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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  June 21, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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[laughter] everybody take-- be real gentle. here we go! real gentle. real gentle. real gentle. you got him? real gentle. real gentle. he's hot! yeah, he's hot! put him down! put him down! aah! ow! damn! you got him? get him up! all right? [cheering] ok! it's like "weekend at bernie's" except you're alive and you'd rather be dead. pivot him. we can get him out if we pivot him this way and then pivot him that way. oh, looking good, boss! captioning made possible by mtv networks >> june 20th, 2011, from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central
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>> jon: welcome to the daily show, my name is jon stewart. my guest former new orleans mayor ray nagin. thanks for joining us. my guest the former new orleans mayor ray nagin. (laughter) >> jon: jerry lewis, all right. interesting weekend. spent time in our nation's capitol. took another classic photo of myself in front of the washington monument. (laughter) >> jon: hello! the only question now i guess is who should i twitter that to? (laughter) >> jon: anyway i stopped by the old fox news sunday, said i had to my friend chris wallace. we i thought had a provocative discussion about the media. i suggested that the true bias of the mainstream news is not particularly liberal but towards sensationalism and conflict or as the huffington post put it, you're insane! (laughter) here's what i want to know-- (cheers and applause) >> jon: all right.
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what, what font would you use when man lands on mars? like-- (laughter) i guess in that case arianna just has to go door-to-door to people's houses, ring their bell and go click on me, i have news! (laughter) by the way, we had to re-create that page because even though it was apparently the most important news ever, they took it down like an hour later so we couldn't get a screen shot. anyway, a couple of things about that interview. one, i suggest you look at the unedited version on-line where my emotional states don't seem to change so arbitrarily. (laughter) the arguments are a little clearer and a little less from a scene of woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. sad clown, happy clown. mad clown. and two, the unedited version which is on the web had what i thought was the take away moment of the entire interview. where chris wallace one of the more respected individuals at fox basically
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gives away the game. >> you believe that fox news is exactly the ideaological equivalent-- of nbc news. >> i think we're the counterweight. >> you believe that -- >> i think they have a liberal agenda and we tell the other side of the story. >> the other side of the story. we don't-- we don't tell both sides of the story. we tell one side. >> the other side, the one we perceive is never told. because as you know-- (applause) >> news only comes in two sides. (laughter) >> jon: and if the conservative side isn't being told, what's being told must be liberal. fox news isn't fair and balanced, it's balancing the system, man. don't you get it! the system's unfair and unbalanced! to balance the system, fox has to be the purist form of right wing resin because of
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how-- because of how heavy left wing america is. hollywood, comedians, every single news organization, the internet, fact, history, science, it's all just left wing bull [bleep], man! each one of those things designed purely to shut down conservatives. but don't worry, fox isn't going to let that happen. it's fox unbalanced? yeah. seriously like their ears are nearly touching the floor. but it's only because the system's unbalanced. (laughter) moving on. you know what, let's just give it back to the real news since that's what we do here. anthony weiner stepped down last thursday leaving most observers wondering what are we supposed to do with our
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giant dildo wheel. (laughter) whose's going to buy it now? of course, we at the daily show are not around to cover the news conference. but luckily the 24 hours step into the breach whenever the daily show is on assignment, i happened to be in a hotel room in d.c. at the time so obviously i was reading the bible while hi cnn on on the background. their anticipation was palpable. >> we are supposed to hear from nancy pelosi in just about ten minutes. >> when you see leader pelosi in a moment. >> i can see kate baldwin there at the news conference getting ready, i understand that nancy pelosi is in the room. >> jon: i wonder if she's going to announce that we killed osama bin laden! (laughter) former speaker of the house will be giving her regularly scheduled press availability. oh [bleep],it's on! >> nancy pelosi now addressing the anthony weiner scandal. >> good morning, as usual
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we're here to talk about jobs, about protecting medicare, and to protecting the middle class. if you are here to ask a question about congressman weiner, i won't be answering any. (laughter) >> jon: the economy, jobs? no weiner talk? the economy and jobs are important. let's give it a chance. >> i will just tell you that up front. it is day 163, 163 days since the republican -- >> all right, i actually saw john keane sort of grinning maybe because he sort ched much expected that and dana bash, you too on the hill. we thought that possibly nancy pelosi would take questions right away, considering the stories that's been breaking for about 45 minutes now. but it looks like nope, she's going to start with jobs the middle class. >> jon: last train,
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snoozeville is leaving. you're boring me station. the other 24 faired no better, both fox and msnbc also cutting away immediately after it became clear this would be a weinerless picnic. >> it is day 163, 163 days since the republicans have taken over the majority of the house. >> all right so, nancy pelosi-- saying she is not going to have any comment on anthony weiner's resignation. >> jon: did you catch that, that was msnbc, with their liberal bias, they let nancy pelosi say eight more words than cnn. (laughter) bastards! my favorite moment of the afternoon had to belong to our good friend wolf blitzer who 30 minutes after cnn bailed on the pelosi jobs speech bitterly complained about, well, listen. >> we have covered these kinds of stories. it's not a pleasure for us. it's not something we look forward to. i would much rather be
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discussing economic issues, jobs, the future of medicare, national security issues. >> absolutely. >> then talking about this. (laughter) >> jon: what? wait, what's stopping you? there's nothing stopping you. what is stopping you from doing that? >> you know, suzanne, i have to tell you, the itching on my face is nairly unbearable. my vesage in a mirror is not something i look forward to seeing. i would much rather my fingers be running against a smooth and clean skin surface but, obviously i'm 23409 a faition hair god-- a facial hair god. i'm helpless to remove it. (laughter) so were economic issues discussed at all this weekend? of course they were and lucky for us our troubled job market and deficit were discussed in the most strikingly comic way possible on the golf course.
