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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  February 5, 2015 1:04am-1:36am PST

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♪ friends till the end ♪ ♪ ride or die best friends ♪ ♪ i'll trust you with my life ♪ - thank you guys so much. - thank you. - stay menergized. - all right. - take it to church! - thank you. - thanks. - whoo! we are menergy. - [laughing] that was so fun. - i'm sorry, what the hell are you doing here? - he's jamming with his friends, which, last time i checked, ain't a crime. - actually, the last time i checked, he's not supposed to be here so you know what? neither should you. why don't you go home. - just go smoke weed about it? - let's do it. oh, hey, guys? thank you. - yes. both: thank you. - one, two, three, four! [drumsticks tapping] - nice! >> from comedy central's world new headquarters in new york this is the "daily show" with jon stewart. ( cheers and captioning sponsored by comedy central
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applause ) >> jon: hey welcome to the "daily show." my name is jon stewart. my guest tonight, we're very excited my guest tonight a very impressive young man, wes moore, author of a book called "the work: my search for a life that matters." very excited to have him on the program tonight. but first, if i may, the 114th united states congress is one month old-- one month! has the new republican control changed the way congress does business? the recipe for making legislative sausage as it were? we examine it in our new segment-- really? ( laughter ) ( applause ) can we just-- i'm sorry can we just-- if we could just do something slightly-- ( laughter )
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do we have another segment that i could-- ( laughter ) ( applause ) i'm okay with the first one. now, let's get one thing straight. this isn't a lame gritd locked one 13th congress. just ask senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> we need to open up-- open up the legislative process in a way that allows more amendments from both sides. sometimes it will be meaning-- mean work late, but restoring the senate is the right thing to do. >> jon: yup. ( laughter ) sure. working late. easy for you to say mitch mcconnell. you carry your house around on your back. so you don't even need to go home. ( laughter )
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because i believe-- and i'm being completely serious right now-- senate majority leader mitchell mcconnell is a turtle. ( laughter ) what species? i cannot say. although his native habitat being kentucky my guess is the highest ranking republican senator is an eastern box tunnel a common musk turtle or-- i think perhaps this most likely-- a river cooter. if the sixth term seeing your senator from kentucky would like to provide evidence to refute this charge your move! your slow, deliberate move. perhaps you will allow me to sweeten the deal. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause )
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i think arby's just went whew. but the point is mcconnell, in contrast to former majority leader harry reid is allowing senators to propose whatever amendments they want to legislation. his first order of business was the keystone pipeline. i can only assume to be used as a mode of transportation in his attempt to-- as seen here-- catch super mario, utilizing some kind of-- ( laughter ) ( applause ) i look-- i look forward to the new amendment policy bringing swift and effective legislative dividends. >> it is an extremely simple amendment. >> the effective language is only eight words, "climate change is real and not a hoax." >> that climate change is real and that human activity significantly contributes to
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climate change. >> republican senator john hoeven from north dakota. >> you then put one in that says the same thing but taking the word "significantly" out. why did you want the word "significantly" taken out of there? >> because look, it was about finding that balance that will bring bipartisan support to the bill. ( laughter ) >> jon: if take out the word "significantly" was a way to bring republicans on board why not draft the amendment human activity contributed to climate change. remember ronald reagan. the wasn't he great. three choors for the death penalty. that's the senate where it's all passive aggressive i'll change one word. for open unadultated aggression. you have to drop by the house on the committee debate on the 9,000th vote to repeal obama care. >> had the administration worked with the governors we might be talking about an entirely-- >> had the administration worked with the governors. had the governors worked with the administration we might not number this position i don't know about your state which i
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think is a crazy state to begin, that and i mean that just as i said it. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: hastings just straight up messed with texas. ( laughter ) that's the one thing texas warns everyone not to do. where's this ballsy young man from, anyway? >> the gentleman from florida is recognized. >> i thank you very much. ( laughter ) >> jon: you're from florida. you're from florida and you're calling texas crazy? ( laughter ) might as well call out oklahoma for also having a panhandle. hey, oklahoma nice panhandle sticking out of your state. why don't you grab hold of your ugly panhandle and make me some pancakes you ( bleep ). you're from florida. you can't call other states crazy. that kind of fragrant texas
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messing is not going to go unremarked upon. >> you made an ininflamm inflammatory statement about myinate and i will not stand here and listen to it. >> jon: we are run by children. let's all calm down. i'm sure congressman hastings, he realizes he went a little too far. let's give him a chance to apologize to the good sir from texas. >> well, fine. then you don't have to listen. you can leave if you choose. i told you what i think about texas. i wouldn't live there for all the tea in china. ( laughter ) ( cheers ) >> jon: he's crushing this dude. he doubled down. you don't have to listen.
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you still come from a crazy state. although, i don't really understand the "all the tea in china" references. i don't see how that's a positive. that seems more like a burden. that's a lot of tea. i don't even know where you keep that much tea. really, you get that much tea you're probably going to get crushed by a billion tea bags. it's not-- not. two solid slams against texas. now if hastings wants to maintain a professional relationship here i do think out of protocol, out of prospect, perhaps it's time for him to start walking this back. >> two attacks tossed my way. that's parse and parcel with territory. but there is no reason at all to impugn the people the governor of the state a state of this country and i will await the gentleman's apology. i yield back. >> you will wait until hell freezes over.
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( laughter ) >> jon: ohio! my! god! what! this man, this congressman hastings truly does not give a single ( bleep ). just look at him sitting there casually reading. in fact, can we-- can we zoom in on what he's reading? no ( bleep )! what's that sub article? "are you giving too many ( bleep )." wow, wow. some prettyularsh words there. what if it doesn't end. what if congressman hastings just fired the first shot in what will soon become an all-out florida-texas conflagration. texas first sends over some rangers on horseback. florida anticipates the move,
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sending out sex spring breakers to distract them. meanwhile, one man florida wrecking crew george zimmerman is parachuted deep into texas territory. but before zimmerman can stand his ground he is taken out by leather face, texas chainsaw style. then florida retaliates by sending out an elite squadron on alligators high on the bath salts. immediately neutralized by a texas-released lethal cocktail of crude oil, mesquite, barbecue sauce, and chuck ( bleep ) morris. and then when the ( bleep ) about you get really ugly, you play each energy football and everybody has a tailgate party and forget about the war. hook them gator form. which is really a shame. you know who would have won a florida-texas war? the rest of the country. ( cheers and applause ) ( laughter )
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( cheers and applause ) welcome back. as we've seen our current congress the 114th is a pig lagoon of animosity and cynicism. luckily, there's some new blood in town with convictions as yet unspoiled by washington. freshman senator thom tillis
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whose message to north carolina voters has always been clear. >> tillis say free-market conservative. >> a conservative businessman who cut red tape to create good-paying jobs. >> we need to reduce regulation. the over-reach is stroig our opportunities. government needs to get out of the way. >> jon: getting to the point where a man can't even open a car wash, cafe or leaf-covered pit with spikes at the bottom of it or a tattoo baby parlor. ( laughter ) damn you government! , of course, a lot of politicians spout this free market ideology when it serves their purpose. it's a little harder to do in practice. >> i was having this discussion with-- with someone and we were at a starbucks in my district and we were talking about certain regulations. she said, for example, don't you believe that this regulation that requires this gentleman to wash his hands before he serves your food is important?
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( laughter ) >> jon: but you know what? you said free market. you're a free-market guy. you want government out of the way. senator tillis, it's not going to be easy to flop this bedrock principle of modern sanitation regulation but as a free marketeer go ahead. i dare you. >> i said i don't have any problem with starbucks if they choose out to opt out of this policy. >> jon: boom! this guy walks the walk! the title of mr. ann rand of 2015 goes to thom tillis. i would high-5 him but i don't want to die like a character in the oregon trail. senator! really? you don't want the guy to have to wash his hands after using the bathroom? maybe you don't recognize the need for basic hygiene standards because you're used to the relatively not vomit-soaked starbucks. you go anywhere else, you'll see our food service is barely hanging on by a thread.
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>> i watched you pick up raw chicken all night in your hands and then touch cooked foods. >> you don't serve bugs to your customers. >> get a exprag pick this ( bleep ) thing up! look at me! >> look at the crap in the middle of this bar tonight and they didn't even clean it up. should this place down! >> jon: that's what your local bar looks like when they try to follow the rules. if tillis thinks making employees wash hands is too onerous by the government i-- i qaentcan't fault him for sticking to his unregulated guns. >> as long as they post a sign that says we don't require our employees to wash their hands after leaving the restroom, the market will take care of that. ( laughter ) >> jon: you do realize that that's a regulation too, right? ( laughter ) all you did was change this to
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this. ( laughter ) that's not getting rid of regulation. that just makes you an inconsistent ideologue with a light fecal dusting in your latte. see, here's the problem. in your truly free market utopian world, the restaurant wouldn't have to tell you if employees' hands are washed or not. and by the time the market figured out which which establishment vente pumpkin spice came with the turd-i-ccino-- that's copywrited-- it really wouldn't matter because we would be far more concerned with the free-market price spike in cholera medicine. you know this all reminds me of kind of a wonderful bedtime story my bubby used to tell me, my grandmother. she used to say, "there was a woman jonathan who had
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typhoid. her name was mary. she was a cook and because she had typhoid and didn't wash her hands she killed everyone." ( laughter ) "good night, sweet pea." so listen senator-- listen senator dung hands von fecal fingers you think we could do a better job of enforcing regulations or streamlining regulations or creating regulations that make sense and aren't onerous? i couldn't gree more. but employees must de. poop before serving food to the public and most of the rules like that didn't come up because government is onerous or in the pocket of big soft soap. don't pretend we don't need any of them.
