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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  May 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:32pm PDT

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in a parka was a bad idea. good night. comedy central >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the "daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: thank you so much. welcome to "daily show." thank you for tuning in. i'm trevor noah. my guest tonight, broadcasting icon and yahoo global news anchor, here to talk about america's gun debate. katie couric is here, everybody. we all know by now this is the creativity election americans have ever seen. attack ads have been replaced by twitter. saying terrible things now gets you more votes. and we watch aid man sleep walk
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through an entire presidential campaign. ( laughter ) but in all this chaos, thankfully, there is one pillar of consistency, and that is the national rifle association. ( laughter ) america's largest firearms lobby, and proud retailer of gun-shaped mailboxes for when you really want to shoot the messenger. every election, this organization remind us how powerful they are, and last friday they did it again by getting donald trump to fly to their national convention in louisville and pledge his support in exchange for their endorsement and that's really impressive. because donald trump doesn't care about the things republican leaders are supposed to care about. he supported planned parenthood. he doesn't support free trade. and he won't even wear those little reagan nipple clamps they're supposed to wear. why do you think ted cruz always has that creepy smile? ( laughter ) ( applause ) now you know. now you know. so a lot of politicians support the n.r.a. but what makes this surprising is that trump himself on
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multiple occasions supported gun control measures, and even famously tweeted that president barack obama spoke for him on the need for more gun control after sandy hook. but that was three years and a nomination ago so ated from's n.r.a. event, trump was far more on target. >> thank you very much. this is amazing. hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. just remember that. we're not going to let that happen. i can tell you that right now. we're going to preserve it. we're going to cherish it. i've been watching what's going on, and i've been look at airplanes getting blown up in the air and lot of bad things happening. but if you look at paris, 130 people killed, and these guys came in, boom, boom. you, over here, boom. >> trevor: boom, boom? ( laughter ) i don't know if that's the most respectful way to explain the paris shootings. boom, boom? although, to be fair, trump explains every terrible historic event like that. "hindenburg," huge balloon,
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boom. huge, flames, humanity, terrible. lincoln assassination, nagging wife. out of nowhere, boom. gets some piece and quiet. julius ceasar, stab-stab. heata-pita. you can hear all that and more on my album. now that's what i call tragedy. ( applause ) now you can argue that trump isn't pandering that he might really loves guns. i'll say maybe, just maybe that's possible. but the way he talked on friday made me think he's not totally on board. >> my sons have been members of the n.r.a. for many, many years, and they're incredible. they have so many rifles and so many guns sometimes even i get a little bit concerned. i say that's a lot. >> trevor: what happened there? a little bit of a truth trump slipped out. a trumpian slip when you tell the truth. that's what that is. i love that. ( applause ) i love it. and it almost feels like at times trump is trying to feel
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out how crazy the group actually is. it's like he's testing the room. i mean, there is such a thing as too many guns, am i right? am i right? no, no, of course, not. no, what was i saying. of course, not. as long as you're mentally stable, that's the rule. no, not that? whatever. that's just the guns, not missiles. get the ( bleep ) out of here. ( bleep ). missiles, too. wow, we are nuts. you shouldn't be surprised that the n.r.a. got trump to fall in line with their agenda, because they always get what they want. >> at the urging of the n.r.a., congress passed a law that specifically shields gun manufacturers from lawsuits. >> after the sandy hook shooting in new town, the n.r.a. bullied just enough members of congress to bloke any action. >> you're allowed to carry a gun into a national park. you can transport a gun on amtrak. and the n.r.a. fought the handgun ban in the nation's capitol. >> trevor: wow, that is a ( bleep ) ton of
