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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 24, 2013 2:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> yes, we lost one of our employees in our health access program, which works on getting malaria drugs and building health systems around africa. she actually worked in tanzania. i saw her just a couple weeks ago when i was there, but she was nine months pregnant, just a couple weeks away from delivery. so she and her baby's father were walking in that mall in nairobi because she wanted to have the baby in kenya. she thought that would be best. they were both killed. >> deepest, deepest condolences. our hearts go out to all the victims of this horrific, horrific attack in nairobi. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer at the united nations. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin.
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>> wolf, thank you. hello to all of you. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me today. our big story, let's call it the super bowl of foreign diplomacy. a meeting of world leaders in new york. but a speech by president obama with a message of peace has the world abuzz and leaves one very big question hanging. that is this. is the deep freeze between iran and the u.s. thawing? >> in the near term, america's diplomatic efforts will focus on two particular issues. iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and the arab-israeli conflict. while these issues are not the cause of all the region's problems, they have been a major source of instability for far too long and resolving them can help serve as a foundation for a
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broader peace. the united states and iran has been isolated from one another since the islamic revolution of 1979. this mistrust has deep roots. iranians have long complained of a history of u.s. interference in their affairs and of america's role in overthrowing the iranian government during the cold war. on the other hand, americans see an iranian government that has declared the united states an enemy indirectly or through proxies, taken american hostages, killed u.s. troops and civilians, and threatened our ally israel with destruction. i don't believe this difficult history can be overcome overnight. the suspicions run too deep. but i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program, that can serve
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as a major step down a long road towards a different relationship. one based on mutual interests and mutual respect. >> president obama telling his secretary of state john kerry to work with iran's government and this new leader hasan rouhani, specifically on iran's nuclear program. another big headline, a message for israelis and palestinians. the president saying all parties must be willing to take risks in order to achieve middle east peace. we have correspondents all throughout the world for you covering every angle of this, including our foreign affairs reporter at the u.n. in new york, cnn international's jim clancy for us in jerusalem, and reza in tehran. elise, i want to begin with you. the last time a u.s. president met with a leader of iran, it was 35 years ago. jimmy carter. if it happens at all, here's my
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question. what's the chance this handshake everyone is talking about and waiting for, what's the chance this thing could happen behind closed doors? if it doesn't happen on camera, did it really happen? >> it doesn't happen. if it doesn't happen on camera, it doesn't really happen, brooke. i think that everyone is obviously placing a lot of importance on this handshake between the two men, but you've already seen this kind of improved climate between the u.s. and iran. president rouhani has been making a lot of noise in the last couple days. had an interesting op-ed in "the washington post." certainly president obama's speech. they may shake hands. they may not. if they do, it will be on camera. everyone would want to see a moment like that. i think president obama would like to do it. i'm not sure whether the iranian president is ready for something like that. clearly he has the backing of the supreme leader to go ahead and test the waters for a new relationship with the united states. but the hardline press in iran
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is very anti-handshake, if you will. i think the president of iran will leave here and president obama will leave new york with an improved climate, maybe not a handshake, but at the end of the day, i think it's going in the right direction. >> jim, to you in jerusalem, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who's obviously pretty rattled by a warming possibility between the leaders of the u.s. and iran, saying any nuclear deal with the iranian government could be a trap. what did he mean by that? >> reporter: you know, israel's view of the upcoming rouhani speech is an indirect one. don't be taken in by smiling faces and optimistic, vague promises. get the facts. listen but with care. understand the whole time iran has been negotiating with the west over the past four years, it's been making really strong advances towards being able to produce a nuclear weapon. now, i can tell you this right now. we know that israel's delegation will not be in the room.
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the prime minister has told his delegation that when iran stops denying the holocaust, stops threatening israel, maybe that'll change. not this afternoon. israel's intelligence chief told me just last week, if iran gets a nuclear weapon, it's a global game changer. they have a dangerous -- tonight i also spoke with a prominent anti-nuclear activist who said all nuclear weapons in the region pose serious risks. this is a time when israel must consider making clear its own nuclear program and being honest with the region, being honest with the world. that's not a popular opinion here. most people in israel see the so-called bomb in the basement as an important deterrent, a protective shield, if you will. as far as iran's nuclear program is concerned, many, if not most, agree with the prime minister. tehran has to dismantle its enrichment program, surrender
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stockpiles of enriched uranium and halt the construction of that heavy water reactor that could produce plutonium. we're not going to hear anything close to that from mr. rouhani. >> yeah, reza, my question to you there in tehran, what do you see is the barrier to what barack obama is calling a long road toward a different relationship between iran and the u.s.? >> reporter: one of the major barriers, brooke, is going to be the country where our colleague jim clancy is reporting from, israel. this is washington's top ally in it the region. the leadership there, including prime minister netanyahu, view iran as a threat. they don't want improved relations between the u.s. and iran. then you have the u.s. congress, another barrier. this is a congress that's dominated by anti-iran hawks who also view iran as a threat. congress doesn't want better relations between the u.s. and iran either. the congress and the israeli
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leadership are in lock step when it comes to iran. that's one of the reasons why whenever prime minister netanyahu visits the u.s. congress, he gets a standing ovation. then finally, you have the nuclear program. what's encouraging many is that iran is sending signals that they're willing to make concessions, perhaps considering capping and suspending uranium enrichment at 20%. that would seemingly make it impossible for them to make a bomb. they say they're also open to possibly expanding inspections to some of their military sites. naturally, they want substantial items in return. they want to be respected. they want some of the sanctions to end. they want the u.s. to recognize their right to enrich uranium, brooke. >> reza, jim, elise, thank you. covering all angles of the story for us around the world. i want to take you to africa now, to kenya specifically, where the president announced a little more than an hour ago that the deadly shopping mall stand yuf in nairobi is over. 61 people died in that attack,
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he said, along with six security officers. his remarks came not too long after we got this video, which appears to show government forces earlier today with guns drawn making their way through the top floor of that mall. cnn zane vergie has been there. so many questions. what about the hostages? what can you tell us about them? >> reporter: well, there was radio silence from the kenyan president on that. what he said only, really, was there are bodies trapped in the rubble. part of west gate mall is totally collapsed with three floors on top of each other. it's going to take a while to x extract those bodies. but there were so many questions about the hostages. were they able to free them? what is their condition?
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what exactly is the situation with the hostages? are they dead? some, all, what? these are the questions that are being raised tonight. there are no answers. i suspect that knowing the president and the people around him, he would want to be 100% confident that what he says is totally accurate, especially with the world's eyes on nairobi. so it took him a while to say it's over. no, really, it's over. he kept delaying that and delaying that until he was 100% sure. i spoke to one source a short while ago who said he had pretty much direct contact with everyone and was aware of everything that was being found on the ground and then decided to make the statement. that is one major unanswered question. >> okay. so as you and our crews are continuing to press on for answers when it comes to the has ta hostages, what about the attackers? what about the reports that some of these attackers were from the u.s. and that perhaps a woman was among the attackers?
