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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 14, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> that's it for me. you will see me again tomorrow at 4:00 eastern. 1:00 p.m. pacific. don lemon has more live coverage coming from sanford, florida. what do you have coming up? >> talking more about that -- what you were talking about, that fiery debate you just had. speaking to one of my dear friends who i have known for a long time, buck davis. very interesting information about race. we'll continue that. and you and i have been talking back and forth on e-mail about that particular conversation. and learning a lot. i think there's a lot to be learned from this case moving forward. if there's anything to be learned, we can talk to each other without judging each other if we're going to move forward. don't you think? >> i totally agree. although i keep our e-mails private, it's an interesting discussion we have had and i think that we're definitely going to have more of this on our air and privately on e-mail, as well.
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>> yeah, right. thank you. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon live in sanford, florida, with cnn special coverage of the zimmerman trial. he is a free man. emotions are still strong. how a case is sparking conversations about race in america, healing in america and the law in america. so let's get started. let's get right in to it right now. two words from sanford, florida, reverberating across the nation and those words are not guilty. >> verdict? >> state of florida versus george zimmerman, verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> here in sanford, across the nation, people rallied for trayvon martin. vowing to keep fighting to honor the fallen teen. others rallied to support for zimmerman. trayvon martin's family tried to heal by going to church. pastors from coast to coast mentioned the martins in sermons
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urging peace and compassion. just a short time, president obama released a statement on the zimmerman verdict and how to honor trayvon martin and the full statement in a few minutes. but meantime, george zimmerman is enjoying a first full day of freedom out of the spotlight. we have not seen him since he walked out of court last night. his lawyer said he is afraid for his life. when's next for george zimmerman? that's a big question here. it is not just in florida. the acquittal of george zimmerman has sparked rallies and protests all across the country. >> not one more! not one more! not one more! >> well, that was a scene in chicago late last night. dh demonstrators took to the street. about a dozen people gathered in downtown dallas following the
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verdict. they held signs saying no justice, no peace. not all of the protests were peaceful. this one took place in oakland, california, and that's where protesters smashed in the windows of a transit police car in the street. we're also hearing from president obama on the zimmerman trial verdict. the white house issued a statement a few hours ago. the president says the death of trayvon martin was a tragedy, not just for his family or any one community but for america. i know this case has elicited strong passions and in the wake of the verdict i know those passions may be running even higher but we are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken. i now ask every american to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son and as we do, we should ask ourselves if we're doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities. we should ask ourselves if we're doing all we can to stem the
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tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. we should ask ourselves as individuals and as a society how we can prevent future tragedies like this. as citizens, that's a job for all of us. that's the way to honor trayvon martin. so despite the guilty -- not guilty verdict, the nation's oldest civil rights organization wants to keep the fight going and president of the naacp says he's calling on the justice department to launch a federal civil rights investigation and this morning on cnn "state of the union" he spoke of patience. >> it's important. just as we all put our faith in this justice system here in florida and in the jury, that we let the justice system run its course and the reality in these types of cases with serious questions, we know that there will be a state phase, a civil face, almost assuredly and then there will be a federal civil rights phase and we are putting
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our faith in that system. >> so in churches across the country, preaches made last-minute changes in the sermon. john zarrella went to a baptist church earlier that trayvon martin's mother usually attends. i want to get to cnn's john zarrella now. john, how's the service this morning? >> reporter: hey, don, yeah. i got you, don. what we had today was over at the church this morning, in miami gardens, which is the church where trayvon martin's mother sabrina fulton went and his father also attended. where trayvon went in the same neighborhood, miami gardens neighborhood where he grew up. and through the course of this, there was some talk that perhaps sabrina might be there this morning.
