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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 19, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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michael johnson. >> thanks for having me on the show. thanks for watching "around the world." >> we'll see you tomorrow, yes. >> hope so. >> "cnn newsroom" starts right now. medical marijuana bill and a gun bill plus he just passed a bill banning gay conversion therapy. governor chris christie has a lot on his plate. how his moves are impacting the gop across the country. the clothing company, forever 21 cutting employee hours and blaming obama care for it. bear attacks on the rise. how seven people were malled in four days. this is cnn newsroom.
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we're keeping a close eye on the massive wildfire rolling across idaho sun valley. look at these pictures. you have thousands of people in the path of this fire. they're being told get out of their homes. in the southeast very different story. that's where you're going to see heavy rains swamping parts of the florida panhandle and areas along the gulf coast. the rains are even saturating areas as far north as the carolinas where some roads there under two feet of water this weekend. i want to bring in chad meyers to talk about all the severe weather. dan simon is in idaho. chad, i want to start off with you here. this is crazy. it's insane to see this extreme weather throughout the country. you're looking at the florida panhandle where it doesn't seem to let up. >> if you had a weekend vacation in panama city, you didn't have
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a good time. ten inches of rain in about 48 hours from friday night to sunday night. it just never stopped raining. i got a couple new things from noaa. philadelphia, these are the wettest six months ever on record for these cities. the rain continues. we have this stationary front. fm it just will not move. where it's been raining it continues to rain and it's not going to change today and it's not going to change tomorrow. over the weekend we had a little tropical connection too. that storm could have been something in the gulf of mexico. did push the moisture into the stationary front. it will be great to spread this around. it's been so hot and dry in the west and the southeast just
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flooding. spread out over five states. >> i know all about that. you and i have been kind of drowning in atlanta. days and days of this rain. we're talking about a massive wildfire. this is across idaho sun valley. the numbers are staggering. a hundred thousands acres already burned. you have some 5,000 homes are in the potential path. that also includes some of these very nice homes of the rich and famous, tom hanks, bruce willis have homes there. it's also home to the sun valley resort. i want to bring in dan simon. what are you seeing here? is there any let up at all? >> reporter: speaking of that sun valley resort, during the winter they have the snow guns, those are being put to use in the summer. they're dousing that area with water to ward off any potential
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embers that could come that way. i'm here at the base camp. we have 1200 firefighters battling this blaze. whatever you talk about wildfires you always have to talk about the wind. it's starting to pick up a bit today. it was calmer earlier. that's not going to be good news. hopefully it will die down this afternoon and as you said the fire officials definitely want to try to save these very affluent areas. a lot of celebrities have homes here. right now about 2200 homes are under this mandatory evacuation order. there's a shelter that's been set up at a local high school. we were there a little while ago. a few dozen of those folks there. as we said fire crews taking this very seriously. at this point not much in the way of damage. just a few buildings that have
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burned. the fire crews taking this seriously. back to you. >> we wish them the very best. just starting to try to dweel that fire. we're paying close attention to this, we're talking about medical marijuana and began on gay conversion therapy. those are a few of the issues that new jersey governor chris christie has tackled in the last few days. a poll showed him leading the pack of potential republican candidates. he said his party needs to learn to compromise. >> we can stick to our principles and stimcome together to compromise. compromise is not a dirty word. it's the way the country was built. we need to get things done for the people that elect us. >> i want to bring in our thrks
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nn legal editor. this is not atypical of christie to get into the controversial hot button issues. part of it is style and part is politics. what's behind this? >> let's add the issue of guns to the whole mix. governor christy has weighed in on several controversial pieces of legislation just the the past few days up in new jersey. today he signed the bill that would ban gay conversion therapy for minors. children under the age of 18 would not be subjected to that anymore. on friday he vetoed a gun bill that would prevent long range.50 caliber rifles from being used in the state of new jersey which was welcomed by gun rights advocated. he also signed some legislation into law that would make guns stricter and of course medical marijuana which was a hot topic,
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he seemed to split the hairs on that. the medical marijuana would only be made available to youngsters and not to people over the aim of 18. chris christie weighing in on these difficult issues in the dead of summer. they are long term implications about how this would basic his run for president if he decides to go for it in 2016. >> are these divisions going to be exploited? will they try to keel with some of these? >> chris christie out of all the people that are being talked about, he's blazing his own path. he talked about compromise right there. that's not something you hear from republican, let alone democrats. you're correct in saying he represents a blue state of new
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jers jersey. he does a lot of things out of step from the republican party. this could hurt him in states such as iowa and south carolina which play an important role in helping to choose the republican nominee. he could do well in states such as new hampshire and florida. he's a politician we haven't seen often, certainly one who is being considered as a serious candidate. >> what about his ability to raise money? >> very good. in fact, back in 2012 there was very deep pocketed republicans who were not content with the field of candidates that were running, they tried to convince chris christie to run and he took a pass. if he decides to run, he have the money to do so.
