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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  April 14, 2016 9:16am-9:49am PDT

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some simple info and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> larry: thank you very much. thank you. that was great. welcome to "the nightly show." i'm your host larry wilmore. tonight, we're joined by senator bernie sanders. [ cheers and applause ] i have to say, though, i'm not sure what he's here to
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plug. [ laughter ] i think he's in a movie about the president or something like that. [ laughter ] but before we get started, we have a quick correction and apology to make. on monday's show, we did a story about the panama papers and intended to name former icelandic prime minister sigmundur daviíd gunnlaugsson as one of the many high-profile money-hiders. but accidentally, we showed an image of current icelandic prime minister sigurdur ingi joóhannsson. [ laughter ] i know. i know. so my apologies to sigurdur. [ laughter ] no, no, no, guys! no, that's sigourney! she's not even icelandic. [ laughter ] i don't even know why did you that. i need to see sigurdur ingi joóhannsson. no, that's siegfried & roy. [ laughter ] i'm talking about the icelandic leader. okay. that's just a generic viking! what are you doing? what's up, graphics department, please.
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yes, thank you! i'm sincerely sorry, sigurdur. for confusing you with sigmundu are. since we have bernie sanders here, the man of the people, we thought we'd dedicate tonight's show to his favorite people: billioniers. all right. let's start with russian billionaire yuri milner. what you doing, man? >> yuri milner is joining forces with physicist stephen hawking for a $100 million project called breakthrough starshot. >> larry: breakthrough starshot? [ laughter ] wait, does this mean i have so rename the toddler beauty pageant i host every other weekend? [ laughter ] all right. what is this billionaire-funded breakthrough starshot? >> project starshot will enable us to see if there's any life near to our nearest stellar neighbors. the plan is to create a swarm of postage-sized spacecraft.
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each device would also contain a camera and communication equipment, all of it weighing less than an ounce. >> larry: of course, the tiny postage-sized spacecraft will be piloted by kevin hart. [ laughter ] thank you for your service, kevin. oh, i mean -- [ laughter ] but honestly, this is a truly awesome endeavor. listen to this. >> it could get to the nearest star to our galaxy in about 20 years. >> larry: amazing! tens of trillions of miles in 20 years! that's within our lifetimes, assuming we don't all die when president trump enacts the urge during his first 100 days. [ cheers and applause ] but sending our tiny robotic emissaries piloted by a famous diminutive black comedian to another, potentially life-sustaining planet within 20 years! man! man! [ laughter ] how can you not be humbled by that? >> so real quickly, this thing
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is the fastest we've ever gotten into space and in through space but it would still take 20 years to get to alpha centauri. is that right? >> that's exactly right. okay. [ laughter ] >> larry: was he yawning? [ laughter ] neil cavuto is not impressed at all! we're talking about traveling 26 trillion miles in 20 years, and he's acting like they just told him it would be a 45-minute wait at cheesecake factory. [ laughter ] how can this not inspire you? i love this stuff. are we not impressed by space travel anymore? is it a money thing? >> compared to the overall u.s. budget, nasa's share is kind of pocket change. according to numbers from the office of management and budget, total u.s. outlays for 2016 are estimated at $3.99 trillion. nasa's request would earmark $18.529 billion. >> larry: don't get me wrong. $18.5 billion is a lot of money.
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that's like four uüber trips during surge pricing. [ laughter ] it's a lot. but it's only 0.46% of the budget, whereas in the '60s we spent an average of 2.5% of the budget on nasa. nasa is our old boo. [ laughter ] we don't prioritize it like we used to. [ laughter ] sorry, boo. [ laughter ] and the result is that some of the most exciting innovation is coming from private interests that will own humanity's access to space and do with it whatever capitalism tells them is most profitable. all right, fine. if that's all we got, that's fine. i mean, when i was a kid, i dreamed about getting onboard the starship enterprise. now it's got to be called anheuser-busch presents the starship bud light lime-a-rita in partnership with enterprise car rental. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i know. i know. okay. meanwhile back here at earth.
