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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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california. top dog wins a $1,500 prize, a trophy and a catered dinner. we'll look forward to the results on that. i'm fredricka whitfield. that's going to do it for me. my colleague don lemon straight ahead with the newsroom. there are no ugly dogs, by the way. only cute dogs. >> all dogs are beautiful. >> that's right. >> thank you. coming up this hour in the cnn "newsroom" -- did the nsa surveillance program really keep us safe from terrorist attacks? the white house finally weighing in. plus this -- >> and here he is. the biggest rat of all, king rat. >> inside the inner circle of whitey bulger. hear from one of the legendary mobster's former soldiers. the owner of the new england patriots says one of his super bowl rings was stolen, and you won believe by whom. and this. mom just wasn't having it when a would-be car jacker pulled out a
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knife. find out what she did to get him out of the minivan and off the streets. you're in the "cnn newsroom," everyone. i'm don lemon. we're tracking two huge trials this week. the george zimmerman trial, attorneys worried some potential jurors may have ulterior motives in the case involving death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. in boston, james "white reque"white" bulger is accused of ratting on his own friends. we'll talk with an ex-monster who once tangled with whitey bulger and holly hughes will break down the zimmerman trial. bulger allegedly ran an irish boston gang linked to brutal murders and extorting drug dealers, bookies and loan sharks to pay rent or contribute to his gang.
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jack nicholson played a character based on the loose portrayal -- >> today what i'm saying to you is this -- when you're facing a loaded gun -- >> let's go now to ex-mobster john "red" shay who once worked with bulger. red, bulger adamantly denies being a rat, an fbi informant. what's your reaction? do you think is he a rat, an informant? is. >> absolutely. you don't get top echelon status from the fbi without being a full-fledged rat. at that, a king rat. that's been proven in court. >> you believe that he is -- he wants to have it both ways, that he is doing this because he doesn't want to go down in history, you said, as a root and his reputation is important to him.
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>> yeah. it's his reputation, but his ego, too. he has a large ego. i'm sure he's not happy now that he's facing charges and being brought to justice. and being known that he's a full fledged informant for over 30 years. this guy started informing back in the days prior to him going to alcatraz. he ratted on guys that he robbed banks with. >> you went to jail -- it was for 12 years and you never ratted out anyone. so you believe it is a code that you didn't betray and that he is. >> oh, absolutely. no one ever went away from my tongue. no one ever went away from me pointing at them. i accepted full responsibility. i served my time. i've changed my life around. and what really gets me, don, is that he uses it -- this "i'm not a rat" because of his heritage.
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well, it is quite an insult to me personally for honoring my heritage like i did, and, you know, it's just really insulting because he's using this as a defense and it's not going to fly. it is going to be proven that he was an informant for over 30 years, which it has already. >> so red, before of we move on. i think i can call you "red," i hope. before we move on and tell people what's going to happen in the trial, what you think is going to happen in the trial tomorrow, what is so honorable about a criminal code you believe, you're honoring your heritage, you said, in some way? >> well, being irish, throughout the history of ireland, the people of ireland had been repressed for many years. so in their fighting of not being repressed, they always honored that code and not giving up their comrades.
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so it kind of falls into play in the heritage part of our ethnicity. >> self-described hitman john matarano is going to take the stand tomorrow. what do you think he is going to say. >> he is going to say what he already said. he's going to say how he executed these guys and he was ordered by whitey bulger. >> john "red" shay, stand by. we'll bring in holly hughes. tomorrow begins week two in the george zimmerman murder trial. the neighborhood which volunteer watchman was charged with second degree murder for killing trayvon martin. likely a group will be called down to create the jury that decides zimmerman's fate. now the judge has also decided that six jurors and four alternates will be sequestered. she just decided that last week.
