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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  June 4, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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captioning sponsored by comedy central >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the the "daily show" with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: it's me! welcome to the "daily show."
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my guest tonight is the film makers behind the new movie "pussy riot." calm down. ( laughter ) it's about russian political dissidents and their adorable cats. ( laughter ) first things first, last monday was memorial day, so like most americans, we took the whole week off. you're welcome. ( laughter ) one beleaguered government bureau, the i.r.s., spent the week further mired in a scandal that stems from accusations that its agents particularly targeted right wing groups for scrutiny. >> more embarrassment this morning for the i.r.s. >> the i.r.s. is facing another headache. >> the i.r.s. is under scrutiny big time. >> jon: oh, no! ( laughter ) poor babies. the i.r.s. facing scrutiny. ( laughter ) people getting all up.
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just because one small area of their business raised a couple of red flags. now, everybody at the i.r.s. has to stop their lives and prove their innocence. ( laughter ) or perhaps we can put that in terms the i.r.s. might understand themselves. it's our new segment, "where's your resee the at?" sucks to get audited, doesn't it? suddenly, actions that seem harmless can be painted in a nefarious light. well, why don't we see what we've got. let's get started. >> this man, former i.r.s.
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commissioner, douglas schulman visited the white house-- ready-- 157 times. what the heck? was there schulman doing at the white house with that kind of frequency? >> jon: woe! woe! career the ladies from the room! i.r.s., your too many foolery almost made bill o'reilly say h, e, double toot toothpicks. >> you must explain under oact what you were doing at the white house on 157 separate occasions. >> jon: yeah, that was a lot. especially since having the president to tell you to use the power of the i.r.s. to destroy his political enemies on the right should really only take about one meeting, two tops. ( laughter ) the first meeting will be like, "hey, why don't you target my political enemies?" then the next 156 you're like, dyou take care of that thing?"
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( laughter ). it is a good question, what was the i.r.s. chairman doing at the white house so many times? >> many of those meetings were for health care implementation. i was in them with him. so there's nothing nefarious going on. >> jon: nothing nefarious. can't government agencies sit around the table picking names of seniors out of a hat so that it can save enough money to give elementary school children their birth control. without everyone getting all "what's going on in there?" yeah, welcome to audit world, i.r.s. by the way, kevin costner's second worst movie. ( applause ) it is a time on earth. man lives in a city of forms. it's a world drowning in paperwork. ( laughter ) see, that's the problem with oddting, i.r.s. you may have perfectly
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reasonable explanations for every action that you took. that doesn't mean we don't need you to go back home and dig through another couple of shoe boxes until we get one document that we really need to see before we can be okay. why? that's why. ( laughter ) ( applause ) and here's the other thing about audit world-- ( laughter ) i am lucky i'm leaving the country soon. ( laughter ) here's the other thing about audit world. while we're all busy looking for the smoking gun on the government targeting scandal, who knows what else we might find? >> this video made by i.r.s. employees to close out a 2010 i.r.s. conference. according to the video' video's narrator those taking part are competing to become the next great dance sensation. >> we're told the cupid dance video cost $1600 to make. >> jon: two things--
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( laughter ). first, after watching that voorks i'm pretty convinced it would be difficult for the i.r.s. to coordinate anything. ( laughter ) let alone a machiavellian political plot. and, number two, how the ( bleep ) did that cost $1600? ( laughter ) did the guy recording it drop his iphone three times? ( laughter ) ( applause ) $1600! that's actually not that bad. you write that off as a morale booster, it's okay. >> $60,000 to make a pair of different vooz, spoofs of "gilligan's island" and "star trek." ( laughter ). >> jon: those may be the worst parodies i've ever seen. they really-- ( applause ) it actually gives me a lot more-- let me say this. i actually now have a lot more respect for the directors of
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"how i wet your mother." you know, $1600. really? going to take that down, huh? 1600 there, 60 grand there. any other business expenses you want to try to deduct, i.r.s.? >> the i.r.s. spent roughly $49 million on 220 employee conferences. ( laughter ) >> jon: holy ( bleep ). you spent almost $50 million on 220 conferences? that's-- ( laughter ) that's only in three years. that works out to, like, $8 million a conference. ( laughter ) oh, that's not on. ( laughter ) all right. it's actually-- i thait that was on. i thought i had it on. it's $250,000 per conference. even the guys who throw the
