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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  November 10, 2015 2:09am-2:40am PST

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did i do... the new scion im. standard features that actually come standard. weird, right? is because covering heals faster. to seal out water, dirt and germs, cover with a water block clear bandage from band-aid brand. (cheers and applause) >> trevor: that's our show. before we go, tomorrow night, we'll be live tweeting the debate, check it out on "the daily show," starting 9:00 p.m. now here it is... your moment of zen. >> a photo spread is describing carson's home as a temple to himself including a painting of the candidate with jesus.
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>> larry: tonightly, president obama rejects the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline. that's right, we're talking big oil age no, big oil is not our nickname for rand paul's hair. a different kind of big oil. a british research study say there is no such thing as straight women. also there's no such thing as straight british teeth. so-- and we ask the question, is professional wrestling racist? the answer may surprise you if you've never watched professional wrestling. it's the nightly show. let's do it. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central
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>> larry: thank you very much. >> larry, larry, larry! >> larry: no, thank you, please, please, please, please, thank you. i appreciate your-- you're not going to believe it. this is their fourth standing o vacation. fourth. they'll never know why but you guys know. >> we have got a great show tonight, okay. and let me start off by saying we have got six, six and three quarter years intoed obama presidency and six months into the obama dant care, it's true. now obama don't care doesn't mean he doesn't care about issues. he just doesn't give a [bleep] about what anybody thinks. that is what-- especially if you
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are a republican waiting for obama's answer on the keystone pipeline. >> president obama rejcting the controversial keystone xl pipe-line saying it was not in the national interest. >> bam! obama don't care. (laughter) >> keystone down. okay, what was keystone again snr. >> transcanada has been trying to built the 1900 kilometer long pipeline across the u.s. heartland since 2008. >> the keystone xl pipeline extension would stretch about 1200 miles, most of it in the united states from alberta, canadian-- canada, down to nebraska. it was projected to move 127 million litters of crude oil a day. >> president obama rejected the company's application on friday. >> larry: bam. obama is missing with big oil. he is flapping his black attitude right in the face of black gold am which brings us to a new segment we're keuling lewd
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and crude, a fossil fueled bonefest to the facial area. oh my god! don't, don't clap for that. uncle sam is like i want you to not get that in my eye, okay, please. hello. all right. so in other words obama should have made the decision in 2008 but he wasn't scheduled to not give a [bleep] about what people think until 2015. seven years to say no? can you imagine you're asking out the same girl for seven years. and she doesn't tell you yes. she doesn't say no. then finally she says no. that is kind of what happened here at the white house here today. >> larry: man, he's just being a big tease. maybe he's just held out seven years to make this a tantric decision. you ever hear of foreplay, you
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animal? seriously, though y are people so in love with this pipeline? >> supporters like to private study which says somewhere around 42,000 jobs or more would benefit from this pipeline. >> larry: okay. 42,000 jobs. they have a point. that's a lot of jobs. what the hell, obama, why don't you want americans to work? >> but opponents say that is all temporary n the end there may be only 50 permanent jobs coming out of this. >> larry: 50 jobs? you got to be [bleep] me, that is what they have been-- for eight [bleep] years, that is quite a drop-off from 42,000. i mean i'm not that good at math, but that's like less than half as many jobs. (laughter) let's hear from some presidential hopefuls about obama's energy problem. >> they called an attack on the
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economy and jobs and the new house speaker paul ryan says the president's decision was quote sickening. >> larry: uh-huh. obama, you sicken me. you know i have a very weak stomach for oil melo drama. and paul ryan, are you sure that's the only part of the story that is potentially sickening? >> opponents say that they fear that this will foil the landscape, if there is a spill that it could con tam nature ground water for humans and animals. >> larry: no big deal, just humans and animals. don't worry, everyone, rocks will be okay. i don't know why environmentalists gets all bent out of shape about this stuff. i mean it's not like oil companies aren't concerned about safety. >> transcanada has already promised much more robust safety measures. they promise robust safety
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measures, you guys. robust. why would you use a word like robust? the keystone pipeline has-- everyone knows the key stone cops. look how fast they are running. i mean they go twice as fast as oil. okay. look. the pipeliners say it will create a lot of jobs, that is not true. opponents say there there may be a an environmental impact. who do i trust. >> in 2013 there were over 7600 spills, blowouts and leaks. >> that is about to events a day-- 20 events a day. >> larry: [bleep], we average 20 spills a day? actually, that is fantastic. it's got to take at 42,000 people to clean that [bleep] up. boom, jobs are back, baby! yeah. that's all work. come on. that is a lot of-- look, i'm not
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messing this up, the wikipedia page that says pipeline accidents in just the 21s century, okay, is longer than the wikipedia page for the civil war. i know it's wikipedia but even if you allow for a few made up stories, i know there wasn't a spifl 200,000 gls of brownstown, ass-sylvania. it is still a lot. it is-- so what. >> the keystone pipeline has occupied what i frankly consider an over inflated role in our political system. it became a symbol in the campaign cudgelel. i don't want anybody to-- [bleep]. >> it is kind of what he is saying. kind of what he is saying. don't get me wrong, don't get me
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wrong, obama cares about the environment. you know, the one with the trees and fish and why people are trying to-- he cares about that, yes, he cares about that. but he knew this was a political move from the get-go. at the end of the day, if he's got the spill a little truth on his way out of the office, some people may find a little crude but he's think being his legacy. obama don't care. we'll be right back. refresh things.