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primary is next week, renewing the debate over some harsh criticism of new york coming from the right. >> you suggested mr. trump "embodies new york values." could you explain what you mean by that? >> you know, i think most people know exactly what new york values are. [ fake laugh ] [ laughter ] >> larry: i think most people know how slimy and creepy you are. [ cheers and applause ] i'll tell you what, i'll tell but new york values -- it's not fair, guys. i've only lived here a year and a half. here's a native new yorker to talk about real new york values. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! [ cheers and applause ] thank you. [ cheers and applause ] [ audience chanting "bernie,
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bernie" ] that's right. it's me, bernie "brooklyn boy" sanders. and guess what, ted cruz? i have new york values. [ cheers and applause ] i value a living wage for all americans. i value a justice system that treats everyone fairly. i value a government which works for all of us, not just wall street and powerful special interests. those are new york values. [ cheers and applause ] and you know what new york is? it's a place built by the back-breaking work of immigrants. immigrants like your family, ted cruz. and when you say having new york values is a bad thing, you insult my city, my state, my culture and my heritage. i am the son of an immigrant,
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and i am proud of it. [ cheers and applause ] you started this new york values nonsense as an attack on trump, and i've got some new york values for him too. [ laughter ] mr. trump, you wouldn't know new york values if they were written in 50-foot gold letters on the side of the empire state building. [ cheers and applause ] new york values are the statue of liberty, not a wall between us and mexico. until new york we pride ourselves on our diversity. we don't people up based on where they were born. i was born and raised in brooklyn. bk, stand up! fight back! don't let anyone tear us down.
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[ cheers and applause ] i will never lose the values that new york and my family have given me. as new yorkers, we understand what new york values really mean. we believe in the value of hard work. we believe in the value of equality. we believe in the value of a society where the american dream works for all, not just the 1%. those are new york values. and the truth is, new york values are american values. there is no difference. [ cheers and applause ] >> larry: oh! oh! oh! bernie sanders, everybody! we'll be right back with more with bernie. [ cheers and applause ]
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before it was honey in these honey nut cheerios, it was honey being collected. and honey getting made. and honey that was just beginning.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> larry: welcome back. we've got a special one-on-one interview tonight. you may know him as that guy who's always surrounded by 25,000 unwashed millennials. please welcome the junior u.s. senator from vermont and democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders! [ cheers and applause ]
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welcome back to show, bernie. that was an impressive mic drop you did. [ laughter ] bern ob, you're killing it right now. you've won 8 of the last 9. >> m yeah. larry: unbelievable. new york primary is coming up. you have momentum right now. but it seems like hillary has i guess i would describe as mathmentum. [ laughter ] right? so do you have a path with the math? or isour path without the math? >> no, our path is with the math. >> larry: with the math. good. >> you know, we started off this campaign having to run in the deep south of -- >> larry: trust me. i know about running in the deep south. [ laughter ] not an easy thing to do. [ applause ] >> m we didn't do all that -- larry: it's a different -- yeah. it's a conservative part of our country. >> larry: yes. but since we've been out of the south, we're doing pretty
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well, and i think as the weeks and months come ahead, states that we're look forward to are here in the northeast and out west are more proaggressive states and i think we have a real shot to win them and i think we have a real chance to win the pledged delegates. and then what i think is -- what a lot of these superdelegates begin to see which candidate is the stronger candidate against donald trump, they're going to look at all these polls which have me way ahead of trump, a higher margin ahead of him than hillary clinten and i think some of these guys are going to be coming over. >> larry: a lot of people have talked about the superdelegates. it seems mysterious to some people. they're really basically party insiders. and you're really positioning yourself as an outside gher you might say na, larry. >> larry: that's right. [ laughter ] >> now, do you have -- larry: now, do you have a way of convincing the superdelegateo call them in the '90s, superpredators. [ laughter ] just a little joke there. >> okay. what is your plan -- really
