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tv   New Day  CNN  October 7, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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should have beening maul attempt two weeks ago. the seals treat, not sure if their target is dead. >> u.s. changedos have been conducting under surveillance for weeks on their target. in the war on terror, u.s. officials say expect to see more of these secret lightning raids. kate. >> barbara, thank you so much for starting us off this morning. first, a special interrogation group will talk with al libi, ultimately, he's, pected to face a federal trial in new york. for more, let's go to joe johns in washington this morning. what are you learn income. >> abu al libi is expected to be interrogated from several days
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to several weeks from something called the high value detainee interrogation group. this is a group made up of fbi acts, intelligence community officials. it is actually led out of the white house by the national security council, this is a situation where the target does not get reed read his rights. basically, he is pressed for any information about plans for future attack, names and whereabouts of known associates. details on any past attack, basically, anything and everything he knows, kate. >> well, as you just mentioned, one focus of questioning libyan, we are tracking down other leaders of al qaeda. what do you know about the u.s. plans for him? ? >> well with edo know they have to play by the rules. they say they do not use any interrogation procedures that involve force, but they will stay with him for a long period
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of time and after the group gets through with him, he'd be bloen flown to the u.s. to stand trial. he was indicted in new york for conspiracy with osama bin laden and others for plots to attack u.s. interests, including the u.s. embassy in kenya, so there is a lot these authorities have to talk to him about and only after that does he get handed over to a civilian court, kate. >> all right, joe johns, thanks so much, joe. now, to the partial government shutdown, house speaker john boehner encyst there is is not enough votes in the house for a clean spending bill. that's one without adjustments to obama care so he can't end the shutdown. in somewhat of a shock, beaner says the same goes for raising the debt ceiling, he accuses the president for refusing to negotiate. let's bring in cnn's brianna kieler live at the white house.
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was that debt ceiling comment a sign of things to come? >> the that's right, chris. right now, there was no progress. there are no discussions going on at this point. the effects of this partial government shutdown currently under way are starting to pale in comparison to the projected defects of the default. ten days away from a possible economic disaster. the white house and house republicans are as far apart has they have been. >> we are not going to pass a clean debt increase. >> reporter: house republicans continue to demand consessions as president obama continues to negotiate on the nation's borrowing limit. the united states is set to default october 17th if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. >> i'm telling you, on the 17th, we run out of our ability to borrow, congress is playing with fire. >> reporter: house speaker john bohner shifted, backing away from defunding or delaying obama care as an add-on as increasing the debt ceiling or funding the government.
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instead, he wants entitlement reform. >> my goal is those things that are driving the debt up. >> reporter: the white house wants a vote to fund the government no strings attached, again, rebuffed by republicans. >> there are not the votes in the house to pass a clean cr. >> reporter: but president obama, bombstered by many objective observe es, question that assertion in an interview with the associated press, saying, quote, we know that there are enough members in the house of representativeslet, democrats and republicans, who are prepared to vote to reopen the government today. the only thing that is keeping that from happening is speaker boehner has made a decision that he is going to hold out to see if he can get additional concessions from us. the stalemate in washington becoming good fodder for late night. "saturday fight live" featured guest host miley cyrus acting
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has michel baumman t. white house is certainly becoming concerned we are not negotiating attack the president is taking is making him look intransigent, which, of course, is something he accuses house republicans of being. the thought is if president obama can run out the clock as it gets closer to this deadline, chris, kate, ultimately, he will have the upper hand because of this division within the house conference. >> there is always a deadline that actually makes them do anything. >> reporter: unfortunately. >> thank you so much. mikaela is here with many more headlines. >> good morning. hundreds of folks in louisville assessing the damage and dealing with shock and frustration in the after math of flash flooding. more than six inches of rain fell in 24 hours over the weekend. flooding homes, cars, flooding roads. this torrential rain caught forecasts off guard. they originally called for about two inches.
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in egypt, 51 people have been killed, nearly 300 injured, a new clash between supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. this violence broke out and they marched in cairo neighborhoods and across the nation sunday. now under way, the dismantling of syria's weapons ars fal, a team is overseeing syrian personnel using torches and saws to destroy bombs and mixing equipment. a u.n. agreement calls for all chemical weapons to be eliminated be i the middle of next year. the supreme court in session, the number of hot topic, limits on campaign contribution, housing discrimination and whether the president can fill key positions. the last term didn't end quietly. justices finished by striking down key provisions in the defense of marriage acts. feast your eyes on this, it may be the last time i see one of these.
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these are the new $100 bills that will start circulateing tomorrow. look at all those fancy if you colorful anti-counterfeiting features, including a 3 the blue bar and holograph bar that will change color. this bill took more than a decade to develop. it was supposed to debut in 2011, there were issues with printing that pushed back the wider release. they look kind of cool. the newer ones always look so fake this is a weird thing to say. >> they look a little like monopoly money. >> they're all monopoly money, right? >> pretty much. >> a lot of science goes into that paper. >> absolutely. >> the process is amazing. >> came back with pockets full. straight over to karen this morning with a look at the forecast and what you need to know before you head out the door. good morning, karen. >> good morning. we are watching a frontal system make its way towards the eastern
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seaboard, so, new york city, watch out, later on this afternoon, you need the rain gear. the showers start to move in. it may be heavy at times. we might expect between one and two inches. the frontal system that's driving this is tapping the moisture from what used to be tropical storm karen that is now just riding along that system. so this moisture is going to be a little more enhanced and it could be fairly strong. you could sigh isolated strong to severe thunderstorms, high pressure starts to move in behind it, so the rainfall in that northeastern corridor along i-95, it will be in and out fairly quickly, but it is going to be fairly powerful while it's there. >> that high pressure moves in, those temperatures start to really drop. they have been well above formally over the last several days. here's the risk for that severe weather, damaging winds, a possibility of an isolated tornado, primarily, this is going to be a lightening and heavy rain event. we can rule out the possibility. new york city on the way,
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temperatures in the 60s by mid-week. chris, kate, back to you. >> all righty. thanks so much. take a quick break here on "new day," come back, did you see this crash at an indycyar this weekend. how the driver was able to survive. someone was there and witnessed it all and how some spectators almost didn't make it through. also, more arrests on that violent incident between the suv and the bikers the boca ratoners beating down the man's door, all caught on camera. the police say the investigation is not over yet. stay with us. [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever.
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but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. make my mark i wawith pride.ork. create moments of value. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. starting at 49 dollars. >> welcome back to "new day." we
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have a car crash you have to see to believe. three time western darria franchini in the hospital. witnesses say it's a miracle no one was killed. cnn's mark mckay has this story. >> reporter: last lap horror in houston. mario franchini attempting a high speed crash, goes airborne, kraching the catch fence, his car virtually accident greats. he hits the back of another car, forcing his car to slam into the fencing, debris injuring 13 fans. carl daniels shot this unbelievable video from the stands. >> the car, which was one piece, became nothing more than confetti, pelting all of us, pieces were all around us. i was literally, literally
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thinking that my life is over, but there was no time to say can you duck, can you run, can you get away? it was like this is it. >> reporter: franchini is hospitalize from injuries ranging from a concussion, a broken right ankle and a spinal fracture they say won't require surgery. he was married to ashley judd. they announced they were separating this year. she said she and her dogs were on the way to houston. the crash came ten days shy of an nevertheless of a spectacular indy car crash in las vegas that took the life of dan weldon. in the wake of that crash claims calls to change the tracks. sunday's race called for a street circuit. it serves as another example of the dangers associated with a sport that thrives on speed. mark mckay, cnn, atlanta. >> mark, thanks so much.
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we have also made developments in the case of an suv driver beaten in new york by a group of beakers. key parts of the attack caught on camera. there are charges now on three men for setting into motion the events. we learning details of what you can't see. margaret conway is here with more on that. >> good morning, kate, more drivers speak out about their side of the story, investigators are piecing together what played what part in the violence. reginald chance seen her pounding his helmet on an suv car window made his first appearance in court monday, defiant as he flipped off reporters in court. he faces gang assault and assault in the criminal degree and possession of weapon. the attorney says the charges are too severe and he wasn't even there. a witness says the bikers went
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after his wife as well. >> my client obviously over reacted in smashing the window. beyond that, he was not a participant on any assault on that victim. >> another biker, robert simms here seen trying to open the door as it drove away, appeared in court on saturday and faces some of the same charges, we are now hearing about the biker, christopher cruz who appears to be slowing down, allegedly triggering the mayhem. he defend himself yesterday. >> i think they're being unfair with me. >> how so? >> because they don't know what i am. they don't know what happened. >> what should they know about you? >> i'm a family man of two kids. i try i to stay away from trouble as much as possible. >> reporter: his attorney told cnn cruz wasn't slowing down, saying there was no intern to the slow this 3.5 ton vehicle
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with his motorcycle. they say cruz was injured by the suv driver when he suddenly pulled away. now one is paralyzed. police are asking for the public's help to identify these two people who they blooev were present at the assault. to piece together this puzzle that's far from complete. >> another lay tore this, there was an off duty police officer who works under cover on the scene. there are questions why he didn't report what he saw until four days later. kate, the two bikers, they'll be back in court at the end of this week. >> it is remarkable how much of this incident is caught on camera. how it truly does not tell the whole story. coming up tonight, cress morroccan speaks with a long-time partner of the biker severely injured along with attorney gloria allred, tonight 9:00 p.m. pooern eastern on cnn. coming up on "new day," a
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tiger attacks a zoo worker, how she survive and he talked to the owner whether that park is safe. no agreement on raising the debt creaming. candy krawley will be here for your political gut-check. don't miss it coming up. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for the smog.
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. >> welcome back to "new day,"
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coming up, a worker sticks her arm in a giant enclosure, the cat mauls her him we talk to the zoo onner, this is not the first time he's come under fire. a run away 9 year gets past airport security, sneaks on a plane, no ticket, no boarding pass, no parents with him. now, authorities are trying to figure out how no one noticed and how he got so far. >> but first we want to bring you up to date on the latest news, so let's take a look at your headlines at this hour a. big catch for u.s. special forces, they captured abu al libi in a raid saturday. he has been wanted for 15 years for the deadly bombings of africa. another raid in somalia, targeting a top commander for the terror group al shabaab. navy seals come under fire. it is unclear if their target was killed. day seven of the shutdown the drama is expected to get more
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intense, the debt ceiling creeps closer. house speaker john baron says there are not enough votes to pass a clean spending bill. democrats responding boehner should prove it by putting it to a vote. the nobel prize for medicine going to three researchers who revealed the transport and delivery system of cargo within our cells. these are the men who won. randy schekman james rothman and thomas sudhof for their ground breaking work. five of bernie madoff's employees including his long-time secretary are on trial. they plan to prove they played role. his chief financial officer is the star witness. madoff claimed he worked alone. prosecutors believe he had help. madoff is counterly serving a 150-year sentence.
