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tv   Early Start  CNN  August 22, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i also posted it on my twitter account at anderson cooper and on our website at thanks for watching, "early start" begins right now. >> tell him to back off, he doesn't want the kids, he wants the police. back off and what else sir? >> a terrifying 911 call. a school staffer trying to keep a gunman calm after he storms in and opens fire. egypt in chaos after weeks of violence. the country's former president jailed after the 2011 revolution ordered to be set free. we are alive. big brother watching. the nsa obtained thousands of american e-mails that had nothing to do with terrorism. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start."
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i'm pamela brown filling in for zoraida. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. it is back to school this morning for students at a georgia elementary school that was the scene of a gunfire on tuesday. the shooter, 20-year-old michael brandon hill. according to prosecutors he entered the learning academy with an ak-47 assault rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition. we are hearing, for the first time the dramatic 911 call from the worker who talked to hill. martin savidge has that. >> reporter: it's a remarkable call. >> second avenue in the school. the gentleman said to hold down. he gonna start shooting so tell them to back off. >> reporter: in the office, she is face-to-face with a man armed
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with an assault rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition. >> oh, he went outside and started shooting. can i run? >> can you get somewhere safe? >> yeah. i gotta go. no, he gonna see me running. >> reporter: it isn't just her life on the line but hundreds of students and staff. dozens of police officers outside. >> he said to tell them to back off. he doesn't want the kids. he wants it police. tell them to back off and what else, sir? he said he don't care if he dies, he don't have nothing to live for and he's not mentally stable. >> stay on the line with me, okay? put the phone down if you have to, but don't put it on hold so i can't hear. >> okay. >> where are you? >> in the front office with him. >> he's got an ak-47. she's armed with her words and puts her life on the line.
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>> i will let them know you are not trying to harm me. that doesn't make any difference, you didn't hit anybody. okay, let me ask you this, ma'am. he didn't hit anybody. he just shot outside the door. if i walk outside with him -- if i walk out there with him, they won't shoot him or anything like that? >> reporter: to connection, she pours out her personal story. >> don't worry, baby, my husband left me after 33 years. yes, you do. i'm sitting here with you. >> her own thoughts of suicide. >> we all go through something in life. no, you don't want that. you gonna be okay. i thought the same thing. i tried to commit suicide last year after my husband left me. but look at me now. i'm still working and everything is okay. >> reporter: there's no hint of fear or sense she's lying to
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save herself. her cool moves impress the police dispatcher. >> ma'am you doing a great job. she convinced him to put down his weapon and the police barge in. >> do not move. >> reporter: only then does antoineette tough finally break down. >> let me tell you something, i haven't been so scared in all the days of my life. >> me neither, but you did great. >> brings tears to your eyes. amazing. this morning, political chaos in egypt. rounding up a key figure from the muslim brotherhood. meantime, an egyptian court rul ruled hosni mubarak should be released from jail. bring us up to speed, nick. >> caller: i'm standing outside
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the prison where mubarak has been inkars nated and may well be released. we will not know when that moment is. today, state media saying by helicopter to secure military hospital in the capital. let me remind you what a moe men tus moment this is for the arab spring, the 2 1/2 years of turmoil in this region. one of the key people. now being releaseed from jail. we understand he will go to house arrest. what's also remarkable is standing here and you would think egypt would be protesting the release of a man that many lost their lives and we are simply not seeing that. many of the protest movement,
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the old administration -- to ensure his conviction. he's walking free on a technicality that he's been in jail awaiting conviction far too long. a remarkable historic moment in many ways. thinking perhaps the military is -- many believe to be the case. reminding egypt that back in charge, looking after their own. >> thanks, nick. turning to syria now, where opposition leaders say government forces used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of men, women and children in the sub b suburbs of damascus. they are concerned and a team of investigators from the united nations is on the ground in syria. the syrian government denies the allegations. 35 years in prison. that's what bradley manning
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received for the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history. they are disappointed but plan to appeal and ask president obama for a pardon. if it falls through, he could be eligible for parole in seven years. the court-martialed army psychiatrist who is representing himself will only be allowed to speak within his roles as a lawyer and not use jihad as part of a closing argument. he offered no defense. he did not testify and questioned no witnesses. president obama kicks off a two-day bus tour with a stop at the university of buffalo. he's going to announce a new plan to make colleges more accountable and affordable by rating them and linking the ratings to financial aid. it would rank colleges by looking at tuition, graduation rates, earnings of graduates and percentage of lower income student who is attend.
