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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  January 29, 2015 5:56pm-6:28pm PST

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g) i got to admit this time, it'll be a pleasure to be in your picture. say, "bender is great." all: bender is great! bender: neat. >>. >> larry: tonightly. billionaires are making it rain and for once it's not acid rain caused by their nearby chemical plants. (laughter) >> larry: we're talking dark money and no, i'm not talking about my '80s rap group. not my fault finance rap was ahead of its time. so is money changing american democracy? good question racism did that a long time ago. make all your donations to dark money care of the nightly so trickle down, we're back let's do this. (cheers an captioning sponsored by comedy central d applause)
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>> larry: whooo! thank you very much. >> larry larry larry. >> larry: that's right, thank you, i'm your host larry wilmore, thanks for join ug us tonight. i hear you. thank you very much. larry! okay. man 2015 just started which could mean only one thinging time to talk about 2016. and the best way to talk about politics follow the money. >> the political network lead by the koch brothers has put a price tag on its spending plans for 2016. the operation is poised to pump in a whopping $889 million dollars ahead of the next white house election.
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>> larry: $889 million? what's the matter guys, couldn't swing an even billion? wait wait, so that's what the white house costs these days obama only paid $663 million. way to flip that house obama! that's my boy! (applause) >> larry: first black president. no but $889 million, even for the white house that's a lot of money. >> the koch's personal net worth is estimated as more than $41 billion each. >> larry: wow okay. guess it's not a lot of money for them. pardon me. double digit billion dollar ballers. these guys aren't koch zero they are koch ten zeroes. bam, of course nobody suggested they were koch zeroes in its first place, i just wanted to do that jofk. the truth is, they're not spending this money only for the white house. >> the koch brothers is have
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funneled $67 million to groups who deny climate change and actively try to delay policies and regulations aimed at stopping global warming. >> larry: of course there-- relax, of course they're pro global warming the ice caps will melt the oceans will rise and all the liberals on the coast will drown. it's a perfect plan. makes sense. (applause) >> larry: okay. what else are these guys about. >> the koch brothers back groups american for prosperity, spend millions trying to destroy obamacare. >> they believe we should abolish the concept of the minimum wage. >> larry: kind of snotty coming from people making the maximum wage. (cheers and applause) >> larry: you know-- i agree. i'm sorry guys. i can't get behind these guys. this just doesn't smell right to me. i'm going to boycott all coke industry provides all right. so what do they make again? >> oh okay. dixie cups, all right well.
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i can live without those. what else. done, yeah, i don't need that. oh greeting cards. that's fine i forget everyone's birthday anyway. sorry kids you're the best love dad, what else. oh stain-- what else do the koch brothers manufacture that i have to give up. angelsoft no problem soft n ghent elevator quilted northern are my brands, oh come on. they make those two? what am i supposed to use a paper towel? of course they-- come on brawny guy you want to be with these guys. i can't believe brawny guy. look koch brothers, you're really making it difficult for me to boycott you. you can't possibly make anything else that is an integral part of my every day life. lycra? the world's most comfortable fabric? okay we've got to figure
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this out because nobody's taking my lycra. (applause) not going to happen. not going to happen. okay fine. i'm glad you like that. fine. so i can't boycott them. and by the way giving them money to further your political agenda isn't just a koch thing bloomberg soros and jeffrey katzenberg have pumped millions into their various causes. an when this funnel is funneled through a 501 c 4 none of this money has to be be-- it's called-- keeping-- the white privilege that everything bad is dark. that reminded me-- (laughter) >> gas up the saub lake champlain, here we did! relax there is no ice privilege convention. let me see if i can explain how this works this dark
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money thing. let's say that are you worth a tra gallon-- trazillion dollars and you mate the moon. and all its gravity crap and controlling and blah blah blah, you're against that right. okay first you need someone to be the face of your anti-moon movement. so pick somebody everybody loves but everybody also respects. exhibit a or xzibit, very good good choice. so now nice recognition there. very good. now you got to pimp out a campaign buzz okay. all right? very nice, start lining the right pockets with the dark money. next thing you know bam senator xzibit is blowing up the moon! is that mean xzibit blow it up. now look as silly as this is don't let this dark money thing up set you
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okay. if anything it is ruin our political system the truth is this our political system. all we have done over the areas is change what we call the money bribes dark money slush fund, super pac but can we stop it is not the question, because we can't. the real question is-- with just a few bankrolling the system do the rest of us have a say. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) look at you. can i pet your cloud please? sure! [ rumbling ] woah! aah! he doesn't like to be touched there. mmm! [ male announcer ] pet the rainbow! taste the rainbow. the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest ...baddest ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest... ...harshest...
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>> larry: (cheers and applause) >> larry: okay all right. welcome back to the show. thank you. we're talking about money and politics joining the panel fordham law professor zephyr teachout. host of sirius/xm the david webb show david webb. thanks david. and comedian hari kondabolu. and comedian ted alexandro. (applause) all right zephyr i want to start with you. you had a campaign you ran against andrew cuomo last time. and he outspent you 40 times. >> a little more. >> larry: per voter. and you wrote about this very eloquently saying you had someone like you doesn't stand a chance and you proved your point very nicely. (laughter) >> larry: no, no no. no had you had you would have proved your premise.
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but is it possible for someone like you to win in this election. >> it's absolutely possible but it's harder and harder. it's a tiny little squeaky chance. and one of the things the election showed is how many people are looking for taking on money in politics directly. i ran as an anti-corruption candidate. i think people are really hungry for that like let's really talk about who has power in this society, why they have power and whether or not it's democratic. >> larry: i'm not going to say what side i'm on on this debate. but why are you on the wrong side? >> give me your weak-ass argument. >> all right money is not going to come out of politics. but when you look at it this so-called dark money we still have laws about-- we still have laws that if they break the laws we can punish them federally, the fcc can do this states can do this. >> larry: but is this thing-- go ahead. >> we used to have laws that if you-- if a corporation spent money in a campaign that was breaking the law. >> right.
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>> and the supreme court struck that down. and that was an anti-bribery law. >> no, it wasn't. are you talking about citizens united versus fcc in 2010 which was resolved by the supreme court. >> larry: people wanted to show a horrible film about hillary clinton. >> but here's the thing. what it did was it reversed, let's say larry and i want to walk down the street, we are talking to people about politics. the minute we decide to incorporate and say we will form an organization to do this the government comes in and says larry, you know what you can't talk about it or you can't use your show to talk about it because there is money that funds the show. >> larry: hari help me out on this. to me, here is where i'm suspicious of koch brothers and these type of people. because they are always for reducing government. they're not for centralized power. yet aren't they setting up their own og garchee by being the-- oligarchee by being the one with the decisions. >> the number of different rich people they have working together to coyte their money to create
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create-- consolidate their money to create the system itself il stuff it's almost corny. you can't imagine it being so over the top. >> larry: like austin powers or something. >> it's funny because it is kind of in the open too. i think there is always like the illuminati, people are controlling-- no it is they are brothers. qu see them. and-- they're not underground. they're near palm springs man. >> larry: you are very active in causes and stuff. but when you are out there does it feel like this disconnect from people. is it too wonky for them is it not sexy enough for the average person to get around. >> sexy is hardly the word i would use for any of this. other than the-- that do you think people have given up in even trying to fight this type of thing is this. >> i think they have given up to the extent that when we're talking about democracy democracy is not the same thing for everybody. democracy for the koch brothers is a great thing when you can change laws and do whatever run rough shod
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over democracy. ask the people of ferguson how democracy is treating them. ask the people in detroit how democracy is working out for them. if we are the united states of america, we have to take all of these people into consideration. >> i'm a little concerned that-- are we at a political moment right now you know our sides are so divided that middle class is disappearing. are we at the beginning of maybe a political revolution. are democrats and republicans going away just koch and soros, are those our political parties. >> that is one of the big fears. >> kind of debate between a few billionaires who sort of have slightly different views but not representative views. that is a very very, very real fear. >> people say -- >> but on the voting booth you can decide who to vote for. but i didn't want to vote for those two things. >> but you do have that-- look i agree. when it comes it to money, i would like to remove the darkness if you want to call it that, what you call it from politics. we want transparency. i believe in transparency
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and i'm with you on a new movement. but you do go into that booth. no matter what somebody tells you last time i checked in that booth, you get to choose to go against them or for them. >> the worry is that it doesn't matter, right because if the koch brothers are giving this much money to candidates, you are not really representing the values of your constituents. you want to get re-elected and will you do what the koch brothers tell you to do. once you are hooked on coke that's it and there's no way around it. >> does it-- does it make the average voter seem insignificant? >> there is a lot of research actually that the more after citizens united more people are dropping out. they are feeling more insignificant. but what i hope is that we are at a moment where like enough is enough. we actually have to change some things. we actually have to pass public financing of elections. so -- >> so maybe-- i would say too that you know we're talking about, you know it's funny they call it dark money because it's old white money. but secondly that who even
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thinks about 2016 and how much they're going to give. i think my friends and i combined maybe have given $889 dollars let alone $889 million, you know. so you are talking about who has time to sit around and make evil plans and get together in palm springs. >> who has a master plan other than evil people. >> yes. >> larry: does it get rid of grass-roots campaigning. because it seems like candidates, you now have to audition you know. like on the republican side if you are not for certain things you're done. it's almost like a relevant version of shark tank right? >> the numbers don't match up if you look at the swing in the state legislatures now. the country is going for the most part red republican, to win in state legislatures. they're running grass-roots campaign. little by little more and more grass-roots campaigns are wing. those are the numbers. we can talk about squirrels on one side and koch on the other. >> larry: -- controlling the narrative.
