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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  May 31, 2016 9:49am-10:22am PDT

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♪ captioned by media access group at wgbh media access group at wgbh from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with trevor noah. (cheering, applause) welcome to the daily show. i'm trevor noah. thank you so much, everybody. thank you so much. my guest tonight, from the angry birds movie, jason sudeikis is joining us. (cheering, applause) yeah. with the birds. he's here with the birds from the movie. uh, but first, big news coming out of virginia. mike webb wants to be the next congressman to represent virginia's eighth district. probably didn't help his chances today with a facebook post. he uploaded this screenshot of a map to an event,
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but he didn't crop it just right, and his internet browser tabs just happened to be for pages titled "tight booty" and "sexy amateur". o-okay, no, no, wait, wait. let's not jump to conclusions here, people. we don't know why he had those porn tabs open. yeah. maybe he was planning his next attack ad, you know? like, "hi, i'm mike webb. as you know, i'm on the record "for supporting tight booty. "my opponent supports loose booty "and the softcore stuff where you only see boobs. he's wrong for virginia and wrong for vir-jacking it." it could have been that-- you never know, you never know. and, you know, i won't lie-- there's something refreshing about this guy, you know? not only does he support hard-working amateurs, but he's, uh, clearly trying to give his constituents a new level of transparency. if i'm voting for a politician, i want to know about his tax returns, his voting record and whether he's into creepy asian diaper stuff. these are things that i want to know. what fascinates me the most about this story
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is the fact that he had the porn tabs open and then he posted something about his campaign, which begs the question, did he stop? did he... was he in the middle and then went, "oh, that gives me an idea. "yeah. oh. oh." jus-just a thought, just a thought, just a thought. all right, uh, but let's move on now to the browser tab that america refuses to close-- donald trump. he won the oregon primary last night, but that wasn't the only contest that people were paying attention to. man: trump. kelly. the interview we've waited for. donald trump's long-awaited interview with megyn kelly. reporter: fox news anchor sitting with donald trump. -it's a blockbuster. -hotly anticipated. face-to-face interview with the billionaire candidate himself. whatever your plans are for this evening, you should probably cancel them. that's right! even if you're driving your pregnant wife to the hospital. cancel that (bleep). just like, "unless you're giving birth to an hdtv,
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we're watching that interview." cancel your plans? what a strong... what if my plan was to watch the interview? then what do i do now, shep smith? what do i do now? what do i do now? seriously, the hype for this event was out of control. you know, it's... it was like if apple revealed the new iphone in the middle of a new beyoncé song in the middle of the new star wars sequel. it was... it was so hyped up. and until last night, trump had been boycotting kelly's show, despite it being the second- highest rated cable news show. and he had good reasons. you've call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. you once told a contestant on celebrity apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president? yeah, wow. that doesn't even sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as assistant manager at chili's.
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he looks pretty good in that outfit, you got to admit. -you got to admit. -(cheering, applause) and that debate... that debate was just the jumping-off point for a feud that's been going on for months now. i don't have a lot of respect for megyn kelly. she's not very tough and she's not very sharp. she's zippo. i certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. i have no respect for her. i don't think she's very good. we the press are the counter- punchers. we-we are paid to hold the presidential candidates to account. megyn kelly is a lightweight. we're really the only thing that stands between them and the oval office, so we have to ask tough questions. wow, this isn't trump-kelly, this is mayweather... mayweather-pacquiao, you know? yeah. well, except for the fact that there's no way they make boxing gloves small enough for donald trump's tiny hands. that would be the only thing. poke you in the eye. ow! ow, my eye. my eye. so, the world was ready. the world was ready for megyn kelly to face the beast with her hard-heard... hard-hitting journalism
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and unrelenting pursuits of accountability, and last night on prime-time network tv, the fight was on. (bell dings) let's begin. thank you for sitting down with me. there had to be a moment on stage at a campaign rally or one night after a win where it occurred to you, "i could actually be the president." when was that? were you ever bullied? has anyone ever hurt you emotionally? -i want to talk for a minute about the tweeting. -okay. set the scene for me. you pick up your iphone -and actually tweet yourself? -yes. usually after 7:00 or 8:00, i'll do it my myself. what? what is this? what the hell was it? like, this was sold as a bloodbath, but in the end it just turned out to be one of those couples' bath that only exists in, like, the cialis commercials. what... what is that? what are those questions? what... okay, but you-but you know what, but you know what, i'm sure megyn kelly knows what she's doing. you see, unlike cialis, she's softening trump up. and then, and then, just when he drops his guard-- boom!