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researchers in china found something interesting. they think they found the secret to albert einstein's brilliance. a well connected brainment they say the left and right hemispheres of his brain had more extensive nerve fibers compared to young men of his era and present day men. >> we all need to work on the fibers connecting the hemisphere of our brain. >> i can find a smooth think that does that. >> let's get to that troubling security mishap at minneapolis st. paul airport. delta air lines and the tsa are now investigating how a 9-year-old somehow managed to get through three levels of security and board plane. the boy finally stopped in question when the plane landed in las vegas. george howl has been following the developments from minneapolis. >> reporter: this is where it all started. the 9-year-old boy walked off a light railcar thursday and into the minneapolis airport with
6:28 am
plans to travel but no ticket. he passed through the security checkpoint at tsa screening. no problem. then he continued onto the concourse, specifically here at gate g 4. it's still unclear exactly how he got past the ticket agent collecting tickets here. what we do know is this piern did board flight 161561 and traveled some 2,300 miles to las vegas. officials say it wasn't until the flight crew became suspicious because he was traveling alone and contacted las vegas metro pal tan police and took the child into custody upon landing. >> his luck was doing well. once he got to vegas. >> air traffic temperatures specialist says the whole thing highlights big gaps in security. especially when it comes to children. >> if that 9-year-old child was not needed identification, anyone under 18, i can
6:29 am
understand standing behind a family, they're not aware he is standing behind them, i can understand that. i cannot understand the delta gate agents. this is where i put the major problem. it happens there. >> reporter: while no one would talk on camera, we did get a lot of statements, first from the tsa essentially saying they did their jobs. quote the child was screened along with all other passengers to insure he was not a threat to the aircraft and then delta. quote, delta is taking this incident very seriously and working with authorities in the investigation due to the fact that it involves a minor, we are not commenting further at this time. for the traveling public, who know the rigorous routines and airport screening. >> we have to go through taking our shoes, go through the belt, go through the thing. >> reporter: it's a mystery how a child could have slipped through cracks. >> i'm quite surprised he got through the security. all the things we as adults have
6:30 am
to go through. george howl, cnn, minneapolis. >> thanks, george, for that report. he talks about how kids fall through the cracks. that's a pretty good crack. >> it is, the whole investigation is complicated now. the kid says what happens in investigate's happened in vegas. he is not talking about what goes on. >> perfect execution. coming up on "new day," the zoo other than says the worker admits making a mistake. is the zoo safe if we'll talk to them. women can do anything, right? the answer is yes. one football analysts says women shouldn't be on a football committee t. controversial comments that have the sports world atalking. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make.
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>> welcome back to "new day" we
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have today's forecast, karen the requirement on a monday is that it starts off with a nice forecast. >> that's going to be a little tricky now because we got a frontal system sweeping across the eastern seaboard, especially along that i-95 corridor. that spells out messy weather as we head into this afternoon. new york, boston, are you looking at showers and thunderstorms, could be heavy at times. watch out for the potential for gusty winds. there is a severe weather threat along this corridor as that front head towards the east. it is also kind of being enhanced by the moisture of what is left over from tropical storm container as it makes its way by mid-afternoon, we'll expect those showers and storms to move on into boston. it will move in and out fairly quickly. in the interim, you could see between one or two inches of rainfall. what about those temperatures? they have been exceptionally warm. temperatures in the upper 70s, low '80s in some cases.
6:35 am
it will take before wednesday before low temperatures get knocked back a few degrees. by wednesday, 66. lock at syracuse, temperatures in the 70s, go back into the 60s. this is also going to be affected by some gusty winds behind that frontal system as that high pressure system goes through. rainfall accumulations, one to two inches certainly possible. can't rule out thunderstorms and damage wednesday and the possibility of isolated tornadoes, all the way from that corridor from washington, d.c. up towards boston. i think it's that mid-atlantic region for the most part that we'll see the worst of the severe weather, i need to mention what's happening with the santa ana across southern california. >> that has eased up quite a bit. they're still seeing brisk winds, not the 50 to 70 miles per hour winds. camp pendletop, consuming 2,500 acres. we'll keep you updated on that, chris, back to you. >> karen, thank you very much.
6:36 am
now, all morning, we will be reporting about these two big terror raids in libya and somalia. one they say is a terror operative. the other, seal team 6 in north africa on the 20th anniversary of blackhawk down. barbara starr is here with more. >> good morning, chris. what you saw unfold is really so much of what is going on in the war in terror these days, still mopping up the al qaeda old guard and going after the new. a buh al libi is one of the last of the old guard of al qaeda operatives to be caught. new loaders are gaining strength and u.s. commandos are on the front lines of going after them. >> the arab spring allowed more travel and movement. we have seen groups cooperating with each other, cooling resources and pulling training,
6:37 am
that's really a concern. >> reporter: al libi was long wanted for his role 15 years ago in the attack on the u.s. embassies in africa, but the 9-11 era of al qaeda operatives are largely dead or captured. key operatives like khalid sheikh mohammad, topping the list of still wanted, ayman al zawari, the leader of al qaeda with a $25 million reward on his head. he is believed to be hide income pakistan. some of the most hunted a a part of the new al qaeda affiliates like al shabaab in somalia. its leader leads the group said to be responsible for the attack on a fibroshopping mall two weeks ago. >> by normally merging with al qaeda, future americans were targeted, this group has put itself in the sights of the unit states. >> the u.s. is also hund hungt
6:38 am
other emerge terrorist leaders, nas sir al -- >> and with that kind of social pedia savvy, don't expect to see more land wars like afghanistan or iraq, officials say, this is the new face of the war on terror, small,lettal lightning raids by u.s. special forces. kate. >> all right. barbara, thank you so much. let's go around the world now, starting in nairobi, kenya, where investigators have now identified some of the suspects in that deadly shopping mall attack. >> reporter: we now have new information link one of the most wanted al qaeda terrorist cells in east africa with that nairobi
6:39 am
west gate shopping attack. one of the west gate mall attackers is related, cnn has discovered, to one of the men killed by the u.s. back in 2009 for his role in the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings. now in other breaking news, the authorities have relowsed the images of two men that bought the car used to transport the attackers to that shopping mall attack. they are asking for any and all information that could to lead to their arrests, back tourks kate. >> thank you so much. to members xo now, where a monster truck went out of control, killed and dozens injured after a monster truck kareened into the crowd t. crowd had just performed a stunt when it appeared to lose control t. mayor of the city appears to launch an investigation into the innocent.
6:40 am
back to you. >> thank you so much. to russia, a nation getting recalled for the winter olympics, could it have been a bad omen when an olympic torch blew out? we have more from moscow. >> there was a sudden gust of wind. the man carrying the torch quickly realized something was wrong, a famous swimmer from the soviet era, despite the flash of panic of his race, he kept running until a quick thinking official produced the real olympic flame it is safe. separate lanterns will be used across the the rest of the 6500 kilometre relay. it will be the world longest, counting down to the winter olympics in sochi next 84. >> you get the honor of running with the olympic torch. then are you the guy that the torch goes out on. not good. that's when you go, that would have been good plan ising if i had that cigarette lighter in my pocket. >> still running with the torch from not his fault.
6:41 am
you tell us, tweet us. hashtag. coming up on "if you day," 500 pound tiger mauls a zoo worker, her arm. she has a long recovery coming. the question is, what happened at that zoo to trigger the attack? the zoo owner is expressing concern for the worker but says she violated precautions. big questions, we'll talk to you. this is not the stuff of science fiction, though it sure locks that way. wow, this thing can run, climb mountains and might just scare the heck out of you. >> is it running backwards? no, it's running forward. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. starting at 49 dollars.
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>> well dock back to "new day." a worker at a zoo is facing a long raefr after a 500 pound tiger mauls her arm while she was feeding it through the fence. the owner says she violated safety precautions. miguel. >> reporter: good morning mikaela. this is what 4 inchles by 4 inches looks like, that's what she was feeding this tiger through when he pulled her arm through it. the owner was quick to lay blame on her and probably possibly for good reason t. facility has been in trouble before. a horrific incident at this
6:46 am
oklahoma animal rescue zoo. a 500 pound tiring attacked a worker, pulling the woman's entire left arm through a tiny 4-inch square hole. she was air lifted to an area hospital, where doctors saved her arm. >> my heart goes out to her that one of my tigers did this. >> reporter: in a statement on his facebook parnlgs he said the employee violated the safety protocols of placing any part of the body inside the category. he wrote during the entire event she was awake and saying it was her fault. >> she is certainly in the helicopter saying she was going to come back to work. >> reporter: it's not the first time he and his park have been involved in controversy. in 2006, the usga suspended his lvens and fined the zoo $25,000 for several violations. the park is currently under the investigation for the deaths of
6:47 am
23 cubs. >> in 2011, the humane society conducted an under cover investigation placing an operative in the park four months, he shot this video, what they claim is a 20-month-old tiger attacking a child. u.s. regulations say only big cats up to 12 months old can interact with humans. the park's website says it has rescued 150 big cats and more than 1,400 animals. >> it takes tens of thousands of dollars to mane tain those carnivores sufficiently. >> he posted $water bill on facebook and asked for the public to help pay it. ron mcgill says zoo miami's four big cats are a full-time job and much more nodes to be done across the country to the regulate who can keep wild animals. >> there is a huge problem in
6:48 am
this country fromly ons to tying tories large predators people are keeping privately under the premise of being a sanctuary. these are accidents waiting to happen. >> reporter: the owner says the cats will be in quarantine ten days but made the decision it will not be put down. mikaela. >> it is important to the note, too, miguel, they are saying the cat wasn't being too aggressive, it was her fault. he was being a wild animal, you put an arm in the category, he will nibble on it. nenl is a gentle word. >> this is one thing they say they shouldn't have been doing, feeding the cat lou the fence, we have seen other video, including he, himself, putting his hand, it's a point ron magill says from zoo miami, can you take the cats out of the wild, can you not take the wild out of them. it takes hundreds of years to be
6:49 am
treated as domestic pets. one particular picture he was hugging his tiger, he said sends the wrong signal of how these big cats can be treated. >> they are wild animals, after all. coming up next hour, we will speak with the very owner of that zoo and what is being done to keeb other workers safe. a must see moment today, this literally made our producer break out in a sweat. if you are afraid of a robot takeover. i think she is. a robot, it can run a speed up to 60 miles per hour, which means if it chase you, it's going to get you. if that's not enough of a nightmare, check this one out. this is made by the same company 6 feet, 330 pound, a humanoid
6:50 am
robot. it can walk up mountainous terrain. this is the terminator, you should by a frayed ofiment. they are designed to assist the military, carrying equipment, do other tasks, i have to say,est really remarkable. i think the reason it freaks our producer out is because it doesn't have a head, it's fascinating. >> i think the problem is with the producer, okay? >> i think it's fascinating. >> this is what they lock leak. the thing that scares me the knee seems to be going the wrong way. >> it's amazing when you see it run. it is almost replicating a dog or a horse. look at this, leak it's really, it trips at one point and gets right back up. >> think how much the can help the military, when are you walking through the mountainous terrain, you can't use actual animals. >> they would be screaming, shoot the robot. shoot the robot.
