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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 20, 2013 2:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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you can see a number of police cars there straight ahead of me. as we turn around here you can see -- loved wups of those children who were in the school. there's quite a big crowd here. 30 minutes or so that crowd has now started. if you look back this way -- >> aaron, you broke off. as we're flipping over, we're watching all of this breaking coverage with several atlanta affiliates watching. wsbt. this is an eye witness. wgcl. bottom line, there are reports of some sort of school shooting. they're calling this incident in the atlanta area school. quickly, let's listen in. >> obviously, has anything like this ever happened in terms of lock joungs at the school? >> not that i know. >> no. >> bernard, can she tell us where that shooter was in the
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school? do you have any idea in the school? >> do we know where that shooter was in the school? >> it was in the front ofs so far that i know of. >> do we know if any shots was fired? >> it was fired because she said she heard the gunshot. >> do we know if anybody was hurt or anybody hit? >> so far, no hurt. no children hurt. no adult hurt that i know of. >> okay. so where's your mother-in-law now? >> on longdale street. they've got them put off to the side. >> you're going over there? >> yes. yes. does she know about the walmart situation? >> you know about the walmart? >> yes. where the children being held there. >> i'm glad your mother-in-law is safe and your son is safe. >> so you just heard firsthand right there from someone whose mother or mother-in-law actually works in that school. scary situation. imagine being in there with somebody having a gun, whether it be a hand gun or ak-47 as she mentioned. none of this has been confirmed as far as the type of gun this person allegedly had. obviously some very scary
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moments for people in that school locking themselves in a storage room after hearing shots fired. scary moments, particularly after what we saw in connecticut at sandy hook. >> oh, gosh. bernard, behind you are you noticing anymore activity? we're seeing pictures on the right-hand side of our screen of the buses leaving or getting over to the kids to load them up and take them to that walmart. are you feeling any sort of movement there like maybe this investigation is moving somewhere else? >> well, stephanie, at one point we were at the tip of the cutoff where, you know, we couldn't go any further. now we've extended it allowing us to get closer. we're still not close enough to see what's going on at the school. the number of people have decreased a great deal as folks are going to where their kids are. also a lot of people have moved closer to the school. a live picture. >> there's still a lot of police officers out here. certainly the number of law
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enforcement officers here, slowly starting to decrease. >> thank you, bernard. >> we just heard from a woman, kenyata lucky. she says her mother-in-law works in the cafeteria. they were in the front option at the time. lunch would have been over by then. she heard some shots fired. they all went in the storage room and locked the door. her and whoever else was in the main office there and i'm sure there's a protocol. at that point you call 911. you secure the office and areas so it's unclear if she's hearing it in that front office. >> pieces of the story are beginning to emerge. as you know in any breaking news situation such as this, this is when misinformation can get out here. let me be crystal clear this is what we know thus far on cnn. there was some sort of shooting. you heard from the eye witness her mother-in-law did hear a shot or shots. this is just outside of the dekalb atlanta area. we're talking pre-k through
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fifth grade. right around an hour or so when we saw them racing from the school. reports of shots fired. the latest we have is, thank goodness, we know parents were incredibly worried. children, faculty and staff are a-okay. here's what we know in addition from the dekalb public officer. the situation is over. there is nothing else going on inside the school. listening to some of the reporting, of course you have police and sheriff's deputies setting up a perimeter as they do in situations like this going classroom to classroom, room to room, making sure the school is cleared out. the kids' priorities number one and there is a briefing going on in the school right now. let me bring in mike brooks, sitting down with me popping his microphone on. thank goodness, this seems to be over. no one injured. we're all watching these pictures.
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these little itty bitty kids racing across the field. now parents are going to a walmart parking lot this afternoon to pick them up. >> yeah. the walmart is down the street. right on second avenue by gresh sh sham. right there. we heard this. you see the kids coming in and out. what does that say? training. they have trained for this. >> make a plan. >> going out the back door, brooke. that says to me that the school has trained for an active shooter. we know the school has not been back in session -- >> let me interrupt. we have jamarcus holloway. i understand your nephew goes to this school. how old is your nephew? >> my nephew is seven years old zbll seven years old. are you talked to him? is he okay? >> no, i haven't talked to him. i'm trying to get to him now. trying to get him. >> what has the school told you? >> the school hasn't told me anything. the only thing i heard is
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updates from the school and the phone shooter in the building, shots were fired. >> shooter in the building, shots were fired. >> i read it on wsb. >> okay. so you have a nephew, he's seven years old. >> reporter: are you -- where are you headed to this parking lot? is someone going to pick him up? >> yes, i'm on second avenue. i can't even get to the school there's so many police. i'm trying to get to walmart. >> tell me what it looks like where you are right now. >> what it looks like -- what i see, right now i see two or three police here, i see channel 2, i see channel 5. there's a lot going on here. >> a lot of media. jamarcus trying to get there. mike brooks, he's trying to get to the 7-year-old nephew of his. mike brooks, unfortunately we've done this before. >> yes. >> what always strikes me to your point that there does seem to be a plan in place, thank goodness. the fact that once they sort of secured it, in this case what it
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sounds like one alleged gunman now in custody, they then set up the perimeter to go classroom to classroom. >> sure. once they said all children were safe, no one was transported. yes, once they do have someone in custody, you don't know if anybody else dmam with this person. they'll do a sweep beings make sure that no one else is hiding either people who may have run away from the gunshots or someone else involved in this. it looks like the situation is secure. it sounds like they had a plan in place. it looks like that plan worked. >> thank goodness. mike brooks, thank you very much. we're going to keep a close eye on this story. let me totally switch gears and take you to the white house. there's some big doings happening in the white house at this hour. i'm assuming these are live pictures. here we go. finally, finally, for the 1972
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miami dolphins, the only undefeated team in the nfl. remember this? they went 17-0. they are finally getting to go to the white house. we have a couple of people to talk about this. this is obviously a huge, huge deal for this team. our chief white house correspondent is there. jessica yellen, tell me how this whole thing came to fruition in the first place. >> we're hoping the president will tell us when he comes up to welcome them. we do know the president is a true sports fan and also that this is the historic undefeated team. >> here he is. here's the president. let's listen. >> i love baseball, but "sportscenter" is better when you've also got some football on
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there. college football kicks off next week, nfl regular season after that, so today just to whet everybody's appetite, i am proud to welcome the only undefeated, untied team in nfl history to the white house for the very first time. give it up for the 1972 miami dolphins. [ applause ] >> i know this is a little unorthodox four decades after the fact, but these guys never got their white house visit after winning super bowl vii. i know some of them are a little hard to recognize these days. you know, they don't have the afros or the mutton chops, the
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fu man chus, but i want to recognize and thank first and foremost their outstanding coach, coach shula, the legendary hall of fame coach shula. [ applause ] >> i want to thank the owners, steven ross and i want to thank tim robi and everyone from the dolphins organization who made this event possible after all of this time. i know that some people may be asking why we're doing this after all these years, and my answer is simple. i wanted to be the young guy up here for once. [ applause ] >> i did have to explain to my staff, who mostly are in their early 30s, what an incredible
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impact these guys had, including on me, when they were playing. these dolphins made history back before super bowl champs started visiting the white house. the first teams didn't start coming until after 1980. this is a fun thing to do. i like doing it as president. i even let the packers come a couple of years ago, which was hard to do. so i decided it was high time to pay tribute to the only undefeated team and give butch and sundance their credit. in 1972 they were a juggernaut. they had a grinding game. they became the first team ever to have two thousand yard rushers. they had the best offense, the best defense. they posted three shutouts.