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chris christie would have the money if he choose to do so. >> thanks. for more on this check out our political ticker on a memo leaked saying the forever 21 clothing chain is about to layoff 1% of its work force. we've not been able to verify this memo. there's a lot of concern and people talking about this on social media. >> forever 21 is cutting hours and benefits. there's a memo that was leaked on facebook. i want to read some of what people are saying. they're saying cuts benefits to put more money in your pockets are not right. your first priority should be the people that work for you and not your profit. the retailer is reducing the
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hours of some of its full-time workers making sure the maximum hours will be 29.45. they will be part-time. they will be losing health benefits. it is going to be auditing forever 21 will be reviewing spending budgets. there is some speculation this is because of obama care. in 2015 big businesses will have to provide full-time workers with health benefits. the retailer said it will only be affecting 1% of its employees. we did reach out to them for comment but we have not heard back. >> do we think this is just the beginning of a trend with a lot of businesses? >> it does look that way. we're seeing it from some industries because the restaurant industry among franchises. workers hours can be shifted in
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restaurants. we know the ceo of fat burger said his employees are going to be working less than 30 hours a week. he's been very vocal saying it does hurt small businesses. this sort of shift to part-time is bigger. we are dealing with that. coming up, she died in car accident back in 1997, but was it an accident? the latest claim princess diana was murdered. why police are taking another look at their investigation. this as we hear from her son, prince william who is experiencing fatherhood for the first time. >> least a bit of a rascal. i'll put it that way. he reminds me of my brother or me when i was younger. i'm not sure. >> our cnn interview with prince william. lindsay lohan known for her run ins tw the law is coming
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olympic track store known as the blade runner is indicted on charges of premeditated murder for killing his girlfriend. ironically, today, would have been her 30th birthday. pistorius says he accidental shot and kill ed her on valentine's day after he mistook her from an intruder. prosecutors say it was planned and premeditated. a list of potential prosecution witnesses include more than a hundred people. there's now a new theory in the death of princess diana. it's sparking a lot of buzz. london authorities are looking into the claim that the british military might have had something to do with the car crash that killed diana and her boyfriend 16 years ago in paris. police are not reopening this case but they are reviewing this new claim.
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>> reporter: new questions launched by a shocking new allegation. claiming british special forces were behind the deaths of princess diana and her boyfriend. it's the latest conspiracy theory about her death coming almost 16 years after that horrific middle of the night car crash. a high speed chase through a tunnel in paris with a deadly end. it's now assessing its relevance and credibility. the sunday people, the claim surfaced in a seven-page letter written by the estranged in laws of a sniper. they alleged their son-in-law boasted that the british sas was behind the deaths. >> people don't believe someone as beloved as princess diana can
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die in a road accident. >> reporter: they will not reopen the investigation which conclude they were killed by the gross negligence of their driver. buckingham palace is not commenting. >> there's nothing you can do about it. it will always be people coming out. the best they can do is get over their lives in a normal way. >> this is what i don't understand. the british military knew this for a couple of years. why is this just coming to light now? >> that's right. according to the british newspaper, the sunday people, military officials were aware of some of this information since 2011. it came out in a court-marti court-martialing of this yet to be named sniper former roommate.
