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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  October 18, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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[exhales] my feet were so sweaty, i can't even feel the cold. what a lovely hotel. - okay. >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: ah! welcome to "the daily show," everybody! thank you so much for tuning in! i'm trevor noah. thank you, everybody! thank you! take a seat! let's get into it! our guest tonight is a four-time formula one world champion, lewis hamilton is here,
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everybody! ( cheers and applause ) that's right, the only man in the world who can drive almost as fast as a new york taxi. first, let's catch up on today's headlines. let's kick it off with sports. the boston red sox on the road to the world series, and they got a helping hand last night from the opposing team's fans. >> houston chronicle reports an astros fan says he did not interfere with josé's altuve's potential tying home run in game four of the al championship series. last night astros fan floyd caldwell in orpg was nearby when mookie betts of the red sox jumped to catch a long fly by altuve but it bounced off his glove. the umpire fueled man interference and called the potential two-run homer an out. the astros needed that two-run homer. the final store was 8-6 for the red sox. ( laughter ) >> trevor: first of all, i don't think it's fair to call it fan interference. the ball was coming right at
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him. what was he supposed to do, just sit there and say i hope he catches it? aaahhh! he didn't catch it! ( laughter ) i don't blame the fan. i blame baseball. why do you put your fans in position to interfere with the game? imagine if basketball had rim side seats. one second on the clop, steph curry takes the game winning shot then the fan says, nuh-uh! ( laughter ) the fan just wanted the to take a baseball home. the last time at a mets game i got myself a baseball. i keep it at home. give him water and rice every few days. i understand. ( laughter ) science news, stephen hawking was one of the most brilliant theoretical physicist above and one of the most brilliant theoretical physicist not alive. >> late physicist stephen hawking is now providing his own brief answers to the big
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questions in his final book. hawking writes, there is no god, the laws of nature can explain everything. he says intelligent alien life is out there, and that time travel, at least into the past, the actually possible. >> trevor: wow. those are some big claims, man. and i'm not saying he's right or wrong, but he also predicted that pete and arianna would make it. so -- you tell me. ( laughter ) and you got to admit, him saying what he said is pretty gangster, right? because, i mean, he's saying there's no god right before he dies? ( laughter ) no, because it's easy to say there's no god when you're young, but he was, like, two minutes from finding out. that's gangster. for all he knows, he could die and show up in heaven and god is, like, so, stephen hawking? can i have your autograph? i'm a big fan, man. ( laughter ) great news that time travel is
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possible. stephen hawking says you can time travel back into the past and i hope it happens soon because i would go back to right before the titanic hit the iceberg, right, so that i could be there to say, hey, rose, don't throw the diamond, throw it at me! and i would catch the diamond and get a free diamond! yes! ( laughter ) in other news, kleenex is changing the name of their man-died tissue box after people complained it was sexist. so i guess now they will change it to, my guess is jerk-off size? more honest. ( laughter ) and i completely agree with this because ladies can have boogers just as big as men so it's a good name change. the only time i need a man-sized kleenex is when i'm watch ago sad movie like titanic, the poor diamond is getting away! the top story -- as you know, we're a few weeks away from the scariest, spookiest time of the year -- the mid-term elections!