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accomplishments. even the illuminatis are like, damn. can we join you? and here's one of the craziest laws that the n.r.a. has gotten passes because they talk so much about good guys and bad guys. when it comes to actually catching bad guys, the n.r.a. still takes the side of the gun over the victim. >> this is the a.t.f.'s library of weapons where feds try to help local police solve a crime, figure out the exact type of gun and trace where it was bought. that means paperwork, and here, they are forced by congress to do things the old-fashioned way because members of congress, backed by n.r.a., passed laws forbidding the agency from using computers. >> trevor: are you ( bleep ) kidding me? in the name of gun right, the n.r.a. found a way to stop law enforcement from using computers. now they have to rely solely on paperwork. that's like telling a teenager he can only jerk off to the mona lisa. that's all. you can jerk off, but only to the mona lisa. the kid will be like, "what? are you crazy? i mean, i'll get it done, but
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it's just not very efficient. i don't even know if she's smiling." and a lot of people think the n.r.a. has always been an extreme gu gun gun rights groupt that's not even how it started. >> this was an organization that back in the 60s was a very tame, not particularly political organization. >> the n.r.a. was a safety organization. they helped people teach their children and their friends and family how to use and store and keep firearms safely. >> the n.r.a. supported the gun control act of 1968, for example. >> trevor: oh, wow. so the n.r.a. was a firearms safety organization that also supported gun control. what a dramatic change in goals. it's like learning that the ku klux klan of once an organization devoted to the care and maintenance of bed sheets. and then one day, someone was like, "ah! there's holes in these sheets. now we have to find something
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else to do with them." so going back. during the 1960s and 70s, there was' surge in riots and assassinations, and because of that more gun laws and more gun control laws were passed. and because of that, a few people within the n.r.a. decided to act. >> the n.r.a. people said, "wait a minute, we've got other things to worry about than teaching guys how to shoot and how to hunt." that was the transformative period. >> it formally happened in 1977 at the n.r.a. convention in cincinnati. as they got down to business, there was a showdown, hurnts and sportsmen, versus gun rights activists. >> a group of hard liners committed to literally took over the n.r.a. overnight. >> trevor: a lot of people would think the last place you would expect a coup is within the n.r.a. because everyone has a gun. because of that, they choose to solve all of their disputes using a complicated system called rock, paper, scissors. one guy kept his gun and he was like, "i win, i win, we're
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change the rules." after 1977, the n.r.a. had a mission to radically redefine gun rights in america and it brought in a professional lobbyist wayne la pierre. he's the guy who turned the n.r.a. into a political powerhouse. he has been the executive vice president and main face of the group for 25 years, and it's because of his leadership, that the n.r.a. has prevented any serious safety legislation in an era when annual active shoot esh incidents have reached peak levels. and when you hear wayne la pierre speak, you understand why he's been so successful. there's somebody else who has been just as successful using the same technique. >> something in our country has gone wrong. >> we don't have a country anymore. >> the obama-clinton administration slashed america's military. >> our military, as you know, it's being decapitated. >> failed border policy. >> mexico is just killing us at the border. >> drug cartels, carjackers. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. >> knockout gamers, and rapers,
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and heyers, and campus killers. >> and gang members who prey on civilians. >> we will take back our country and we will help restore america to its rightful place. >> we are going to make america great again. >> trevor: ahh! i love the smell of demagoguery in the morning. ( laughter ) when you think about it, donald trump and the n.r.a. are a match that was meant to be. although, they both used to be fairly moderate and even pro gun control. they rose to their current heights of political power by stoke the flames of rhetoric. plus one way or another the n.r.a. and trump both make everybody think,un what? maybe i should get a gun, just in case. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) hey there, can i help you with anything? hey siri, what's at&t's latest offer? oh, i don't think that siri can... right now, switch to at&t
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( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: welcome back to the "daily show." last week, the n.r.a. held their annual meeting where gun owners come together to shoot ( bleep ). and so we decided to send desi lydic to report. >> louisville, kentucky, my home town, and also home to the 2016 n.r.a. national convention, a three-day conference full of patriotic t-shirts.
