am
will go to mexico. that's the entire population of new york, l.a., chicago, houston, philadelphia and phoenix. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. up next in the requests newsroom," major league's highest player and mvp reportedly at the centre of a new doping scandal t. bleacher report is next.
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9:55 am
9:56 am
a huge off the field story in baseball that could stain the reputations of a number of players that impact the very sport. we have it all in today's bleacher report. >> hi, carol. yes. this could be the largest doping scandal in american history, 20 players, including two of the biggest names in baseball could be suspended up to 100 games. at the centre of the scandal, the highest paid player alex rodriguez and former mvp ryan braun of the brewers. this man tony bosch ran a miami clinic that allegedly supplied those drugs to all those players. espn says he's going to testify to major league baseball this week and bring with it the evidence needed to hold up these suspensions. >> i will not make any further
9:57 am
statements about it. the truth has not changed. i do not know the specification of the story that came out. i have addressed i. i will say nothing further about it. i hope you guys can respect that as i said in spring training. >> within it comes down it to, i think the game has come down to something that is unfair. >> they're sending the wrong message to kids that it's wrong to do drugs. >> a-rod has not commented about this earlier news, earlier, braun said he only used bosch as a consultant. a bit of good news for the people of oklahoma. the sooners are the champions of the college series. because of all those devastating storms over the past couple weeks that, tournament was delayed multiple times. they did honor the families in moore, oklahoma, and those who lost their home. what a game it was. the two-time national player of the year hit a three-run home
9:58 am
run. last year the sooners are runners up. this year they're the champs. >> this is a strong city. these people here, their phenomenal support. they're inspiring us. we're trying to inspire them. it was great to come together as a state to bring joy to everyone. >> and finally, manager marty brown of the aaa buffalo bisons brought a new twist to how you react when you get tossed from a baseball game. what did he do? he decided to pop a squat. sat down in the middle of the field, took off his helmet. spent about 40-45 seconds continuing to get his point acrossed. this caused the skipper of trouble. he has been fined and suspended three games for this. quite a performance. toddlers everywhere, carol, should be very proud of this pouting performance. >> i so much prefer when they get in the face of the umpire and spit a little bit. >> that, who, too. >> thank you, jeff carter. the next hour of cnn
9:59 am
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( bull roar ) ...if you don't attend the running of the bulls. ole! . >> happening now in the newsroom, running for higher ground, a levy breaks as crews desperately try to prevent another breach. >> me and my other cousins are going to take the kids and get away from danger. >> evacuations now under way.
10:02 am
also, irs mess. >> their dream to become the next great dance sensation. >> silly videos, presidential suites, baseball tickets and swag, too. >> irs made swags for them to take home, like the tote bag made especially for the conference. >> millions of dollars of your money wasted. plus, a-rod, braun, and more probably suspended for what else, performance-enhancing drugs. >> i will not make any more statements about it. the truth has not changed. i do not know the specifics of the story that came out today. i have addressed it. i will say nothing further about it. >> the powerball mystery. who holds the $590 million ticket and why haven't they claimed the prize? you are live in the cnn newsroom.