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they doubled the score of their opponents eight times and they did most of it after their outstanding pro bowl quarterback bob greasy broke his leg. that brought in backup earle old bones morrill who unfortunately couldn't be here today. as one teammate later said, earle couldn't run and he couldn't throw, but earle could win, and that's what he and the dolphins did again and again and again. winning the super bowl, however, was not a foregone conclusion. the dolphins had to win in pittsburgh just to make it there. once they did, they still were slight underdogs to the redskins in the big game. plus, they had lost in the super bowl the year before. people were stupidly doubting whether coach shula was going to win the big one, so the pressure was on leading up to the big game. but the key to their victory, i
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am told, is that zonka put an alligator in coach shula's shower. so that loosened everybody up. the dolphins went on to win their first back-to-back titles and with every year this team's accomplishments just look better and better. they're one of only two teams to play in three straight super bowls, seven players have busts in the hall of fame. coach shula retired with more wins than any coach in nfl history. each and every time that perfect record has been challenged team after team has fallen short. but these dolphins didn't always get the credit they deserved. some said that they only had to play 14 regular season games. i've got to come clean here. a couple of years ago i hosted the '85 bears on the south lawn.
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they had also missed their chance to have a white house visit, and that day i called them the greatest team ever, but take it with a grain of salt. >> thank you. >> bears lost once in their nearly perfect season and it happened to be to the dolphins. [ applause ] so i think you made your point. nobody can argue with this record. nobody can argue with what all of you have gone on to do after you hung up the shoulder pads for the last time. players from this team have gone on to become a minister, a mayor, a doctor, a state senator, high school counselor, many successful business men. nick helped found the world's most comprehensive spinal cord research center.
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some have dabbled in acting. i hear somebody serves up a pretty good t-bone as well, so these are all men of accomplishment and character and it showed on the field and off the field as well. we want to congratulate all of them. we want to make sure that they're remembered for not only the history but sports fans will always remember but also for all the countless contributions that they've made in their community as well. thank you again. congratulations. it's been a great honor to be here. finally, finally, 40 years later. this is the team, as the president pointsed out, you hear all of them saying, yeah, in the background. 17-0. the only undefeated pro football team. these are the guys who hoist a glass of champaign any time. >> great to be here and we feel honored. it's been 40 years but, what the
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hell, we still feel honored. but when you look at that, the undefeated team, and we all signed it, we want to present you with this. and even though you were a bear fan, we understand you have to root for somebody. but everybody signed this the undefeated '72 dolphins. this is something that we hope that you find a good spot for somewhere in your office or where you can look at it and think about the whipping that we put on the '85 bear team. [ applause ] >> are we going to strike the podium here? >> what a great moment. we'll stay with the pictures. talk about a moment of levity to see this team, a little grayer, maybe moving a little slower. coach shula on a motorized scooter nevertheless handing over that undefeated jersey.
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john wertheim joins me, executive editor of "sports illustrated." this is great. john, there are three players -- look at don shula standing up. three players who are not there. >> there are three players that aren't there. that's sort of in keeping with recent tradition where a few outliers on these teams when they go to the white house and celebrate their championship use that as an opportunity to protest and there's some striking in their absence. it's certainly their right. you can see from ceremonies like this, i think it's a little disappointing to polite size what's pretty much a fun day at the white house. >> yeah. and also the story, john, about how the tight ends, mark fleming, apparently he had spent years and years trying to get to the white house. this wasn't a thing to do in the early '70s.
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president nixon a tad bit busy with watergate. his friend who played on the red scenes, his wife, lawyer, white house, you know, ultimately they got the gig. jessica yellen, let me go back to you with a pretty plumb assignment today with getting to cover this. also if i may make a hard turn and talk about egypt. you have some news from the white house when it comes to the crisis and it's developing in egypt. what do you have? >> we had quite a go around in the briefing today with josh earnest. he is maintaining he's filling in for jay carney and he's maintaining the white house has not cut off aid to egypt. now we've been reporting that aid to egypt has been put on pause while the white house is reviewing what they should do in the future and what is going on here is a little bit of pink linguistic language parsing of words, little legalisms.
2:19 pm
the white house is saying technically aid has not officially been halted and there is no aid currently flowing to egypt so they haven't stopped it. but up on capitol hill one of the democratic senators there is saying actually they've been informed that aid is being halted and so there's a bit of a dispute between what capitol hill is saying, what the white house is saying. i can tell you that the president is meeting with his most senior foreign policy officials, including secretary of state kerry presumably and the secretary of defense in just 35, 10 minutes to discuss some of these very issues. they say they will be reviewing a final decision.5, 10 minutes f these very issues. they say they will be reviewing a final decision. we don't expect to get that word today. this will take time to make the final determination. >> we'll figure out the hill, the white house, the aid. the 1.3, 1.5 billion the u.s. gives to egypt. we'll see what the two decide ultimately, what will be
2:20 pm
happening, whether or not that will be cut off or not. jessica yellen at the white house. jessica, thank you very much. >> reporter: thanks. coming up, reports of three teenagers who according to police shot and killed this athlete who was just out for a jog in oklahoma. teenagers quoted on local reports saying they did it just for fun. they're in court this hour. that story is next. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need.
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to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. for three teenagers who police say were bored allegedly gunned down and killed a young man in this senseless act of violence. chris lane was out for a jog in an oklahoma neighborhood. a student from melbourne who was visiting the town of duncan where his girlfriend and family live. police say the teenagers followed lane in a car and shot him in the back before speeding away. >> there was some people that saw him stagger across the road, go to a kneeling position and collapse on the side of the road. >> cnn's alina machado is covering the story for us.