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hilarious bumper stickers, and 11 acres of fun. dedicated to telling anyone who wants to take our guns away-- >> get your hands off my freedom. >> and keep them off. i was raised by an n.r.a. member and surrounded by guns by entire life. i know what you're thinking opinion why did desi dye her hair brown her entire childhood? it was just a phase. i headed straight for the press check-in. i couldn't wait to use my first amendment freedom of the press to protect the second amendment. there was just one problem. >> you're not credentialed for the event. >> i got-- i got discre derbled right there yup. that's first amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of press. yeah. that's weird. i mean, right on the n.r.a.'s web site it says their primary mission is to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. but as a nice policeman with a cove helped me leave the convention center, i realized they had a point.
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it would be ridiculous to let us open carry our cameras everywhere. i mean, cameras aren't like guns. you never know when they're shooting. safely in the parking lot it was time to talk about the dploars of american freedom, right after they signed their releases. so i can't roll these cameras and shoot willy-nilly without your legal consent. i guess it makes sense because any lunatic can walk into walmart and buy a camera. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> filling out one form wasn't so hard. okay, freedom time. here we go! >> everybody should have a gun and know how to use it. >> ( bleep ) yeah. >> everyone has the right to bear arms. >> so i do. >> schools should have firearms training from kindergarten on. >> sure, they got hands. >> this is america. that's what made this country. >> thank you! america was built on freedom, freedom to bear arms, freedom of the press, freedom of-- >> gotta move now, sorry. >> oh, ( bleep )! not again. is there a safe place for us-- >> over by the table.
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>> that's a safe press zone? okay, not a big deal. i could still totally do my job in this media cage. hey, hi. can i interview you about the second amendment? i just have to stay in my first amendment zone. skews me. best buy guy. skews me. excuse me. john oliver with the mustache. sir? i can talk to you about the second amendment? oh, come on. okay, i'm starting to think brandishing our cameras is making these patriots uncomfortable. what about antigun information? seems like they never shut up. like this lady. she wants to tear our second amendment to shreds. >> actually, that's not true. we believe you can both respect the second amendment and have commonsense laws that make our country safer. >> the second amendment is like gifieri, even you love him the way he is or get ( bleep ) out. >> there has been polling that
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shows 82% of gun owners support background checks for all gun sales and 70% of n.r.a. members do. >> my dad has been an n.r.a. member for 20 years and he has never said anything about gun control. these polls can't be right. if most n.r.a. members support some kind of gun control, why would the n.r.a., which gets millions of dollars from gun makers every year, want to make gun buyers feel like their rights are disappearing. it's almost like they're trying to-- i'm sorry, i can't focus with that graphic gun sales in my face. maybe i just wasn't asking n.r.a. members the right questions. what kind of limitations should we have on guns. >> universal background checks,un, paperwork on fully automatics. >> would you call that gun control giwould call it common sense. >> there's no reason to regulate anything. >> do you support background checks? >> certainly? >> you do? >> yes. >> for everybody? >> everybody. >> you would not consider it gun
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controls? it's just the words that are screwing this up. are all these people really-- wait, hold on. dad? , of course, he's here. he can speak for the n.r.a. >> i can't speak for the n.r.a., but i certainly believe there should be some gun control, just like there's control on free speech. you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater. there's sensible controls that should be implemented, but we have to be very careful that we all agree on what "sensible "is. >> holy ( bleep ), dad. that actually makes sense. one last question. are you proud of me? >> i don't have time for that now. ( laughter ). >> he's proud of me. he just hasn't found the right words, either. will you give me a ride home? >> text me. >> trevor: thank you, derks si. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) [ suspenseful music ]
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our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back. my guest tonight is an
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award-winning journalist, yahoo global news anchor and executive producer of the new documentary "under the gun." >> do you think that people should have to pass a background check before they purchase a gun? >> no. >> is there anybody here who thinks such a thing? i don't think so. >> why? >> a background check is nothing more than gun registry where the government says, "another let's see, katy's got one of these, one of these, one of these." so in their future plan when they come knock at your door going, "we show you have these three guns and now they're illegal in your place we'd like them, please or who are you giving them to." >> who is afraid the government will try to take away your guns? >> trevor: please welcome katie couric. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> it is so nice to be here.
