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tv   The Colbert Report  Comedy Central  September 4, 2012 6:40pm-7:15pm PDT

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>> stephen: welcome to the report. thank you for joining us. thank you. folks, folks, it is thursday, the third and final and also fourth night of the republican national convention. tonight, are mitt romney officially accepts the nomination. >> i haven't seen his, i haven't seen his acceptance speech, but i know it was electric, or at least static electric. he is going to have to be good because last night was a barn burner and not just because the gop wants to cut funding to fire departments. they had, last night they had minority speakers, a bunch of them. whatever, whatever a group of minorities is called. a like a pride? a gaggle? a
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token. a token of minorities. folks, this is great, because romney is having a tough time attracting certain minorities. >> in the latest nbc wall street journal poll he is literally zero percent with african americans. the president is getting 94.0 support and romney is getting zero. >> sure, sure, zero is low, but after tonight's speech, i believe he could triple that. anyway, no surprise that the audience last night was mostly white. in fact, on crowd shots, i had to turn down the brightness because it was burning out my tv screen. but the hardworking rnc camera men kept their eyes on the prize. they gowned a bunch of african americans. just look at fox.
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they had this guy in the white hat. force forms they had this different guy. and then my old buddy white hat again. for some reason the camera just loves him. well done, republicans. it is important for us conservatives to reach out to minorities. that's why i have so many in my audience. i mean; isn't that right? isn't that right? >> isn't that right, african-american audience member. >> absolutely, stephen. >> stephen: now, what is your name, sir? >> derek. >> stephen: keep it real, my brother. , and, hey look, over there at that other guy. what is your name, sir? >> eric. >> stephen: what it is, eric. >> word to your mother, stephen. >> stephen: thank you, thank you. i will give that to her. all right.
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and oh, look, look way up there. there is a black woman. tell me your name, miss. >> eric a. >> stephen: eric a? are you sure it is not more different than that? >> tyler perry's erica. >> stephen: well, anyway, welcome to all of you african-americans here tonight. let's give them a hand for being black. of course, multicultural, of course the real star of the evening was vice presidential american paul ryan. who delivered the speech of a lifetime. it not only brought the audience to its feet but also finally earned him that public speaking merit badge. he made eagle scout! force forms. but, folks, it is no surprise, he was able to relate
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to the young people. >> we are a full generation apart. governor romney and i. in some ways, we are different. there are the songs on his ipod, which i have heard on the campaign bus and i have heard it on many hotel elevators. >> my play list starts with ac/dc and ends with zeppelin. >> stephen: who whoo! aaahh! >> of course, of course, it is zep, after all, he comes from the land of ice and snow. >> the point is, the point is, romney, you will never understand the zep, old man. because you are one-year-older than robert plant. but the real, the real game changer was when ryan brought the hurt stick to obama.
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i mean, listen to this crushing story of a gm factory being shut erred in his hometown. >> my home state voted for president obama. when he talked about change, many people liked the sound of it, especially in janesville, where we were about to lose a major factory. right there at that plant, candidate obama said, i believe that if our government is there to support you, this plant will be here for another 100 years. well, as it turned out, that plant didn't last another year. >> stephen: what a disappointment. because if it had lasted another year, then obama would have been president when it closed. instead it was george w. bush. thanks a lot, obama. and the lame extreme nit-pick patrol are now saying that there
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were other times that ryan misrepresented the facts in his speech. here's when they say he was lying. jimmy? >> right -- there. when he starts, when he starts moving his lips. right there, right there. now one liberal web site out there even spewed ryan's speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped slipped into a single political speech. and no surprise that comes from the pinkos over at fox news. fair and balanced my ass! >> but thank god, thank god, folks, the romney-ryan ticket isn't grabbing their ankles for reality, as the romney campaign's official pollster told abc news we are not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers.