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what have you learned about this? >> reporter: well, the president addressed that. he said he's seen the reports. the white woman and two to three americans. he says they're being investigated. he also said the forensics teams are going to be put to work and we'll see what we get. so you call in forensics teams to identify dead bodies. it seems as though that could be the implication here. don't know for sure. it's going to take a few days. i spoke to a senior kenyan source a moment ago. all indications were that they have the pictures, they have a dead body of a white woman. still, a lot of clarification needed. i asked for the photo, but i was told i wasn't going to get it. i'll still try. >> zain verjee in new yoairobi s as the president has declared this standoff is officially over. next, did a concert promoter contribute to michael jackson's death? jurors have heard both sides. now the closing arguments begin today. we're getting our very first
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look inside this court. you'll hear it live. plus, two teenage girls missing more than 40 years, but today a huge discovery could break this cold case wide open. back in a moment. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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for five months, jurors in the wrongful death lawsuit against aeg live have heard dramatic testimony. minutes ago closing arguments in this highly publicized trial got underway. the attorney who represents michael jackson's family wasted in time talking about what he says aeg live did wrong. >> this is a large company with sophisticated lawyers, people in the concert business. they wanted to write a contract that said we're not responsible for anything dr. murray does, they could have done that. but they chose to run the risk
2:16 pm
to make a huge profit. they lost. they're responsible. i'm going to tell you about that as we go on in this case. there's no question aeg wanted the king of pop in their arena in london. they wanted it so badly that despite these comments they make about michael jackson and the tabloids and everything, they wanted him to badly they would do whatever it took to get him on stage and they told that to dr. murray. they told dr. murray, we want you to have everything you can have. they knew exactly what he offered. unlimited supply of prescription medications during the time the pain, stress, and anxiety to get michael jackson on stage. they knew that. they knew what they were getting. now they want to come in and deny. we'll talk about that. as was stated in e-mails, too much was at risk to cancel now. remember the press conference just hours before. michael was found locked in his
2:17 pm
room and drunk and despondent. mr. phillips said it was the scariest thing he's ever seen. michael was emotionally paral e paralyzed, riddled with self-loathing and doubt. in order to get him out of the room, mr. phillips had to scream so loud that the walls in the room shook. he threw michael in the shower and slapped him to get him to it the press conference two hours late and as a result of that press conference, aeg executives said we can't back off now, it would be a disaster for the company because we're holding all the risk. no one knew whether michael could pay back the $35 million aeg was out. we know based on the evidence that aeg didn't have appropriate insurance to cover the loss. we also know that aeg executives wrote to mr. phillips and said, michael was kind of overwhelming -- underwhelming in the press conference, and he did
2:18 pm
not give aeg executives the feeling that he could get enough together to even do 30 shows. that's what they wrote. but what happened? tickets went on sale. as you'll see, a cultural phenomenon occurred. they sold out so many tickets so fast they were so excited about how much money was going to be made and that if michael couldn't perform, they had to give the money back and all these production costs, they didn't have appropriate insurance to cover it all. they were going to be out the money. they never lost $30 million before. >> so this trial has focused on two central questions. one, did the promoter hire and supervise conrad murray, the doctor who gave jackson that fatal overdose of propofol? if so, how much should it pay to jackson's mother and children? cnn's casey winan joins me from los angeles outside that
2:19 pm
courtroom. what are we expecting to hear from both sides during closing arguments? >> reporter: well, first of all, brooke, the attorney for the michael jackson family, that clip you just played, is talking to the jury right now. what we're going to hear from him and what we've already heard from him is this concert promoter, aeg live, should have known better than to hire dr. conrad murray to take care of michael jackson as he rehearsed and went through this planned comeback tour. the attorney says that aeg was under enormous financial pressure, pressure to make a big profit potentially and pressure to avoid big losses if michael jackson was not physically able to perform. and the jackson family also claims that conrad murray was, in fact, an employee of aeg live. the other side, aeg is going to argue when it's their turn, probably tomorrow, that it was michael jackson who was calling the shots. he was the one who supervised
2:20 pm
dr. conrad murray. he was the one who brought him into the relationship. also, no one ever signed this employment contract. you would think it would be very easy to determine if someone is an employee or not. there was a contract between aeg live, conrad murray, and michael jackson. the only problem is, brooke, the only person who signed that contract was conrad murray. neither jackson nor aeg live signed it, so that is the central question that they're arguing about. if the jurors, in fact, find that aeg live, in fact, hired murray, then they can get into these other questions of how much aeg live should pay jackson's mother and his three children. >> okay. so on the subject of payment, how much? how much compensation could the jackson family see if they win this? >> reporter: there were reports early on in this case, which has been going on for five months, that it could be as high as $40 billion. those reports have been
2:21 pm
discredited. both sides concede this could get into the billions of dollars. during this five-month trial, jackson's family attorneys tried to show the earnings potential that jackson had, had he lived. on the other side, aeg attorneys tried to show he was a big financial risk and maybe there wasn't that big of a market for jackson as a performer going forward because of his deteriorating health and because of the scandals that he endured throughout much of the last part of his life, brooke. >> billions with a "b." casey, we'll be watching there with you in los angeles. thank you. coming up, a stunning development in this cold case unsolved for decades. two teenage women disappeared in the early '70s. now this old car is recovered from a creek that could help crack the case. plus, new details in that mass shooting that erupted in chicago. 13 people were injured, including a 3-year-old. we now know why the suspected gunmen opened fire in the first place.
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so there's this car that looks like it's been under water for more than four decades. it's a studebaker just found in a south dakota creek and may drive investigators to new clues as to how these two teenage girls went missing in 1971. pam jackson, on the left, and sheryl miller disappeared as they were out driving to a party. then flash forward to 2007. this man here, a convicted rapist, was charged with their murder. now the car could either clear him or help prove his guilt. a fisherman spotted this car monday, and it matches the car those two teenage girls were driving. >> it's a little surreal, honestly. just to even believe that it's all happening right outside our door. they possibly could have been there all this time. it's a little unbelievable. >> wow. joining me on the phone john
2:26 pm
holt, crime reporter. john, so this studebaker, believed to be in the water for 42 years. from what i understand, it was pretty rough shape, obviously. >> yeah, it was definitely in rough shape. >> so how have law enforcement, have have they been able to connect the dots from this, you know, pretty rough-looking car to this missing persons case from 1971? >> as you said, a fisherman was down by the creek early monday morning, and this person happened to be familiar with the case, as a lot of people are. it's a small area. it's a very famous case. they happened to be familiar with the case. they said, this looks like it's connected. they went down there and tried to pull it out, but it was in such poor condition they couldn't actually get it out, but they were able to lift it up a little bit. they used a hub cap and the license plate to identify it as the vehicle that they were last seen in. >> incredible. >> so they took this wrong turn. they were headed to this party
2:27 pm
near this gravel pit. from what i understand, where this car was found wasn't too far. is it possible, john, that this car, the girls' car, was sitting there in this creek all along? >> yes. yes, in fact, that's what they think happened. the attorney general in south dakota held a press conference yesterday in which he said this car has been under water for four decades. so that's why we have to be very careful in trying to get the evidence out. we want to preserve all the evidence as well as possible because this has clearly been here for a very, very long time. >> so the next step, you know -- i think about the family and the timing of this car's discovery. it's touching. family members, pam jackson -- family members of pam, i should say, were back in town for the father's funeral. oscar jackson was 102. one of pam's relatives told you, quote, it's like when oscar got to heaven, he told them to reveal this information about what happened to his daughter. tell me about that conversation.
