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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  October 8, 2015 6:24pm-6:57pm PDT

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is "the daily show" with trevor noah. captioning sponsored by comedy central ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show" with trevor noah. that's me. our guest tonight, the director of the new documentary "winter on fire: ukraine's fight for freedom," evgeny afineevsky is here joining us. evgeny afineevsky, give a round of applause. but first, the g.o.p. race is heating up. donald trump is still in the lead with 25% in the polls. but right behind him, right behind him, and gaining ground is this man. >> i'm very concerned about the future of our children. i-- i-- i've watched politicians do that. of course,, you know, i prepare every day, and i'm learning more things every day. >> trevor: ah, ben carson. for people who like donald trump's ideas but hate his charm
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and charisma. ( laughter ) ben carson's like the drug-free cocaine for people who don't want to get high but just like snorting white powder. ( laughter ) but it turns out that even the doctor's calm has become too crazy for some. you see, yesterday, ben carc ofns asked how he would respond if a gunman like the one in the oregon shooting confronted him and it didn't go well. >> rising g.o.p. star dr. ben carson is under fire after making controversial comments about gun control. >> i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say, "hey, guys. everybody attack him. he may shoot me, but he can't get us all." >> take action. ( laughter ). >> trevor: i don't get it. you know what i also don't get is that ben carson really thinks that he could rally people against a mass shooter. ( laughter ) i think he's overestimating how inspiring his presence might be. ( laughter )
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you're gonna shoot me? hey, guys, listen up. i need you all to rally behind my charismatic presence, and charge with me in a certain death. who's with... ( laughter ) ( applause ) look, in carson's defense, though, he may have been caught off guard. given time to think, i'm sure he'd clarify what he meant. >> what needs clarification. >> i guess the implication that you're saying that the students didn't do enough to save themselves. >> i said what i would do. i would ask everybody to talk the gunman because he can only shoot one of us at a time. that way we don't all wind up dead. ( laughter ) >> trevor: well, when you put it that way, it is pretty funny. everyone is not dead. i don't understand this guy, chastising victims of a shooting
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for what you assume was their cowardice is what most normal candidates would consider a gaffe. but i will admit-- ben carson does practice what he preaches because even though the media kept taking shots at him, he kept charging into those interviews. >> the accusation there, dr. carson, is that you appeared tone deaf and that you seemed callous in the laughter about the massacre and what you would have done. >> no, i'm laughing at them and their silliness. >> who? who? >> the people asking that question. if you sit there and let him shoot you one by one, you're all going to be dead. >> trevor: "let him shoot you?" what do you mean, "let him shoot you?" what do you really expect the victims to do? ben carson, i really don't understand this. this guy would make the worst00 negotiator over. all right, sir, i need you to stay calm and put your gun down. everyone else rush him! rush him now! rush him! how many people are dead? well, at least it wasn't
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everyone. ( laughter ) there are also a few other things that carson would like to change. >> you said that you'd be very comfortable with kindergarten teachers having guns in the classroom? >> not all kindergarten teachers. i said people who are trained. >> you want that teacher trained? >> i want that teacher trained in diversionary tactics. >> trevor: who are you! who are you and how do you think that this is an education policy! this is not an education policy! kindergarten teachers can barely handle a room full of five-year-olds and now you want them to be navy seals? maddux, i asked you twice to stop pulling chelsea's hair. now you get a flashbang grenade! get on the ground! get on the ground! it's nap time ( bleep )! but there's a reason why carson
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thinks it's up to the victims to reduce gun violence, because for him there's something much scarier than a mass shooting. >> in a facebook question-and-answer session he wrote, "there is no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking but i never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away." >> trevor: wow. this guy must have been the least-popular neurosurgeon to work with in that hospital. 17-year-old white male, multiple gunshot wounds. this is the worst i've ever seen. actually, you know what would be worse-- goddamn it, carson. this is not time for the second amendment ( bleep ) again! ( applause ) it's just-- it's just shocking that such a smart man, a brain surgeon, could have this kind of perspective-- rushing a gunman? it seems crazy. i mean, the only time that i've seen it work is in one situation.