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the sniper in question was a witness in that court-marti court-martialing. the people here not commenting on that report. they are being very tight lipped about this. >> thank you. appreciate it. this as her son prince william is starting his family. coming up, we'll hear from prince william. what he says about being a dad. you're watching cnn newsroom. 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at grrrrreat outdoors, and a great deal. ahhh let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at
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the duke of cambridge, prince william, has given his first interview since the birth of his son. he sat down with max faster. topic number one, being a dad. >> reporter: the prince says baby george is quite a character. >> he either reminds me of my
1:22 pm
brother or me when i was younger. he's doing well at the moment. >> you did the first nappy. >> badge of honor. >> it was. i had every midwife staring at me going you do it you do it. he moves around a bit. he doesn't want his seat belt on. >> how is she, okay? >> very well. for me kathryn and little george are my priorities. >> i was going to ask you about how he's coping? >> he's coping all right. we have dogs and bringing a newborn back take time to adapt. he's been all right so far. he's perfectly happy. >> how are you about going back to work. >> as a few fathers know i'm looking forward to going back to work to get some sleep. i'm hoping the first few shifts i don't have any night jobs.
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>> not going to get too much sleep there. you can see the complete interview in about a half hour ar so at 2:00 eastern. to this gay couples getting married in new sozealand. it's the 14th country to legalize same-sex marriage. nine of countries that lock up it are all in europe. the netherlands was the real trail blazer being the first to do so 12 years ago. this while governor chris christie signs a bill to ban, to stop therapists from trying to convert gay people in new jersey. we'll hear from one man who went through the so-called conversion therapy. >> do you think that you were born gay? >> i don't know. i do think who you are is who you are. seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already.
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the race to recall the mayor of san diego is off and running. 16 women have accused mayor bob filner of inappropriate behavior. it was last month he admitted he had quote, failed to fully respect the women who work with me and with me and he was embarrassed by his actions. yesterday, volunteers began collecting signatures to try and remove filner from office. they will be out in full force until they get the required signatures. >> we will work every hour, every day until you step down from office. >> we'll be at sporting event, street fair, we'll be out there. >> petitioners need more than 101,000 signatures. greenwald is the reporter
1:28 pm
who broke the story about credit nsa surveillance programs in the guardian newspaper using information leaked from american contractor edward snowden. his partner was detain and questioned for nearly nine hours last night. passing through the london airport this was on his way home to brazil where he and greenwald live. police say he was held under an anti-terrorism law. he says he flows a lot of secrets in england as well and he plans to reveal those secrets. now more from the fall out from jerry sandusky child sex abuse case. sandusky was an assistant football coach. this has been settled. that's from the lawyer of the man known as victim number five. he says sandusky assaulted him while in the shower at penn state.
1:29 pm
he might testify at trial of three former penn state officials accused of covering up sandusky's crimes. >> the incident which involved my client should have been directly stopped had the appropriate reporting taken place. my client may end up a witness in that trial subpoenaed just as he testified live at the trial. >> the lawyer says that the compensation in his words fair and adequate. penn state facing another 30 other lawsuits all in relation to sandusky. a couple of hours ago new jersey governor chris christie signed a law is that stops therapists from trying to turn young gay people straight. critics have argued it's damaging the minors.