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criminal defense attorney, holly hughes, is in atlanta. holly, a few of the potential jurors said they know little about this case. do you believe that? >> well, it depends on their age. if they're younger, it is a little harder to believe because it was all over social media. there were a lot of protests on facebook that were posted. a lot of twittering about it. but if you are talking about an older generation an people who aren't necessarily using social media so much, it could be believable. but sanford is not a huge city like new york city, so i fine it a little odd when they say i didn't know what was going on right here in my own hometown. >> then what does that mean? you think these potential jurors are lying? >> well, it's possible. let's remember, don, something that happened in jury selection this past week was one of the jurors answered the questionnaire, answered the lawyers' and judge's questions and said i don't know anything about this case within don't follow it, i don't have an
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opinion. they be they went behind him and looked and he had been posting things on facebook about this very case. so we know at least one of them was not particularly honest because the judge said, you're out of here, you're dismissed, because you weren't, as you know, don, transparent. right? isn't that one of our great words. name of your sghook so you need to tell the truth. you need to just put it out there and the idea is not that you don't have to know anything about it, but given what you do know, can you still be fair? can you base your ver on what comes out in the courtroom and not what you've heard in the press. >> they believe this will take two to four weeks. selection of the scott peterson trial took four weeks. o o.j. simpson took over a month. >> i think we may get our jury by the end of the week. two cases you just mentioned are distinguishable. scott peterson was a death penalty case an not only was the alleged murder of his wife, but
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of his unborn son. so there are a lot of different questions you need to ask there and a lot of emotions involved especially with the death penalty case. with o.j. simpson, the reason that it took so long was you were talking about a celebrity. even if you weren't necessarily a football fan, you knew this man from the hertz commercials. he was an accomplished actor by that point in time, had made movies. so you're fighting those two big issues, the death penalty and celebrity. and remember also, we were picking 12-person juries in those cases. here we only need six. half the jury, halftime. >> holly hughes, thank you. and thank you very much to john "red" shay, two big trials we'll be watching in the coming weeks. a woman who falsely accused a high school football star of rape has to pay $2.6 million to the school district. in 2002 she accused brian banks, a star football player around classmate. she also sued the long beach
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unified school district for lax security and received a $750,000 settlement. now a judge has ordered her to repay that money, plus interest. legal fees and a million dollars in punitive damages. banks was convicted and served more than five years in prison before gibson admitted she was not raped. shortly after he was exonerated, banks told cnn he's not angry. >> i've had those moments where i was very angry and very bitter. this was around the time that i first received a six-year sentence in prison. but it was at that time that i realized that regardless of the situation that i'm in, it was more important how i controlled myself while in those situations. i just thought better for me, my health and my future to just move forward and try to be the best person i can be regardless of what i'm going through. >> we should tell you, earlier this year, banks signed an nfl contract with the atlanta falcons and is currently in the falcons' training camp as a 27-year-old rookie.
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three people are dead and two others in critical condition after a shooting spree by one gunman in omaha, nebraska. it all started yesterday afternoon when one man was shot and critically injured about 20 minutes later, another person was shot. also critically injured less than five minutes after that, a third person was shot and later die. then minutes later a fourth man was found wounded in an alley and later died. police caught up with the suspect, exchanged gunfire around the suspect who was still identified was killed. no motive has been given for any of the shootings. where in the world is nsa leaker edward snowden and is he a chinese spy? i'll say it again -- is he a chinese spy? the white house and former vice president dick cheney weighing in. if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin dedicated to your eyes, from bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients.