10:03 am
good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining us. we start this morning with your safety. chrysler is refusing to recall almost 3 million jeeps because of a fire risk, despite accidents like this one. a fiery crash on a houston highway t. burned out wreck belongs to the driver of a jeep cherokee. the fire started when the car was hit from behind and burst into flames. the driver died. now he is one of the more than 50 people who have died after their jeeps caught on fire following a rear-end collision. athena jones has been following the story for us. athenna, why won't chrysler recall these vehicles? >> chrysler says they haven't had a full analysis of the data. i can tell you this is an unusual story. it is also important for anyone's concern for the government's ability to regulate our roads. in a rare act of defiance, car company giant chrysler refuses to recall almost 2.7 million
10:04 am
vehicles as requested by the national highway traffic safety administration. for nearly two decades, some jeep suv models have had a tendency to burst into flames after a rear-end collision. the ntsa is requesting upgrades to the older models be installed to stop them from firing. >> it's a bad design if it's harmful to people and if it occurs repeatedly and that's all been the fact here. >> reporter: the models in question are 19 knee to 2004 jeep grand cherokees and 2002 to 2007 jeep libertys. the company says it has been working with the government on the fuel tank fire issue since 2010. chrysler says they met the rear-end collisions. in a letter to chrysler the agency says, bluntly, quote the existence of a minimum standard
10:05 am
does not require ntsa to ignore deadly problems. chrysler responded in a statement saying, we believe in ntsa's initial conclusions are based on an incomplete analysis of the underlying data and we are committed to working with the agency to resolve this agreement. the center for auto safety says its data shows the risk of fire for a grand cherokee in the model years in question is more than 20 times later than the risk in a comparable ford explorer. >> chrysler contend their gas tanks on these vehicles were built according to government safety standards built at this time and basically there is no problem. the number of people that died in rear-end collisions is far lower than safety organizations are alleging and at any rate it's less than the industry average for that type of vehicle built at that time. >> reporter: recalls aren't unusual. but this is the first time since 1996 an auto maker has challenged a recall demand from the tfsa.
10:06 am
case also involved chrysler and the company prevailed in a two-84 federal court battle. so, carol, we could have another fight on our hands. as one analyst said, chrysler is taking a risk by taking on the government here. they could end up winning this battle, but there is no way to predict the impact all of this could have on future sales. carol. >> i was just going to ask you about that. if they start investigating this stuff in 2010, i mean, as a consumer, i would have wanted to know about it either from the government or from chrysler. >> reporter: that's certainly what consumers are saying. they want to know the recall is going to happen. the question is, is it going to happen? we don't know if it's going to end up being a two-year court battle like chrysler had in 1996. we will keep watching this. this is not just about jeep other than, also the folks sharing the roads with owners. >> you got that right. thanks so much. president obama's national security is getting a shakeup and some republicans are calling it a slap in the face.
10:07 am
tom donelan is resigning as president obama's national security adviser. guess who his replacement will be? the highly controversial u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice. dan lothian is at the whois this is at the white house this morning. i'm thinking president obama doesn't much care. >> reporter: it appears that way. some republicans tweeting out there, making a note they don't think this is one of the best choice. susan rice was one of the top contenders to become the next secretary of state. she had to drop her name over the so-called benghazi talking points. clearly, what the president is doing through this choice, someone who has been very close to the president over the years, a top adviser, the president is saying he still has confidence in susan rice. this is a position that does not need any kind of congressional confirmation. so we probably will not see any major dust-up as we would have seen for someone for secretary of state. nonetheless, there is that talk
10:08 am
out there on twitter and others making it known that they don't believe this is the right choice, some considering this a slap in the face. carol. >> dan lothian reporting from the white house. as we said, susan rice has been attacked after she spoke about libya. >> it is important to the know there is an fbi investigation that has begun and will take some time to be completed. will tell us with certainty what transpired. our current best assessment based on the information we have at present is that, in fact, what this began as was a spontaneous, not a premeditated response to what had transpired in cairo. in cairo, as you know, a few hours earlier, there were a violent protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated. >> of course, that later was proved not to be trud.
10:09 am
republicans accused rice of a coverup. john, good morning, first of all. >> reporter: good morning, carol. >> what does this move say to republicans? >> reporter: it says that president obama is not going to be constrained by their out rage, this, of course, is adding to the frustration. already, susan rice is not on the republican's christmas card list this appointment which doesn't need senate confirmation is being read as a slap in the face. president obama says he doesn't much care. he is rewarding susan rice to her loyalty to his administration and moving her into the white house. she will have more influence now than she ever did on white house policy. >> democrats will say republicans got tear way when rice withdrew her nomination to become secretary of state. >> reporter: that is exactly right. they got who they wanted, secretary of state john kerry. be you this move and the move of samantha power to the u.n. ambassador post that susan rice now holds shows a coalescing
10:10 am
within the obama administration. t this is advancement of two women in the lead advocates for libya, two women that are in policy terms not far from republican contradiction. it is a fascinating decisive move by the president liberated by a second term, not worried about burning bridges with republicans and congress who are already his critics. >> i guess the larger question, you can't remove politic, right, you just can't. i mean, why aggravate an already tense situation with republicans? we're going to suffer through years of this until the next presidenttial election, doesn't this make it worse? >> reporter: it might make it worse in the short term. i think first of all in terms of policy, susan rice actually agrees with some strong critics many times such as lindsey graham and mccain. the president is circling the wagons, appointing stronger people from his inner circle.
