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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  October 16, 2015 2:05am-2:36am PDT

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game of street rug by, the mayor took out the 10-year-old as he larry: tonightly, lawenforcement leaders say cops are policing less aggressively for fear of being caught on camera. without with have thought the night stick with become less powerful than the selfie stick. i didn't see that coming. that's right, the threat of viral videos may be causing cops to stop doing their jobs, hey cops, as long as killing unarmed black people is part of your job description, take all the time
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you need. (applause). larry: and jennifer lawrenceaddresses gender wage gap in hollywood, since it's hollywood it is already being developed into a movery starring chris pratt. breep bleep i know, let's, camera action, america thrk is the nightly show. captioning sponsored by comedy central larry: thank you very much.thank you. welcome to the nightly show, please please. thank you very much. >> larry larry, larry. larry: we have such a greatshow. i appreciate every time every time do you that especially when it's jennifer's birthday. it means so much.
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it does. am i right? you guys, you guys remembered me on jennifer's birthday. see? that's why this is my crowd. i am larry wilmore, less' get to our show. last week attorney general loretta lynch convened a meeting with dozens of america's top police officers, the goal was to figure out why so many cities are seeing a spike in their murder rates. we were asked to join that meeting with attorney general lynch but i had to say we found the invitation a bit confusing. (laughter) yeah, so yeah, you know what i'm saying yeah. so instinctively we decided to avoid it. luckily "the washington post" was in attendance and according to their reporters police have an interesting theory as to why murders are on the rise. >> that theory as the post puts it is quote officers in american cities have pulled back and have stopped policing as aggressively as they used to fearing that
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they could be the next person in a uniform featured on a career-ending viral video. larry: let me get this police are worried about being embarrassed in viral videos so they just stop doing their job? i mean seriously i've been on worldstar six times now right? (laughter) right? that does not mean i request just stop doing my job every day. i apologize to whoever that was and whatever i did. (laughter) so nervous police are calling this problem the youtube effect. and chicago mayor rahm emanuel who also attended lynch a meeting said this. >> they pull back from the ability to interdict. they don't want to be a news story themselves. larry: so police don't want tobe in the news for fear of embarrassment, okay, i tell you what, let's play a gun game called which news story is
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worse. all right. this is fun, okay. i will show you two different news stories and by applause i want everyone in the audience to tell me which one is worse. the first one police officer embarrassed by viral video. okay, that's pretty bad okay. now here is the other one. unarmed black man gunned down by police. (cheers and applause) fine, we'll go with number two, fine. >> even though i will grant you police officers that every right to be embarrassed. black people have more of a right to be worried about being killed. and because we're afraid of being killed we have just started recording police in order to add a level of transparency to their tactics. but now cops are threatened by that. as this former new york detective tells fox news. >> you've got a lot of cops out there that still want to do their job but the point is once they do their job, the cell phones come out. if you go to toss somebody to try to get a gun off the street, they are going to be video taping. larry: i mean, if i'm choking aguy
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and i start stabbing him you know yeah, i'm trying to get to the heart yeah. this guy pulls out a camera, i can't do my job! i'm not an actor. i get stage fright, whoa! and on top of all that what really makes the youtube effect sound ridiculous is there is not much evidence of increased transparency actually affecting police. according to a "washington post" study from earlier this year the thousands and thousands of police shootings that have taken place over the past decade, only 54 policemen have been charged with a crime. i don't know about i youtube effect feels more like a snapchat effect. man. it does. i will tell you why. tell you why. every time black people see the cops do something the evidence of it just seems to disappear. hence the am name snapchat. the fact that that transparency is how things change. if
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americans hadn't been able to see the horrors of vietnam on television ef renight, who know obama might still be hitting ho chi minh with drone strikes. so it seeps like what is really scaring these cops isn't youtube but the prospect of big change. so more on this let's go to the sourcement please welcome detective eric williams and nick mancuso to the show. maws plaws. >> thank you larry. larry: welcome to the show.>> it's good to be here. larry: so help me understand.why does monitoring make your job so much more difficult? >> how would you like it if you had a camera on you whenever you did your job punk how would you like it? larry: actually, i do have acamera. >> what is that supposed to mean? what is that spoised to me. >> larry, larry, calm down. larry: calm down, larry. larry: look, we have friendshere. we're not trying to fight you. the thing is cops are used to doing things a certain way, okay. the system is-- for us for a long time. larry: he got nasty with me. but isn't it the public now