2:28 pm
>> well, i mean, it's pretty heartbreaking. it's been heartbreaking. they've said in the past that their faith has helped carry them through, that these girls were never far from their thoughts. the mystery has just sort of eaten at them. but hopefully this brings them a little closer to closure, even though not everyone is going to be around to see the end of the mystery. >> what have they thought happened through all these years? >> well, there have been a lot of different theories thrown around. there was a point decades ago where people thought they had seen these girls, you know, where they thought they might be alive. then, of course, in 2004, suspicions emerged about david liken, who, as it turns out, the case was dropped against him. i mean, there was a period where they were certain that it was
2:29 pm
him. at least one of miller's family members said, you know, even after the case was dropped against david liken, they thought he was responsible for their deaths. now, depending on what they find in the car, that may all be thrown into upheaval. >> as they are very carefully getting this car out and will be going through it and looking for forensics and hopefully this can bring these families just a little bit of peace 42 years later. john hult, we'll stay in touch. thank you for calling in. still ahead, backlash against the makers of red bull. have you seen this? the company released this ad linking the energy drink to the doomed titanic. hear the point red bull was trying to make. and history in the making. the united nations in the spotlight. will president obama and the new president of iran give diplomacy a chance? i'm talk live with someone who's about to interview the iranian president. the american dream is of a better future,
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president hasan rouhani. both are in new york amid clear signs of iranian interest in better relations with washington. more than a generation has passed since the two sides have been on speaking terms. just look at these pictures. this is then president jimmy carter shaking hands with the shah, leader of pre-revolution iran. nothing but bitterness since. iran has held americans hostage. it calls the u.s. the great seau t -- satan, and supported terrorists. the previous president had a pension for sparking outrage, whether it's denying the holocaust or saying the united states was behind 9/11. >> translator: some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips on the
2:34 pm
middle east. today the zionist regime is on a definite collapse and there's no way to get out of the cess pool it created. >> whether he and barack obama shake hands today is still to be seen. joining me now from new york, cnn's christiane eamon poa aman. why the change in heart? how bad is iran hurting now? >> reporter: well, obviously the sanctions really do hurt. but we haven't heard about a change of heart from iran about the nuclear program. in fact, iran insists it should still have the right to a civil nuclear program. the issue is, are they prepared to have real negotiations that build up confidence after these 34 years of incredible mistrust so that the west can see and the rest of the world could see what it professes to be just a
2:35 pm
civilian nuclear program and not one that's diverting to military capabilities. so that's the challenge. that's what iran has to prove. then will the united states and the west decide to have some kind of meaningful reciprocity? in other words, would they lift some of the sanctions in exchange for a step-by-step transparency of iran. those two really antagonistic bits you played from the previous president is what has gotten the world so angry about iran and so fearful and mist trustful over the last eight years. much more fearful and mistrustful than they were before. so president rouhani, who's a moderate and said he'd been elected with a mandate to pursue a more moderate, less extremist, those are his words, foreign policy and engagement with the west. he came here promising to show, quote, the true face of iran. he was obviously meaning not the face that was just presented by
2:36 pm
ahmadinejad, his predecessor. clearly, in terms of style, there's a massive change already from the iranian president. everybody's waiting to see what kind of substance will change as well, whether meaningful negotiations can be undertaken to resolve this diplomatically. today i spoke with the french president about all this and how iran could hope to stave off even worse sanctions and even a possible israeli attack, as israel is always talking about. >> translator: if iran is willing to negotiate to give up on its military nuclear program and get a civil nuclear program to be accepted, then there is a possible solution. on the other hand, if the deadlock remains, what will happen? more and more sanctions, very burdensome for the iranian economy and at some point the threat of an operation.
2:37 pm
so the iranian president has to move from words to deeds. >> so that was from your interview. you talked so much about the mistrust. and who can forget the recent and past history? there are the critics and skeptics. you think of netanyahu as well, saying this rouhani is a wolf in sheep'p's clothing. is there anything we know about the new president of iran that might suggest he's being genuine? >> reporter: well, again, in the famous words of president reagan, it's trust but verify. there has to be some kind of resolution if it's going to avoid a military strike or an iranian nuclear weapon. the aim obviously is to have some kind of diplomatic resolution to this if it is at all possible. the new president rouhani, in fact, used to be the nuclear negotiator during the first reform era of 1998 through 2005.
2:38 pm
the time he was the chief nuclear negotiator, and he was able to persuade the supreme leader in iran to suspend iran's uranium enrichment. that went on for a few years and collapsed around the time of the election of ahmadinejad. so he has got that background. further more, he says that he has the authority from the supreme leader now to negotiate on a diplomatic resolution to this situation. again, iran has said it doesn't intend to give up its right to enrich but we'll see whether there's any possibility of some kind of meaningful negotiations. the previous reform president wrote an op-ed. it's quite extraordinary, actually, all of this outreach, saying this is the real thing. when i was here, i tried to do it, but i didn't have the backing of the leadership, and i wasn't able to forge a consensus inside iran. he says rouhani has been able to forge a consensus and that the
2:39 pm
iranian leadership wants to figure out a way how to resolve this diplomatically. many are saying if this window isn't taken, well, it won't be open for a very, very long time. >> christiane, thank you. coming up, murder mystery in nevada after a mother and son were found brutally stabbed to death. now a twist as a relative once thought to be a victim is now the suspect. and he's a teenager. and he's disappeared. we're on the case next. ♪ ♪ unh ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪
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a missing teenager in nevada originally thought to be the victim of a gruesome crime is now the primary suspect in the death of his mother and his younger brother. police in henderson, nevada, are desperately searching for adrian navarro after his mother and brother were found stabbed to death in their apartment.
2:43 pm
a judge formally signed an arrest warrant monday, charging the teen as an adult with two counts of murder. the 16-year-old's father is begging him, please come home. >> translator: adrian, please call us. we are looking for you. don't be afraid. i don't have any information about you. call whoever you can. me, your aunts. find a way to call us. >> cnn's stephanie elam is working this one for us from l.a. how did detectives go from victim here to suspect when it comes to this teenager? >> i know, brooke. it's an interesting twist in the story. what has happened is we know that the niece of the mother who was found dead, she was found with a knife in her chest in the bathroom. her youngest son, who would have been 10 next month, was in the tub.