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players' ball only spend, like, 20 grand and they're drinking out of one of these. ( laughter ) you know what, i don't care, i.r.s., if you kept the receipt. even if the conferences were for a legitimate business expense-- you know what? this audit's going to ache a while i.r.s. and there's only one group of people i know of who can help you through it. >> are you being audited? the tax masters will solve your tax problems. >> jon: we'll be right back. ( cheers and applau dz-x,xd.;(7]w
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: we turn now to the ongoing civil war in syria. we're actually going to talk about michael douglas' cancer lingus. ( laughter ) all right, we're doing syria. i'm sorry. it's an incredible complex and murky situation that makes it difficult to know how the united states should get involved. >> in terms of arming the rebeles, one of the concerns certainty the administration had is that weapons will fall into the hands of terrorists, or extremists who are there now. house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers said every flavor of terrorist is operating in syria right now. >> jon: every flavor! ( laughter )
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jur rocky roadside bomb, there. your chubby hezbollah. ( laughter ) and, of course, everyone's favorite, vanil-la-la-la-la! ( applause ) fortunately-- ( laughter ) that's going to take some days to come back. fortunately, there's one man out there who's got an easy answer. >> how do you prevent weapons from falling into their hands? >> well, by identifying those people who are on our side. we can identify who these people are. we can help the right people. >> jon: save us, obe-grump-kanobe. ( laughter ) you're our only hope. but can he? >> overseas tonight way surprise visit to syria tonight senator john mccain spending thi spendis memorial day meeting with the rebel fighters in syria, the ones trying to bring down
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president assad. >> jon: that means it's time for another episode of-- ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: there's no way, no way that mccain makes it out of there alive this time, or does he? >> he went way hand full of american security, the rebels secured your entrance into syria. that takes guts! >> oh, no, look, one thing i'm sure of is i'm probably going to die some time but it's going to be in bed. ( laughter ) >> jon: maybe with a syringe of malaysian white tiger heroin. and it's not going to be on one of those if you tons. it will be on one of those space bed where you can put a glafs wine and jump up and down. memory sphoam i think they called it. he went to syria to show the
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obama administration huft jhow fast easy it is to show the good guys from the bad guys, and all worked according to plan except. >> according to a report, senator mccain can be seen in that picture posing alongside two men who may be behind the kidnapping of 11 lebanese shiite muslims just last year. ( laughter ) >> jon: oh, my god, john mccain is literally palging around with them. his office had a perfectly good explanation of how this might have happened. apparently, none of the alexanders he planned to meet with was identified as mohammed noor or abu ibrahim. which is kind of the point. it's a murky situation and not everyone is going to be wearing their "hello, i'm a terrorist," name badge. ( laughter ) or their "ask me about my kidnapping" button. >> mccain's office put out a statement. i'll interested to you, "a number of the sir qloons greeted
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senator mccain upon his arrival in syria asked to take pictures with him and as always the senator complied. if the individual photographed with senator mccain is in fact mohammed noor, that is regrettable." >> jon: yes, that is reexwrettable regrettable. someone got into the picture even though senator mccain never intended to meet with him oh, my gosh, senator mccain is the victim of a terrorist photo bombing. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) ♪
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight produced and directed the new hbo documentary film, "pussy riot, a punk prayer." >> jon: i believe that's from taylor swift's new album. ( laughter )
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thank you both for being here. explain just very quickly the parameters of what pussy ride is in & how they got if trouble in putin's russia. >> they're feminists, performance artists who take on the guise of a punk rock band and stage gorilla performances in various locations. we saw them in red square and the one that got hem in trouble was the rauch's biggest orthodox cathedral. >> the head of the russian church decided they committed this massive offense against the religion itself and pushed for this case to become a criminal case. it ended up being one of the really major caeses of the decade. and it resulted in prison sentences for three of the