1:30 pm
poppy harlow talks to a young man who went through that therapy for five years. some of the topics in the report might not be suitable for younger viewers. >> do you think you were born gay? >> i don't know. i do think who you are is who you are. >> reporter: at 25, matthew says he final he feels like himself but it's been a painful road. he questioned his sexuality at 16 so hi parents put him in conversion therapy. therapy that could make him straight. >> if i could have the same feelings for a woman than instead of a man, why not. >> reporter: he saw four therapists for five years and wrote about it. i'm beginning to change. he didn't change. his feeling for men rerained despite the methods he was taught. >> how to avoid same sex
1:31 pm
attractions. how to dismiss it through whether masturbation techniques or distraction techniques. it made me uncomfortable. every morning to say i'm not going to be me today. that destroys other areas of my life. >> reporter: the therapy is high he controversial and is posed by major medical groups including the american medical association and the american psychiatrist association which says there's no scientific evidence it works. the world health organization says it represents a serious threat to the health and well being of affected people. >> the fear is upon which these practices are based have no scientific basis and may cause harm. >> reporter: new jersey counsel counselor, ira king insists it could work. >> i left because it was a
1:32 pm
contradiction to my faith. i prevents them from getting the help they desire. >> if a parent says my daughter says she's gay. we want you to change that. what do you do? >> if the child doesn't want to change their sexual orientation, i honor and respect what the client wants because ultimately the child is my client, not the parent. >> this won't restrict religious institution or others that are not licensed therapists from talking to youth about this. >> right. they're not trained professionals. they're not licensed. they're not under a board of ethics that they must follow. that's the concern. >> reporter: king and others say to ban this infringes on their rights. >> talk therapy is talk therapy. there's no danger in talking. >> reporter: today, governor christie signed the ban into law saying he has concerns about
1:33 pm
government limiting parental choice but also pointing out the risks cited by experts. the statement says i believe that exposing children to these health risks without clear evidence of benefits that outweigh these serious risks is not appropriate. >> it gives an opportunity for parents to question it again. what is really best for my child and is it really appropriate for them? >> poppy joins us. first of all, new jersey, now just the second state to pass this ban for minors. do we expect this will be something we'll see in other states as well? >> i think that's a great question. everyone is looking at new jersey and california. that's the first state that passed the ban like this but then grouped that advocate for conversion therapy sued. right now that law is on hold in california pending a decision by the nineth circuit court of
1:34 pm
appeals. f new jersey is the only state where it's active. the same group that filed the lawsuit in california says they will file a similar lawsuit in new jersey. this could also get held up in the courts. only the second state. we could see this play out nationwide. >> thank you. coming up, facebook has a flaw. how a message sent by a hacker has mark zuckerberg chainging up his own security. lindsay lohan is coming clean about her addiction and rehabilitation. the oprah interview, straight head. hey love.
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg
1:38 pm
own page gets hacked, people pay attention. they broke the company's privacy rules. he says he hacked into it because the site security team ignored efforts to inform them ant a security flaw. we're following the story and tell us about this guy. how did he do this? >> reporter: he's 30 years old. a palestinian on the west bank. he's got an absolutely delapidated lap top. he was able to find a serious security flaw. let me have him describe it to you. >> to find way to post to other facebook users time line, this is dangerous. this is so dangerous.
1:39 pm
it will allow people to make public ads without paying facebook money. >> reporter: don't pay facebook my money. spammers could have exploited this big time. it means that anyone could go out and post things to people's time lines. they to popular people like you that might have 5,000 friends for their page. all of them would see this post. without any paying for it it would be an ad. you're not supposed to be able to do that unless you've a friend. he found way to do it for anyone. he says he approached facebook several times. he showed me the exchange of e-mails. at first they said, you can read it on his computer screen. they said this isn't a bug. the next time they said we can't see it even though he posted it to one of zuckerberg's friends. he said you need proof, i'll show you and he posted to
1:40 pm
zuckerberg's page. that's going dos him. it's going to cost him the pay out of maybe $500 or more for finding that flaw. >> i think some people see this guy as a hero, right. he's become a local celebrity to actually be able to do something like this. >> reporter: absolutely. he's a local celebrity in that town. he's opinion obn out of work fo two years. the last time he worked was for a web hosting company. he did discover something no one else found. because it violated the terms of service he can't collect anything for it. he's heartbroken. he said being a palestinian with no resources i'm proud of the fact i was able to do this. it is an aaccomplishment. he did it the right way. he suspects it might be hackers trying to make use of the exploit. he says he wants no part of that.
1:41 pm
he's hoping the billionaire zuckerberg will show a little kindness. >> or maybe hire him. >> reporter: yeah. get that job. seven folks attacked by bears in four days. one which mauled just while jogging. are bear attacks on the rise? why is this happening? up next.