10:11 am
that's what second term presidents do. if you look at in particular samantha power and susan rice, you see two democrats formed by the reaction of our failure to convene if rwanda. they believe in humanitarian intervention. is a signature of president obama. it raises real questions about what the administration will do going forward in syria. >> john, thanks for your insight. we appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you, carol carol. flood waters are cink up to people's homes this is near missouri. the river is nearly 9-feet over its banks. people who live in 43 homes neighbor have been told the evacuate. >> i'm freak out. i have a respect for people that live near flood plains, levies. it's a totally different feeling than i've ever had. >> are you swaird scared? >> yes, i am scared.
10:12 am
>> i am moving my vehicle and things to a residence for right now. >> where it's higher and dryer? >> higher and dryer. >> martin, i hear they're expecting rain there. >> reporter: yeah. is the next concern, carol. good morning to you, by the way. this area we are standing in was completely dry yesterday. hooers the irony of this situation right now. the crest of the rivers in this area. there are two, in the missouri and the mississippi. that's why west alton has two surge waters running beside it. what happened here was that second levy break yesterday as you pointed out. the river has been creeping over 2 miles to get where it is right now. you point out there are only two dozen, three dozen people evacuated on top of several hundred evacuated on monday due to another flood system failure. all of that is, of course, increasing the anxiety when you
10:13 am
think people will be feeling better because the water levels are going down, but the flooding is actually getting worse. if you live in that house behind me here, you are definitely getting nervous as the water creeps higher. this may look back. the breach is too big. they'll have to wait until the flood waters recede. there is another place 4 miles on the mississippi where they had a slide. that's where the earth moves on the back side of the levy. it's right next door to a major power plant and right beside a highway that would be used for evacuation. last night, they were racing to get into place a stone levy. you could call it a kind of a watery alamo along highway 84. is the line they are trying to draw, so that if that levy gives way, they have a way of slowing the water down. there are a lot more homes, as we point. ed out, they need to keep the lights on to power to many people here, carol. >> we'll keep our fingers
10:14 am
crossed. martin savidge in missouri. michelle obama is way more popular than her husband. she proves she is not impervious to hecklers. the first lady was reading prepared remarks last night. she was interrupted by a protester who says the lbgt community is not protected by work place discrimination. here's the heckling. listen. >> we have an obligation to stand up for those kids and i don't care what you believe in. wait. wait. one of the things, one of the things that i don't do well is this. >> according to reporters who were there, people who were there, mrs. obama approached the heckler and said, listen to me or you can take the mic, i'm
10:15 am
leaving, you all ziechltd have you one choice t. heckler was eventually escorted out of the building. mrs. obama did stay. let's bring in cnn analyst l.c. granderson joining us on the phone. gorgeous l.y. >> reporter: good morning, carol. >> oddly enough, you are writing a column on this very topic, right? >> reporter: actually, i am. i started writing this tease yesterday in regard to the house democrats not voting on the issue of equality in illinois and what happened to the first lady last night kind of ties into what i see as a complicated relationship the democrats have with the lgbt community. >> so this event and michelle obama was talking about children, right, educating and eating right and all of that, was that the proper forum for someone to go in and complain about this particular issue? was it helpful? >> reporter: you know, heck
10:16 am
himmers don't get patience. there is never a right time, you know, to heckle. so, you know, while you would have preferred it to have been an event that wasn't dealing with children, the fact of the matter is, is that when heck himmers have an issue, they feel as if they are not being heard in traditional ways, they will take these opportunities, these other avenues to try to make sure their voice is more importantly at that point is being heard. i don't think it's fairnessly to heck him the first lady. she's not the one that sets policy. nonetheless, heckling her has us talking about the issue and the president made himself in 2008. >> some people might say, though, that the gay rights movement has come such a long way. it wants everything all at once. it just doesn't happen that way. >> reporter: well, you know, if you look at the pattern that have hatched under the obama