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the comment about john mccain-- you prefer people who weren't captured. um, the comment about carly fiorina's face. but do you regret any of those comments? uh, yeah, i guess so. but you have to go forward. you make a mistake, you go forward, and you... you know, you can correct a mistake, but to look back and say, "gee whiz, i wish i didn't do this or that," i don't think that's good. i don't even think... in a certain way, i don't even think that's healthy. i want to talk a little bit about your family. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! what... wait, what just happened there? the guy who wants to control the most powerful military in the world just said he doesn't think it's healthy to reflect on mistakes. and there's no follow-up question? you just move on? th-that's like if the-the producers of the jinx heard robert durst say, "i killed them all," and they were just like, "great, so, uh, what was it like growing up in scarsdale?" that's not the question. you know, l-last night's interview didn't seem to be about journalism or the republican party or even the election.
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it seemed like it was about two brands, donald trump and megyn kelly, and whether they could forge a mutually beneficial partnership. you know, just like chipotle teams up with bacteria to help you lose weight. or, or maybe... or maybe it was just couples therapy. and this moment especially summed up the entire interview. when you and i were having our little difficulty, um, you probably had some pretty nasty tweets sent your way. but you retweet some of those. it's not just the fans. yeah, but not the more nasty ones. you would be amazed at the ones i don't retweet. -bimbo? -uh... well, there was a retweet. yeah. did i say that? -many times. -ooh. okay. excuse me. (chuckles) (chuckling) "did i do that?" "excuse me"? that's-that's all your answer is? "excuse me"? we're talking about misogyny, not a fart. "excuse me"? and, megyn kelly, i don't get it.
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you spent months lambasting trump for his sexist comments, and now you're just laughing it off. i-i can't believe this, but megyn kelly just got negged by donald trump. he repeatedly insulted her and then all of a sudden switched it up with a little charm, and, just like that, she's all smiles. and, you know what, i don't blame megyn kelly for that. that's just the power of trump. in fact, that technique even worked on our own desi lydic when she interviewed trump. mr. trump, i'm just gonna come out and say it, you're bad for women. you objectify us, you call us fat pigs. on twitter, you blamed hillary clinton for her husband's infidelity. uh, well, there was a retweet. yeah. did i say that? yes. you even said people shouldn't vote for carly fiorina because her face is ugly. ooh. okay. excuse me. (chuckles) he's so damn charming! so charming! that's why we sent roy wood jr. to set trump straight. look, trump, enough of your (bleep). running around talking about "the blacks,"
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people getting punched at your rallies, and on twitter you out here supporting the goddamn kkk. uh, well, there was a retweet. yeah. did i say that? y-yeah, you said that, man. who else am i talking about? you think i'm talking about the cameraman over here? you're just running your mouth, running your mouth. you better apologize. ooh. okay. excuse me. (chuckles) oh, man! you still my boy, man. all day like o.j. give me some dap. he got roy, too! he got roy, too. so we sent in ronnie chieng. hey, man, why you keep talking all this (bleep) about immigrants? i want to (bleep) you so hard right now. you know what, you know what, i get it. i get it. i know that trump may be a torture-supporting, muslim-disparaging horseman of the apocalypse, but, don't forget, when he's president and it's all going to (bleep), we'll all get to look at that smile.
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aw. we'll be right back. (cheering and applause) aw. we'll be right back. when our troops don't come back, someone has to help their families move forward. my family lost so much. it was a shock.
