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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  May 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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"i'm gonna call my daddy. i am a boy demon." you fitting to get it. you fitting to get it. y'all been all that. i appreciate your time. god bless. [boisterous music] ♪ (man) ♪ it's the pimp chronicles. ♪ ♪ yeah, this is the pimp chronicles. ♪ captioning by captionmax (men) ♪ what? ♪ what? what? ♪ ♪ what? 2012, may 10th, 2012, from comedy central's world studios in new york this is the daily show with jon ste warts. (cheers and applause)
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captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome to the daily show, my name is jon stewart. we have a show for you today. robert caro will be joining us, author of "the passage of power" it's the fourth volume in his remarkable biography of lbj, lbj, of course, spanish for the bj. (laughter) but we begin tonight with last night's momentous news. >> it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married (cheers and applause) >> jon: finally,-- from its president of the united states. of course the president still believes it is an issue best left to the states. but they're not complaining tonight. it's a great day when the president of the united states says on national it was gay people should no
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longer be relegated to only planning other people's weddings. it's not right! it's like putting a cat in charge of the goldfish toss game. it's not fair! you're just torturing the cat. let him eat the fish or move him down to the clown. that's a better game for the cat. what are we talking about? i forgot already. gay marriage. many were suggesting that the president's hand was forced by his vice president old flubs mcgill cutie of the delaware blabbermouth by addressing the issue with his remarks on "meet the press" last sunday. >> so you are not up set with february. >> would i have preferred to have done this in my own way. >> jon: i'm sorry mr. president, i apologise for cutting you off there, i'm having trouble hearing you because of all the [bleep] birds! did you film this at the white house or the rainforest cafe? what is going on back there! (cheers and applause)
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the important thing for americas is-- caw, caw, caw! oooh-ha-ha,-a,-an. what are we talking about again? gay marriage, anyway, let's go back to the set of rio to hear the rest of the president's statement. >> would i have preferred to have done this in my own way, in my own terms, without, i think there being a lot of notice to everybody, of course. but always's well that ends well. >> jon: there you go. so you kind of forced your hand. a big mouth friend of yours, you know, said something. now everybody knows something about you that you were hoping to tell them in your own way. (laughter) congratulations, mr. president. you really have walked a mile if gay america's shoes. (laughter) since it was an important moment for obama's president i'm sure fox news was [bleep] an assault on traditional values. >> what mi most curious
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about is whether republican was go out on a limb and try to page this a campaign issue while sitting very firmly with without much question on the wrong side of history on it. (laughter) >> jon: jeff smith jeff smith, come on, fox, it's same-sex marriage. the most divisive cultural issue of our time, remember? >> there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us. >> if you change the variables and say that it doesn't have to be a man and a woman t can be a woman and woman and man and woman. >> why not a pan and woman and woman and woman, it may sound crazy. >> i don't care about gay marriage but here you go. this is the slippery slope. if you legalize gay marriage and gay sex and all of that, then anybody who wants to marry five people can do it, you can marry a turtle. (laughter) >> jon: bill, see, fox, you
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used to think gay marriage would end with all of us marrying turtles, which, incidentally, you think would have gotten at least one republican senator to support it. (laughter) >> hey, my name is mitch-- why don't you marry me and we can move right into my house, i keep it on my back. (laughter) >> jon: come on, the president supporting an attack on the institution of marriage, and christian values. gay people cause heuer karntion remember. >> thises with all about politics as usual, not principles. >> this is about getting re-elected in november. >> from the political standpoint, it smells bad. >> that is what is really driving this. it is all about politics and it's all about money. >> and this is the true measure of how far we've come as a nation. in like five years the prime talking point from republicans about people who support gay marriage has
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gone from it will destroy society via [bleep] (laughter) to oh, of course you're for it you'll say anything popular to get re-elected. (laughter) and that is progress. (cheers and applause) >> jon: it seems pretty cynical, seems pretty cynical to try and create a direct line from the president's principlesed stand for some immediate craven political gain. >> one day after nourns-- announcing his personal support for gay marriage he attends a hollywood fund-raiser at the home of movie star george clooney. >> the total fund-raising hall could hit a record-breaking $15 million. >> jon: well played. still, you got to admit that going to be amazing. most powerful man in the free world, having barack obama over to his house. (laughter) >> jon: for a fund-raiser, boom! for more we're joined with senior hollywood correspondent jason jones!
