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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:32pm PST

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well, wax really looks fun. that's why everyone in our audience was given the opportunity to smoke it. goodnight and congrats to the audience member of the week. >> trevor: tonight for the show, we'll take a look at the oregon militia. it's the most entertaining standoff involving a group of crazy people since last night's bachelor premiere. i mean lace? omg, that show is cray cray. i'm trevor noah and this is "the daily show." >> january 5, 2016, from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! (cheers and applause) ♪ captioning sponsored by comedy central >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show"! thank you very much! (cheers and applause) i'm trevor noah. my guest tonight the director of the movie "creed"!
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ryan coogler joins us, everybody! (cheers and applause) >> trevor: and thank you all for joining us wherever you are. unless you're in that oregon wildlife refuge that just got taken over by armed militiamen and, if you, are then i guess thanks for watching. (laughter) but is this really the time for comedy? the answer is yes. it's always a time for comedy. so! a group of radical extremists have taken over federal buildings in a remote area of oregon. you know what? actually federal buildings makes it sound like they took over the treasury department. it's more like a rest stop. very small -- (laughter) but still it's a government building and turns out tangling with the government is just what these guys do. >> ammon bundy is leading the occupation. back in 2014 bundy's father cliven was embroiled in a dispute with federal officials over crazing rights over federal land in nevada. >> trevor: this is insane.
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it's 2016. capital ranchers in a standoff with the federal government. sounds like 1873. i knew there was a time difference between new york and oregon but i didn't think it was 150 years. (laughter) another challenge with the situation is that the back story is really boring. the story's exciting but the back-story, it's a trade dispute. a group of rebels, a son following in his father's foot stessments how do you get the information out in an entertaining form? ♪ ("star wars" theme)
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>> me is excited! >> trevor: everyone loves him. yeah, look, militiamen, i get it. no one really likes the government. they make us pay taxes, make the dmv as unpleasant ant possible and don't let us bring numb chucks on planes. now i have no souvenir's from my trip to italy. laws are laws. they may think is takes are high. >> the line is drawn, until we've had enough of the turny, you will not leave us alone it won't change. >> trevor: a tip, maybe when you're making a point anti-goverment overreach, don't wave something long and phallic.
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as very distracting as this government tyranny has got to stop quhierks are you laughing? is it because my antenna reminds you of a floppy penis? is that what it is? it's because my antenna reminds you of a floppy penis! that's it, isn't it (laughter) >> trevor: so the militia's complaint is turny, they believe the feral government stole their ranches from them. >> the federal government has come down bon the people. >> this refuge alone, over 100 ranches have been taken, hard working families who came and carved a living out of the land and they came and took it and removed them. >> trevor: well, that's not exactly the truth. see, the real story is, back in 1934, oregon ranchers were going bankrupt partly because they overworked the land and the government stepped in and bought the failing land to them which sounds like pretty sweet tyranny
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to me, giving money to people for their worthless (bleep). i wish the government would tyrannize me out of my 1995 toyota camry (laughter) yes, i own it because i thought it was going to be on pimp my ride and now they ended the show and now it's a stupid car! thanks for that exhibit! sorry. so these militia people, they claim that they're in oregon to protect the local community. the problem is the only thing the local community wants protection from is them. >> throughout this remote community there is growing frustration over the occupation. the county canceled school all week out of the concern for safety. >> i don't like the militia's message. >> it's sort of frightening, when there is people making threats and people touting guns. >> it's time for you to leave our community, go home to your families. >> trevor: you know what that is? that's ungrateful.
