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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 24, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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doris taerbaum finished her first marathon at 50. not everyone peaks in their twenties. throughout their lives. passion keeps them realizing possibilities. an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and support at right now the world waits to see if they come face to face or even shake hands, president obama and iran's president. about to have lunch. you see pictures. president obama will be there. we don't know yet whether the president of iran, president hassan rowhani will attend. could an historic meeting between these two presidents be in the works? stand by. forensics experts are
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working to determine the nationalities of the terrorists behind the mall massacre in kenya. they say the deadly hostage crisis is almost over, but a lot of questions remain. we're going live to nairobi. also right now, we are only six days away from a possible government shutdown in the senate. debate is under way to keep the government running but a republican senator is keeping up his fight against obamacare. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. we're reporting live from the united nations. president obama took to the podium this morning to speak about his agenda. hitting most of the highlights from chemical weapons in syria to nuclear weapons potentially in iran and prospect for peace between the israelis and
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palestinians. on iran, the president talked about resolving issues quickly but did express optimism that potentially the two nations could find some common ground. >> i don't believe this difficult history can be overcome overnight. the suspicions run too deep. but i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road toward a different relationship. one based on mutual interests and mutual respect. since i took office, i made it clear in letters to the supreme leader of iran and recently to president rowhani that we prefer to resolve the issues peacefully.
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we are not seeking regime change and we respect the right of the iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy. >> let's talk a little bit about the president's direct message to iran. joining us from inside the united nations, senior white house correspondent jim acosta. also here with me outside the united nations, our chief national security correspondent, jim sciuto. jim, let me start with you. the fact that the president in this speech directly said that the secretary of state john kerry has now been directed to go ahead and establish this dialogue, direct dialogue, one on one dialogue, shall we say, with the iranians, that's a big deal. >> no question. enormous investment of the president's diplomatic and economic capital in a very public way to direct him to pursue this nuclear agreement. obama has done this before. earlier in his term, he extended his hand, outreached his hand to the iranians and it was turned away. he was taking a risk before. he is taking a risk again.
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a sign of his confidence that the iranians are sincere to at least a different approach. these words, these concilliatory words, as he said it, are followed by action. >> what are we hearing about the possible meeting? i say possible. a lot of us expect it to happen. what are we hearing now? at least the president is at this luncheon with other world leaders inside the u.n. do we know if president rowhani, for example, will be there? i assume if he is there, there will be an exchange between these two presidents. >> there was a lot of speculation going into the luncheon that perhaps this was the golden opportunity for presidents obama and rowhani to meet with each other, even briefly. in the last few moments, the pool note from the white house tv pool to our viewers who don't know what that is, all of the networks get together and create a pool. one reporter represents that pool to make sure information gets out to all of us because we can't all be in the room or around the president at the same
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time. the pool note says that president rowhani, quote, will not -- will not be at the luncheon. this is according to a united nations handler, who assists the white house tv pool with this information. she did not give a reason. she said they did not rsvp. so it appears from that pool note that president rowhani will not be at this luncheon. we should caution, wolf, as you know from these notes, sometimes they are updated. this is preliminary information and we want to caution our viewer that is perhaps this could change and president rowhani may make an appearance. from what we're being told right now, president rowhani will not be at this lunch. there is time for this encounter to occur. president rowhani does not speak to the united nations until some time this afternoon, 4:00 or 5:00 is the latest as to when he might speak. the obama administration has been saying all week long that they're open to some sort of