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jason. (cheers and applause) so jason, you are at the fund-raiser at george clooney's house? s whattee been the hollywood community's reaction to the president's big announcement? has it been positive? >> has it been positive? president obama is in a giant hollywood party the night after he came out for gay marriage this is like going to israel after you kill hitler. (laughter) it is like going to burning man after legalizing pot. >> jon: is gay marriage such an important social issue for the hollywood elite? (laughter) >> a social issue for ot hollywood elite, gay marriage, right now in george clooney's house, elton john is swinging from a chandelier sipping champagne off the peanuts of a naked gladiator ice sculpture. and that is the straightest thing i saw in there. (laughter) >> jon: that seems locate a bit of a stereotype of
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hollywood. >> stereotype of hollywood (laughter) stereotype, start for the reason, jon. this whole town is the hedo hedonistic jobless nightmare middle america always suspected it was. take a look at this. take a look at this picture i took. this is incredible. check this out. come on. look at that. (laughter) it is like eyes [bleep] shut in there. >> jon: let me see that again. is that right there, is that -- >> yes, that is sean penn doing a-- with castro. >> jon: wait, let me see that again, am i wrong-- holy [bleep] is that osama bin laden. >> what, no, no of course not, that's not-- obama killed him. we all know that. that's just christian bale, preparing for a role, that guy's method. >> jon: you know what though, at least hollywood sliving their values. i see a lot of priuses parked out behind you that is for something. >> those are just for
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driving around the grounds. the vehicles they came in are parked in the west lot. but you know what, the president himself actually did arrive in prius one. >> jon: that is principalled. >> sort of t is just a prius strapped to air force one. >> jon: but it generates a ton of money here. >> yes, he is. but you know, most importantly t almost didn't happen. these people were starting to cool on him. but that gay marriage speech changed everything. to put it in hollywood terms, this was his "pulp fiction". his big john travolta comeback. and just like with travolta there is no way this doesn't have a happy ending. >> jon: really, jillion, jason. >> i know, top karbltion they broke that, the dudes there two of them. >> jon: i understand.
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>> jon: welcome back to the show. thank you. obviously we talk a lit about horribly poor our culture has become policically. i would like to will mind everybody ten short months ago political party came together to accomplish something. they made a deal in order to raise our debt ceiling. >> the deal is shaping up like this. raise the debt ceiling by up
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to $2.8 trillion in two installments. stage one, cut about one trillion dollars in spending. launch a new kind of supercommittee evenly split between parties to find up to $1.8 trillion in extra savings by november. >> jon: supercommittee this is the supercommittee, right next, these guise, like the avengers of congressman only without actually being cool or having superpower. it is like eight hawkeyes is really what it is like. it's just like a guy like oh, i can shoot a bow and arrow. oh, whatter, katniss. truly it was an extraordinary moment of bipartisan cooperation in washington capped off by that "time" magazine cover that john boehner and harry reid posed for. dwra, try and sleep tonight. >> orange fanta.
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>> anyway, here is the best part to. make sure that the supercommittee succeeded in being able to cut, they put a poison pill in the debt ceiling deal. >> there is a provision in this bill, a trigger, if you will, that if this newly formed supercommittee can't come up with 1.5 trillion in cuts, it triggers very, very deep cuts in defense and medicare. >> jon: the ultimate incentive, each side taking deep cuts to something it does not want to cut. essentially joining a joint suicide pact. well, that's got to work. >> so the called supercommittee failed to reach a deal to reduce the country's deficit. >> jon: extraordinary. >> jon: so a deal is a deal, rules are you will roose, and now those mandatory cuts have to take effect, right john boehner? >> i'm not happy about the sequester. >> you think that's going to be undone. >> i think it's going to have be to replasd. you are just can't undo it, it needs to be replaced.
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>> jon: replaced with what. you agreed to take cuts in the military if you couldn't get the-- the dem as creed to deep cuts in social spending if they couldn't get the supercommittee to work. what are going to replace. >> they are work on defense sequestered. members already voted today 21-9 on a plan to cut spending on food stamp, medicaid, a child tax credit, meals and wheels and other social programs. >> jon: that's your solution. hey, democrats, i know we made a suicide pact if we couldn't come to an agreement we would cut military and you social spending but we decided to just go back and just make it a murder pact where we cut social spending twice. what? i'm sure you'll find a way to spin that as a positive. hey, man, yeah, we're cutting meals on wheels but only cutting the wheels. meals are still in the van. housebound seniors just have to come to us now.