6:51 am
that's what are you hoping for. 60 miles an hour. >> you can outrun that one. >> that's a joke, i don't to outrun the robot. i'd take the robot on. how is it good morning hurt me? >> will you call out the robot if. >> i'm not afraid of it. how is it gentleman to hurt me? >> it can fall on you. >> all right. coming up on "new day," two big raids in libya and somalia. one of the world's most wanted men now in u.s. custody. seal team 6 back in action, a place where blackhawk down occurred almost 20 years to the day, the special ops heros had to retreat. one driver seriously injured on the endi car crash. look at that video, his camera recording the whole thing as it happened coming up zplmplts.
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>> people have been complaining this woke texts on the iphone aren't going through, yeah, but today apple released a statement saying maybe she just znl doesn't leak you. >> republicans and democrats continue to be at a stalemate. help us, please help us, dennis rodman. when is stuff going to get done in this country? for example, you know that bell out in philadelphia? >> yes. >> when are they going to fix that xrak in that bell? when are things, we used to get stuff done. >> crumbleing infrastructure, all a result in the government shutdown. >> the crack is metaphorment he has a double breasted jacket on.
6:56 am
>> is that the rule? i missed. david letterman. so as you can tell this morning, i had the extra coat of paint on, i had to watch what turned out to be one of the highest scoring pro-football games. joe carter, it was sports a as a metaphor as well, a beautiful game, one play wound up making the difference. >> one play that i believe that will haunt tony romo so many years to come, who would have thought the first team to get 50 points would win the game. tony romo had one of the best games of his career. live touchdowns, he still lost. for first time, we saw peyton manning score a touchdown rung it into the end zone. as good as he was, you could argue tony romo played much better, that interception set the denver broncos up for the tr game win field goal the 4th highest scoring naim game in nfl
6:57 am
histor history. in los angeles last night the dodgers absolutely hammered the braves, they scored 13 run the most for the dodgers in a playoff game since 1956. we got a lot of baseball games today, a lot of playoff games for you. i start with the tigers and as at 1:00 p.m. eastern that series tied one game apiece. after that, the pirates and cardinals 3:00 p.m. eastern. at 6:00 p.m. eastern, the red sox and rays, the late game tonight at 9:30 eastern, dodgers can advance as well. both those games can be seen on tbs. quick, about the nfl, back to
6:58 am
the denver broncos, there is a lean out for the jacksonville jaguars, broncos favored by 28 point the largest point spread in the history of nfl. do you take to point spread? >> no, unless they're the broncos. >> there you go. an amazing play by peyton manning. no one saw him. they were all over here. he could get caught. >> he said afterwards that nobody in the huddle knew he was going to make that play. he wanted the running back to sell it that much. he said that after the game. i to the that was incredible. >> it's one of those moments, though, where sports really becomes like all the reasons you want your kids to play an teach this guy had a phenomenal game. he outplayed peyton manning and the broncos, one play, one bad throw. then the whole narrative on the guy changes. his mind is not in the game. he can't went. >> that's why the drama and follow through to life, happy
6:59 am
going last night. that's why nfl is queen and king and draws us in. how many people will talk about that game? >> that's right. that's right. thanks so much. for now, it is the top of the hour. which means, it is time for your top news. [ music playing [ music playing ] >> those numbers of al qaeda run -- >> twin attacks against terror. new information on the u.s. military operation that captured this most wanted terrorist. and a second strike, seal team 6 back in action in north africa on the anniversary of blackhawk down. caught on tape, a brutal crash at an indy car race, debris flying into the stands. a dozen injured, the driver in the hospital. we have the latest. tiger attack, a zoo cooper mauled working at a zoo. new questions are arising about the zoo, itself. the owner is joining us live. >> your "if you day" starts
7:00 am
right now. >> what you need to know, my goal here is that the serious conversation about those things driving the deficit and driving the debt up. >> what you just have to see. >> he took me off guard. you don't ever expect anything like that. i mean, it's fantastic. >> this is "new day." . >> good morning, welcome back to "new day." it's monday, october 7. 7:00 in the east. we are entering sorry to say the second week of a partial shutdown. worlst yet, with reten days from hitting the debt ceiling. is someone in washington going to blink before we reach the brink? sorry to rhyme there. both sides are digging in a new word for them, compromise. >> they don't know that word. no parents, no ticket, no problem apparently, how did a
7:01 am
9-year-old manage to get through airport security and on to a plane all by himself. is there a new security we need to know about? we'll have the latest. an espn analyst getting flagged for sexism. apparently, he thinks a woman shouldn't decide which college football teams make the playoffs. did we misread the calendar? is it 1950 in here? the heat he is getting. first, two big raids, two big targets. at least one successful result. u.s. forces have captured one of the men they say help plan the 1998 attacks on the embassies in tanzania and kenya. the second raid took place in somalia. it is still unclear if he was taken down. we have team coverage starting with barbara starr at the pentagon. good morning, barbara. >> good morning, chris. the terror target in somalia had ties to attacks that have killed americans and that is why seal team 6 was called back into
7:02 am
action. an extraordinary show of force by u.s. commandos in highly risky secret operations in somalia and libya. friday, october 4th, predawn, on somalia's southern coast. u.s. navy seals slip off a commercial ship and raid a terrorist stronghold, within moments, they are forced to abort under heavy gunfire from militants, just a day later 6:30 a.m. 3,000 miles away on the streets of tripoli, libya. abu al libi is senior al qaeda operative is returning home from morning prayers. he will be grabbed by u.s. army delta force commandos on the streets of italy, libi is confronted with cars by ten masked men. the u.s. team grabs him before he can reach his gun. they are gone in seconds. not a shot fired. his wife tells cnn the men she
7:03 am
saw were libyans. al libi is taken to a u.s. navy warship. he is wanted by the u.s. for the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in africa. >> the president clearly had to approve both of these operations. this is to send u.s. military personnel into foreign countries and that's a president rnl decision. >> reporter: in somalia, it's seal team 6 that is sent the same unit that killed osama bin laden. in an eerie coincidence, it's 20 years to the day of the blackhawk down disaster in somalia that killed 18 u.s. troops. this time the seals are hunting an al shabaab leader. al shabaab is the al qaeda-linked terror group that claimed responsibility for the shopping mall attack in kenya two weeks ago. local somalis say the seniors in the house come under fire the seals retreat, not sure if their target is dead. the al libi mission was a clear success.
7:04 am
a success and looking for more down the road. u.s. officials will tell you that this really is the way they will be going after terrorist targets now, small, lethal, lightning raids by u.s. special operations commandos. kate. >> a key point. barbara, thank you so much. now that al qaeda operative is in custody, so what happens next to him? joe johns is following the legal angle from washington. what do you know, joe? >> kate, abu al ibi is being held on board a u.s. vessel. he is expected to be interrogated for several weeks from the high value detainee interrogation group. this is made up of fbi acts, intelligence community officials, led by the national security council. it's a situation where the target being intergatd isn't protected, doesn't get read his rights with the civilian protection in a civilian court. he is basically pressed for information about any plans for future attacks and names and
7:05 am
whereabouts of known associates, details on any past plots or attacks, basically, anything he know, kate. >> joe, there are some big legal questions here going forward, how do they plan on getting information from al libi? >> it's tracky, they're not supposed to use physical force, kate, they're supposed to use established guidelines of interrogation, you are right this case will inevitably bring up that controversial issue of number one whether they should try them at gitmo as opposed to a federal court in new york t. u.s. government the attorney general and president says their preference is when possible to try these individuals in federal courts using the federal rules of criminal procedure, judges, juries, all the protections that civilian defendants get in order to demonstrate fair ness and assist them and the question also is how long this person is going to be interrogated before he is turned over to the kours, kate. >> so they're calling it potentially an intelligence gold
7:06 am
mine. we will see what they can get out of that and what we can learn from it. joe, thank you so much. >> so we know that one of the most wanted was taken down. we know seal team 6 is back in the place where blackhawk down happened on the 20th anniversary and once again there was trouble there. let's break down the significance of these raids with cnn's national security analyst and a member of the dhs and cia external advisory boards. you got some title. thank you for joining us as us as. we got tarlts, timing and tactics all at play here, right? so first with a man captured, why does he matter so much? >> he was a key player back in 1998. 15 years later, the u.s. government hadn't forgotten his role in that attack. he was also indicated in an attack two years later. so this is a significant player who has continued his role as an operational loader. >> if you were going to assess
7:07 am
how much valuable he was, what time goes into this? where does he rank? i know it was on the list, to them. >> he was an indicted individual here in the southern district of new york in federal court. the people tried in that documents were all convicted and the u.s. never forgets. so it's a real message not only to this individual because of his operational importance but to those who would do americans harm, we don't ever forget. we don't ever stop tracking you, chasing you, looking for the opportunity. >> realistic he knows things that the u.s. does not, that he may really be helpful moving forward? >> oh, absolutely, chris. let be clear, not just about historically about what happened in 1998 in these fire attacks the current instruction how they're communicating. remember, there was information that operational leaders who at the world and al qaeda had communicated secretly. he should know about that, who is in charge and what the plans are. >> quickly there is intrigue, we had the wife saying there were
7:08 am
libyans, does it matter? osama bin laden went into pakistan the u.s. went in. they didn't want to be compromised. is that so surprising maybe they knew, maybe they didn't? >> by the way, chris, even when a government does know in advance, they claim they didn't know. so for u.s. purposes. >> it's intrigue, usually, things are done for ways we don't understand here in the civilian world. now we go to the other attack. there is a lot of emotion around this on north africa, somalia, mogadishu, 20 years ago blackhawk down. now we hear the u.s. heros and special ops are in seal team 6. they had to retreat. what do we understand? >> i tell you, chris, regardless of what the outcome was, whether they were able to kim or capture this individual they were after. it's a huge success both for the united states and u.s. intelligence, look, it's taken ten years and a lot of under surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence collection in ord
7:09 am
to get the tactical intelligence roird to know where he was, when he was there and to be able to support such a raid. so the fact that we 20 years later actually had that sort of tactical intelligence in such a chaotic difficult environment says a lot about the capability of the united states. >> now, is it a coincidence this is going on in north africa now? we had the nairobi attack there, is north africa the new frontier for the war on terror? >> absolutely. we have seen the intelligence community has been seen, connections between north africa al qaeda affiliates and al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. that's the yemen group that has gone ahead and launch an attack, in fact, they were looking for connections 2009 al qaeda and the arabian peninsula and the north african groups in the benghazi attack. so we know these connections, this operational element is of growing concern. >> thank you very much, as always. >> thanks. >> kate, over to you. >> thanks, chris.