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of course, we really did not expect that. but she did talk to the pastor. and the pastor said that quite clearly she is very, very upset. >> very upset. they're very heart broken as you can imagine. as any parent would be. at the senseless tragedy of losing a child. but i applaud her. i commend her faith in god. she's still trusting god amid the trial. >> and pastor jackson said that the message that sabrina wanted him to carry to the congregation and to the community was that very message of still trusting god as she did trust in god and still does. and some members of the family were at church today and they spoke of the fact that, you know, this was a situation that nobody should have to go through
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again. >> and we're just -- keep everybody in your prayers. remember, trayvon and sabrina said your son could have been my baby, could have been anyone in america's baby. just the story coming back, skittles and iced team. >> i think a lot of young people may be feeling burdened like we all are but they have to know in their faith god it and no matter what he has it. we give it to him. we give our burdens to him. stand strong and be peaceful and stand together and hold one another up. >> is the peace -- where does it end? peace about what it is. accordingly. also say i'm very proud of trayvon martin moved. it's tragedies. our good of the nature. >> now, a lot of me believes of
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the community there in miami gardens, in particularly at the church today, were telling us if you thought there was going to be violence that erupted in the wake of this verdict that that really was stereotyping the community and that, in fact, that was putting them in a box and that that could not have been further from the truth. they never believed it would happen. and even the pastor told us that he believed it was a testament to the community out there how they have handled things in the wake of this verdict and what they're doing is they're channelling their anger and the belief, don, is what they're going to do is channel it to get rid of certain laws, one they pointed out, of course, to us was the florida stand your ground law which to them is something they'd like to see gone. >> all right. john zarrella, thank you very much. appreciate that. sunday worshippers stopped to reflect on the zimmerman verdict today. in atlanta, that ebeneezer
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baptist church, the pastor called for all under 18 years old to step forward in a tribute to trayvon martin. several of the martin family members attended services today. a cousin told cnn that the martin family's concerned. hurt and disappointed. but they're leaning on their faith. and in sanford, florida, today, worshippers held a special prayer day and a midday rally in the churches. george zimmerman walked out of the courthouse a free man. but his legal troubles could be far from over. the reason he may face new criminal charges. intense media scrutiny in the national spotlight, as well. it's hard to imagine what zimmerman's defense team went through. two attorneys of high profile clients can relate. we'll talk to them just ahead. what makes the sleep number store different?
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try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. welcome back, everyone. earlier we heard the president of the naacp call for the justice department to get involved in the zimmerman case. let's talk about the department of justice investigation. many are now calling for federal intervention. the naacp president calling on the doj to file civil rights charges against george zimmerman. renee marsh joins me from washington. is there any indication which -- that there may be something that the justice department will do following this not guilty verdict? >> right. so don, that is the big question. which way will the justice department go oin this? we don't know. the justice department saying they're investigating, looking at all of the evidence in this
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case. but here's what we can tell you. the naacp and the aclu, they're calling on doj to act. the naacp they started this petition. it's posted on their website and posted on and the traffic is so heavy on the naacp website for people trying to fill out the petition and the website is temporarily down. it crashed. they did tell us that they were able to collect some 230,000 signatures. at last check they secured about 150,000 signatures and these are people who say that george zimmerman violated trayvon martin's fundamental right to live. in response to the call for action, the department of justice just put out a statement just a short time ago saying that experienced prosecutors will determine if there is any evidence to show that they are able to prosecute on the basis
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of a violation of criminal civil rights. and of course, it has to be within their jurisdiction. so, don, at the very at least, what we know based on holder's own words in the past, charging zimmerman with a hate crime would be very tough. take a listen. >> federal hate crime, we have to prove the highest standard in the law, something that was reckless, that was negligent, does not meet that standard. we have to show there's specific intent to do the crime with the reckless state of mind. >> all right. and don, you just mentioned just about an hour ago, we received that first reaction of president obama of the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. don? >> all right. renee marsh, thank you very much. now that the jury decided, when's george zimmerman supposed to do? the man some call the most hated man in america begins a life
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that's completely different than the one he had a year and a half ago and his brother told cnn's "new day" this morning that life is going to be an adjustment. >> he is adjusting. that's really the best way i can put it. i think he's been caged in. he had the constraints with gps and showing up to court every day and having this weighing on him. freedom is kind of a new concept to him all over again. as beczar as it sounds. he is free to move about this country for the first time in a long time. >> robert zimmerman also says his brother must learn to move around in a low profile way and keep to himself, as well. zimmerman's defense team scored a huge virkt ri late last night and didn't stop the defense attorney don west from ripping the prosecution. listen to this. >> i think the prosecution of george zimmerman was disgraceful. i am gratified by the jury's
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verdict. as happy as i am for george zimmerman, i'm thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. we needed facts unlike what miss quarry said, they brought the facts? they didn't. the defense put on the case. >> i want to bring in -- we have not been here all night. but seems like we have been. legal analyst and defense attorney mark nijima and martin savage here in sanford, florida. i'll start with mark first. is it considered classic for defense attorneys to hammer the prosecution? i mean, basically, what did he say, was martin, disgusting? >> yeah. >> is that considered classy to do that? does that normally happen?
