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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  November 17, 2015 2:09am-2:40am PST

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today's show. thanks for tuning in. here it is, your moment of zen. (sounds of crowd milling)
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. >> larry: tonightly, three old white people argue about politics on a saturday night in des moines, iowa. or as they call it in des moines iowa, a rager. exciting. the second democratic debate bernie sanders says climate change causes terrorism, in response marco rubio says we bomb the [bleep] out of the weather channel. (laughter) i understand that. makes sense, guys. and none of the candidates wanted to use the words radical islam for fear of promoting islam phobia, i'm good. this country loves islam. we elected captioning sponsored by comedy central it's the nightly show. let's do. (cheers and applause)
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thank you very much. welcome to the nightly show. oh, thank yous for the whooo. we have a great one for you tonight. before we begin, i want to say a few words about what happened in france over the weekend. we want you to know our hearts are with you. look, france, you are our oldest ally. you understand us more than anybody. you gave us our biggest emotions , bling, you even put up with us when we tried to change the name of your delicious fries. they did. you have always had our back. if somebody [bleep] with you, they [bleep] with us, all right. (cheers and applause) now think about it. libertye, egalite, from aternite. i on a personal night my daughter was born on july 14th, bastille day and has been a francophil ever signs. i promised her shen she was a
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girl for her 18th birthday i would take her to paris. that birthday is in eight months, so do what you will, paris but you can go-- do what you want, but that trip is still happening. (cheers and applause) all right. let's show a little comedy then maybe, right? okay, oh, i got an idea. the cbs democratic debate was this saturday night, guys. so let's see which traitors from obama's party want to denegrofy the white house. release the unblackening. (cheers and applause) okay. so saturday night debate took place at draik university. my second favorite university named after a rapper right after cal state fetty wap. true. now lately gop candidates have been complain being the strict rules and central air conditioning at their debate but on saturday night, they had some
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rules of their own. >> the candidates have one minute to respond to our questions and 30 seconds to respond to our followups. any candidate who is attacked-- . >> larry: whoa. attacked? is ben carson at this debate? (laughter) let's help bern year sanderserss wear-- bern jee sander sses we are wearing one of those knife repellent miracle belt. with all these rules people must have been glued to their tv. >> saturday night debate got by far the lowest rating of any debate so far this year. you know, to be fair, it was saturday night. so you know, most of the democratic base was probably out spinning the welfare checks on abortions, am i right? right? yeah! i mean it's about time somebody just said it. (laughter) i mean the debate was kind of boring, you guys. blah, blah, blah. health care, blah, blah, blah
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economy, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but then bernie sanders what hit with a question that made him feeled bern. >> you said you want to rid the planet of isis, you said the greatest threat to national security was climate change. >> absolutely. climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. >> r 1 ose 0 : climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism? i mean directly related would be if an angry band of polar bears rampaged through the streets. that would be a direct connection. just being clear. also, that is a really tough way to answer a question the day after a terrorist attack, bernie. i mean look if you want to be president, part of your job is knowing to say the right thing at the right time. it doesn't even matter if you are right or wrong about this, it's just not what people need to hear. if your wife asked you do i look fat in this dress, the answer is always no. not the time to keep it a hundred.
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(applause) a little di plom see, that's all. next up, hillary, she was asked to keep it a hundred about how much money she gets from big wall street donors. >> you know, not only do i have hundreds of thousands of donors, mo much them small and i'm very proud that for the first time, a majority of my donors are women, 60%. (applause). >> larry: yassk-ween, yasss. sisters are doing it for themselves, girl! wait, that had nothing to do with the question. (laughter) what about your with us waws money. >> i represented new york and i represented new york on 9/11 when we were attacked. we were attacked in downtown manhattan where wall street is. i did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild that was good for new york it was good for the economy. and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country. >> larry: yeah!
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okay. this is one of the worst best moves ever. i mean the stagecraft was fantastic. first where are my ladies at. she 9/11 backup dancers. 9/11, 9/11, y'all, right? and then she just dropped the mic with i rebuke the terrorists who attacked our country. anybody remember what the original question was. i [bleep]-- (applause) that was pretty sweet. that was pretty sweet. oh, hillary. that was a good move but i'm going to have to give you a little-- for that. and then i wasn't there to give it to you. >> secretary clinton,-- when you put out your proposal on wall street, it was greeted by many as quote unquote weak tea.