2:24 pm
we know the teens are in court in the next hour. tell me about the charges they face and the alleged confession. >> we know the teens will be charged in connection to the murder. we don't know just yesterday the charges they will be facing. we're hoping to learn more once the suspects face a judge. police say chris lane was jogging when he crossed paths with the suspects ages 15, 16, and 17. those teens, according to authorities, were on a mission to kill and randomly shot lane in the back. witnesses reported hearing one gunshot. a woman told police she saw the 22-year-old fall to the ground and she tried to help him by performing cpr. another woman stopped and called 911. paramedics took lane to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. the teens were seen speeding away in a car and police later caught up with them thanks to surveillance video from nearby businesses. the police chief says one of the teens contacted investigators and told them exactly how the killing happened and the location of the murder weapon.
2:25 pm
now this story is chilling and devastating, especially for the victim's family. here's what his father told reporters in australia. >> he's left his mark as we know and, you know, there's not going to be any good come out of this because it was just so senseless. it's happened. it's wrong. and we just try and deal with it the best we can. >> you can really sense the emotion and the pain in that father's voice. now lane has a girlfriend here in the u.s. and she has posted on facebook. her name is sarah harper. she posted an emotional tribute saying, quote, you will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart. there's also a rest in peace christopher lane facebook page that has gotten tens of thousands of likes. it's unclear who created this page but, brooke, it has been flooded with messages of love
2:26 pm
and support for those who loved this victim. >> awful all around. there's a lot of anger from australians directed towards the u.s. for this. we're going to tackle that in the next hour coming up. alina, thank you very much. coming up, dad is shot to death in broad daylight outside his son's day care. the trigger man, his wife's boss. and prosecutors say she was involved in a love triangle turned deadly. on the day. andrea snyderman speaks in her defense. jane velez-mitchell. >> nowhere. i had nothing to do with it. i would do anything to undo it. i want to go back. humans. even when we cross our "ts" and dot our "i's", we still run into problems.
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the very first time in the trial. here she was during the sentencing. andrea snyderman wept, pleaded
2:30 pm
and expressed regret. the one thing she didn't do, admit to the nine counts of perjury, hindrance and obstruction of justice that a jury just found her guilty of committing. >> despite my state of mind following the murder, i did nothing to obstruct justice in any way. i gave the police names, passwords, access to all of my personal computers and phone information. when asked on november 19th, 2010, if i knew anyone interested in breaking up my family i said yes and immediately gave mr. newman's name to the police. >> today a georgia judge sentenced her to five years in prison after her actions after her husband, rusty, was gunned down outside their son's day care back in november of 2010. her boss, henny newman was the killer. andrea was having an affair and hindered efforts to identify
2:31 pm
her. snyder man insisted under oath that she and newman were only friends and she pleaded with the judge to let her be with her two children. >> sofia and ian desperately need me to fill that role for them. they've already suffered so much. since last august they've had no parent to join them at school events, to take them to the playground or to go have an ice cream all because the state wrongly charged me with a murder that i had nothing to do with and would do anything to undo. i want to go back to the life i had with rusty. this is not a world that i understand anymore. however, i am determined to raise my children to be happy, productive citizens of this country. i am the person that should be doing that.
2:32 pm
sofia and ian have been punished enough. please let me go home to my kids. mr. newman changed my children's lives forever by killing their father. please don't make them live without their mother. thank you. >> wow. jane velez-mitchell host on our sister network hln. jvm, i know you have been all over the sneiderman story. she was staring down the murder trial. prosecutors changed the charges. what do you make of this? >> brooke, i don't buy her tearful allocution. i looked very closely. i didn't see actual tear drops. study. study that video. she's a master manipulator according to her dead husband's family. they feel that she has really a lot more responsibility.
2:33 pm
you know what, this is whittled down, watered down justice. she was originally facing murder charges. the prosecution decided they didn't have enough to charge her or prosecute her for murder. then she gets convicted of these nine felonies. she could have gotten 65 years according to some analysis. then the prosecution only asks for 20 and then the judge gives her five with time served, she gets four. you know how it is, in a couple years she'll be out. this is what happens over and over. we have a two-tiered system of justice in this country. there are more people locked up in america than any other country and a lot of people are doing real hard time for nonviolent drug offenses and things of na nature. you have a case like this and she plays the mommy card and the judge buys it apparently. >> so from master manipulators, jane velez-mitchell, to
2:34 pm
coverups. your book. you dedicate this book to travis alexander. why did you write this? >> i wrote it because i was out there in the hot phoenix sun in that courthouse and going into the courthouse and listening as the nation did to jodi arias lying through her teeth on the witness stand as the prosecutor maintained and i decided, you know what, i want to get the real story. the prosecution is ham strung. they can't present everything they have. i started talking with a tape recorder to travis's friends going in and out of the courthouse. i got a completely different story. jodi arias portrays herself as a submissive, meek woman who endured sex to passify him and placate his anger. oh, contrare. she was the sexual aggressor. they saw her behaving very aggressive in the sexual department. sucking on his ear in a church setting. travis alexander told his very
2:35 pm
best friend that jodi arias was a nymphomaniac but they're in the book. "the secret life of jodi arias exposed." she knew a lot more about sex. she was the sexual aggressor. then when she needed to, she turned around and tried to make him an abuser and tried to turn the kinky sex games that she taught him into him committing domestic violence on her and it was a travesty. we set the record straight in this book. >> read all the details. i think the next chapter in this whole case starts next week. jane velez-mitchell, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, want to take you back to our breaking news story out of georgia. a gunman as we've been reporting is in custody. all kids are safe after seeing them filing out one by one from the school this afternoon. the police chief here now revealing new details about what went down. plus, the partner of the
2:36 pm
reporter who published edward snowden's leaks is threatening legal action for being detained at an airport for hours. senior legal analyst jeff toobin on this urgent deadline next. the great outdoors, and a great deal.
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they say they will take legal action against the british government unless the government admits the detention was illegal. david miranda is the partner of guardian new hampshire reporter glenn greenwald who broke the story of edward snowden. miranda was traveling back to rio de janeiro from berlin when he was stopped in this airport, held for nine hours. when he was finally allowed to get on a plane he got on that plane minus a lot of his gear. >> translator: they took my computer, video games, cell phone, everything. >> greenwald says the incident,
2:40 pm
i'm quoting him, will em golden him and he'll become more aggressive in his reporting. senior analyst, jeff toobin. good to see you, sir. let's talk about this. the deadline. what are the chances that the british government and police will concede on this? >> zero. >> zero. >> i mean, just not a chance. look, this is a very bizarre story and i think there are a lot of facts that are not known yet but mr. miranda was not some random tourist who was stopped. he had been in berlin visiting with laura portias who was the filmmaker who worked with greenwald on the original snowden disclosures. he was bringing back computer equipment that she gave him. he was acting as, as they say, a mule so he was carrying stuff that the british government said was related to terrorism.
