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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  August 6, 2015 5:38pm-6:13pm PDT

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[laughter] in fact ... [laughter] many republican candidates have sought to show that their democratic opponents were in fact loving obama. in fact, married tocr own and taken his name as the hyphenate. >> this obama isn't our economy. >> jon: yes, yes. we obama-aiken. the obama-aiken economy, which has been struggling dough to stag informant wages, loss of manufacturing base and being a little pitchy, doll. a little pitchy. of course not all democrats are running from obama due to his unpopular policy. democratic senate candidate from
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kentucky alison lundergan grimes is running. >> why do you not want to give an answer whether you're voting for president obama. >> there's no ruluctancy. this is a matter of principle. our constitution grants here in kentucky the constitutional rights for privacy at the ballot box. >> jon: my country tis of thee. no, you cannot see. [laughter] >> i would be voting as a right to privacy issue. that's why they give you those stickers. [laughter] grimes principle's stand is only undermined by her announcing lastvoted for health rea clinto. but that's different, health rea clinton is popular. look democrats aren't the only ones running from their party. republicans are retreating on the culture wars. the fact is i support over the counter contraception.
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you supported a constitutional amendment on marriage. do you still support that. >> when i was chairman of that committee it was the platform called for a federal marriage amendment and as chairman of the rnc, i stood for the platform. i'm talking now about my policies. >> jon: my policies. not the ones i was paid to pretend i supported or the ones i will be paid to support after i lose and become a lobbyist for any one of a number of multinational corporations. the point is give me money and i'll do what you say. gillespie, the beating starts now. look, this election's underlying theme is both parties are unpopular that their candidates are running on how much they hate themselves. of course the republicans have a slight advantage having spent the last six years breaking our gut. they now get to run on the anger resulting from said broken government. no where was this cynical ploy more evident than senate majority leader and shell bearing reptile mitch mcconnell.
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>> i will negotiate with the democrats when we can find a reasonable agreement. [laughter] >> jon: we could start with. nobody likes beingéx stung by a bee. [laughter] that's something we can work on. [laughter] of course despite mccgd>swearin. that is conciliatory [bleep] he said there's enough of us to march. as long as republicans refuse to follow obama's lead, americans will see partisan and conclude that obama has failed to produce change. looks like the tortoise went there. the only problem with the strategy is that sometimes have
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you to attack something like kentucky's kin he can website but he can't shut it down because it works. watch how he magically does it. >> the website can continue but in my view the best interest of the country would be achieved by pulling out obamacare root and branch. >> you would support the continuation of kinect. >> it's a state decision. >> why would you support it. >> that's fine, yes. i think it's fine to have a website. [laughter] >> jon: mitch mcconnell, he will keep the website but he will get rid of the program the website connects you to. [laughter] leave the website in some kind of internet ghost so people can flow through options they can no longer choose from. oh look, here's the plan that would have paid for your chemo
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treatments. oh, too bad it no longer exists. [laughter] so democrats can't run on anything they've done in the past six years, and republicans can't run on making sure nothinñ got done over the past six years. what does anyone have left to run on? ladies and gentlemen we've got an ebola outbreak, the growing threat of isis. >> isis should be destroyed. >> keep america safe from terrorism. get the border and secure it. >> keep our country safe from ebola. >> midterm 2014. we have nothing to fear but fear itself so we're going to go with fear. aaaahhhhhh. hello. i am here to offer sophisticated investing strategies. my technology can help you choose the right portfolio. monitor it. and automatically rebalance it. all without charging advisory fees, account service fees or commissions. that may be hard to compute.
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are=2 >> jon: welcome back. [crowd cheering] in the current version of our war in the middle east, there are a few things that we know. one, isis represents an existential threat to our nation. two, the massive threat requires no sacrifices on anybody's part because three we can take care of the problem with our strikes and trustee allies. one little snag. the iraqi army has collapsed. there is no real iraqi army. that's weird. i remember the united states spending eight years and $25 billion training somebody's army over there. does iraq have a twin brother, perhaps. the all right, the iraqi army won't be there to reap the
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strategic advantage of our high tech boom-boom juice. who needs an army when you have an army of coalition friends. >> the coalition. [laughter] >> crashed into what now. >> crashed into the coalition. the president talks today of key allies he's counting on to fight isis but are they willing to pull their weight. >> president obama is there. to give a view atta boys a slp on the back. >> jon: what are they 14ñmhvqp) olds at a justin bieber concert. anybody going to step up. >> we're learning turkey is going to let the u.s. use its air bases as the base for the launching of their strikes against iraq and syria. >> jon: that's what i'm talking about.
