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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  June 27, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. [ cheers and applause ] captioning sponsored by comedy central >> john: welcome to the daily show. i am john oliver. still here. i am still here. in for jon stewart who is taking the summer off to follow his dream and work as a news model
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for the program at rutgers. very sexy. lovely light in that room. our guest tonight documentary film maker josh fox is here. [ cheers and applause ] very good. but let's get straight into it with this morning's historic news. >> breaking news from the supreme court. doma, the defense of marriage act, ruled unconstitutional. >> prop-the justices ruled 5-4 that opponents of same-sex marriage in california do not have the grounds to sue which clears the way for gay marriage in that state. >> john: yes. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ men and men and women and women ♪ we did it! we did it. well, technically the supreme court did it. but we watched. we watched. [ cheers and applause ] we watched them do it.
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this morning the supreme court struck down both the defense of marriage act and california's prop-8 amendment. a hugely exciting day and not just on the steps of the court. >> the capitol district historically gay neighborhood here in san francisco is preparing for a huge celebration bringing in music and djs and closing the streets down. >> john: as it's known in the castro district, wednesday. i guarantee you, there will be people there tonight who aren't sure if they're celebrating prop-8 being repealed or enrique agetting back from his trip. today's ruling wasn't just a symbolic affirmation of gay people's dignity. it also brings concrete results. >> they are entitled to file joint tax, federal tax returns. they are entitled to social security survivors benefits. they are entitled to be informed
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when their spouses are killed in action. >> john: for too long only straight dumbals have been able toen i do paying their taxes and learning that their spouse has been killed. no more. you're welcome, gay couples. you are welcome. we have full team coverage tonight. first is a mapt a bee live outside the supreme court. sam, the defense of marriage act was struck down in a 5-4 decision. with justice scalia writing a blistering defense. >> yes. big surprise. scalia wasn't happy. he firmly believes that it is inappropriate and arrogant for the court to strike down a decades-old congressional law. >> john: didn't he just help overturn the voting rights act of 1965 literally yesterday? >> reporter: well, like i said, this is a firmly held belief of scalia that he has held for approximately 36 hours now.
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>> john: to be fair. hundreds and hundreds of minutes. >> reporter: in his defense, there is a substantive difference between the two cases. if you'll permit me legalese, john. he did not like the voting rights act so he ruled against it. but he did like doma so he ruled for it. it's what lawyers call the principle of (whining). >> john: thank you. for a local perspective we go live to al mad gal. al, this ruling is now just 12 years old. [ cheers and applause ] i'm sorry. where are you? >> where am i? where are you? you heard the supreme court, john. everyone has to get gay married. >> john: that is not what the supreme court ruled. >> yes, it is. haven't you been listening to conservatives? traditional marriage is dead. everyone has to get gay married
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effectively immediately or obama's thugs take you to jail. >> john: none of that is going to happen. >> reporter: john, i can't take that risk. i have a wife and kids. so confused. where is my financee? >> john: al, al. the justice of the peace is waiting. let's go. and what are you wearing? that shorts are way too long. i mean, we don't have our roler skates on yet. >> john: are you guys getting married in a 1980 stereotype? >> shut up. we're new to this. come on. let's go, sugar tits. >> don't talk to me like that in front of people. >> here we go again with the attitude. this is a [bleep] nightmare. >> john: congratulations you two. you should really read the court decision in full. thank you very much, guys. we're going to have much, much
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more coverage tomorrow on these landmark gay marriage decisions but one more thing we have to get through tonight because i don't know if you watched our show last night. if you did, be mistake. you should not have done that. why? because you missed something incredible happening in the texas state senate. >> it was a late and wild night at the texas state house. a day long filibuster ending with a controversial vote on abortion restrictions. >> democrat wendy davis took the senate floor at 11:18 in the morning. the goal: filibuster for some 13 hours until midnight when the special session of the legislature would expire. >> john: it's just like the plot of frank capra's classic movie "mrs. smith wants an abortion." what exactly is at stake? >> at stake, a ban on abortions after 20 weeks and a requirement that all procedures be done at surgical centers. that would reduce the number of available abortion clinics in the state from 47 to 5.