7:10 am
the partial government shutdown now about to enter its second week, no sign of a budget deal. also, no progress on doleing with an even more correct, al issue. the nation's debt ceiling, paying the nation's bills. that dead lean is now just ten days away, brianna kieler following it all to the bits end. >> good morning to you, kate, when will that come is really the question? no progress. there aren't even any discussions going on, now the effects of thatst go, that partial government shutdown currently going on are paleing in comparison to the possible defects of a default. ten days away from a possible economic disaster, the white house and house republicans are as far apart as they had been. >> we are not going to pass a keep debt limit increase. >> reporter: house republicans continue to demand concession as president obama still refuses to negotiate on the nation's borrowing limit. the united states is set to default on october 17th if
7:11 am
congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. >> i'm telling you, on the 17th, we run out of our ability to borrow, congress is playing with fire. >> reporter: in a rare interview, house speaker bohner shifted, backing away from defunding obama care as an add on to increasing the debt ceiling or fund telling government, instead, he wants entitlement reform. >> my goal here is to have a serious conversation about those things driving the deficit and driving the debt up. >> reporter: as the government remains partially shut down a seventh day the white house wants to fund the government for the strings aattached, rebuffed by the republicans. but president obama bolstered by many objective observers questioned that assertion in an interview with the associated press, saying, quote, we know that there are enough members in the house of representatives, drts and republicans, who are prepared to vote to reopen the government today, the only thing
7:12 am
that is keeping that from happening is speaker boehner has made a decision that he is going to hold out to see if he can get additional concessions from us. the stalemate in washington being good fodder for late night. saturday night leave featured miley cyrus celebrating the shutdown with speaker boehner in-risque parody. now, white house officials are worrying this question are not negotiating tact the president is taking is starting to make him look a little intransigent, which, of course, he accuses republicans often of being. the thought here, chris, kate from the white house, if if they do run out the clock, ultimately because of the divisions in the republican conference in the house, that really gives them the advantage, certainly not giving on obama care, which they didn't want to do, also being able to get tear way on the debt ceiling as well as the shutdown. >> thank you so much. live from the white house this morning. >> all right. a lot of news this morning. let's go right to mikaela.
7:13 am
>> here we go. here are your headlines, a dismantling of syrian weapons is under way a. team is using blow torches and saws to destroy mixing equipment and other materials. this is just the first phase. the whole process is expected to take several months. egypt erupts, state run media reporting 51 people were killed, supporters of ousted islamist president mohamed mursi, these clashes breaking out as protestors marched in cairo neighborhoods and across the nation sunday. a new school will be built on the site of last year's connecticut school shooting massacre. residents voted overwhelmingly to accept $50 million for the state project. the town plans to demolish the sandy hook elementary school and start from crash. you will recall 20 people and 6
7:14 am
children were killed last september. six days in, the federal government is now admitting four the first time the need to fix design and software problems that have crippled the health website. initially they blamed it on a surge of high traffic indicating high demand. and one giant leap for gravity. did you see it? the sandra bullock george clooney space thriller, the biggest for a film in october. it made $65.6 million. it came from imax screenings. they are already getting rave reviews for special effects and rumor has it, it's an early oscar contender. i didn't get to see a movie this weekend, did you? >> i was watching football. >> that will be on top of your list? >> i wasn't going to see it. i was seeing space. >> you are over now, you want over? >> now everybody says it's
7:15 am
great. so now it's on the list, back on date night list, just like that. >> just like. all it took was a big opening weekend. >> let's go over to container mcgen is. hey, container. >> hey, chris and kate, we are looking at two new lemonts in association with the frontal element affecting that i-95 corridor. now it looks like interior sections of the northeast will see a wind advisory where the wind could gust. southern connecticut, southeastern new york, there is going to be minor coastal flooding because we could see one or two inches of rainfall. but that along with what could be a high astronomical tide could cause those coastal areas to see 1 foot rise. there could be more than bocce erosion. here comes the front. right around noon until around 3:00 this afternoon, those will be the critical times, we expect the thunderstorms to kind of
7:16 am
kick up. you could see high winds, damage winds and the possibility of an isolate tornado. it looks like for the most part, this is going to be a wind and rain event with lightning. we can't rule out the other possibility. temperatures taking a dramatic turn downward with readings that have been well into the upper 70s and '80s. now we're looking at places like new york city 66. kate, chris. it looks like a taste of fall coming up mid-woke. >> it had to happen sometime. coming up next on "new day, request itself the last laugh of the grand prix, houston's indy race is ending in a terrifying crash. the driver surviving, though, injured with treatable injuries. this is as good as you will get. we will talk with one of the spectators injured in this. caughtp in the middle of this horrifying ordeal as we kate caught it all on camera. an oklahoma zoo worker loses her arm when the tiker attacks, that zookeeper'sing as are
7:17 am
examined. so is the safety record of the zoo. we have the zoo's owner joining us live. [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming.
7:18 am
7:19 am
7:20 am
. >> in a moment, we will talk with a fan that caught all this on tape. first, here's the story from cnn's mark mckay. >> reporter: last lap horror in houston, three time champion dario franchini attempting to make a high speed pass goes
7:21 am
airborne, destroys the catch for instance e fence as his car disintegrate around him. it hits the back of another car, forcing it to crash into the fencing, too. debris rained into the spectator fans, injuring at least 13. carl daniel shot this unbelievable video of the crash from the stands. franchini is hospitalized with injuries ranging from a concussion, a broken right ankle and a spinal fracture doctors say won't require surgery. the 40-year-old is married to ashley judd. the couple announced they were separating earlier this week. judd said thanks for the prayers and she an her dog were on their way to houston. the crash came beyond a two-year anniversary that took the life of driver dan weldon. in the wake of that tragedy came calls for changes to protect a fencing at the tracks.
7:22 am
sunday's race was held in a circuit in the shadows of the houston dome. the sport thrives on speed. mark mckay, cnn, atlanta. all right. mark, thanks so much. that amazing video was captured by daniel. he was injured by some of the debris. carl it's hard to believe in the video that you filmed that you weren't injured, what kind of injuries were you dealing with or are you dealing with this morning? >> primarily, it was being struck by fragments from the vehicle when it disintegrated striking the fence, primarily superficial injuries, in ug that i won't recover from. mostly it was a lot of what i would call shock and awe. >> and that is understandable. how close were you to when this crash took place? >> suffice it to say, i don't believe there was anyone closer.
7:23 am
there is the initial retaining barrier and then there is a crowd control fence. i would estimate i was less than 10 feet from the actual impact. the fact i'm still here light now is still amazing to me. >> no kidding. so tell me, we see the video of our viewersing tell me what you saw from your perspective, when did you know this crash, crashes are not unusual in indy car racing, when did you know something was unusually wrong here? >> well, they were working on the last lap. i now to start filming then, this would be the most intently fought lap of the race. so when they were coming out of the corner of the last turns, i noticed that one of the droifrs was attempting to pass the other driver and his right front tire actually drove up onto the left rear tire of the driver he was attempting to pass the car went into the air and it started coming towards the tense, this all happened in less than a
7:24 am
second. there was notime to move. there was no time to run away. the thought in my mind was that these were going to be the last moments that we're going to be experiencing on earth. it was truly shocking. the car struck the fence and literally people say nay heard a bomb. it sounded like there was a bomb that went off and the car turned into debris. it was once an entire car, then nothing but particles rained upon us. the fence exploded in on us. it was truly shocking but at the same to bring myself to move, stop filming, it didn't occur. i kept filming. i stayed there and i think it was because the last thing that was in my mind prior to the accident was i really want to catch this accident. i want to see what's going on. >> what did you see right after the accident? around you after this you know, after you kind of it was about you once again?
7:25 am
>> to say that it looked like there was nothing but chaos, it was for a moment when he struck the fence, the fence in front of me, if you can tell in the video, literally imploded in front of me. it was only by luck the cement barrier below the fence acted like a ramp and through the fence up above my head and to my left and landed in the grand stands. so the poem that were actually a little bit further away from me were actually injured more because the fence went into the air. i noticed that the car, the indy car went further down the track and then finally came to a halt. my thought was that, truly, this driver did not survive this incident. i thought, there's no way he's going to come from it. i think it's just a testament to the design of the cars they have today. >> yeah, that he's suffered injuries, fractures, a broken
7:26 am
ankle, but dario franchini is expected to recover. amazing we are able to speak with you after this, this truly heart stopping video that you captured. i am sure you will be approaching attendance of another indy car race different next time. it is great to speak with you this morning. a scary sunday for you and many others, carl, thank you so much. >> yes, thank you. >> of course, let us know what you think of this amazing video. tweet us with the hashtag "new day." chris. coming up on "new day," a zoo under fire after a worker nearly misses an arm. we will talk to the zoo's owner about the safety for workers and customers af the break. plus, hard ball on the hill. republicans say they won't budge on that partial shutdown or the debt ceiling until the white house makes some concessions. we will ask a former congressman about the tragedy coming up. and earn the right to be called a classic.
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. >> you are watching "new day" with christian kwoernlgs kate baldwin and mikaela ferrara. >> welcome back to "new day," it's monday, october 67th. coming up in the show, week two of the partial government shutdown. it seems the situation may be getting worse? why? the consequence for you may be severe. politicians play with a deadline. we have key players.