2:44 pm
they believe that when they first saw that, that he could be also someone who may have been hurt, this older son. but they noticed the keys were gone. his cell phone was gone. they figured there might be more to the story. as you take a look at the story, they think that this may actually have happened on tuesday afternoon, but the bodies were not discovered until friday. this is not because people weren't asking for welfare checks. in fact, there were three prior ones, prior to the one that led to the discovery of the two bodies, this coming from the boyfriend of the mother who kept going to the door, kept calling, kept asking police to check because he knew something was wrong. then he enlisted the help of his niece. that's how they were able to do this, once they found out cesar had not been to school and she had not been to work. >> we heard the father's plea for his son to come home. has anyone heard from adrian since this happened? >> the interesting thing was there was one text message that was sent on wednesday. it was to his father. he said this he was sorry, that
2:45 pm
he had not been in touch that, his phone had been dead. he had just charged it. he said the others were fine but that they were sleeping. since then, they believe that adrian has since turned off his phone. what's also interesting here is what has been discovered. a, he's not been enrolled in high school since november of 2012. they didn't know that apparently. the family members did not. and he was known to be anti-social and that he had acted out and been violent towards his mother, even allegedly punching her or hitting her before. so these details coming out along with the fact that his cousin was saying she believes that he's been in the apartment since the investigation cleared out of the apartment. so he may not be far away, brooke. >> okay. stephanie, keep us posted. thank you. we are now also getting word, live pictures, here he is. republican senator ted cruz speaking right now on the senate floor about his opposition to obama care. the texas senator says he will
2:46 pm
talk until he can no longer stand there. keep in mind he's been getting a will the of heat from folks within his own party calling him a fraud. how long will he go? we're going to listen in. we'll go to capitol hill and break this down for you next. ♪ ) for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden call from the school, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. when you have children's motrin on hand, you're ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin.
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bruising, bleeding, or paleness. since enbrel helped relieve my joint pain, it's the little things that mean the most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. i want to take you to capitol hill. something interesting is happening. this is texas republican senator
2:49 pm
ted cruz. he's standing and speaking and speaking and talking because he's this -- really, i don't know if he's the lone, but one of the only republican senators who agrees with many of his house colleagues. it was last friday when his house colleagues passed that continuing resolution that they essentially -- this all has to do with passing the budget. they put this teeny, tiny provision if there saying in order for the government to continue being funded, we want to defund obama care. now this sits with the senate. dana bash, let me go straight to you. you can big picture this for me and explain what the head is going on. >> reporter: what's going on is ted cruz just got to the senate floor ten minutes ago. he said he's going to stand and talk about defunding obama until i'm no longer able to stand. he's going to be talking likely all afternoon, maybe even all night, i'm told by a source close to him. but here's the big but. let's keep them honest, as our
2:50 pm
friends at "ac360" would say. this is time for ted cruz to talk, but he's not delaying anything. he's not changing the timing of these procedure votes. they're going to happen when they happen. it's already scheduled for sometime tomorrow, maybe around noon. this certainly is a chance for ted cruz to speak, and he's going to do it for hours and hours and hours. but this is not the traditional jimmy stewart filibuster where he's going to hold everything up because the wheels are already in motion for the votes to happen. the first vote is expected to be tomorrow, which will be to -- it's a vote he doesn't want to take place, which is all of his republicans are going to go against him and not support him in blocking this. >> okay. so this is the context. you said he's been talking for about ten minutes. let's just pause and take a listen. >> when we're home on the campaign trail, we say we listen. yet, something about this senate
2:51 pm
floor, something about washington, d.c. -- i don't know if it's the water, something in the air, the cherry blossoms, but people get here and stop listening to the american people. you know, throughout the state of texas as i travel -- and i spent the month of august and beginning of september traveling, virtually every day on the road, listening, hearing the stories. the american people are hurting. this is a difficult time. look, the very rich, they're doing fine. in fact, they're doing better under president obama than they were before. but hard working american families are struggling and their life has become harder and harder and harder. and madam president, obama care is the biggest job killer in this country. the american people want to stop this madness. so do i. here in washington, we pass million-dollar bills,
2:52 pm
billion-dollar bills no one has ever read, often without even voting on them. we call it unanimous consent. it's only unanimous because they don't let anyone know. >> okay. we have dana bash. what's the bigger picture? what's this really about? gloria borger, let me go to you. we've heard from within the republican party and even colleagues in the senate, you know, they're very against this strategy of, you know, allowing the government to, you know, not fund the government, this whole idea of defunding obama care. they disagree with republican colleagues in the house. what is this really about, though, other than putting him on national television and showing him talking and talking and talking? what's in it for him to do this? >> they want to defund obama care, they say. republicans are at least united on that. what they're not united on is the strategy and the tactics.
2:53 pm
you know, ted cruz is kind of an interesting character. dana did a piece on this earlier today. he's somebody who's relatively new to the senate, came with national ambition and has not been shy, shall we say, about proclaiming that national ambition, and some of his colleagues believe he's done it without regard for them. when the house passed its legislation last week, defunding obama care, initially ted cruz came out and said, oh, well, we can't do that in the senate, we don't have the votes. they felt like he had left them out on a limb. then he had to backtrack and take up the cause, as you see him doing there, because he came under a great deal of criticism by his own republicans. so i would have to say internally in congress, he's not very well liked by members of his own party. they understand he has national
2:54 pm
ambition, and i think that's what you're seeing here right now. this is somebody who clearly has an eye on the presidency. >> okay. gloria borger, thank you. we'll continue watching him talking there. i think it's just really important to keep in mind dana mentioned the senate will be voting tomorrow. the clock is ticking. it is after september 30th, that's the deadline for the government shutdown. gloria, thank you very much. coming up, we'll take you back inside a courtroom in los angeles where jurors are hearing the closing arguments in a trial over michael jackson's death. m, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden call from the school, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. when you have children's motrin on hand, you're ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin.
2:55 pm
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penn state university getting relief from scholarship cuts. they're going to begin restoring scholarships gradually as the school works toward athletics integrity. the school is banned on playing in the postseason. the penalties were imposed on penn state after former football assistant coach jerry sandusky was charged with child abuse. coming up, he has just a couple of hours to do so, but should president obama meet with iran's new president, you're about to hear both viewpoints. [ male announcer ] this is pam.