10:17 am
administration, what tends to happen is you have protesting. you have heckling and then you have movement. unfortunately, there hasn't been a lot of examples of it being the other way around. i give you a case in point. the president implemented rights for lbgt in hospitals in 2010 through executive order. this was something that could have been done back in 2009 since he got into office. but if it was in response to all the heckling that had been going on because it seems as if they were moving so slowly on behalf of the lbgt community. so it seems to be, okay, i'll give you this doggy treat if you will. his evolved opinion with marriage equality. you can't overlook the fact that the timing of it was quite interesting because he was set to speak in front of lbgt activists at a big huge
10:18 am
fundraiser hosted by ricky martin. it shows you before that, he came out for equality. when you look at it through that lens of timing, yes, it's true, this administration has done much more than any other in the history of this country for lbgt people. with that being said, they've had to be prodded into doing so. so this perhaps is another prodding if you will to get the administration to get democrats to hold true to the words they have in their platform about standing up for the lbgt community. >> l.c. granderson, thank you so much. we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> reporter: hey, thank you very much. still in the newsroom, baseball bombshell, two stars at the centre of a doping scandal facing possible long-term suspension. dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that.
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10:22 am
work place. it's not a bad thing. i'm going to get in trouble. i can just see. i can see the e-mails tomorrow. >> i think he's already seeing those e-mails. bryant was speaking at a washington post forum on education. he went on to say both parents pulled away from homes for a long period of time has contributed to the reading problem in this country. fbi agents have raided the office of state senator ron cal der on. the fbi -- ron calleder calderon. the 13t-based airline will cut service to the airport from 92 flights daily to about 60. some 230 customer service jobs will be lost. it's the middle of the baseball season and we should be talking about the games. and you know the all stars and who you are voting for. sadly with are, wuvens again,
10:23 am
talking about scandal. it has everything to do with doping. cnn is reporting major league baseball will seek suspensions between alex rod gerksz ryan braun and 20 other players to the now closed biogen sis clinic. pamela brown has more from afganistanee stadium. >> reporter: espn is reporting that major leak baseball is preparing for an unprecedented wave of player suspensions that include yankee's star alex rodriguez and the brewer's ryan braun. rodriguez, braun and some 18 other players are allegedly linked to a miami clinic at the centre of an ongoing drug enhancing scandal. on tuesday night, ryan braun refused to talk about it after his game. >> i'm not answering any further questions. i've dealt with it a long time over the last year-and-a-half. other than that i don't have anything to say. >> reporter: yankee's manager was peppered with questions at
10:24 am
post-game news conference. >> i hope we all had got through it. now we are not through it. >> reporter: major league issued this statement. we can't comment on an ongoing investigation. espn reports that tony bosch the founder of this now closed clinic near miami has reached a cooperation. the miami new times first reported in january that bosch's biogen sis clinic was a pipeline to performance-enhancing drugs for several players. >> it's clear that biogen sis, like a lot of anti-aging clinics were selling agh, a number of other destructions widely banned in sports. >> reporter: representatives for alex rodriguez issued a denial after the january report. the news reports about the purported relationship between alex rodriguez and antony bosch are not true. alex rodriguez was not mr. bosch's patient. he was never treated by him and was never advised by him. according to espn, players could be suspended for 100 games also,
10:25 am
penalty usually given to second offenses. if upheld, the suspensions may be the largest in american sports history. a-rod fans disappointed. >> i look up to him because he's a player. i really like him. seeing that, it saddens you. >> not only is the legacy of these baseball giants at stake, more importantly, that of america's past time. >> i worry about baseball being affected as a game the whole thing and what it's been through in the last 15 years and that's my concern. >> it was a cnn's pamela brown reporting from new york. coming up in the newsroom, as states look for more tax revenue, some are turning to pot t. highly controversial and still illegal drug may be a way to balance the budget. how much tax is too much? i'm the next american success story. working for a company