7:31 am
>> many think a comment is sexist. one analyst says he doesn't think former secretary of state condoleeza rice is fit for a key college football committee. maybe he'll explain and maybe whole talk about it. >> we'll certainly discuss, first, though, let's take a look at the stories making news this morning. when the u.s. military operations in africa focusing on two high value targets into terror hot spots. the u.s. army's delta force capturing one of them, al qaeda operative al libi nabbed in a raid in tripoli, libya. the other focus of operation in somalia. a foreign fighter, navy seals came under fire and withdrew before confirming if they killed their target. a partial government shutdown in day seven, house speaker bohner says he will not raise the debt krielig and says there aren't enough votes to pass a clean spending bill either. president obama says the votes are there. some people are headed being to
7:32 am
work today. defence secretary chuck hagel recalling 300,000 furloughed workers. a heeker stranded for days, was found over the weekend after a nearly week long search. officials say she was caught in a storm that dumped some 2 feet of snow in the area. meantime, authorities suspended the search for another hiker missing for more than a woke in the very same area. the tsa talking changes after a 9-year-old got through airport security and on to a plane, apparently, without a ticket. tsa officials a they boy went through security in minneapolis. during the flight to las vegas, the delta crew sensed something wasn't quite right and called authorities. officials say they may have to recon figure security barriers. we'll have more coming up on our show. lady luck definitely smiling on 25-year-old aurora gephart, a bartender in springfield,
7:33 am
oregon. one of the regulars. usually the tips are with an unplayed keno ticket. it turned out that ticket was worth $17,500. she actually tried to give him the tick back. he wasn't take it. she ended up giving a portion of the winnings to him, saying she just could not give him some of it. i like. that both came out winners. >> chris, over to you. >> thank you. there are some serious questions after an attack by a tiger on an oklahoma zoo worker that nearly cost her an arm t. worker says it was her fault, we are told, for putting her hand inside the tiger cloen enclosure when feeding it. the incident turned on the spoot light on the zoo. we are joined by the zoo's owner hrks se in charge of everything there. thank you very much nor joining us. >> thank you. >> all right. let start here with what matters the most. can you tell us anything about her and her condition?
7:34 am
>> i spoke to her last night on the telephone and she is in good spirits and the medical doctors and staff there were able to repair her arm and save her arm. she is going to go through another surgery this morning. she was in hopes to be able to contact her family herself last night. that was one of her wishes was to be able to make the emergency contacts herself, that her family has been doleing with a death in the family and she didn't want to add to their stress. so we respected her weshs of allowing her to make those calls. as soon as she is out of surgery this morning,ly go to the hospital and find out if she was able to make those calls, if she was, we will be releasing her name and statement at that time. >> so you say the worker blames the way she was fedding the tiger on this event. what does she say happened?
7:35 am
>> well, you know, it kind of all happened all of a sudden. i was in a different area of the park when the emergency call came in and i was the first one on the scene to render emergency medical aid and at that time the main focus was to stop the bleeding and save the woman's life. so the concern about the investigation that the zoo will perform ourselves of what exactly happened actually probably won't start until later today when she is out of surgery and able to talk because at the scene, at the tiger cage, it was not as much of how it happened as much as we were concerned in saving her life. >> well the concern is obviously about whether or not the zoo is safe. you have come under fire before. do you have a problem there in terms of safety with people working with the animals? >> you know, this is our very first employee injury in 15
7:36 am
years. this is something that we had stringent protocols for and we do as extensive training as possible. other zoos actually use some of our protocols and i would like to say if it wasn't for our professional protocols, the emergency medical staff probably are the reason why we are dealing with an injury instead of a death here. it's no different than training somebody to get a driver's license, all the driver's license place can do is train them and if you choose to not use your blinker and cause a fa disability, it's not the driver license's place's fault. all we can do is hire people and train people here. >> you had trouble with pita, suspensions, a lot of negative attention put on the the zoo for the way things were done there. is this a reflection of what is
7:37 am
not being done at your zoo? that's the question. >> you know, i don't worry about what the humane society or pita has to say about anything, a, they're not here b, they know nothing about our facility. c, i really would rather not comment on an organization that killed 87 part of the animals that they got their hand on last year while we work 24/7 to rescue animals and give up everything in our lives to keep these animals alive. so what they had to say in the press really doesn't affect anything that goes on here. people that have been here and visit to this zoo knows how noise this zoo is, how safe this zoo is. we've never had a customer injury to the point that any skin has been broke. this is our first incident here and we really don't even want to entertain the comments of the humane society or pita. >> when they put out the video
7:38 am
and reveal things, you got that little kid with the baby tiger, it seems to hurt it. it will raise an alarm. that's a real thing. that's not an outside organization. you had to declare bankruptcy. you are asking for help paying your bills. these are all sources of concern. you must recognize that. >> okay. well, any non-profit organization needs help paying their bills or the humane society of the united states would not have to raise $500 million a year for their own organization. i think that's a part of an organization, you are running on public funds. in regards to the little boy with the tiger, the tiger never broke skin on that. we have been through the investigation with the usda in regards to their so-called six month under cover investigation. the fbi is involved. there is an opened fbi case for the animal terrorist act. one question is if someone was
7:39 am
here during six months of abecause and they did not report the abecause, it must not have been that bad or they would have contacted local authorities way before six months. the only time anybody was contacted, even myself, about any abecause was when they sent out a press release to raise money for their own organization trying to get the people to believe they were going to help our animals, which they have never done. >> all right. though i appreciate you answering the allegations and giving us information about the woman involved here, we hope she is well. pass along our records. >> we appreciate the chance to get our story out t. main focus is trying to make sure our staff member stays healthy. >> agreed on that, thank you. >> kate. coming up next on "new day, request itself the government partially shut down, still, both sides are only pointing fingers at each other. we will talk with one man advising the lawmakers, get insight on where things go from here. also ahead, an espn sports
7:40 am
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you're looking for a place for your life to happen.
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>> welcome back to "new day." it is day seven of the hartial house shutdown. boehner says they won't open unless they negotiate on budget cuts and obama care. >> that extend to handling the debt ceiling around the corn. here with insight is mr. vin weber, a former congressman, now
7:44 am
the co-chairman of mercury and associates. mr. weber, thank you for joining us on "new day.". >> chris, great to be with you this morning. >> so, tell us, where are the heads of the republican party in terms of strategy with extending the shutdown, maybe even going into the dead loan for the debt ceiling. why push it this way? >> well, let's sort of look how the republican position has moved somewhat over the last week or so. the republicans began with the position that everything was tied to the defunding, in essence, the ending of obama care and the president couldn't swallow that. the republicans have moved somewhat on that. they moved from defunding obama care to delaying obama care. now if you listen to the spoker's comments over the weekend the speaker was not talking about obama care the president's sacred cow the speaker was talking about the long-term debt situation, which i think actually reflects more
7:45 am
of the concerns of the american people where our country is going, how are we doing in terms of spending. >> that is more related to these issues. so there has been some republican movement. it may not seem as obvious as it is, there has been some. the difficulty we face is the president is still saying absolutely no negotiations. so, you know, any republican move him doesn't get you very far unless the president at some point is willing to find some way of talking to republicans. >> right. >> the concern on the table is still what happens with this debt ceiling. >> right. >> the question is, do you play politics with that? you know congress very well. it seems that this is a dangerous game that's being played here. >> it's a very dangerous game. i personally hope it doesn't happen. i don't think anybody wants it to happen. i have also voted on debt ceilings. i have been around discussion of debt ceilings. it is always some kind of a negotiation. no one wants to vote to raise the debt ceiling.
7:46 am
it's an unpopular vote, whether you are a democrat or a republican. i'm not suggesting that he should give in to the republicans. i'm not suggesting that republicans should get most of what they want. but the president has to be ready at some point to talk to speaker bohner and help him find a way out for all of us. >> is it fair to hang it on the president for speaker john boehner or anyone spoking for the republican party, fwimp the circumstances in what we learned from the new york times report the shutdown is a result of a plan by conservatives the former a.g. going on since the beginning of 20 thrown. do you believe that is a credible report? >> i read the report. i have no reason to believe i not. the report said the plan you talked about, they reported at the "times requests was from the defunding of obama care t. republicans have moved from defunding obama care and opened up a discussion about long-term
7:47 am
debt reduction spending and tax reform a. whole range of things. it's not just the strategy of defunding the president's premier accomplishment. i'm not pointing fingers necessarily at the president except to say the president is the loader. if he's unwilling to come to the table at all under any circumstances, then we do face a problem. >> it seems like the game has changed down there. it used to be that the two side went at i. at the end of the day, they all believed in government. it seems now what is motivating the republican party is a belief government has to be zroirksd it's bad in and of itself. do you have any insight in that? >> i think that you no ed to look at the republicans and say, that what you said is true of the faction or some version of that is true. they are not evilly motivated. it's not that they want to do harm to america. you got a faction of republicans who genuinely look at where we are headed on debt and obama care. they think it's an apop limitic
7:48 am
future for american america, that's not my view. most republicans think we got a problem that needs to be dealt with. the republicans that are accused of having caused this problem do believe that we are headed for disaster and that's why they are so intransigent about moving. >> i don't think it's evil at you a. i think it's obviously practical and this is a reflection, not so much of ideal imbut of what's happened with redistricting. you know, we have been talking about it here on the show. what is your insight into what has changed in the landscape and how politicians these days have very little wiggle room in how they find consensus? >> i would point to a couple of things. first of all, you mentioned one, we have now, most republicans, most democrats in safe ideological pure districts, they need to pay primary attention to their primary or interparty challenges, not to the general election challenger, which pushes them to the extroems t. second is the removeing of
7:49 am
financing of politics out of the parties into ideologically motivatedgroups. in the past, a party loader could sort of force compromise because he held some sway over the party's money being spent on a member of congress or candidate much less true now because outside organizations totally independent and often at odds with party leaders are financing campaigns to a significant extent. >> it starts to lock like the face of both party become more about puppets than people there to load. mr. weber, thank you for your insights. appreciate it. hopefully, they figure it out before the rest of us pay the price. >> i hope so. >> kate, over to you. coming up next on "new day," should women be allowed to play a part in the college football process? an espn commentator doesn't think so. he is getting a lot of negative comments about it. details ahead. the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered
7:50 am
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is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. how was your weekend? >> great, how was yours? >> it was good. >> forget your weekend, where are you on this football thing? >> i think it's deeply offensive.
7:52 am
7:53 am
♪ ♪ girls run the world this is good. it is going to be so good. welcome back to "new day" we say good buy to the bcs. bit of controversy erupting in college football, should a woman be allowed to help decide which college football teams make it to the playoffs? what if the woman were former secretary of state? according to one espn analyst the answer is no. "early start" anchor john berman is here. >> the real answer is yes. it is rumored condoleezza rice, the former secretary of state,
7:54 am
former provost at stanford university will serve on the first college football playoff selection committee. this is the panel responsible for deciding which four teams will advance to the playoffs in the 2014 season. this is a welcome, welcome advance in the college system here. rice's possible appointment is not sitting well though with espn analyst david pollack. this is what he said over the weeke weekend. >> now i'm going to stick my foot in my mouth probably. i want people on this committee, guys, that can watch tape -- >> have played football. >> have played football, around football, that can tell you different teams on tape, not on paper. >> so no woman belongs on the committee because -- >> oh, no way. >> so in that cross-talk you may have missed it, he doesn't think that any women should serve on this playoff selection committee, and his justification for it is he only wants people who have played college football. >> he then reclarified
7:55 am
afterward. because he came in under a lot of fire. >> he said he sent a tweet out "i want people on the committee that eat, sleep and breathe college football during the season. it has nothing to do with being male or female." i happen to know a lot of college football fans who eat, breathe and sleep it, who happen to be women. >> just said it doesn't have to do with a man or a woman. >> he's running his mouth in trouble. >> aren't there announcers, commentators, nfl special people who also didn't play football? >> yeah, there are a lot of play-by-play guys, a sports writer, "usa today" writer allegedly to be on the committee as well. >> this is a constant riff of criticism, guys who play the game and didn't. i'm going to take up with mr. pollack. i think he didn't get well served by the people he was on that panel with. they were riling him up. >> egging him up.