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vice president biden's son beau is expected to be releaseed from the hospital today. he underwent a successful medical procedure at a cancer center in houston. he was hospitalized after becoming weak and disoriented. it's not clear what the proce procedure was. the vice president says she's in great shape. fire crews against a massive wildfire burning near california's yosemite national park. it's scorched 16,000 acres. 700 firefighters are involved. it's 5% contained. thousands of people evacuated. let's get a check of the national weather. this has been such a busy summer for the firefighters. you think every day, what a tough job they have. >> i know. >> unbelievable. you think a couple things, rain is going that way and it could help. you have the strong winds out there and erratic fire behavior.
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you can notice, again, red flag warnings on the fire line as the low moves in. it's a mixed bag. they are getting more moisture and more storms. i want to show you, in the long term, they are getting more storms. what about once we get past the weekend. weather comes from somewhere. let's start all the way in the pacific. 80% chance of development for tropical development. here is mexico and baja. let's watch what happens with the moisture. in the next five days, look what happened. yes, ruining the vacationing plans anywhere around the baja peninsula. heavy rain paralleling here along the coastline. what we are going watch for is when the low is right here. all the moisture to move into the southeast. that could mean heavy flooding. that could mean good news into the fire line as we see the humidity levels rise. into the northeast looks good. ohio valley looks like we are
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talking about the cold front kicking through the area. more showers. by tomorrow, look at the same cold front and exiting offshore. what does that mean for us? a beautiful run of weather. below seasonable norms. temperatures in the 70s in the mid-atlantic and northeast for the weekend. >> california girl, too. you like this weather. thanks. seems like we have done a lot of sinkhole stories, right? this happened in a louisiana buy you. the sinkhole swallowed several tall cypress trees. they are first leaning, as the branches go, soon, it is buried under water. scientists believe the hole in the earth is over 24 acres. they expect it to grow more over the next few years. >> that is something. coming up. privacy invaded. new documents showing the
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government illegally obtained tens of thousands of american e-mails. now the nsa is explaining. dr. phil responds after deleting a text if it was okay to sleep with a drunk girl. what he had to say about that coming up. but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec® love the air. good morning, welcome back to "early start." classified documents show the nsa collected e-mails by americans not related to terrorism. we get more from chris lawrence. >> reporter: amid growing controversy comes more revelations, the national security agency illegally collected tens of thousands of americans e-mails. newly declassified court opinions show the nsa collected nearly 60,000 domestic communications a year for three years ending in 2011. the data includes e-mails and
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other internet activity. they said the nsa misrepresented the scope of its effort. >> very disturbing. these are tool that is are supposed to be directed toward adversaries of the united states, not the public. >> reporter: they say they collected it by mistake telling reporters there was a, quote, technological problem that could not be avoided rather than an overreach. meantime, they are denying that the nsa sits through and has access to 75% of online communications in the u.s. the white house is under pressure from the republican and democratic lawmakers over the sweeping nature of the data collection. two weeks ago, problem insisted the government is not violating your privacy. >> america is not interested in
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spying on ordinary people. they are focused on finding the information necessary to protect our people. >> reporter: the nsa is supposed to target foreign communication that is have to do with terror investigations. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. >> lawyers for david miranda will bring their case to the high court today. he is at the center of the nsa leak scandal. copying information from his electronic devices. his phone, laptop and other devices were seized when he was detained at heathrow airport. a flight attendant will plead guilty against making a bomb threat against one of his own flights. he used a pay phone to call in threats against six united flights last october. he made a bomb threat against a plane. he faces a maximum five year sen
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sense. aaron hernandez is scheduled to be in court this afternoon. prosecutors will be presenting evidence to convince a judge to keep him behind bars. it could be canceled if they indict him first. he's charged with shooting and killing his former friend, o den lloyd. a cab driver who plow sbood a british tourist could face criminal charges. they are said to be interviewing witnesses to gather evidence. the cabby got into an argument with the bike messenger. they were forced to amputate below the knee. you are seeing dr. oz because it's outside his office. he went to the scene. he's one of many who went to the scene. >> was he able to help? >> yes, he and others. >> what a story. a car goes careen sboog a house. that crash set the garage on fire.