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face-to-face encounter. i heard from a senior administration official earlier this morning that they believe the white house has now left the door open for this face-to-face encounter, handshake, whatever it is, with president rowhani, essentially saying it is now in the iranian's court to accept that gesture or not. >> there's a limited amount of time after the luncheon before rowhani addresses the general assembly. the president has meetings and will meet with former president bill clinton. later tonight he is supposed to fly back to washington. let me play you another clip. from what the president said at the u.n. general assembly earlier today. >> the roadblocks may prove to be too great but i firmly believe the diplomatic path must be tested. while the status quo will only deepen iran's isolation, iran's genuine commitment to go down
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another path will be good for the region and the world and will help iranian people meet their extraordinary potential in commer commerce, in culture, in science and education. >> clearly, jim sciutto, the president is sending an olive branch to the iranians. there hasn't been a meeting between the president of the united states and a president of iran in three decades. >> this would be truly historic. he talked about mutual respect, something that was also in his cairo speech four years ago when he reached out to the muslim wo world. that's the footing they find important. they don't want to be batted around by the american, carrot and stick. they want to know they're dealing on an equal level in some ways. americans will want something in return here a sign that this will be followed by real action. that's the real test. the other thing with the iranian president not showing up to the lunch, it does reemphasize the
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point that the white house has put it out here. are the iranians willing to take that risk or will president rowhani say he has gone far enough? >> jim sciutto, thank you very much. jim acosta, our thanks to you as well. the new iranian president takes the spotlight later this afternoon the the united nations. president rowhani has vowed to revamp tehran's image around the world. barbara starr takes a closer look at the man who is inspiring hopes for better u.s./iran ties. >> reporter: all eyes are onh hassan rowhani, iran's new president, still largely a man of mystery as they try to figure out a nuclear weapons program as he told nbc in an interview. >> we have, time and again, said that under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of
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mass destruction, including nuclear weapons. >> leading president obama to an historic step, ordering secretary of state john kerry to pursue a nuclear deal with tehran. >> i don't believe this difficult history can be overcome overnight. the suspicions run too deep. but i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road toward a different relationship. >> but will rowhani deliver or is it all a charm offensive? he has called for what he has said is the age of blood feud. he has a twitter account, posting pictures of himself, arriving in new york for the united nations meeting and wishing jews this month a
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blessedbles blessed rosh hassanah. >> i think normal relations between the u.s. and iran as you know realistic. after 35 years, that's going to take more time. >> it may take time for the same reason, each has the challenge of politics. >> president obama has to be very sensitive to concerns about israel's national security. and in tehran, president rowhani can't appear too conciliatory toward the united states and certainly can't appear too friendly to israel. >> reporter: why would rowhani be doing this? of course everyone believes he is doing it to get the crippling sanctions lifted off the iranian
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people. there are significant additional concerns even beyond the nuclear program. iran's attitude and treatment toward israel, iran's support for international terrorism around the world as the u.s. sees it and, of course, iran's continued support for bashar al assad inside syria. wolf? >> those are pretty huge issues, indeed. barbara, thank you very much. protesters are making their voices heard outside the united nations. check it out. these are some of the pictures of a protest against the iranian president, hassad rowhani. former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani, spoke to the crowd. kenya's president declares three days of mourning for the victims of that shopping mall massacre and he says they're working to determine the identities and nationalities of the attackers. we're going live to nairobi as soon as we come back. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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kenya's president addressed the nation moments ago. security forces say they are in full control of the mall. they say they're carrying out a sweep of the building to make sure it is now safe, as the ordeal plays out, we are also hearing more from survivors of the attack. >> in the midst of all the chaos, i was actually able to contact my mother, who contacted the rest of my family. they were texting me what was going on. my dad was with the police and my brother was also not too far away. my brother sent me a muslim prayer. he was informed that -- by a casualty in hospital that they were shooting nonmuslims. they were shooting those that did not know the shahad prayer. so my brother sent me that prayer to memorize, which i did. >> zain verjee joins us now live from nairobi.
