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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  October 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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ah, slow computer. >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show," everybody! thank you so much for tuning in! and thank you guys for coming out! this is amazing! take a seat! take a seat, let's get into it! i'm trevor noah! our guest tonight is an emery university professor and author carol anderson is joining us, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) she has a fascinating new book called "one person, no vote: how voter suppression is destroying our democracy." so we'll be talking about that. let's catch up on today's
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headlines. bad news, people. facebook has been hacked. so looks like your high school and mafia wars is no longer a secret you can take to your grave. >> facebook, the social media giant already under fire for not protecting users' private information now admitting it's been hacked again. >> 50 million users' personal data exposed including facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg's own page, names, gender, hometown and accounts on other sites where facebook is used to log in was revealed. >> trevor: hackers got access to people's names, gender and hometown? so they logged into facebook? what am i missing here? i get why people hack businesses and credit card companies but what value do you get from hacking facebook? susan henderson likes dave matthews band? we got her! pay us five dollars million or i'll show this photo of your
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puppy to everyone you know. oh, please do! i would be much more concerned if uber got hacked. i don't want people to know how often i go to the cheesecake factory at 4:00 a.m. i know they're not open. i go through the dumpsters. i've already said too much. in other news, melania is leaving donald trump -- behind in washington -- to go visit africa. >> first lady melania trump leaves on a tour of africa today, the first extended international journey without the president. will visit ghana, malawi, kenya and egypt. >> i'm so proud of the work this administration is going to aid to others and am looking forward to go to many of the countries and see children throughout africa. >> trevor: so sweet of melania, she's going to fight cyber bullying. the only issue, most people in
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africa are still waiting to get cyber. so, i mean -- ( laughter ) ( applause ) and, by the way, if you're paying attention, you will realize this is yet another instance of the first lady publicly undermining her husband's message. he said lebron was dumb. she praised lebron. he called african countries shit holes. she chose africa for her first solo trip. he roots for yankees, she roots for heart disease. ( laughter ) i just hope the clothes the kids are wearing aren't too awkward for you. ( applause ) speaking of africa, in an historic ruling, a judge in kenya has lift add ban on a lesbian film for one week, right, because unless it's shown in theaters, the film cannot be eligible for the ko oscars. i think it's amazing even how homophobia bows down to the
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academy awards -- homosexuality is an abomination to god's work and -- play at film! i want to see! play that film! ( laughter ) let's move on to our main story. from the start of his campaign, one of trump's key promises was that america would win so much, we would all get very tired of winning. ( laughter ) it's safe to say he was right about us all being very tired. i mean, this is a picture of me when i first started hosting the "the daily show." things have changed a lot since then. ( applause ) believe it or not, this weekend, donald trump, for the first time, delivered on the winning part. >> president trump fulfills a key campaign promise, scoring a big win, canada, agreeing to join a new trade deal with the u.s. and mexico -- >> they gave some, we gave some, so there is a new nafta, and it's called the united states, mexico, canada agreement. >> under this new deal, canada and mexico will be protected
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from possible tariffs on cars imported into the u.s. in return, canada will ease protections on its dairy market. >> trevor: that's right, part of the new trade deal is canada has to allow u.s. farmers more access to its dairy market. people said it would be bad to elect a bully for president, but now the u.s. is literally taking canada's milk money. so i guess it worked. ( laughter ) ( applause ) jokes aside, this deal looks like it will help america carmakers, farmers and protect a lot of u.s.-based jobs. the best job is we're already seeing a 300% increase in trump's bragging. >> i'm thrilled to speak to the american people to share truly hiss stork news for our nation and, indeed, for the world. people know how good it is. it's an amazing deal for a lot of people. people are coming out for this one and saying, that's incredible what we have been able to do. ( laughter ) >> trevor: okay, now, i don't
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know if this is historic news for the entire world, but it is a big deal, so i understand why donald trump wand to take a victory lap and, clearly, he took the victory lap inside a tang bed. i don't know what's going on there, but we haven't seen his skin that pumpkin spice in a while. ( applause ) what is happening there? and president trump was so happy with his new nafta that even when reporters changed the subject to brett kavanaugh and sexual assault, instead of getting angry, he just implicated everybody with a smile. >> i happen to know some united states senators, one who, on the other side, is pretty aggressive. i've seen that person in very bad situation. okay? i mean, there are bad reports on everybody in here. most of the people sitting down there, except for mike pence, by the way -- ( laughter ) -- and we find one on him, i think that will be the greatest shock of all time.