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where is edward snowden? only a few people know right now. he could still be in hong kong. he could be anywhere, really. but most americans have a strong opinion about what should happen to him. snowden the face behind the leak. he told secret information he learned as a federal employee, secrets about an under-the-radar government surveillance program and went to the media fully aware of the consequences. here's the strong opinion part of it. "time" magazine took a poll and found that more than half of americans belief snowden did the right thing. 54%. 28% of people polled think he should be prosecuted at all. as for the white house and what people think there, the chief of staff says president obama will
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speak on the issue in the coming days. i'm going to play you some of the clips from people on the sunday morning talk show rounds. they were all talking about this nsa program and about snowden and the leaker and all of it. take a listen. >> i can't tell you how strong we need to make this clear. the nsa is not listening to americans' phone calls and it is not monitoring their e-mails. if they did, it is illegal. it is breaking the law. >> i think you'll hear the president talk about this in the days ahead. we foond ourselves communicating in different ways. but that means the bad guys are doing that as well so we have to find the right balance between protecting our privacy, which is s san crow sangt in the president's view. >> i think is he a trader. i'm very, very worried that he still has additional information that he's not released yet that the chinese would welcome the opportunity and probably willing
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to provide immunity for him or sanctuary for him, if you will, in exchange for what he presumably knows or doesn't know. it's going to be a continuing problem. i don't think this is just a one-off disclosure. i think there is a real danger here that he'll's go beyond that. i have trouble believing that somebody in his position as a contract employee had had access to the kind of things he's talking about. >> you don't think he was acting alone. >> i don't know. >> there you heard the washington figures all talking about this. let's get to athena jones right now in washington. standing there in front of the white house. you just heard from the former vice president. he says he considers edward snowed an trader. we have a "time" mag zone poll that suggests that most americans feel the opposite is true, at least in that poll. is washington divided down the middle on this or pretty much do people in washington say hey, this guy is a trader, he should be prosecuted? >> a lot of the loudest voices are saying that edward snoweden is someone who should be prosecuted, who should be held accountable for what's done. but there is the division of
6:16 pm
people who want to applaud him and those who want to condemn him. i spoke with a former nsa director, michael hayden, he says snowden's actions have been very harmful to the united states. there is also debate whether these surveillance programs have made americans safer around really how they work. let's listen to what colorado senator mark udall had to say about all this this morning. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of americans' phone calls -- now this is the metadata, this is time, place, to whom you direct the calls swb making us any safer. i think it is ultimately perhaps a violation of the fourth amendment. i think we ought to have this debate. >> i think it is probably not surprising that senator udall is going to get his wish. we are going to have this debate. this debate has been ongoing since this nsa story broke and it is going to be continuing, don. >> i just said that the president is going to be talking about this. the white house says expect him to make a comment on the coming days about this leak situation,
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about snowden. is he going to do that from his trip in europe? >> it is hard to say if that's for sure when he will's make these remarks. he certainly could be asked about it during that trip. when he does speak we expect him to say some of the same things he said earlier this month when asked about this program, which is talking about the need to balance privacy with security. he was asked about this surveillance program earlier this month. he said there is a trade-off. you can't have 100% privacy with security and no inconvenience. his folks reviewed these programs, maybe increased some of the safeguards. he believes these programs are working to make americans safer. that's the kind of thing we expect him to touch on when we do hear from him, whether next week or a few weeks after that. >> athena jones at the white house, thank you. coming you up, a new england patriots super bowl ring is sitting inside -- a russian museum? the team's owner claims it was
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russia's president saying now he is no thief. vladimir putin is hitting back at accusations that he swiped a super bowl ring belonging to new england patriots owner robert kraft. the story is so bizarre, we couldn't make it up and we had to get alina cho to report on it and give us all the details. >> i did not say that i was going to -- it is really a case of international he said/he said, if you think about it. right? let me take you back. the story broke in the "new york post" this week after robert kraft, the owner of the new england patriots, made an appearance at a gala in new york and basically he was accepting the carnegie hall medal of excellence. during that acceptance speech, he essentially said that in 2005 he was visiting st. petersburg with business leaders. he meet with vld meadimir putin.
