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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  April 30, 2015 9:50am-10:22am PDT

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and we are in day two of our continuing coverage of the unrest in baltimore. and it feels lick there's been a little rest in the unrest in the last 24 hours. but you know i got something on cnn last night that really stood out. here say report that aired about ten minutes after the 10 p.m. curfew. see if you notice something missing from this picture. and hint it's not missing yet. >> would you have do you think that is the right thing? >> there is no easy answer to that. what it appears to be that baltimore is trying to do-- is do something a little different here not be as confrontational but of course they know they got to get the pition done. >> okay so at this point what do you do? do you go in and start arresting people? >> i think they do just what they're doing right now. (laughter) >> larry: did you see that? the brother just disappeared. you saw that. it was a brother walking there okay, wait, let's watch it one mohr time okay? all right there is the past
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curfew brother, he is just doing a little harmless cop hassles. look at this that is a hum v blocking the camera. get out of the way i can't see, i can't see. get out-- okay it's gone. okay, what did they do to the brother? he is gone! the brother just gone! oh my god! what the-- now that is some gangsta [bleep] right there man. and you forget it's called the fat guard. calm down, larry calm down. now it looks like he was kidnapped but it turns out the hum v block our view while the police arrested him and took him away. but the story is to the about the police arresting a guy who was out past his curfew okay. we're talking simple optics here. now guys do you not remember that baltimore erupted because of how a young black man was killed in a mysterious police van ride. then on national television you have a mysterious police
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vehicle show up and disappear another brother. you know baltimore, when you are under attack from violations of civil rights it's probably best not to manage them like some klan rally magician. presto changeo no more nigro. that is just horrible optics. >> it's just wrong. and it does nothing to help prepared relationship between black folks and the police. and it's not just cops. don't worry don't worry it's okay it's okay relax relax. nobody is going to get disappeared, all right. that's just our irony alert. there we go. the irony of our irony alert is that it takes a beep to come up. all right. all right, oh, oh irony-- okay, hang on for some dripping irony from former baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis. >> no way this can happen in our city. get off the streets!
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violence is not the answer. violation has never been the answer. that's right. violence has never been the answer once a murdering professional concussion giver, you are right. now the city is trying to move on. there are a lot of hopeful images. more than 10,000 people have been peacefully protesting. even older citizens have stood up for their neighborhoods. now look guys i know we need to pov forward and focus on the future. i get that. but i don't think we can fully move forward on this issue until we look back. because you know we're tied to a-- like a big-ass rock and the rock is like-- it's a racist rock, which-- now its-- okay, look the metaphor isn't important all right? (laughter) but what is important is that there are some very real issues that need to get addressed before anyone moves on. for instance it's been more than two weeks and we still don't have answers on what happened to tread-year gray.
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one fact that has emerged is that he was only the latest person to go toe-to-toe with the baltimore police van and lose. >> there have been a lot of attention given to what has been called quote a rough ride. >> a woman says cops handcuffed her. the driver was slamming on the brakes to ram her against the inside of the vehicle. >> i tell you when a cop is slamming me around in the black of the police van trying to seriously injure me that driver is definitely only get getting two stars. dammit that ibmer. it would be cool if it were a cops -- it is hard to complain about your rough ride when your driver has i don't know, -- >> baltimore police arrested a man for public urination in 2005. didn't buckle his seat belt they took a hard turn. doctors say his spine was dislocated. he later died. >> larry: this is disgusting guys. and this is the exact same thing that happened to freddie gray ten years later. look balance more police killing people in the van is
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not the spider-man origin story, dow not need to do a gritty repoot every few year actually hollywood that goes for the actual spider-man origin story while we're at it. apparently baltimore has had to pay out a ton of money because they just can't stop misconducting. >> the city has made more than $5.7 million dollars in judgements and settlements for alleged police misconduct. >> this includes six figure settlements for allegedly slamming a pregnant woman to the ground. for killing an unarmed marine veteran. and for beating a church deacon. >> larry: jesus, baltimore pd a preg than woman, a vet and a church deacon? that is like the holy trinity of sympathetic victims. why not shut down the special olympics for noise violation and make it an even four. good lord. i can't even believe this. now look the problems with the police are very bad. but it is just one item on the list. the unemployment rate in this area it is-- percent
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and the medium income in freddie gray income is 250 below the federal poverty line. this neighborhood just wants to move on up to a-- doesn't want to move up to a deluxe apartment in the sky just move on up to being able to see their kids am and until we can disappear some of these statistics ain't nobody moving up. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) do you regularly wear underwear? do you wear underwear? (laugh) yeah yes (laugh) i never wear underwear. is that too much information? yes now, do you think you can get too much information from your car? no this is an email from my car. there are 100s of diagnostics that the vehicle gathers and sends to me. does anyone want to meet the sender of this email? this is a 2015 chevy malibu. i love it.