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or, or as he said in my nonfact check version, i would totally do stephen colbert. >> the feel is, the feeling is understandable. but some in the media understand that for ryan to be a true game changer, he has got to treat reality like a game. i mean, cmn gets it. >> the critics out there will dispute some of his facts in the speech, there is no doubt he delivered for the republicans. >> there will be some issues there with some of the facts. but it motivated people. >> there were do you think there were some misstatements of facts? >> but let's not forget. this is a speech about big ideas. >> stephen: yes. huge ideas, ideas like lying is handy. i mean, if we cared about facts,
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i mean would warren g harding have invented the cotton gin? would president reagan have won the 1987 nba slam dunk contest? no! besides, may i remind everyone out there is the presidential race. and to win a race, sometimes you need to juice. ryan stretching the truth to make his speech more effective is just another form of doping. in that, if you believe him, you're a dope. and it feels good. and if they win the election it validates the strategy and it won't matter what the truth was. after all, josef goebbels once said, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.
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but for the purposes of my speech, i am going to say that was barack obama. it was barack obama? it was barack obama obama. it was barack obama. well, that is reason enough not to vote for this guy, because you can not trust a leader who won't tell you the truth. we will be right back.
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>> >> stephen: welcome back, everybody, thank you so much. my guest tonight is the former governor of utah, and ambassador to china, wow! that guy should run for president. please welcome jon huntsman! hey!. governor, ambassador, sit down. how are you, sir? thank you. do you like governor? do you like ambassador? your excellency? what do you prefer, sir? >> you know, haverhill who used to be governor of this state he was once ambassador to the soviet union and ran for president, he was asked the same question, he said i like governor, because that was a job given do me by the people. >> stephen: that's nice. >> so that's my answer. >> stephen: very nice.
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>> stephen: the fact i am on this show, stephen would suggest otherwise. >> stephen: now that you are here, not in tampa, where the convention is going, do you go to every republican convention since reagan, why aren't you there, sir? >> i asked what they would like me to do and they said they would like me to be a surrogate speaker in new orleans this week and i thought, are they trying to send me a signal or what? you could have brought your scuba gear. here is what i would have said. here is what i did say when i announced i wasn't going to attend. when the republican party, the party of abraham lincoln and theodore roosevelt, general eisenhower, ronald reagan, the list goes on and on and they decide to be a little more inclusive and broaden the footprint a little bit. >> stephen: including guys like you?
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>> i think you have pointed that out earlier in the program. so a little more inclusive, and with a larger optimistic hopeful message about the future of this country that is based on real solutions, and, you know, beyond that, i hate super pacs. >> stephen: i had a super pac, you realize that? >> i knew you were going to take offense to that, stephen. >> stephen: a better tomorrow. join. >> super pacs are destroying this democracy and everybody knows it. >> stephen: you had a super pac that supported you. >> we did a clinical trial. i can tell you -- >> stephen: a clinical trial? how did the, -- how can you understand -- look i come from both sides of this debate. i ran for governor and people thought, well, gee, nobody is
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going to raise money are the grass roots if we raise enough we will win. if we don't raise enough we will kind of move on. we won twice and then i look at the presidential campaign and we had a super pac and i have to tell you i have seen it from both sides and super pacs are destroying democracy. >> stephen: how so? because money equals speech. the supreme court has ruled that money equals speech. okay? therefore, corporations, unions and individuals can spend unlimited money in political speech or do you not believe some people should be able to speak? >> >> stephen: think twice before you answer that question. >> we are all familiar with the legislation going back to 71, 1972 and the court cases and all of that. you know what? we have arrived at where we are today and i have to tell you if you got people of just average intelligence in a room and said create campaign finance laws for this country there is no way on earth they would come up with what we have today.
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it is an abomination. >> stephen: i have rarely seen my audience applaud abomination. you can really move a crowd, sir. >> there we go. >> stephen: let's talk about what is going on now in tampa with your party. you are not there and person naah non grata, do you believe your political career you will be marginalized for the next few years or more ostracized for the next few years or put a hit out on you? which one do you think it will be? >> .. >> you know, the interesting thing about political party is they go in cycles and so when you say what is the republican party today i think in some sense it is a holding company for fund-raising and doing not anything for four years. i say it has to have more, a heart and soul and it has to have a vision and solutions when is the last time we sat down as a people and talked about solutions. >> stephen: that would be nice. in the 21st century. this week, you have -- you have
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endorsed mitt romney. >> i have. >> stephen: i assume you spent the last four months going across the country on your dirt bike door to door urging people to vote for him? >> well, not exactly. >> stephen: okay. >> but i do believe that he is in the best position to do what needs to be done to get the economy moving. it is all about job creation and looking at the revenue flow so we can start paying the bills because if we can't pay the bills we are done as a country. >> stephen: this week we have been told that the more we get to know mitt romney the more we are going to like him. you are a fellow governor and a fellow businessman and known him for years, what are the things that make you just love him as a person? >> >> stephen: count 5. >> well, i would have to say that is a little bit unfair as a question, because i am an insider -- he is a.