7:56 am
>> i don't want women on, i think he got thrown under the bus, got pushed into it. athletes are emotional. condi rice is a very, very -- she has a huge pedigree. obviously women should be involved. most of the people i look to for sports information are women. this is an age-old fight within this world of sports entertainment, by the way, it's not like it's political analysis, where they say did you play or not. >> this supports teams who go to the playoffs for a lot of us they are very important. >> it's a gigantic football fan. >> she has a green jacket, you don't. >> she does. i know that. >> if he was given a choice to say again it wouldn't be about gender, it would be about experience. >> he says other question tweets about women as well. >> then he's done. i tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, pal, but i can only do so much. the twin terror raids a top
7:57 am
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8:00 am
♪ we will continue to try to bring people to justice with hopes that ultimately these kinds of activities will stop. >> inside the raids that captured this most wanted terrorist, how the u.s. military did it. s.e.a.l. team 6 back in action in north africa on the anniversary of blackhawk down. did something go wrong again? dead stop. negotiations over the shutdown appear to come to a screeching halt. the war of words heats up over the weekend, neither side,
8:01 am
though, moving. we're live with the latest. terrifying crash at this indy car race, a dozen spectators injured by debris. the driver survived but his hollywood wife, who she has to say now. >> your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> the president is risking default by not having the conversation with us. >> announcer: what you just have to see. >> i think the media are being unfair with me. i'm a family man, two kids, i try to stay away from trouble. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan, and michaela pereira. >> good morning and welcome back to "new day." it is 8:00 in the east, the longer this partial government shutdown wears on the closer we're getting to hitting another deadline. congress must act on raising the nation's debt ceiling before october 17th. the deadline could mean catastrophic consequences for the nation's economy.
8:02 am
plus we're hearing from the family of the woman killed in washington after trying to ram the gates of the white house. you'll remember she led police on the high-speed chase before everything ended. they say she was mentally ill and didn't have to die. we're going to talk to them in a few minutes. what happens in vegas does not necessarily stay in vegas. we'll talk about the story of a 9-year-old minnesota boy who duped security screeners three times and gate agents and was able to board a flight to sin city without a ticket and without an adult accompanying him. we begin with the twin two are raids in libya and somalia. u.s. officials capturing a top al qaeda operative in tripoli, looking to him to help thwart future attacks and in somalia navy s.e.a.l.s came under fire targeting an al shabaab commander. barbara starr and joe johns, as well as former special forces officer james reese. let's start this hour with barbara at the pentagon. good morning, barbara.
8:03 am
>> good morning, kate. well the suspect in somalia had ties to attacks that have killed americans, and that is why s.e.a.l. team 6 was called back into action to risk it all. an extraordinary show of force by u.s. commandos in highly risky secret operations in somalia and libya. friday, october 4th, pre-dawn, on somalia's southern coast. u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s slip off a commercial ship and raid a terrorist stronghold, but within moments they are forced to aboard under heavy gunfire from militants. day later, 6:30 a.m., 3,000 miles away, on the streets of tripoli, libya, abu al libi is returning home from morning prayers. he will be grabbed by u.s. army delta force commandos on the streets of tripoli, the u.s.
8:04 am
team grabs him before he can reach his gun and they are gone in seconds, not a shot fired. his wife tells cnn the men she saw were libyans. al libi is taken to a u.s. navy warship, wanted by the u.s. for the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in africa. >> president clearly had to approve both of these operations. this is to send u.s. military personnel into foreign countries and that's a presidential decision. >> reporter: in somalia, it's s.e.a.l. team 6 that is sent, the same unit that killed osama bin laden. in an eerie coincidence, it's 20 years to the day of the blackhawk down disaster in somalia that killed 18 u.s. troops. this time, the s.e.a.l.s are hunting an al shabaab leader tte al qaeda linked terror group
8:05 am
that attacked a shopping mall. the al libi mission was a clear success. and in both of these raids, we now know that the u.s. commando units had been conducting secret surveillance, gathering intelligence on their targets for weeks. this is the new face of how terrorism will be fought officials tell us. no more big land wars in places like afghanistan and iraq, look for lightning quick, lethal, small, tactical raids, some very dangerous corners of the world. chris? >> barbara, thank you very much. the question now is what do they do with the man they captured, special interrogation group will try to get information from abu anas al libi, grabbed out of libya this weekend. he's expected to face a federal trial in new york. for more on the next steps we get to cnn's joe johns in the washington bureau. >> he's been held on a u.s. navy
8:06 am
vessel expected to be interrogated from several days, could be several weeks by something called the high-value detainee interrogation group. this is a group made up of fbi agents, they've got intelligence community officials in there, led by the national security council, and this is a situation where the target doesn't get read his rights, isn't treated with the protections of a civilian defendant and basically is pressed for information about any plans for future attacks, for names, whereabouts of known associates, details on any past plots or attacks basically anything and everything he knows. of course the question is how will they do this? not supposed to use physical force. they'll use established guidelines we're told in interrogation and in this case inevitably is going to bring up the question of whether it's better to try terrorism suspects at gitmo as opposed to civilian court. >> familiar question. joe thank you for the report. kate over to you. >> thanks so much. let's break down how the raids
8:07 am
happened with james reese, a former delta force officer. mr. reese, it's great to see you. thank you for coming in this morning. >> good morning, kate, how are you? >> doing really good. looking for your expertise to help break down these two operations. so we have delta force commandos involved with the operation in tripoli, libya. take us inside an operation like this. what's going on in this operation, planning and execution? >> well, kate, this is a wholistic asymmetric view how mixed operations can help and be conducted by the u.s. it truly is an inner agency operation using all of the elements of our federal government, inner agency intelligence operations and it's worldwide right now. what's really happening right now the guys on the ground they're using this inner agency piece to help them gather the intelligence to make sure when they get the elements to go, they get those factors to go, they have all the aspects on the
8:08 am
ground to make that operation successful. >> cnn spoke to al libi's wife and during this conversation she described what she saw as the following, a group of at least ten men in four vehicles, they surprised al libi as he was returning from morning prayers. does that sound like a routine capture to you? >> it does. these special forces operators, they're like ghosts. they really know how to do this. they conduct the surveillance. they work with the inner agency and this is exactly what so com wants a return on investment, that surgical operation to get in, get out and we want to capture these people for all their intelligence that they have. >> then what about what happened, the operation in somalia, different outcome on this one, navy s.e.a.l. team 6 involved here, clearly whenever you're planning as barbara starr said planning an intelligence or weeks, months in advance, you plan for every contingency and variable but clearly they came on more than expected. what happened here? what were they weighing in
8:09 am
deciding to pull out early? >> the one piece every ground force commander has is they want to clim collateral damage ands that ground force commander makes those assessments on the ground if the collateral damage starts to increase or if they stay the fight and that collateral damage could increase and become even more, they give the option commander to withdraw. >> the risk is high, you're ruining that operation if you will because you'll not have another chance similar to that for a long while, right? >> absolutely, plus again they want to be very surgical. they want to be like ghosts. they want to get in, they want to get out. they want to do the capture or kill. they don't want to be into a long, sustained operation on the ground. background force commander can make that determination, he'll get out. >> we're also hearing from the pentagon unit this morning, this is the way forward, we should be expecting the secret lightning
8:10 am
strikes. what are the advances of this type of operation versus other types of operation because it comes with significant amount of risk as well because you're putting u.s. forces on the ground. >> it does, but as with anything, with high risk you get high gain. these operations, u.s. special operations have some of the finest commandos in the world, support and operational side. they do this around the world, they work in inner agency operations infusions intelligence perspective, they know how to do this. for news the u.s. this is where we need to be going for the future, the return on investment is great, it reduces the budget capability, one of the aspects with the budgets being cut, this is one of the organizations that really has to be watched that the budgets don't get cut that much so they can continue these type of surgical operations. >> we'll be seeing much more of these in the future. thank you for your insights this morning. >> thanks, kate. we're going to be following this but a lot of other news
8:11 am
making headlines right noul. straight over to michaela. the partial government shutdown now nearly in its second week, the drama is expected to get more intense as the debt ceiling deadline closes in. john boehner talking tough saying there aren't enough voetsz in tvotes in the house t pass a clean spending bill. democrats responding boehner should prove it by putting it to a vote. crews working at camp pendleton have built containment lines against a wind-driven wildfire, burned at least 2,500 acres. it forced the evacuation of more than 200 residents from housing units on the military base. the fire at this point is 20% contained but officials hope to have full containment by tomorrow. deadly violence flaring back up in egypt, state run media say at least 50 people have been killed and many injured. government supporters are clashing with mohamed morsi
8:12 am
supporters. muslim brotherhood protesters have been marching in cairo and across the country. at least eight people are dead and dozens more injured by a monster truck at an event in mexico. truck ran over an obstacle on the course, spun out of control and into the crowd. among the fatalities, four children. making matters worse officials say the driver may have been drinking before the event. blood tests are being performed. a long lost painting attributed to leonardo da vinci has been found in a swiss bank vault. look at it yourself. it's quite similar to a 1499 sketch of an italian aristocrat drawn by davinci. that version is hanging in the louvre in paris. isn't it amazing these things are still here, intrigue. i love it.
8:13 am
>> i like those italians. >> why did i know that? why did i know that? let's get own ginnes in for indra petersons. >> we talked all morning how the frontal system will sweep across the i-95 corridor where you could see problems at some of the international airports, newark, jfk, extending towards washington, d.c. this is where we have the slight risk of severe weather, damaging winds and the possibility of an isolated tornado, we're starting to see a little bit more in the way of some lightning associated with some of these cells, a little bit further towards the west but about midday we'll expect it to move across the region. now i mentioned the two ingredients that pop up for the afternoon, that is the wind, interior sections of the northeast also into new england with wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour, but don't be surprised once that frontal system passes in washington, d.c., also in new york, you
8:14 am
could see some wind gusts, but i don't think they'll last very long. one to two inches possible and there is potential for minor beach erosion with a heavy or a strong astronomical tide. high pressure dominates much of the nation's mid section and chris and kate looks like the santa ana winds die down in southern california. >> a lot to watch this week. thanks so much, karen. coming up next on "new day" the stalemate in washington, gridlock with a lot at stake and the clock ticking away. we're talking to a top senate democrat what it's going to take from his interspperspective for break-through. plus learning more about the woman who terrified the nation's capital. who was miriam carey and what led her to start that chase that ultimately cost her her life? carey's sisters join us in a few minutes.