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back to the daily show. now yesterday we saw hasan minhaj travel to canada to report on the 25,000 syrian refugees they have admitted or roughly 23,000 more than america has. showoffs. in part two hasan sits down with the man responsible. >> last time i discovered the citizens much can along with their prime minister have well kemmed more than 25,000 syrian refugees lick this family i met in ottawa. >> well, i want to say thank you to canada. >> sure, they look and act harmless, but if you listen carefully, the news has a different word. >> terrorists. >> that's right. winter is coming. and these terrorists are going to cross our northern border. so we're sitting down with the man behind the madness and i'm going to shut him down. it's "the daily show" versus
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justin trudeau. the battle for north america. why are you trying to destroy north america? >> are you letting anyone walk in, and just [bleep] up. >> north america was built with people fleeing percent keution, consulates, trying to build a better life. >> it's too open, too free. mr. jt, i went to customs and they are lick what are you here to do. and i am like i am here to roast prime minister justin trudeau. and do you know what the guy said? have a nice day. what if i came here to literally roast you? >> you might find that i little more difficult than you-- than you think. >> are you going to kick my ass right now? >> are you going to literally roast me? >> no. >> then we're fine. >> things were getting heated in ottawa. luckily, i had america to back me up. right now 51% of americans oppose letting any syrian refugees into the u.s just like we had the guts to say
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no to jewish refugee children, hungarian slaiing mass murders and the vietnamese. >> i see it like a high school party. i have a handful of your friends, the party is going great and then you hear the brown high school has some people coming over. you better lock the door before they shall lock the doors. >> as soon as you lock doors you are narrowing your circle, and it gets smaller and smaller until it is finally just yourself and your buddy and you have no one to party withness. >> i don't think you no he what an upper deck certificate. >> it's when someone goes number two. >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah, it's not pretty. >> yeah. >> it's just-- you know, i think maybe we have better faith in the people we invite over. >> faith? you're talking about the greatest canadian terrorist threat since september 11th 2-rbgs 001, the day nickelback unleashed their breakthrough album on america. the real fact, look it up.
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>> you know what, nickelback is all right. >> but you know what isn't all right? terrorists on moose fat crossing our northern border. >> mr. trudeau, you can not trust these people. will you bring in isis that is impervious to cold. and ice, isis, do awe groo not to not let in sir yn refugees, i will give you this. this say neam cup. >> this ask not the stanley cup. >> i bought this from a guy named stanley cup. this is technically stanley's cup. >> there you go. we are going to earn this fair and square next year. >> so you are telling me you are still going to accept syrian refugees. >> we will do it because it is the right thing to do if you want to give me this nice tinfoil thing, i will keep it too. >> no, i mean i'm going to keep stanley's cup. >> no, it's okay. >> jeez, i thought canadians were supposed to be pushovers it was time to stop pulling punches and sct real question. >> mr. prime minister, we are sitting here in the wake sov
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many terror attacks. how you can be sure letting in all of these refugees, that even .01% become radicalized. >> you could be living with 25 different paris attacks, 25 different belgium attacks. how you can go to sleep at night knowing that risk is imminent? >> we live in a world where there are always risks. and the question is how much do you want to live in fear of those risks? the best counter to the kind of radicalization and marginalization that we've seen in other parts of the world is to create an inclusive society where everyone including and especially muslim canadians have every opportunity to succeed just like anybody else. >> okay, fair point. but every time i turn on my tv i hear this. >> isis has hatched a plan to infiltrate the refugee population. >> they are using our own humanity against us. >> now we have terrorists coming too the united states. good job mr. president. >> it seemed pretty [bleep] clear to me that winter is
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coming. >> not everyone in syria is terrorist. >> hey, i forgot about you guys. >> there are much people, good people, good muslims, good christian, good yazidi. they don't like the war and don't like the isi. i don't know. >> all right. i'm willing to admit that some refugees aren't terrorists. but still, they are just so foreign. >> one of the great things about canadian culture is we figured out that it's done by addition. so you know, you take flavors and perspectives and you know, experience of the world, and you create something better than the sum of its parts. >> wait a minute, flavors. ingredients, he's talking about a melting pot. that's our thing. are we really going to let canada steal our brand? america has always been the land of opportunity. and yes, we've also kind of been
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afraid of rich gees too. but we're at our best when we'e stairing terrorists right in the face and say kiss our white, red, black, brown and beige or blue asss or as one put it, if we were to prepare absolute safety, we would not have freedom. thanks sarah palin, and thanks, canada. >> trevor: thank you, hasan. >> trevor: thank you, hasan. we'll be right back. (rebecca)my name is rebecca. >> trevor: thank you, hasan. we'll be right back. i've struggled with depression for years. i thought i needed cigarettes to cope. but then i started losing my teeth. that was a "wake up call." i was able to quit smoking, and then i started running. now i feel a lot better about where i'm going.