2:41 pm
now that may be a stretch. it is not a stretch to say that it contained government stolen documents and material. it wasn't like they picked miranda out simply because they didn't like his partner. they had evidence that he was transferring stolen material. >> if you look at it from the side of the government and the police, they want that material. is what they did legal? >> well, again, i don't want to pretend that i know every in and out of british law here, but certainly when you enter a country you surrender a certain number of rights. it's a very different situation than when you're already there. we all go through customs. we all give up our belongings for research. something else happened yesterday in this case where the london authorities went to the guardian newspaper -- >> offices. >> right. and destroyed computers that they said contained classified information or stolen information. that, to me, is a far clearer abuse of power, just an outrageous thing as far as i can tell. much more than this border search which, again, based on
2:42 pm
the information we know does seem at least portionly defensible. >> again, on the guardian offices, this is what the guardian editor wrote when it comes to the intelligence agents. you've had your fun, now we want the stuff back. we'll be following it. mr. toobin, a pleasure. tonight we'll have the exclusive interview. ac 360. coming up next, the psa that has a lot of you talking. it reenacts essentially the shooting death of trayvon martinme martinment. find out what this group wants you to know next. ...and last year, she wasn't eating so well. so i recommended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing. and now she drinks it every day. well, it tastes great! [ male announcer ] boost drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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they were used to help clear george zimmerman in court, and now those 911 calls the night he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin are on screen for
2:46 pm
much different reason. the coalition to stop gun violence is the group that's put them out there in this 90 second public service announcement, this psa. the group wants people to, quote, stand up to stand your ground laws which exist in some two dozen states. here's the psa. >> yelling help? >> yes. >> gunshots. >> who's saying who shot who? >> a guy is raising his hands up saying he shot a person. oh, my god. >> officer's there. he has somebody at gun point. they're going to handle the situation from here. >> oh, my god. it's a young boy. >> stand your ground statutes
2:47 pm
allow people to use deadly force in self-defense if they fear for their lives. let's talk about this psa with former prosecutor faith jenkins and darryn cakavinoky. aesthetically it's beautifully done. >> gorgeous. >> you say this psa, it shows specifically when it comes to stand your ground how the law lags behind trends in society. >> yeah. we talked about that it could even be perceived by some as being misleading because when we talk about stand your ground what we're really talking about is that people no longer have a legal duty to retreat before using deadly force. ordinarily you have no duty to retreat when you're in your home, but in states that have stand your ground laws, they have extended that lack of duty to retreat to when you're out in public. but the thing that strikes me as misleading about that is that this was not an issue in the zimmerman trial. >> they didn't use it. >> they didn't use it because
2:48 pm
the big tool around stand your ground laws is that a defendant or defense lawyer can actually have a hearing prior to trial where they're trying to get a judge to rule that they have immunity from prosecution based on the law. it was not used in the zimmerman trial and i don't think the repeal of stand your ground would have made a difference at all in the zimmerman case. >> faith, i want you to weigh in, too. >> yes. >> i think it's striking to see all the bodies at the very end of the psa, all the different states represented here. >> yes. >> what did you think of it? >> it's a very powerful piece, no doubt. i will say this about the stand your ground law and how it was applied in the zimmerman case. you're going to see the zimmerman trial being used repeatedly. they're going to try to advance their argument on why these laws should be repealed. the stand your ground law extended the basic self-defense laws. that's why you have the judge when she read the jury
2:49 pm
instructions, she said george zimmerman had a right to stand his ground. she did not read the standard language. the law in florida expanded the self-defense laws and expanded the laws about what you can do with a gun where you're in a fight, you have an opportunity to retreat but now you don't have to. that's because of stand your ground. >> darren and faith, thank you very much. coming up, much more of our breaking news out of the atlanta area. gunman in custody. all of these kids, this is pre-k through 5th grade. they are safe at this hour. the assistant police chief getting pretty animated when he's talking to members of the media when asked about what happened in that school not too long ago. we've got that sound. we'll turn it around for you right after this. [ male announcer ] if you've run out of tissues and considered other things...
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you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec® love the air. the gunman is in custody. all of the kids and staff are safe. i want to play some sound. this is from the dekalb assistant chief talking to our affiliate wxia near the scene. take a listen. >> >> everybody is okay. everybody is okay. >> do you know what time the bus is going to roll? >> chief. chief. chief. when do you think that the -- chief, when do you think that the buses will be getting here? >> we take our time in securing the scene, in securing this -- searching this location. we're going to check everything
2:53 pm
for secondary, device secondary suspects, anything. we've got to make sure before we let these kids move at this time. >> these parents have been pretty orderly, haven't they? >> the parents -- >> again, making calls. obviously police are investigating, police and sheriff's deputies to try to figure out who this is and why he would want to do this. coming up, embattled san diego mayor out of rehab and with allegations growing, possibly back at work today, or is he? more on that story next. [ male announcer ] a man. a man and his truck... and a broken fence... and a lost calf. ♪ and the heart to search for as long as it takes. and the truck that lets him search for as long as it takes. ♪ the all-new chevy silverado. the most fuel-efficient v8 in a pickup. strong for all the roads ahead.