6:23 pm
he showed him at the time brand-new $25,000 diamond encrusted super bowl ring which had had his name engraved in it. when putin took a good look at it and said, according to kraft, he goes i could kill someone with with this ring. i put my hand out and he put it in his pocket and three kgb guys got around him and walked out. >> okay. >> so was it a gift? >> did he say, hey, i want my ring back! >> well, not exactly. apparently putin put it in his pocket, walked out. as you heard. ish sue this -- apparently, according to kraft and the "new york post," white house officials had told kraft at the time, listen, don't make a big deal out of it. say it was a gift. citing u.s.-soviet relations. at the time he went along with it. he even put out a statement saying it was a gift. but today after repeated prodding -- you know i don't give up -- i called robert kraft's spokesman. he put out a statement today and
6:24 pm
it says, in part -- let me find it here -- it is a humorous anecdotal story that robert retells for laughs. he loves that his ring is at kremlin. and as he stated back in 2005, he continues to have great respect for russia and the leadership of president putin. look closely at those words. there's no mention of whether that ring was a gift or whether it was taken. it was stolen. so he doesn't quite address that. but it remains a mystery. we will be watching it very closely. >> you know what happened. >> lins. are you going to ask vladimir putin for the ring back? >> i would. because it might cause an international stir. >> you would do that. >> why would robert kraft make up some story -- some crazy story like that? you can't write these things. >> you can't write these things. you're right. you can't make it up. >> i would say "i want my ring back." people take rings back all the time. >> i'd let it stay on display at the kremlin library. >> better in a safety deposit
6:25 pm
box. thank you, appreciate it. see what happens. coming up, former florida governor jeb bush has a new argument for immigration reform, but i don't doubt it is one you have heard before. but first, many americans have given up finding a traditional job and gone to work for themselves. this american journey report, tom foreman shows us now some of the resources available to them. >> reporter: when this small tech company began out in kansas, one of the founder, dan carroll, knew he needed virtually no permanent staff. just talented temporary workers hired when needed and ready to embrace a you this professional mantra. >> i guess sort of the idea that the job you create for yourself is the most stable job you could have. >> reporter: he's not alone. one business study estimates there are already more than 17 million americans who no longer work for companies but sell their skills day by day. that number could jump to 23 million in the next few years.
6:26 pm
>> yeah. freelancing is happening everywhere. >> reporter: at the freelancers union in new york, the founder, sara horowitz, knows all about it. >> it is real lay phenomenon where people are hard working and they're just putting together a bunch of projects an they work in fields ranging from being a doctor, to a programmer to being a nanny. >> reporter: not much like a traditional union, her group helps employees. she says group members get health insurance for 40% less than it would cost them individually. and for all the headaches -- >> because they don't work that 9:00 to 5:00, they can be home when their kids cosm home home school. they can still do the things they love, the projects many of us say, we'll do that when we retire. >> reporter: she says many freelancers despite economic jitters are feeling more free because they left the every day
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jeb bush says immigrants are more fertile. florida's ex-governor made the comment friday at a convention
6:30 pm
for religious conservatives. >> immigrants create far more businesses than native born americans over the last 20 years. immigrants are more fertile and they love families and they're more -- they have more intact families and they bring a younger population. >> well, the crowd was silent after bush's remarks. the comment came while bush was talking about overhauling immigration. later a bush spokesman clarified saying -- he or she clarified saying bush meant that immigrants and hispanics in particular have larger families an more children. i want to bring in our political panel now to discuss this and more. cnn analyst and republican strategist, anna navarro is in miami and special correspondent for "the root," kelly goff joins me here in new york. anna, were you offended by jeb bush's remarks? as an hispanic, are you more fertile? >> don, i don't know if i'm more fertile but i do know that we do
6:31 pm
end up having a lot of babies as immigrants. look, what he was saying was true. i don't -- jeb bush is known as one of the big thinkers, idea guys, policy guys in the republican party. what he was saying is true. i think it makes some people nervous because it means it is getting -- it is the browning of america. but it is what it is. i will tell you later that day, i sent him an e-mail and said, thanks, pal, you just put me in a pickle. i'm just waiting for my mom to call and say, okay, your friend jeb says immigrants have more kids, are more fertile. you're an immigrant, what are you waiting for to give me a grandkid? so you know -- he said my mother would be right. >> i think most people got it. maybe they didn't. if people were offended -- think most people got what he was saying. sometimes things come out of your mouth and you don't know exactly -- sometimes you want to pull it back but you got the gist of what he was saying. >> i did. "new york" magazine did a slight show of all of the racist comments that have been made
