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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  March 5, 2015 1:04am-1:36am PST

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- stop. - he's a fricking bitch. what a stupid bitch. he's right behind me isn't he? - nope, he's right behind me. you're looking at him. - hi. - hi. you must've just heard that long story i told. - i heard it. i heard you, man. - i never meant to hurt you. - good-bye forever. - oh, my god that was crazy. oh, wait. my question. - do you still have, like, the voice of an angel? uh, could you sing us a tune? - please. - ♪ ooh, ee, ooh ♪ - mr. lundgren, wait. i've waited 15 years to ask you this question. so in the movie showdown in little tokyo when you guys ate sushi off those naked ladies were those real naked ladies?
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- uh, yeah. obviously. - yes! i knew it. i knew it. i knew it. you guys, they were real naked ladies! - nice. captioning sponsored by comedy central >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) (cheers and applause) >> jon: welcome to the daily show my name is jon stewart. we have a great show for you tonight. our guest tonight a fascinating figure russian hockey legend slava fetisov. he is going to be here to talk about how i mispronounced his name which i can only assume. but i remember this cat from the '80s and '90s, one of
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the greatest defenceman ever to play the game of hockey. but first, have you heard the news? extra, extra future president hillary clinton may have to pardon former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> a bombshell report that hillary clinton may have violated the law during her time at the state department. >> oh my god, oh my god, oh my god oh my god. (laughter) >> jon: what did she do? did she funnel arms to isis to pay for a land deal in arkansas, did she sell a laz ca back to the russians for their silence on benghazi. bad her reses may with fake countries she-- in pantsuiti stan? >> hit me with the bad news. >> it appears that while she was secretary of state she did not have an official e-mail account at all.
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>> oh. this-- is that against the law not to have an e-mail? it seems less of a scandal and more of like a nerd snap like she's so old she doesn't have an official e-mail account. like, what is the big deal about not having an e-mail account, or what am i missing? >> hillary clinton may have broken federal record-keeping rules by using a personal e-mail account instead of a state department account. the official rules are that you are supposed to use government accounts which are safe for public record and are considered more secure. >> jon: oh, okay. well that is not nothing. that's-- she should have done that, right? but don't we have a facility in utah to collect all of our e-mail anyway? involving the whole ar chiv problem. or they don't [bleep] you either. >> why is this coming out now? wasn't it clear to anyone whose e-mailed secretary
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clinton during that time that her personal e mail address was a personal e-mail. >> someone in the west wing had an e-mail to send to the secretary of state did they just use her private e-mail? how did they get in contact with her? did that never raise a flag? >> jon: and did it not also raise the red flag that her personal e-mail was don'ttellanyoneaboutthisaccountit' secretaries rit shh.definitely not dov. it's not like the state department didn't eventually get all the clinton e-mails that clinton decided they should get. >> in 2014 clinton did hand over 55,000 pages after the state department sent a written request for the records. aids say they tossed out clinton's personal notes like memos on her daughter's wedding. >> jon: i believe it is a sign that when you write memos about your daughter's wedding--
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(laughter) re the happiest day of your life. you are father and i look very forward to sharing the event with you. -- i the concern there is that the aides are the ones that get to decide which e-mails are appropriate to be shared as opposed to an independent arbiter that is why doritoes doesn't get to decide which ingredients consumers need to know about. or why you don't get to tell the cops which pocket to search. >> well, no, officer, not that one. that is the weed pocket. and those other two gentleman gentlemen are my balls. is there another reason that she didn't need to archive the e-mails. >> secretary powell wrote about this in his book on a personal laptop installed in his office so he could use personal e-mail. >> jon: huh. i think the regulations started in 2009, wasn't that four years after powell
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left. i mean in colin pow erl was using a personal e-mail address they didn't really have rules on personal e-mail then. back then e-mail wasn't really prevalent laptop may explain why powell felt the need to install one in his office. >> how can we know that clinton even turned over all her relevant e-mail? >> she had taken steps to preserve those records by providing the state department with the 55,000 pages, i think 55,000 is a pretty big number. >> jon: it is a big number. there are bigger. a million, and it's not as big as the number clinton actually had. that is the crazy thing about numbers. >> you know, you can always top them somebody is like you have a hundred doll mations that say butt load of dalmatian i can't imagine anyone having more than a hundred dalmatians and some lady is like -- --
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101. that is a lot of dalmatians. but if that's you know how everybody feels, why not just say that secretary clinton did turn over all her e-mails? >> she provided a large amount 55,000. >> she just saved everything. >> well, you had i can-- fred, i'm not in her e-mail. >> jon: if you were in her e-mail you would be in the starring in the most boring tron sequel of all time. tron -- the in-box. >> oh no there's spam. all right, so it appears that secretary clinton did bend the regulations. i assume the problem is it means an incomplete record of her time or it does not allow for proper oversite
