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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  April 7, 2016 9:35am-10:12am PDT

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primaries. and it was an eventful night on both sides of the aisle. for the democrats bern kroa sanders clinched his sixth win in a row. sixth win, in a row. yeah. sixth win and then like a true socialist he immediately tried to split those wins with hillary, no, bernie, no. that's why it's so hard for socialists to win. stop sharing. but the bigger news out of last night came from the republican side where donald trump lost, people. donald trump lost. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: he lost! he lost to ted cruz. oh, come on. now you just sound like ted cruz's family, stop that. now let's focus on the positive for now, you know. trump got grilled. and he got grilled by the cheese state. (laughter) congratulations, wisconsin. you finally did the thing that even donald trump couldn't do. and that was stop donald trump.
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for months no one has been able to stop trump and then all of a sudden the dairy state comes in and they're like what? this asshole, [bleep] cheese and trump's loss has huge implications. >> a big blow for donald trump last night it just got a lot harder for him to clinch the nomination before the convention. >> he needs 60% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination. >> i think it is virtually certain that we are headed towards a contested convention this summer in cleveland. >> oh hell yeah. a contested convention and wisconsin, it's all because of you. this calls for a celebration. you deserve it, baby. get that cheddar, y'all, get that cheddar, oh, yeah. save that for later, please, that made me hungry, yes. good news from the mid west. i can't believe i just said that. good new, ted cruz winning has now become good news. blah, blah, but he's really good
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times for cruz. and his fellow religious conservatives. really good times for cruz and his friends. they're not just winning primaries in the midwest. unfortunately for the lgbt community, it also looks like they're winning in the south. >> lawmakers in civil southern u.s. states have recently debated bills that address religion concerns over the rights of gays, lesbians and transgender people. >> north carolina passed legislation that prohints local governments from creating their own ordinances to protect the gay and transgender exeument. >> mississippi became the fourth state to enact a similar bill saying it is to protect religious freedom. >> religious freedom. this is just discrimination. it's like proposing a law to kill all kittens and then calling it the bird protection act. they are no joke because they give everyone the power to deny people jobs, services, and even houses if they're transor gay.
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and although these proposed bills affect all lgbt people, let's focus for a second on that t, transgender. because they have to face all that other discrimination whilst also holding their pee. >> across the country rest rooms have become a battleground when it comes to gender identity. north carolina requires people to use public bathrooms that correspond with the gender on their birth certificate. >> trevor: what? like-- you know what this is like saying, this is the problem with hatred. it's never really well thought out. because now you expect people to carry their birth certificates to every public rest room in your state. so now if i want to go to the bathroom i have to be like oh, i didn't bring my birth certificate, let me get it, i will go home, then i gom back and am like i could have peeed at home. why am i doing this, i am dumber than you guys. also a birth certificate checker at the bathroom. what a useless job. if you are going to have someone working in the bathroom v it be something useful, you know, like maybe they can hold your phone so you don't drop it in the toilet. or even better they can read
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your texts while you're doing your business, you know. hey, tell lisa i can't wait to see her tonight and then smiley face and hot emoji. >> no, you will sound real theirsy, how about wine bottle and a winky face. >> are you a lifesaver. thanks, pointless man. (applause) now these bathrooms it feels syncser. but in can cass-- kansas, they are like gnaw,er we gag take that [bleep] to the next level. >> one bill making its way through the senate would force transgender students to use bathrooms of the stheks were born into. >> schools would have to pay $2500 to students who encounter a transgender student in the bathroom. >> the 2500 dollar bounty has transgender children. >> are you [bleep] kidding me. schools in kansas are teaching kids the wrong things. snitches get stitches, not riches. kansas is going to pay students $2500 to report transgender kids