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a 12-year-old girl jogging in michigan was attacked by bear. it's the latest in seven maulings. >> a bear just kiem came out of nowhere and knocked her to the ground. she tried to get away and the bear came back again. >> reporter: a mother's account how a black bear mauled her daughter leaving deep gashes on her thigh. to survive she relied on instinct. >> she decided to lay there and play dead. >> reporter: this is the latest in a string of bear maulings. at least five attacks in the past week. >> the reason why we're having bear attacks now is we have vacationers out in the area where bears live. they are out looking for food. >> reporter: last week a brown bear mauled a hunter in the northern alaskan wilderness.
1:45 pm
he survived 36 hours until the air national guard spotted him using night vision goggles and air lifting him to safety. bear encounters causing people's eyes to drop. a black bear tore through the screen door in florida taking an hour long nap. >> he looked tired because he was sleeping. >> this is the closest i've come to a bear let alone a seven to eight foot bear sitting on my back porch. >> reporter: a similar scene in colorado last month where a bear roamed into a bar filled with customers. >> i tried to holler bear so people could hear me. >> reporter: today wildlife officials are returning tests on a bear they killed maybe about two miles away from where the 12-year-old was mauled ee eed f the dna matches. they also set traps. when we talk about the why. why is this happening?
1:46 pm
as we saw the zoo official say we're going out into areas that are the territory of the bear. it's something we could potentially see more often and also this time of year the bears are preparing to hibernate. they are out looking for food. they recommends that if you're in areas where there are bears to be careful, take your bear spray because you could encounter a bear. >> absolutely. thanks. you can watch weekdays at 5:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. we have a new study that says coffee could be bad for you, but is it really the case? we'll take a look next with elizabeth cohen. let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 30% off. only at there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions.
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we've all heard the headlines, coffee is good for you or coffee is bad for you. he liz birth cohen is looking at these studies and sorts throughout all the coffee confusion. >> reporter: conflicting studies about coffee and your health are brewing up confusion. >> i don't know is it good for me, is it bad? should i drink it, should i not? >> i find this information confusing but i just drink it anyway. i drink like ten cups a day. >> reporter: a recent study says maybe she should learn to live without it or perhaps not quite so much of it. the study found that people under age 55 who drank four or more cups a day were 50% more likely to die during the course of the 16-year study and we're
1:50 pm
talking about eight ounce cups of coffee, not the giant drinks that many people like to order. coffee might hurt you by increasing your chances of getting gastrointestinal cancer plus -- >> the stimulant from coffee with caffeine could cause irregular heart rhythms. >> reporter: but, and it's a big but, several other studies have found that coffee is actually good for you, decreasing the likelihood you will get alzheimer's, type 2 diabetes and other diseases. so what's a java lover to do? >> when you smell coffee, you know it's time to get your day going. >> reporter: some doctors say you can hedge your bets. >> mark twain once said everything in moderation. >> reporter: so maybe instead of ten cups a day, try sticking to fewer than four. >> our senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, joins us. i'm a coffee drinker who is totally confused. i just saw your report. what should i do? >> i think of it this way. this study is one of the ones that showed that it was bad, but it was bad when it was more than
1:51 pm
four eight ounce cups a day. maybe just try to keep it to under four eight ounce cups a day. >> is there something about the group here, the coffee drinkers, do we have something in common that might skew the results in any way? >> it is possible that it's not really the coffee, it's just something about people like you. i don't think so. i was going to say, for example, maybe coffee drinkers eat a lot but that's obviously not your issue. maybe coffee drinkers are really stressed out people and that's why they are dying young in this study. we don't know. or maybe it really is the coffee. we don't know. so when you have all these question marks, the best thing you can do is, as i said in the piece, hedge your bet. you don't have to give up coffee but maybe you don't want to drink a ton of it. >> what does caffeine do to your body? >> i think there is some concern that it gets your heart rate going too fast. that's the concern. and that it can mess up that whole cardiovascular system but that's not proven. nobody really knows that. so even the good things about coffee, we can't prove those either. there's a lot of mushiness here. that's a technical term.