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what more are we hearing from kenya's president? what more do we know about the attack? is it over? is it continuing? what's the latest? >> reporter: as we say in swahili here, it's over. the president said a while ago, wolf, that the terrorists have been defeated. he said five terrorists were killed with gunfire. there are 11 suspects that have been arrested in connection with the four-day siege. also this is important. he said reports that a british woman and two to three u.s. citizens that were involved in this attack are being investigated. he said he cannot confirm this yet and forensic teams are out to try to figure out whether or not that's the case. the implication being that they're doing these forensic tests because these people could be deceased. we're going to wait to hear more information about that and see
1:17 pm
what happens. there will be three days of mourning. wolf, kenyans here are really relieved that he came out and said it. he was supposed to make a statement a while ago, but they had to be really confident that it was really over and it seems as though it is. >> 62 people confirmed dead, more than 60 injured. and people still unaccounted for. >> what we need to know, what people are waiting to hear is what happened to the hostages. what happened in the situation? were they rescued? were they not rescued? are there injuries? there was total silence on that front. so we're going to wait and see what happens. the three stories have collapsed
1:18 pm
on one side of the westgate mall. so the bodies are going to be trapped. there will also be concerns as the clean-up crew we saw go in a short while ago of booby traps and anything else that could be rigged. they'll have to go through it very slowly. so, it would take a long time for bodies trapped to be pulled out. >> zain verjee doing excellent reporting for us from the scene of this massacre. zain, thank you so very much. other news we're following, including the obama administration tapping into a clinton star. some star power. stand by. barack obama and bill clinton are getting ready to meet here in new york later today. they are joining forces to push for obamacare. we have new details. stay with us. when you have diabetes like i do,
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in the u.s. senate, debate has now started over a spending bill intended to keep the government running after the first of next month. we are now only six days away from a possible government shutdown. the house passed a bill last week, cutting out funding for
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obamacare, something democrats in the senate simply won't sit for. republican senator ted cruz of texas has threatened to filibuster any effort to strip out the obamacare provision from the house spending bill. but he doesn't seem to have the support he needs from his own part party. >> filibuster a bill to defund obamacare is the best route to defunding obamacare. all it does is shut down the government and keep obamacare funded and none of us want that. that would be the result of the filibuster. >> they have no interest of fixing problems or making it better, only blowing it up. they don't come up with one single idea of how to make it better. they don't come up with anything they propose. here is our idea that could be better. no. wrust get rjust get rid of it a. actually, i remind them, that was the position of their
1:23 pm
candidate for president a year ago. if he got elected president, he would do away with it. what did the american people say? i recall how that election came out. >> ted cruz, by the way, is scheduled to have his turn on the senate floor later this afternoon. we'll stand by and listen to hear what he has to say. here are some things that would affect you if the federal government were to shut down next tuesday. if you need a new passport to travel, then you would have to wait. the last time the government shut down in the 1990s, more than 200,000 passport applications were not processed. getting a gun permit would take longer. potential home buyers and small businesses wouldn't be able to get federal loans. plus there would be no trash pickup in the nation's capital. on the bright side, your mail, medicare, medicaid, social security, veterans benefits would still be delivered. we'll see what happens. president obama will turn to a former president to push his
1:24 pm
signature health care law. later today he is joining bill clinton at a meeting at the clinton initiative here in new york. this is the second time president obama is enlisting the help of the former president as new insurance exchanges get ready to go live next tuesday. polls show obamacare is getting less popular. a new cnn/orc poll shows 39% of americans favor the deal that republicans are trying to repeal. compare that to january, when he that figure was 51%. our chief political analyst gloria borger is joining us now. in a nutshell, how much of a problem does he? >> the numbers you just pointed out show what an uphill battle he has to convince the american public that obamacare is going to work. and as you point out, those exchanges start october 1st. you have until march 31, 2014,
1:25 pm
to enroll. the administration has to convince as many young, healthy people as possible, wolf, to enroll in these exchanges or else the plan itself would be in danger. on the political side, they've got republicans in congress saying they want to kill the funding for obamacare. so, they really have a public education project that they've got to embark upon. as you point out today, bill clinton and the president will be together to start that project and to tell people how the clinton family and the obama family have joined the together for the last 20 years to try and push universal health care reform. >> yes. the president is going to be going from here over to the united nations over to the clinton global initiative meeting in new york. i take it what's going to happen over there is that former president bill clinton, gloria, he will interview or question the president about obamacare. although, knowing bill clinton, as you and i do, i suspect that
1:26 pm
q and a will probably be more a and a rather than q and a. give us a little more perspective. >> right. don't forget -- i think you showed a clip of it at the convention last time around where bill clinton became the explainer in chief and he explained why barack obama should be re-elected. some say better than the president himself did. that's what they're kind of hoping will occur with health care reform. bill clinton is hugely popular in this country, wolf. he is also trusted. people will listen to him. and he is a great explainer. so he will question the president, but you can be sure they're not going to be the kind of questions you or i might ask. they're going to be leading, positive, explanatory questions so the two can have a conversation with the american public about why they should support the president's affordable care act and not try to repeal it or take the money