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
. >> how much do you tax pot? right now, two states, colorado and washington allow the
10:29 am
recreational ruse of marijuana. before it is available at a convenience store near you, the debate is growing over how much of a piece the government should take out of the pot pie. kevin fischer is the opener of rocky mountain remedys. he joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. pleasure to be here. >> you are logging kansas for pot taxes. as it stands, how much will pot be taxed? >> well, there are two aspects to taxation. there is a sales tax aspect and then there is the income tax aspect. we're here today talking about 280-e from the tax code. that's a portion of the tax code meant to prevent deductions by illegal dealers, co kane dooels dealers and speedboats. it should not by a plead to the legal cannabis business in colorado and walk. >> if it is applied, what does it mean as far asing thes are concerned? >> a greater example would be if i was to hire a front desk
10:30 am
employee at $40,000 a year that, employee is going to pay income tax. i will pay payroll tax. then i will pay income tax as well. so a $40,000 salary can turn into $35,000 worth of taxes for the federal government. >> wow. many congress people aren't so much in fave of legalizing marijuana. don't you have a tough road ahead? >> we do. we certainly want to contribute. we want to create jobs and bring in sales tax revenue. and we want to bring in revenue. a misapplication of tax code is not something we are in favor of. >> throughout history, cigarettes and alcohol have faced much higher tax rates. why should lawmakers go easy on recreational marijuana in light of what i said when most of tell are not in favor of legalizing marijuana. >> reporter: sure, sure. in colorado, for example, it will have to go to the voters because of a table law. but we do have a fairly high excise tax of 50% as well as a
10:31 am
special sales tax of 10%. if we go down the road of overtaxation at the expense of eliminating the plaque market, i think overall we will be looking at the negative situation. >> recreational pot use is supposedly a $600 million industry that could generate more than $130 million in state taxes next year. would you say it's about, that 20% or the percent annual that you just gave me for the state? >> reporter: that's around there. it depends. we have local taxes in the state of colorado. >> that sound fair to me. >> it's definitely fair. we're not here to argue sales taxes. we're here to discuss the misapplication of 280-e to the income tax side of the issue. >> it's just interesting that you are in washington and you are lobbying when so many things need to be worked out as as far as selling marijuana for recreational purposes. >> i do agree. we're working diligently, especially in colorado.
10:32 am
if you look at the statutes we've passed top to bottom, seed the sale tracking. everything we are doing is protecting the consumer and the country. but if we're going to move down this road and public sentiment shows that people do largely support medical marijuana and we even now see a majority support for recreational cannabis, we're going to have to do this in a way that you do any other business. we will yessiate jobs. we will pay that but we don't need to unduly tax these legal businesses. >> kevin fischer of rocky moun taken remedies, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for your time. first dance bags, lavish spending by the irs all done on your dime. that's next in the "the newsroom." lking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away.
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>> it's 35 minutes past the
10:36 am
hour. the missouri river has failed and flood waters are creeping up to people's homes the river is nearly 9-feet above banks. it has forced 43 people in homes in west missouri to evacuate. they say they have fixed out a review of its operation to figure out how to better identify likely voters going forward. and domino's is having some fun him check out its new pizza delivery method, using drones instead of drivers a. franchise in the u.k. posted video of an unmanned drone actually delivering two pizza's. you won't see this in the united states any time soon. federal rules ban any time of unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes. the internal revenue service, the irs under fire for what's been called lavish spending as if using your money for lavish stuff.