5:18 am
police say the driver, a woman in her late 80s lost control of her car and plowed into the home and a gas meter. no one was inside the home at the time. dr. phil is apologizing for a tweet that triggered outrage online. it was sent from his twitter account. if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? dr. phil's show team said it was meant as a discussion tool for a show topic based on a recent news story. the statement says it was a poll question, not a statement or a joke. bad news for the high school class of 2013. nearly a third of this year's high school graduates who took the a.c.t. tests are not college ready. according to the testing company data, they are not prepared for college level writing, algebra or social science classes. only 5% were considered ready
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for life after high school. >> we have seen that before, 25% of student who is take the a.c.t. are ready in all four subject matters. you go to college and you are not ready, you are paying to take catch up math and english, takes longer, it's too expensive. we have to do a better job. we just have to. >> troubling. this is koda, he went missing in late may and he's been found wondering the streets of san diego, california 1300 miles away. the owner put up posters for months searching everywhere for her beth friend. >> my daughter cried three weeks after he left. i told her, don't give up hope. he's got that microchip. sooner or later, that is going to bring him home. a lot of crying. a lot of happy tears. >> only koda knows how he got to
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this morning. 5:23 on the east coast. a beautiful shot of the statue of liberty. rise and shine, everyone. time to get your day started. >> if you cant start the day well with donna summer, go back to bed. welcome back to "early start." futures are bouncing back after wall street took a beating yesterday. six straight losses. fell more than 100 points. finish, 14,897. the dow is down 553 points, ouch. the biggest six-day decline. you lost a bit in your 401(k). to keep things in perspective, it's up 14% for the year. s&p 500 up 15%. you have had a great run, a great run. there's stepping back in stocks. why? there's confusion about the fed, ben bernanke and what his team
5:25 am
plans to do. they hoped releasing notes would make it clearer. in traditional fed fashion, it didn't. you have a big transition in policy happening. a lot of people have money they have made and taking it off the table. u.p.s. is cutting insurance to 15,000 spouses and u.p.s. putting the blame on obama care. the president's signature health care reform. the company will discontinue health care coverage for all the working spouses who are eligible for insurance with their own employer. u.p.s. said this, the change is consistent with the way employers are responding to the cost of the health care reform legislation. it allows u.p.s. to provide employees and their families insurance at an affordable cost. some have been moving spouses off or charging more. in the case of u.p.s., it will
5:26 am
cover you, the worker, we will cover your children, but if your spouse has another job, they have to use their own insurance or find insurance elsewhere. who is the highest paid person on television? a tv judge. judge judy gets $47,000 a year. tv guide says her show generates 200 million bucks for cbs and costs $10 million to produce. that excludes her salary. if you are looking for a job -- >> i should look into that gig. it's only a few months a year. i would not have guessed she is the highest paid on television, but she is. judge judy. coming up, allegations of a chemical weapons massacre. the government poisoned their people and weapons investigators are examining the evidence. arwa damon is live with the
5:27 am
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an alleged chemical weapons a attack. hundreds killed. investigators searching for the truth. did the syrian government poison their people? we are live. hand to my back to my buttocks. >> another woman accusing san diego's mayor of sexual harassment. this makes 18, if you are counting. will bob filner step down from
5:31 am
office? a wildfire raging from a california landmark. thousands evacuated from their homes. we are tracking the fast moving flames. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. i'm pamela brown. it is 5:30 eastern time on this thursday morning. let's start with this disturbing and developing story. syria is using chemical weapons against their own people. the assad government says they are faceless. the opposition accuses them of using poison gas in the attacks that killed and wounds hundreds of men, women and children. the weapons inspectors are already in syria to investigate. arwa damon is monitoring developments from beirut, lebanon. bring us up to date. >> reporter: we have to see if the team that is already in country is going to, first of
5:32 am