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seeing that this very system is extremely problematic. >> you think you're smart, don't you, punk? that's your problem. you think-- . larry: why is he calling me apunk. >> alreadiee, larry, come on, larry. we're not the enemy. larry: i'm not actingike-- he-- . >> excuse me partner. he has been a little on edge with the bodycams and the paper work and the gambling. it's a threat to his overreliant style and emotionally complex partnership is at risk. larry: okay, all right.>> it's [bleep] upped. larry: how does monitoring putyour partnership at risk. >> i swear to god you better tell this guy i'm going to cur stomp him rz what is wrong with this guy, why does he keep acting like this. >> i really need you to turn it down a inch. larry: me?>> okay, listen, we're your friends here larry. look, mancuso pends the-- bends the rules to get result and i'm by the book, so the brass they leave us alone. larry: i get it, so you guys areike good cop, bad cop. >> now we got [bleep] einstein
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here, look at that. what, you want both of us to go get a perp a stiek during-- a sprite during interrogation. >> cops need a system of good and bad to get the job done. >> how do we get a-- we get it without slamming his face on the table. larry: it seems like you areupset because your job will have to have more oversight. >> larry look look, i didn't want to do this. but ever since karen died in that jacuzzi fire it's okay it's okay, it's okay it's okay buddy. he's a real powder keg, okay. and i got nine kids larry. and my wife died twice. larry: twice?>> it may sound corny to a civilian but we're family here. we got to stick together. larry: okay, i understand. ook, i know it's tough out there. but can you, can you at least reign it in mancuso a little bit. i think he is part of what is
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the problem out there. >> we should be [bleep] out of this guy. >> i'm going to shoot him and slam a gun on him. >> we'll be right back. (cheers and applause)
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it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. larry: welcome no i know this is-- a lot of our viewers but time existed before the nightly show. apparently a lot of it, so here is a show we ask ourselves the question, how would we have
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covered the most important events of history had we been on the air. here is what we decided to do we'll cover some of them in our new segment called throwback thursday. okay. now because the first democratic debate was on tuesday, our inaugural tbt is on one of the most famous debates of all time. lincoln the, so hop on your hoop skirts and hike up your britches we're heading back to 1858. welcome. welcome thou to the show. yeah. i hear it's jennifer's birthday today. all right. okay. i predict jennifer is going to live to be 145. (laughter). larry: all's get right to it. it has been a tough seven weeks by mr. steven douglas and
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abraham lincoln-- am i saying that right? lincoln. sounds like a future statistics carriage of some sort. lincoln. one that negros might prefer. lincoln, right? okay. all right, okay. well, these two gentlemen have finally held their last debate. okay. so here's where they stand. one gentleman abhors slavery and the other does not agree. we get it, my stars. now i have been on these debates like "erasers" on pencils. what, nothing? come on, these were just invented a few months ago, people? all right. at nightly i am partial to the republicans. you know what st, there is so much less, what is that new fangled word going around, oh yes, racist. that's right, yeah. i mean listen mr. lincoln.
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>> douglas has he declared indifference but i must think covert real deal for the spread of slavery i cannot but hate. i hate it because of the monsterrous injustice of slavery itself. larry: that's my abe!yeah! see, republicans really speak for the negro. you know negros are never going to leave that party. never. it's not going to happen. the republicans really have to [bleep] up for them to leave. okay, but mr. douglas would not back down. >> do you desire to turn the state into a free negro colonnee? >> a free negro colony. that's almost as absurd as that main yak charles dar win theory of monkey copulation or whatever it is. i have no idea what that was. now i will admit i have been quick to jump on the lincoln bandwagon or should i say the lincoln conastoga covered wagon.
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you have seen this daguerrotype? it's upside down. oh. >> i greatly apologize. larry: it's all you should cart wrench. now it is lincoln trying to pass himself off as a member of the donor party. right, right right? oh sorry, poor taste. we continue to pray for their safe pass age. but that was before i heard mr. lincoln say this. >> i am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negros, nor of qualifying them to hold office nor to intermary with white people which i believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. larry: what the [bleep], lynncone? you said we're not going to be equal with you in stars, my stars and garters, i would not vote for you.
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and not just because i lack the legal right to vote. (applause) but maybe i will some day, one can only dream. we shall return after a short spell. 4 new flavors from vuse.