2:58 pm
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3:00 pm
and here we go. top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. a country once called part of an axis of evil by u.s. president george w. bush is now being called a potential friend. i'm talking about iran. today at a meeting of world leaders in new york, president obama made a speech which left a lot of people asking, is the deep freeze between iran and the u.s. thawing? will he and the new iranian president meet? in fact, we are just now getting
3:01 pm
word the answer to that question, at least as far as today goes, is no. let me know when we have jim acosta ready to roll. in the meantime, i'll tell you this. this is from the domestic travel pool traveling with the president. this is cnn reporting. two senior administration officials have clarified that this iranian meeting question, they reaffirmed the white house signal that the staff level they were open to an informal meeting between obama and rouhani on the margins of the u.n. conference. even though many people watching, waiting for the handshake that could be, is not happening, at least today. am i hearing that correctly? >> reporter: there will be no handshake today. there will be no face-to-face encounter between president obama and president rouhani. we're just getting word from senior administration officials -- as a matter of fact, i have just heard from a white house official who has confirmed this independently to cnn that this is not going to
3:02 pm
happen because, quote, this was just too complicated for the iranians. they were open to a brief informal encounter with rouhani, but because they say this was just going to be politically too complicated for the iranians, it is just not going to happen. from a practical standpoint, the president of the united states was running out of time. he's here at the united nations for just about another hour. he's supposed to meet with the palestinian prime minister within the hour, but then he heads across town to give a health care speech at the clinton global initiative. then he heads back to washington. so they were basically running out of time. earlier today, as reza was saying earlier, there was a lot of expectations that perhaps president rouhani might go to a luncheon that president obama was supposed to be at here at the yunited nations earlier thi morning. but because alcohol was being served at that luncheon,
3:03 pm
president rouhani decided not to attend. that might have been the last best chance for these two leaders to run across one another and perhaps have that brief handshake, but the word now coming from white house officials, administration officials, it's not happening. >> so jim acosta, thank you very much. jim with the word that isn't happening. let me bring in two voices, michael crowley, chief foreign affairs correspondent for "time." gentlemen, welcome to you. here we have it. word just in to cnn that they will not be meeting, no handshaking while they're there in new york this weekend. michael, your reaction to that? >> well, you know, i think expectations got built up for the handshake, and i think people were ready to believe that it was going to happen. it's not. but it was going to be really complicated. just the pure logistics of getting the two guys in the same room at the same time. i think they would have liked to have done it without a lot of
3:04 pm
press around to make sure that there was no awkwardness or weird photo ops. so finding that moment where you can thread that needle. then you have problems like alcohol being served at the lunch. it becomes almost insurmountable. that was not going to be the substantive thing that would happen. it will happen when john kerry sits down with the nuclear negotiators and iranian foreign minister. that's when they can really talk some turkey. a simple handshake would have been purely symbolic today. >> so the needle will be threaded, as you point out. that does appear to be a breakthrough. frank, reading your piece in the "times," and this metaphor about evoking charlie brown and lucy with barack obama and rouhani. do me a favor and explain where you were going with that. >> let me first of all say thank god for alcohol. i think it's important that we not have had this even symbolic gesture of an opening of relations with rouhani.
3:05 pm
this is a man, after all, who is presiding over a regime that is still engaged in terrorism, still engaged in various acts of subversion, including in our own hemisphere, still engaged in efforts to build and proliferate chemical rweapons, biological weapons. we're seeing the president say, well, he sent a nice tweet or op-ed. that's the basis on which we're going to now end effectively symbolically at the very least the isolation that this regime has been, i think, properly exposed to. lucy and the football is a metaphor everybody is familiar with. they promise again and again and again these iranians, whichever variation you wish, to be better, to be more attractable, to enter into negotiations. as with poor charlie brown, who keeps winding up flat on his back, we're going to see this football swept away again and more to the point, the nuclear
3:06 pm
weapon that will be inevitably brought to fruition in the iranian islamic republican coming, i think, to pass and unfortunately probably being used. >> michael frank is not alone in his deep skepticism. you hear from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying, listen, rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing. is there anything we know about rouhani that might suggest otherwise, that he is being genuine, that barack obama will not end up flat on his back, to go with the metaphor? >> it's very difficult to say what his true intentions are. he has done everything so far that would be consistent with someone who's being sincere and who wants to deliver and who wants to make a deal. you know, if you listen to the rhetoric from it the obama white house, they're not kind of swooning here. they're not being starry eyed. i think they're very careful
3:07 pm
about not coming across as naive. i thought the president's speech today was a little cooler on the idea of a brek through on the possibility of diplomacy than it might have been. there was definitely wear weariness in his comments as there has been, even as white house officials talk about the possibility there could have been a meeting in new york this week. a lot of caveats. they always come back to the idea of deeds being more important than words and wanting to see whether iranians have substantively changed their negotiating position. i think that just remains to be seen. >> i think on that point, frank, you get the last question, which is, you know, talk about words versus deeds. what is it that iran, what is it that the president of iran here would need to do to perhaps change your view, not rhetoric, not promises, but what actions would you need to see for u.s., for the administration to be able to trust him. >> two things. to speak to your previous question to michael, this is a guy we actually know something
3:08 pm
about. he's bragged in the past on iranian television about having bought time for the iranian nuclear program to be completed by going through precisely the kind of subterfuge he's engaged in right now. what would it take to make a difference? i'm a little reluctant about getting into john kerry mode on syrian chemical weapons. if we hehe were to rip up by th roots in nuclear weapons program -- and that's exactly what it is. the centrifuges, the secret facilities in which many of them, i believe, house the plutonium program. on and on, the ballistic missile program, the sarin gas that's actually being produced by the iranian regime. all of these things are the sorts of things that would be tangible manifestations of a real change. the problem is rouhani doesn't run the iranian republic.
3:09 pm
the supreme leader does, and unless he says something different, we're going to see more of the same, more of the bait and switch, more of the charlie and the football from rouhani. >> frank and michael, thanks to both of you for the back and forth on what could be and what may not be. now let me take you to washington. back to pictures here of senator cruz, republican senator from texas, speaking, continuing to speak. he's been going for about 20 minutes here on the senate floor, giving his opinion on why obama care is bad for the country. he says that he will keep talking until he can't stand there anymore. take a listen. >> i intend to speak in opposition to obama care. i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. to do everything that i can to help americans stand together and recognize this grand
3:10 pm
experiment 3 1/2 years ago is quite simply not working. >> chief congressional correspondent dana bash there watching. what's happening? is this a filibuster or no? >> to be honest with you, we're trying to sort out what exactly to call this because it seems as though technically it might be a filibuster in terms of what the parliamentarian might call it or even the senate historian, because ted cruz is holding things up, but he's not holding anything up by speaking beyond what he was already doing. he is on the senate floor. he is talking. he made it very clear, as we just heard, he's going to talk and talk and talk. whether he was on the floor talking or in his office or at home sleeping, that wouldn't change the clock that is ticking towards the first key procedural vote, which is tomorrow. so no matter what you call it, he's definitely trying to make a very clear point. what is fascinating and what happened just before you and i talked about ten minutes ago, is just as he was going on the
3:11 pm
senate floor, his very own republican leader was out talking to members of the press, effectively saying, we wish he wouldn't do this, saying that it would be much better to limit the time, to give back some of the time, to not use all of the procedural tools in his tool box and let this go on to the house. he is running up against opposition from many, many people in his own party who are not supporting him, who don't think that this is the right way to go, who are very concerned and we know this from talking to republican senators who were just in meetings that just broke up that the conversation now is about the split in the republican party, not so much about their substantive view of obama care and why it should be defunded or dismantled completely. so they're not very happy about what's going on. but you know what? ted cruz doesn't care, to put it bluntly. we heard a little bit in the last hour live on cnn of him saying there's something in the water in washington. people make campaign promises, come here and don't keep them.