8:15 am
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♪ all right, it is "money time" and alison kosik is here to give a sense of why investors seem to have one word on their minds this morning, celsell. tell me more. >> if you did have a seat belt on i would say fasten it for today. the dow looks like it will open in the triple digits lower. this is the second week of the dysfunction happening in washington, d.c. it's dragging on longer than wall street expected. investors don't seem to be too sweet on john boehner's idea to an end for the shutdown, tieing it to talks about the debt ceiling because the debt ceiling is going to be a bigger deal as far as wall street sees because
8:19 am
if the u.s. can't pay its bills that could cause interest rates to sky rocket, the stock market could tank. also we've got earnings season kicking off this week, company results are expect to be underwhelming. economic growth has been lacklust lackluster, the job market is muddling through and analysts are questioning, hmm, are these stocks really worth the current prices knowing that profits are expected to be down for companies? look at what investors are looking at when they decide how to trade, they look at the data coming in. guess what? the jobs data didn't come in on friday because the government is partially shut down so wall street operating kind of blind and not knowing what to trade on except the headlines coming out of washington. >> one thing we have been hearing unfortunately it may take the market reacting to get congress to do anything because frustration amongst voters doesn't seem to be working. >> who knows, maybe today will be the day. >> thanks so much, alison. chris? >> i'll tell you who knows, senator charles schumer, senator from new york. >> i wish i knew.
8:20 am
>> if you're here in new york city it's not the best, but great to have you on set. >> coming back to get clothes. >> so you can get back there to the fight. we had speaker boehner he says i don't have the votes for a clean bill, one that doesn't involve obama care and gets the government running again, do you believe that? >> i really don't. i issue my friendly challenge, put it on the floor and see if we have the votes. there are 21 republicans publicly committed to voting for the bill that passed the senate aided by 25 republicans, so you had a majority of republicans, including some real conservatives voting for it and probably another 40 or 50 who will vote for it even though they haven't said so publicly so i have very little doubt if speaker boehner put it on the floor it would pass. i think the real reason he doesn't put it on the floor it would enrage the tea party. the one point i wanted to make, chris, i saw the article yesterday in "new york times" anyone who thinks the government shutdown was an accident should
8:21 am
read the "new york times" article. the tea party was planning to shut down the government almost a year and a half before it happened. the issue of obama care is almost incidental. the real issue is they have almost a principle that they wanted to shut down the government because they hate it so, and that's astounding. anyone who thinks this is an accident that, oh, the president is equally to blame, oh no, the tea party planned this and meticulously and so far successfully executing it, assuming speaker boehner would go along with them which unfortunately was a fair assumption. >> you are far from powerless. the democrats have the power in the senate, a lot of persuasion in the house. you seem to be sitting back and "enjoying" this, so now we are getting closer to the deadline is the responsibility incumbent to break this impasse? >> let me tell you, we are not enjoying this. we care about government. i hear every day from people who are not getting paid, who are
8:22 am
worried about layoffs. you can talk to the guy at the sandwich shop next to the statue of liberty, he's not selling any sandwich sandwiches, so this is painful, and of course it's painful even to all of us, our employees as well. >> but you are known as someone who knows how to negotiate, who knows how to do the business of government. right now no one's at the table, senator. >> well, i have had a whole bunch of republicans come over to me and say look, this is bad. this shutdown is bad for the republican party, but even worse, they're principled people, bad for the country. how do we come to a compromise, and we are talking. >> good. >> the problem here is speaker boehner so far has been unwilling to break with the tea party. when we get close to the debt ceiling we have to break. >> we are close. >> no, closer. the debt ceiling is such a calamatous possibility that you
8:23 am
could go to a depression worse than -- >> you have the were diction the dooms day are about that, we're starting to hear more out of d.c. oh it's not going to be that bad. we did in 2011 and wound up fine. >> first 2011 wasn't just fine. the stock market lost 2,000 points, the economy slowed down, people lost jobs, but it's much worse now, and why is that? because the markets believe there's a real possibility. let me just explain that. banks have balance sheets. they hold different assets on those balance sheets, but caused the collapse which led to the deep recession in 2008. they had housing securities on their balance sheets, they had to undervalue them, they had no money for lending. they have many more treasury securities on those balance sheets. if they have to write those down and they could write them down two days before the debt ceiling has to be raised, they could do it that day, the economy could collapse. will it? no one's certain but there's a
8:24 am
high enough chance that no one should risk it and no one should say i want my political agenda attached to it, otherwise i will let it happen, whether it's cutting government spending, which we've done a great deal of. we've agreed to speaker boehner's number. we had a number $70 billion higher in spending. we already agreed to his number and he said we'll add obama care. again it goes back to the i think the idea that the tea party wanted to shut down and speaker boehner and the republican leadership thus far in the house, not in the senate thank god are going along with it. >> is it important enough to democrats that you avoid the scenario you just outlined that even if it means more concessions, sitting back down at the table, getting a process going so you can at least optically show some progress for the other side, is your party willing to do that? >> well, obviously -- >> right now they're not. >> -- we want to sit down and talk to them but if they say, for instance, as they, boehner said on tv, repeal obama care or
8:25 am
we're not dealing with the debt ceiling, that's an impossibility. you cannot negotiate with awe hostage situation. you cannot negotiate with a gun to your head. it is an accomplishment of president obama's, whether you like it or not. they're saying get rid of it and usually if do you it once, we came close to doing it in 2011 it doesn't go away. they do it more and more and more and the government is totally paralyzed and america basically goes into a terrible, terrible downturn. >> when you talk about speaker boehner and you should put that bill out and why aren't you, do you believe that he is unable to lead on his own accord, he really has to listen to this small faction? >> i like to compare him to the republican leadership in the senate, many of whom have tea party opponents but they figured out a way to let our bill go forth. they didn't vote for obama care, they're against it but they at least said we're not going to shut down the government to get
8:26 am
our way. in 25 of the 44 republicans when the bill came to the floor voted for a path to open the government. that showed some courage. where is speaker boehner's? i hope he would summon the same. >> you're talking to your party even if we don't like what's going on we can't let this happen. we're outlining how bad it will be. >> you know, again we do not want to but you cannot, you cannot negotiate under these situations because it gets worse. if there is some optics that make it work, fine, but if they are to say after we've agreed to this number, agree to an even lower one. >> how about the six-week deal? >> cut more veterans -- >> how about we'll fund for six weeks and negotiate. >> that will be up to the markets and i don't think it works. if the markets think we haven't solved this problem on a given day and the market's are mystical in a certain way, if those government securities start being undervalued the thing could collapse before we
8:27 am
reach the debt ceiling so if they think we're at an impasse it makes it worse. do a clean debt ceiling. it's too dangerous not to and we'll negotiate on any issues they want and they win a lot of the arguments. they've won them in the past. we conceded to them at the 988 number. now we gave in on the budget demands and that's what the tea party wants, they want the government to be shut down. speaker boehner has a responsibility to resist it, not to come up with deflections or excuse, we'll do this and that but let the government be funded and have the kind of negotiations that we've had -- this is different than in the last 220 years >> senator schumer thank you for the perspective. good luck down there. >> great to be here. >> let us know what you think, tweet us, #newday. kate over to you. coming up next on "new day," miriam carey led police on a
8:28 am
deadly car chase through our nation's capital. questions remain as to why she drove into white house barriers and towards the capital with her young daughter in the car. we're going to stalk with her sisters and try to get some of the answers they're asking as well, to the questions they're asking as well coming up. also head, how do you live through something like this, a terrifying crash leaving many wondering how did the driver survive? well he did and is expected to make a full recovery, the latest on that coming up.
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welcome back to "new day." time for the five things you need to know. pair of u.s. military raids in africa, the army's delta force catching an al qaeda operative in libya and navy s.e.a.l. iss going after a terror leader in somalia. we are getting closer to next week's debt ceiling. 300,000 defense workers have been recalled to work and backpay is expected to be given to furloughed workers. the supreme court begins its fall term on their docket whether prayer has a place in government settings, the amount of freedoms states have to restrict abortions and big money's influence in politics. the process of dismantling destroying syria's chemical weapons stockpile under way. u.n. inspectors hope to have the mission complete bid the middle of next year. new nobel prize winners for medicine, yale's james rothman, randy schekman of uk berkry and
8:33 am
thomas sudhof discovered the transport of cargo within our cells. we always update the five things to know so go to for the latest. kate over to you. >> thanks, michaela. we're learning new details about miriam carey, the woman who lost her life after leading police on a car chase from the white house to capitol hill. she was 34-year-old dental hi a hygienist and new mother and struggled after the birth of her young daughter. the details failed to explain what brought this young mom to drive into a white house barricade. you see the video of how it all kind of unfolded. joining us are her sisters, valerie carey and amy carey-jones and attorney eric saunders. thank you for being here this morning. i can only imagine it is no easier to see that video than to talk about this as it was, today as it was last week. how is the family doing this morning? >> we're holding up as best as
8:34 am
possible under the circumstances. it's still surreal and of course until we actually see our sister's body, which we haven't actually seen her yet, the reality, the gravity of it is just going to be that much more impactful when we actually do see her. >> do you have any expectation of when that would happen, when you'll be able to see your sister's body? >> we're not sure. we went to identify her and we have to get through the necessary paperwork and autopsies and things like that, so we're in the process of also making funeral arrangements so we can have the body transported so it's a lot of steps we need to take before we can actually see her. >> that's totally understandable. one thing i know a lot of people that stick with a lot of people after seeing this terrifying ordeal play out is her young daughter, your young niece. >> yes. >> the fact she was in that car with her the entire time. how is she now? are you trying to win custody of
8:35 am
her? where does that stand? >> well, we're not really going to get into that part of it. we just are aware that she's safe and we will continually keep in contact with her. where she'll end up we're not sure yet. >> you don't know yet? >> we're not sure. >> you've had little time to begin digesting the details, what this means and how this squares with the woman you've known all of your lives. what sense have you made of this to this point? does it make any sense, does this connect at all to the woman that you've known for so long? >> it actually doesn't make any sense, and the question really isn't why was she in washington, the question is, why was she killed in washington. all i can see when i look at that video is my sister's afraid and she's frightened and she's trying to get out of there. she's confused. she doesn't know which way to go. and i couldn't, i just can't imagine what she was thinking as she's trying to get away from
8:36 am
bullet shots. >> and you are a former nypd officer. as you're looking at the video and you know your sister, we know that you believe that the use of force by officers was unjustified. when you see the video, how do you think that officers could have reacted any differently? >> well, my sister didn't have a gun. she was not shooting a weapon from her vehicle, so deadly physical force of a weapon being fired upon her car, i don't believe was justified. >> we can always take a look at this with hindsight being much clearer than in that moment but when you look at that, do you also acknowledge that your sister was contributing to how this outcome happened? >> absolutely not. and we want to put a stop to it at this point. she didn't contribute to anything. she's a u.s. citizen, and she had absolutely every right to be in the nation's capital. the police officers have protocols. the fact that someone may be emotionally disturbed, those are all factors you're trained for.