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larry: welcome back, my panelnightly show contributor holly walker. add a very funny comedian and writer, grace parra. and the host of union i vision el gordo y la flaca raul de molina. join the conversation on twitter. there is this viral sensation going on, i didn't know, but jennifer lawrence, you heard about this. the so called why do i make less than my male costars. she blames herself. she said for wanting to be liked in the negotiations rather than being assert you have. here is my first-- can i womb as assertive as a man and not be labeled a bitch? >> yes, yes, i think a woman can
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be as assertive as a man and not be labeled a bitch. she could also be labeled a slut. >> yes. >> you got two options so-- . >> no, no, she's not going to win. but you know, she could be named-- labeled something else. >> i actually think that we, we cannot avoid that title. and as a result we have to take back the word bitch and wear it like miley wears those little pasties on her nipples and-- own it, own it. >> i have think she should-- i think yes, of course, i will tell you something. i work next to my cohost, a woman. have i been working with her for 17 years, but it works the other way, she is the one that makes more than me. in the show, she tells everyone that it takes me 11 seconds to make love. i'm not kidding about this. and she talks to my wife soaf ree time i go to the airport, i stop by and for raul pie flight
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is delayed, do you have 11 seconds? >> i love that. larry: why do you think womenget punished for being a sifort. what do you think is behind that. >> i think men are afraid of female's sexuality. larry: you think that is what itis. >> i do. i think it's a little intimidating. >> i heard audience members. >> i think it is intimidating because we are so of the full package and i think men can feel like they can get distracted. larry: you mean sexualityunbrideeled. >> oh my gosh. >> it is all over the place. >> i think that we get punished because if they don't punish us, we're going to start doing crazy things like thinking for ourselves and and wanting to run businesses. i mean. >> or the country. >> or the country like we'll get way out of hand. yeah right? (cheers and applause). larry: but it's funny how if aman is iffy, is he in charge a
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woman, whoa calm down. >> exactly. what's wrong. larry: raul, why do you feel sothreatened by women? >> only by my wife. she is the one. >> my executive producer on the show for 17 years is a woman. her boss a senior executive producer after her, is a woman. and the first in charge senior vice president was a woman. when i tawblg to them i don't say oh it's a man, it's a woman. she is a person. so to me it is really the thing. (applause). larry: do you think it is aresponsibility of women in charge to like open the doors for other women or to make it easier. because i remember the thing with jennifer lawrence, they made it clear she just needed to be a better negociater. you know what i'm saying. >> well, yeah amy was in chrg of sonny at the time. i think everybody regardless of gender has a responsibility to speak up for what he it want for sure. but also i love the notion of
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women who are in control shep hearding younger women men torring younger women, looking out for women in positions to earn more money. a responsibility. >> yeah, it's all of our responsibilities. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> because it not only helps out the women who are coming up, it helps out the men too. it is helping out everyone. so yes, it is our responsibility also to help bring everybody up. (cheers and applause). larry: the things she wastalking about struck me. it feels like it is ingrained in the culture, the fact that she was afraid to advocate for herself. >> it is absolutely ingrained. absolutely. it starts when we are really young like when i was in the crib, i didn't yell or scream. i was just like-- i was just like-- excuse me mom can i have some breast milk? like-- it was like-- ldz and your brother was like give me that titty! >> i think. >> exactly exactly.
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larry: i'm just interpretingbaby speak. >> it feels like women are brought up to live these binary lives. we are either/or. but men can be multidimensional. men are allowed to be multifas eted supercomplex. look at the way men are portrayed in hollywood. all of these amazing characters are written for men, women get like two adjectives, mom titty sucker, that's it. larry: the great thing, writeralexandra petri agrees women have to be strategic in how they speak around men. i found this fascinating. so here is what she did. she took some famous quotes and translated them into how a woman sounds in a meeting language okay. so we're going to have grace and holly act those out. i will read the clips, this is really fantastic. so the first one is, famous quote, give me liberty or give me death. so in women in a meeting speak holly that would sound like. >> dave, if i could, i could
2:31 am
just, i i just really feel like, if we had liberty that would be terrific. and the alternative would just be awful, you know. you know what i mean? (applause) >> that's just how it strikes me, i don't know i don't know. larry: okay,s that a great.okay this is for you, grace. the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> hi, i have to say, i'm sorry. i have to say this. i don't think we should be as scared of nonfear things as maybe we are. does that make sense? i feel like i'm rambling. (laughter). larry: very good.okay, now for holly, here you go holly. let my people go. >> pharaoh, listen, i to the
2:32 am
allly here where you are coming on this, i totally do. and i don't want to butt in if you've come to a decision here. but just, i have to say, would you consider that an argument for maybe releasing these people could conceivably have merit? (applause) or is that already off the table? larry: very good.and finally, finally for grace, i will be heard. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. you know what, go on dave finish what you had to say. larry: there you go.there you go. okay. i want to thank alexandra petri for those great
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