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is that the impact we're worried about. >> this development could have an impact on her presidential hopes. >> jon: how! what, do you think maybe a wrong e-mail address-gazi will be a big boost to her democratic primary rival cdcbd. i just learned candidate tbd dropped out of the race. so perhaps this will affect hillary clinton's standing with republicans in the general election who pretty much already believe her an her house to be treasoning murderous-- saurus us, i think her e-mail trouble helps fill up the senior vote, you know they can relate. (applause) and besides it only really matters if her actions were technically right or wrong. >> the spokesperson said she did abide by the spirit and letter of the rules here at the state department. >> the letter maybe, but the
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spirit, we'll be the judge of that his only one way to find out. i will summon, if i may that scam. hold on. the spirit of the rules oh great spirit we is up will cat for clarification -- circumstances upplecate for clarification. it's happening! >> without does disturb the spirit of the rules? >> jon: do you think hillary clinton is using private e-mail at her discretion as to what she wants to turn over honors the spirit of the regulation? >> yes well i believe perhaps spiritwise the clinton camp's stance on the regulation is basically-- (laughter) >> jon: that seemed like kind ever a lowbrow guess
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fewer-- gesture for such an ancient and wise spirit. >> oh, really let me see what my holy book of rules says about that. yes. oh yes there it is. oh oh,. >> jon: spirit of the rules everybody we'll be right
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. >> jon: welcome back. you know we all want our children to be safe from any infringement on their second amendment rights. luckily lawmakers in one state share that concern as jordan klepper reports. >> doctors, all day long with the doctor talk. what are you eating? >> are you exercising? iadaiad yadda yadda yadda. finally florida is getting them to shut the [bleep] up about one so-called health hazard. >> governor rick scott signed legislation that prohibits doctors from asking their patients if they own guns. >> second amendment attorney and gun afficionado noel plasterstein explains why it is important to keep doctors in check. >> i don't need a doctor asking me about whether i own firearms or not. they get misinformation they say children are harmed, guns are dangerous. you can only come to one conclusion they're looking out for the health and safety of a child. >> no. they're against our second amendment. right. >> so this law was enacted to stop physicians from
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harassing patients and discouraging gun ownership. pediatrician ann buzzkill dr. richard breauxly. >> i'm not saying you can't have a gun. but it's important to talk to parents with safety in general. and gun safety is part of keeping killeds safe. >> name one scenario where you would ever have to talk to a patient about guns. >> a suicidal patient. a toddler who has a parent who has a loaded gun in the house. a grandfather who wants to take their child out hunting. >> i said name one. >> so maybe there are a few hypothetical scenarios where guns may pose a threat to children. but the reality is quite different. >> people go and scream and cry that oh children guns hurt children. well yes in 2012 over 3,000 children ages i believe 14 to 25 were killed by firearm homicides. >> that's not that many. >> compared to automobiles no it's not.
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>> that's small, compared to automobile its t is almost insignificant. >> i would agree except for the families of those children. >> well, of course. but children have also been killed in many, many more tragedies like drowning in pools. these are greater dangers to our children than firearms in the house and guns. >> then why aren't doctors talking about these other dangers. there could only be one explanation. >> you're anti-gun. >> i'm not anti-gun. >> if that is the case dow talk about if they have a pool at home. >> yes. >> so are you anti-pool as well. >> we talk about everything. whether it's gun safety whether it's pool safety. >> now they're coming after our pool as soon as the pool industry must be fit. i sat down with a pool specialist to hear just how angry they are. >> you never discourage pediatricians talking to parents about pool safety. >> what? >> you're not afraid the government is going to take away your rights? >> no. why would they-- anyone who is-- safety is our priority so anyone who talks about safety is okay with us. >> i guess the pool guys
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just don't get it but gun owners have even more to worry about. >> if a doctor is keeping a list of his patients who have firearms the great fear is that if they start collecting this data, it leads to dictators tyrants hitler. >> holocaust 2. >> holocaust -- exactly. >> it was all starting to make sense. >> we're not talking about the holocaust. >> yet. >> we're talking about safety. >> what i hear is that you are anti-semi automatic. you are going to put my name on the list. >> there is no list. the government is not coming to take your guns. >> since gun injuries are going aren't going away, how can doctors get around this gag order on gun talk. >> i have a sharp pain in my side could it be from something that i ate? >> yes. >> gunshot wound. >> can't say the g word, all right. let's start, try something like lead poisoning. how i did get >> from a bullet. >> no, you can't say bullet either.