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muah-ha ha ha ha! i'm going to go as millions of illegal votes. ( laughter ) the midterms are in 19 days, and, this year, this year, every single vote counts, but there are a few states looking to change that. >> as the midterm elections rapidly approach, there has been a rash of voter identification conflicts in states across the country. >> laws across the u.s. are being passed to make it harder, not easier to vote. since the 2016 election, nine states with republican state legislators have passed laws restricting the vote. >> we've seen time and time again where republicans can't win outright as far as votes, they resort to what many would call cheating. >> trevor: ah, come on, republicans, instead of trying to appeal to diverse voters, you would rather to try to block their votes? it's like being a contestant on "jeopardy" and instead of trying
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to being the smartest you tase your competition, and the worst part, alex wouldn't help you, you would be, like, aaahhh! he would be, like, i'm sorry, we're looking for what is aaahhh! ( laughter ) voter suppression is an issue all over the united states. one of the most prominent examples is in georgia. governor's race is neck and neck, stacey abrams could be the first black female governor ever -- ( cheers and applause ) -- right, and republican brian kemp who would become the first white governor named brian kemp in georgia, i think. ( laughter ) and because the race is so close, something like this could make all the difference. >> the associated press reports that ahead of the historic election more than 53,000 georgia residents have had their registrations put on hold thanks to a policy that requires their application to precisely match information from other state agencies. >> basically, if your voter registration doesn't match up
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exactly with your dmv or social security information, your registration is put on hold and you may not be able to vote. we're not talking about major details like your address, we're talking about simple misspellings, a rogue hyphen, a nickname on one form, your full name on the other. >> trevor: i think this is bullshit. you're telling me some people won't get to vote because their voter name doesn't match the name on file? funny how it happens in voting but never stops the i.r.s. i.r.s. has travak n.o.a.a. i guess you don't have to pay taxes this year? no they would be, like, trevor, you misspelled your name and lost 20-grand! ( laughter ) i give you a guess as to what type of people had their registration put on hold. >> georgia's population is 32% black but the list of voter registrations is nearly 70% black.
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>> trevor: well, well, well! my old friend racism! ( laughter ) i have been expecting you! ( laughter ) isn't it interesting how every time republicans create a voting restriction it just so happens to disproportionately affect people of the brown-brown? hmm? ( laughter ) and i'm not going to lie, it's very slick, because, on the surface, it always seems legitimate. 100 years ago, the argument was, nothing personal, we can't let people vote if they don't know how to read! but black people were, like, learning to read was illegal! ironic! look at that! today it's how can we trust it's really you if the names aren't exactly the same? black people are, like, well white people never spell my name right. that's too bad der-reek. yo, it's derek. ( laughter ) let's be honest, you don't have to say who you're targeting to
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target someone. you just have to know which rules are likely to hit them most. if i was trying to block white people, i wouldn't say no white people allowed, i would just say, sorry, no pumpkin spice lattes in the voting booth. so sorry, everybody. you've got to go home. so sorry, everybody. go home. go home. no, de-reek, you're good. come on in, man. come on in. what makes this georgia situation extra, extra shady is who's in charge of allowing people to vote. >> kemp never stepped down as the current secretary of state which means he is the person overseeing the upcoming election. >> as the current secretary of state, he's responsible for elections and voter registration. >> trevor: well, well, well! ( laughter ) it appears there is something wrong with my chair! ( laughter ) come on, guys, really? the guy in charge of the election is also running the election, like that is some africa-level shit right there.