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one country can count on turkey. good old otto, man. that a turk. i knew you guys could come three. really, one day later. >> turkey is denying reports that the u.s. can use its bases for air strikes. >> jon: can't use the bases. what the heck turkey, we're all about the base. we're all about the base. no rebels, we're all about the base. [laughter] i really lack at tremendous amount of rhythm, don't i? it's hard for me even to perform let alone how hard it must have been for you to watch. [laughter] i hope your children are already asleep. why wouldn't turkey, our nato ally let us use its air bases unless it's because they're using the bases themselves. the turkish war planes went on the attack monday. all right. i get it. they want the credit, it's all starting to make sense now.
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but instead of pounding isil positions in syria, the turks packed kurdish, fighting isilnk. [bleep] we've been bombing isis to help the kurds, our good friend turkey at the same time a few miles away is bombing kurds thereby helping isis. that was never in risk. what, why. >> because if pkk were shutting military outposts in that area, the kurds extremely upset about turkey not allowing kurds into somalia to help the group there fight isil back. >> it was a very brutal 30-year insurgency where kurds were trying to find and fighting the turkish army to create their own independent state. >> jon: i'm starting to think the british going in there and saying [bleep] it wasn't such a great idea. isn't there anyone out there who
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just wants to go in and fight some isis. >> members of the motorcycle gang from the netherlands have traveled to iraq to help kurds there fight isis. the buyingers went to iraq to quote exterminate the rodents of isis. >> we alwaysúc new there was gog to have to be some boots on the ground. i guess we can't be picky about what kind of boots. [laughter] >> jon: we'll be right back. ♪ [hero female] we're all familiar with this: axe daily fragrances, which comes in a black can. but what you wouldn't have seen is this, axe dry spray anti-perspirant.
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o'reilly factor on the fox news program channel. the new book is killing patton, the world war ii's audacious colonel. welcome back mr. william o'reilly. [applause] >> jon: have a seat. i'm glad given the ebola scare you're still shaking my hand. i think that's a positive step. i know you're very frightened and i want to tell you everything's going to be okay. there you go, baby. [laughter] how's it going. settle down. the book is called bill o'reilly killing patton. we'll just call this killing trees. [laughter] >> you didn't read it. >> jon: no, i did not read it. >> listen to me, here's all i want from you today. this is it, this is all we'vejá got to do in this conversation. just one, i have one simple goal. i want you to admit that there
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is such a thing as white privilege, that's all i want. >> jon: i knew you were going to say that. [cheers and applause] >> i just want you to say i am, i'm terribly terribly wrong on this. >> jon: okay, look, if there's white privilege then there has to be asian privilege. because asians make more money than whites. >> what? what kind of asian. >> asian americans. >> well no, it depends where they're from. >> they're from asia. they're asian americans. >> i understand that. >> they make more money, higher education, more affluent. so it's asian privilege, not white privilege. >> you're missing the point. it's not, that's, okay. here we go. the asian experience in america, the asian immigrant experience is very different from the black experience. so it's really, they're not equivalent. and either way, white people males set the system.
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so that's what privilege is, is that white people set the system that yes maybe asian immigrants wants immigration policies to be liberalized have done better over these past 30-40 years. but there's been a systemic, systemic systemized subjugation of the black community. would you not agree with that. >> sure. that was then. this is now. >> it was white privilege but it no longer exists. >> maybe you haven't figured out there is no more slavery, no more jim crow, all right. >> all right.a?hx 6cjú>> and thn the world. >> oh boy, here we go. >> is a black american. and the most powerful woman in the world, oprah winfrey is black, okay. being able to give people a free car does not make you the most powerful woman in the world. >> listen. you don't believe that the residual effect, i mean slavery and jim crow are dead.
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but the residual effect of that systemic subjugation exists today. absolutely exists but in a different way. >> it exists for every race, not at that expense. but you don't put forth, all right, this oh white privilege and if you fail that's why you nail, all right. america's now a place where if you work hard, get educated in an honest person, you can succeed. that'sy= what should be put out there. not all this other stuff. >> you are carrying more of the burden as a black person in this country than a white person in this country. >> from collectively yes but not individually. they don't stop -- >> even though they've done far more damage to the economy. [cheers and applause] >> listen to me. white people, white people do more drugs in this country than black people because black people make up a far higher majority -- . >> do you know why that is?
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>> yes. >> you do know why that is? why is that. >> because black people, it's about real estate to some extent. there has been a systemic subjugation through real estate. black people are ghettoized in this country. >> they have to live there. is that what you're telling me. >> you're getting to a bad place my friend. what made your culture. do you think your up bringing gave you values, ethic. >> yes, it did. >> you didn't grow up rich, right. >> no. >> you worked hard. >> right. >> you lived where? >> levitttown, new york. >> it gave you a nice stable, a cheap home. there's no down payments, incredible opportunity. all of those houses were subsidized. >> they weren't subsidized, it was for gi's and the gi's got a mortgage they could afford. >> look you're making a huge mistake. >> no. let me just ask you a question. did that up bringing leave a mark on you evengc today. >> of course.