all, be allowed by the syrian government. they are guests of the government, to access the sight. then, if the security situation is going to allow them to reach the site as well. presumably a cease-fire will have to be brokered between the government and rebels. the area where the chemical attack took place is under rebel control. time is of the essence. a lot of chemical weapons experts saying it is not necessarily soil samples people are looking for, the investigators are looking for, but more samples from people being exposed to whatever toxic substance it was in their hair. it's difficult to see how it moves forward because in the past they have not allowed access to sites. >> we are looking at the video you had to comb through. it is so disturbing. even what we are showing is heart breaking. what has been the reaction from
5:33 am
world leaders as the images, the sound, the video has spread? >> those pictures really are atrocious when you see especially the children with no visible wounds on their body. they are lying listless, doctors trying to revive them. condemnation, we have heard harsh rhetoric coming from the french and germans. we have heard the u.s. coming out and condemning what took place and wanting to see the results on the other side of the spectrum. you have the iranians supporting the assad regime saying if such an attack took place it would not have been carried out by the government, but the rebels themselves. you have a death toll of 100,000 and mounting. a refugee crisis in epic proportions. itis happening under the current global leaders watch.
5:34 am
it's time they can do something and step up to get together and figure out how to end the disaster unfolding in syria. >> the disaster unfolding and continues. thank you, arwa damon in beirut. thanks. the government accused of storming an elementary school took an assault rifle with nearly 500 rounds of ammunition. they are the details we are learning from police. no one was hurt. brandon hill was on probation for threatening to kill his brother. he is bipolar and schizophrenic. he stopped taking his medication. the school bookkeeper talked him into surrendering as you will hear in this 911 call. >> let me talk to them and work it out so you don't have to go away for a long time. don't feel bad, baby. my husband just left me after 33 years. yes, you do. i'm sitting here with you and
5:35 am
talking with you about it. sit right there. i'm going to buzz them in, okay, so you will know when they are coming, okay? okay. stay there calm. don't worry about it. i will tell them you didn't try to harm me, okay? okay. it's gonna be all right. i just want you to know that i love you. i'm proud of you. it's a good thing you are giving up. don't worry about it. >> gives you chills listening to that. that bookkeeper hail add hero. formal charges could come today and the students will return to school this morning. >> amazing story. anger and sadness over the death of an australian athlete senselessly killed in oklahoma. he was out jogging when he was shot to death by teenagers for the fun of it. she hopes the killers rot in hell. last night, she was more
5:36 am
reserved talking act chris on "ac 360." >> the mostly, the, just the most amazing person i have ever met. he was the most genuine and kind hearted guy and would do anything for anybody at anytime and just really made everyone feel special. >> three teenagers have been charged as adults in this crime. the four ex-vanderbilt football players accused of rape have pleaded not guilty. they are accused of raping an unconscious girl back in june. he's pleaded not guilty and is suspended from the team. two others are accused of evidence tampering. hard to believe a mother is
5:37 am
capable of this. police in utah say this woman lied about her 4-year-old daughter having cancer, collecting some $3,000 in donations from her community. they say she convinced everyone, even the little girl herself. >> we contacted the division of child and family services. they were able to provide us with medical records and nothing suggests cancer was an issue. >> she's charged with communications fraud. there's no evidence to support the claim that her 11-year-old daughter also had cancer. >> that is truly outrageous. >> and odd. >> and odd. a school bus full of sixth grade girls heading for a camp out overturns. it rounded a sharp curve. the girls from pembroke hills, missouri were shaken up by the incident. none of the injuries are life
5:38 am
threatening. a deal on the future of san diego mayor bob filner. details of the confidential agreement will be presented to the city council tomorrow. 18 women now accused the 70-year-old filner of sexual conduct. >> unbenoens to me, when we posed for the photo, there was a hand that went from my back to my buttocks. i was shocked. it was inappropriate and i was startled at the time. >> last weekend, volunteers began collecting signatures in an effort to recall mayor filner from office. former massachusetts senator, scott brown will not run for senator of the state. he lost his bid last year. brown is open for running for a seat in new hampshire where he owns a vacation home.