6:32 pm
since president obama has been elected and there have been quite a few particularly coming from conservatives. this was not one of them. this was not a racist or offensive remark. what he's trying to say is true, but he did miss the stats. the birth rate among latino women dropped in the last -- >> jeb bush married to a mexican-born woman. strongly supports reform. >> i loved the remark. we have all those studies showing that the white death rate is actually higher than the white birth rate for the first time ever in our country's history. we also know that the birth rate among white baby is no longer majority. i actually interviewed a white supremacist last year about those findings and he was freak out because he was saying we've been warning about this, about white women not having enough babies and that our country was turning brown. when i heard jeb bush say this, i was like right on! it will get white supremacists or whoever don't want to see a diverse america lose a little sleep. i think it is great. >> how does this change in the birth rate among whites and what jeb bush said about hispanics
6:33 pm
being more fertile really just having more families and more babies. how does this change us as americans? how does it change americans and especially politically, anna? >> well, the point he's trying to make is an economic point when it comes to the immigration. we're in the midst of the immigration debate. it is on the senate floor. what he's saying is, folks, we need workers in america and the immigrants are, frankly, younger and they're providing more workers for the american economy. it is about progress. it is about economy. that's the political argument he was making. when you put it in context, you see that that's what it's all about. he is framing the immigration debate in an economic perspective. >> i'll tell you how it is going to change things, don. i'm from texas which we all know has gone republican for i think since lbj. jeb bush is actually the won who said that the changing make-up of this country, that we are becoming a browner country, texas has actually become a blue state he said if republicans
6:34 pm
didn't get their immigration reform act together. that's how it is changing this country. we are seeing swing states in play that used to not be in play because of the number of immigrants coming to this country. so it is changing our country. the fastest growing group is multi-racial americans. i am hoping one day we'll all be so mixed up a lot of this nonsense we are always arguing about in terms of race is kind of a moot point. >> anna -- >> don, just one last point. for all the people watching the three of us on tv right now, we just got one message -- we got you surround but we come in peace. >> anna, you're always trouble. i have to ask though -- the criticism is, even from people in the gop, from the people within your own party, anna, is that the party does not appeal to minorities. what does this mean for the republican party? >> it means we either figure out how to appeal to minorities and gays and younger people and women, or we're never going to see the inside of the white house. and having been in the inside of
6:35 pm
the white house, i can tell you, it is a lot nicer than the outside of the white house. so, you know, it is not an option for the republican party. this is not -- i hear many people say, you know, if we pass this immigration legislation we're making 11 million new democrats. that's plainly false and that, i would tell you, is offensive. i have heard it from democrats, including vice president biden, and from some republicans. it is wrong and it is not optional for the republican party because we either figure out this formula on how to attract other voters, minority voters, make the tent bigger, or we're, frankly, going to find ourselves standing under a small umbrella. >> yeah. a ana, kelly. thank you. ana, we had this conversation at dinner and now on television. >> i'm glad this is the only part of the conversation that's on television. >> well! the first part almost got on. but you held yourself on that. thank you, ana navarro,
6:36 pm
appreciate you. thank you, kelly goff. this mom just wasn't having it when a would-be car jacker pulled out a knife. what she did to get him out of the minivan and off the street. d the same way, right? yeah. ♪ [ panting ] uh... after you. ♪ [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] it's all in how you get there. the srx, from cadillac. awarded best interior design of any luxury brand. lease this 2013 cadillac srx for around $399 per month, with premium care maintenance included.
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a texas mother being praised for her quick thinking in protecting her children and landing a would-be robber in jail. cnn's nick valencia joins me now from atlanta with frightening details. hi, nick. >> reporter: hey, don. yeah, today is father's day but we are highlighting the actions of one very courageous mother. according to khou, a would-be robber got in the back of dorothy baker's minivan, then pulled a knife on her. that's when instinct took over. she was able to snatch the knife from his hand and punched him in the face. all while driving the minivan and having her 2 and 5-year-old in the car. she described what happened to our affiliate khou.