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where barack obama, vice president joe biden, speaker of the house john boehner and for some reason ohio governor john kasich took to the links to discuss what should be done with the poor. look at them. look at this picture. if you were designing an editorial cartoon about out of touch washington insiders discussing a failing economy, you would put them on a golf course and then cross it out because it would be too cliched. too on the nose. you would say to yourself it's like they're posing for their own "new york post" page 6 cartoon. (laughter) of course "the new york post" would not make a cartoon of barack obama having sex with john boehner while pointing to a sheep. we actually made that cartoon. but don't let anyone tell you political humor is a guying art.
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poor optic as side, why would john boehner agree to go golfing with the president. >> the president asked him to play golf, it's the president. you don't say no to the president. (laughter) >> jon: what? do you follow politics? (laughter) >> the president in private directly asked the speaker for what they call a clean vote. speaker boehner said no way. >> the president wanted to bring representatives to the white house. boehner said no. >> john boehner saying no to the state dinner invitation. >> speaker boehner turns down another inveigh trace from president obama. >> jon: oh, i guess you didn't say no to the president because are you out of nos. your no cup is now empty for all the noing you say, always. but who knows, maybe next round of golf is all it takes to break the tension between the white house and congress. we all know how relaxing golf can be. i believe we have odd yof their game. >> john, i can't help but think there's a compromise
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to be-- [bleep]. >> well, i think we could find an agreement on the provision [bleep]. >> jon: we could have a res luig of the-- but a duck shot and we're all going
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(cheers and applause) >> welcome back. new york city. the greatest city on earth. and samantha b found out politicians just figured out a way to make it even greater. >> new york city parks. an oasis sullied by a scourge of self-ish miss krints. people smoking but finally there's justice. >> new york city has expanded smoking ban has taken effect not lighting up at parks, beaches or pedestrians plazas. >> politicians have stood up and said not in our backyard. >> parks are a place where people should go to relax and to have fun. go with their kids and not, you know, fear that they're going to expose them to cigarette smoke. >> when people come to the park they want it to be clean and green.
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they want to be able to have fresh air, not have a bunch of litter, a bunch of cigarette butts where they are sitting down to have a picnic. >> and the parks aren't just for picnics. >> every one can finally enjoy the splen door of our outdoor spaces. >> tell me about what the parks were like prior to the smoking ban. >> it was not as enjoyable. it was not as enjoyable. >> not as family [bleep [bleep]-- [bleep] oh, looks like those two are having a minor disagreement over the use of green space. okay. don't get stabbed. let's have a picnic. i'll get my picnic basket and go on the grass over here and have fun. >> i don't think-- i don't think we can go on the grass. it's not legal. >> i'm sorry, say that again. >> i think the grass is off limits. >> oh! oh my god, that's awesome. so this park is just for show.
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so yay! you did it! congrat lations! beautification of the park, accomplished. >> yes, accomplished, yes. >> these gentlemen are just making sure that nothing weird happens. >> sure. >> just kind of patrolling the park. >> okay. >> oh. >> i'm sorry, no, i don't. sorry. >> do you have cigarette rolling papers. >> nobody, i don't. >> no, we don't. >> you know what else inhibits my enjoyment of the park. >> what? >> this giant undulating pile of human sorrow. i have to go home at the end of being in this park and scrub myself with a metal barbecue brush just to get all the sadness off. are you [bleep] kidding me, smoking! no matter how just the law, there will always be some reprobates who insist on breaking it. >> how are those drug addicts supposed to tweak properly with all of your secondhand smoke blowing in their faces.
