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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  October 21, 2015 1:33am-2:06am PDT

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- are you hot? - no, now i'm freezing and really feeling weird about it. [both laughing] - okay, so, after boss tweed went to jail, "harper's" was like, thank you for your time, still work here if you want, absolutely, but just draw, like, fun stuff. let's not get so political. and he was like, no, i only want to draw what i believe in. no one can stop the arts. no one can stop drawing, dance, literature.
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that's the truth-tellers in this world, are the [bleep] artists. so, if you have a kid that's an artist, don't be like, "you're a loser. what are you doing with your life?" they might someday take down the biggest man in town. let artists be artists, unless they're, like-- you know, they have nowhere to go, and they're just lip-syncing madonna songs in the subway, but, you know, even that, just see where it goes. oh, [bleep]. [patriotic music] ♪ >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with
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trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by comedy central >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show." i'm trevor noah. my guest tonight, comedian and author, the world-champion judah friedlander is here, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) that's right. in our top story, though, last night, huge news coming out of canada. >> drake has released a video for his hit song "hot lin bling." ♪ used to call me on my cell phone when you need my love ♪ >> trevor: what the hell, drake. what the actual hell were you doing there? what are those moves? you're holding every single mixed race person back. do you know how hard we've worked to be called black, and you do this to us, drake? what are those ?iewfs what are you doing? i hope this was a joke. so last night was big-- big news
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for fans of canadian rappers, but it also had a little something for fans of obscure canadian trivia. a national election took place. now, for most americans, canadian elections are sort of like hockey. it's clearly an intense contest but nobody knows who's playing. ( laughter ) or what the rules are. so let's make this condescendingly easy. sort of like when they used that air puck-- the glowing puck in the nhl where they try to trick us into watching it. that's what we're going to do. the canadian elections, who won and what was the score? >> the liberals winning in a land slides. justin trudeau will be the next prime minister. >> justin trudeau, head of the liberal party, similar to democrats. he's the son of one of canada's most famous prime ministers, pierre trudeau. justin plans to raise taxes and run a $7 billion deficit to kickstart the recession-bound economy and he says help the middle class. >> trevor: oooh! a $7 billion deficit. oooh? >> that's so adorable.
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america would probably drop $7 billion on a clock that calculates their deficit. ( laughter ) which is $439 billion. take that, you fiscally sound minded moose bangers. of course, trudeau's policies weren't necessarily his most attractive feature. >> he is 43 years old. he's a very good-looking young man. >> he's undeniably a good-looking guy. >> very handsome man. >> he is very, very good looking. i think in america he might just win the election on his looks alone. >> trevor: yes, his looks alone could win him the u.s. election because looks are everything in u.s. politics. if you want to be even considered for president you have to be smoking hot. ( laughter ) trudeau's liberal party defeated conservative incumbent stephen harper whose campaign was plagued by brutal canadian-style criticism. >> satirical song has gone viral on social media called "harper's
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man" and it does sum up the desire a a change in government. ♪ who is the king of secrecy. ♪ harper man, harper man. ♪ who has slashed the c.d.c. ♪ harper man >> trevor: there is no coming back from that. that is harsh, mad-- harper man, harper man. that is the most canadian music video i've-- actually, wait, i know how we can make this video even better. ♪ who is the king of secrecy? ♪ harper man, harper man >> trevor: for more. ( cheers and applause ) for more on last night's canadian election results we turn to our canadian correspondent hasan minhaj, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) hasan, what will the new prime minister mean for u.s.-canada relations? >> well, trevor, compared to the outgoing harper, trudeau's
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obviously much more alined with the obama administration on several key issues, specifically, environmental policy, the iran deal and -- >> i'm sorry, hasan, i don't mean to interrupt you, but why are you dressed like that. >> um, were you even alive last night? dude, the "star wars" trail is out, baby! ( cheers and applause ) kick it. anyway, trudeau's liberals hope to reverse what they otherwise -- >> hasan, i don't get it, if you had other plans you didn't have to volunteer to go to canada for us. >> actually i had did having too canada. tickets are already sold out in the states. no other choice i had. >> trevor: thank you thasan. hasan minhaj, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) he's got a point. fine, let's talk. "star wars." the new trailer dropped last night and set the internet on fire, and west part is, they made the nerd community sit through two hours of football just to watch it.