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>> jon: or to put the republican position another way. -
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>> welcome back. my guest tonight, a two-time pulitzer prize winning author, after seeing this i think it's going to be-- the new book is the fourth about president lyndon b johnson, is called the years of lyndon john sorning the passage of power. please welcome to the program robert caro. very nice to see you. welcome. >> stephen: thank you for joining us. i want you to know that we have a lot of authors on the program. and are you premium shelf. you offer historical, nonfiction nerds such as myself, are you the gold standard, sir, and i appreciate you being here. and i always try and make a great effort to read every author's book that comes on the program. and i just want to yell-- (laughter) >> jon: i'm still getting through episode two of there is the passage to power. this is your fourth work
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here, the fourth volume, is really where the rubber hits the road for johnson s it not? >> yes, because he's confronted with jack kennedy. he's the senate majority leader, he thinks he has the democratic nomination locked up in 1960. doesn't realize that this young senator is racing around the country actually getting the delegates. >> jon: and he did not, lyndon johnson did not really have much respect for john kennedy. >> no, he had no respect at all. you know what he said about kennedy as a senator, he said he was pathetic. he didn't even know how to address the chair. and he used to make fun of how skinny he was because he was sick all the time. he used to say you ever see ken doe's ankles, they're about this big around. >> jon: so he was he thought he could knock kennedy around. when kennedy wins the nomination, why do you think johnson took the vice president see. >> well, you know, he said i don't think any southerner
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can get nominated in my life time. and he was right because the big democratic northern liberal states were destructed, the southerners controlled the con vechblingts he once calculated and the staff calculatesed how many presidents died in office. and it is about one out of six, at the seemment-- time. and he used to say to people, you know, when they asked him why did he pick the vice president see, he would say well, you know, six of them didn't have to get elected. >> jon: so he was a very sweet man. but what is amaze being that, what moves his character in this and i think you see that, is everything was strategy. he was as you say, perhaps the world's greatest legislator, that he had the skill kennedy did not have. >> yes, he did. and we see it in the civil rights bill, you know, when obama made his announcement about gay rights, i flashed back to johnson four days after president kennedy is assassinated. he has to give his first speech to congress and his advisors are sitting around
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saying don't mention civil rights. don't use up your political capital on civil rights. it's a great cause but a lost cause. you know what johnson says, he say was is a president see for then. and he takes this, he says in his speech, the first thing we have to do is pass the civil rights bill. >> jon: and he showed real courage in that, and that is what is so interesting is you, the books paint this very complex picture. and it almost, do you think he was one of the most complex of our presidents because of his ability to legislate. >> yes, i think he was, i mean he was a genius in passing legislation. he always wanted to help poor people. and particularly poor people of color. and he says when he gets into the presidency, you know, i always swore if i had the power to help them, i would do it. i will till a secret, i have the power now and he did it. he pushes the civil rights and voting rights bills to passage.
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>> jon: incredible moment where you-- (applause) that is correct. speaking to his ability as sort of a tactician and strategist in waiting, the vice president see removes all power from him. the kennedy goes out of their way to humiliate him. >> yeah. >> jon: in dallas on that terrible day, he is notified at this hospital, he is called mr. president for the first time. and you have an amazing section about how he kind of comes to life. >> yes. >> he is transformed. and one of his assistants says to me, he was back where he belong. he was back in charge. and lady bird, seeing him standing there, waiting for 40 minutes where no one tells him if he is president or not. he keeps saying send someone out, tell me kennedy's condition. all they will say is the doctors are still work. then lady bird says seeing penny o dom ohl, kennedy's assistant, seeing the stricten face of penny o'donnell who loved him, we knew. a moment later another
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assistant came in and said mr. president, and instantly he is in charge. >> jon: and he does, the first decision makes is a strategic one. they want him to fly back to washington. everybody. >> the secret service agent says we have to get you to the plane. we have to take off immediately and get you back to the white house. because no one knows if it is a conspiracy. johnson says no, i'm not leaving without mrs. kennedy. they say well she won't leave without her husband's body. he says i will go to the plane but i won't leave until she and the coffin are aboard. >> jon: and he makes a decision to have her next to him. >> yes. >> as he is sworn in as a show of a peaceful transfer. but everything is done with purpose. >> with johnson everything has a political purpose. and usually a political genius and something personal in it you know, his refusing to leave dallas without jackie kennedy there is a political purpose. but there isas, you could say a humanitarian purpose. i'm not leaving her behind in dallas. >> jon: his relationship with bobby afterwards is
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fascinating. >> these are two men, as a historian, you hate to use the word "hate" because it is so strong. but hate isn't too strong to describe bobby kennedy and lyndon johnson. when johnson is vice president, robert kennedy seldom invites him, he had great parties at hickory hill. when johnson is invited he's put at what robert kennedy's wife ethyl calls the loser's table. and johnson know os it's the loser's table. >> jon: i've been at that table. and then afterwards he has a phone call with robert. >> yes. one of the most, you know, the man who told me about this call, nicholas-- died yesterday. he was robert kennedy's deputy attorney general. and i said what is the reason for the call, you know, johnson from air force one calls robert kennedy, a few minutes after he is learned that the brother he loved so much is dead. to ask him the formalities of how he takes over his brother's position. and catsenbach said you know,
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cohave told me, cohave called any one of a hundred government officials, forget the wording of the oath of office, we all knew it and i spoke to johnson's secretary who took down the oath of office. i said well what was it like. he said well catsenbach voice was like steal. he said robert kennedy's was not. i thought you shouldn't be doing this. as i went to the door leaving after he had been very carefully laying out the things on both sides, why johnson cause he said you know to till the truth, the fact that lyndon johnson called robert kennedy at that moment os, i was appalled. >> yeah. >> it's an unbelievable story. the detail that you are able to ring out. history, the way you made it come alive. your passion for it is just magnificent. i really appreciate you being on the show and the book is phenomenal. the passage of power on the book shelves now. robert caro, everybody. thank you so much. t-
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