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women. one of them has subsequently been released on appeal but two of them are serving two years in penal colonies in russia. theboth have young children. and the the story has must have been roomed beyond anyone's beliefs. >> jon: americanized, westernized work see their demonstration as something that is absolutely accepted and almost, for our audiences, somewhat routine to see that type of protest. the idea that-- and they only played for about 40 seconds, you say, in the church? that they would receive two years of hard labor is really hard to fathom. >> well, it's part of a new sort of return to the old bad days of anti-democracy in russia. the last six months since putin's return to power they've introduced a number of clearly
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dramatically-- the pussy rights case represents this return not quite to stalinism but the retreat from progress that had been made towards democracy gli never think of russia in those types of-- it's something you might imagine from more of a theocratic state, that tiech punishment for that tiech behavior. and they seem, if i may, incredibly appealing. there's a playful quality to it that i would imagine if that's impeded in russia would get the people up in arms but that hasn't been the case. >> no, i think that hasn't been the case, and there has been a lot of support for their punishment. part of it is the legacy of just punishing hooliganism with jail sentence and judicial systems take a while to adapt. i think the other thing was there was this massive move by the church to make an example out of these women, and so i think that got the fundamentalists up in arms who
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had been repressed for so many years that this seemed like an opportunity to do it. and even two weeks ago, they just passed a blasphemy law which some people are calling the "pussy riot law" making what they day criminal offense. >> jon: what i don't understand, the russian orthodox church's history of being repressed is very recent. this is not something 300 years ago we weren't allowed to talk about our religion. under stalinism they suffered greatly. have they forgotten the lessons of that or have they thought, yeah, it was wrong to oppress us but when we do it, it actually feels kind of nice. >> i think they were threaten bide the feminism as well. the feminist message the women have. especially the church because it's a patriarchal institution. >> jon: russian women are traditionally a strong group. they're not wallflowers. >> that's true. ( laughter )
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>> i think it's important to understand this relationship between the church and state and that's really what the pussy riot protest was about. it wasn't an attack on religion itself but the religion in many ways has become a sim bofl extreme nationalism in russia and something putin has promoted and finds very useful. the russian pope said putin's return to power of a miracle from god and urged all supporters-- all believers to vote for him. >> jon: now, does he know the difference between a miracle and just slight voting irregularity? has he thought about that in any way? now, is there any wayue know, it's very dill-- there are some political regimes that are oppressive but responsive to outside pressure, still care about-- is there any way to shame putin. this is a guy who hunts seals in a crossboy with no shirt on. is there any way you could shame that guy into easing what is an
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utterly ridiculous draconian punishment? >> of course a lot of major music artists have come in support of the pussy riot, madonna and yoko ono-- >> i'm sorry, you said major? >> i understand he's a very -- >> madonna slam! ( laughter ) >> but he's a big dire straights fan. if he came out -- >> you're kidding me. >> and a big deep purple fan. >> that might make a difference. we don't know. >> jon: what is with the eccentricity of these dictators. kikim jung unhas a real weakness for the "police academy" movie. there is always some crazy offshoot of something-- i mean, we sent dennis rodman to north korea, for god's sakes. i'm sure we could get nofler to
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do something. >> make it happen. >> jon: for rear for real? ( laughter ) >> i think a lot of time the judiciary is annoyed by the moralizing of tell us what to do. we get this question a lot, and it's really hard to say whether eye think it's tremendously important for women to have the support from all over the world and for their cause but how it impacts the judicial process -- >> so it's difficult for to us say, boy, we'd love to support these women but it's tenuous because that could also be seen as arrogance from the west and the types of things that get us in trouble as well. >> initially, this was characterized as western founded, which it wasn't. it was very easy to label it as such. and i think the more you push and the more-- you know, there's a great resistance to being lectured by the west. >> jon: truth be told, we can be dicks. ( laughter ) but it's great what you guys are doing and i really hope their
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story gets out and i hope they're out soon. "pussy ride" premieres on hbo, june 10.
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>> jon: that's our show show. join us tomorrow night at 11:00. brian williams will be in the studio. here it is, your moment of zen. >> it's a spell bee controversy. many yiddish people saying the winner spell captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh