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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  January 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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>> january 14th 2015 from comedy strald central's world news headquarters in new york this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: hey welcome to the daily show. welcome to the daily show my name is jon stewart. we have a show for you tonight. the great and recent golden globe-winning julianne moore is going to be joining us. the film it is a good film she is unbelievable. first i want to talk about
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the show the daily show. i want to talk about the news. (laughter) did i just give away the premise. i want to say despite last week's senseless attack on the french satirical magazine charlie heb do a new edition of the magazine was released today. take a look. >> charlie head bo is back on newsstands this morning,. >> more than three million copies of charl-year hebdo sold out within hours. >> jon: wow. that is amazing. but i want to say, i really hope this suspect the secret to it saving the publishing industry because you know it's going to work a few times, but that is not a sustainable model for a magazine. of course i failed it wasn't the only way france showed its sol date. we remember sunday's inspirational march through paris. millions standing against terrorism and for free speech em was there, well not everyone.
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a lot of-- a lot of people were there. he wasn't there but obama could have felt intimidated as they marched with the locked arms, it gives off kind of a mean girl's vibe you know what i mean? backing that cup set people. really did just put their heads on it huh? still t was a global moment. the marchers the symbolic pencils, they carried the hashtag je suis charlie. it trended on social media all over the world. they claimed in a free society expression without fear of persecution is a basic right. and that by the way comes all the way from le top. >> today the french republic as a whole was target. the republic means freedom of expression. it means culture creation pluralism and democracy.
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>> c'est magnifique! the french position on free speech is the same as their position on mistresses, there can be no limits! >> the right to free speech is absolutement. >> the anti-semitic comedian -- arrested for insightment after his facebook post that supported attackers. >> he tweeted je suis charl-year-- which is the name of the one of attackers with. >> man-- [bleep] that i goo we were all interest in the streets with the pencils and the free speech. my brain hurts! all right all right, all
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right. don't get pea wrong. that is a dispicible faceback post. isn't that what the unfriend button is for? you just click the unfriend button and then-- no france you don't just hide them from your time line. as the cow ard away. oh, man. this sucks. je suis confused. arresting someone for saying something days after a rally supporting the right of free expression it's a little weird. maybe if we naw pore about the culprit. >> he is very controversial am he had a tour cancelled last area because of this anti-semitic routine that he does. >> so french authorities had to cancel his tour because
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he does an anti-semitic routine. shouldn't that tour have been cancelled because no one was buying tickets? (laughter) for the anti-semitic comedy show? why-- shouldn't that been a marketplace situation. shouldn't this have been the phone call, hey it's me your agent. morty bernstein, i don't know that for a fact. >> yeah yeah i'm sorry your tour has been cancelled yeah i know, i thought it was funny too t it's just that all that racist anti-semitic [bleep] you do, it turns it out people think that sucks. i'm beginning to think comedy isn't france's thing. nothing to be ashamed of. france, you still got painting and food that is hard on the outside but soft on the inside. you are the best at it.
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stick to your bries, your baguettes your brulee cem creme, just stay away from company dee. that is our thing. even your favorite comedy guy is still our guy. and the trust is we don't even get it. >> france i feel your au bon pain. i-- we have similar speech related struggles hear in america. generalliering on the side of the government allowing [bleep] to people to [bleep] the thing. as long as you can't see their boo b's. you know you have to draw a line somewhere. turns out the line in america is right above the nipple. generally we express our political outrage at objectional ideas not to
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through arrest, certainly not through murder, but through the purchasing or nonpurchasing of certain litmus test sandwiches. chick fail-- chick-fil-a. that's how a civilized people i'm in the saying you should company's our model. god knows you will have diabetes in a week. clearly it's difficult for any country to reconcile the idea of absolute defense of freedom of expression with arresting people for their albeit indefensible facebook posts. that's why i felt that it would be best expressed through the art of film cinema. please enjoy well enjoy is probably not the right word. (laughter) please sit through my latest
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english language french film entitled la -- -- >> what is my purpose! if i exist marely to write the opinions of those i agree with is existence itself just a lie? -- your hypocrisy in the ecstasy of orgasm. >> but is not love itself speech?