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( laughter ) that's like getting a pizza and having to chew through the box first. anyway, as soon as the trailer debuted, entire planet erupted in a simultaneously nerdgasm. >> "star wars" mania reaching epic levels. >> millions watched the new "star wars" trailer. >> tickets went on sale last night, crashing ticket web sites. >> it's awesome! >> "star wars" fever. >> there's a feeling that you got in the late 70s and the 80s as a kid growing up watching "star wars" trairldz. late last night, many of us got that same exact feeling. >> trevor: oh, that same exact feeling we had as kids. i don't want to diminish the importance that "star wars" has in your life, but growing up naughtys in south africa was-- let's just say, the dark sued meant something totally different. i'm sorry, you were saying? >> it was the number one trending topuc on twitter, generated 17,000 tweets per minute. >> trevor:s. >> trevor: 17,000 tweets a minute. those are miley twerking
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numbers. strangely enough for internet, not all tweets were positive. >> some groups have started the film. >> it features lead characters s who aren't white males. users are accusing the movie of pushing a sinister multicultural agenda. ( laughter ) >> trevor: a stinster multicultural agenda? how would the jedi council allow a sinister multicultural agenda? for this intergalactic affirmative action has been pissing people off since last year. >> some people are upset there's a black actor playing a storm trooper. >> some went online to vent about it and some questioned whether a black storm trooper makes sense while others reacted with racist remarks. >> trevor: okay, now, you stop it. stop explaining, racist. you had your "star wars" movie already. ( laughter ) and what's wrong with a black storm trooper. he's an alien from a galaxy far,
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far away. he's more worried about this empire than this empire. ( laughter ) regardless, this recent controversy goot big enough that even the former director felt he needed to get involved >> a tweet from director j.j. abrams himself. "i don't care if your black white brown, jawa, wookie, jedi or sith. i just hope you like it." >> trevor: did j.j. abrams just all lives matter "star wars"? you don't have to tweet a picture of the word that you wrote by the hand. you can just tweet. it's twitter. it's not a fax machine. ( laughter ) god! and they trusted you with life sabers? anyway, getting upset about the race of fictional characters is not just a "star wars" thing. it's becoming a pastime. had happened with rue from "hunger games." it happened with spider-man, and earlier this year happened again. >> star jor is responding to the rawcial criticism. his upcoming role in the super hero film. >> some people online disagreed
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with allowing a black man to play the part. the comic book first came out in 1961 and his character originally had blond hair and blue eyes. >> trevor: so the flame had blond hair and blue eyes, but he can also set himself on fire. what's more black than that? ( laughter ) that was a beautiful feeling. oh! we just went everywhere with that. for more on the reaction to evolving diversity in media we go to our senior fantasy culture correspondent, jordan klepper. ( cheers and applause ) now, jordan, lots of controversy surrounding the upcoming "star wars" film. how are the fans reacting? >> you know, trevor, they're flabbergasted. even is pretty shocked by the changes. they're throwing out the expanded universe novels. and then they change the x-wings y, they were sweet as well. don't --
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>> jordan, jordan, i meant the debate about diversity. >> oh, diversity, yeah, diversity is great. we're wasting too much time on this debate when we should be talking about the important stuff. >> trevor: like what? >> obscure fictional minutia that nerds can argue endlessly about online. black, white, asia-- no matter your race or qeed you're all equally wrong about the thrust speed of an x-34. >> trevor: calm down, you're getting really upset. >> i'm a sci-fi nerd. we're always upset. normally it's about blasters and whether costumes should have nipples on them. >> trevor: i think that's fairly obvious. you always go with nipples. >> always go with the nipples, yeah. >> trevor: anyway, jordan, culturally this is now an issue and a lot of people say you can't have a black storm trooper. >> that's ridiculous. they were cloned originally, so while it might not initially make sense, the emperor began recruiting a variety of ethnic
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temp plates. it's cloneically fine. >> trevor: i didn't understand any of that. but is it fine ethically? >> to cast a black person? yes. science fiction is powerful because it envision aid future for all of us, an allegory of the people we can become that en compasses a multitude of voices and perspectives. >> trevor: that's a really beautiful thought, jordan. >> just as long as they don't make any super hero movies starring chicks. >> trevor: jordan klepper, everyone. we'll what beer should we get? uhhhh... redd's green apple ale! that's a lovely idea... what?! i party. redd's green apple ale. brewed like a beer, tart like granny smith. get your favorite apps 1/2 price twice a day. every weekday and late night. yeah. things are definitely looking up. get 1/2 price apps late afternoons, and as always, late night. new and only at applebee's.