5:39 am
a german tourist attacked by a shark in hawaii died from her injuries. the 20-year-old lost her right arm to a shark out on a snorkeling trip. she was taken in critical condition to the medical center where she was placed on life support. this is not your typical day at the beach for sunbathers in russia. that's a russian navy hover kroft on a beach packed with people. they were taking part in a military exercise and according to russian's defense ministry, docking at the beach is a normal event. of course. of course it is. >> that would get some attention, if you are just sitting there reading your summer beach read. a massive wildfire growing near yosemite. thousands evacuated from home.
5:40 am
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it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. welcome back to "early start." nice to have you with us. a wildfire in california continues to burn out of control. thousands of people have been evacuateed from their homes. so far, it's consumed 16,000 acres. 700 firefighters are battling the blaze, which is only 5% contained. >> indra petersons is tracking the severe weather for us. any help for the firefighters out west? it's been a busy summer. >> there's good news. more moisture and rain. it could mean that mixed bag of high winds and potential for more lightning that started the fires in the first place. you can see the red flag warnings in the region for that reason. strong winds gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour. the upside of this, more
5:44 am
moisture and rain expected each day with the storms being closer. also, the long distance outlook here. more moisture moving into the area. there's a system south of mexico. 80% chance of development over the next five days. it will ruin the plans up along baja as we see the moisture make its way up the area. flooding potential for the start of next week and more storms into the fire zones. that could be good news continuing the threat of moisture as we go forward in time. looking for a cold front to the ohio valley and the northeast. beautiful weather in store for the weekend. temperatures are below normal. not bad in atlantic city, the hamptons, bar harbor. 80s and 70s. plan, plan, plan. >> i'm going to the beach. >> me, too. i might go with you. >> we'll all go together.
5:45 am
>> have a party. >> a baby sitter? >> things just changed. >> all right. thanks so much. take a look at what's coming up on "new day." chris and kate join us now. you want to come to the beach with me. >> you are trolling for it. you are trolling for it. you pay my way and feed me, i'll baby sit. we have a lot coming up, guys. >> we are going to talk a lot about the georgia school shooting mainly because of the 911 tape. it's not just there is a call and the clerk was there, this woman who made such a difference. people in these moments of crisis don't do what this woman did. this clerk, who you are going to meet this morning, she did things under duress with a madman in her face clearly there with lethal intentions on his mind. it's so unusual. she made such a difference in a situation that could have gone so horribly wrong that it's
5:46 am
worth our attention. to use it into a spring board of what can we do to help our schools be safer. we are going to follow that. >> amazing what she did. >> this is also amazing. we are going to meet a man who came back to life after he was pronounced dead for 45 minutes, if you can believe it. his doctors are stunned saying they have never seen anything like this. we are going to talk to what i think everyone can call the miracle man and his family. they are going to be joining us live. >> we are taking look at this dr. phil story, learning a tough lesson you can't delete a tweet and think it's going to go away. he asked a provocative question about drunk women for one of his shows then deleted it. there was backlash. we are going to look at the controversy and see if it's fair. what were his intentions? we'll tell you about it. >> you can create a mess in 140 characters. >> a guy who usually fixes messes, creating them.
5:47 am
it's a man bites dog story there. >> thank you. jaw dropping hit in atlanta braves rising star injured at bat. how he's doing this morn sg coming up in the bleacher report. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results.