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>> john: hold on. is five abortion clinics in 269,000 square miles really so bad? think about it. texas will still have three more abortion clinks than it has six flags amusement parks. let's be fair. when we're talking about math. if senator davis can talk 13 hours, texas women won't have to drive 13 hours to get an abortion. okay. how hard can that be? >> you can't trade off with a colleague to get any relief. you cannot sit down. you cannot eat. you cannot touch the podium or the desk. you cannot leave even for a second for any reason including having to go to the bathroom. you have to stay on the topic of the bill you are filibustering. >> john: of course -- and this is important -- there is no sex in the champagne room. this is the senate we're talking about. at least though texas actually makes you filibuster during a filibuster, unlike washington
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where the rule is basically, i'm going to filibuster and then i'll get a pedestrian cure and it still counts. philadelphia busterrers make me tired. ... filibusters make me tired. okay. senator davis, countdown clock is set to 13 hours. talk the talk. >> at times she was passionate. nd what is so disturbing is that we don't seem to care. >> other times defiant. i'm not yielding for any questions at this point. >> senator does not yield. he remains standing in her pink sneakers for nearly 11 hours straight. >> john: bravo. bravo. [ cheers and applause ] that right there is the kind of athletic feet that will definitely get you a product endorsement deal at the very least. filibusters. for when you just have to stand there. stand there. and do nothing else. the opponents were equally determined to abort her
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filibuster before it reached its full 13-hour term. >> strike one was davis' mention of planned parenthood which republicans said was off topic. strike 2 came when a colleague offered davis a back brace. and the final strike came when davis mentioned the state's 2011 sonogram law. again off topic. >> john: what? this is a debate about abortion restrictions. how are planned prnthood and forced sonograms off topic? that's like saying talk to me about white castle but don't mention diarrhea. those are two different things. ultimately that joke landed hard with people here. ultimately davis and her allies pushed the debate past the midnight deadline and the abortion bill died. but then republicans tried one of the shadiest moves of all time. >> for a while this morning, it
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appeared as the state senators had indeed voted to pass the bill. but just a few hours allege the lieutenant governor of texas acknowledged computer records had been changed to make it look like republicans voted the bill through in time when, in fact, they had not. >> john: look, look, texas. you trieded everything you could. not even an illegal post mortgage em vote could revive this dead bill. but look, let's not condemn the texas senate majority. they're just being consistent. they simply believe that if late one night when you're swept away by your emotions you make a stupid mistake, you should always have a chance to fix it later and not have to live with the consequences.
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>> john: welcome back. now, before the break, we were discussing state senator wendy davis' epic filibuster. where she stood for over 11 hours in texas and somehow did not win a brand new pick-up truck. for more on this, we are joined by our senior women's issues correspondent kristin shell. kristin. [ cheers and applause ] kristin, a rivetting, rivetting night in texas, was it not. >> it is not over. we're keeping this going all night. i'm in my windy suit. i have my pink shoes.
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i brought my portable bathrobe. i even gave myself this tattoo to celebrate. i stand with wendy. can you read that. >> john: that is horrible. it's also upsidedown. >> it reads right to me. john: wendy really got to you. >> man, i've never felt so alive. women are in the news. no one can stop this [bleep] wagon. [bleep]. >> john: sit down, kristin. not until wendy does. john: she's probably sleeping right now. >> for eternity. john: i don't think you just said what you meant. >> the point is this has been an exciting week not just for the great wendy davis but for the even greater texas lady jody lovenberg. >> john: who is she? a state representative with a fantastic idea for preventing pregnancies for rape and incest.
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>> we have hospital emergency rooms. we have funded what's called (inaudible) that will help a woman. >> i thought they were supposed to be locked away and forgotten about. you go, cow girl. if you had told me the gender revolution was going to start in texas, i would have said y'all best be joking. now get out of here with your salsa. >> john: that is how they talk. i mean, you're equating that woman and wendy davis. >> oh, no. of course not. i mean what she did is much more impressive. wendy davis stood up for a woman's right but the other woman stood up for a woman's right to mix up about how a woman's body works. that's usually a man's job.
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that is the final glass ceiling we had to break. it happened in the u.s. house last week. watch. >> the house has passedded a sweeping antiabortion bill. >> the republicans did take one p.r. move of trying to shine this thing up. they found a republican woman to take the reins of the bill, congressman marcia blackburn instead of franks. >> (singing) oh, man. martha blackburn is a role model. ladies i'm taking control of my body and also yours. having women is good for the whole country. >> john: how? think of how much money you'll save by paying us less. >> john: that's actually a very good point. >> it's happening so fast. i'm sorry. i just have to filibuster more. you guy don't have any diapers around here, do you. >> john: we don't have time for this. >> i don't need them. and we have all the time. i have a dream.
