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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  March 1, 2016 2:10am-2:41am PST

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(cheers and applause). >> trevor: that's our show for tonight. but before we go we will be live tweetding supertuesday's results tomorrow, so make sure you follow us on twitter at the "the daily show" and tonight, on "@midnight" our very own jordan klepper takes on the nightly show's mike yard, yeah, that's right. and all of the "@midnight" all stars, so ron funchs is going to be there, so good luck jordan and if you done win, we'll still love you but you will be fired. yes. now here it is, your moment of zen. >> he thinks he's going to be successful and mexico is going to pay for the wall because he knows mexico needs the u.s. when it comes to trade, just the way the u.s. needs mexico. >> i have to say we're not-- i am not going to pay for that [bleep] wall.dy central captioned by media access group at wgbh
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[♪] [cheers and applause] >> larry: all right. welcome to the show. what a great crowd we have tonight. thank you very much. very kind. i'm larry wilmore. thank you. i appreciate it. i appreciate it. it was like larry! i appreciate the effort but man, we have a great show for you guys tonight. from the smash broadway hit hamilton daveed diggs joins you. so amazing you'll want to stick around for that. i have to start off with this
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guy. last thursday someone asked about this earlier we showed a picture of an audience member taking a cardboard cutout of me. look at him on the street. look at him in the street. there he goes. [laughter] >> larry: it is amazing. then mckinley hart one of our staff caught him with it on the subway. so it's cool. so people on twitter have been spotting the cutout everywhere with the #flat larry. jr-huff-n-stuf flatted back in time. he was pretty bad [bleep] there. one is from @ minor-shan with cosby. laser beams out of his eyes.
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if i could do that i would. anyhow, while flat larry's out having a good time drunk larry's at home watching the oscars. the academy went out of its way to showcase black people, chris rock hosted it and oprah was there and you had young black people and old black people and fake black people you had a white guy playing blackbird. they even found a brother under the stage and had to show the black. i'm just saying, i'm just saying they pulled out the black you guys. they did. even as they tried to call out racism this still happened. the website totalbeauty tweeted a photo of whoopi with the caption we had no idea oprah was tatted. love it. really guys? i mean, you can't get this wrong
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after there's been so much controversy surrounding the oscars. it's especially egregious when you consider these are two women who have been globally famous for decades. even people at the website can tell the difference between whoopi and oprah. anyway, since we're talking about bigotry we have to mention donald trump. it's not a euphemism. don't do it. make america -- okay. i could get in trouble for that. so anyhow david duke former kkk grand wizard said voting against
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trum is treeson against your heritage which you can hear every day on his radio show are you [bleep]ing me serious sirius xm. >> would you say you don't want his vote or any other vote of white supremacists. >> i don't know anything about david duke. >> larry: he said he was a terrible guy who ran for president and an rap terms you're like sampling his beats. all right. okay. you know what maybe your memory's not that great. >> i have a very good memory. i have to tell you, i have a very good memory. >> larry: you're the one who said it. you were asked this after the endorsement. you forgot who he was that quick? okay. maybe you didn't understand the question.
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we're talking about the former grand wizard of the ku klux klan >> in this i don't know what group you're talking about you don't want me to talk about a group i know nothing about. >> you're trying to say you don't know anything about the kkk? what, 4 k, 5 k, chart, circle k. there's a lot of ks out there how am i supposed to know one from the other. it's a "k." the reason he's having trouble disavowing himself is because trump retweeted this, it's better to live one day as a lion than 100 days as a sheep.
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the problem is it's a quote from mu mu mussolini. we made the comparison but we never thought trump would make the comparison him. it's unbelievable. what are the odds. and when trump was confronted with that fact, this was his response. >> you want to be associated with a fascist. >> i want to be associated with interesting quotes and it got your attention, didn't it? >> larry: of course it got our attention you running for president quoting a dictating who's only friend was adolf hitler. that's even a crazy twitter move for kanye. but the craziest thing now is how trump is like tearing up his own party. >> there's in fighting within the republican party they're trying to figure out what to do if he becomes the nominee.
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center mitch mcconnell said he'll be dropped. >> my party is going bat [bleep] crazy. >> >> larry: no, no, no, you're party's been bat [bleep] for a long time. you're just finally seeing it you can't spend decades exploiting race and be shocked when a race exploiter is your front-runner and why are you shocked the people that follow him are from the kkk. he's created a distortion rally and at an incident there was an incident with a reporter and this is how it's relayed.
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time reporter grabs throat at trump rally. it looks horrible mainstream america trying to choke the patriots. make america great again. what happened is before this moment the reporter exchanged unpleasantries with the secret service agent who grabbed him and slammed him down and after knocking his way back to the seat he [bleep] then he grabbed showed what had happened which is very different than a reporter grabs secret service agent throat at trump rally. the point is that's the truth but for the followers of trump there's no room for the trump only the distortion. trump 2016. we'll be right back. hi i'm kristie.
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follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. [cheers and applause] >> larry: welcome back. wedding season will soon be upon us. i decided to spend mike yard and rob inthede down south. >> you know what i love, weddings. what i don't love, slavery? >> when i read it's not trendy for white people to have lavish plantation weddings on place
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where's black people were slaves it didn't sit right. robin thede and i traveled to kentucky to sit south win the owner colleen sutton or the guise planning our own wedding. as we understand this place has very interesting history. >> samuel fond is the owner that is really credited to building this property. >> he had slaves, right? >> he did. there were three slaves that were recorded but it was recorded earlier that he did actually have four slaves. >> four slaves. >> what happened to the other one? >> he did escape i guess. >> yay! >> colleen gave us a tour of the land and surprisingly i didn't feel the urge to run away. >> you want to know what one of the most ironic things about where we're standing now? >> that we're not working?