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>> it doesn't normally happen. what you see is a true not a spur of the moment, not just a moment of passion, but a true distrust each side to the other. and they have come to totally disrespect each other. you hear don west, who i happen to have known for years, never heard him act that way or say anything like that. when i looked at his comments, i think he truly believes his perspective is that the prosecutors did things that were questionable and he's simply not going to shrug it off and with that said, i think it's always best that you shake hands with your opponent and beat each other's brains out in court but you don't just do that but that shows the level of the animosity that exists between them. >> martin, as i was talking to people last night, some of the other reporters, some other court watchers, they're saying there was a moment where john guy went over to shake their hands and they wouldn't do it. is that true?
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>> yeah. you know, it has to be pointed out that it is not just don west. mark o'mara has strong misgivings about how the prosecution handled this case but if you haven't noticed already they are two very different styles when it comes to their personas. so i think that mark o'mara was softer and folksier in the presentation. don west didn't mince words and increasingly frustrated as the trial went on. we saw it early, interactions with the judge and objections that were made. he was increasingly feeling like this prosecution and this judge in many ways were unfairly and maybe unethically against the defense and it just kept building and, you know, perhaps one of the most famous moments the walk-out of the judge in the late hour just a couple of days ago. so, don west, afterwards, is not one to easily let things go. and there are serious questions
4:19 pm
that still have to be resolved. not like this is just a matter of personality clashes. >> we have to go to break here but you and mark o'mara know each other, right? >> sure. >> i don't know if you're friendly or still friendly and how people in the community are reacting and i also want the know how people in the legal community are reacting after this. we'll get to that after a break. stay here. you guys stay with us, as well. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. with one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun. well, that went exactly as i planned.. really? now save up to 60% during summer hotel sale. use code "summer" on priceline's.
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hello, everyone. don lemon here in sanford, florida, again with cnn special coverage of the verdict and the
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fallout. let's get back to the conversation about zimmerman's defense attorney don west. he said the prosecution was a disgraceful and fired insults at the prosecution accusing them of being sneaky and unethical. >> oh my god. just when i thought this case couldn't get anymore bizarre. the state is seeking third-degree murder based on child abuse? is the court going to give this any serious contention or consideration? because if so, we have a lot of talking to do. it's not fair to me, it's not fair to mr. zimmerman or mr. o'mara or the court. judge, this was a trick. >> so i'm here in sanford with martin savage and attorney mark nijame. what are people saying about west's aggressive style here in the community? >> he's a great attorney. i don't think there's any real doubt on that. were there moments he wasn't so great in this particular trial? yeah, i think even mark o'mara
4:23 pm
would say there's times that issues came up, some of them let's say the cross-examination of rachel jeantel. that became what appeared to be a test of wills. i understand what don west was trying to do and carefully trying to go in and dissect some of her testimony but she wasn't having any of it and a big yen rational gap and among other reasons. they didn't connect. he couldn't be really effective with her. but it looked like now he was combative. the knock-knock joke didn't set things off well. the instagram -- in relation to rachel jeantel. didn't appear to be at his best or appeared to be an angry, aggressi aggressive, attacking type of person. but he's still a very good attorney and you have that play of personalities, mark o'mara's
4:24 pm
very different. i think -- well, the results speak for themselves. >> let's talk about -- he talked about the community here but the larger community and also people inside the legal community, as well. you know mark o'mara and these guys, don west, as well. did you refer mark o'mara for this case? >> you were supposed to be handling the case, weren't you? >> supposed is the big word. i turned it down twice. i got a call and a release and i got a call of george zimmerman when this case was initially under investigation. i turned it down. and then after he brought in two other lawyers that quickly were dismissed, remember the debacle on the courthouse steps, i then got a call of a friend of his and i said, no. i had signed a contract with cnn. i think i made the better of the choices. in all honesty, i just came off a trail of three cases, i have a young family and i gave several
4:25 pm
names but mark was atop of the list and several reasons that martin just talked about in his some of his discussions and interviews. i knew he didn't have a bigoted bone in his body. we worked on the casey anthony case. i knew that not having any prejudice was a good thing, of course. but in addition to that, i knew he had a calm demeanor and such an easy case where passions could be really just set afire and he has a calm demeanor. >> worked to his advantage you think? >> i didn't care -- i would give anybody with a call of trayvon martin's family i would have done the same thing. as an aside, on jackson, we're greeting with a hug. i'd become friends with darrell parks. you know? we'll see each other and we'll talk, give each other a hug. >> will things change for him? >> some will. you know in that's the plight as a defense attorney.