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( laughter ) someone would be, like, okay, now that everyone has voted, i'm going to take the ballots into the other room and when i come back, i'll tell you how i won -- i mean who won! i'll tell you who won! ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) and, now, look, the truth is, the truth, is if you ask kemp, he'll say that the registration blocking isn't happening because these people are black and it's not happening because he's in charge, he's going to say it's happening because most people who filled out their forms wrong just happen to be black because, you see, white people fill out forms like this, and black people fill out forms like this. ( laughter ) and, look, we can go back and forth on this all day, right, but i think i know how to solve this. this is what i think you should do. every black person in america needs to register as a republican, right? hear me out. just say you're going to vote red, you don't have to do it. just be, like, i'm a republican. you can go and vote whenever you
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want. when you come out, snitchers get stitches. that's all you do. i guarantee you if the g.o.p. thinks that black people are voting for them, they will make sure that your vote counts. they will be waving treyvons into the voting booth like a third-base coach, and if you don't believe me, just look at kanye west. before him, republicans were, like, black people, just do your job, shut up and dribble! but all he had to do was hut on a mega hat and they let him into the white house to yell at the president about time travel in the oval office. if it worked for kanye west, it will work for you. we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause ) the meeting of the executive finance committee is now in session. and... adjourned. business loans for eligible card members
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>> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." technology, it's in our homes and in our cars, but why can't it be in us? well, now it can. ronny chang has more in his segment today's future now. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> thanks, trevor. for years, we've mostly just operated our technology with our hands and fingers like a bunch of cave men or people from michigan. we love to finger our technology. we finger it all day long. ( laughter ) but now science has found a way to get our whole bodies involved. >> exoskeleton vests are changing the game for the american manufacturing workforce. ford motor company unveiled its
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plan to provide workers with wearable technology. >> it's an exoskeleton that helps maintain good posture adding 15 pounds of support to each arm when it's raised. rick scott spend most to have the day reaching up on the assembly line. >> they call me rocket man and mr. incredible. >> really? or are you trying to give yourself a make name and making it stick by saying it on national television because it doesn't work like that. if you want to give yourself a nickname, be more subtle. take advice from the chinese stallion! you got to slip it in when people aren't paying attention. >> trevor: bait, you're the chinese stallion? >> yeah, that's what i keep hearing people saying these days, so i guess it's official. but more importantly, i don't know if i trust that robot vest. i see what's happening, first, the robot is like, hey, let me help you lift that. then the robot is, like, you
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know what? i can do that myself, take a break. the next thing you know, the robot has your job and is banging your wife, okay? ( laughter ) and that's also downsized. because not only is technology taking over our lives, it's about to make us look a lot stupider. >> swiss drone scientists are working on a wearable drone controller, basically a fancy jacket with a lot of sensors on it. you put it on and add a little virtual reality head set and then raise your arms like a bird, as free as you can be, and you've got to twist your torso every which way to pilot the drone -- >> oh, wow! how convenient! so instead of using a remote control drone that fits in my hand, now i have to put on 20 pounds of equipment? i can't lift 20 pounds, okay? do i look like the rock? do i? ( cheering ) no! no, i don't!
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( laughter ) but, thank you. ( laughter ) so i shouldn't need a whole work out routine just to spy on my neighbor sun bathing on the roof, okay? my problem with this is it's too small minded. in the future, we shouldn't be flying drones, we should be flying ourselves. >> it's not a sight you would expect to see on the streets of london, but few are more blown away by the jet suit than the man who invented it, richard browning. >> it's almost the dream some people have on being able to think somewhere and fly there. >> it can reach speeds of 32 miles an hour and an altitude of 12,000 feet. anyone can fly it with training and insurance. made up of five minijet engines, one on the back and two on the arm which control direction. >> finally, this is an awesome way to travel, even though he looks like tony stark and his suit from h&m. look at all the engines, i can finally fulfill my childhood dream of flying and killing
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eight geese at once. but as cool as the suit is, one drawback. >> for now the fuel pack limits the seat to only three or four minutes of tryin flight. >> so this thing can fly up to 12,000 feet but only has gas for three minutes. that sounds like a great way to fall from 12,00 12,000 feet. but you know what? the good thing about all this new technology is we've all been worried robots will take over and kill humanity, but turns out we are becoming the robot and we're going to kill ourselves first, so suck it, robots, that will teach you to bang our wives! >> trevor: the chinese stallion, everybody! we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause ) hero: hey...yeah, that's what i was thinking. sofia: she kept going on and on and on. anyway i can't believe what she sai- (gets cut-off) ♪ toy by young fathers