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2:56 pm
a twist in the hannah anderson kidnapping case. james dimaggio, the plan believed to have killed christina and ethan and kidnapping 16-year-old hannah anderson named the teen's grandmother as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. dimaggio was a family friend of the andersons, like an uncle. he was shot and killed by the fbi back on august 10th after a week long man hunt. a spokesman for the dimaggio family said the policy was for $112,000. and it's not exactly back to business for san diego mayor bob filner as he is trying to sort through his legal problems. after taking out some time for behavioral therapy in response to the increasing number of allegations against him. at least 16 women accusing the mayor of sexual harassment but
2:57 pm
his supporters who gathered for a rally at city hall say he deserves the benefit of the doubt. >> when you stand united in stopping the public mockery of our judicial system. due process for mayor filner and due process for the accusers. >> the mayor is involved in mediation trying to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by a former staff member. new in the next hour of "newsroom", a case that has parents concerned. at least two day care workers fired after posting allegedly these photos of these little kids on instagram with these cruel captions. now the department of social services is investigating. more on what happened and how the mom of one of these kids is the mom of one of these kids is speaking out. -- captions by vitac --
2:58 pm
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everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. top of the hour here, hour two. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. want to take you back too atlanta. very, very frightening moments an hour ago. all of these kids, pre-k through fifth grade running, filing out of the elementary school after police report shots fired inside the school. thank goodness all the kids, all the faculty, staff, they're okay. this alleged shooter is in custody. in fact, we just heard from police moments ago talking to
3:01 pm
parents who were gathered in this nearby parking lot trying to calm them all down. >> let's be patient. let's trust in it. we don't want to put out too much information now on this investigation because it might hinder us in our investigation and prosecution later, but a suspect is in custody. he's in custody and he's en route to our investigative bureau now to be interrogated, okay? i just want to reassure this crowd that everyone is okay. everyone's okay. >> words parents want to hear. everyone's okay. hln law enforcement analyst mike brooks joins us. david mattingly, first to you. i see a lot of parents over your shoeld juror waiting for their little ones to come home. tell me what you're hearing. >> reporter: well, brooke, about the only people who aren't okay right now are these family members, scores of them in this shopping center parking lot waiting for their beloved little
3:02 pm
children to be delivered to them in school buses. that's the arrangements that's been made in spite of the rea urns shoos, naturally everyone very upset. very few details right now about what actually happened here. an assistant chief for dekalb county police addressed the parents here and is saying that no one is hurt. many of the children are being left to sit outside and others are sheltering in place inside classrooms, inside the school, again, emphasizing over and over and over again that these children are safe. now about the suspect, we know that he's been taken into custody. not many other details other than he is a white male. we don't have confirmation of what type of weapon he was carrying, how many and what the circumstances were. the assistant chief talking to parents did say that that man did give himself up without a struggle to police there on the
3:03 pm
scene. the reason why the kids haven't been able to be coming here right away is because they were processing what is becoming a crime scene and they want to search the school thoroughly and make sure there is nothing else there that might affect the safety of the children who were standing there sheltering in place and out on the playground. as you can imagine, scores of families waiting for their children to be delivered. a good sign there was a dozen buses assembled here. those buses are come being assembled to bring the children here. >> i don't blame those moms and dads one bit for being a little anxious. david mattingly, thank you. mike brooks, just watching the kids running out. . the dekalb county police, very
3:04 pm
animated. >> the parents were being told that the kids would come there by bus. still, they want to know what happened. they want to make sure their child is okay. understandably, the chief was trying to put out a little bit of information that, yes, we do have this gunman in custody and they're taking him to their criminal investigations unit. >> we're hearing a sense from affiliates. the case is still very fresh. mike brooks, thank you very much. now this. >> thank you, brooke. > . to egypt where the military is taking steps to consolidate its hold on power. the muslim brotherhood leader has been taken into custody. a total of 100 brotherhood members have been rounded up.
3:05 pm
bobby ghosh has some strong views, great sources when it comes to this part of the world and really reasons why the u.s. give known egypt in the first place and whether or not we need to question that. bobby ghosh, great to see you joining us from new york. they say the transfer of this aid, the u.s. military aid to egypt has stopped, but there is no indication of how long that will even last. then we heard they insisted the aid has not been cut off but you argue either way, it doesn't matter. why? >> well, i think either way it should be. whether it has been, in which case it would be a good idea, or it hasn't. i don't think united states gets a great deal for its money. i think it gets almost nothing at this point. and i've said before that, whereas the aid itself is a very small carrot, the threat to remove it is a very large stick because it's not simply the u.s.
3:06 pm
removing a billion and a half dollars, there are other donors in the arab world that will step up for that. if the u.s. pulls its aid, it's a good chance the europeans will. companies that are going to invest could stop. it could lead to a reduction in investments that egypt is able to allow. it becomes a far less likely place for people to invest, not just americans earth. so i think a threat to remove the debt would be taken very seriously by the general, suddenly more seriously than they have the fact that we give them the money. >> i want to talk about egypt as a player in the region and the relationship with the united states. we heard from the president a couple of days ago talking about egypt and calling it the corner stone of middle east peace. you write in this fascinating article, quote, washington should stop pretending egypt is an important player in asia fairs, pay more attention to
3:07 pm
countries that are. it should stop giving the $1.5 billion a year. it's spent better where the democrat experiment has a chance of success. are you saying that democracy is doomed there? everything we saw in tahrir square pointless? >> well, no, it was not pointless. it was a moment of hope and two years ago when that happened it was -- it brought egypt back into the center stage of asia fairs, a place where it has not been for many, many years despite what the foreign policy was. when the arab spring happened, egypt became, once again, the laboratory for this great experiment, this great idea which is a post dictatorial democracy. thanks to these generals the experiment has now failed. thanks to the jernlts and the failure of the muslim brotherhood. egypt is what? a poor country. a country with very few
3:08 pm
resources, a country that is no longer at the high table of asia fairs and -- table of arab affairs. and in short a country like yemen, that's where egypt has descended to. it is something to be regretted but it is something to be reckoned with. >> bobby ghosh, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> any time. police say they were bored so they decided to kill someone. three teenagers in court right now after allegedly gunning down a young man in a senseless and random act of violence. chris lane was an australian baseball player visiting the town of duncan, in oklahoma, where his girlfriend and her family live. police say this is where he was killed, shot in the back before these alleged teen suspects sped away. >> there was people that saw him
3:09 pm
stagger across the road, go to a kneeling position and collapse on the side of the road. >> cnn's alina machado and amy la port. let me talk to you about the charges they face and whether or not they will be charged as adults. >> at this point, brooke, we don't know exactly if they'll be charged as adults. we have to wait for the charges to come down. all we know is the tynes will be charged in connection to the murder. we're hoping to learn more very soon. now police say chris lane was jogging friday afternoon when he crossed paths with the suspects, ages 15, 16, and 17. those teens, according to authorities, were on a mission to kill and randomly shot lane in the back. witnesses reported hearing one gunshot. a woman told police she saw the 22-year-old fall to the ground and she tried to help him by performing cpr. paramedics took lane to the local hospital where he was
3:10 pm
pronounced dead. the teens were seen speeding away in a car. police later caught up with them thanks to surveillance video. one of the teens contacted investigators and told them exactly how the killing happened and the location of the murder weapon. this story is chilling and devastating, especially for the victim's girlfriend, sarah harper. she posted an emotional tribute on facebook saying, quote, you will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart. >> hard for her. hard for the family. >> yeah. >> back in australia. >> back in australia. >> this is a story that's hurt two countries. not only have you got the girlfriend here, you've got the victim's family at home. his father actually spoke to australian media. let's play that. >> he's left his mark as we know and, you know, there's not going to be any good come out of this because it was just so
3:11 pm
senseless. it's happened. it's wrong. and we are just trying to deal with it the best we can. >> incredibly emotional sound from the father, but it's actually -- it has shocked australia so much that you have this guy, tim fisher. he was the former deputy pm during john howard's rein. he was the prime minister that oversaw massive gun reform in our country. he has been a really strong proponent of gun control. basically he wants to send a message to congress by saying, australians, boycott america. he actually put this quote out to australians, i want to read it to you, tourists thinking of going to the usa should think twice. this is the bitter harvest and legacy of the policies of the nra that even blocked background
3:12 pm
checks for people buying guns at gun shows. i'm deep bli angry but it's a sign of the proliferation of the guns on the ground in the usa. no matter where you stand politically, this is a tragedy that's really shocked australians. >> awful. amy and alina, thank you both very much. we'll follow it for sure. now to this just in. on the pitch heard and seen around the world. remember this? a-rod beaned on sunday night and now that pitcher has been suspended. ryan dempster, the boston red sox has been suspended five games, fined an undisclosed amount of money for intentionally hitting alex rodriguez. boston fans, of course, loved it. as you know a-rod is currently appealing his suspension. coming up next, adults behaving badly. their targets? innocent children. have you heard this?