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>> maybe it's a second amendment heritage thing. >> i still think it's a gunshot wound. >> stop it doesn't matter what you think. you need to remember one very important rule. >> don't talk about guns. >> you guys are going to make me cry. >> maybe it is a gunshot wound. >> okay, watch your mourt. >> but even plaster-- concedes it is one situation where it is appropriate for doctors to talk to patients about guns in the home. >> if i'm showing signs of mental illness that is a different story. what are the signs of mental illness? >> irrational fear of nothing? >> wkts i dojted-- i don't know if you could father of being-- maybe paranoia about being on the government's list. >> that's-- that's-- i don't-- i don't think that's paranoia. >> inability to recognize when someone's [bleep] with you? >> what? >> diagnosing mental illness isn't easy. but at least it's still something we can talk about with our doctors. >> for now. j&j jord an klepper we'll be right back.
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chaers plaus (cheers and applause) >> jon: welcome back my guest tonight was a long time captain and youngest captain of the soviet union's red army team during which he won two olim big gold medals. he won three stanley cups from his time in the nhl featured the new documentary film red army. >> i belong to a great nation, if you wear the uniform for them t is your duty to do your best to represent the country.
1:26 am
to the soviets sports were in a way a kind of warfare. the game for them wasn't just a game t was also part of what you would call propaganda, actually. making very clear that we're the best and we're the best because of the soviet system because of socialism that's why we're the best. >> jon: by the way that parade was not hockey, that was a parade. please welcome slava-- slava fetisov. (applause) please it's so nice to see you. i am a great admirer of you not just as a hockey player but for your courage. hockey in the '80s and '90s really did stand in for both our countries as a kind of proxy battle of ideology.
1:27 am
i think we were one and two in that proxy battle. did you feel that pressure as well in russia? >> yes. we would go to dream about playing in the olympic games. of course my experience was in places in 1980. and it happened to be the-- to afghanistan the creation wasn't that-- to celebrate sports and olympic moments. it was-- the olympic village it was sort of-- . >> jon: when you went to the olympic village they put you in -- was that the olympic organizers put you there in the united states. >> everybody, all delegation
1:28 am
was given soon to be prison after the live to their homes. and we went my daughter, last year to see what was the experience for me. >> jon: yes. >> it is still a federal prison. >> jon: still a federal prison. here is where it gets crazy. if you watch this documentary we have this demonized version of what this team was and what it represented. that you guys were you know we liked to-- and probably the same from russia's side. but we had this sort of rocky kind of versus drago kind of like the treatment that you guys received in russia was really harsh. you guys on the red army team endured really rough conditions. >> yeah but that system was for the coaches to control the players and 11 months.
1:29 am
>> jon: you trained for 11 months a year. >> yeah, and got the one month vacation and got possibly two or three times a month to go and see your family. that's the price you pay. >> jon: and it also you know, it was interesting because coming from the soviet system of hockey so they were known as-- there was the five, yourself lar- ianov -- >>-- . >> jon: maybe the best five that ever played together in the world. they did a system where they played the five shift, in america they don't usually shift out all five from when you guys got sent to different teams nobody-- everybody struggled. >> yes. >> jon: when you reconnected and joined the red wings together. >> it was like-- it back back to the workroom. >> jon: as a hockey fan t was r it was fun to watch. >> and for the people in detroit their team and russian-- it was incredible. i will never forget this when we won the cup.
1:30 am
i never seep 20,000 happiest people in the world just to celebrate the win the stanley cup in 42 years and 1.5 million people in the pa i had ra. i mean and the signs theres with a sign i am gonea name all of my children fetisov. >> jon: now you have gone back to russia there las been a reconciliation you are the head of their ministry of sports. >> yeah, i was minister for almost 20 years. >> jon: so that's done now but that is big. >> you do it for the kids especially to join the sports to have a chance to-- new conditions to join the game. we did a lot. we brought that to the russias it was a big pride of the russians. we did a good job. and won the medal count. >> jon: are you worried that we're going back to those
1:31 am
days of more poisonous rhetoric between those two countries and misunderstanding each other in a way that is dang royce? >> yes. jon the world is so fragile. i feel it's not going well. that is why oom's here. i'm thankful. i think we should build more bridges in our countries. >> jon: i think the two of us together not only share i think our athletic prowess but also an-- what is beautiful about this you understand the human quality of the people behind the system underneath the system, it's humanizes it in a way and hopefully you spending time here humanized our system in a way. and i just hope we're not returning to that era. >> i hope too. >> if you see mr. putin tell him-- if he would like to come on the show if he doesn't have to wear a shirt. he can do whatever he wants.
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red army. in select cities more in the next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back.
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