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when speech is restricted it is not violence against the --. >> if you don't [bleep] just say you don't want to [bleep] i'm okay with that. if you don't want [bleep] i'm okay with that. i think all foreigners should be deported so that the french blood line stays pure. shut up, le pen. shut up, le pen. >> you see, there is -- le pen is what the physical leigh is but also is the name of a french right wing politician known for extreme views on immigrants. what a witty reference what a double enten dre.
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you are hilarious. i cannot bear the dison sans-- dissonance between speech and truth. >> neither canniness. >> let's have a men age atrois and drown ourselves in levin. (cheers and applause) >> we'll be right back
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. >> jon: welcome back. now before the break we examined the complexities of free speech in a story that is difficult confusing and very emotional am but it is important to foe free speech needn't be used just to advance an important cause. sometimes you can even wait that valuable resource squandering several minutes on it on a national platform in service of stupidity just because you feel lake that stupidity will cheer you up and you need to preserve at times your heart. and so i present to you our second act. >> -- pope francis will head to the philippines on thursday. >> this is expected to be the largest gathering of catholics in the world. >> the head of the metro development authority wants
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to make sure streets don't get gridlocked if a traffic enforcer has to go to the bathroom. that's why they're making them wear diapers. (laughter) >> your's welcome. you heard right. so large and unand a half i gable will the crowds be when pope francis visits the phil pooen-- philippines authorities are having their law enforcement officers wear diapers. now i see where they are protesting it the police with the i can't breathe t-shirts. the roughest part for the officers isn't some of wearing the diaper is going back to the station and asking your boss to change you. johnson, in my office. i'm going to need your badge and your boom boom. >> why such drastic measures. >> traffic cops are considering using adult diapers because there's a shortage of portable toilets.
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>> in a crowd situation where diapers the first solution. >> maybe officers could wear chips or i don't know francis is a man of the people. all the more not to have his audience uncomfortable so to speak. perhaps he could add a second show. and hey the guy is infallible it's not --. >> let's go to our senior papal correspondent jason jones in manila with more. (cheers and applause) >> thank you very much, jon. manila's preparations are just the latest sign of pope francis's enormous popularity here. >> jon: if i could interrupt you for a moment. >> why dow always interrupt what, what, what do you want? what's up? >> jon: i can't help notice that you yourself are wearing-- are wearing a diaper. >> nothing gets by the big bossman huh? >> jon: i praerbt that but i think that was meant for the traffic police. >> well, you know better safe than sorry right? reporters creed. >> jon: i also think-- i also think the most common interpretation was that you
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what wear pants on top. >> what and have a visible patcher line, no thank you. >> jon: the point is this the pope isn't even in manila yet and so the wol diaper thing at best is premature. >> well that's just a little misunderstanding. i really thought everyone was-- you know walking around if diapers. so-- (laughter) >> jon: jason you're not one of them man babies you read about, are you sm. >> what that is absolutely ridiculous and offensive okay. you-- no longer exist to me. >> jon: jason-- you're a grown man. you're a grown man jason. i know you have a sense of object perm nance, i know it. >> that late jon. there's only one thing that is going to control me now. >> jon: all right go take a
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nap, jason jason jones everybody we'll be rate
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>> jon: well company back, pie guest has a new film called "still alice" >> i can't remember appointments or -- >> honey we all have memory lapses that is a sign of getting older. the other day i couldn't remember the word-- glucose. >> it's in the like that. it just drops out. >> but there is no diagnosis yet. >> well, i think that this is ridiculous. it's complete [bleep]. >> why won't you take me seriously. i know what i am feeling. i know what i am feeling and it feels lake pie brain is [bleep] dying. and everything i have worked for in my entire life is going. >> please welcome back to the program julianne moore. (cheers and applause)
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>> hi! >> jon: julianne moore. (cheers and applause) >> oh pie goodness. >> jon: they're very excited to see you. >> thank you very very much. i just saw it really hot guy in a diaper backstage. >> jon: we did, it's been one of those the past couple of weaks, we thought you know what throw jason in a diaper it is one of those things, in case of emergency break glass. put jason in a diaper. >> he's doing it it and he is so-- . >> jon: and he does it to save our souls. congratulations on the golden globe really. >> thank you very much. (applause) >> jon: this is-- boy was i wrecked watching this film. now i don't know what your experience was. i know as an independent film you had to do it quickly. i have a history in my family of alzheimer disease,. you capture something in this that is remarkable for
