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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  September 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:32pm PDT

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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show with jon stewart." captioning sponsored by comedy central [theme music playing] [cheering and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. thank you for being here. my guest tonight, ramita navai. she is the author of "city of lies." i don't want the give anything away, but it turns out everybody is lying. you don't want to know. first we turn to washington, d.c.,, home of our nation's most respected institutions and also the government. >> americans have a very low opinion of congress, and this
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next story probably so s not going to help that very much. >> jon: oh, crap. what did congress do this time? what did they kill a veterans' bill to make a food about food stamps or outlaw tan because the president wore the color? what did that kick a puppy in an elevator? what did they do? >> new york's junior senator kirsten gillibrand says she's been the target of some very inappropriate sexist comments right in the halls of congress. >> jon: not just sexist comments, enappropriate sexist comments. that's my least favorite kind of sexist comment. how does that happen? the senate is an august body, the saucer that cools the hot tea of our democracy. congress is the upper house. surely sexism, even the inappropriate kind, is beneath them. >> she says an older male colleague told her, "good thing you're working out because you wouldn't want to get porky."
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[audience reacts]. >> jon: by pork i assume the gentleman was referring to local constituents. >> one senator pointed to her waist and squeezed her stomach and said, "don't lose too much weight. i like my girls chubby." >> jon: don't get too porky. i like my girls chubby. even when it comes to sexism, the senate is gridlocked. they can't make any progress! [cheering and applause] they can't get anything done. luckily there's always one asshole left. to break the tie. >> the prize comment, she writes, came from a southern congressman, who said, as he held my arm, "you know, kirsten, you're even pretty when you're fat." >> jon: oh, yeah, yes, the
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gentleman from the great state of arousal yields the remainder of his boneer to the generalwoman -- gentlewoman from new york. i'm not saying these comments would be appropriate in any context, but there is a certain irony to being judged on one's physical appearance by a group of men who, if you squint, look on a good day like a bowl of dried fruit. mostly apples. here's what i believe: if c-span 2 were to air close-ups from the hit show "pup try of the penis," viewers might call in and say, you guys are looking good. you could look worse than
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someone's balls. i'm saying that some senators, if you squint and look closely, and there esa close-up, they look like someone's balls. i am saying that. i'm not going to klahrgs. but our senate is filled with people that look like balls. [laughter] obviously the male senators did something despicable, but isn't there a way kirsten gillibrand would be in the wrong? >> why wouldn't kirsten gillibrand name names? >> doesn't she have a responsibility to name names? >> if you've got the guts to write about it, have the gus to name the names. >> jon: yes, the grown-up version of the rich kid from every '80s movie. why wouldn't the woman making the larger point about the general culture of washington not turn this enter a narrow personal attack on the people she sees at work every day. maybe this senator gillibrand just happened to run across a couple jerks.
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probably most woman would be very surprised to hear about these incidents. >> it's not surprising. >> it doesn't come as a surprise. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> i got some comments that would maybe blow you away. >> we all had our stories of whom you would not get on an elevator with. [audience reacts]. >> jon: we all have our stories about which person elected by vote centers their state to a six-year term, vested with the powers to divide concept, you would not trust in the three to five seconds it takes to go from two to l. don't worry, guys, just because senator buzzkill can't hand alfriendly abdorm nal groping, at least some women still appreciate the fine art of the cat call. >> men are going to be that way. what can you do? they mean it in a nice way. >> it used to bother me. this is so sexist. if it doesn't happen, excuse me. >> why not? as long as you don't come into arm's-length, it's good. >> if you can't get into a cab,
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then it gets out of control. or if i have my little boy, you're like, he's kind of used to it at this point. [audience reacts]. >> jon: eh, everybody wants to [bleeped] my mom. [laughter] [applause] anyway, take the par. is there no way for a thoughtful gentleman to appropriately convey his appreciation of a woman of the feminine gender. >> this is my move. i'm going to say, very slow, just like this. [laughter] and you know, you walk by, and just the clapping, and i would say the success rate is about 90% you get a smile. >> jon: it's in the like i'm out there yelling, "yo, baby, i'm a motorboat, let's make the long island sound, because that