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each one is unique in their own hot, mild, cheesy, and garlic. i thought it was a costume party. get together already,
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with tostitos. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is a four-time formula one world champion. ( motor revving )
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>> trevor: please welcome lewis hamilton! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ welcome to the show! >> thank you. >> trevor: it is so good to have you here, and i think, for many of my viewers, i have to situate you on who you are because it's a little bit crazy. you are a four-time formula one world champion. formula one is one of the biggest sports in the world. you are a race car driver, but oftentimes when i explain to people, they go, formula one, what is is that? i say it's like nascar, but they turn the other way. is it surreal to be in a position where you're in a sport that hundreds of millions of people watch around the world, but in america many people have no clue what you do? >> i wouldn't say it's strange. here the drivers grow up to do nascar in the car. in n.f.l., for example, it's
11:24 pm
soccer in england, so and we only have one race here, and we've not had a race here for many, many years. there was a gap, i think, until 2007, was indianapolis, and not till 2012. but it's growing here. every time i meet someone, i'm telling them something new. particularly when i talk about the weight i lose. they go, wow! >> trevor: how much do you lose? >> the most in the race is 10.5 pounds in one hour and 45 minutes and that was in malaysia and singapore. every time i tell that to an american, they say, wow! i need to be a race driver! ( laughter ) >> trevor: you have this machine you are controlling and driving against the fastest drivers in the world. you went from nothing to being a four-time world champion. every single day is a challenge for you and now you're going to be racing in austin in america and you could win your fifth
11:25 pm
world chirp, which is record breaking on so many levels. do you sometimes take a moment to pause and go, like, this is surreal? >> oh, every day. you know, i get to travel the world, i get to see and meet so many different people and racing the formula one car is just the greatest thing, man. i remember from the first day i got to drive a formula one car in 2006, and when i entered formula one when i was 22, i'm 33 now, and my goal is always to emulate this older legendary driver, a brazilian, who died in the sportish and he was three-time world champion, as you know. >> trevor: right. >> two years ago, i equaled him, which is kind of just an incredible moment for me, and then since then, i have been kind of been trying to carry on for him because he's the guy i always wanted to be. >> trevor: the way you dress has been one of the key things, you're always in the magazines for your fashion sense and now you've teamed up with tommy hilfiger. you had a show in china which was phenomenal. you had everyone there.
11:26 pm
you have the world looking to your clothing. they're going you're a fashion designer. how do you go from racing cars to designer clothes? >> honestly, it's been an incredible experience. i met tommy in new york, like, five years ago. every time i saw him he's, like, i love how you're dressing, we should do something together. i would say, no way, tommy wants to do something with me? i really didn't believe him. but fashion is something i was always into. just discovering the looks i like and how i want to feel and dress and express myself. it's going well. it sold out in tokyo. i think it sold out in the states for the first couple of weeks it came out. 77% of men's sales was my collection. >> trevor: that's amazing. fantastic, man. congratulations on everything you're doing. the formula one u.s. grand prix in austin takes place october 21, and the tommy x collection is available now. lewis hamilton, everybody, we'll
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because better coverage means better protection. always ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: that's our show for tonight. before we go, before we go, "the daily show" has exciting news. we are coming to miami in two weeks, right, the entire show is going to be in miami in two weeks for one week, and we're bringing the donald trump presidential twitter library with us. yeah, it's like being inside the mind of donald trump. imagine all the things inside there -- horse face, everything -- it's all in there and we're bringing that to you. it will be there the weekend of october 26-28 and it's totally free. go to "the daily show".com/vacation and miami. now here it is... your moment of zen. >> cut to the chase.
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the president has to get off his fat ass and ask a couple of basic investigative questions about what do we know and whether that information suggests that the saudis were culpable or not. this is not that hard, don, it's not that hard. >> wow, harsh words there, phil. ( cheers and applause ) hi, "the jim jefferies show"! unless we make drastic changes, climate change will destroy the world for the next generation. sorry, next generation! let's see you fidget pin your way out of this one! then i talk about recycling, which in the u.s. is a bit like reiki. it doesn't really work, but it's worth doing if you want to have sex with a hippie and get your gonorrhea healed by hovering hands. and i chat with basketball legend kareem abdul-jabbar! that's coming up!


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