4:26 pm
they think that you're that person that you represent. sometimes they're considered to be the underbelly of society and stuff and the legal profession. why? because they attach us to our clients. we are not our clients. we are advocates. many prosecutors end up becoming defense lawyers and we're there to advocate and that's imperative for the judicial system to work and each side to get the best lawyer they can get and the best present to represent both sides. >> we have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. don't worry. we have lots more show to go. thanks a lot to both of you. next hour, the prosecution with both of you guys. meantime, florida state attorney ankara corey has friends and foes after the zimmerman trial. and that's the discussion to talk about next hour. for more than a year now, george zimmerman has feared for his life. will he still wear his bullet-proof vest? a glimpse of what his life may look like now that his trial is over. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute little orange blob is metamucil...
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we just had a conversation about george zimmerman and the legal troubles he still may face related to the death of trayvon
4:30 pm
martin. as far as his murder trial goes, he is free and clear, all charges are wiped away. where will he live? what will he do for a living? his family says it's all private. cnn's david mattingly is live here in sanford today. >> reporter: he's been in hiding for over a year, daring to venture out only in disguise and wearing body armor. since killing trayvon martin, life with george zimmerman is filled with isolation and caution. >> a lot of people who think george killed trayvon for racial reasons, even though nothing supports that and if they feel that anger enough they could react violently. >> reporter: there have been tweets, e-mail and letters wishing him bodily harm or death. now that george zimmerman is free, almost certain he boebt be able to go to the life he had before, pursuing a career in law enforcement. >> that is the absolute worst thing you can do. it might be your old passion, my
4:31 pm
advice would be to find a new passion. and it needs to be helping people in a very different way. a way that is much more compassionate. not just involving law enforcement. >> reporter: for a view of life after acquittal, zimmerman may look no further than casey anthony. the hated young mother found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. she is since lived in hiding and financial ruin. cheney mason was her defense attorney. >> and you never know who the nuts are and where they are. there are still people that threaten me. >> reporter: it sounds like very severe consequences for being found guilty in a court of public opinion. >> they are. you don't have jello and cheese sandwiches in jail. >> reporter: zimmerman has strong support of his immediate family. part of the defense is paid for by thousands of dollars paid for by the public and even here there could be problems. >> he has to avoid the
4:32 pm
appearance of more divisions accepting money or support openly from groups that may be would create more friction because of the, you know, the tenor of this case. he's got to be very careful about who he associates with afterwards, even if they're offering financial support. >> reporter: shortly after the dramatic acquittal, george zimmerman's first steps back in to private life were hidden from cameras and public view. his destination -- his plans closely guarded secrete. >> he has always feared for his safety. we have always feared for his safety and ours as a family. clearly, you know, he's a free man in the eyes of the court but he's looking around his shoulder for the rest of his life. >> david mattingly is here live with me now. is that an exaggeration? is george zimmerman always going to have to look orr his shoulder for the rest of his life? >> he is wearing a bullet-proof
4:33 pm
vest in public. he's been doing that for a year. he's very, very concerned about his safety and he doesn't see a way out of it any time in the near future. his own attorney says he worries about his safety going forward, not just finding a job, a place to live, and some place to possibly disappear, very unlikely and always be people who remember this case and will always be passions around it. >> you were out amongst the demonstrators last night here and is it fair to say that the journalists outnumber the demonstrators? >> toward the end, yes. >> i ask that because i remember the casey anthony trial and verdict. there was a visceral hate for her, right? >> it was a controlled situation here. we are on a busy highway. this is a campus that's off that highway. they were able to control the comings and goings of everything here. they had everybody corralled the an area. >> how many people were physically wanted to possibly hard her, is what i'm saying? >> they made it more difficult
4:34 pm
for people to gather here than casey anthony. you could come from anywhere you wanted, show a parking place and protest against casey anthony. you couldn't really do that here. space was limited and more difficult to get here. >> yeah. it's unbelievable that people still hate her to this day and that even her attorney is looking over his shoulder. >> right. the things that george zimmerman has to look in to doing is making sure that he appears contrite. whenever he does appear in public, anyone confronts him about that. second of all, try and disappear. because he doesn't want to have a high profile. the last thing he needs to do right now as far as experts was to make sure that he does not give the impression to people that he beat the system. >> yeah. appear nonchalant about it, as if he doesn't care. thank you very much. good reporting. thank you, david. it was a media magnet. traditional outlets, of course, blanketed the trial and online and social media chronicled every single development. two defense attorneys join me
4:35 pm
now. both know what it's like to work with high profile clients. tom mesereau defended michael jackson in his 2005 trial on child molestation charges. and jeril merit was a principle attorney for timothy mcveigh in the oklahoma city bombing trial. didn't is george zimmerman jury make the right verdict in your estimation? >> no. i think it's an unjust verdict. i think it's a verdict that undervalued a young black life. i think the prosecution did not meet the burden of proof. did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that zimmerman did not have a reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm. they looked at the injuries. they didn't really know what happened. they got conflicting versions and he is the only one alive from that event and probably said it wasn't proven. do i think it's a just verdict? i do not. >> your reaction?
