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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  March 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:32pm PDT

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[seat clatters] >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show"! thank you so much for tuning in! i'm trevor noah. we have a great show tonight michigan guest tonight is a director and legend from all our lives, john singleton is here, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) here to talk about his new tv series "rebel." but first, we begin tonight with terror in the skies. >> united airlines sparking outrage for refusing to let girls on a plane all because they were wearing leggings. >> the outrage began at denver
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airport sunday when two girls were denied flight on to a united flight by the gate agents for wearing spandex leggings. shannon watts tweeting she's forcing them to change or put dressing over leggings or they can't board since when does united police women's clothing? >> trevor: you would think they would like leggings because you couldn't hide anything. no, sir, you're not hiding anything, go on, go on ( laughter ) united actually made the girls put on more clothes. it was reported the girls were at the gate wearing leggings and they were, like, do you have clothes to put on? one of the girls was, like, yeah, yeah, i guess i'll put on this dress. the other is, i'll zip my jacket. the other said i'll put on my hijab -- too much clothes too much clothes! less clothes!
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get it right, ladies. this story was in the news because donald trump wasn't able to repeal obamacare. everyone was able to relax enough to go back to pre-trump outrage. we all woke up, yes! we're not dying tomorrow! what's in the news? leggings! it's outrage! it's a different feeling! ( applause ) let's go back to the big story of the weekend. as everyone knows, girls in leggings weren't the only thing that failed to get off the ground. >> meltdown for the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> dead on arrival. >> the president and speaker paul ryan pulling the republican healthcare bill minutes before the vote. >> obamacare remains the law of the land. >> trevor: that's right, people! obamacare is here to stay! yeah, yeah, yeah! ( cheers and applause ) whoo! time to break some bones, baby! ahhh! ( laughter ) that's what republicans think, everybody's going to be like,
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ah-ha ha! this was so embarrassing for the republicans. you realize they have been running against obamacare for seven years, seven years. every elerksz they have been, like, vote for us, america, we're going to repeal and replace. but now, when they actually have control over the entire government, they fail to agree on their own plan. you know, this whole situation is what's known in the r&b community as the player hater phenomenon. you know those songs where a guy's hating throughout the song -- he's like ♪ ♪ girl, you deserve so much better ♪ ♪ he doesn't treat you right ♪ just give me a chance and i'll treat you like a -- ♪ that was the republicans. yeah. this time america was like the girl who was orq, you know what? i'll give you a shot. suddenly the republicans are like, girl -- wait, what? well, actually, right now, i'm living with my mom, and -- and i'm between jobs, and -- and i
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have a cold sore right now, so maybe just give me a few weeks to get my life together, but after that -- ♪ i'm gonna love you girl ♪ i'm gonna love you girl ( cheers and applause ) seven years! seven! now, look, whenever you talk about taking away health care, there's a good chance people will get hurt. >> moving from an opposition to a governorring party comes with growing pains and, well, we're feeling those growing pains today. i will not sugar coat this, this is a disappointing day for us. doing big things is hard. ( laughter ) >> trevor: doing big things is hard? shame! ( laughter ) paul ryan is so depressed he started talking like trump! ( laughter ) this is a man who once waxed lyrical about patient-center healthcare that focused on an affordable government solution. now he's like, big things --
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hard. paul ryan -- sad. ( laughter ) and now, paul ryan may have been the bill's architect, but the person who ran on obamacare repeal, in all 50 states, was the carrot cake commander himself, donald j. trump. and luckily for ryan -- luckily for ryan -- trump aimed his blame elsewhere. >> i want to thank paul ryan. he worked very, very hard. i will tell you that. he worked very, very hard. we had no democrat support. we had no votes from the democrats. they weren't going to give us a single vote, so it's a very difficult thing to do. >> trevor: unbelievable. i love this guy. he's legitimately mad that the democrats wouldn't vote to repeal obamacare's health care bill. "and what's worse, democrats wouldn't vote for my bill to legally change chuck schumer's maim to butt sniffer the cuck. whatever happened to bipartisan ship, folks, it's dead, it's
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gone ." ( laughter ) i was surprised president trump didn't blame paul ryan at all. saturday morning came around and donald trump tweeted watch judge jeanine on newspaper tonight's at 9:00 p.m. i was like, okay, i don't know judge jeanine, but if the president is telling me to watch her show, i've got to watch. i'm on a green card. i'm not trying to break the law. ( laughter ) so -- i watched. and she opened her show like this -- >> my opening statement -- paul ryan needs to step down as speaker of the house. speaker ryan, you come in with all your swagger and experience and you sell 'em a bill of goods which ends up a complete and total failure! the president joined with you, and he relied on you, trusting you, believing you had his back, and you didn't. >> trevor: wow.
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that fox news (bleep) was insane. ( laughter ) no, in fact, it sounded just like north korea's propaganda news. ( (speaking in foreign language) >> trevor: that's exactly the same. ( laughter ) in case you're wondering, she was also blaming paul ryan. ( laughter ) now not only did judge jeanine blame ryan, she heavily defended trump but in a way that somehow also insulted him. >> i want to be clear -- this is not on president trump. no one expected a businessman to completely understand the nuances, the complicated ins and outs of washington and its legislative process. >> trevor: wait, what?! no one expected the president to be a president? you know what she sounds like?