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those of us who have gone through the similar thing. i don't know if you have had that experience. >> could no, i have been very luck aye and i haven't had any personal experience with alzheimer and because i hadn't i didn't know anything about it are o the behaviors. i said i didn't want to do anything on screen that i hadn't personally witnessed. so i actually wanted to do a lot of research. and they were so generous with their time, and their experience. and all the women i spoke to were really articulate and very precise about what how they felt. i would ask them how does this feel. what happens when this happens. and when did it first manifest. and everybody was really very helpful. so everything i do in the movie i actually i saw or was explained. >> jon: there is one particular moment there is a sense when someone is going through that they get to a place where they are not, it is not a cognitive
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point but they come back. and then you see in their eyes it's terrifying. >> yes, and one of the things that i heard from people too when i asked w what is it like. they say it's not always the same. you literally have good days and bad days. a good day you think i'm fine. i don't have alzheimer on a bad day you think i can't get through anything. the same thing will happen moment to moment. so you will have these flashes of cognition. there are normal but you will have dropouts. for example getting lost was explained to me not like do i go left or right but as a loss, like a panic attack. are youing laing at something and you don't know what it is. and your heart starts to pound and you are short of breath and they everyone told me stay calm stay where are you take a deep breath and wait. they say don't go anywhere if you can possibly avoid it. >> jon: but then moments of great joy. sort of, i can remember moments of real happiness and almost becoming tougher for those around you as the
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person, they enter a place almost out of preservation that is a little more joyful maybe in a different place a different time. but you don't, you are happy for their escape. >> their escape. if it happens that way. >> jon: it doesn't always happen. >> it depends on the individual. and so literally in cases where people are more declined they will sometimes reverse to places where they were happinessest. a guy i met actually in a facility who was really-- he would greet everybody as they came in and say was's your name sit down sister. talk to me awhile. he had owned a bar on second avenue. so he had been a bartender his entire life and that remained with him. that kind of sociability and love of conversation. and so i did find that people did not it's not like someone disappears entirely. there is always a sense of who they are. >> jon: very interesting. and it is different too early onset as opposed to-- in their 70s.
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>> 15% of the alzheimer population has early or younger why onset younger than 65. the woman who wrote the book, her grandmother had alzheimerment so off then is a misnomer that dementia is a normal part of aging when in fact it is not it is a disease. she felt like the disease would be better presented people would understand the symptoms if she placed it in a younger individual. >> jon: is it trau the director or the writer has an als diagnosis. >> als. >> jon: this strange inversion of alzheimer. >> compaqly. watching there are a couple they are lo man particular partners married and working partners. richard was diagnosed with als. >> jon: wile he was doing the project. >> before, before. when i first met them he had difficulty with speech but by the time we shot a year later, he had really lost his physicality from the waist up. he copt use one hand wile he was directing the ipad. that was the thing.
11:27 pm
in the midst of this these guys were making a movie that paralleled with their-- it was extraordinary. >> jon: it is gripping. >> it feels superpersonal. >> jon: yes very specific. >> and i think that in the face, i think you sort of learn how much you love to live in the face of loss. i think that's one of the things they were experiencing. so it was really about not diminute shallment but joy. >> jon: you do a great job translating it to screen. very powerful. "still alice" opens in select cities on friday. come on. (cheers and applause)
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allegiance♪ ♪you're not the only one♪ ♪listen up forefathers♪ ♪i'm not your son♪ ♪you better help the children♪ ♪let them have some fun♪ ♪some fun♪ ♪some fun.♪ >> that's our show. join us tomorrow night at 11:00 am i will be here and on monday the nightly show debuts right after our show. look forward to that. here it is your moment of zen. >> did your bartender of five areas try to poison you? did your daughter get charged with beating to you death with a fruit bowl and stuffing your corporation in a suitcase?
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maybe your bff is kim jong un. if your answer to all those three are no then are you better off than the peopleed by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> it's 11:29 and 59 seconds this happened on instagram. singer miley cyrus made headlines for another thing that has nothing to do with her singing, billy ray cyrus daughter did a nude photo shot for the aptly titled v magazine. there it is. your move taylor. to be ail to see her v magazine if not for america's seemingly arbitrary censorship roles, why does this picture have to be blurred


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