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>> they will chrome a certain amount of media. they will control a certain amount of media narrative. not necessarily the media itself. but in the end, look folks we're big boys. let's put on our big boy lycras and vote for what we believe in. >> i want to be very clear there is a tax a real tax on supporting the minimum wage. that may be like a million dollars of attacks that are coming after you if you just come out there and say you support the minimum wage because the koch brothers as you said, you can get richard the concept. and so think what that does to candidates. it makes them scared. it makes them scared about talking about real issues. and i actually think one of the real costs -- >> you talked about real issues in your campaign. you had the support of a lot of good parties on your side. >> larry: . >> i think also like we're talking about this word grass roots in kind of a high fall outing way it is not scott walker taking money from the koch and running the campaign t is people in the streets in
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ferguson in new york. grass roots is occupy wall street. grass roots is people without a voice you know like dr. martin luther king said protestors is the voice of the voiceless. the people who have no voice. >> you know what here's the thing -- >> that's grass roots. >> but i will tell you what grass roots was started by an organization with $70 million-- i was in ferguson by the way. you know that, larry. i was down there in august and i was down there when the verdict came down for another nine ten days. so i know what is out there of. i'm out in the streets man. i'm down there with you on principles. so there are both sides to things we need to fix. but we have to get it right. there is a lot of topdown organizing for america. that ain't grases roots. that was funded out of ot bama campaign. both sides are doing this. >> there is a total false equivalency. the sun and moon aren't the same thing even though they are both round. like when you see you know 30 or 300 people controlling
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or trying to control policy in the country that is totally different than the best parts of america. >> so the democrats are completely free of all big money. >> it's not that -- >> i didn't think so. >> larry: i will just say this at the end of the day it seems like we will never have any kind of mr. smith goes to washington who can ever be in politics any more you know. those days -- >> don't give up. don't give up. >> okay mrs. smith you're right. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] give extra. get extra.
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>> okay. thank you, thank you very much. okay. it's time to get real on a personal level. let's take it 100. i'm going to ask each of you days a question, if the audience thinks they're keep --00 they will clap. if not-- that's all right they got it, okay. will you get this nice fancy sticker if you don't, going
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to get a little weak tee. zephyr we'll start with you. you are running for governor again, all right. okay. now if the koch brothers make an ad blitz in your favor okay trashing the other side and you take the lead governor is right in your sight, would you tell them to stop? >> no. (applause) >> larry: that is one of the most honest 100s i have ever heard. man. somebody wants to be governor. (laughter) >> larry: i'm not mad at you. all right david. >> okay. >> larry: some a-hole leftie group buys ad space on your show. >> okay. >> larry: and you have to do ads for obamacare in the middle of your program or lose your job. what do you do? >> lose my job.
6:21 pm
i got three. >> larry: you won't do an obamacare ad? you don't think he's keeping it 100. >> no no. >> larry: you think it's weak tea. all right, will you get weak tea and keep it 100. and hello there i'm david webb, i'm here to say that obamacare is the greatest thing that ever happened to america. okay. now we're going to do one we haven't done. a double keep it 100, all right hari and ted both of you are comedians. you both get offered a gig opening for the koch brothers, all right. (laughter) and it pays a lot of money. and don't even try to tell me you're to the going do it because every comic has a price, all right. so i know you are going to do it. you'll do it for free? >> no, no i thought you were naming a price. >> you're already in.
6:22 pm
>> of course i'm already in. >> free. >> oh not free no. >> all right okay. >> larry: okay. $1,000. >> $1,000. >> larry: 10,000. >> no. >> larry: 100,000. >> i'm thinking about ten yeah. >> larry: ten you're in for ten? (applause) >> i don't believe anything he says. (laughter) >> larry: all right. that's our keeping it a hundred, once again i don't believe anything anybody ever says so we'll be right back. this- is your new wallet. no. really. you can now use your capital one card with apple pay to buy this that... or a few pairs of these-all from your iphone 6 instantly. it's easy. honestly- it's pretty awesome. and when you have the capital one wallet app you can keep track of all your purchases.
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give extra. get extra. >> larry: okay, that's all the time we have for ton. i want to thank our panelist zephyr teachout david webb hari kondabolu and ted alexandro. thanks. as always thanks for keeping me keeping it a hundred on twitter. now remember, i don't get a
6:26 pm
chance to see this question until right now. tonight's question comes from jeremy koepke, all right. give me the question. >> okay would you participate in an ice wide shut orgy with the koch brothers if it meant they would stop buying elections forever? >> larry: no no no! sorry. not going to happen. boo me? i just got the 100. bring it on. i don't care. i don't care. you know what, you do an orgy with the koch brothers all right? you know what okay. i'll do it with the-- i'll have it with the younger koch brother how about that. (laughter) okay, now i just kept it 100. okay now with the super bowl coming up, we're going to talk about sports and the culture of lying okay. so tweet your questions with the hashtag keep it 100. until then good nightly everybody. (cheers and applause)
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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the "daily show" with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to the "daily show." my name is jon stewart! our guest tonight-- oh, man is this fella talented, incredibly talented fella-- oscar isaac, from the film "a most violent


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