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yeah. it's weird that ben carson would think a scro a zombie strategy e the way to go. unless-- wait a second, slow, languid space, deadize, loves brains? oh, my god, this explains everything. ben carson is a zombie! whooo! ( cheers and applause ) for more on this we turn to our senior campaign correspondent desi lydic, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) desi, what's the mood tonight in oregon? >> well, trevor, as you can imagine people are devastated. they're confused, frustrated. >> trevor: that obviously makes a lot of sense. >> right, they're frustrated that the victims never thought of the obvious solution-- rushing the gunman. it was so simple! yet, it took a brain surgeon to
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think of it. >> oh, desi we're talking about rushing into a barrage of bullets. would that really work? >> tell you what, let's look at the alternative. a little hostage situation that took place in los angeles where the hostages didn't rush the terrorists is ther. >> trevor: i don't think i actually heard about this. >> oh, yeah, they took over a whole skyscraper and a cop, wisecracking attitude and he had to take on those vaguely european terrorists? >> trevor: desi is that "die hard?" >> those cowardly hostages just sat there, trevor, waiting for someone to yippee-kay-ay them to safety. >> trevor: desi, that's a movie. >> den carson is the only realist in this conversation. he knows gun control is off the table. since we can't control the guns. we can at least control the
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victims' reactions to the guns. we've all heard the saying, "guns don't kill people, people shot by guns who don't rush the guy shooting them kill people." ( applause ) >> trevor: i just don't get it, desi. how can stopping a mass shooting be the victims' responsibility? >> look, this is the world we live in. you don't wake up in the morning ready to be a human shield, just stay home, okay, because otherwise you're putting everyone around you at risk of being shot by a bullet that you could have blocked. >> trevor: i don't know, desi, carson's comments just seem so callous right now. >> hey, hey, don't shoots the messenger. although, that would be your right. ( applause ). >> trevor: so, you think ben carson was correct then? >> what? no! i think he's bat ( bleep ) crazy. but at least he's offering solutions, and not just for guns. take tornadoes. we should just rush them, clog them up with our bodies until they slow down and fall over.
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ben carson has got solutions for everything. give me a problem, trevor. >> trevor: i don't, climate change. >> grow gills. >> stomach cancer. >> get lung cancer. >> trevor: okay, here's a problem. ben carson. >> oh, no there's no stopping him. unless a big enough group of people all rushed him at once. ( laughter ) no, no, that would never work. >> trevor: desi lydic, everyone. everyone. we'll b the moment's arrived. the best iphone ever is here. and you're all like... and then you remember there's verizon. which is great, because if you're going to get the best iphone wouldn't you want to have the best network? kinda makes you want to jump for joy. tell all your friends and family. even throw a party. get up to $400 when you switch to verizon and trade up to the iphone 6s. and now you can upgrade to a new iphone
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is already here with x1. only from xfinity. ( cheers and applause ) welcome back to "the daily show." technology, it's what separates us from the monkeys. and to maintain that competitive edge, we have to stay on top of the latest trends. here to help is one "the daily show's" newest members, senior technology correspondent, which i, everyone. >> thanks, trevor. for decades you've been hearing about virtual reality that could help us do incredible things, like perform surgery, or seduce giant blew bluecheetah women. now after billions of dollars in research and development, virtual reality is finally ready to show us what it can do. >> imagine you were at a performance of the los angeles philharmonic orchestra, but not in the audience. instead, you're in the middle of
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the action. that's the experience the l.a. phil wants to bring to the world with a virtual new reality act. >> trevor: yeah, a classical music concert. great. now i get to be bored out of my mind from the comfort of my own home. i can't wait until they come up with a virtual reality flight delay simulator. oh, cool. we're tenth in line for takeoff. i guess i'll just take out this cross word puzzle in this virtual in-flight magazine. someone already filled it out with pens? come on, science. this is virtual reality! we can go anywhere. how about one where you can travel around the world and i don't know go deepsea diving. and your dad says he's proud of you? ( laughter ) the possibilities are endless. >> trevor: wait, ronnie, what did you say about your dad? >> unfortunately, trevor, the current option for virtual travel, a little undercoming. >> hotel giant marriott is getting in on the action using
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vr technology to showcase their property. >> let's take a trip to china. >> wow. >> right in front of me talking. there's a wind blowing and i know that's from the flag above me. oh my tour is coming to an end? >> yeah, great, i've always there for 10 seconds. and stand yeah, i saw the flag. i saw the sidewalk. i saw the great dune of china. it's like i don't have to go anymore. >> ronny, it seemed pretty impressive to me. it looked like you could reach out and touch that guy. >> exactly. just some guy. that's not my dad. >> trevor: why would your dad-- >> trevor, it's not all fun and games. there are also practical applications for virtual reality. >> virtual reality has been tried before in football. it has never worked until now. there are limits in college on how much time players can spend on the field. there are no limits to how much
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time they can spend alone with a virtual reality headset. >> we did it! we found another way to exploit college athletes. ( cheers and applause ) yeah great 3 yeah. now they can take a break from football practice with more football practice. come on. these guys get enough football already. they should be using virtual reality to experience something they'll never get to see, like a paycheck from the n.c.a.a. >> trevor: oh, ronny, it sounds like nothing is good enough for you, man. >> i know, now i know how nigh dad feels. am i right? actually, that's not completely true. there is one kind of virtual reality that i think we can all appreciate. i'll give you a hint-- it rhymes with corn, and you can jerk off to it. >> just when you thought the multibillion-dollar born business couldn't get any bigger, enter virtual reality. >> you can head over to the gentleman's club and go on stage and give a pole dance.
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if you give a lap dance, the girl is right on your lap and moving and gyrating. this experience is remarkably real. >> yeah, finally! this is what virtual reality should be! check out those geometric curves! so hard and angular. ( laughter ) >> trevor: ronny, i don't understand why are you getting so excited with the ( bleep ) graphics. why not watch real people have sex on video. >> yeah, that could be great and hopefully we'll live to see the day that is possible. you know what, trevor, i was so inspired by the potential of virtual reality i went out and made my own program, one that i think could be even more popular than porn. >> check it out. >> i know i don't say this much, but i love you, son. i'm so proud of you. let's go stand in china together. >> i love you, dad! >> trevor: ronny chieng,
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( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: welcome back. my guest tonight is a film maker and he has a new documentary for netflix called "winter on fire." >> trevor: please welcome evgeny afineevsky.