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( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." as you may already know, october is national bullying prevention month though that never stops the kids for teasing my california raisin halloween costume. i'm not a piece of poop. i'm a smart snack for qidz a whole lot of soul. now once in a while, we all take those cheap shots at other people's expense. but for some, it's pathological. bullies can't help it it. it's a legitimate sickness. it's even listed on webmd. webmd-- it's definitely cancer. ( laughter ) ( applause ) according to the internet, a bully typically unpopular with kids his owns age, has trouble doing his work, and shows little concern for others' feelings. and i couldn't help these all describe one man in particular, cnn anchor wolf blitzer who found the perfect victim in
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presidential candidate lincoln chafee. >> why bother if you have limited money and limited support? why keep going? how much money have you raise forward your campaign so far? >> i haven't raised much money but i do have a budget and i'm living within it. >> there is word you raised $30,000. >> trevor: wolf, what is your problem? in an age where campaign spending is out of control ask elections are decided by billionaires you're on lincoln chafee for not having enough money? why not go after the one drug-free cyclist in the tour de france. you'll never win with that blood, you moron. now use those puny calf muscles to jump off a bridge if you can jump. shaming someone because they're poor, that's just bullying 101. >> where did you get your clothes a five and dime store? >> you could be a farmer in those clothes. >> your mom shops at payless and works at friendly's. >> trevor: hay, chafee,ed
1:50 am
where you get that suit? filene's dumpster? did a group of rode ents sew it together so you could go to the debate ball? blitzer may not be a great newsman but he kicks ass as a mean girl because he went after chafee with all the bully moves. >> why are you doing so poorly in all of the polls? you're basically getting closer to 0% than you are even 1%? >> you're an old, single loser, never going to have any friends. >> you don't have any friends. >> nobody likes you! ( cheers and applause ) ( laughter ) >> trevor: not even your family is voting for you, lincoln. your daughters wish martin o'malley was their dad. when flat-out cruelty doesn't work a bully can always try the tactic of it's not just me. everyone else hates you, too. >> do you know everyone is calling you a loser from the other night? >> you know what everyone says about you?
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>> here's how newspapers have reviewed your performance. the "washington post" titled their article, "how to disappear completely by lincoln chafee." here's what worries me because of your disturb dwished career, you're going to wound up looking silly. >> trevor: wow, chafee just got told he'll look silly by a man whose face looks like the rim of a margarita glass. "skews me, waiter, i think there's an asshole in my drink." oh, my god, what am i doing? i'm bullying wolf. ( laughter ) just like he bullied chafee. oh, you know what? the cycle of abuse ends now. from now on, the daily show will be a safe space. no more of these jokes about people's looks or actions or ideological inconsistencies. ( phone ringing ) that's not going-- sorry, that's the desk phone. hello? yes, yes. i understand.
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got it. we've just been canceled. ( laughter ) we'll be right back. ♪
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a very funny man with a book "the raindrops united." please welcome judah friedlander. >> good to be here. >> trevor: what were you looking at? there's an audience here. ( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: who do you think brings the laughter to the show? >> i'm saying there's good-looking crowds and there's good-looking crowds, and you bring it, dude. ( cheers and applause ) solid. >> trevor: thanks for coming man. >> thanks for having me. >> trevor: looking good. still the world champion? >> still the world champ. >> trevor: i always wanted to know this. what are you the world champion
1:57 am
of? >> the world. the world championships are basically death matches for charity. but as the world champion, i'm not just this great athlete. i'm also a champion who stands up for the world, and the people of the world. thank you, one person. ( applause ) >> trevor: is this like-- i remember-- i think the first time i saw you was "30 rock" and then i saw you in real life at the comedy cellar. that's where we met. >> yup, yup. >> trevor: and i remember wondering, like, is this a look that you planned? ( laughter ) >> no -- >> did you just ste stumble int? >> i don't think i planned anything in my life. ung it just happened. when you're perfect, things just naturally come together. ( cheers and applause ) thank you three people. >> trevor: i think you're going up, one, three-- and the hats. who makes your hats? i have never seen those in
1:58 am
stores? >> this says world champion in mermaid language. ( laughter ) the last world championships were held underwater, so the mermaid -- >> so the death match was underwater. >> underwater, yeah. >> trevor: humans only? >> yes, this one was. >> trevor: makes sense. >> mermaids are a very discriminated people, you know. >> trevor: because they're not people. >> well, they are, they're half people. so i think that counts. basically, with pollution, the mermaid population is declining and nobody is doing anything about it. so i just eyeware the hat also out of respect for them. >> trevor: we have a lot of mermaid fans. they'll appreciate that. were you guys mermaids? ( laughter ). >> that's why shark attacks are on the rise. you know, the mermaid population has decliendz. shark attacks coming up. think about it, put it together. >> trevor: you have all these issues going. would you run for president? >> no i would stand for president. running means you're scared. i would definitely stand for president.