3:13 pm
two day care workers allegedly fired after posting pictures of these little kids with very cruel captions. now the department of social services is investigative. we're going to talk about that. plus, vicious. i don't even know if vicious does this story justice. her grandson had autism. they even suggested the 13-year-old be euthanized. is this illegal to write a letter like this? what can parents do? that's next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. two day care workers whose job it is to be caring are charged with being downright cruel. they posted pictures to instagram mocking these kids for their impediments and appearance. cnn's chris cuomo has the story. >> reporter: ethan jordan is a happy, energetic two-year-old. here he is sitting in a high chair which he no longer uses. his usual smile replaced about i a frown and his mother is heart broken about it. that's because workers at
3:17 pm
heavenly haven center put him in the chair and posted this picture purely to make fun of him. the day care center's manager joined in writing in part, thinking kuz sure can't talk. in another incident the employee also mocked another child for his teeth. when his mother saw the photo on instagram, she was furious. she alerted the day care center and the media. both the employee and the manager have been fired for violating the day care's privacy policy. in a statement a heavenly haven's position on the actions of the employees involved zero tolerance and the employees have been terminated. virginia's department of social services is now investigating. >> the mother of one of the kids who was targeted on instagram, she talked to cnn. >> don't make fun of each other for our shortcomings. things that are out of our control and things that we need
3:18 pm
extra help with, we don't tease each other about. when this came out i figured it's so foreign to me that's why i figured, they don't care about ethan. he's not important to them if they can do this to him. that's how i felt from that. >> i want to bring in two voices here, kelly wallace, cnn correspondent and attorney and former core spop dent, faith jek kins. i am not a parent and i looked at these pictures, i read the captions. this infewer i don't remember rates me, kelly wallace. >> it infewer i don't remember rates me as well. as a parent the first thing i think about, brooke, i want to make the decision about whether or not i'm going to put my kids on instagram. i don't want day care workers doing that. number two, the comments, the mean-spirited nature, poking fun of children as the mom said. you know, this is how people learn how to be bullies. what horrible behavior. then i think also, brooke, there's an extra pressure, i think, for parents. i'm going to talk to my baby-sitter. i think all parents have to make sure that sitters, day care
3:19 pm
workers, day care centers have policies to prevent people from posting pictures of their kids on facebook, instagram and twitter. it's a whole new world. >> you would think it would go unsaid but i can't assume anything these days, faith. the pictures are egregious. i don't know if this day care center had policies that kelly is talking about. did the employee do anything wrong? did the employee break the law by posting the photos? >> first, the day care center said they did have a policy and by posting these photos they breached the privacy policy as an employee working in a day care center, you have the duty to act in the best interests of the child that's in your care. it's a higher duty for people who work with children in this capacity. they obviously breached this duty. this is not a child that suffered physical injury perhaps but now the government is investigating to see what other things were going on at this day care center only because these pictures were discovered did this issue actually come to
3:20 pm
light. >> kelly, back to your point though about looking into policies and making sure they're in place. you know social media is a vast abyss. how do you as a parent, i always think in segments like these. if i'm a mom, my kids are in day care, what can you do to protect your kids from this kind of cruel at this? >> i know, brooke. it's so scary. we can have conversations. i can have a conversation and reinforce that conversation with my baby-sitter. if my kids were in day care, i would have a conversation with the administrators at the day care center as well to confirm what policies they have to make sure they're checking the accounts of -- the social media accounts of their workers to make sure they're not posting inappropriate things. it's amazing. you wonder if it's going on elsewhere and parents department notice it. this mom, a credit to her because she found this. >> apparently i guess a friend found it. who's not somewhere on social media. you eventually get caught
3:21 pm
because obviously it's photographic evidence in cyber space. it's a take away for sure. kelly wallace and faith jenkins, thanks to both of you. speaking of cruel things and adults behaving badly. this next story is even worse. the target here is this 13-year-old severely autistic boy from canada, max. a neighbor sent this anonymous letter to his family that is so incredibly heartless prosecutors are now looking into this. this is just a portion of the letter and i'm quoting, i hate people like you who believe just because you have a special needs kid you are entitled to special treatment. god, do everyone in our community a huge favor and move. vamoos, scram, move away, get out of this type of neighborhood setting. go live in a trailer, but this is far from the worst as max's mother explains. >> the part about donating his
3:22 pm
unretarded body parts to science because he's no good for anything else, that -- that made me want to puke. and then when it ended saying to euthanize him. >> what? what? the neighborhood is holding a rally in support of this teenager. unreal. they sold millions of albums, had a bunch of hit songs. fans that spanned the globe, but, tear, they broke up in 2002. but there are reports they could be getting back together for one show. who am i talking about? when we come back. ♪ i want to see you out that door. baby, bye-bye bye ♪ >> we will talk about the much rumored nsync reunion. i am today by luck.
3:23 pm
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♪ i want to see you out that door, baby, bye-bye bye ♪ ♪ i don't want to be a fool for you ♪ ♪ you and me, but it ain't no lie, baby, bye-bye bye ♪ oh, boy bands in the late '90s. couldn't listen to the radio without listening to this. well, it's 2013.
3:26 pm
back street boys are still kicking, new kids are still on the block. so why not nsync. the boys are now reportedly talking about a reunion. joining me is lisa france, senior producer at and a huge nsync fan. >> i'm going to try not to scream. >> screaming is okay when it comes to boy bands. >> i'm so excited. >> you're excited? >> yes. >> tell me about this possibility. one-time thing. >> yes. justin is going to receive the michael jackson -- >> justin timberlake. >> first-name basis. so justin timberlake is going to see the michael jackson band award at the mtv music video awards. the rumor is he's getting back together with the other members of nsync for the show. >> what do you think of all of these boy bands. back street boys, new kids coming back. that was awesome a couple of years ago. now did you have hard feelings after your boo justin broke away from these guys? was that difficult for you?