8:37 am
what happened here is a failure of the training because that still doesn't give you the right to use deadly physical force. every major police department has the same policy, you can't shoot at a fleeing person because you have to fact yar in they may not understand, may be confus confused, lost, and you don't shoot at a vehicle. >> this is clearly one of many of the questions that you still have and will be asking going forward. >> absolutely. >> some of the focus has turned to her mental health. the last time that you saw her, the last time that you spoke with her, did she seem unwell? >> she seemed fine and the fact that they're focusing only on her mental health that doesn't define an individual. she was under treatment. she was the same loving person that we knew, and she had you know, her life challenges but that doesn't mean that she still wasn't a person. she seemed fine when we last spoke, no signs of delusion or erratic behavior no, voices, none of those things are real conversations for us. >> that's some of what has come
8:38 am
from her boyfriend saying that she had been suffering from delusions, that she thought president obama had her town and her house under lockdown and surveillance. you've never heard anything from her that raised eyebrows in that way? >> no. and once again, when people are making statements, you just have to look at the source of where those statements are coming from. >> you're questioning her boyfriend snen. >> absolutely. >> what kind of treatment was she under? was she in the middle of treatment, was she taking medications? where was she in her treatment? >> that's the problem. they don't know at this point. no one can answer that question, and i heard lots of speculation and for the most part haven't injected myself into n these conversations like this but no one knows. this is all speculation and as soon as she was receiving treatment that still doesn't answer the question about the use of force. that's the ultimate question. >> obviously the investigation continues, is ongoing. do you have -- how do you want your sister to be remembered? when she is splashed up against the headlines and her picture is associated with a scary ordeal
8:39 am
like this, i'm sure that's very different than how the family knows her. how do you want your sister to be remembered? >> i want my sister to be remembered as the fun-loving, full of life person that she was, young, energetic, full of aspirations. my sister is going to be greatly missed. she was a very integral part of our lives, and that's a part that's not going to be replaced. >> i believe the same thing. we spoke a lot. we had a very great relationship. i'm going to miss being with her and just seeing her enthusiasm for life. she was a great woman. >> i think you're probably sharing i think many of our viewers are probably sharing some of the conflict that you guys are feeling internally when you know the woman that you know so well and you have that connection, she is your sister, and then you see what happened in the led lines and how this all ended. well, thank you so much for sitting here and talking with
8:40 am
us. you can only imagine what your family is going through but thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. . >> chris back to you. we're going to take a break and when we come back on "new day" have you seen the crash that happened this weekend? watch this. debris is going to rain down on a crowd at an indy car race in houston. we'll tell you all about it. and a 9-year-old somehow gets through airport security, onto a flight to vegas. he didn't even have a ticket. it's a crazy story. we'll have it coming up for you. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore,
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. welcome back to "new day." let's get straight to karen maginnis in for indra petersons with a look at the forecast. how is it looking so far? >> you have to wait for the showers and storms to move through because a cold front is expected to pass across new york city and the i-95 corridor in
8:44 am
the next several hours, just about noontime you'll be inundated with rainfall, could be heavy at times but also the potential for severe weather with high winds and lots of lightning, and the potential for an isolated tornado possible. gusty winds in upstate new york and also into vermont as well as across interior sections of maine as well. wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour, here comes the frontal system, even in portions of the carolinas you could see upwards of four inches of rain, one to two inches possible across the northeast. chris? >> all right, thank you very much. appreciate the report. now we want to tell you about a this crash this weekend, a dozen spectators were injured, dario franchitti was hospitalized after what we're about to show you, final lap of sunday's indy car race in houston. here is the story from mark mckay. >> reporter: last lap horror in houston. >> that say thundering, thundering blow. >> reporter: three-time indy 500
8:45 am
campion dario franchitti attempting to make a high speed pass instead goes airborne, cart-wheeling as the car disintegrates around him. his car hits the back of sato's, forcing his car to slam into the trackside fencing, too. debris rained into the spectator's stands injuring at least 13. carl daniels shot this unbelievable video of the crash from the stands. >> the car, which was one piece, became nothing more than confetti pelting all of us, pieces of it were all around us. i was literally, literally thinking that my life is over, but there was no time to say, can you duck, can you run, can you get away. it was like this is it. >> reporter: franchitti is hospitalized with injuries ranging from a concussion, a broken right ankle and a spinal fracture that doctors say won't require surgery.
8:46 am
the 40-year-old is married to actress ashley judd but the couple announced they were separating earlier this year. judd tweeted her thanks for the prayers and said she and her dogs were op. the way to houston. the franchitti crash came ten days shy of the two-year anniversary of a spectacular indy car crash in las vegas that took the life of driver dan weldon. in the wake of that tragedy came fencing. sunday's race was held on a street circuit in the shadow of the houston astro dome, serving as another example of the dangers associated with a sport that thrives on speed. mark mckay, cnn, atlanta. >> whenever one of the crashes happens, it's terrible and wish the best to mr. franchitti, the fans there. there's a bit of assumption of risk, but these cars, they do so much more r&d on safety than anything else, you see it in nascar and indy car. he basically is going to be okay from that, and that's amazing.
8:47 am
>> when you see that video, we talked to one of the spectators earlier in the show, he was right when you see that video and crash, it's almost impossible to believe someone would come out of that alive and relatively unscathed. >> ten years ago wouldn't happen. >> good point. coming up next on "new day" a 9-year-old gets on a plane no, parents, no ticket, he somehow got through security and got on the flight. how did it happen? that's what the tsa is trying to figure out this morning. cg/úññ
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8:51 am
welcome back to "new day." we've been talking about this story all day and it has all of us scratching our heads. shocking lapse of security at minneapolis-st. paul international airport. 9-year-old boy boards a plane last thursday, doesn't have a boarding pass, doesn't have an i.d. and doesn't have an adult. the tsa is investigating. they say the little boy was security screened. what does this say about security at the nation's airports? we bring in fran townsend to talk all about this with us. we're all just mystified at how this could have happened. most of us can't get through the airport at all without a billion checks. >> if it makes you feel any better, i who was responsible for homeland security at the white house was also mystified. the notion the tsa says don't worry about it, he went through the screening, didn't have a woe opinion, wasn't a terrorist so it's okay, i don't think so. >> aside from the fact a 9-year-old is traveling alone and unsupervialsed is a
8:52 am
concernle level but massive lapse of security. >> and the tsa at one point said well, you know, we're down staffing because of the budget issue. nonsense. the furloughs, nonsense. one individual checks boarding passes before you go through the security screening, obviously he didn't have a 9-year-old by the way who don't need i.d. but you need a ticket for the 9-year-old. you have to have a parent or he's got to be registered as an unaccompanied minor. it wasn't picked up. he goes through screening. the ticket target at the gate, you're supposed to match an individual to a boarding pass, that didn't happen and by the way, when you get on the plane the flight crew does a head count and check with the gate agent to make sure you have so many boarding passes we've got so many bodies. that clearly didn't happen. there were multiple points of failure. >> when you look at the number of levels of security that were missed, that did not -- >> breach, breach. >> after breach after breach
8:53 am
after, from security perspective what is the most troubling thing the tsa or airline needs to look at quickly in the aftermath of this? >> this is how anybody got through all of the points without the boarding pass. frankly, that's the real concerning part here. i mean all of us as michaela says all of us go through these multiple levels, you're used to taking your shoes off, putting your stuff on the consveyor bel. the child was obviously pretty clever. he may have said my mom is walking there so you want to believe this kid but it's a remir reminder -- >> they gave the kid a pass because he's a kid and not a perceived net. maybe he has a little bit of the guy from "catch me if you can." the more interesting part of the story is going to be how he got there. the parents in the story, how he got to be where he was, what he was, thought he was doing, that will be interesting to hear that
8:54 am
side of it, but it's kind of a no brainer they just dropped the ball. >> chris he had been in the airport, taken a bag off a carousel. dine and dash, will you catch this while i go to the men's room? the cafe owner, what happened to see something say something with the unaccompanied bag. >> the irony here the innocence of the old way of living is gone. not even a kid can be taken at their word. sadly, there needs to be a certain level of anxiety about everything that happens now otherwise -- >> i'm going to argue even years ago a child at an airport? a major airport alone would put up red flags, even pre-9/11, don't you think? >> it depends what the kid is saying. i've got one of these in my house. they can be very crafty. >> me, too. >> i shouldn't have gone back i forgot my ticket. you're going to give the benefit of the doubt to the kid. if it were me i wouldn't have
8:55 am
gotten through. >> fran townsend, always a delight to have you at the big table with us. >> stay with us. in today's edition we have cakes and cookie, supposed to be fun, happy. not these but they may be better for you. wait a second. the cookies are dark and gray, some are frowny faces, discouraging phrases. they are depressing by design. it's designed to raise money and awareness for mental illness. there's a twist though on the inside of the treats there are bright colors, sweet flavors representing hope. >> we've got our gray vanilla cupcakes, extra concrete looking and we're going to fill them with m&m's. >> i think because it's such a creative idea turning something traditionally happy to something gray is making people talk about depression. the statistics of one in four sufrl from mental illness is very high. >> and that's why it's the good
8:56 am
stuff. you know you know somebody who struggles with mental illness in your family, extended family, we see them ignored, the systems aren't in place and so often play out in violent episodes, we just saw one in the nation's capital. all the proceeds from the depressed cake shop go to the national alliance on mental illness, a happy mission for a sad looking treat. we're also told they taste very good. >> you were told? >> yes. >> did you research this? >> i didn't have them but i want them. it happened too fast. i'd like to bring them in. it's important. we have to keep talking about t you see in the confusion with the family and the careys and how the perception is to the rest of the people. thank you for tipping us off about the cookies and the push for awareness. comes from you. bring us the stories so we can tell you more of the good stuff. >> exactly. we will be right back. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic.
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