3:12 pm
his argument is, and he's certainly speaking to a very important constituency for him, the conservative grassroots, that he's keeping his campaign promise. he's sticking to principle. that's why for now he's not giving into his own party leadership to give back time and let's end this back and forth. >> all right. filibuster or not, we know that vote is happening tomorrow. we'll see how long he manages to speak until then. dana bash, thank you so much. five months, numerous witnesses, and hours and hours of testimony right now closing arguments started in the michael jackson trial. jurors are deciding whether a concert promoter contributed to his death. and we will listen in on the lawyers' final statements. their emotional remarks from los angeles, next. across america people are taking charge
3:13 pm
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3:15 pm
the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. for five months, jurors in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by michael jackson's heirs against concert promoter aeg live have heard testimony. just moments ago, the closing arguments got underway. the attorney representing michael jackson's family talked about the relationship between
3:16 pm
dr. conrad murray and the executives at aeg. >> murray shut down his practice, moved to l.a., treats m.j. may to june, tells aeg he's performing in good faith, talks and meets with ortega, phillips and works with them on rehearsal attendance schedule and asked to be paid. those are all the factsmurray. what about aeg live? they write an e-mail that's it's aeg, not m.j., paying his salary. murray put it was in the budgets, even after the death. they got housing for dr. murray. they made dr. murray responsible for m.j.'s rehearsal schedule and attendance along with mr. phillips, the ceo.
3:17 pm
why would you do that for someone you didn't hire? they asked murray for assistance on the insurance. then they asked for approval on the $35 million they were out after m.j. died. lo and behold, guess who's on there? dr. murray. they think it's good for them, they can do that to get their $35 million. when they want to be held to hiring, it's not good enough. randy phillips said he hired them, but we got to spend a lot of time on this. >> this trial has focused on these two questions. did the promoter hire and supervise conrad murray, the doctor who gave michael jackson that fatal dose of propofol? if so, how much should it pay to jackson's mother and children? alan, for those who have not been following this case as closely as i know you have, what is the critical piece of evidence in this case? >> reporter: well, there's a lot of e-mailing and there's
3:18 pm
testimony. e-mail, including one from one of the top aeg live executives, saying remind dr. murray who is paying him and who he answers to, it's us, not michael jackson. the first question the jurors have to decide is if aeg live actually had a contractual agreement. there was a written contract, it's just it was only given to dr. murray the day before michael died, so everybody didn't sign it. those are the crucial questions. did they hire him, and was it negligent? >> okay. alan duke for us in los angeles. i know possible compensation here if the jackson family wins this thing is in the billions of dollars. alan, thank you. twitter, facebook, vine. the internet is filled with sites where you can share your pictures and messages. those sites can be land mines to teenagers who may not think twice before posting embarrassing items online.
3:19 pm
now the governor of california has signed a law giving kids a get out of jail free card. we'll explain. but first, a quick look at the dow. pretty flat. just down about four points as we're about 40 minutes away from the closing bell. there were some new housing numbers for july. its best 12-month price gain in almost eight years. we'll be right back.
3:20 pm
3:21 pm
3:22 pm
we have all -- i say we, maybe some of us more than others -- have felt the regret the nanosecond your finger hits tweet or post. the bad word or photo sent in your moment of thoughtlessness has become a permanent fixture online. now kids in california get what we all want, an internet eraser of sorts. there's now this new law that starts in 2015 that requires web companies remove online activity if someone under the age of 18 requests that. toll discuss this, we have kelly wallace and darren. darren, as the lawyer, how does this law work? >> if somebody under the age of
3:23 pm
18 makes the request and they have to be the owner of the photograph, then the company that has it has to take it down. but this is well intentioned but tough in the execution. obviously, you've got to be owner of the photograph, so if somebody else has taken a photograph of you and posted it, forget it. of course, this is a california law, not a federal law. so that opens up a whole other can of worms about how companies are going to regulate this. so this is going to be troublesome. >> and it also doesn't apply to adults. >> anthony weiner. yes, it's not just youth that have that. >> so this got me thinking, kelly wallace, of something we were e-mailing about the other day, a clip we saw on conan on friday night. louis c.k. talking about his kids and smart phones. watch. >> these things are toxic. especially for kids. it's just this thing, it's bad. they don't look at people when they talk to them.
3:24 pm
they don't build the empathy. kids are mean. it's because they're trying it out. they look at a kid and they go, you're fat. then they see the kid's face scrunch up and go, oh, that doesn't feel good to make a person do that, but they have to start with doing the mean thing. when they write, you're fat, they go, oh, that was fun. i like that. >> that tasted good. >> exactly. you need -- the thing is, you need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something. that's what the phones are taking away. >> yes, yes. >> kelly, you have kids. you say you haven't had to deal with this whole smart phone conundrum yet, but do you think louis has a point? >> i thought he was right on. he said it in such a funny way. later on in that segment, he talked about how adults, even all of us grown-ups, how addi addicted we are to our phones. he talked about, you know, when you're driving and all of the sudden you start feeling alone and lonely and thinking about how sad your life is.