3:27 pm
>> it was hard for me but i loved them together. i understood. justin and i discussed it. it was difficult for him, too. i mean, why should one direction fans have all the fun. seriously. the music of the '90s was all that so bring them back. >> those of you like lisa and others will be tuning in for that. let me talk marissa meyer, yahoo! ceo. there's a lot of buzz about this photo sprez in "vogue." >> she's a rock star. in the geek world, she's a rock star. people have a problem because she was in a position of power. if this was a man would we be focusing on fashion and what a man might be wearing to the office? i think she looks fabulous. >> you think it's okay? not another pretty face? >> it's fashion, it's fun. she's a celebrity. celebrities are always seen looking their best.
3:28 pm
they should be. we can talk about some people but we won't. >> another time. >> another time. bring me back to talk about that. yeah, she's the head of yahoo!. why shouldn't she look gorgeous. >> you look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> lisa, big nsync fan. >> huge. >> coming up. we have to talk on a much more serious note the city of chicago turning into a war zone. 12 people, 12 shot across the city just last evening. safety a continuing concern for people living there. now a proposal for the federal government to get involved, but will that help? what is the solution there? we'll talk about that coming up next. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally.
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3:31 pm
ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. big city crime. we all know about it. what's going on in chicago is really tough to believe. an epidemic of gun violence plagues the city. just last night over a ten-hour period 12 people shot in chicago, including five people standing outside a church that was feeding the homeless. the pastor of that church was visibly shaken by what he saw. >> i've never been that up close and personal to such a scene of carnage and blood everywhere and so many people shot. obviously in uptown we've seen shootings before, but this was probably the worst i've ever seen. >> mike brooks is with me, hln
3:32 pm
law enforcement analyst and long-time police officer. spent many a year in d.c. >> right. >> we were talking on commercial break he was in chicago the last couple of days. >> yes. >> let me make sure our viewers know. we learned that one of illinois's u.s. senators was raising the idea to get a federal coordinator in to oversee gang efforts. could that be a solution? >> senator kirk wants to earmark money to have a coordinator. he wants over $30 million to round up 18,000 gang members but, you know, brooke, you've had the federal government there over the past number of years. you've had the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms which he wants to oversee this and be the coordinator but you've also had the fbi, the u.s. marshalls there working on violent crimes and task forces. >> is that going to help? >> it does help. it puts more boots on the street, if you will. i talked to an officer who is in one of the districts where the majority of these shootings are taking place. they just go from one call to
3:33 pm
another call to another call. i was listening the other night to the radio traffic in one of these districts, three shot, one shot, two shot. it's constant there. yes, it could help, but you're going to have to change the mentality of the people on the street to make any kind of program work, brooke. >> you know, we were talking in our morning editorial meeting. some folks were talking about l.a. there has been a turn around. l.a. was rife with, not to say it isn't still, gang activity, gun violence and it's much, much improved. is that an example? is there something that the city of chicago could look to l.a. and say, how did you do it? >> they could. right now i think superintendant mccarthy is looking anywhere he can to get health. you look at chicago, they cleaned that up at cabrini green. they went elsewhere. the gangs fractured from one gang to another gang. you have the gangster disciples,
3:34 pm
latin kings, many other small gangs that are fighting for turf in most of the neighborhoods on the south side and the west side of chicago. the shooting, the five shot, that was up on the north end. so it's all over the city but mo most of it is in the south and southwest. i saw police everywhere. no matter what part i went to, i saw a large police presence. even the magnificent mile. they've had people snatching purposes. >> good to know boots are on the ground. they're talking about the street level, grassroots level trying to tackle this. >> it's tough. >> mike brooks. >> got to get better. >> it does. thank you, mike. >> absolutely. coming up next, the devastating idaho fires through the lens of a camera. a still photographer took some pretty stunning images at the wildfires tearing through the state right now and, you know, these images provide a pretty
3:35 pm
unique view of the flames, the fire crews, the destruction. coming up next we're going to speak to this photographer about the pictures he's taken in the midst of the smoke. [ chainsaw buzzing ] humans. sometimes, life trips us up. sometimes, we trip ourselves up. and although the mistakes may seem to just keep coming at you, so do the solutions. like multi-policy discounts from liberty mutual insurance.
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3:38 pm
firefighters in idaho hoping to get a break in the weather today as they try to get ahead of this enormous beaver creek fire. these flames have consumed more than 100,000 acres since it was sparked by lightening two weeks ago. we're getting in addition to some incredible video some stunning photos of the fire like this one. shows the brilliant orange flames in the mountains behind the firefighters tents there. ashley smith of the times news is the professional photograph who took that shot and so many others. ashley, you're joining us from haley. i know ketchum is just a mile north of you. i sat this morning and went through a picture of a firefighter sort of taking a cat
3:39 pm
nap. a burned out home with a sign that said, please don't take my stuff. what one or two photos really resonated for you? >> yeah. i think those are the moments that really stand out to me, like you're saying, with the hot shot crew member taking a quick cat nap after being out in the field for four days. it's incredible the effort these firefighters go through to battle these flames. it's great when i can get that access. we work closely with the pios to help get us that access because i want to tell the true story. it's nice getting the helicopter shots showing dropping fire retardant with the mountains and the flames, those are nice shots, but it's nice to dig a little bit deeper and find those real moments with the firefighters. >> one of the pictures you took was from the prescott hot shot crew who we know not too long ago, all but one in one instance were killed. more men are out doing their
3:40 pm
jobs in battling this fire. since you're right there next to these crews, what are they telling you? >> yeah. so when we get close to them, it's normally about, you know, five or ten minutes that we may have with them. frankly, their heads are down. they're buried in the task at hand and they're working feverishly generally to dig the line. we don't have a lot of time to chitchat. when i get an opportunity to photograph that kind of action, i'm definitely just snapping away and taking shots. i look forward to after the fire to be able to talk more with some of the hot shots. i mentioned great guys from the idaho city hot shots. i was able to talk to them. they're working away and chipping away at these huge fires that have raged across idaho. >> it is yeoman's work for the fire crews. ashley smith, thank you for the images flew your lethrough yourl
3:41 pm
this story. ashley smith from "the times news" thank you. a trip to the white house 40 years in the making. the president not too long ago welcoming the 1972 miami dolphins. they are the only undefeated team in nfl history. the reason behind the delay and what they gave the president next. ♪ he's a 20-year-straight, get to work on time ♪ ♪ ♪ he's loved one woman for all his life ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody knows he ain't just tough ♪ ♪ he's strong [ male announcer ] the all-new 2014 chevy silverado. strong for all the roads ahead.