4:36 pm
>> i think it's an absolutely just verdict. criminal trials are not designed to be a search for truth. they're designed for one simple purpose. has the prosecution met its burden of proof by proving each and every element of the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt. that's all it is. a testing of the evidence. in this case, the prosecution did not meet its burden and the verdict should have been not guilty. and in fact, the charges as everyone has noticed have been, you know, were overblown. it's starting with the second-degree murder. >> yeah. that was my next question to you. maybe ask it to continue on. was george zimmerman overcharged and if so why does jurors buy the manslaughter response? hold your response until after the break. ore and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you.
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we continue on now to assessing the aftermath of the george zimmerman trial. talking with two defense attorneys now through very high profile trials like this. tom mesereau, of course, worked with michael jackson. and then jeralyn merit handled high profile cases, as well. she handled the timothy mcveigh oklahoma city bombing case. i asked you, jeralyn, before the break about the zimmerman case being overcharged and if so why didn't jurors buy the manslaughter option? >> well, the jurors didn't buy the manslaughter option because justifiable use of force means the killing was not unlawful. and therefore, they couldn't. the jury instructions told them, right inside them, that if they were to find justifiable use of force it was not a crime. they couldn't convict of either. murder 2 or manslaughter.
4:41 pm
and so, when you look at what the justifiable use of force, the self defense was, it was a reasonable person standard. this means that this jury thought that zimmerman acted reasonably. and that's what they believed. that's what the evidence showed. >> yeah. so tom -- >> i mean, it is not a crime. >> yeah. i got it. i got it. tom, what could or should prosecutors -- >> i disagree. >> go ahead. >> well, i agree from a practical point of view. the case was overcharged. you know, in the conrad murray case, the michael jackson family and the fans all over the world wanted second-degree murder. i said don't do it. it's going to help the defense. the defense is going to -- the defense is going to say this man is overcharged. the prosecutors lack credibility. they misused the power, abused the authority. i felt they were a better chance of a conviction involuntary
4:42 pm
manslaughter. yes, overcharging a case can affect the prosecution's credibility and help the defense. i think it did in this case. i think manslaughter would have been the right -- with the right charge and would have been the right outcome. zimmerman drove to the scene. brought a deadly weapon to the scene. decided to confront trayvon martin. didn't have to do any of that. he was advised by the police not to get out of the car and not to confront him. the homeowner association rules said don't confront someone you suspect of committing a crime or about to commit the a crime. he brought unreasonable force to the situation and i think he should have been convicted of manslaughter. by the way, in numerous states across america if you bring a gun to a fist fight, you are convicted of manslaughter. >> the law is written heavily in favor of the defense and i understand this. the jury could have convicted him because of what he said, what he set in motion, the type of force brought to the motion
4:43 pm
and concluded all unreasonable and shooting him through the heart. >> you know what? >> hang on, hang on. we don't have a lot of time and i want the move on to something else. tom, mark o'mara talked about the overwhelming media spotlight after the verdict an he wasn't kind. here's what he said. listen. >> i'm not angry at the media. i think the media has to do a better job when you have people injecting race in things. especially after a case like this where two very crafty attorneys got away with fabricating a completely scripted narrative and selling it to the american people through the media. through cnn. through abc. through nbc. they did it themselves. you know, to borrow a line from the movie "argo." if you want to sell a lie, have the media sell it for you. >> obviously that wasn't mark o'mara. that was robert zimmerman jr. tom, what do you think? >> i think the media treated him
4:44 pm
better than the media treated michael jackson. and michael jackson case, you had more acredited media from around the world than o.j. simpson and scott peterson combined. they had given alcohol to a cancer victim to prepare him for child molestation. he had abducted children, falsely imprisoned a family. it was absolutely horrendous. >> quickly, tom. >> the media can be problematic. i've seen worse. >> yeah. jeralyn, if you could respond very quickly. >> sure. you know, what happened in this case is private lawyers who were pushing their personal, political agenda who commandeered the state attorney's office and that's how -- and the media was so come police sit, they bought the story, hook line and sinker. they demonized george zimmerman in to someone who was the worst person in the country and none of it come parted with the facts of this case brought out with the trial. you know, the state did not have
4:45 pm