6:02 pm
every upbriggs leaves a mark. >> could black people life in levit town. >> not at that time they could not. >> that my friend is called in the business white privilege okay. [crowd cheering] >> that was in 1950, all right. 1950. 1950. >> were there black people living there in 1960. >> in levittown, no. >> there weren't. >> how do you know. >> because i read up on that. >> you read up. you don't know that. >> i could find somebody. >> my point is even today, why would you like to live there. it's a nice place but -- >> it's a place that built values. what you don't understand is -- >> there are millions of black neighborhoods that built values. >> but imagine growing up knog you as an american fighting in world war ii you couldn't buy into that because you were black. you were not there.
6:03 pm
it was unfair. and that is white privilege. >> if you want to say it's white privilege -- >> i'm not saying -- >> fine. >> i'm saying it exists. >> fine. it's not happening here in contemporary society. >> yes, it is. >> no, it's not. let me repeat this and i'll do it slowly. >> all right. >> so even you can understand it. >> all right. >> if you work hard, if you get educated, if you're an honest person, you can make it in america. >> if you live in a neighborhood where people are poverty is endemic it's harder to work hard. it's harder to get even cake. >> hey, it was harder on me than it was for the white guy in garden city. it's all relative, yes. it's harder if you're a ghetto kid. yes, but can you do it? yes. >> yes, you can. so what i don't understand is why so defensive about it? why is it that white people get so defensive about this? i'm not saying that life isn't hard. middle class white guys that are working hard to do what they can
6:04 pm
and they#o look and they go i'm not getting any privilege. that's not what we're talking÷g about. what we're talking about is a group of people that were brought here. they didn't choose to immigrate here to get that better life. and must acknowledge that our countries had a problem with that. >> people acknowledge that are fair minded. but you don't then take that and then condemn the modern society. >> do you know what i'll call it, i'll call it this and it's a word i think you'll understand. a factor. it's a factor. >> it's a factor. >> i'll give you the factor. your humanity has moved me. you are like pope francis that has taken the catholic church into an era of acceptance and humanity. you, you bill o'reilly can lead the flock of the fox fearful to a better place. i believe in you.
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you been edited on the web. go ahead watch it. here's our show. >> it's third generation born in >> december 16, 2010. from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show with jon stewart." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( applause ) >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." i'm jon stewart. thank you very much.
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ladies and gentlemen... the last show of the year, and contrary to what it might seen, i have never felt more full of... [snoring] ( laughter ) before we go, i want to talk one last time about something called the zadroga bill. an n.y.p.d. detective who died in 2006 from respiratory illness thought to be caused by working at ground zero in 2001. this bill would provide $7 million in medical and financial benefits for ground zero workers who get sick, and they're going to pay for it by closing a corporate tax loophole, it's a win, win, win, win. just [bleeped] do it! ( cheers and applause ) the house passed it. sorry. the house of representatives passed it. and it would pass in the senate if it came to an up-or-down vote. they have more than the 50 votes they need. the senate republicans have filibustered it. they won't allow the bill to come up for a vote.
6:11 pm
luckily yesterday there was some good news from the senate. the logjam broke. >> today the senate passed that bill to extend tax cuts to all americans, including the wealthiest, by an overwhelming 81-19 vote. >> jon: yes! that is astoundingly good news for firefighters that make over $200,000 a year. ( laughter ) of course, all non-millionaire firefighters are still [bleeped] out of luck. apparently the party that turned 9/11 into a catchphrase are now moving suspiciously into a convenient pre9/11 mentality when it comes to this bill. what's more, none of the three broadcast networks have mentioned any of this on their evening newscasts for two and a half months. although, to be fair, it's not every day that beatles songs come to imtunes. ( laughter ) music? for sale on the internet? ( laughter ) this is going to be great.
6:12 pm
this is an outrageous abdication to our responsibility to those who were most heroic on 9/11. you know what, i hate to say this. this is a job for fox news, the nation's leading source of 9/11-based outrage. they always fight to make sure that 9/11 is appropriately observed. >> will the president take any political criticism for not coming to ground zero on this 9/11? >> fox news channel has looked at an advanced copy of her speech and has noticed that not once will she use the words "terrorism" or "9/11." >> those dots, that where remains were found. where does the arrow go? right to where the mosque is. >> when i watched the second plane fly into the building, i was there. i had a safety deposit balk at the bank. you want know why i had passion, this is why. >> jon: yewe


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