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weak tea. >> larry: martin o'malley, how about that. hey, hey, hey. yeah! oh, and by the way martin o'malley, stop stealing my [bleep]. (laughter) but the thing that was the hardest for any of candidates to keep it a hundred about was this particular question. >> very quickly do either of you radical islam, do either of you. >> i don't think the term is what is important. >> do you agree with that character glairks radical islam. >> i don't think we are at war with islam. i don't think we are at war with all muslims. i think we are at war with jihadist. >> i believe calling it what it is, that it is to say radical ji hadis that is calling it what it is. >> larry: so why is it call to call them radical jihadist but not radical islamists. i haven't been this is he mantically confused since learning about the word niggardly. it just-- my head, i don't
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can't-- dopt use that word. i guess you can, i guess-- now look, i get it, i get it, some people on the left don't want people to conflate islam with radical islam but you know people are going to do that regardless of what you call them. haters going to hate, and conflaters are going to conflate. so why not be clear. i mean the word radical is the key modifier, by saying radical islam by definition are you saying that not all muslims are radical. if anything you hear the term radical islams should clarify our view of radical normal muslims, to clarify please welcome riz want fahad. riz want. >> thanks for joining us, rizwan, what are your thoughts about these radical islams. >> it's bogus, bro. terrorists have taken something that's really important to me. and totally per verted it. >> larry: you mean islam, right? >> no, man, being radical.
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that's me, dude. >> larry: wait, you are a radical muslim? >> du h. i have been a radical muslim ever since i got pie first bmx bike. but now these isis dicks have everyone scared of me. i'm confused. are you faisessing discrimination. >> totally. i try to tell people i'm not that kind of radical but they just don't listen. this weekend i had a sick party at a skate park by my house, nobody came but the fbi. >> larry: whoa. that's-- that's horrible. >> well, look, have you thought about not calling yourself a radical muslim? >> no, way. have i to be true to who i am. and who i am is a sweet bro who rips waves and prays five times a day. >> larry: makes sense, makes sense. okay. let me ask you this.
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okay, if radical is what we should call muslims like you, what should we call muslims who create senseless acts of violence like the men in paris, muslim extremist. >> no, muslim extremists is the name of this team i know, i saw them at the x games. >> larry: then what do you suggest we call them. >> i don't know, how about assholes. (cheers and applause). >> larry: that makes sense. assholes. >> they there are 1.6 billion muslims in the world, bro, and most of them are to the allly chill peeps. those guys are just total [bleep] assholes. (cheers and applause) if you will excuse me i got some waves to sled. >> larry: no problem, rizwan the radical muslim, everybody. (cheers and applause) refresh things.
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(cheers and applause). >> larry: okay, welcome back. i'm here with my panel a columist, for sir yus sirius/xmn obeidallah. angry the editor in chief of the daily beast john avlon. and the author of the fault in our stars and foinder of the vlog brothers john green. everyone at home join our conversation using the hashtag tonightly. the democratic debate was saturday. we all watched it. and the candidates, we talked about this earlier, using the term radical islam. i know you wrote a very cool article about this. so what is the danger of calling this movement radical islam?
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>> i think muslims for people in our community, anything tied with these guy and islam as president obama said, they want to be tied to islam. they want to be seen as the defenders of islam even though the number one victim of isis are muslims. the flip side, if you call them radical islams does that end it. do the guys in ice ice go hey, shut it down. you can't do sth, they're on to us. it is a fight over words from people on the right. they made it that term, radical islam it is not a term of art. guys on the right made it up and now-- they are terrorists. why can't we just call isis terrorists and eliminate and neutralize the terrorists. (applause). >> larry: john, i mean if it doesn't, if it just doesn't matter but they are the ones saying that they are triking to establish a caliphate, they are the ones that are using their hijack, a lot of people say they are hijacking the islamic religion, why can't we say it is an extreme version. >> i think we can and we should but i think we need to be clear,
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it is a death call marching under the banner of radical isamism. you need to mick a distinction, as a free society our defense against extremism is plur allism so we need to be consistent about saying look, these people do not represent the vast majority of muslims, certainly not mere. we know isis targeted many muslims they thought were oppose tait for assimilation. i don't think the obama administration does itself credit when they called fort hood workplace violence. you know. we-- . >> larry: well, it is. >> but the problem is-- . >> larry: radical workplace violence. >> any time you use the word islam people begin to associate whatever you are talking about with a certain theology. and the truth is that because we don't talk about other kinds of islam, it ends up ledgity miezing the idea that in some way radical islam, radical islam reflects the views of even a tiny minority.
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when the truth is that we're talking about less than half of a percent of people who practice islam. >> that's absolutely correct. >> larry: you think the problem is we're too ignorant of islam? >> i mean maybe it is. because we don't have to make-- people always make the comparison to christianity but we know christianity. we don't have to make those distinctions. >> and the reality is only 25% of americans have a muslim friend which i definitely, i want to be everybody's muslim friend. it's my dream. >> on twitter i'm not going to help you move but i'm there for you. >> the reality is that because you're right, in america if we see someone blowp an abortion clink or a guy eric rudolph kill people because his view of christianity, we don't think-- we know he is the exception. right now i'm the exception, they're like i'm a good guy. i'm the nice muslim. but. >> larry: you are an unusual muslim, are you not blowing things up here.