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( cheers and applause ) > jon: welcome back. my guest tonight, bestselling author. his new book is called "the work: my search for a life that matters." please welcome to the program wes moore. sir. ( cheers and applause ) wes moore! so nice to see you again. how are you? >> i am doing great. i'm doing great, thank you. >> jon: i've known this gentleman for a few years. we've done some work together. he is one of the most-- if i may say so-- annoying people. you're so accomplished at such a young age, that it angers me. ( laughter ) >> it angers me, too actually. >> jon: stop it! the book is called "the work: my search for a life that matters." you've served in iraq and afghanistan. you've been in the state
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department. you've written your second book. what are you now, 28, 32 something like that? >> 36. yeah. >> jon: what-- what gives you that drive? what-- what is it that you found in your life that causes you to have this drive? >> well, you know, i think part of it is my childhood. i had a difficult childhood where i came up in troubled communities. i watched my father die when i was four. i first felt handcuffs on my wrist when i was 11 years old. and i remember going through this revolution, and even the time coming back from afghanistan, where i wanted to find what does that mean to be successful? what did all that really mean in my own life? and i felt like in this quest and this journey, my understanding, my definition of the work really became where your greatest gifts and your greatest skill sets begin to start overlapping with the world's greatest needs, and then you chose to do something about it. and so part of the reason why i wanted to tell this story and write this book was almost like a real-time exploration of my own life, about what it meant
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but then also highlighting these other people who i just drew a tremendous amount of inspiration from, about finding what it meant in my own life to be relevant and truly come alive. >> jon: this-- this-- what you are saying strikes me as the key. it is bringing purpose. and i know one of your greatest causes is helping veterans reintigrate, once they're done with the war. and i think this is such the key. so much of our perception of it is oh, let's help them. when really, their entire being is, no, we serve. that's what we do. let us continue to serve somehow. and you found a way to integrate that ethos. >> and how do you find your greatness? i think the one thing that all people who are great at what they do, the one thing all of them have in common is they are passionate about what they do. and i remember when i was first leaving the white house and heading back to new york, and i
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was going to go work in finance, and i remember speaking with a mentor of mine and he said "you're going to go back to the finance." and i was explaining to him why, and not one thing that came out of my mouth was because i was passionate about it. and he said to me, "if you need to go there, go, and do what you need to do. but the moment you feel like you can leave, leave, because every day you're doing what you're not passionate about, you become extraordinarily ordinary." and what that means is for all of us, we need to find that thing that makes us extraordinary, find that thing that gives us our greatness, and then go after it because that's the only way that you'll find that level of fulfillment. >> jon: or even having that desire. but how do you instill that-- and so you grow up in troubled communities. you're working with a community of people trying to adjust to coming back. how do you instill that? how do you go into those communities and convince them that that's worth accomplishing and that they can accomplish it, and that they're not sisyphus pushing a stone up a hill only to have it roll back down on them or maybe that that's okay. >> yeah, i think-- i remember my mother told me something once
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where she said that a person needs to think that you care before they care what you think. and so i think the first thing is you have to show people that your level of sincerity is genuine, and you have as much a vested interest in them as they should have in you. i have been thinking about some of the people we feature and profile in the work. a woman in boston who started a business that worked at an apparel company, and the only people she employs are single women who live in poverty, from the top of the organization to the bottom of the organization, as a tribute to her mother. or a guy named michael hancock who grew up in a really tough environment in denver and whose only definition of success was leaving denver -- >> jon: i hear that from a lot of people. it's a wonderful city. >> it's a great city. so michael hancock, whose definition of success was leaving denver, is currently the mayor of denver. he realized that sometimes the thing that you're most afraid of the thing that gives you the most pain is actually the thing you need to run to with all of your might, and that's where you find your joy.
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>> jon: it's about purpose will you stay for just a little bit? we've got to go. but i want to talk a little bit more about specifically the programs you're working with for veterans and then how to take this to scale because i think that's the next level is how do you scale this and make it? we'll come back. "the work" is on the bookshelves right now. always good to see you. such a nice man. wes moore, get the book now. ready for another reason to switch to t-mobile?, how about getting america's best unlimited 4g lte family plan. get 2 lines of unlimited 4g lte data... for just a hundred bucks a month with any smartphone, including the samsung galaxy note 4 for zero down. add more family members for just $40 bucks a pop. think the other guys have a family plan like this? think again! finally, it's full speed 4g lte data that really is unlimited. lips are your thinnest skin. they need special attention, day and night. new chapstick dual-ended hydration lock
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