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( applause ) all i wanted to do was get your name right. that's all i was going for. >> and you did it. >> trevor: i practiced. i practiced. evgeny afineevsky. i hike that. it's russian? >> yup. >> trevor: okay. so this is a confusing story for me from the beginning. i mean, the documentary is easy to understand, but i want to know a bit about you and how you got into this. so russian born? >> american as of now. >> trevor: living in l.a. >> yup. >> trevor: how did you come to make this film? this is a crazy story about a 93-day period fighting the president of ukraine who was oppressing everybody. how did you get involved in that all the way from l.a.? >> one of my friends was involved before in the movies with me. we did previous movies. he literally called me from ukraine and said, "history is happening. come down. we need to document this." and you know what? crazy as myself, i took the camera and went to ukraine. >> trevor: and that's-- my
6:47 pm
friends call me for good times. i don't know about friends that are like, "hey, come on and let's almost get shot in the revolution that's taking place." >> nobody was expecting to be shot there. when i went there it was a peaceful demonstration, a peaceful protest of youth. it was amazing people who wanted to be heard, who wanted to be heard by the government. and nobody was expecting to be killed. nobody was expect to be beaten at 4:00 in the morning. so that started to unfold spontaneously. >> trevor: this is such an insane story. the president of the ukraine says to everybody i'm going to join with the e.u.. everyone is happy about this. and behind the nation's back makes a deal with putin. who is a great guy. ( laughter ) and people are unhappy about this, and they start off the protest. and you were there for this whole process. what was the feeling like when you were standing in this crowd? because you were there for this. >> yeah, and it was interesting. it was an extraordinary experience because you just
6:48 pm
showed a clip about 12-year-old kid that literally can watch how he was maturing through these 93 days. and every character who was there was fascinating. for example, the kid who was 12 years old he ran from his home and had been there from the beginning, until the protesters achieved their goals. >> trevor: one of the things that really fascinated me was the fact that all through the protests, the protesters always said to the police, "ar, "you ae people. helpinous this fight." it was such a strange thing hearing them pleading to the police, ask them." they didn't see them as a separate entity. they said, "we are ukrainian. you are ukrainian. why are you beating us?" i feel like that should apply everywhere in the world, strangely enough. >> i think what should apply from this movie is the unity because the unity was fascinating. people from all generations, all ages, all social groups, from
6:49 pm
rich to poor, students, people who accomplished a lot of things in life, different places, all were together. unity. i haven't seen it a lot, and this unity helped them to win. and another thing i think people should take, they're the people, and they're the real power. >> trevor: they are the people, and the youth of the people. this isn't a disney film but there were a few moments when i lost it. i won't lie. one of them was when the youth said we have a purpose. a revolution has given us purpose. and i thought to myself, is that what we need for youth to get involved in politics is revolutions. >> i don't think revolutions. but you said it gave you kind of looking at this and it was also human. and this human side of them. we had a concert every night. you probably saw playing piano between the protesters and police. it was amazing to see with human spirit and even when the
6:50 pm
government basically made the new laws prohibiting them to wear the gear, prohibiting them to -- >> they made it illegal to protest. >> correct. what they did. they wear masks. they basically put cooking parts on their heads. >> trevor: a great fashion choice. what an insane situation. upper in it, though. that's what fascinates me. you were there and you were filming the police. if you try to film the police in most countries, they come to the person who is filming, and yet they just let you. did nobody stop and say, "what were you filming?" >> it was not only me. film makers around me, local film makers, who each wanted to contribute their stories when they saw i was doing this movie. they all came to me and said, "here is my story. i want to share it with the entire world." it's amazing, professionals and nonprofessionals were there. at the same time, i was having a badge of the local press so it kind of was protecting.
6:51 pm
again, nobody was protected from the bullets. nobody was protected from the freezing weather. nobody was protected-- sorry for mying language. >> trevor: don't apologize. my english is worse. badges were not protect you from bullets. >> no. >> trevor: no badges, no badges. thank you so much for coming. a beautiful, beautiful film. >> thai. >> trevor: "winter on fire" will premiere fridays on netflix and open in new york and l.a. evgeny afineevsky, everybody. evgeny afineevsky, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) sure, when pigs fly. ♪ take it. good boy! get a pizza hut pizza with breadsticks baked right into the crust. it's a combination made in heaven. bring home the flavor with a twisted crust pizza from pizza hut. it's pizza and breadsticks in one amazing creation. get two dipping sauces like marinara and cheddar cheese.
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( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: that's our show. stay tuned for "the nightly show." >> there is a new ethics debate growing overseas. some researchers in the u.k., are warning against the rise of robots, but not just any captioned by media access group at wgbh media access group at wgbh access.wg
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