1:27 pm
away from it. and certainly why you shouldn't try and shut the government down over obamacare, which is, of course, the fight we have going on right now in washington. >> or the fight that's going to happen in mid october over raising the nation's debt ceiling. that could be a huge political battle as well. gloria, thank you very much. we'll see how this conversation goes between these two presidents, president obama and president clinton. president obama had a lot on his plate lately and a former president is expressing some empathy for the current president. we're talking about george w. bush. he says he knows a lot about that kind of pressure and says president obama needs an outlet. president bush spoke to the golf channel host, jimmy roberts. >> why is golf such a hot button issue? >> i see our president criticized for playing golf. i don't. i think he ought to play golf. >> why is that? >> i know what it's like to be in the bubble. i know the pressures of the job and to be able to get outside
1:28 pm
and play golf with some of your pals is important for the president. it does give you an outlet. >> it's a good release then? >> it is. i think it's good for the president to be out playing golf. president bush himself quit playing golf, by the way, some two years into his first term in office while american troops were then fighting in wars in iraq and afghanistan. didn't think it was appropriate to play golf while men and women were in harm's way. up next, will the u.s. hit the reset button iran? there's word that iran's president will not be at this current u.n. luncheon. there you see the president inside the luncheon with other world leaders. president obama is there, but there is word that president rowhani of iran is not there. maybe he will surprise us all and show up. will there still be some sort of encounter between these two presidents? stand by. we'll try to find out. also, we're going live to tehran. reza sayah is on the ground for us in the capital. la's known definitely for its traffic,
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president obama now attending a luncheon at the united nations hosted by the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon. there is the picture. many world leaders are at this luncheon. apparently the iranian president, hassan rowhani is not. maybe he will surprise everyone and show up in a little bit. according to iranian officials and others, he did not rsvp to attend. maybe they'll let him in any how if he decides to come. we're all anxious to see if there's going to be some sort of exchange, some sort of encounter between president and the iranian president. president obama says despite potential roadblocks, he wants to test the diplomatic path with iran, wants to do that test right away. he addressed the u.n. general assembly a little while ago. >> the united states and iran have been isolated from one another since the islamic
1:33 pm
resolution of 1979. this mistrust has deep roots. iranians have long complained of a history of u.s. interference in their affairs and america's role in overthrowing the iranian government during the cold war. on the other hand, americans see them take american hostages, kill u.s. troops and civilians and threatened our ally, israel, with disruption. >> nick paton walsh is here at the united nations with me. reza sayah is joining us from tehran. a beginning of a new chapter, potentially, in u.s./iranian relations? what are you hearing? >> potentially. this happened before in the '90s, six years ago in the bush administration but this is the most serious sense of engagement
1:34 pm
anyone has heard of in a while. a p5 plus one meeting on thursday, which will talk about iran's nuclear program. could they be meeting before that? many are saying that's unlikely, between obama and rowhani. if it doesn't go so well, then the exchange may be compromised somehow. >> secretary of state john kerry will meet with the foreign minister at this meeting that's already been scheduled. what are they saying over there about a potential break through in u.s./iranian relations? >> reporter: the mood here is remarkable. we've been coming here for years, wolf and have yet to see this optimism and hope among iranians that maybe u.s./iran relations after a bitter 34-year rivalry can improve. reached out and told iranians
1:35 pm
leaders, let's try to wrk out our problems diplomatically. he said a lot of things that the iranian leadership wanted to hear. he said the u.s. is not out for regime change. that's a big concern here among iran's leaders. he said the u.s. is willing to accept a peaceful nuclear program here in iran and that nuclear program will still remain the issue that is in the way of better relations. iranian leaders have signaled that possibly they're ready to make concessions. officials here say they will consider possibly suspending uranium enrichment at 20% that would seemingly make it impossible for iran to create the fuel that's necessary for a nuclear bomb. iran has suggested they're open to shutting down some uranium enrichment facilities, but they want something in return and they want it to be substantial. they want washington to respect
1:36 pm
their lowereadership as legitim and want an end to the economic sanctions. can the two sides sit down and hammer out some sort of agreement? there's certainly a lot of obstacles in their way. namely israel, who at this point does not want these two sides to get together. then you have the iran hawks, anti-iran lawmakers that dominate the u.s. congress. they have not given any ind kags that they will support president obama's efforts to establish some sort of relationship with iran, wolf. >> reza sayah in tehran. nick paton walsh is here. did you notice when he arrived the new iranian president put out there on twitter -- he has a twitter feed right now that he's putting stuff out. a picture of himself in the limo, driving in to new york city. i don't know what it says, but he's pretty active on twitter all of a sudden. >> gives you a new idea of how different this approach is from
1:37 pm
tehran. how do these tweets that said everything from happy new year to the jewish population, how much -- >> reporte >> that's a good question, reza. how much does that represent the mood in iran right now? the u.n. sanctions led by the u.s. are really biting. >> what nick asked was what's the mood inside the inner core of the leadership. there's no access to the inner core. a lot of the decisions in iran happen behind closed doors. the supreme leader is still the ultimate authority here. there is the sense that the supreme leader is backing president rowhani's efforts who, right now, is the most popular man in iran and a lot of influence and a mandate from the iranian people. we'll see what he can get done, wolf gh we'll see if history is made at the united nations.