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in the bathroom? and once again, hatred, not well thought out. because kansas high schoolers, you know what you should do, just make friends with the transgender kid and then every time you go to the bathroom together, are you making 12-- 1250 a pop. yeah, that is what you are doing. are you both macking money and you don't have any big oltry. 1250 each, that is enough money to get you the [bleep] out of kansas, dorothy. and by the way, kansas, real quick, where are you getting the money for this? because thanks to your very conservative tax policies, you're broke. so basically these laws are prejudice, cruel, unnecessary and they couldn't be enforced anyway. and the good news is that people are standing up and speaking out against them. especially america's most important people. corporations. >> pay pal saying that it is going to cancel its plans to bring 400 scrobs to north carolina. >> coca cola and disney oppose the measure. >> facebook mark zuckerberg and
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apple's tim cook. >> the nba might move next year's all-star game out of charlotte. >> the governors of three states have told nonessential state employees not to travel to north carolina on official business. >> trevor: a travel advisory. damn. north carolina, you realize they are treating you like you've got ebola. and it makes sense, if you think about t bigotry is a lot like ebola. only difference is the [bleep] comes out of your mouth instead of your ass. imrai, we'll be right back. chers-- yeah, we'll be right
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>> trevor: welcome back. so what is that scares so many people about trans gendzer community-- transgender communities. and what is it like to live as a focus of that fear. jessica williams finds out. >> iowa's most famous for its corn fields, butter sculptures fields. until last summer when transgender woman megan taylor tried to check in to the drury inn in the city of des moines. we sat down with taylor herself for an exclusive tell-all. >> i could tell when i checked in to the hotel that it was. >> i got this, taylor. it was july 129, 12020156789 you presented your i.d. to the hotel
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manager. >> i had a reservation. >> but she was on to you. fearing for her life, she took immediate action. >> i have someone a little unusual checking too the hotel. they are dressed as a woman but it's a man's driver's license. >> that is when the cops came and all hell broke loose. >> but let's rewind here. what triggered the cops to respond. >> you pull out a gun. and then the cops come and you are arrested. >> none of that happened. >> did you pull out a knife. >> no. >> what did you do drugs? >> nothing of the sort. >> then why the hell were you arrested. >> i got arrested because i was a black transgendzer woman. >> specifically cops told her because she didn't have a prescripg for her hormone pills. and this is 2016. >> what were you doing in iowa. >> i was there going to a funeral. >> you were there for a funeral. >> yeah. >> and did you get to attend the funeral. >> i didn't get to make the funeral at all. >> how long were you in jail
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for. >> i was in jail for eight days. >> i'm sorry. >> it's terrible. take your time. >> i thought it was tough being a black woman. but compared to a black transgender woman, i might as well be a white black dude at a dave matthews concert. >> transgender women get arrested all the time. especially black transgender women, just by walking down the street or anything. >> and by anything she means literally anything. because of discrimination and profiling, at least 47% of black transpeople will have at some point in their lives been incarcerated. let's underline ansett fire to that graphic, because it's 47%. you think there would be laws to correct this. but instead this year alone, state legislatures have introduced 175 anti-transbills, many make it legal to discriminate based solely on religious belief. and then you have these bathroom bills. >> to confine and imprison transagainer that use public bathrooms that don't match the gender on their birth certificate.
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>> that is what is triggering the transpannic. listen to elmer fud look alike goreden clingenschmitt. >> should we fear the transgender exeument. >> they not only want to be confused about their own identities, but they want the rest of us to be confused with them. now they want the government to join them in that pretense. they're making us into liars. >> wow. >> okay. i met with the so called liars to find out what their evil intentions are. >> there is a notion that transpeople are perpetrators in some way, that we're sneaking and trying to trick you for the purposes of having sex with you. >> and thases' not the case at all. >> people just want to see male and female like it has to fit in one of those two boxes and if it dubt it makes people uncomfortable. >> it's truly not a choice. >> that's all you need to know. >> not according to clickenschmilt who thinks that we are all going to get attacked in the bathroom. >> a man can go into a ladies really and assault you and your little girl. >> especially in our most important bathrooms. >> next time, ladies, you go to olive garden, watch out who is going to be in the bathroom.