11:23 pm
>> trevor: this is such an honor having you. i mean, you are-- you are television. ( laughter ) you are the person who sits on the opposite side. this is-- this is really, really an honor for me. >> work that's awfully nice of you to say. and how are you enjoying your new gig. >> trevor: they're treating me well. we're having a good time here. ( applause ) the documentary that you made is truly spectacular. every time you see a documentary around gun control or gun rights in america, it always seems to be very partisan. you set out, though, to make a documentary that was all about the facts, all about the journalism, all about the stories. why? >> well, you know, i think there is so much noise surrounding this issue. and by the way, thank you for devoting so much of your show tonight on this issue. because i think we all need to talk about it. and instead of talking at each other, talk with each other. and i couldn't understand the
11:24 pm
disconnect, trevor, after sandy hook, how 90% of the people in this country favored universal background checks, and yet, congress could get nothing passed. this disconnect between public opinion and our elected officials. and this debate has been going on for so long, as you described earlier in the show, that we really wanted to explain some of the-- even just the terms that are bandied about like not only universal background checks, gun show loophole, bad apple gun dealer, so that people could be educated, understand the facts, it's a very data-driven film. and then they could have a reasonable, rational conversation. and as we saw, as desi's piece postponed out, 74% of n.r.a. members favor universal background checks. the n.r.a. only represents 5% of gun owners in this country. so if we stop demonizing each side and kind of put the facts out there, we were just hoping it would set the table for an intelligent conversation, informed conversation.
11:25 pm
>> trevor: it is a conversation that people struggle to have a lot of the time in america. >> well, one of the reasons is gun control. you heard the word "gun control" and everybody-- so now it's sort of gun safety, gun safety or gun violence prevention is sort of more preferred. >> trevor: do you think that is one of the biggest problems is just the branding around it. "control" people automatically assume the government is going to come in and control their guns, whereas the government is saying we're trying to control the process of getting a gun, not your gun. >> yeah, i think it's partially that, the branding, if you will, but also the narrative that's been established by the gun lobby. so the sort of fear and paranoia it instills. any time there's even a bit of discussion about commonsense regulation, they gin , certain extremists in their membership, or extreme gun rights advocates, get them whipped up into such a frenzy, primarily because they want people to go out and buy more guns because they really work more for the gun manufacturers than the gun
11:26 pm
owners in my opinion. >> trevor: it really is true. ( applause ) it's a powerful message because one thing that struck me in the documentary was a piece of the conversation, i don't think i have ever seen explicitly had before, and that was around really sing ling out the bad apples in terms of dealers. the a.t.f. and f.b.i. talk about how there are many gun dealers who are great and work with the a.t.f. and f.b.i. they are commonsense gun dealers who say someone walked in, bought a load of ammunition and firearms, there's something strange going on. and there are a few who explicitly say we know we're involved in straw purchases. we know these people may rewill sell these weapons but we'll turn a blind eye. >> an interesting statistic in the film, 5% of gun dealers are responsible for 90-- selling 90% of the guns that are used in the course of committing a crime. >> trevor: yeah. >> and so it's just this small group that needs to be shut down.
11:27 pm
we profile one in chicago called chuck's gun store. and, you know, i still don't quite understand why the authorities can't do more about these gun dealers who are unethniccal and sell, you know, dozens of guns, partially because it's not really against the law to sell an unlimited number of firearms. what is against the law is to turn around and sell them illegally on the streets. >> trevor: it's such a fine line and there's so much to talk about on this so if you don't mind i'm going to keep you here with me a little bit longer. we're going to continue this conversation on the web. "under the gun" is available on epix, and com and wille
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well this is my equation for success. i developed the 4 p's. politeness, patience, practice and... promotion! heeyaw! heeyaw! ( cheers and applause ). >> trevor: thank you for tuning in. that's our show for tonight. here it is, your moment of zen. >> right now out of pennsylvania, bill clinton is set to arrive-- excuse me, biz cosby is set to arrive at a suburb an
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♪ (cheers and applause) >> larry: thank you very much! welcome to "the nightly show"! what a great crowd here! i appreciate that! thank you. >> it started with "larry"!


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