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it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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ncaa under fire again, this time for telling a student athlete who lost two family members he can't play this season. andy joins us with more on this story in the bleacher report. andy? >> good morning. a college basketball player lost his fath ere and brother in the last year. he decided to transfer from iowa state to rutgers to be closer to home. the ncaa says he has to sit out this season to do so. it's a case of wording of the rule getting in the way of what's right. if a family member has died, you
5:51 am
are out of luck. he tweeted about the ruling saying i'll make the wise decision of staying off social networks today because if i express my feelings, i might say the wrong thing. rutgers plans to appeal the ncaa ruling. mike tyson is a promoter in charge of iron mike productions. his first event tomorrow night in new york. he may not be knocking anyone out, but he knows how to get people excited for a fight. >> i'm a little nervous here. i'm excited about being involved with this whole establishment. i don't know. i need some of these fighters to come out and say i'm going to kill him and talk about his mother. we need tickets. come on, man. a broken jaw is common in boxing. baseball, not so much. jason hayward takes this ball off the face. he walked off the field but went
5:52 am
straight to the hospital. he has a fractured right jaw and will undergo surgery later today. he's expected to be out four to six weeks. we have seen awesome pool dunks this summer. this one is going to be hard to top. the ball changes hands 11 times, multiple trampolines, a gorilla suit and the dunker is wearing go-procamera. we get multiple angles in this one. pretty awesome stuff. that is going to be hard to top. >> wow. i'm in shock. that's what they did with their free time. >> how many takes before they got it right. >> the end of summer. >> thank you. we'll be right back. stay with us. hey love. [off screen] there you are. [speaking german] hi, grandpa! [off screen] give me a kiss!
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all right. so, what is a driver to do when a moose is hogging the road. what you can do, jeanne moos tells us. >> reporter: when you are on a road in british columbia, think of this as the equivalent of being stuck in traffic. two people headed back to camp when this moose with two calves refused to move. >> we would like to get through. >> reporter: for about five minutes, they let the moose stare them down. then they tried to get around her. was the moose intimidated by this big truck? the driver had a theory. >> they felt like there must be
5:57 am
a grizzly bear around there because she would not leave the roadway. >> reporter: several times she blocked charge trying to protect her calves, one of which she accidentally kicked while charging. men were no longer chuckling after this slam. >> at times it was scary. we breathed a sigh of relief when we drove away. >> reporter: the truck had a heavy duty bumper so it wasn't damaged. last time it wasn't a moose, it was a camel. a camel at a drive-through zoo. the family ran out of treats and the camel acted like jaws and followed the car. >> camel on the run. >> moose on the run. >> reporter: then she chased you? >> she actually left the calves to do that. >> get out of here. >> reporter: the irony would have been if you were hurrying
5:58 am
home for moose dinner. >> they are wonderful, better than beef. >> reporter: some animal lovers had a beef with it. >> there was vulger attacks saying we were harassing her. >> reporter: he says they were patient. the moral of the story, don't mess with mother moose, even if you call her miss. >> come on, miss. we don't want anything to do with you. >> jeanne moos, no relationship to her. >> a moose can be dangerous. they do charge. we were in colorado and they said they are dangerous. >> watch out. that's it for "early start." thanks so much for spending part of your morning with us. time for "new day." finally, jeanne moos can
5:59 am
clarify, they cannot say jeanne moose anybody. i guess you have to be careful with the babies nearby. >> that's true. great video to start the morning, right? i liked it. >> i liked it, too. the guys are worried about the moose. little did they know their real enemy. >> who? >> the internet. nothing on the trolls. look at the clock, it's just about the top of the hour. it's time for the top news. he's going to start shooting. >> face to face with a gunman, the amazing 911 call from the school clerk to talked down the georgia shooting suspect, potentially saving dozens of lives. under pressure, president obama facing growing calls to act after syria is accused of using chemical weapon its. will the u.s. be drawn into the fight? deadly


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