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>> there is no reported incidents of any transperson ever raping or assaulting anyone in any bathroom ever. >> if anything transpeople are the ones getting assaulted. >> these people are up against some bull [bleep]. there must be some small way i can help them out. give me some offensive comments or questions and i will give you good answers that you can use in your day to day life. >> why are your feat so small. >> you think my feet are small. >> wow, whooo, okay. guns a blazing on that question. i don't currently have a. >> how much. >> how much for. >> sex. >> oh, [bleep]. >> how do you have sex. >> so your parent as shamed of you. >> what is the gender mark on your id. >> when do you tell them you are really a man. >> i don't know. >> do you have cad aver tits. >> what is your real name. >> i just want to know. >> what is your name. >> tell us. >> do women date you, or gay women? >> the transgender community is more preed-- oppressed than i
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ever could have a imagined some of why does gordon feel so threated. you have ever been attacked by a transgender person. >> no. >> have you ever had a traumatic experience way transperson? >> i wouldn't call it traumatic, no. >> you haven't. >> no. >> then why does he feel this way? >> dressing like a woman, he's not a woman. >> wait a secretary, this guy say preparer too. and he thinks what? >> not just a psychological disorder, it's actually a demondayic spirit. >> okay, so now they're possessed. go on. >> i would be comfortable talking about religious freedom but have i to change into my alter ego if are you okay with that. >> you have to change into your alter ego who are you lady gaga. go ahead and change. >> okay, hold up, is everybody seeing this. i am actually waiting for this man to transition so that he can feel more comfortable during our interview. >> oh, an also, hey, heads up, i am not judging him for his personal choice. until he took out his phone to judge others for their personal choices.
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>> and deut rot me 225 says a woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing for the lord your god detests anyone who does this. >> i don't remember that, but there is a part about shell fish, or stoning people to death. >> but what about this. >> they can go [bleep] in their [bleep] pants because we have separation of church and state. because we believe in our constitution. >> never the less, these bathroom bills are being passed and gordon is doing everything he can to make it happen. >> get used to the idea of having your women and children share bathrooms with cross dressing men who are going to expose themselves to you. >> do you, for whatever reason, associate being transgender with being a pervert. >> that is per version stvment people who label themselves as transgender for the purpose of getting that access to violate the rights of others. >> is it fair to say that because you're a priest that you are a pedestrian o file? >> well, of course not.
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>> why of course not, why? >> because some people are criminals and some people are not criminals. >> could you take that logic and apply it to the transgender exawment. >> there are apples and/or ranges. >> by apples and apples do you mean apples and apples. unfortunate leigh a lot of people think like gordon. so how can we end this transphobic epidemic. >> hopefully they can understand that we are strifing to becoming a-- after a lot of goal searching and a lot of thought and sometimes a lot of trauma and tragedy. passing these bills is absolutely going to add fuel to the fire and ignite transpannic. >> transpanic, panic, panic. >> coming soon. >> they've existed since the beginning of time. they are not who people think they are. >> girl, you know we need to elevate that. >> they come out at night. >> no. >> or during the day depending on their schedule. >> you forgot your hat. >> they have an appetite. >> when they're hungry. >> you are really going to love this salad. >> this summer, get ready for
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(cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome back. my guest tonight is an actor and founder of transtech social enterprises, please welcome angelica ross. (applause) thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me, trevor. >> trevor: let's get straight into it. you are the c.e.o. of transtech which is basically a creative technology company, getting transpeople or anyone from the lgbt comeumentd to come and learn about technology, you know. >> well, yeah, there is a lot of space where we're just kind of forced out of school. we're forced out of the work. no place really is safe, especially in certain states for transpeople. so first we wanted to create a safe space. so people could come in and access the internet and computers and trainings and build their skills for better employment. >> so this might be a really
10:01 am
personal question but. >> sure. >> trevor: at what age did you realize that you were a tech person? (laughter) >> honestly, very, very young. i was the one hooking up the vcr and all the tvst, the vcr, the thing with the tape. >> trevor: i know, i'm old school. >> yeah, yeah. but i have always been tech, yeah. >> trevor: what is really fascinating about your organization is not just the fact that you are teaching and educating transgender people and getting them into the workforce, but you are transforming the workforce because a lot of the times corporations without don't know how to deal with transpeople. and you are basically teaching them that transemployees are the same as every other employee. they just spend their day on facebook, just looking at cat videos. >> actually transemployees are actually even better. but seriously because they work that much harder sometimes because we know the playing field in front of us. and so sometimes we're even working two, three, four times as hard just so someone will give us an opportunity. >> trevor: so someone gives