the facts to support this prosecution and the jury saw it and that's what happened and the media and the private lawyers i believe were come police sit and we should all look to why politics is being brought in to the criminal justice system. the criminal justice system was not designed to cure every conceivable social ill. >> i think that you have a point about the social ill but many in the state's attorney's office and many in the media who would disagree that they were not influenced by anyone. so, thank you very much. we appreciate both of you joining us on cnn. >> sure. we have the latest in the edward snowden saga coming up. one journalist said he better be kept safe because it could be their worst nightmare. hi, i'm jeff bridges. and we can make an impact on ending childhood hunger here in america. according to the u.s.d.a. we
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4:51 pm
morsi. supporters are still staging mass protests but in the wake of the street violence, a state-run egyptian news agency says protesters have frozen the assets. prosecutors, rather. of at least 14 people and including members of the muslim brotherhood and other islamic leaders. there is a warning today from the journalist that broke the story of the nsa surveillance program. glen green wald said the man that leaked the material has more information that would be dire for the u.s. if released. greenwald says snowden, quote, has enough information to cause more harm to the u.s. governent in a single minute than any other person has ever had. the u.s. government should be on their knees every day praying that nothing happens to snowden because if something happens, all information will be revealed and that would be their worst nightmare. end quote. snowden said he'll ask russia
4:52 pm
for temporary asiylumasylum. in texas, protesters took to the capital. several arrests were made. the governor plans to sign the region and defend the bill on cnn's "state of the union" union. we put substantial amount of money in to women's health programs over the course of the last two years. partly because the obama administration pulled our funding to the state of texas because they disagreed with texas restrictions on these abortions and most people i think in this country and in texas, certainly, believe that six months is too late to be deciding whether or not these babies should be aborted or not. we put the limit at five months in this bill. >> well, critics argue that the law would enforce the shut-down of most of the abortion clinics in texas.
4:53 pm
"glee" actor cory monteith is dead. the cause of death right now is not known but police have ruled out foul play. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. earlier this month, he entered a rehab facility for substance abuse and released in april. the star was 31. zimmerman verdict came down late last night and not too late for the nation's headline writers. a sampling of the papers but first, this. firefighters do the unimaginable running towards danger while many of us run from it. after last week's tragedy in arizona that claimed 19 lives, this week's repeat cnn hero group sprang in to action. >> 19 men. 19 husbands, fathers, sons, friends and brothers. 19 firefighters part of an elite 2,000-member group. >> these are not the guys in the red trucks that fight fire.
4:54 pm
wild land firefighters fight fire that turns and chases them, runs after them. >> with just over 100 crews across the united states, hotshots are part of a close-knit community of wild land firefighters. >> it is hard enough to lose one but when you lose 19 thao are tight, it's a domino effect. there's a hole here. >> 2008 cnn hero vicki minor flew immediately to prescott, arizona, to offer her support. since 1999, vicki and her team have helped thousands of firefighters and their families with emergency funds, medical support, travel and lodging. >> we help the families of the injured get to the bedsides. we do long-term recovery with them. >> her group provided millions of dollars to help but at the end of the day, vicki says money can only accomplish so much. >> those families miss the smell of smoky yellow shirts. we keep them connected back to this wild land fire family.
4:55 pm
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the outcome of a criminal case in a small town in florida is felt nationwide today and front page news in florida. not guilty declared "the tampa tribune" and "the orlando sentinel." it was a lead on newspapers across the country today. zimmerman walks. says "the los angeles daily news." "l.a. times," zimmerman not guilty. "the new york post" simply states, tray-vesty.
4:59 pm
hello, everyone. i'm don lemon live here in sanford, florida. a different story here. that place is empty. it was filled with people yesterday and a jury deciding the fate of george zimmerman. the trial of george zimmerman is over. he is now a free man. of course, not guilty. emotions are still strong. how one case is sparking controversy about race in america. healing in america. and the law in america. so, let's get started now. two words from sanford, florida, reverberating across the nation. not guilty. >> the verdict? >> state of florida versus george zimmerman, verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> here in sanford and across the nation, people vowed to fight to honor the fallen teen


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