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>> larry: welcome back. now prowrestling has a troubling history of racism that goes largely unchecked by the media. we decided to send our contribute ericy velez out to a wrestling match to take a serious look at the issues. and what did you discover, rickey. >> wrestling's racist-- . >> larry: it's kind of hard to even get out, isn't it. well, please enjoy rickey velez immersing himself in the world of prowrestling. >>ed where elsing worlds was rocked in july when e-icon hulk hogan was fired after making numerous racist remarks. however arch watching some old footage that included a ugandan giant, a slave and donald trump ent entering the w-we hall of fame i wanted to sit down with some wrestle hers be and investigate whether or not wrestling has always been racist. >> tommy, you have been in wrestling for how many years. >> 25 years. >> 25 years. >> with wrestling and the characters that are played, some
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of these characters are flat out racialist. >> yes. >> you agree? >> yes. >> why is it okay in wrestling cuz it's not real. >> what was the most racist thing you had ever seen in your career as a wrestler. >> well, there have been n bombs dropped on television. >> keep it up [bleep]. >> if you go and watch virgil fight, the kkk, that happens, you can find it on youtube. >> and virgil is going away. the bell is down. >> i condition believe what i'm seeing. >> virgil, you played a slave, you played a slave. >> in the '90s. they just started being flies to black people then. play characters. >> is there anything you won't do for a dollar? >> a lot of things i won't do for a dollar. >> name them. >> that's a dollar. how many things will you do for $100,000. >> what, a-- got your tongue. >> are you talking about a
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dollar, let's talk about 100,000 dollars. >> i understand what 100,000 dollars is. >> i'm glad you do, rick. >> it's rickey. >> okay, rick. >> use the y. >> so you think racism has been toned down in wrestling. >> yes. >> they had cell phone cameras back in the day, i think we all would have been arrested from, i mean i lived a rock 'n' roll lifestyle, you know, and hey, there's six girlts, okay, all six girls, let's all go have sex. that is what-- i had sex girls at once. >> cool. >> if we could just step back to the racism real quick. >> i [bleep] love sfntle i'm going to tell you right now, virgil, i don't understand the racism in wrestling. >> it's there, i want to understand. can you teach me how to be this racist? >> rickey, i'm going to show you how to be a bigot, a racist wrestler-- the biggest racist we are eller of all time. >> in order to be a racist wrestler you need a gimmick. and for some reason virgil thought i was mexican. >> puerto rican, mexican, both the same. >>er in's not.
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>> yes, they are. >> they are really not. >> so he gave me my own name. the border jumper. >> i'm going to be a mexican rickey velez border jumper even though i'm not mexican but you keep calling me that, so that is what we will do. how do i become this character. show me the ropes. >> right in the front row, right in a woman's face, make love to that woman right there. >> now i have singled out a woman to sexually harass her. >> where do i go from there? >> you grind your little ass in her, and you jump and you greet the people. >> i'm the border jumper, you don't like it. [bleep] you. >> don't kick me. >> [bleep]. >> what am i saying? help me out here. >> i'll take your women. >> i'll take your women. i'll take your money. >> you will take your jobs. >> cuz people think meksz cans take their jobs. but what job did you really have that they took? >> stop it right here. >> boom, drop one knee. and you bite.
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and roll in it like a big black burrito and just munch on it me like i got sauce on me. >> once again i'm puerto rican. >> all the way around. all the way around. >> virgil, this is not working. >> it will work. >> come on. >> come on, come on. >> why do you have so much. >> you fought like a chicken. fight, fight. >>out. >> he's got rabies. >> with my training now complete, i'm ready to become the most racist wrestler in history. >> the border jumper. >> but will i survivor my real wrestling match with this former fake slave? find out next time. >> olag, virgil, you want to wretion el me, with a minority belt? you cannot fight me. are you not good as border
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jumper. are you garbage, virgil, garbage. >> get away from my table. >> virgil is not the most impressed. i am. >> i'm going to kick your-- . >> larry: thanks, rickey. tune in tomorrow for the dram you can conclusion. you can conclusion. we'll be right back.