10:02 am
you the respect. >> exactly. >> trevor: it's such a tough place to come from. your story is really interesting as well. you are a military veteran as well. >> i don't know if this techically or not because my discharge was uncharacterrized. so back in -9d 8ee or so, around the don't ask don't tell sort of thing, they hung me out of a window and asked me to tell. and you know, so i was discharged. but i was discharged with an uncharacterrized. so basically like were you never here. no benefits. but i definitely walked away with sort of a sour taste in my mouth from that. >> trevor: let's talk about caitlyn jenner. so i guess in many communities considered a gift and a curse to the transcommunity. on one hand, caitlyn jenner has brought the conversation, you know, really shown a spotlight on what is going on in the transcommunity. on the other hand, people go that's not an accurate representation of what it means to be trans. we don't all have glamor and makeup artists. you know, we don't have that money. >> caitlyn is like 60 something
10:03 am
but in reality, she's a baby tran. and that's all it is. is that we need to-- . >> trevor: is that a thing. >> yeah, baby trans. >> trevor: because we're all learning here. we done know. >> yes, no. >> trevor: we are going to walk away from the show, hey, baby tran. i heard it on "the daily show." >> no, baby trans is a thing. like when you first transition, you kind of reach for the longest hair and the shortest scimplet you know. but-- shortest scimplet you know, but-- but then you learn. >> trevor: let's chat about the community on the other side. this is something i think a lot of people are afraid to talk about. because it is hard to talk about. i know this personally. you want to get involved. you are not just not opposed to the transgender community. but you actually want to support it. and a lot of the time it feels like the conversation is hindered by the fear of saying the wrong thing. is it he or she. is it transgendered or transgender. is it-- how do you begin
10:04 am
educating people and saying hey, i under stand-- how do we begin that conversation? >> google. it's fascinatek am you can find any kind of information on google. but honestly-- . >> trevor: as a person, how does that make you feel. if somebody says to you, what are the dost and don'tst, the simple things, you go hey, this is not the right thing to do. just on a personal level. >> it is really trial and úrror. i think it's when you learn and realize you're talking to another person and you realize maybe this is not the right question to ask. if you are actually asking yourself, well, this may be offensive, then are you already starting out on the wrong foot. so really it's a thing where we in the transcommunity, we understand intention now more than we understand the words and other things. and there is a lot of energy that goes behind certain people's words and can i feel that hatred, i can feel that energy. but when somebody is fumbling across and don't know what the right thing to do s as long as i
10:05 am
see that there is an energy for you to sort of want to learn then i think things are okay. >> trevor: intention more important than words. >> and impact. a lot of people think they are well-intentioned but the impact is quite different than what their intentions were. so you can't say well, i didn't mean to. or that wasn't my intent but we also need to look at the impact of what you said or did. >> trevor: i think we all will be. great job on your impact and what your organization is doing. angelica ross, everyone. we'll be right back. ♪ the gravity here is too strong for my ship. looks like you'll have to spend the night. yeah... the night. ♪ (sfx: record scratch) one thing led to another and... i don't think that's how they're made. klondike hooks up with your favorite flavors to bring you... the best ice cream bars ever conceived.
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>> that's our show for tonight. thank you so much for tuning in. join us tomorrow night at 11:00. and here it is, your moment of zen. >> last week george mason university announced the antonin scal yoo-- scalia school of law. they noticed the acronym p at wgbha-s-s-o-l. announcer: this is an nbc special report. saturday night live, normally seen at this time, will be delayed so that we may bring you this special address from the president of the united states. good evening. as you are probably aware, last tuesday i flew to southeast asia for a meeting of the asia-pacific economic cooperation forum,
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a group comprised of nearly all the major economic powers in that region, including, among others, china, japan, south korea, indonesia, singapore, vietnam, and australia. i had planned to return to washington later this week, but decided to cut my trip short in order to share with you two developments of major significance to all americans. first, i'm pleased to report that this meeting has led to dramatic progress towards the resolution of a variety of contentious issues in such areas as trade, environmental protection, and national security. second--and this i truly regret to say-- we are now at war with vietnam. the former was the end result of more than two years of painstaking negotiations among our partners in the region. the latter was just-- i don't know. heh.


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