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what type of country are we living in when communities don't welcome he have heavily armed men illegally taking over their public buildings? this is not the america i didn't grow up in. (laughter) either way, it doesn't seem like the miltsents are going home soon. >> we have been taken into one of the buildings that the protesters have occupied and they're showing us their supplies. they're well-stocked, as you can see. >> trevor: i'm sorry. let's take a second there. they've got a boom box in the corner. a bench press at the top. (laughter) cases of coors light. why light beer? just go all the way. is this a revolution or are they starting a frat? what is this? this is the first chapter of phi-grabba-landa? what is is this? (laughter) the question is now of course how this thing will ultimately be resolved. so far, the answer seems to be
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very slow-ly... (laughter) >> the f.b.i. is seeking a peaceful resolution to a tense situation. >> there is absolutely no police presence whatsoever. there is no federal government. there is no local government. no state government. nothing here but those guys who have come in and taken over. (laughter) >> trevor: that's insane. think of this for a second. a bunch of armed militants took over a government compound and, so far, the federal authorities -- and local authorities -- their response has been like, well, come on, they're just cranky. (chuckles) they'll tire themselves out. probably just nap time. we'll wait it out. (laughter) people are wondering if there would be a harsher reaction from law enforcement if this group of heavily armed men was a group of black people. but that mu friends is not a real question because to be
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clear black people would never get themselves in that situation. did you see how cold that place is? that's somewhere only white people would ever think of taking over. (applause) no black man -- no black man would ever look at that place and say, yo... i want to live there! (laughter) also, talking about oregon here. forget finding 20 black people to occupy a wilderness lodge, i don't think you could find 20 black people anywhere at any given time. depends on if the portland trailblazers are playing home or away that day, a big determining factor! (laughter) the point, is maybe there will be a peaceful solution or maybe the government will have to take back the compound with force. but i have a third way in mind. just let them have it. let the extremists have the remote wilderness refuge shacks. and i know, people, it sets a horrible precedent and blah, blah, blah, all these things,
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laws -- (laughter) but here's why i think it's the best solution. >> they're calling on supporters from across the country to come and join them here. they say they'll stay here as long as it takes, until their demands are met. >> we need you to bring your arms and come to the malheur national wildlife refuge, becoming a place for patriots to come from all over the country and be housed and live here. >> trevor: so, in other words, they want to give all to have the nation's militants and militant sympathizers to voluntarily exile themselves at a frozen camp site in the middle of nowhere and then stay there for as long as it takes! it's a win-win, people. we all get to go about our normal law-abiding lives and they get to spend their days in total isolation ranting about the government and jacking off by their guns. the government should be offering free rides there!
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you want to live in malheur? great! send the government your receipts and i'll personally reimburse you! right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." we just got an update on the occupation of the oregon wildlife center. still going on currently. in fact, when the militia took over that government office, its leader said that they were prepared to stay for years, if necessary. but then they hit day two. (laughter) and it turned out, there were a few things that they forgot to pack. so yesterday some members and supporters posted this on facebook. things we could use -- cold weather socks. should have thought of that beforehand. snacks. energy drinks -- yeah, probably 12, not 5 hours, a long-term thing. snow camo gear and anything you think will help. like a psychiatrist. (laughter) and honestly, for these guys, i don't know if this is special equipment or just the list for a
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standard war room. hey, honey! pick up jerky, more snow camo! for this we turn to our senior analyst jordan klepper, everybody! (cheers and applause) >> jordan: hey, trevor. good to see you. welcome to my world. when i saw that wish list by the militia, i knew that i could help, so i wanted to send a big old bag of supplies. >> trevor: that is really generous of you. really generous. >> jordan: yeah, so i pulled together here, they asked for warm socks. i got some lovely nice socks here for the lovely militiamen. >> trevor: okay, that's weird. that's merry christmas socks. that's got santa on it. >> yeah, these are merry christmas. they're not going to wear happy holidays socks. okay? they also wanted food. >> trevor: those socks look small. i don't know if that's going to work. >> they look like average male socks. >> trevor: it's a male with very small feet. >> a male with very average masculine feet to wear the
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socks. >> trevor: whatever. if they wear the stocks, they have a big penis, that's all i'm saying. >> trevor: okay. cam o. here's some lovely camo. they're going to look great in this. >> trevor: that's a normal shirt. >> i wouldn't call ate normal shirt, trevor. i don't think the person wearing this looks normal, to be honest with you. i don't know, i think maybe they could wear it. i know i couldn't wear it and i haven't worn a shirt that's fitted since i was 16 years old. >> trevor: you're just giving away your christmas gifts. >> that's not true! i'm giving them tomorrow-land here. i. >> trevor: i love that movie, i'm not going to lie. >> i think they will, too. it has a utopian community full of white people. i think they deserve george clooney's best movie. >> trevor: i don't understand
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why you're giving them these horrible gifts. >> i think they'll love this "the daily show" trevor noah hat (cheers and applause) >> trevor: yeah! that's a nice hat. yeah, you know what? that's good gift. >> that's a good gift. >> trevor: i would give that to somebody. >> inoy you would! i'm going to wear it on to the subway. >> trevor: that's a good gift to give somebody. >> you know what i think a good gift to give somebody? attention, maybe know what they want for cription. >> trevor: are you saying you wouldn't wear that in public? >> i say i would rather wear a compliment from a co-worker saying you're doing a nice job on the show. >> trevor: are you really sending this? >> i am. >> trevor: are you sending it to -- >> to the address they put on facebook. they're going to get all of this (bleep). >> trevor: you're really sending this? >> yeah, they're going to get the whole box. >> trevor: is that blood on the inside?
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>> yeah, i cut myself earlier. i'm sure they're cool with blood. >> trevor: i can't wait to get the thank you note. jordan klepper sent this to you, oregonians, not me. jordan klepper, everybody. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) uh right now you can get 15 gigs for 100 bucks plus $15 per line that is perfect because we are about to start the whole long distance thing yeah and lots of data will mean lots of video chatting how much is that? 15 gigs, that's over 40 hours of video chatting wow
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>> trevor: welcome back to the show! my guest tonight is a director whose latest film is called "creed." >> so, what are you afraid of? i'm afraid of taking on the name and losing. they'll call me a fraud. fake "creed." >> don't you think apollo's true? hyou love to fight, right?