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>> on twitter apparently i'm an isis sim pathizer. all day on twitter i get that stuff. >> but look, the serious point we need to deal with is there is a worldwide conflict going on right now. and isis is killing muslims. many more then westerners but we need to be able to recognize what they represent, that it's part of the long war that we're in and we need to have the discipline and understanding to draw a contract. not to bind to their divide and conquer saying it is islam versus the west or versus christianity but saying no, you do not represent the vast majority but confront what they do represent which is hijacking a great religion. >> people have called it the clash of civilization, there was a nice article about that. and that is murky as well too. because you know, i mean a lot of people say they hate us because women drive cars or they hate us-- but they downed a russian airliner. and russia is not a par a gone of virtue for democracy and freedom. >> the truth is the vast
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majority of people killed are muslim. isis poses a much bigger threat to people living in the arab world than it doses-- poses to the u.s. or europe. my issue with calling it a clash of civilizations is that it imagines that there are these distinct civilizations when there are 10 million americans who are muslims living, you know, within peacefully and happifully here-- happily here and there is no thing of this civilization, that is separate one from the other. >> and ice sis not a civilization. >> yeah. >> it is is a few thousand people. >> it is not like-- (applause) it is not like the opening to injure asic park and suddenly there is this land of isis. >> just last week before paris, they coordinated a terrorist attack in bay route, lebanon which got very little media attention, they killed 43 muslimsk wounded 200. so what is the clash there. they are going next door and killing muslims in lebanon, this is a war, we have to have an honest conversation.
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>> what do they want? i'm confused. >> they want me to have my own tv show. >> larry: there you go. >> stop them now. >> the only thing i'm down with. i'm like okay, i'm down with that. >> they want power. their whole thing is about dominating and killing anyone who stands up to them. it's submit to isis or die, they beheaded muslim clerics, women, anyone who stands in their way. >> larry: we'll be right back and talk a little bit more about this, all right? lift with your legs.
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now free after mail-in rebate cricket visa promotion card. and get more 4g lte coverage nationwide than t-mobile or sprint. woohoo! only from the merrier carrier. cricket wireless. something to smile about. (cheers and applause) jz welcome-- . >> larry: welcome back. i'm back with my panel. so i want to know how will the tragedy that just happened affect the presidential race. do you think it will have an affect. >> yeah. >> i do. look, i mean, this race has been small, it's been petty, it's been bitter, devicive. and an attack like this can be clarifying to the extent that it refocuses on what really matters. what presidents really do is foreign policy, national security. and all the celebrities and demagogues and ideal logs are not up to the job. there will be people who die to demagogue this, there already are, you have a bunch of governors saying they will not accept refugees from syria. so there is a mean spirit, you have donald trump threatening
2:34 am
maybe he will close mossqs, that is what we have to stand up. >> larry: maybe we'll close mossqs. >> yes. and look, that is the stuff we need to stand up against because that becomes-- the terrorists want this kind of division. >> larry: i feel so bad for the syrian refugees, you get a couple of assholes. these people's lives are already ruined. and then you get a couple people that may have infiltrated some of that. >> or may not have, we don't know. >> we really don't know. >> i'm from indiana. my governor, said today that he wasn't going to allow syrian rev geu-- refugees which is ludicrous, there is international law around refugees. the governor of indiana is sjt going to reshape it. >> only if they're a hassier. >> right. >> and you know, it's a great embarrassment to me personally and a great embarrassment to our state when someone says something like that because the truth is that we have an incredibly rigorous refugee
2:35 am
vetting process in the united states. and we should be welcoming these people precisely because we don't want this to be a civilizational conflict. because it isn't. (applause) >> since 2012 there has v been 2,000 syrian refugees placed in the country. no reports of violence yet the mass shootings over the last year, 70% white men, who should we be more afraid of. maybe we should be deporting white men. >> larry: don't even get me started on that. >> no one has asked me to apologize on behalf of white men for that i don't know why. >> i'm outraged. >> and donald trump saying close the mosque because in his words there has been a lot of talking going on in mosques. a lot of talking. >> there is. >> about falafel, why the knicks keep losing, why can't the giants win. >> close down mosques what kind of world where politicians are so demonizing a minority group
2:36 am
like us where 1 percent of the country to try to get game. the reason they do, it plays to their base. >> i can't stand this political game. >> go ahead. >> the refugees are running from isis. they already distance isis. so we need to set up and use the example of the united states to set contrast with the killers and recognize that there is a real conflict going on. but we need to be bigger than it. we need to lead by the power of our example and that is one of the ways we will defeat them. >> larry: i agree. i agree. (applause) it's times like this, we can't try to follow with fear, we have to lead with resolve, you know. and stand by all of our values, right. we'll be right back. >> if you live in the new york city area or are planning, grab free tickets to an upcoming taping of the nightly show. for complete details go to the nightly nightly 7
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(cheers and applause). >> larry: that's our show, thank our


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