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they're insiders. >> they're insiders but we all share one thing in common and we understand it would be a disaster for this country if trumpor cruz or somebody like that becomes president. >> larry: i think trump even believes that. -- >> and i think what some of these people are going to take a hard look at is which of us, secretary clinton or myself are a stronger candidate against trump or cruz. all the polling shows i am the stronger candidate. the reason is i will end up with virtually all democratic support but i am doing much better than secretary clinton in getting independents involved. >> larry: right. and that's why i think i'm the stronger candidate and why i'm quite confident that i can beat trump. >> larry: you mentioned the southern states. a lot of those states are taken by republicans anyway. >> yeah. larry: a lot of the states that you're competing in are the blue states. >> exactly. yeah. >> larry: for the election, it's got to mean a lot. >> exactly. so the question is -- and i hope this will change. >> larry: mm-hmm. the truth is the day will come when progressives will win
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in mississippi and alabama and louisiana. >> larry: oh. [ laughter ] >> i know you're laughing. larry: oh, bernie. [ cheers and applause ] >> that day will come, because these are some of the poorest states this america. >> larry: yeah. they should not be voting for right-wing republicans. but that day may not be here right now. [ applause ] so i think your point is the states that are really up for grabs, whether it's new hampshire where iowa, so form, do i think have a better shot of winning those states? the answer is i do. >> larry: it's funny because joe scarborough "the morning joe," i said this a while ago when were you here, he feels the primary system was rigged. he was talking about the democratic primary. what is your feeling on that? >> well, you know, one can arguo say why does iowa go first? why does new hampshire go first? i think that having so many southern states go first it distorts reality as well. >> larry: yeah. here's the way i like to -- let me explain it in cards. let's imagine these cards are the voters.
9:33 am
right? now, bernie, you're doing well. you win the primary vote, and you've got like it looks like 10 delegates, right? that's what it looks like, right? >> yeah. larry: then that democratic primary comes in and bam, that's what it feels like. [ laughter ] right? [ cheers and applause ] exactly. >> but larry, one of the points that i do want to make. >> larry: yeah. we have taken on the whole establishment in state after state we're running against the senators, and the governors and members the congress. but what's happening is ordinary people are standing up and they're saying, you know what? maybe it's a little bit too late for establishment politics. we have to take on big money interests, and we're going to do it our way. >> larry: let me ask you this. if you become president, you'll face maybe a republican senate, republican house. how are you going to get them to feel the bern? obama's there for eight years. they couldn't feel the black. [ laughter ] how are you going to get them to feel the bern?
9:34 am
>> answer is if i win, there will be a huge voter turnout. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] final there is ooh large voter turn out i suspect the democrats will recapture the senate. but more importantly, what our campaign is about, it's not just for electing a president, it's creating a political revolution. that means million of peem, many of whom have given up the political process, young people who have not participated in the political process, standing up and fighting back and taking on the establishment and demanding a government which works for all of us and not just the 1%. and when that happens and when millions of people stand up and fight back, you know what? you can see real change in this country and the congress will be forced to do what the american people want. >> larry: okay. we'll be right back, more bernie sanders. [ cheers and applause ] 5-hour energy® presents... why are you so tired? that would be the sound of your alarm going off.
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>> larry: all right. welcome back. i'm back here with bernie sanders! [ cheers and applause ] all right. okay. it always strikes me when you use the words "revolution" and you talk about breaking up the banks and that sort of thing. bill o'reilly was talking about this the other night. he actually said -- he was talking about you. he said he's never seen a candidate more dissociated with the reality than you. he also said poor black people have tattoos on their forehead and that's why they can't get jobs. you know? this is what bill o'reilly said. [ laughter ] so how exactly would you break up the banks? >> very simply. we have -- there are a couple of ways you can do it. you can do it through section 121 of dodd-frank or you can do it preferably through legislation that i have authored which basically says that the secretary of trerkry will make a determination as to which banks, if they failed, would bring systemic damage to our entire economy, i.e., too big to fail. you do that study and then we break them up.