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3:44 pm
the pet, bo wasn't getting enough interaction. welcome sunny. another portuguese water dog. a puppy really. just a year old. the first lady immediately sent out a tweet yesterday. so excited to introduce the newest member of the obama family, our new puppy, sunny. this new story might have upstaged the new pup. talk about new faces at the white house. we can't exactly call them new anymore.
3:45 pm
the 1972 miami dolphins. the only undefeated team in nfl history got their long awaited photo op with the president today. it was 40 years in the making. they are a little grayer now. >> i know it's a little unauthor docks four decades after the fact, but these guys never got their white house visit after winning super bowl vii. i know some of them are a little hard to recognize these days. you know, they don't have the afros, the mutton chops, the fu man chus. going to bring in the host of "the lead" jay tapper. i know you're talking to larry zonka on your show in a few moments. when you go back to '72, president nixon, watergate kept them busy?
3:46 pm
why has this taken so long? >> it is a mystery we don't fully know. back in that era it was not a hard and fast rule that if you won the super bowl or any sort of championship you automatically went to the white house. it does turn out that the two years that they won the super bowl, the '71 dolphins winning it in '72 and the '72 dolphins winning it in '73 were years that nixon was somewhat preoccupied -- >> somewhat. >> -- with the watergate scandal. that said, there are some conspiracy theorists out there. we should know that the dolphins during this undefeated amazing year beat the redskins. president nixon was a big redskins fan. >> i see where you're going. >> you might remember there's actually a tape of him calling coach alan of the redskins and suggests a play to him. so there's a possibility that there was a little grudge, not that nixon was known for holding grudges, because certainly he
3:47 pm
was not. he was a for giving man. but there is the possibility that he didn't like what the dolphins achieved. in any case, the team who showed up today, the men who showed up, were very, very excited if for no reason, it was a chance to have a reunion. they stick together. >> two coaches still alive, don shula on the motorized scooter, photo op, gets up. it was a great moment. we'll look for that and all of "the lead" treatment. thank you very much. we'll see you at the top of the hour. a lot of eyes today on fo fort hood, texas. the prosecution rested against major nadal hasan. now he could take the stand in his own defense. we're going to take you to fort hood next.
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
he was behind the wheel when
3:51 pm
the limo turned into a fire trap but he will not face criminal charges for that tragedy. no criminal charges are being filed. investigators blame a mechanical failure saying there was a catastrophic failure of the rear suspension system, that caused one part of the car to start rubbing up against this other part of the car and that is the friction that stopped the fire here. i talked to brown just a couple of days after that fire and he was still reeling from what he witnessed that night. >> everything happened so fast. i just wish there could have been something done more. i don't typically know. >> what could that something have been in i'm sure you've played it back in your head so many times since saturday. what could have been done differently? what could you have done differently? >> i really don't know. if i would have known that --
3:52 pm
everything happened so fast. if i had known she was saying smoke instead of, okay, i want to smoke a cigarette, maybe 60 seconds would have been spared. everything happened so fast. i really don't know. everything happened so fast. >> investigators also say the owner of the limo company will be fined $7,500 for having two more people in the limo than was actually allowed. >> the massacre at fort hood, texas about to hit its legal climax here. those who survived the carnage and the relatives of those who did not may have to listen to the admitted shooter, major nidal hasan, try to just what he did. that is if he testifies. the prosecution rested its case a little while ago, the defense begins tomorrow. ed lavandera joins me from fort hood. what's the word?
3:53 pm
will he or won't he take the stand? >> reporter: everything we've been led to believe suggested nidal hasan would testify in his own behalf but i'm not so sure as this moves along exactly how this is going to play out. i suspect we will hear from nidal hasan at some point. the question is when. he had three witnesses on his witness list, two doctors, medical experts, that would talk about his religious conversion but he has dismissed those witnesses. he is the only witness left to call. so it sounds like there's a possibility that nidal hasan just says, look, i'm not going to testify, there are severe limits on what the judge will allow him trying to say in terms of him trying to justify the shooting here at fort hood. so perhaps he decides to wait and testify knowing that he's going to be convicted, perhaps he waits to testify in the punishment phase of this trial. it will be interesting to see tomorrow morning if he decides to take the witness stand or if he waits until the punishment phase after he's convicted. >> and since he's representing himself, just sort of logistically, if he does choose
3:54 pm
to testify, how does that even work? >> reporter: well, this is the fascinating thing about all of this. he's been asked repeatedly if he wants to continue working as his own attorney. he consistently says that's what he wants to do. he's asked very few questions of any of the prosecution witnesses. now if he does take the stand, it has to be in a question-and-answer form, according to the judge. he will be told to leave a written list of the questions he wants to be asked, give that to one of his assisting attorneys and that attorney will read his own questions to him and he would be allowed to answer. it's not like he's going to be able to get up there and give some soliloquy, some speech as to why he justified the massacres of the unarmed soldiers here at fort hood and wounded 30 others. the question becomes will it be tomorrow or will it be later, assuming as everyone he fully expects him to be convicted. >> we'll be watching right along
3:55 pm
with you. ed, thank you. and a dramatic rescue for a 1,300 pound man. this is video of him being taken out of his room for the first time in two years. next we'll tell you where he's going and why doctors think he gained so much weight.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
there's obese, there's morbidly obese and then there's the man you're about to me.
3:58 pm
senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here to tell bus it. >> reporter: this young man perhaps the most dramatic example. at 1,345 pounds, he may be the heaviest living man in the world, and he's not even 21 years old. he hasn't been able to leave his bedroom for more than two years. these pictures show the dramatic moment when he was taken out of his home using a forklift. part of it had to be demolished to bring him out. >> it's obviously an extreme case. the chances that this guy is really sick are really high. >> it's unclear how he got to be this severely obese, but dr. robert lustig, has a theory. >> i don't think he can eat himself to 45 pounds but he can certainly drink himself to it.
3:59 pm
liquid calories don't cause satiety. >> liquids don't fill you up the way foods do so perhaps he never felt satisfied. king abdullah is playing for a plane to transport him for treatment. step one, a restrictive diet, not weight loss surgery. >> you can't do surgery on him now, it's too dangerous. you would have to keep him in the hospital for years to keep him on a restricted calorie diet. at some point it will become safe to do a bariatric procedure. >> the heaviest man is a mexican man. he did manage to lose weight, got down to about 900 pounds. brooke? >> elizabeth cohen, thank you. before we go, i want you to see this insane


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