3:25 pm
what do you do? let me see if i got a facebook post or someone tweeted me. he really touched on something that we as grown-ups can't quite get away from our devices and we're looking at our kids who seem to be addicted to these devices too. and what are the consequences? besides the fact they're more distracted, potentially. but in this report we're talking about, perhaps they're even posting things they wouldn't be posting if they weren't so addicted to mare smart phones in the first place. >> exactly. you have an 11-year-old daughter. >> i do. she has a smart phone. although, it's an account i protect and monitor very carefully. the point that louis c.k. was making about that consistency that these smart phones are in our lives constantly, it's bad. i've had the experience of being out to lunch with my wife and my daughter and looking around a restaurant and seeing not just the three of us on our smart phones but everybody in the restaurant. it's almost like that face-to-face communication, the art of it has been completely lost. >> i don't know what it was
3:26 pm
about that clip, but it woke me up in a way. we're all walking around cnn like this. i think just every so often, be present, put it away. thank you both so much. mahmoud ahmadinejad became well known to americans because of his numerous clashes with the united states. but what do you know about this man? this is iran's new president. depending on who you ask, he's extending an oli branch to the u.s. or just setting up a big trap. more on our breaking news. we have now learned in the last few minutes he will not be meeting with president obama this week in new york. that's next. ♪ man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at my side. it's so much better that way. [ male announcer ] have the right partner at your side. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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3:29 pm
that help nascar win with our fans. bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. big, big story coming out of the united nations today. the u.s. and iran will hold their highest level contact since the iranian revolution of 1979. that is to happen on thursday when secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to be in a meeting with the iranian foreign minister. president obama said today that diplomacy must be tested in the effort to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons. at this very hour, we are awaiting the new iranian president's speech to the u.n. general assembly. he is a key component of the push for better relations. cnn's barbara starr has a look at him. >> reporter: all eyes are on hasan rouhani, iran's new president. still largely a man of mystery
3:30 pm
as the u.s. trying to figure out whether he is really willing to give up what the u.s. believes is a nuclear weapons program as he told nbc in an interview. >> translator: we have time and again said that under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons. >> reporter: leading president obama to a historic step, ordering secretary of state john kerry to pursue a nuclear deal with tehran. >> i don't believe this difficult history can be overcome overnight. the suspicions run too deep. but i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road towards a different relationship. >> reporter: but will rouhani deliver or is it all a charm offensive? rouhani has called for the end of what he says is the age of blood feuds in a "washington
3:31 pm
post" op-ed. he even has a twitter account posting pictures of himself arriving in new york for a united nations meeting and wishing jews this month a blessed rosh hashanah. experts say look at his background. he lived in exile in paris with ayatollah, the force behind iran's revolution. he's viewed as completely loyal to iran's current supreme leader. there is caution about moving too fast. >> i think a more normalization relations between the united states and iran is unrealistic. >> reporter: for both obama and rouhani, it may take time for the same reason. each has the challenge of politics. >> president obama has to be very sensitive to concerns about israel's national security and tehran, president rouhani can't appear to conciliatory towards the united states and certainly can't appear to be friendly
3:32 pm
toward israel. >> reporter: so why is rouhani stepping back from iran's nuclear program? it's believed he's doing it to get crippling economic sanctions lifted from iran. that's part of the reason he was elected by the people. but there are significant concerns that still lie ahead. iran's support for international terrorism, iran's support for bashir al assad inside syria and iran's attitude towards israel. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> now, we have been watching very closely all day long as to whether or not president obama might run into hasan rouhani, whether accidently or not, and we now know it's not going to happen. at last report, they both were still on the grounds of the u.n. headquarters there in new york, but two senior u.s. officials are now telling us that such an encounter had proven just simply too complicated politically for rouhani. cnn's nick payton walsh is at the united nations for us today. nick, rouhani is about to
3:33 pm
address the u.n. general assembly there. i'm guessing, from years past with his predecessor, this speech will be quite different. >> reporter: absolutely. judging by his twitter feed, completely different indeed. it was an afternoon in which many began to see the window for a meeting between obama and rouhani shrinking. president obama leaving this area shortly. of course, many thought he was unlikely to make that informal meeting before rouhani's speech, just in case the iranian president came out with any messages that may potentially embarrass the white house. we're also looking now to exactly see what message we get from tehran about this meeting to happen. the white house having been clear they made suggestion they'd be open to an informal exchange, no negotiations, no bilateral meeting. it didn't seem like the iranians were able to get their own house in order. many saying perhaps there's a way of getting diplomacy started
3:34 pm
again and there is a potential for a meeting to happen down the line if iran puts forward the concrete steps that the white house is so keen to see from them. >> meeting or no meeting, you have president obama speaking there today saying that diplomacy with iran must be tested. does that begin with thursday with the secretary of state john kerry and his iranian counterpart, once they meet? >> reporter: well, certainly. that's a substantial bit of progress. it's not necessarily one on one. it's part of a broader meeting. that's about the iranian nuclear program. a huge step forward to be meeting at that high level. plus, obama saying he had tasked kerry with getting that diplomatic path back on track. i think the real message we hear is the west, the p-5 plus one wanting to see how serious iran necessarily is here because there's been a lot of rhetoric here, but they've seen this dance before. every sort of six, seven years
3:35 pm
there's an uptick in iran's desire to get friendlier with the west and then the hard line is get back in the fray and disrupt that. so i think people want to see concrete steps. you heard that from barack obama earlier today. brooke? >> nick, thank you. coming up, did a concert promoter contribute to the death of michael jackson? for months, jurors have heard both sides. now as closing arguments begin, we are getting our first inside look at the court. you'll hear that live. plus, in los angeles -- oops. take a look at who showed up for jury duty today. you'll hear what charlie sheen had to say for himself. ♪ [ male announcer ] we all have something neatly tucked away in the back of our mind. a secret hope. that thing we've always wanted to do. it's not about having dreams, it's about reaching them. ♪ an ally for real possibilities. aarp.
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3:38 pm
for five months, it's been a courtroom full of drama and sometimes uncomfortable testimony. finally today closing arguments are underway in the highly publicized wrongful death lawsuit filed by michael jackson's heirs against concert promoter aeg live.
3:39 pm
the attorney who represents the michael jackson family here, they're going first. they're reiterating the argument that dr. conrad murray made decisions based upon money. >> but we do know when dexter berman was asked how the conflict could be avoided, he said aeg could have not hired the doctor. they could have michael hire his own physician without aeg being involved. it's real simple. they could say, you know, michael, we're supposed to hire these people, but this is not our deal. we're not doctors. we're not a review board for physicians. we don't know when we write in the contract that they have to do certain standards. we don't know when they are or not. that's not what we do, man. we promote and produce concerts. so if you want this doctor so badly, here's the money, you go do it. but instead, without michael asking, they drafted the contract, and they never showed it to him or any of his representatives.
3:40 pm
why do you think they would do that? they wanted control. now, even their own dr. green said that he in his many years of practice has never seen anything like this three-way relationship between a physician, patient, and third party. never. he went on to agree dr. murray had a significant financial interest at risk here. no question. and we all know in our life, as i've said, that people do things for money that they normally shouldn't do or that somebody that doesn't have a financial problem wouldn't do. we know that. it's common sense. and as a juror, you don't leave your common sense behind. you all, as i said, have 500-plus years of real-life experiences. you've all seen things. you know how people are. you need to bring that with you to the deliberations. >> legal analyst darren kavinoky joins me. this thing has been going on for five months. we just heard one side of it. they have a lot to sift through,
3:41 pm
right? >> so this really comes down to a three-step process that these jurors now have to deal with. first, it's an issue of liability. is aeg liable? first of all, did they hire dr. conrad murray? then, were they genegligent in that hiring? this gets to be a thorny issue because it involves privacy rights. assuming aeg is liable, then we get to the issue of damage calculatio calculations. this could go into the billions with a "b" of dollars when we're talking about the money that he would have made from his concert tours -- >> that's how they calculate this. >> that's part of it. that's the big part. but ongoingly through his life. then there's the other damages relating to his family being deprived of his love and affection and the ongoing relationship. but wait, there's more. even if they find that there is liability and they calculate those damages, then they have to go on and determine whether or
3:42 pm
not michael jackson had any role in hastening his own demise. because if his negligence, if michael's own negligence contributed in some way, those damages can be reduced. if they find, for example, that michael was 20% responsible, they would take the number that they arrived at and reduce it by 20%. obviously, even if it gets reduced substantially, because many people feel that michael jackson was ultimately at least partially responsible, we're still talking about an enormous check that aeg would have to write. >> closing arguments today. we'll see how long the jurors sit with this. we'll stay tuned. darren, thank you. >> thank you. >> and coming up, moments ago cnn's dr. sanjay gupta just sat down with former secretary of state hillary clinton. hear what she revealed. sanjay joins me live. plus, burger king introducing lower calorie french fries. find out what the chain is cooking up what it calls a healthier option. she's always had a playful side.