9:40 am
and we break them up because today 3 out of the 4 largest banks are bigger than they were when we bailed them out because they were too big to fail. we break them up because the six largest financial institutions had this country have assets equivalent to 58% of the gdp of this nation. if you're two-thirds of the credit cards and one-third of the mortgages, i think that's too much economic and political power in too few hands. i do believe they should be broken up. >> larry: and they make up all their own rules for all of those things too. >> let me give you an example. arry: yeah. which is really not funny. [ laughter ] >> larry: don't worry. don't worry. [ laughter ] >> is you -- just the other day goldman sachs reached an agreement with the federal government. >> larry: yes. $5 billion settlement because they were peddling fraudulent packages of subprime mortgage loans, worthless packages. >> larry: right. $5 billion fine, and you talk about criminal justice. how many of the executives in
9:41 am
goldman sachs or any of these other large banks are going to face any criminal charges? >> larry: none. and they were all rewarded for basically ripping off the american people. >> and this is why, larry, the american people are so angry and russtrateed at establishment politics and economics. some kid smokes juan today gets picked up, he has a criminal record for the rest of his life but if you're a wall street executive, you destroy the economy, you get an increase in your compensation. that's got to change. >> larry: let me ask you this too. [ cheers and applause ] okay. i want to get this in. i know you're very passionate about income inequality. it riz nates with -- resonates with people on both side, both republicans and democrats. there are different prescriptions for -- you've talkeed a a lot about wage increases but what about job increases? do you have ooh prescription? >> absolutely. larry: all right. number one, we've got trade our -- change our trade policies. trade agreements we've lost millions of decent paying jobs.
9:42 am
corporations have shut down in america. they go to china and mexico. we got it change that. number two, i was in flint, michigan, a couple of months ago. what i saw there and heard there, literally, larry -- >> larry: it was terrible. it was more than terrible. you could not believe you were talking to people in america in the year 2016. it was horrible. >> larry: mm-hmm. we have got to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. that's our water systems, wastewater plants, roads and bridges. we have a plan for a tril dollars creates 13 million decent paying jobs. and we have a raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour so people who work 40 hours a week are not living in poverty. >> larry: great. [ cheers and applause ] >> larry: now, bernie, you used to be a carpenter. is that right? >> well, i used to help out. i didn't want to go too far on that. >> larry: and you're jewish. yeah. larry: and -- [ laughter ] and i'm just saying and
9:43 am
the pope loves you, and you mms of people come to hear you speak your sermons on mounts. [ laughter ] are you jesus? [ cheers and applause ] you don't have to answer that. >> i'll tell you -- [ laughter ] i am going to the vatican, and i'm very excited about that. >> larry: yes. because i think pope francis has been an extraordinary visionary in the fight for social and economic justice, and to understand that we have got to transform our energy system if we're going to save this planet from climate change. so going to the vatican in a meeting that, you know, he has called is something that i'm excited -- >> larry: the pope is using that kind of language, i have hope for mississippi. bernie sanders, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] how about a round of applause for bernie sanders. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much. we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ]
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ovmake for endlessle flspoonfuls of funam sour patch kids redberry blast. baskin-robbin's flavor of the month. try it today! >> larry: we're out of time. thank you to my guest, bernie sanders. goodnightly, everyone! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show." i'm trevor noah. my guest tonight, the star of "dr. ken," ken jeong is here. ( cheers and applause ) but we begin tonight with the socialist paradise of north korea. they're the world's weirdest ( bleep ) talkers. and this week they've really outdone themselves. >> north korea is trying a new tactic in its effort against the u.s. it's published a letter supposedly written from deceased president abraham lincoln to current president barack obama. >> trevor: i'm just curious, north korea, what did you say when your people asked you who abraham lincoln was?
9:48 am
that must have been an awkward exchange. yeah, we wrote america a letter from abraham lincoln." and they're like, "who was abraham lincoln?" "he was the president who gave the slaves freedom." and they're like, "what's freedom?" just ignore all of this. i'll say this for north korea. their letter really captured lincoln's voice. >> the phony letter opens with, "hey, obama, you have a lot on your mind. i'll give you some advice." >> trevor: that sound exactly like honest aib. if abraham lincoln was writing a letter to president obama, he wouldn't give any advice. it would probably be a letter like, "dude, did i hook you up or what?" but, hey, kim jung un, it's funny that you found a letter from abraham lincoln, because we found a letter to you from the last north korean dictator, your dad, kim jong il. i'll read it to you now.


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