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>> trevor: okay, i'll admit, that's a funny joke, but i don't know if i agree with the premise because, let's be honest, a lot of time it's the squeaky clean person who has the darkest secrets. like i wouldn't be surprised if we found out mike pence had a secret diaper fetish. i've gone boom boom in my pantaloons, punish me mom. punish me, mother. ( laughter ) ( applause ) to go back, trump's response to a question about sexual misconduct was, democrats, republicans, we're all scum bags, forget about it. oh, and the president doesn't seem particularly concerned about kavanaugh's history of extreme drinking. >> i think the judge has been pretty amazing about describing his situation with alcohol and with beer. i'm just saying, i'm not a drinker. i can honestly say i've never had a beer in my life, okay? it's one of my only good traits, i don't drink. whenever they're looking for
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something, i've never had a glass of alcohol, you know, for whatever reason. can you imagine if i had, what i mess i would be? i would be the world's worst. ( laughter ) >> trevor: i never thought i would say these words, but i totally agree with donald trump. ( applause ) totally. him plus alcohol? it's time for the rest of us to find a ma planet. are you serious? although, i think trump is so crazy that he would be the one guy who would become a better person when he's drunk. i wouldn't be shocked if he said, okay, everyone, time for shots, so many shots! shots, shots, shots! then he's like, oh, after studying the geopolitical situation in the middle east, it's true to see that brute force is not -- ( applause ) >> trevor: so today was a good day for the president, he defended brett kavanaugh without
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breaking a sweat, he unveiled his new deal with america's neighbors, and he even walked away from his new deal culturally enriched. >> i think the press has treated me unbelievably unfairly. they're worse now than ever! they're loco! but that's okay, i put up with it. go ahead. i use that word because of the fact that we made a deal with mexico. ( laughter ) >> trevor: oh, yo, man! this guy's going to kill us all, but he's a comedy legend, you have to admit, because he makes it sound he got the word loco as part of the trade deal. he was in the meeting and was, like, one more thing -- we want to be able to say loco! and the mexican president said, mr. trump, you can say it anytime. yes! part of the deal! we'll be right back ( applause ) in april,
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." so, let's turn our attention once again to brett kavanaugh, supreme court nominee and man experiencing every stage of grief but acceptance. at his big hearing last week, kavanaugh yelled, fought with sphrts, even broke down crying. if he was at a bar, they probably would have asked him to leave. luckily, kavanaugh wasn't at a bar for once, he was in congress. so despite his performance, the senate was still ready to send
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his hiss tearicle ass straight to the supreme court, until one key republican senator had a major change of heart and demanded that the f.b.i. step in. >> cornered in an elevator moments after announcing his initial plan to support brett kavanaugh's nomination, senator jeff flake listening to anna maria archia of queens, sharing her story of surviving sexual assault -- >> this is not tolerable! you have children in your family! >> trevor: many are you speculating this confrontation persuaded flake to call for the one-week pause in the vote. >> i do think that we can have a short pause and make sure that the f.b.i. is investigate. >> trevor: wow. i'm not surprised -- ( applause ) -- to be honest, yeah. i'm honestly not surprised that jeff flake changed his mind because if you watch that full video of the protester addressing him in the elevator,
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you would have seen how powerful that moment was. i bet even when jay-z watched that video he would have been, like, damn i thought my elevator ride was crazy, but this was intense. ( laughter ) i've seen some people saying senator jeff flake didn't go far enough, but i honestly say kudos to the man for taking the extra step and involving the f.b.i. because, you realize, if it weren't for him right now there is a good chance brett kavanaugh would be a supreme court justice as we speak. so kudos. ( applause ) and now it may not be everything but at least the f.b.i. will have a chance to learn the truth of the accusations against kavanaugh. the problem, is the white house nay not want to know the truth. >> the f.b.i. background investigation into brett kavanaugh is now underway and multiple sources tell ncb news the white house is limiting the probe on former senior f.b.i. official telling us the f.b.i. has been handcuffed. >> the white house counsel's office has directed the f.b.i.
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to interview just four people. >> trevor: okay, now, you see, that doesn't make sense. how are you going to bring in the f.b.i. but then limit their investigation? that's the i. in f.b.i. you can't just drop the last word like it's dunkin' donuts. ( applause ) actually, we're just going with federal bureau now. we want people to also know we have great coffee. so the reports limiting the investigation led to a swift public backlash and, in response, the white house clarified that it's treating the f.b.i. like every other agency and totally ignoring what they're doing. >> the white house is pushing back against claims that it's micromanaging the f.b.i. investigation into judge kavanaugh. >> the f.b.i., this is what they do and we're out of the way -- >> president trump insists the white house isn't putting any limits on the f.b.i. >> they have free rein. they're going to do whatever they have to do, whatever it is they do. >> trevor: nobody really knows what they do, folks. that's part of the v we're going
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to figure out what the f.b.i. does. ( applause ) so, as things stand now, the investigation into kavanaugh won't be limited, which is good news, but i've got to admit, a limited investigation may not be great in real life, but i think it sounds like a brilliant idea for a new show on cbs. >> coming this fall on cbs, a brave new drama. >> medical examiner says our victim was stabbed 16 times in the face and neck. >> goddam -- >> the only clues are the murder weapon and that trail of bloody footprints out the door. >> let's follow the footprints and that will take us where we need to go. >> we can't do that. the investigation is limited to the room. >> just this room? >> not even the whole room. just from about here to here. >> watch detectives chase down every lead, as long as it's within the extremely narrow scope of the warrant. >> check it out. there's a hair on the murder warrant. if we get a dna match --