6:40 pm
>> i told him to get the hell out of my car and he said, fine. he got out and he started running. the next thing i thought was, if he gets away, can he do this to somebody else. >> reporter: don, she intentionally drove her car into a utility pole. he wasn't wearing a seatbelt. she was hoping that that could force him to crash through the windshield. that didn't happen. he did eventually, however, get out of the car. that's when she says she didn't mean to but she ran the would-be robber over. he was airlifted to a local area hospital with injuries and when he gets out, of course he'll be facing felony charges. >> sometimes karma takes a long time. sometimes it is immediate. thank you very much for that. talk about overcoming the odds -- one athlete's incredible life story and life lessons he he's teaching others. he joins us straight ahead. don't go away. if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite.
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this new development just in to cnn on edward snowden leak case. according to britain's "the guardian" newspaper, snowden's nsa documents reveal that the british government was tracking go-20 delegates' e-mails and phone calls back at the summit in london in 2009. what's this all mean? >> reporter: don, the rev lakes itself, when the g-8 meeting is under way in britain right now, it is very embarrassing for the british government.
6:44 pm
no doubt, some people will look at say snoewden has gone from this moral crusade, the timing of this latest revelation is quite serious. what is he saying specifically? he is saying in the gardi iaian newspaper that he has documents that the british intelligence services were monitoring world leaders at the g-20 summit. how they did it, he said they set up fake internet cafes to learn e-mail accounts, computer key strokes, hacking into plaque berries, real-time phone monitoring, 45 people dedicated to knowing when these world leaders were on the phone, specifically targeting the then-russian president demetri medvedev, trying to eve drop on his phone calls targeting the turkish finance minister, targeting the south african delegation in particular. so right now this could not come at a worse time, if you will, for the british government. the timing, therefore, a lot of people are going to question
6:45 pm
this. >> a lot of people are going to question. but let's pull back here. is this really that surprising, nick, that the british government would be doing that, would be monitoring people at the g-20 summit? >> i think most people believe that their government will monitor other governments in their own national interest. at the time this was in 2009, this was a time of tough economic collapse. british prime minister then gordon brown had expressed, again according to this "guardian" newspaper article. this would be, i think for many people, no surprise, which again questions the timing of this particular release because it seems time to embarrass as well as inform.
6:46 pm
of course we'll throw into question why the cyber hacking leaks and about china as well came at a time when president obama was meeting with president xi of china in the cyber hacking issue was a big issue. so for some people this is going to make their view of edward snowden and his leaks look a little different than it did before. >> great perspective, nic robertson. thank you. we'll be right back. hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on
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we've all had moments of adversity, a situation we find ourselves in that challenges us. our next guest faced years of challenges as a child, including homelessness and having a child when he was still a child himself. but he never settled for what life handed him. and through determination, he became a success. both as an athlete and as a businessman. now derek anderson wants to inspire and encourage others.
6:50 pm
the former university of kentucky basketball star and 11-year nba player has written a new book, "stamina." his message -- don't ever give up. derek anderson is here, along with terrance moore. aup. and terrence morgan here all the time. a sports contributor. the first words on your website said everyday i woke up i always had plan to better myself. >> tell us about your childhood. >> i had a rough child and my parent both left to alcohol and other things. i found myself sleeping in hallways and going to work at the grocery store at 7, 8 years old trying to fend for myself and took cold baths in detergent thinking it was soap and i was always taught to be clean. and finding myself homeless and going shelter homes and sleeping at people's houses in the
6:51 pm
neighborhood, it was part of my life and i tried to get myself out of it. >> is that the word, stamina? >> you had to have stamina. >> you had son when you were 14. how did you handle that? >> it was tough. when i was 15, i had to get custody of him and work two jobs at the age of 15 an 16. at that moment i realized life was about me making sacrifices. every kday i woke i wanted to b better than i was given. >> what do you mean normal people? what does that mean? >> my neighbor, school teachers that means most to me. the janitor at the high school g gymnasiums used to leave the light on because i had nowhere to go. those were normal people not celebrities where you treat athletes and entertainers on a ped still and the normal everyday working people that cared about kids. >> what inspired you to write this book "stamina" to overcome adversity. >> looking back on my life and how i appreciated it.