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it makes you happy, right? >> yeah. ou are apollo creed's son, right? >> yeah. so then use the name. it's yours. >> trevor: please welcome ryan coogler. (cheers and applause) ♪ i thank you very much! thank you so much! >> trevor: this is great for so many people to see the face behind the films. congratulations, by the way. >> oh, thanks, trevor. >> trevor: "creed" is amazing. hank you so much, man. (cheers and applause) >> trevor: it really is. i would like to take a moment and go back on this. first of all, let's start with the fact that you are just 29 years old. yeah, 29 years old. already, there is oscar talk around the film. due that make you nervous? or is that just -- is that a humbling experience? what's it like for you?
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>> it's humbling. with filmmaking, it's an ar% form you don't do on your own. i saw several collaborators come and go. i brought the script with a buddy of mine aaron covington and got to work with my best friend michael jordan. the awards are icing on the cake. >> trevor: my barber said to me, yo, man you seen "creed"? i said, no. he said, yo, that's the black rocky, man, for this generation. is that what you were setting out to do? i read a fascinating story. you wrote this film, you were inspired by your father. >> yeah, absolutely. my dad was a huge rocky fan. when you would put the rocky movies on, he would cry. the movies had a special power over my dad. i like them because my dad did and i wanted to be like him. when i finished film school, my dad got sifnlgt he started
11:24 pm
developing a muscle condition and was weak and i had to help him from the car to the house sometimes and all of a sudden this dude that was always so strong became week and it -- weak and it really did a number on my psyche. i came up with this idea that maybe if a hero went through something similar and there is a young man who formed a relationship with them, maybe it would cheer my dad up and motivate him to fight through it. >> trevor: that's beautiful, man. how did a young black man from a rough neighborhood like like yod go into making films? men, you said your dad was an ex-football player. you were going to get into football. >> yeah. >> trevor: what changed? i mean, school. i always had great teachers. i got a football scholarship to st. mary's college and i had a teacher there in my first year of school read something i wrote and called me into her offers and basically suggested i get into writing, like, movies because my writing was real
11:25 pm
visual (laughter) >> trevor: i'm sorry. this is an image for me that a football player gets called in, the teacher goes, you need to write more. (laughter) you should quit football and you should write more. so you went straight into that? >> i laughed at her when we were sitting in her office. i thought she was crazy at first. i thought i was in trouble when she called me into her office. >> trevor: i would think that, too. >> she called me in my dorm room when i was there with my friends. she said, are you busy now? i couldn't lie because i'm in the dorm room. >> trevor: no lies in dorm rooms. (laughter) >> no, but she knew where i was, you know. she could walk down from my office and knock on the door if she wanted to. she said, i want you to come by my office right now. so i had to kick all my partners out of the room. i can't remember what i wrote about. oh, the story was actually about my dad, crazy enough, you know, and i thought -- because i
11:26 pm
thought she was going to say, hey, you need to see a psychiatrist, or i'm going to get to her office and it would be, like, the dean is there and say get out of here. i went in there and it was rosemary graham and she asked what did i want to do when i grew up and suggested screen plays. >> trevor: amazing. you are amazing. "creed" is amazing. "creed" in theaters now! ryan coogler, everybody! (cheers and applause) ♪ p performance... ...reimagined.
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really icy. wooh. that's intense! it just hits you. its gum. no. it's totally a mint! it's disappearing as i am chewing it. where did it go? it's not a gum. not a mint. it's a breakthrough in cool. ice breakers cool blasts. >> trevor: that's our show for tonight. before we go, last month we issued a challenge to you at home. ted cruz's campaign posted countless hours of raw footage on youtube and we challenged you to lock yourself inside and cruise your own adventure with his raw material. there were a ton of submissions. thank you for that. you can check them out on "the daily show"'s tumblr. here it is, honestly magic from raw footage, jake put this together and calls it ted cruz reflects. >> you know, i reflect often.
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(laughter) (soft music) (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> trevor: now here it is... your moment of zen. >> but they don't want me to use hair spray, they want me to use the pump. because this one, which i like
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better than the other one because it goes binghampton bing and it comes out in big blobs and you say, my god, i have to take a shower >> larry: tonightly, donald trump says hillary clinton using the bathroom is "disgusting." if sitting down to pee is disgusting, what do you call someone who spews crap out of his mouth? mexican authorities arrest the notorious "affluenza" teen who killed four people while driving drunk. once again, mexicans doing an important job americans won't do. and bernie sanders is with us again tonight. he's already slashed my salary to give the money


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