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>> stephen: he is a relative. you are supposed to like your relatives. >> we share the same, great, great, great grandfather. >> stephen: and you -- >> stephen: and that is your family. >> and this great, great, great grandfather had 12 wives, he was a polygamist and mitt clearly came down with a wife with better hair. >> stephen: is that yours, by the way? okay. hold on. we have to take a commercial break and will be right back with more governor jon huntsman. stick around.
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>> stephen: welcome back, everybody. we continue our conversation with governor, ambassador jon huntsman. governor huntsman, let me ask you something. the rom my campaign has said they are not going to be faking their orders from fact checkers. how important do you think the facts are? to a political campaign ..
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>> >> stephen: go ahead. >> i would say we talked a little bit, stephen about the fiscal deficit. i would say, i would say that just as corrosive in this country is called the trust deficit. why do we have a trust deficit in this country? >> stephen: because of -- >> i am looking at your highly diverse crowd. >> we have a trust deficit in this country because we are with not getting the straight scoop from our elected officials, and because because of that people don't trust elected officials and don't trust the institutions of power, i am here to tell you millions this country takes step
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toward addressing the trust defer sit like term limits for officials and dealing with campaign finance, dealing with a revolving door that just allows people to leave after they have been in congress for a while and they become lobbyists and created this establishment in dc that basically just breeds the four-year campaign, so we are going to end in november and then we are going to start 2016 all over again. >> stephen: what is the future you hope for for the republican party? what are the two different out comes, romney wins, doesn't win, what does that mean for your party and all the people down in tampa? >> well for me personally the fact i am here with you having this conversation probably means -- >> stephen: what happens to the party if romney loses. >> the party then goes into the wilderness for a while. >> stephen: like where? >> and tries to figure out what it is they are and what they stand for going forward, and eventually we are going to lead up to the fact that the republican party draws from a lot of different chapters in history will there is a lot that can inspire the party going forward, so abraham lincoln
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believing in individual dignity, theodore roosevelt, believing the land is an important legacy we are leaving behind, eisenhower who left us with the interstate system, what would we do without our infrastructure in this company country? you can't compete. >> stephen: government does that. >> well, of course. there is a role for government. >> stephen: looking back, looking back, what would you have had to have done to be the buy given that speech tonight? >> you know, i made you an offer, stephen. >> stephen: you did. >> we statistic at this table a few months ago and i asked if you would be my running mate. >> stephen: you asked me to be your running mate in mandarin. >> yes. we have to go but would you do one thing for me? would you please tell me your honest opinion of mitt romney in mandarin? and with the
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understanding that nobody speaks it. >> >> stephen: that should be on a bumper sticker. thank you so much! governor jon huntsman. we will be right b
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>> stephen: that's it, everybody. good night! >> a party, too history on nick for facts. a candidate too successful for taxes. a city where flip-flops are everywhere. from tampa, florida. this is the republican national convention, the road to jeb bush 2016! captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: hey, everybody, welcome to the daily show. my name is jon stewart. in the great city of tampa, this is the third night that
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officially qualifies the daily show as an invasive species. so michael steele will be joining us at the end too much show, moments ago mitt romney of massachusetts accepted his party's nomination for the presidency, it was a speech full of sentences. that i thought he really delivered in english. we will have more details tomorrow. but yesterday, it was romney's running mate paul ryan's party favorite, and electric speaker and to highlight the theme, we can change it. either a reference to the terrible state of this country or something convention organizers just put in as a placeholder and, you know. either way, the main event, ladies and gentlemen, the jack of janesville, the wisconsin wonder boy, mr. paul --


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