6:52 pm
i used to sleep on mattress with my son and nights electricity and i made it this far. i finally got my mother back in my life. 20 years later last christmas was the first christmas dinner we ever had and took her out for mother's day this year. me being able to forgive my family more than the world to forgive each other. >> terrence, you're looking at him, i would say, it's quite different, like nancy reagan used to look at ronnie. you look really proud of him. >> i really am. this is an example of how a great athlete actually gets it. don, a couple weeks ago, i said the worst commercial ever made was when charles barkley looked in that camera and said, i am not a role model. we're all role models. this guy gets it. it is so riveting because one of the things derek did was besides the things horrific in his life, life lessons to tell people how
6:53 pm
to overcome adversity. how do you relate those life lessons you put in your book when you give motivational speeches because i know you give a lot of them everywhere and people are fascinated on what you say. >> first, my success is not based on my finance, based on my character. that's what people don't realize. when you base everything you've done on your character. everything i figured in my life realized every decision i made had a consequence, whether good or bad. these kids needed to see that, the choices i made to not go to the streets and go to school, i look at the outcome, i could have easily went that way and been another statistic. i chose to put life lessons and river decisi every decision made had a result and me playing in the nba and being a champion. >> thank you. the book is called "stamina" and thank you to you, terence moore.
6:54 pm
go pick up a copy. he's back. tim tebow signed by the new england patriots. will he play or is he just way for the team to sell merchandise? that's next. little things anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. ensures support, a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like. sooner than you'd think. you die from alzheimer's disease. we cure alzheimer's disease. every little click, call or donation adds up to something big. i missed a payment. aw, shoot. shoot! this is bad. no! we're good! this is your first time missing a payment. and you've got the it card, so we won't hike up your apr for paying late. that's great! it is great! thank you. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with late payment forgiveness.
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tampa bay rays pitcher alex cobb was released from the hospital today one day after being hit with a line drive in a game with the kansas city royals. tough watch.
6:57 pm
he was diagnosed with a mild concussion. but all of his tests have come back normal. he was placed on a 7-day concussion list but there is no word when he will resume pitching. his camp also said he never lost consciousness. just when you thought tebow mania might be dying out, guess what. he is back. the former florida quarterback and heisman trophy winner has signed a two year deal with the new england patriots. that's a team that has one of the nfl's best qbs, tom brady. what's going on here? a legit shot at stardom for tebow or chance for patriots really to sell jerseys? that sounds harsh but we have to ask that question because "sports illustrated" jon wertheim is here to answer. >> we just had the owner giving putin his rings. they don't need to sell merchandise. we're mystified by this. tebow gets picked up.
6:58 pm
here's this player with all this hype. i don't think there's ever been an athlete where the hype and gap infield has been this vast. there was a press conference and bill belichick gives up nothing. 18 months ago he was a playoff quarterback. you don't expect him to get a snap with tom brady as a starter? there's two different camps here. a camp that says he's not that good, just hype. one says, no, he's great. which is it? is he that good? >> honestly we lost all perspective on this issue here. the jury is still out. he did enough in denver people say we'd be crazy to put him on the roster and we saw a serious article of someone saying he should play rugby, that would be the best use of his talent. no one knows anything and we'll see what happens in the fall. >> let's move on to basketball. >> we'll see what happens. the heat and the spurs. seems like every time they play a different team shows up.
6:59 pm
which team is going to show up tonight? >> exactly. no rhythm or momentum to the series. we had blowouts and alternated. i think san antonio wins tonight and miami wins the next two. >> what? >> at home court, very powerful. >> at home, it was almost a blowout. >> borderline blowout. we had four games and three have been blowout, just when it looks like one team has solved this riddle, they lay an egg. it's been a weird one. >> you think it will be the heat? >> yes. >> can we talk about jason kidd. he retired from the game and ten day s later coach of the brookn nets. >> gutsy. from player to coach, we don't see that too often. it will completely recalibrate the coaching. erik spoelstra, a young coach, did 15 years working his way up. either


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