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>> larry: welcome back. you know something i noticed about this coverage you know there is one word that reporters and commentators just fall in love with to describe the baltimoreans or baltimomos as i like to same who are let's's just say the lead actors of the drama that has been unfolding. >> these thugs. >> thugs in the street. >> thugs and looters. >> thugs came out. >> the thugs. >> the thugs. >> thugs. >> thugs. >> thugs, knock the thug right out of him. (laughter) >> larry: thug. really that's what they are. >> criminals and thugs who tore up the place. >> et tu obama. you changed man am you know who wouldn't have said that. choom gang barack. (laughter) choom gang barack right? right? come on. we know it's true.
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we have offered you a hit of his jazz cigarette and rapped with you about the oppressive police state. choom gang barack would have lent you his prince lp and then been cool when you forgot to give it back. people would have called choom gang barack a thug. i miss choom gang barack. (laughter) >> you know, but-- i don't like this whole using the word thug. i tell you why because when people say thug i think they mean what-- you know baltimore councilman carl stokes help me figure out the word i'm searching for. >> president obama also called prot testers in his word quote, unquote criminals and thugs. isn't it the right word? >> come on. so calling them enthusiastics-- just call them niggers. just call them niggers the. >> damn carl. i was just kidding about
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scaring the white lady. severuously, the last time a black guy-- a white shoved down a white woman on national tv kanye had to go into hiding for a year. i was kidding. well hey thanks to that clip, mr. stokes gets our straight up boss of the week award. that's right. you earned it carl. you earned it. but you know carl wasn't the first person to notice this new secret code word. >> i think it used to be the "n" word. now they are using thug instead of the "n" word. as a more accepted way of saying it. >> richard sherman should know, he's a thug. (laughter) >> larry: just kidding richard. you know you are my nigga! there's a difference guys. that's just sell antics. but not everybody understands that. >> now some people are suggest community leaders
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that we're thugs is-- the word thug is equiv lnt to the new n word. >> how orange is the new black, thug has became the new n word. >> some are saying the t word has replaced the "n" word. >> larry: okay, all right, i think we're going to need extra help sorting through this. joining me to talk about this is our new nightly show social commentator and black egghead or blegghead chicago own felonious monk welcome to the show felonious. (applause) >> larry: good to you have on the show. >> good to be here. >> larry: so let's get right down to it felonious. so is thug the new n word. >> it has no meeting in the diaspora of our struggle brother larry. what is a word if not a simultaneousiest protest an a cousin of the police state in and of itself. (laughter) >> larry: so yeah oh. wait, what? >> t-h-u-g is own nexus of
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potentialialit and subservience. to understand you have to tra vence the amplitude of time itself until you find yourself in 14th century india. there shall there thugs were bands of thieves who strangled their victims only to then rob the corpss. >> larry: . >> cut to. >> larry: cut to. >> cut to hundreds of years later. the racial leviathan sunk his tendrils into these united states and the thugs a thug is any person of ebb onee complexion who so ever the structure of statusco have been-- . >> larry: okay. so i think you said it started in india. but now it's used primarily to describe black people in jeopardy s that-- is that accurate? >> larry the "n" word was a narcotic to the racist. >> larry: okay. >> look to the bigot after the word leaves his lipsing you will see him envelope by
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aletium phrase of anastasia but now that word has been excised from polite company. like so much rabel and the proverbial man needs an substitute. -- ersatz substitute rz ersatzing i'm with you. but let's say i wasn't with you let's just say. how else would you break it down. >> larry if the "n" word is heroin, then thug is like oxycontin. you can get the same exhilaration, but you can use it in public. >> larry: got it. now i get it. i get it. >> your eyes are open brother larry. >> larry: i get it but here's the thing we saw that obama said thug yesterday, is obama a racist. >> he who dones the tiny black mustache be not a nazi though his-- may conjure the terrible right and so it is with thugs.