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>> john: i don't think this is a good idea. >> i have a dream that a woman will not be judged on the color of her bra but on the content of her womb. i have a dream. that one day a woman will continue to make 70% of what a man makes but only because her female boss treat cheated her out of it. one day we shall have a woman president with an all male cabinet. and one day a nation of women will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. >> john: start to commercial. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> john: welcome back. my guest tonight is documentary film maker. his new documentary is hbo's gaslands part 2. >> this is the well. here you go. so this is going to make it this time. >> i'll walk away from it. what do you? what do you? >> again, we don't know.
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what are you going to do? ell, well, well, who is going to buy it? you know what? well, what i'll probably do is sell this and have the gas company sue me for selling their gas. >> john: please welcome back to the show josh fox. it's sequel time. in gasland one we learn about the dangers of fracking and you introduce us to the concept of flammable water. in gasland 2, it turns out everything is fine now. right? >> no, it doesn't get better. this film, you know, i wanted to find out if what we're seeing all across america are people being able to light their water on fire in the face of the hugest domestic gasp drilling campaign in history. why hasn't the government done anything about it? why have our regulatory agencies failed to protect americans?
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so this film was an investigation into the government. what you saw there was a family in texas, one of many many familiar film that can light their water on fire. there water well has so much gas venting off the head space of that water well that that happens every single time. >> john: i mean that is the gimmick. that is kind of the most pleasant part of consequences. at least it's something that is a toy really more significant thing is, oh, i don't know poisoned water. >> right. natural gas industry has come in and literally taken away the regulatory agencies from the people, has advised even the president of the united states to go on the side of more and more fracking. what we're talking about is one to two million new gas wells in the united states of america. that's the plan. how is it that if so many people are coming forward, we have a thousand families in pennsylvania alone petitioning the department of environmental
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protection about water contamination after they've drilled 6,000 wells in the mar cell us shell in pennsylvania. how is this a staple of our climate policy? this is the question of this film. answer is there. we see that the gas... it has ways of influencing every level of government. >> john: now the counterpoint comes in your movie from the gas company's mascot the friendly frack-a-saurus. i don't know who you're asking me to believe but he is, no offense, a lot cuter than you. >> he's also drilling into his own ancestors' remains. >> john: that's not the friendly part. you see,. >> what we're seeing in the natural gas industry do is we're
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friendly. we burn cleaner than coal. it turns out this is not true at all. actually that part is true. it's like the witches in macbeth. you're going to the king. they leave out the part about how you're going to have to kill all your friends. your wife will commit suicide and you'll be dead in three days. they leave that part out. with this they say we burn cleaner coal. that's true. 50% cleaner but methane is 105 times, natural gas, 105 times more potent in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. they're leaking huge clouds of methane off these well sites, leaking into the distribution system. any more than one percent leakage means that natural gas development is worse than coal for climate. what we're seeing here yesterday is that the president, we know he's met with the natural gas industry many many times. we're asking will he please meet with the families in this film. will he please meet with the scientists and engineers who are coming forward saying look the engineering of these wells is
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fatally flawed. we know they're going to contaminate aqua fers. no way to fix them. methane leaking is unfixable at the level we're seeing it. that means that it's worse than coal. we would like the president to meet with these scientists and meet with these families in the film. >> john: do those families have millions of dollars in campaign money? >> no. john: that might be your problem then. >> yeah, yeah, they don't. that's part of the issue. you know, it's only a piece of the issue though. influence doesn't just happen through the money but the money is is there. $747 million spent in congress to get an exemption to the safe drinking water act. that's three quarters of a billion dollars. very, very hard to compete on that level. but what we're seeing across the board in new york state the people of this state campaigned, they had 204,000 public comments to the environmental impact study in new york state. more people than voted for
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andrew cuomo in his home area of queens. there is no gas drilling in new york state. [ cheers and applause ] right now... thank you. we also know this pennsylvania two-thirds of people in pennsylvania support a moratorium across pennsylvania. it is now the official position of democratic party in pennsylvania to support a moratorium. >> john: do you have time to go to the web. this is a bigger discussion than we can have in 4.5 minutes. >> the film is on hbo july 8. john: gasland part 2. josh fox, ladies and gentlemen.
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captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> john: that's our show. join us tomorrow night at 11:00. here it is your moment of zen. >> the supreme court now pronounces you man and man, wife and wife or man and wife. >> stephen: tonight an historic gay marriage decision. michael and stewart decided on a swing band. then is discrimination over in america? i'll tell you if you're not mexican. and my guest, legendary newsman bill moyers, has a new documentary about america's middle class. oh, i love ghost stories. scientists have found a way for


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