1:52 pm
there's a lot of mushiness here. so all you can really do is take that mushiness and say gee, what makes the most sense here is i'm not going to drink tons of coffee. four cups a day. keep it down to four cups a day. >> just keep warming up the same one. >> there you go. >> thank you. everything in moderation. appreciate it. coming up, she secretly says she wanted to go to jail. alcohol, her drug of choice. and she admits to being quote, a mess. lindsay lohan comes clean to oprah. i've been doing a few things for a while that i really love-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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call 1-888-283-2407 today. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lindsay lohan known more for her off-screen drama than her acting says she secretly wanted to go to jail. well, that's what she told oprah winfrey in an interview. the troubled actress revealed even more as she tried to come clean to oprah. >> are you an addict? >> yeah. >> what is it you're addicted to? what is your drug of choice or drugs of choice? >> alcohol. >> alcohol. >> yeah. because that's -- that in the past was a gateway to other things for me. i never abused -- i tried cocaine with alcohol. >> you were arrested the first time, correct? >> yeah. possession. >> it's the troubled actress' first interview since completing three months of court-ordered treatment for substance abuse. the 27-year-old's sixth trip to
1:56 pm
rehab. lohan told winfrey that her troubled past is behind her, hoping to restore her reputation and restart her acting career. >> what's going to be different this time? >> i'm not taking adderall. that's a big deal. >> reporter: she acknowledged she has a battle with addiction. >> you were addicted to adderall? >> yes. because that's all i knew. you know, i was convinced that it did ground me. >> reporter: confessed to using cocaine at least 10 to 15 times. >> so were you snorting it, injecting it, smoking it? >> i snorted it. i never injected anything other than getting b-12 shots. >> reporter: and revealed her two-week jail sentence in 2010 for probation violation was necessary for her road to recovery. >> somewhere inside knew and kind of wanted to go to jail. >> was it a cry for help? >> i think it was just to find some peace. >> how much money were you making? >> too much.
1:57 pm
>> reporter: with rehab behind her, lindsay admits that launching a career comeback won't be easy. first step -- >> prove myself in the way i did before in the past and that i lost. i have to regain the trust of people and my career that have their doubts. >> reporter: oprah and lindsay are also working on a documentary series in which lindsay will chronicle her efforts in recovery and that series will air on o.w.n. in friday 14. suzanne? >> oprah didn't do too bad at the movies this past weekend. check it out. >> we have no tolerance for politics at the white house. >> i'm cecil gaines. the new butler. >> at the box office, lee daniels' "butler" has taken the top spot in weekend sales. absolutely amazing film starring forest whitaker as a butler who served eight presidents. oprah winfrey plays his wife. the civil rights drama debuted with a healthy $25 million,
1:58 pm
beating out the competition. had a chance to speak with the actor, forest whitaker and director lee daniels just last week, posted it on twitter, if you would like to take a look, as well as movie sex symbol trending today, raquel welch signed on to play versace's aunt in a film for the lifetime network. it tells the story of how versace's sister took over the fashion empire after he was murdered in 1997. it's set to premiere in october. we want to end this story with this story. when college and professional teams win national championships, they usually make a trip to the white house to be recognized by the president. four decades ago, 1972 miami dolphins who went undefeated, won the super bowl, did not get that chance. it was not common practice back then but guess what, they are actually going to be able to do it. it will happen tomorrow. the man responsible, the former tight end, lamar fleming who
1:59 pm
told fredricka whitfield how this all happened. >> for 15 years, believe it or not, i talked to congress people, mayors, governors, i talked to everybody who is involved with the white house. nobody came -- nobody came up with anything. so i'm at a party at deacon jones' house when he was, bless his heart, when he was still with us, and i met george stark. who is george stark? george played for the washington redskins. i said do you know anybody, do you know anybody in the white house. he said yeah, my wife. i said your wife? >> all right. congratulations to the team for a trip to the white house. that's it for me. i'll be back tomorrow at noon. "cnn newsroom" continues now. have a good afternoon. the mayor accused of sexual harassment by more than a dozen women gets ready to go back to work.


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