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>> larry: okay. you're not necessarily a racist if you say thug but it is racist to say thug? >> i guess if you want to oversimplify it. >> larry: i do want to oversimplify it thank you felonious monk everyone. we'll be right back every cookie here at left twix® is extra crisp so it stays crunchy when we apply caramel and chocolate. >>right twix has the same thing. they have packing tape like that over at right twix? try both. pick a side. twix
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. >> larry: all right, welcome back. i'm here with my panel
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comedian enclosey hilliard. -- chloe hilliard and charl la main tha god. thanks for showing up immortal form. >> word absolutely. >> and he will be calling this year's kentucky derby a ledge be in our own chair nbc sports anchor bob costas. >> hey larry. >> larry: the man right there. guys, i barely slept last night thinking about this. so let's get into this. talking about everything that has gone on in baltimore. and by the way happy anniversary. >> which anniversary is it? >> this is the 23rd anniversary of the rodney king riots. happy anniversary. >> absolutery. >> that's very important. >> larry: so i got everyone fire i hope that's okay. >> you know what happened after the rodney king riots they actually postponed four dodger games. but they made them up later in the year. but today they played in front of nobody at camden
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yard. >> baseball is much mohr important now. >> i guess it must be. to unite a city even when there is no one there. and i thought it was great when they said now batting for the orioles manny machado since all the orioles know who he is and all the white sox know who he is who is that going to benefit. >> larry: that's great. what dow do as a sports announcer. boy, the city is on fire. speaking of being on fire the orioles. >> there is a lot of bad jokes that i hope they stear clear of lvz. >> this is the anniversary-- . >> larry: what is going on in baltimore say celebration. >> larry: have we learned anything yet. it has been 23 years have we learned anything? >> clearly not. when you don't correct mistakes to begin with then will you continue to keep making the same mistakes over and over. i don't think none of those mistakes were ever corrected in the judicial system to begin with. >> that is because everybody thought it was a fluke. nobody that-- . >> larry: rodney king. >> nobody thought police went around beating people. and-- . >> larry: nobody thought that? >> nobody. and of course who just happens to walk around with a video camerament now we have smartphones so you can -- >> that was the start
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because somebody from a primitive camera from a window was abe to film what happened with rodny kingment i think things have changed overall. things have changed i think societally we are better off in ways that we could tick off. but when it comes to the relationship between the police and large segments of the community primarily the african-american community we are still at a very bad place. >> i think sometimes our relationship with police is fine, it is the police that seem to have a problem with us. we're not the ones going around killing the police officers. >> but now we can hold them accountable because we have smartphones so you can easily take a picture of your and film the cops beating somebody up. >> larry: while you are taking a dick pic there may be something happening in the background. >> we talked about this whole thing with thugs being the new n word to me the "n" word it's doing okay by itself. it doesn't need any help way new word you know. do you think that is true. is there coding in the word at all? >> absolutely. i think thug is the new n
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word but people don't realize that thugs come in any color and oftentimes they are wearing pink polos. >> want al capone guys thugsing aren't union busters thugsment didn't president obama and the mayor of baltimore both use the word thug? doesn't thug have an actual meaning? it isn't a racial per jor difficult t has to be used selectively. someone called richard sherman a thug. richard sherman graduated second in his class at compton high skoochl he graduated from standford. he didn't attend. he graduated from standford. now just because-- just because he wears dreads and sometimes he talks-- he is the furthest thing from a thug. >> larry: people need to know the difference between thug and thug-like. >> however, there are-- there are some guys who have athletic ability who are thugs. >> thugs aren't action thug
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thugs aren't necessarily a person. no nobody calls those kids rioting thugs. >> they are celebrating they are very joyful. >> exactly. >> but there is a difference. i remember when the indiana thing happened when ron artest and the big fighting people were calling them thugs. how can they fight every single night. they are never called thugs. >> come on bob what is up with that? >> are sportscasts to blame for these riots certificate seriously. >> i will give a semi serious answer. i think sportscasters have become better over the last generation in recognizing that they were unconsciously saying this mostly white sportscaster unconsciously saying that the black athlete is talented and the white athlete is resourceful and gritty and tough. now larry bird is so smart. have you talked to larry bird? >> right. >> larry: have you had a conversation with larry bird. >> he was basketball smart.
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>> larry: basketball smart. >> i think if football players are black and considered thugsing i think every sport way white man who holds a stick they are thugs too so baseball polo lacrosse. >> larry: you don't have to be a thug. >> it is not fair to call the people that are in baltimore which i like to say nonpeacefully protesting it is not fair to call them thugs and not call the cops that kill freddie gray thugs. >> yeah. >> they're the ones who committed the criminal act. nobody got murdered on one day in baltimore when they were burning down -- >> no, it is all about behavior and actions. it's not about who falls into what demographic or what ethnicity it is about behavior and actions. >> larry: but it never seems to fall that way. i mean your point, i believe that is-- that is torture what they did. >> absolutely. >> larry: that has been done before. if we want to use words we should use words that have actual meaning. they tortured him. >> that is a mortal kombat fatality, to handcuff
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somebody and put them in the back of crazy that is a mortal kombat fatality okay. >> larry: what level? (laughter) >> larry: all right. we'll try to have more happy fun about this we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) if you are in new york city come see the show. go to nightly for tickets i'm sorry for your loss. it still doesn't feel real. our time together was... so short. well, since you had progressive's total loss coverage, we were able to replace your totaled bike with a brand-new one. the tank...the exhaust... well, she looks just like roxie! you know, i'll bet she's in a better place now. flo: i know she is. i feel it in my heart. [ heavenly choir sings ] actually, the old roxie's over at the junkyard. flo: kkh-kkh! getting you back on a brand-new bike. now, that's progressive.
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captioned by media access group at wgbh (cheers and applause) >> larry: that's all the time we have for tonight. sorry we ran out of time but we will have all these panelists on again real soon. i want to thank chloe hilliard charlamagne tha god bob costas an our new nightly show felonious monking. >> follow us on twitter an like us on facebook to keep track of everything we're doing on-line. good nightly everyone. (cheers and applause)
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