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she sounds like a mom who's blaming other kids for something her stupid son did willingly. ( cheers and applause ) that's what she sounds like. she's going, he's the president! and then she's, like, brine, you should know better! you know my son doesn't know anything about healthcare! donny trusted you! he's a slow boy! he's a slow boy! >> look at him! you took advantage of him! ( applause ) but that raises the question -- if the president isn't to blame for the president's health care bill falling through, when who is? let's find out from our experts, desi lydic and roy wood, jr., everybody! ( cheers and applause ) thank you so much for joining, everybody! so, desi, let's kick off with you. who should fall on their sword? >> trevor, you can blame this whole disaster on steve bannon, the man who looks like the before picture in a foot lotion commercial. he clearly sabotaged paul ryan
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to consolidate power in the white house. >> trevor: would you agree, jordan? >> no, if it's anyone to blame, barack obama, he's the one who refused to ignore the constitution and run for a third term, and if he hadn't given 20 million people health care, there wouldn't be anyone two take it away from. >> trevor: roy, your thoughts? >> y'all all crazy. here's my thought. i tell you who's to blame, the geico lizard. that little lizard makes getting insurance so easy. trump sees that if some british lizard can do it in 15 minutes, so can i! ( applause ) he sabotaged us, man! that lizard ruined us and where's that lizard now? up in a tree laughing his reptile ass off! >> trevor: the geico gecko is not a lizard, he's a gecko. >> whatever. it's the british lizard's fault. >> technically, i think he's australian, not british. >> doesn't matter, it's a
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lizard. >> geico gecko -- >> trevor: guys, guys, guys! look, look, it's clear that many republicans and the lizard clearly share some blame in this disaster but surely some of the blame would fall on the man at the top, president trump. >> trevor, how is a failed congressional health care bill trump's fault at all? the man's literally never even been to washington. what we should have done is started him with something simpler like a d.c. paper route. ( laughter ) that way he learns the neighborhood and people start to recognize his face, like, good morning mr. beasley! good morning president trump! ding ding! oh, want some fake news? >> can i just jump in here? >> trevor: go ahead. >> how dare you compare the president of the united states to a paper boy. he's not a paper boy. he's a beautiful blubbery whale. we've basically take an dangerous creature who thrived in the wild and trapped him in
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the tiny white house. he shouldn't be fixing health care. he should with b doing tricks for fish. >> he's paper boy. >> a big fat whale! >> excuse me, i have been researching -- geeingos are lizard found in warm climates throughout the world! it's the lizard! ( applause ) >> trevor: experts, that's all the time we have time for. we'll be right back. ( arguing ) >> trevor: it's not about the lizard!
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the refreshing citrus kick of mtn dew. >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." now, after last week's republican healthcare fail, president trump obviously has a lot of work to do and not just on the new shock collar he's designing for paul ryan, but the president has to patch things up with republicans in congress, you know. he has to figure out tax reform, which you'd think is how a president would spend the day after his defeat. >> he spent part of the weekend at his golf club in virginia -- >> social media pictures apparently showed president trump ready for a game of golf wearing tweets in one photo and in a government cart at another in the trump national golf club in virginia.
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he was there for four hours according to pool reporters who were initially told he was there for meetings. >> trevor: i don't mind politicians lying, but i would like for them to have enough respect for citizens to lie better. if you're going to go golfing when you said you had meetings, at least, like, comb a little bit of your hair into a fake beard or something. hide that you're there, you know? just be, like, president trump? no, i'm his cousin, donald j. trump. ( laughter ) and as for all trump's lies, social media (bleep) him again because, while he was in meetings, a member of the golf club tweet add picture of trump in his full golf outfit. if you're wondering how some random dude got close enough to the president to take this picture, it's because trump told the secret service, according to this post, we can trust him, he's a republican. ( applause ) it's priceless! the man is breaking trump's
11:16 pm
trust while he's bragging about having it. and now, look, as i've said before, i think it's fine for presidents to golf. i think it's right. i just think it's weird trump keeps lying about the fact that he plays. it's like how obama was lying about smoking cigarettes. i'm picturing trump leaning outthe white house window sneaking in putts when no one's looking. get in the hole! mr. president, what are you doing? nothing! nothing! i'm mastur masturbating! get out! ( laughter ) trump is clearly a golf addict which is sad because instead of intervening to help him all his friends are enabling him. for instance, after all the pictures came out, fox news tweeted news alert, potus spending weekend working at the white house. no, guys. first off, a president working should never be a news alert. let's start with that.
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like, a president working is not news. scott bale working, that's news. fox news is covering for trump so hard now. i'm surprised they didn't have a dummy set up behind the curtain in the oval office like in "home alone" with sean hannity working its arms and a tape playing with pre-recorded messages, "here's the plan for health care! merry christmas, you filthy animals!" this is the new henry's hard sparkling. it's a lightly fruit flavored, low carb, spiked sparkling water. so now you can make the ultra light choice. henry's hard sparkling. the ultra light choice.