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>> ah, the warrant only lets us look at below the next. >> critics call it pointless and almost like they're not trying to find anything. >> we've narrowed it down to two suspects, her and him. >> what about him? >> we're only allowed to have two suspects. >> but i did it. >> hey, bro, shut up. >> c.s.i.: limited investigation, they'll do what they can. >> trevor: we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause )
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11:22 pm
having you here. you wrote a book called "white rage" which was a "new york times" best seller -- >> yes. >> trevor: -- where you spoke in depth about how america is dealing with an issue it really hasn't deal with completely which is the rage that many white people feel at what appears to be america changing. this book is, i guess, based in some way off of that? >> yeah. >> trevor: and yet is a completely different topic. one person, no vote. voter suppression destroying our democracy. how bad do you believe voter suppression actually is. >> i think it is massive. we have had millions of people blocked from voting, we have had millions purged from rolls who had been on the voter rolls. the purging and the voter suppression has been so intense that we have donald trump in the white house right now. that's the power of voter suppression. ( applause )
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>> trevor: the numbers in the 2016 election, especially in and around the black vote, were really interesting. you saw in key states in swing states where voter turnout dropped from may have been like 78,000 people turning out and dropped to below 50,000. you saw drastic drops. some people argued it was because hillary clinton didn't motivate black voters to come out. but you've analyzed the data and seems like there's been a systematic effort to remove people of color from the voting rolls. why people of color? >> because after the 2008 election with barack obama, barack obama brought 15 million new voters to the polls with that incredible ground game. >> trevor: wow. >> they were overwhelmingly black, latino, young, poor, and with that, then, the republican party that has moved further around further to the right and has become more and more white
11:24 pm
and their policies have become more right wing, they don't have policies that resonate with the growing diversity of america. >> trevor: right. >> so instead of thinking how do we reform this policy so it resonates with america and our policies are strong and talk about benefiting more americans, instead what they decided to do was suppress the vote. >> trevor: now, the argument the other way from people like chris kobach, you know, from donald trump and his team has been we are protecting democracy. that's why we scrub people of voter rolls. if they've died, if they no longer respond to mail, then why are we keeping them on the voter rolls? how do you respond to that? >> one of the ways this works and it's so effective is they're able to use the cover of being reasonable. you know, we're just keeping the voter rolls up. but when you really look at what they're doing is that the people that they're scrubbing, they're not scrubbing people who have moved or died overwhelmingly, overwhelm lig who they're
11:25 pm
scrubbing are people who are african-americans, people who are young, people who are poor and they're doing it before the characteristics. so they can't say we don't want black people to vote because there is still the thing called the 15th amendment, although the voting rights act got gutted by the supreme court, there's still the thing called the 15th amendment. so they go after the characteristics of the people, society imposed characteristics. they do after the things like, if you move a lot, and we know that people move a lot, particularly if you're poor you don't stay in the assume house forever -- >> trevor: right. >> that moving them becomes a reason to knock people off the rolls. >> trevor: is there anything people on the ground can do? what can people do to protect their vote? >> yes, absolutely. so there are several things. one is you have to register to vote, and there are organizations that are on the ground, helping people, like, get the identification, get the documents they need in order to get the identification. organizations like vote riders that are doing that work.
11:26 pm
also, when you are registered, check your -- the secretaries of states voter registration page to make sure you are registered to vote because they are notorious for purging people off the list, even close to an election. >> trevor: wow. >> so you think that you're registered to go, you go in to vote and, boom, your name is nowhere there and you're getting the run-around. >> trevor: right. >> i think the other thing that's important is to help others so that you're volunteering, you've got election poll workers and you're paying attention to what's happening at the polls when somebody's getting the run-around. i think that that is really important as well, and there are organizations like the lawyers' committee that's doing that incredible work. >> trevor: right. >> so that's what we can do. and register. the deadline is coming up in early october. register to vote because we cannot be part of the solution
11:27 pm
if we're just sitting there and not participating. ( applause ) we've got to vote. >> trevor: thank you. >> thank you. >> trevor: "one person, no vote" is available now. scary and fascinating. carol anderson, everybody. we'll be right back ( cheers and applause ) ♪ trick or treat. michael escaped. we have to hunt him down. i've been preparing for this night. so i could kill him. happy halloween, michael. rated r. boo! ahhh! ahahaha! haha! [sigh] i'm sorry for what i did to your face. all good. have a break! [tearing, breaking] mmmm. [ding dong!] breaks are good. have one!
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better world. here's to the people who do what it takes to build it... to keep it running. the people who understand no matter what the question, the obstacle or the challenge, there's only one answer... let's do the work. (engine starts, hums) ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: that's our show for tonight. thank you so much for tuning in. now here it is... your moment of zen. >> you just said some senators are not angels and you've seen some of them -- >> i would say some of them, yes. >> -- in compromising situations. >> yes. >> could you tell us who and exactly what situation? >> no, i think i'll save it for a book like everybody else and
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