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would be presumptuous." let's go to jessica williams live tonight outside the senate. thank you very much. what is your... you're a woman. jessica. what is your... what is your take on all of this. you're clapping, i get it, that guy was clapping, so now you're clapping. >> oh, no, jon, this is just how we women show our appreciation for the male gaze, and if you may offer my own unshe's setted comment to that guy, though smiles do not indicate a 90% success rate. >> jon: they don't? what do you mean? >> you know what, jon, it means that the woman is trying her best to end this interaction, because if she doesn't smile, he might tell her to smile. if she tells you to leave her alone, you'll probably call her a bitch. i know he thinks he's different, classy, charming, but we're not looking for applause, and what he's doing is basically a
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high-minded lincoln center version of hey, sweet tits. [cheering and applause] >> jon: i see you seem to have struck a nerve with our audience. >> mmm. >> jon: on behalf of my gender, i am so sorry. >> oh, you know what, jon, i've heard a lot worse. one time this guy with a hairless cat on the street... >> jon: no, no, no, don't finish this, because i know where that's going. >> that's fine, but my point is, this telly savalas-looking [bleeped], that's right, i know who telly savalas is, he's kojak, right? my grandma used to watch it and she would always talk about it. he was like a sexy guy, like an nypd officer. >> jon: he was very sexy. >> he was bald. okay. whatever. that telly savalas-looking [bleeped] should hold his applause because our walk to work is not there for him to
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comment on. it's in the a red carpet. it's in the a fashion week runway. it's a sidewalk. believe it or not, getting the horny clap of approval from any guy does not improve my day. it creeps me out. guys, get some impulse control. i have some [bleeped] to do. >> jon: jessica williams, everybody. we'll be right
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>> jon: welcome back. you know, for the past several years this country's unemployment forecast has been cloudy with chance of sucks storms, so it gives me really great pleasure to finally report good news on the jobs front. >> former house majority leader eric cantor has a new job. >> jon: hooray! good for him. good for him. you know, when he lost his seat to a primary opponent in june, cantor could have stopped collecting his government checks and just lazed around collecting government checks. who could have blamed him? especially after his opponent, david brat, spent the whole campaign beating cantor up for corporate cronyismy. >> big business is in bed with big government. >> you may be against big business in bed with big government, but i guarantee there's a porn magazine devoted
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to, that i would think. well, you know what, screw you and your hurtful slander. can'tor's moving on the better things. so what's this new job? washington think-tank, gentleman's farmer, perhaps it will go eupon mouse and become a cantor. you know, the high holidays are coming. >> he's now joining investment bank mole molis & compnay. he will be elected to the board of director's. >> jon: he just got right [bleeped] into bed, didn't he? he got into bed. this guy is a lawyer. he never worked on wall street. what does he bring to the board of an investment west bank? >> eric cantor helps molis navigate difficult terrain in washington. >> jon: difficult terrain in washington for investment bankers. investment bankers already have a washington ez pass. it's called money. it's the only map they need. they must be paying him a
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pittance for this so-called service. >> he's going to get a big, fat paycheck. >> the paycheck is worth $3.5 million. [audience reacts] [laughter] >> jon: $3.5 million. here are the people on the floor of congress after hearing that news. [cash register ringing] how much longer do i have to be here? 4:00 p.m.? now, admittedly cantor has some experience in financial matters, like in 2007, when he form a group that successfully blocked efforts to raise the carried interest tax rate. and in 2009, when he convinced all republicans to vote against the dodd-frank wall street reform act, and don't forget 2012 when he blocked attempts to require program intelligence consultants who sell insider information to hedge funds and investors to disclose their activities and, of course, there's this. house majority leader eric
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cantor ringing the opening bell. >> he's the fourth highest recipient of political donations from wall street and congress. >> don't begrudge cantor that $3.5 million. if anything it's not a salary for his new job. it's paint for services already rendered. we'll be right back. [cheering and applause] daddy can you play princess fashion show with me? sweetheart i'd love to but the guys... they're outside waiting for me. i've got doritos!! steve... what is the hold up? [ crunch ] hanewith revolutionarycks x-temp technology are designed to respond to your body temperature to help keep you cool. let's put it to the test. hey dad! emily?