10:37 am
chief congressional correspondent dana bash is following that story from washington and i guess first it was dance videos and now there's more. >> reporter: there smore. part of what is so stunning about all this is it happened at the very same time. the irs says it didn't have the resources to deal with tax exempt status. the way the irs wasted taxpayer dollars is mind blowing. pantyings of albert einstein, michael jordan, abraham lincoln and bono pooid made on sight at an irs conference by a artist paid $17,000. tax mayer dollars. it's just one exam of irs excess. detailed in this new inspector general report which zeros in on a 2010 irs conference in anaheim, california, which cost taxpayers a whopping $4 million. nearly 2700 irs employees stayed
10:38 am
at three hotels with no attempt to negotiate lower rates. why? the irs hired outside organizers with no incentive to bargain because they got a 5% commission from hotels. two event organizers got paid $56,500 by uncle sam from this one conference. >> they didn't negotiate. they didn't bid it. this was 2,700 folks. so they could have got an considerable reduction. instead they said we'll pay full boat but we wanted perks. >> reporter: they included 24 hour tickets to tlaengs los angeles angel's games, free drinks, upgrades like this lavish suite. an irs division head stayed here. the irs made swags for its employees to take home. like this tote bag made just for the conference. this back was made the in china, by the way, so was this leather folio. they got notebooks like this even bottle openers, all of these gifts and trimpgets add up to $64,000 taxpayer dollars.
10:39 am
what may be as outrageous as wasting this money is the fact that the irs did not appear to follow the very rules it requires each and every taxpayer to follow. >> sorry about the uniforms. captain the dry cleaner gave 93 wrong order. >> this star trek spoof, they said it cost $57,187 t.i. g. says no one knows if that is accurate the irs the agency that requires taxpayers to keep receipts did not save its own documents. the new acting irs commission danny werfel calls this wasteful spending inappropriate and stressed they have reduced the cost and size of irs conferences. one conference work shop shove helped, it was called, political savvy, how not to shoot yourself in the foot. >> here's the kicker to all this irs employees in plan of this
10:40 am
conference, they were given reward for organizing the event. the rewards total $6,000. >> it's hard, you know what else is hard to math only, there are companies out there that do this sort of thing. like the company that did the art thing and convinced anybody to pay $17,000 for that. >> reporter: i know. you know, they claimed, they got into detail of this in the inspector general report saying they really felt this particular artist had some credentials and was able to really change the way employees at other places felt about leadership through art and the other thing i should tell you is that a few of the irs ploy i don't see actually got to take home those paintings. >> oh, that's just amazing. dana bash, thanks so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. thank you. four years after the deadly shooting inside ft. hood. army nadal suspect could soon
10:41 am
stand trial. guess what, he gets to act as his own attorney. the line of defense? he did it to protect the taliban. we'll be right back. we know it's your most important videoconference of the day hi! hi, buddy! that's why the free wifi and hot breakfast are something to smile about. now, get great getaway rates and feel the hamptonality see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure.
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10:44 am
jury selection was supposed to begin today in the trial of an army major accused of killing 13 people at ft. hood. now that won't happen until at least next week, if not later as major nadal hassan won the fight to be his own lawyer. as to his defense, he will argue he opened fire that day to progressive conservative taliban leaders. line of defense is complicated. so a military judge might delay the start of the trial even further to get hassan time to prepare his argument. as his own attorney, hassan could question the very witnesses and victims he is accused of shooting.