1:59 am
and i just might. i might win it. i think i might. >> trevor: you are the strangest human being in the world. i like you. let's talk about the book. >> sure. >> trevor: how did judah friedlander come to write a book? like-- is this a book we should take seriously? is this-- >> yes, this is a book. it's a book of drawings and cartoons, and there's even a minicomic book inside of it. but it's a book that is mostly comedy. it's, like, almost all comedy, but of the 50% of it that's comedy, i'd say 50% of it is like dark sapphire about serious issues. >> trevor: so 25% of the book is comedy. >> no, no, the book is, like, 98% comedy. and a few of them are just, like, straight-up serious, a dramatic punchline. >> trevor: i noticed that. when you first start reading the book you're like this is judah messing around, like doodle drawings. and then it gets really, really dark. i wanted to bring them up. >> cool. >> trevor: there are some images we have here-- i call in the american way, and it's-- you
2:00 am
know, america providing more free housing than any other country. you know, we have-- we have 2.5 million people in this-- in prisons in this country, which means that we is a government that cares about us enough to give 2.5 million of us free housing and meals. ( laughter ) and some of them get a lifetime supply. they can't even say no. you know? that's why we're number one. that's one of the reasons we're number one. >> trevor: one of the reasons. did you some beautiful pictures like this one here. >> this is just my comment on what i think society has come to. it's like people that don't know each other don't talk to each other anymore, and strangers don't talk to anybody anymore. if go up and talk to a stranger now, they call the cops or something, it's weird. when you were a little kid and your parents said, "don't talk to strangers." they didn't mean forever. it's okay to say hello to someone you don't know. ( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: just when you're old enough. i wonder if we can get that
2:01 am
image-- i mean, this is-- >> yeah-- >> trevor: people standing in line. >> so you have people standing in line to buy $50 gluten-free donuts -- >> if we could go through some of these. this is a really dark one-- >> this is probably the most loaded drawing in the book. and this is basically-- fabulous is in quotes. >> trevor, of course. >> no because it's like, a lot of people-- i got the idea from that drawing watching these commercials about songs from the 60s. everything was great and everybody was having a great time. for some people it was a horrible time. it was not a good time at all. >> trevor: so it was not a good time. does that mean you disagree with donald trump, "make america great again?" >> i do disagree with trump. on some things i agree. i actually think we should build a wall. >> trevor: oh,. >> around donald trump. ( cheers and applause ) put mirrors on the inside, that way he's happy. and everyone else is happy.
2:02 am
and i think when mexico hears about this, they'll get so excited they'll be like, "you know what? let us pay for this. we want to pay for this. we think this is a solid investment." >> trevor: judah friedlander, everyone. go out and get the book. it's really, really funny. ♪ this is iphone 6s. not much has changed except... it feels different. now you press lightly to peek... and deeper to pop. it changes how easily you can peek a flight. check a post... search for dinner...
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spartan locke, your mission is go. let's hunt him down. music fades out sfx: outro orb get the xbox one limited edition bundle y ( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: thank you so much for tuning in and watching the show. here it is now, your moment of zen. >> there's a scene where harrison ford asks, "is it real?" it's real. >> oh, it's real. >> i can't believe it. >> i can't stand it. >> unbelievable chills. >> it's so stupid. >> stop, stop. you were banned from thisning sy comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> larry: tonight a new report said every week people in the u.s. are being shot by toddlers


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