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[cheering and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight, she is a foreign affairs journalist. her new book is called "city of lies: love, sex, death and the search for truth in tehran." please welcome to the show ramita navai. [cheering and applause] thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> jon: look at this here. we have "city of lies: love, sex, death and the search for truth in tehran." aren't all cities, and i've lived in new york for a long time, aren't all cities -- isn't that why we come to cities, because they're filled with lies? >> yes, it's true, but lying takes on a whole different level in tehran. and because the atmosphere is oppressive, because iranians have been living for 30 years under a fundamentalist islamic
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regime, everything is much more exaggerated. >> jon: right. >> so lies, just every day, they're filtered into society. they're filtered into everyday life in a way that they don't here. >> jon: it's interesting because you lay it out in terms of these incredibly fascinating profiles of individuals. now, this country does -- you know, there still is that push and pull between liberalism and conservatism, secularism and religion, hedonism and abstinence in this country, as well. it's interesting to know that having that government has not changed that in iran. >> yes. and i think what we are trying to do with the book, you're right. there are these two very separate worlds. and in tehran itself, it's quite geographic, as well. kind of north is liberal, rich, more secular. south is kind of working class, much more religious, traditional. >> jon: we don't have that split. [laughter]
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go ahead. >> but what i was trying to do is show the nuances and the layers, as well. there aren't just these two polar opposites. actually, there are all of these really complex layers in between. it's really gray. >> jon: do you believe in terms of having to lie, it's because if they are to run afoul of those more traditional regulations, there is real consequence to that? >> yes, that's exactly... there's a lot more at stake in iran. if you are caught drinking, you may be flogged. if you... and also social structures. it is socially unacceptable among many iranians to have sex before marriage, to not be a virgin before marriage, so you can get into trouble with the law and you can be judged by society. >> jon: what do you think is more powerful there? is it the legal ramifications or the societal?
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what do you think carries more sway in these families? >> i think what's happening is very interesting at the moment because there is a change, i think there's a sexual awakening going on among iranian youth, that, you know, transcends class, transcends religious barriers and religious differences at the moment, and i have seen it really trickle down. so i think society is changing. but the biggest fear for people is getting in trouble with the regime, getting in trouble with the law. >> jon: right. it's not so much... because if your family is very traditional but you feel like there might be more understanding there, but the law really is a monolith and has no flexibility. >> no. unless you have money. so i've met people who have bought their flog. so you can pay to get out of getting flogged. >> jon: you can pay to get out of getting flogged?
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>> yes, and also, actually, you can pay someone else to take your flog for you. >> jon: so let me get this straight. >> so outside courthouses where you get flogged, there are poor souls hanging around offering to be flogged instead of you. and they are in cahoots with the flogger usually. so they go half-half on the money. >> jon: the flogee and the flogger, if what you're telling me is true, and i think what you're telling me is true, you're saying that in tehran, in iran, there is a different judicial system for rich people and poor people. that is outrageous. [laughter and applause] as an american, as an american, i must stand up and say, how can they allow this? >> we are so similar. >> jon: it's so interesting. look, i'm not saying that they are analogous with certainly flogging, but it seems as though
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there is a continuum within these governments where no one is clean. governments and peoples are always in this sort of titanic struggle between sort of the freedoms and the authority, and maybe it's just more starkly delineated in iran. >> absolutely. >> jon: i mean, the stories are beautiful, and they're so well detailed and they're so nuanced, where does it go? in america we tried banning alcohol for 13 years. after 13 years we were like, i need a shot. like they couldn't... where do you see the pressure then coming from here? is it a generational change that occurs? >> i think it will be a generational change. i think socially things are changing. i think culturally it's back and forth, back and forth. it's just a power play really between the hardliners and the reformists or at the moment president rouhani.
11:25 pm
culturally they'll loosen those social structures. they're very smart, as well. they'll lift the lid off the boiling pot, let off a bit of steam. again, they'll pull back on the reins. but i think what's interesting with iran regarding change is iranians have really changed how they feel about change in their country, and that's a direct result of what's happening in the countries around them. they see iraq, afghanistan. they're looking at syria now. ten years ago when i was in iran, they were much more pro big change. >> jon: right. >> iranians, revolution, protest, some iranians would even talk about western intervention. now they're really unified in the fact that they are resigned to any change, the fact that any change will be slow and that they feel that change should come from within. they really fear a bloodbath. >> jon: certainly there is ample evidence to back that up. is that an open conversation that takes place in iran, or is
11:26 pm
that something that's more of a street-level conversation? >> street-level conversation. in iran, there are... this is another, you know, city of lies. you have your red lines, and everybody knows what the red lines are. they're moveable, but you have to keep within the red lines, as a journalist and as an ordinary citizen. and also you have two selves. you have you private self and your public self. so you're very different in you own room behind closed doors as you are in public. you behave differently. you're two different people. it can be quite a schizophrenic society. >> the only advice i would give to iran is, with your private self, don't put it on the cloud because... [laughter] [applause] "city of lies" on the bookshelves now. ramita navai. thank you so much. [cheering and applause] [ male announcer ] hot pockets sandwiches have the protein and fuel to fire you up.
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