3:43 pm
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and ask about all the personalized savings available for when you get married, move into a new house, or add a car to your policy. personalized coverage and savings -- all the things humans need to make our world a little less imperfect. call... and ask about all the ways you could save. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? all right. we have dr. gupta. he's standing by in new york where he just led a panel that featured hillary clinton. sanjay, give me the news. >> well, i'll tell you, some things are a bit intimidating, brooke. on this panel, where the former secretary of state hillary clinton and melinda gates. mohammed unis was on this panel as well. he's a nobel laureate for his
3:46 pm
work with women. so that was a lot of what the conversation was about. it was wide ranging, brooke. we talked about all sorts of different things, including something that former secretary clinton has spoken a lot about in years past, health care and all that's going on with it now. take a listen to a little bit of it. >> this president is not going to agree to defund health care. we're on the path to beginning the implementation. if they want to shut the government down, that's on their head and their responsibility. and if they go even further, which is deeply distressing, and for the first time lead our country into default on our obligations, that is not just partisan politics. that is going at the heart of our credibility around the world, not just our economic leadership but our political and strategic leadership. so i hope that our friends on the other side of the aisle, and it's a minority, but it's a
3:47 pm
noisy minority, understands this is not right to do and this is bad politics for them to do. >> pretty forceful, brooke, as you can hear there. again, this is something that she's been talking about for some 20 years now, health care overall. she went on to say that october 1st, no matter what happens, likely those health care marketplaces are going to open up. people are going to be able to start registering for those. but, you know, in the interim over these next couple weeks, you have the threat looming, not a likely one, but threat looming of a government shutdown and the threat over the debt ceiling. like i said, it was a wide-ranging conversation, brooke. >> and some incredible big names, as you mentioned off the top on that panel. i must say, they're fortunate to be in your company, dr. gupta. thank you so much for joining us from new york. we appreciate it. coming up next, the president's open mic comment about who scares him. plus, french fries, anyone? new fast food french fries that will go perfect with your diet
3:48 pm
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talk about a surreal moment today in hollywood because this is where cnn cameras caught actor charlie sheen heading to court, not because he's in trouble, but to put in a little civic service. >> what brings you here? >> jury duty. >> awesome. >> what are you guys covering? >> jackson. >> oh, right on. what's happening there? >> closing arguments. >> oh, really? >> big day. >> excellent. right on. what do you think's going to happen? >> i don't know. up to the jury. >> i got to get down there, guys. >> just a little candid moment caught on camera. we're going to take a wild guess and assume charlie sheen made it to court on time. he has almost one year of
3:52 pm
wedded bliss to jessica biel under his belt. now just jiin timberlake can ad new movie and new album to his list of accomplishments. triple threat star is on the move ready to put out his follow-up to the 2020 experience later this month. in fact, you can stream it for free on itunes right now. tonight, he's performing a free concert on the famed hollywood boulevard. so what motivates justin timberlake to keep all the wheels turning? cnn entertainment correspondent sat down one-on-one with j.t. and scored some personal scoop. >> this drive, this determination, where does that come from? >> i don't know. i guess -- i guess i got it from my mama. i don't know. i don't know. i just think -- i don't know. i've just always been that way, always been kind of -- i don't know, i grew up an only child and i've always kind of like,
3:53 pm
you know, when you grow up that way, it's like you get all the perks but you also get all the responsibility. like there's no one else to blame the vase getting broken on. >> i feel like maybe that's where creativity comes from because i had to do a lot of stuff on my own. >> sure. i had imaginary friends. i was weird. >> i did, too. >> i could tell. you look like you had imaginary friends. >> we are learning new things every day. timberlake credits his southern roots for giving him the push to be the best. legendary ray charles gets big ups. burger king lets customers diet their way and say so long to the love bus and who scared lady o. all in today's cnn pop. the legendary ray charles gets the stamp of approval from the u.s. postal service. charles joins the list of icons
3:54 pm
honored with a limited edition postage stamp. multiple stars who collaborated with the giant hit the stage in los angeles to celebrate his memory at the grammy museum. have you heard the skinny, burger king is serving up? today the restaurant added low fat fries to the menu. bk claims the new fries have 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than mickey d's but the fries will cost you an extra quarter on average. don't fret, fast foodies. you can still get the king's classic fries. say good-bye to the classic roadster. the iconic vw bus is rolling off the production line. brazil is the only place still making the wildly popular '60s era icon, but new regulations requiring airbags have brought the van to the end of the road. ten million buses and six decades after its debut, the last one drives off into the sunset later this year.
3:55 pm
the leader of the free world admitting a deep-seated fear while casually chatting with the u.n. official at the general assembly, president obama boasted why he's finally kicked his cigarette jones and here's why. >> because i'm scared of my wife. >> that's your cnn pop.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
to kenya now, where the president says that deadly shopping mall standoff in nairobi is finally over. 61 civilians died in that attack according to the president, along with six security officers. earlier, reporters had heard sporadic gunfire. we saw as you see here, some of these government troops, guns drawn making their way to the top floor of the mall. the president says three floors of the four-story complex are partially collapsed and that some of the bodies are underneath the rubble. what he did not reveal, however, was any new information about the hostages, or the identities of the gunmen. th government of kenya has said that all hostages have been freed, but the red cross has reported that 65 people are unaccounted for. and in chicago, four arrests made in that mass shooting at the chicago park but here's the thing. the suspects' target as we're now learning, no one in particular. the police superintendent revealing that today. 13 people were shot, including a
3:59 pm
3-year-old boy last thursday at cornel square park. all will survive. today, chicago police say four men are responsible, using an assault style rifle. these two men, police say, were the shooters. the other two allegedly supplied a weapon and played lookout. police say the motive was retaliation after the suspect was shot earlier this month. see you back here -- >> it's gang related. they are members of rival gangs and when mr. champ was shot, he believed that the rival gang controlled the territory of cornell park and that's where they went to shoot up the park. they didn't say i'm going to go get this guy. they said they're going to go shoot into the park. >> superintendent mccarthy also called for tougher sentences for crimes involving guns and for congress and the state of illinois to pass stricter gun control laws. we have been watching for the last, i think he's been talking for a little over an


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