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>> larry: welcome back. i'm with my panel nightly contributor mike yard. also nightly show contributor grace parra. and she's a producer at huffpost live covering lgbt issues, alex berg. and for everyone at home, you can join our conversation on twitter,@nightly show using the hashtag tonltly. this is the story i think that broke last week. and we just had to talk about it. a recent study in the yowrnl of personality in social psycology which sounds ridiculous. and it suggests that all women are at least a little bisexual. okay. >> men love this. >> we don't give that a standing
2:31 am
ovation? >> larry: do we think this is true? >> absolutely, exsit -- except my mother. my mother is a good catholic woman and only has sex five times. >> so i wish that this was true. i am just about as enthusiastic as you about this. but i think that the issue is that women do have a higher rate of sexual fluidity but the study doesn't exactly parse out how they experience that versus their fis yo lodge cla response to arousing imagely >> r 1 ose 0 : is that a way of saying no. >> it is a way of saying that there is a prob able that women could be more bisexual but that-- . >> larry: then men or. >> well, definitely than men, more than men. >> larry: would you say women are more bisexually inclined. >> that is one way of putting it. i think that you can't just say that all women, all over the world are all bisexual based on a sample size of 345 people. >> you can't? >> i don't think so. >> i also think like arousal levels are fas naitsing to observe because honestly if you were to show me a picture of a chicken fried steak would you
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probably detect some arousal. >> you guys know. >> but i don't think i would want to bone a chicken fried steak. >> larry: that is the difference between men and women. >> a chicken leg. >> that sts problem with the study, i think the study is too limited. it tells you women get aroused but it doesn't say that they would necessarily have sex with. >> here is the thing. it is funny you say that, there was a previous study in 2008 that women are shown all kinds of images, we sort of automatically get aroused and it doesn't necessarily have to do with what you are looking at. >> larry: so women automatically get aroused by all-- i thought guys, we are supposed to be the visual. >> that is the perception. there is this thing called arousal nonconcordance and it basically means as a woman, if you see sexual images of men or women, you get aroused. but that it doesn't necessarily march up to what your brain feels. >> i think we are talk about female arousal in general. >> i agree with you. >> female sexuality as it
2:33 am
relates relates to proj eny and having children. but just about sex for having sex. >> and yes, let's puts time and research and energy. >> i like howe they just took over. >> we're, sighted. >> and there's nothing wrong. you go go girl. >> so is there a bias even in the study itself. >> the study found. >> but maybe people have morbid-- more issues discussing tbe neal a rowsessal than male arousal. >> it's been less common and i think this is a great study to show wes we are becoming more okay with it. >> but the study show that it wasn't just, men and women, too, women could be become sexually arou sed by all types of things like a picture of a landscape. >> yes. >> 2007, university study, landscape monkeys. >> it doesn't take much to lube the tube. >> yes. >> we're not having-- .
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>> larry: hold on a secretary. are these women in relationships or. >> i don't know. >> larry: a scand cape-- landscape is all it takes. >> but we're the dirty ones. >> larry: we've been working way too hard. >> yes, yes. >> i have never looked at a landscape and then-- . >> larry: i can't imagine that. >> what do you think of this landscape? that's all you got to do. >> larry, what it underscores is we don't have enough information about female sexuality. and that women have really been boxed boxed in in terms of our sexuality. the good thing about the study is it is seeking more information about it, the bad thing is it is not fully relying on women's lib experiences of their own lives and sexuality. so we still really have these die cot mes around the way we understand. >> larry: what do you think these are, mainly biological, or do you think some may be culture-- cultural. >> a little bit of both. >> i mean men, they have one goal. they get to it and they're quick about it. that is why men keep-- during
2:35 am
sex because they are ready to go right after. >> we find it more enjoyable when the temperature is warm. >> i think men need to learn how to slow down when it comes to sex. >> but i also think that it involves cultural and biological and so i think especially when it comes to men and male bisexuality, men are-- in terms of bisexuality. straight women don't want to get with men who are bisexual, gay men don't want to get with men who are bisexual. you know l. >> larry: so male bisexual, female bisexual. >> female bisk all. >> you have having sex with somebody. >> they are stig mi advertised in a different way. >> do you thick homophobia plays a part in many not wanting to say they are bisexual or have urges like women? >> no, i think that-- it is not because i'm not-- i've never gotten turned on by two dudes
2:36 am
but it's not because i'm home fobbic. no dudes, guys don't turn me on. i can't even mass tur bait with a mirror in the room, so-- . >> if i see me, i'm like e-w what is wrong with you. shut it down, put the lotion away. >> i think as a heterosexual female i can say the opposite, that women turn me on, i just like their bodies but i don't necessarily want to have sex with women. it's not like i'm trying to-- it is not-- no offense to that, by any means but i just. >> i love your little sayings, munch the bee, wait, what? >> that is one of the issues that people understand the study is that women are having a fis yo logical reaction but it's different from actually identifying as bisexual or lesbian. >> that is the study i want. i want to see the study that can take it from arousal to holding it until we get home, that's what i am looking for. because how many times they get
2:37 am
aroused when they are out, when we get home, and soon as you get home, my feet hurt, i'm tired, i'm hungry. i want that study. >> i want the one with the landscape. >> we'll be right back. >> if you live in the new york city area, or are planning to visit, brab some free tickets to a taping of the nightly show. refresh things. it doesn't call for a cleaning service. it uses the cold to sift through every single speck. so if you wonder what inspired us to cold-filter our beer... well... you're looking at it.
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