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>> look how close we are to the river. kentucky was a slave state and that's indiana and that was a free state. >> wait a minute. you have a slave living right here and staring at freedom every day. >> absolutely. >> that's how committed people are to not swimming. >> you know. i didn't see anything suspicious on the property. >> pollene what's that? >> they brought heavy objects up from down low. >> like black people? >> not like black people. >> how authentic can you get if we want a plantation wedding can we dress in costume. what can go on? >> you can do anything you want. you can be as elaborate and do a traditional plantation wedding. >> traditional?
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1790 traditional? >> absolutely. >> because we're going to dress up all our cousins like little slaves and little [bleep] running around and we might feed them. we might whip them. >> not real whip. >> that doesn't feel good to me. >> if we have our wedding here and say she gets pregnant because it's going to be awesome do you keep the baby or? what do we do? >> no. >> is it ours. >> it's absolutely yours. i'm the owner of the property not you. >> we may have been too traditional for colleen so we sat down with a black person to see how they feel. >> you catered weddings at the plantation. >> yes. >> how do you feel about that? >> i don't see an issue. >> if you had a contract that said we wanted all african american staff and we want to
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call you all the "n" words but you get paid. >> $10,000 for the day. >> in the spirit of the antebellum world. >> no amount -- >> $20,000? >> i wouldn't put a price on it. >> a million dollars. >> that's a lot of money. >> now we're talking. >> a lot of people think it's bad to get married at a plantation given its history do you think that valid. >> there's truth there but if you look to the nation as a whole there's so many places evil has happened we wouldn't have anywhere to do great events. >> just because bad [bleep] doesn't happen doesn't mean we shouldn't have weddings so let me speak my mind.
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plantation weddings are beaute you will. >> and white people serve you. who would have thought we'd live to see the day. >> or any day. i have to admit i love white people serving me. [cheers and applause] >> larry: robin thede and mark ♪ here's something to shout from the mountaintop. cricket's plans start at $35 a month, after $5 auto pay credit. with more 4g lte coverage nationwide than t-mobile or sprint. cricket wireless. something to smile about.
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this is a disaster! who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers. why? you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut, morons.
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>> welcome back. robin thede and nightly show contributor holly walker and he's a rapper, writer, originator and was marquis de fayette in the smash hamilton, daveed diggs. and for everyone watching use twitter using the #nightly. you think chris rock did a great job last night. i mean, he called out hollywood to its face.
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>> time and time again. >> larry: like the whole show. does anyone think this will actually make any kind of difference? >> yes, of course. white people never want to feel that uncomfortable ever again. >> nobody want to be embarrassed like that. next year like he'd really go off. this was the nice gentle year. >> larry: i feel like hollywood has been embarrassed many times before. i'm not sure anything's happened. >> the academy did change some rules. they made voting -- you couldn't vote if you haven't looked in the last ten years. they're broadening their diverse outreach and trying to get more people of color in the academy. they did make changes. >> larry: it seems like television has done a better job with diverse casting right now. >> oh, yeah. >> larry: why do you think movie are lagging behind so much? >> i don't know.
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it seems it takes longer to make a film. maybe it's a practice thing maybe they haven't caught up. >> like black people don't have time >> maybe we've got a backlog of black movies that haven't been finished being produced and in the next ten years. >> you're saying black movies are on b.p. time. >> i think it's movies have bigger budgets so they can do fantasy and period piece where's black people don't exist. >> can i tell you why television is so diverse, two words, shawnda rhymes. >> i think television is had a proven track record that having us on there will make money. empire made a [bleep] load of money. >> larry: greed will always lead
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in hollywood. green is the most important color there. it's not just black, the whole diversity issue i read about the empathy gap, asian-americans, mexicans. i thought it was extraordinary that he won best director twice. >> it's amazing. >> i love to see that. >> larry: because it opens the door for a lot of people. >> it's not so much we use the key word diversity. there was a surprising amount of diversity. there were lots of foreign accents and there were small asian children maybe misused in a bit but they were there. >> they were there. >> and i think for black people especially it's not so much about diversity but normalcy. make projects that look like the
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world around you. >> larry: exactly. and hamilton you have -- did anybody get upset people of color are playing historically white figures? >> they didn't talk to me about it but i think what the show is trying to do is what you're talking about. the way you sort of -- the way we make history exciting to learn about is by breaking down the barriers that are already set up between these people and we see these people as old white men who we don't care about but if you cast them as people you see in your neighborhood i have a reason to give a damn about george washington who i didn't before. >> and i still don't. >> you might care about chris jackson. >> that's right. >> he's a great george
2:36 am
washington gateway drag. >> and a lot of about this and a little about george. >> larry: you think it's part of the empathy gap that allows people to empathize the characters. >> that's the business of theatre. we're in the business of empathy. our director says it all the time and that's what you do. you have to empathize with the lfe outside of your own and we all laugh together because we empathize with the situation and cry together and that's what theatre does better than other mediums. it's right for us to do. >> larry: willing suspension in disbelief. we talked about this earlier. can you show the whoopi -- again. robin. >> so here's the thing, like black people boycotted the oscars and there were only three there and whoopi and oprah. you confuse them? the only people there were chris
2:37 am
rock, kevin hart and stacey dash. >> larry: there were more black people there, come on. >> quincy was there. >> they drug out lou gossett jr. >> larry: what do you mean drug out like he was in the grave. we'll be right back. >> if you live in new york city
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for you guys. the question asks do you take me to the white house correspond ents dinner if the lakers go all the way? of course i do. the lakers are going all the way. and we sent mike to los angeles to go @ midnight. watch hit @ midnight tonight as they attempt to do us proud. don't forget to send me keep it 100 everyone. good nightlyeveryone.


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