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>> i try not to get near them when i'm smoking. >> that's kind of you. what am i supposed to call that hobo man over there who is washing his bum in the water fountain? okay, oh, oh -- >> there are just some things that nobody should be exposed to in a public park. >> i can't smoke in this park. >> no, you can't. >> . sam b,
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>> my guest tonight, former mayor of new orleans. new published book by is called katrina's secrets, storm after the storm. please welcome to the program ray nagin, sir. (applause) >> very nice to see you. >> how are you, sir. >> you know, i'm good, jon, how but. >> i'm doing very well. >> explain this to me this is self-published. >> yeah, self-published through create space. hi spoken with a couple of agents and just didn't get comfortable that my voice would come through. because once you turn over your man you script to a publisher you never know what will happen. >> jon: they will just twist it around. >> they want immediate to tone it down, tone it up. >> jon: there were things in there that i was somewhat surprised at when i read, the governor of your state. >> right. >> jon: kathleen blanco at
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the time does not come out well in this book reasons really? (laughter) >> jon: you have seen the book. >> i've seen the book. >> jon: it's self-published. >> yeah. >> jon: you wrote it. >> yeah, i wrote it, every word. >> jon: you thought she came out okay? >> there's a scene in the book where you describe her as because you supported her opponent bobby jindal in the governor's race that she says it to you this is like a week before katrina, you will pay for this. vengence will be mine. i mean -- >> it makes it seem like her response to new orleans and katrina was a personal vendetta against you. >> she told me there would be hell to pay. and i think katrina qualifies. >> jon: so you think she conjured up the storm? >> no, i'm not saying she qon juered up the storm. but i think there were some residuals. >> jon: i mean is she-- is she that petty an individual that she would say oh, people are suffering at the
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superdome, ray nagin doesn't get water from me. >> i don't think so but i think there was some politics played a role in this, the response. we had a republican president, a democratic-- gem cat government never and i was a democrat. the governor and i didn't get data long very well before the storm. >> jon: louisiana is a relatively and i say this with all due respect, dysfunctional. it is a dysfunctional and somewhat, the words-- corrupt have often. >> it's had a colourful history. >> jon: wouldn't you say that partisanship played less in this than maybe the political culture in louisiana. >> there were a couple of things going on. partisan politics, you know, the governor and i, and then this thing called-- which is a law that was in effect. so the governor and president were basically dancing and decides who would control the resources, who would control the recovery. and that slowed down the
9:53 am
recovery more than anything. >> jon: the point is that 24 hour period when the governor and the president met and he would not -- >> on air force one. >> he would not supersede her authority and she -- >> he said he wouldn't but later she did not give him the authority. but he took it anyway a few days later. so he had the authority all along. >> jon: at a certain point he said enough. >> but as much as you can blame fema and the president's response, for him to in essence say to a governor you say you got this under control. i'll give you some benefit of the doubt. >> jon: right. >> but here's what struck me about that. when you talk about resources. and this blue my mind. when you did the mandatory evacuation and this was on the saturday night, sunday morning, saturday night you got the bad weather report, sunday morning you said i'm going to make this a mandatory evacuation. >> in the evacuation notice it says come to the superdome if you can't get out. bring supplies. food and water. >> for two to three days.
9:54 am
>> i had never heard that in a disaster and that might be my ignorance but especially for people who are too poor to get out, the idea that they would be like let's pack our cool we are turkey and sandwiches and i have never heard of that. why didn't the city of new orleans have the superdome stocked with water, rather than relying on people too poor to get away to, let's say, bring their own bottled water. >> well, we did. we had some supplies in the superdome but we wanted to make sure that, you know, whoever showed up that they would at least have something to supplement that. because we really didn't know. we planned for 2 or 3 days but it ended up being 6 to 7 days before help really came. >> jon: right so in retrospect would you say though that also was, that new orleans itself had not seriously enough considered that the real ramification of this type of terrible storm or dow really feel like it was -- >> i don't think anyone anticipated that hurricane
9:55 am
katrina would do what it did. if it wasn't for the failure of the levees. keep in mind, the first reports that came out. >> jon: there were people saying the levies could -- >> they have been saying it for 30, 40 years. but they never did. so they finally-- . >> jon: but that's like saying they say these tornadoes can tear up entire towns but since they don't, we decided not to build basements and then, you know, don't you think in some respects there is a responsibility for the local. >> don't get me wrong, look there were mistakes made on my part. coy have done a lot of things better. but when you look at the entire scene that happen, we got out about 96% of the will the people, got them out of harm away. i don't think any other city has been able to evacuate, i think in new york tried tow vac yate. >> jon: we did, once. >> what happened. >> jon: we stand by the water. >> yeah. >> jon: and then one guy goes let's [bleep] swim. (laughter) >> well so, what do you-- what
9:56 am
are you doing now? what is your business now. >> i'm doing disaster con-- consulting and public speaking. (laughter) and i'm writing the book. (laughter) >> jon: new orleans, you're all right. you're all right. i'm doing disaster consulting, i sell hair care products. katrina secrets is available now. on ray nagin, everybo
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>> jon: that's our show, join us tomorrow night at 11:00. here it is, my moment of zen. >> and last but not least