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>> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is the director and executive producer of the
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b.e.t. series "rebel." >> what's up, mack? >> what are you doing out here with a gun, man? >> i just picked it up. we were out here with texas and some folks about to hit this spot when -- when these dudes started shooting. >> mack, drop the gun, it's malik. dude! that's my brother! he ain't gonna do nothing. he dropped his piece. do you hear me?! drop-that-gun-right-now! mack, i swear to god -- ( gunshots ) >> oh! >> trevor: please welcome, john singleton! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> hey hey! >> trevor: welcome. >> great to see you, man. >> trevor: good to see you. >> i'm watching you every night and now i'm kicking it up here with you. >> trevor: i feel like you
11:23 pm
should return the favor when you make your next movie, i'll kick it with you. >> yeah, i'll see you. >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> good to be here. >> trevor: your movies have been an influence in many people's lives. "rebel," straight into the story, it is a powerful story about a police officer who shoots her partner to stop him from shooting her brother whom they've just come across with a gun. >> yes. >> trevor: what inspired the story, what got you into it? more importantly you said, this character is basically shaft if it was a black woman. >> what's been going on in the last couple of years and seeing all these black people getting their ass kicked, i wanted to show a black woman kicking ass. that was my whole thing. ( cheers and applause ) instead of using a boot, she's putting that pump in that ass, like -- >> trevor: she definitely is getting in there. >> she's getting in there. >> trevor: what i liked about
11:24 pm
the story is it tackles issues from an interesting perspective. >> yes, inside. she's inside the police department, then she becomes disillusioned with everything that is going on around her, and it's like how the insider goes from becoming an insider to an outsider and tries to deal justice in her own way. >> trevor: it's interesting you say that because we've seen stories recently of black people and police officers having issues, and what's more interesting is seeing how black police are having to security that line because you're still a black person and a police officer and you're seen as a a traitor in both communities depending on what you say. >> exactly. there was a post a couple of years ago from this black woman who was talking about what she was going through being a cop and she feels some of her colleagues shouldn't be on the force. we were working on this then and we were, like, wow, we're on to
11:25 pm
something, the thing about being in the blue family, but being black and having interest in your community and obligations to the community and on the job and they're different things. they should be the same thing but the system makes them two different things at certain times. >> trevor: when you're creating a story like this, a lot of personal experiences you're drawing from. you have been making movies and tv for a while and telling a lot of stories as they pertain to you and the world you grew up in. what was most important for you in telling the story in rebel? >> to me, it was to get the soul of who the person was as a character so people can watch the show and identify with her emotionally. women can look and say, wow, i know something like that or they can live vicariously within this character as se's going through her action beatsenned the adventure of trying to do all these different case over the season. >> trevor: you're no stranger to telling stories that are very much connected to what's happening in the real world. >> that's my whole thing.
11:26 pm
>> poison hood is what people came to know you from. you were nominated rightfully so for that will film and went into making great movies. you're making a documentary. >> about the l.a. riots 25 years later. and from that we wanted to go from an embedded point of view where these doarmts don't want to talk to or are scared to talk to. we went from the black community, hispanic andcine community and are showing 25 years ago later there are people who have emotional baggage from that three-day event. it scarred them for life. we wanted to do a different perspective on the riots a lot of people wouldn't do. >> trevor: one of the most powerful things i heard you say, and i'm going to paraphrase, blue it was basically in and around getting black people to create -- >> yes. >> trevor: -- black stories specifically. >> yes. what was i was going for that was there are so many different stories across the black or
11:27 pm
african diaspora that haven't been told. it should be black people telling them first because you can tell the difference between someone who has an authentic black or afro-sentry point of view telling a black story and someone, no matter their interest, telling story. >> trevor: you see it in "get out." >> "get out" is phenomenal. if jordan hadn't written that, it would never be the same. >> trevor: is that what you look for is authentically retelling a story in your voice? >> absolutely, in that person's specific voice that can be felt by everyone else. >> trevor: you're doing an amazing job. there is a reason you're a legend. thank you for being on the show. jon john, everybody! -- john singleton, everybody! we'll be right back! this is the new henry's hard sparkling.
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we kwaxed and be treated like a trophy. we have seen the glory come, go, and come again. but a cadillac is no trophy. what you see is our future and it will inspire every car that follows. ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: that's our show for tonight. now, almost 6 million of you have voted in "the daily show"'s onbracket tournament to decide the greatest trump tweet of all team wrevment now down to eight tweets and they are -- tremendous! ( laughter ) you've got some very difficult choices to make. round four closes wednesday so go to and cast your vote. here it is, your moment of zen.
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( questions ) >> it's a child's desk, but that's okay. it's the smallest desk i've ever seen. ( laughter ) [cheers and applause] >> chris: it's 29 minutes until midnight and fear does not exist in this dojo, does it? there is a problem, mr. lawrence. the moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 63rd annual @midnight tournament of champions! [cheers and applause] nine of our finest comedians have gathered here, on my private island, to try and pry the coveted two girls won cup here it is. two girls won cup. from the hands of last year's champion


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