1:38 pm
nick and reza, thanks to you. strong words from the united nations. syria's government and the opposition, coming up. we'll speak with a representative from the syrian opposition. anything. i had pain in my abdomen... it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer, such as cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. feeling bloated for no reason. that's what i remember. seeing my doctor probably saved my life. warning signs are not the same for everyone. if you think something's wrong... see your doctor. ask about gynecologic cancer. and get the inside knowledge. have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday.
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ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on president obama is now addressing the luncheon here at the united nations.
1:40 pm
let's listen in. >> i want to propose a toast to our host and great friend, secretary general ban. to all those here in new york and around the world who help to sustain the united nations and cooperative effort of the whole world. cheers. salute. >> nice gesture by the president of the united states, saluting the secretary general of the u.n. whether one of those meetings will include some sort of encounter with the iranian president. we'll watch. we'll wait to see if that, in fact, happens. the president also addressed the syrian crisis earlier today in his general assembly speech here at the u.n. he called out the security council and its reluctance to
1:41 pm
act on chemical weapons. >> syrian government took a first step of giving an accounting of its stockpiles. now there must be a strong security council resolution to verify the syrian government is keep i keeping its word and consequences if they do not do so. if we do not it will show that the united nations is incapable of enforce iing even the most basic. >> a whole delegation that is here in new york right now. did the president, from your perspective, the opposition to the government in baghdad go far enough? >> yes. tough speech, as usual, for the president barack obama when it comes to syria. however, the president did not
1:42 pm
address the core issue, holding assad regime accountable. by using chemical weapons and conventional weapons but also holding the regime accountable for holding conventional weapons. >> what do you want the united states to do? >> we want them to take decisive actions against bashar al assad and mainly holding him responsible for the crimes he committed. >> like what? >> first of all, they have to work closely and not give the lead to the russians. they are leading the whole syrian crisis. we want the u.s. to step forward and take the leadership right now to push for assad to step down and allow for a
1:43 pm
there have been so many initiatives on the table from the arab league, from the united nations and assad did not comply. 99% of the syrian people are killed by conventional weapon. who will be holding accountable for over those 100,000 syrians killed for the past 2 1/2 years? we don't want it to just be on using chemical of mass destruction or chemical weapons. we want to go back to the essence of the problem, having a sectarian regime killing his own people. >> the president and everyone else here repeats there will be no u.s. boots on the ground. the u.s. is not going to get involved on the ground in syria to try to remove bashar al assad. >> that is a great question, wolf. we never asked for boots on the ground. syrian people started this revolution on their own. they are right now fighting the regime on their own. they asked for the help and leadership of the united states.