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back. tonight's guest is the star of the angry birds movie. >> remember, the goal is the castle, get to the castle. who wants to go first? >> over here. >> i do. >> me, me. >> all right, mai woulda. >> always a brides maid. >> step right up. >> shoot it. >> oakey doak. >> fire! and a one and. >> take that. >> incoming. baby, move. >> huh, she can shoot fireballs out of her butt. >> trevor: please welcome jason sudeikis. >> all right, all right. that say fun handshake you have there man. >> that's my, you know, nominee handshake. that is what that is. >> trevor: you like pulled me in there, is that like a thing. >> that is what-- when i worked
10:13 am
at snl my first year, i think, was at the height of the apprentice. and donald trump hosted and that is how he shook hands. whenever he shakes hands he kind of pulls you into him. i watched him do it with-- i hate to give it a what. >> trevor: now we're going to start looking for, that pulling people in. >> it's like-- . >> trevor: a power move. >> i would-- is there any other move that he has. >> trevor: gets you like-- he has a power move. >> the only guy with a power top and power bottom, you know. just doesn't matter. >> trevor: and now you have taken on a really powerful indy project and that is the angry birds. >> yeah, the angry birds. >> trevor: it is a really deep story. >> yeah. >> trevor: a lot of people before this didn't know the plight of the birds and how their eggs are being stolen by the pigs. >> exactly. >> trevor: a real conflict that has been tearing di vices up for years. >> yeah. >> trevor: what drew you to the role of red? >> i geses it was that plight, empathizing with that plight, feeling have i had people try to
10:14 am
tear things away from me in the past. i was kind of, you know, you look at movies like brave ds heart or-- and are you kind of like, okay, this say group of people, and i mean, how flattering is it to be charged as the lead character. as the angriest, the red bird. >> the angriest of all the birds. >> you are like, okay, okay, i don't know what these guys see in me. i don't know what the producers, the directors see in me, but there's some sort of heroic quality that they want me to, like, deep down and you know, scream out, metaphorically of course, then i am going to, you know, i am going to try. >> trevor: when you were playing in that role, did you. >> i wouldn't say play, it's not playing, it's-- existing. it's being fz being, i apologize. >> you play the game, you play the game. >> trevor: did you take time to in-- i know you are one of those method actors. >> big time. >> trevor: did you spend any
10:15 am
time as or with birds? was it tg something that you dug deep on? >> yeah, i mean i went to different aviari recognizeses. you know,. >> trevor: i feel like that brings back bad memories. >> it could be con streud that i was trying to remember the word but no, it was-- . >> trevor: that was pain. >> it was pain. >> trevor. >> you are close enough. but i would say, i slept in a nest for six months. >> trevor: wow. >> i built a nest out of branches and twigs and twine, i'm trying to think what else i used. >> trevor: i guess the bigger question is, if you are looking at a world so divided right now, so. >> boy oh boy, so true. >> trevor: did you think you found a way to bridge the gap between birds and pigs? >> got you. i mean that's not really the job of an actor, you know. our job is just to-- is just, you know, is again just to be.
10:16 am
and what the audience gets out, what, you know, what the target demo, what the two to 14 year old kids get out of it, cuz they are the future. >> trevor: yes, they are. >> and i think this movie treats them well in every way. but you know, we just have to see t we can't judge it. i would like to think that the birds are on the right side of history but you know, i don't know. >> trevor: you don't know. >> you don't know. >> trevor: but you played it well, my friend. i preecialt that. angry birds povie, you can see it friday may 20th. jason sudeikis, everybody. these new chipotle thins are amazing. you really know how to throw a party, travis. you got that right. mmm.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. that's our show for ton, thank you so much for tuning in. here it is, your moment of zen. >> it's not that bad. >> everybody thought it was sort of but it's not. >> it's not that combover, i actually comb it ak. >> there is no receding hairline there. >> it's not there, it say tiny reasons it's good.
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>> i am getting a little bit older. it's not that bad. are you a little surprised. coml captioned by media access group at wgbh media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.orge president of the united states. good evening, america. i'd like to speak to you tonight because this week the bill clinton presidency suffered a crisis in leadership. it's been a bad week. first this chechnya thing's getting me down. people keep asking me questions like, "what am i gonna do?" i don't know. [ laughter ] i mean, i don't have a position. and then i looked everywhere for that new abercrombie & fitch catalogue, you know, the one with the naked ladies. i couldn't find it. and then there was that thing up in seattle. that sucked. i mean, on the one hand i support free trade and globalization,


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