10:45 am
sergeant alonzo lundsberg is one of those victims. thank you for being with us. you were allegedly shot by nadal hassan in 2009. can you tell us what happened? >> yes, ma'am. 2009, 5, november, i was replacing one of my soldiers at the front of the building and that's when major hassan walked in front of me and he jumped up on the counter and yelled ala akbar and started firing on innocent defenseless soldiers that day. >> how many times were you shot? >> seven. >> and you must still suffer from your injuries today? >> absolutely. i do. >> can you tell us how it affects you today? >> yes, ma'am. i suffer from tbi, which is
10:46 am
traumatic brain injury, ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder. i have a bullet in my back. i lost half of my intestines due to surgery and trauma of the bullet. and they did a barrel on my colon. i have mobility issues, anger issues, and, oh, i'm blind in my left eye. i lost vision in my left eye. i had reconstruction surgery to the left side of my face. >> so it's been nearly four years since you were shot. you are suffering from your injury, nadal hassan has not been tried, there seems to be so many hurdles, one his own injury, two his religion, he fought to keep his beard. now he will represent himself in a military court. from your perspective, that justice? >> no, ma'am. that's what i classify as an excuse, which is incompetent. those who build monuments of nothing should specialize in
10:47 am
anything they say or do. >> why do you think the military judges in this instance are making these decisions? >> well, you know, i really don't blame the judge because, you know, she has a job she has to do and in dog her job, she cannot allow her personal feelings to come into bear. with major hassan, he's a very intelligent man, so he's using our justice system as a mockery. he has an underlying message he's trying to convey to followers that are jihadists like he is. and so he's going to use the trial as a platform to send underlike messages. he is also going to use the trial as a platform to try to trigger certain reactions from us, from ptsd and tbi. >> hassan said in court he
10:48 am
thought he was protecting the taliban leadership when he opened fire that day. when you hear something like that, what do you think of that kind of defense? >> that's very preposterous. and it's ludicrous. because he is a army major, a noncombatant. particularly the weapon he would have on his side is only for self-defense purposes. so bear in mind that when he raised his right hand to take the oath to join the military when he was an enlisted soldier and also when he became an officer core, he swore allegiance to the united states of america first. so for him to openly say that he was defending the taliban, then he just basically self proclaimed himself as a terrorist. >> the judge is giving him more time to develop this argument. as you just said, you are afraid that hassan will use his words in court to send secret messages to enemies of the united states?
10:49 am
>> absolutely. because it's going to be a time during his dialogue with us in the courtroom where in his dialogue, he is going to speak a language or use a certain phrase. it really doesn't make sense. so swrau to realize owe what you have to realize is while he's making those statement there is always an underlying method to what he is saying. there is a method to his madness. >> sergeant, thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> you are welcome, ma'am. >> we'll be right back. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal.
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[ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. >> player may not be so free at your local bar. say it ain't so. a.j. hammer, what's up with this? >> reporter: well, there are some lawsuits that go on which boil down to copywrite cases. while we don't have the specifics about these particular lawsuits, what i'm about to tell you about not all that uncommon. by some still, there are more than 400 of these lawsuits filed across the country against eating and drinking establishments every year. this is the law, if you are listening to music in a bar, in a restaurant, performer, songwriters, even the music labels are entitled to some sort of payment when you use their music. are you supposed to have a license to play music in a bar or restaurant or retail
10:53 am
establishment, any xeshl enterprise. i'm sure a lot of places don't pay these fee, more are paying to play music. next time you are out at a place with the juke box. check out the machine, there is supposed to be a certificate there. yet organizations selling licenses to play the music publicly, they're the ones suing on behalf of the artists when the copywrite laws are violated, so you don't have your rolling stones suing the bar. it's an organization like bmi. these lawsuits are really out there to make the point that you need to have one and according to what i have been able find out this morning from a license from bmi, for instance, a license from them costs around $700 a year. carol, you don't need a license to play your music at home, though. you already paid these fees when you bought it legally. so are you all set. there are some exceptions to the rule. >> okay. i have freebird on a loop, baby.
10:54 am
>> i'm sure you do. >> a.j. hammer, thanks so much. we'll be right back. it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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. >> 56 minutes past the hour. a u.s. army sergeant is expected to plead guilty today to the premeditated murder of 16 afghan civilians. staff sergeant's bails is
10:57 am
accused of leaving his post last march and going on a shooting spree. we know of the cost of a fire in evergreen, colorado. they say power lines came in contact with a tree causing a fire to start at the bottom of the tree. about 10 achers in all have burned. power has since been restored. the susan g. komen is cancelling the breast cancer research in washington, d.c. and six other cities next year t. spokes woman says economic uncertainty and competition from other groups were factors in the decision. participation in the group continued to drop more than a year after a controversy involving planned parenthood. amazon says it will roll out its amazon delivery service to 20 areas by 2014 according to reuters. the fresh service will begin in los angeles later this week before going on to san francisco. until now the service was only available in amazon's hometown of seattle. thanks for joining me today.
10:58 am
i'm carol costello. cnn "newsroom" continues after a break. a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! .
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