1:44 pm
they asked for the help of -- free syrian army empowering the moderate group of the syrian opposition who are holding, we are all civilians. we are not terrorists. this is not civil war. it's an uprising against the regime. >> on the chemical weapons that the syrian regime has -- they acknowledge it now. if the russian initiative works and all those stockpiles are destroyed through peaceful means, you would welcome that? >> nobody would reject or object getting rid of any kinds of weapon that are killing our own people. he used those chemical weapons. we heard president obama say it's an insult to reason to claim -- >> if works, you would applaud that? >> what's next? it's not only about chemical weapons. what about the knives that the russians -- russians are aiding the regime with military weapons. what about conventional weapons? who will protect the syrian people? right now they have the right to protect the syrian civilians
1:45 pm
should be protected and that's the obligation by the united nations as president obama said today. yes, president obama it does stand to reason to claim that the opposition used chemical weapons and also to hold those who used the chemical weapons accountable and take them to international justice court. >> fara atassi, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next time you have to tell us how you really feel. i know you're very passionate. and you have good reason to be very passionate. >> thank you so much. >> i know you're just back from syria. >> i came three weeks ago and i'm leaving in ten days. thank you, wolf. >> don't leave yet. kenya's president, meanwhile, says officials are working to try to identify terrorists behind the mall massacre. were americans among the attackers also? how a terrorist group is recruiting young somali americans in minnesota.
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for 25 years, here is a question a lot of americans are asking. were americans involved in the massacre in the mall in kenya? forensic experts are working to try to identify the attackers and determine their nationalities. he says bodies are still trapped in the rubble of the building. in an interview on the pbs news
1:49 pm
hour, kenya's foreign minister says two or three of the attackers did, in fact, come from the united states. >> the americans, from the information we have, are young men. between maybe 18 and 19. >> somali origin? >> somali or arab origin. >> digging into the terrorist group al shabaab's recruitment of somali-americans, specifically in minnesota. brian is joining us now. what are you learning, brian? >> reporter: it began with disenfranchisement that so many somalis feel here, fleeing a civil war that tore their
1:50 pm
country apart, looking for a better life. for so many of the young somalis in this community, they didn't find the life they thought they would. unemployment is very high. gang problem in this community is a very strong gang problem and it's gotten worse over the years. it started with that disenfranchisement. the al shabab recruiters have come in here promising these young men in this community a better life, telling them they can be leaders back in somalia. they can go back to the country where their families came from, maybe that they've never seen before, a country they've dreamed of and they can be leaders of organizations. they lure them back with these promises. one community leader said they give them titles here before they send them back. so that is part of the lure of getting these young men to go back to somalia and fight for al
1:51 pm
s shabab. th there's a lot of death, destruction, famine. it's become a real nightmare for the people who have gone back there. we're also told the tide has turned. for the last 4 to 4 1/2 years, the recruitment has really fallen off. not as many young somalis have gone back. we'll be exploring that later. >> we certainly will. brian todd on the scene for us in minnesota. if you're looking to get out of your home, why it might be a good time. how the housing market is slowly returning to a seller's market. we have details. that's next.
1:52 pm
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1:54 pm
we're seeing is more evidence that the housing market is coming back, coming back strong. a survey released this morning shows housing prices jumped almost 12.5% in july from the year before. christine romans is joins us now to explain what's happening. >> a really big rise again in home prices, wolf. i want to show you signs that the rate of that increase is slowing. home prices rose 12.4% from a year ago. that's phenomenal. that's the biggest year over year increase in seven years. look where we've come from. look at some of the -- wow. can you imagine that? look at how much we've come from
1:55 pm
the bottom in 2009. we're still off the peak. now i want to show you where some of the hardest hit markets have been doing. phoenix is up 19% from a year ago. look at las vegas, wolf. up 27.5%. these are home prices. the three california markets, los angeles, san francisco, san diego, all up 20% or better. today's news means that fewer home buyers, homeowners are under water. they no longer owe more on their mortgages than their houses are worth. that's very good news for the overall recovery. what's less positive for the housing market, the fact that mortgage rates have been rising. in fact, mortgage rates up more than one full percentage point since may. they're still at historical lows, but these higher rates may keep prospective buyers from taking the plunge. what does it mean for home prices altogether? david blitzer of s&p says the rate of increases may have peaked. in other words, don't expect 12% gains over the next year, something a little more slow than that.
1:56 pm
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we're learning more about the victims of the deadly mall massacre in kenya. one got a doctorate recently from harvard. she also graduated from the school of advanced international studies at washington, d.c. at john hopkins university. she was a dutch citizen of turkish an s turkish ancestry in africa working for the clinton foundation. earlier, president bill clinton paid a warm tribute to he


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