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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  November 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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i'm sorry i've wasted your time. ♪ hey, trevor, nice halloween costume. >> trevor: yeah, spent all night. >> look like a douchebag from the '80s. >> hey, check this out. (applause) >> from miami, the cultural capital of-- or whatever that is worth, st "the daily show" with trevor noah democalypse 2018 it is the closest we could get to mar a lago.
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(cheers and applause). >> trevor: yeah! what's going on, everybody! what's going on, everybody? welcome. my name is trevor noah. this is "the daily show," coming to you from miami, florida! (cheers and applause) thank you for coming out. thank you all for coming out. take a seat, everyone, take a seat. our guest tonight cnn political commentatedder miami's very own ana navarro is here, everybody. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: we're going to have a lot of fun with her. but let's get into the show. this is it. night three in miami. and tonight, and tonight isn't just any night, it's halloween. cheesier maws. >> trevor: yeah, which is a superexciting night, right, especially if you are a kid because you could walk up to any stranger's house and get candy, right, except president obama's house because you know up there droas dressed like a ghost and
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he would be you be bike boo, and he be like don't boo, vote. (applause). >> trevor: and michelle pops out and gives you some zucchini, damn, this sucks. now in the rest of america halloween is a chance to dress up. you get in your sexy little costumes but here in miami it is weird because that is just tuesday for you guys. no, because like y'all dress sexy every day. (applause) every single day! so here's what i think. i think for halloween what you guys need to do is you should have the unsexy version of things. right? like yeah, like you need like a modest lifeguard costume, right. or like a frumpy cheerleader or how about like a conservative stripper, that would be dope. yeah, amazing grace, no clothes come off, only erections of the heart. (laughter) and i will be honest with you
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guys, can i be honest. because of stand your ground laws, i don't know how anyone can enjoy halloween in florida. no, because the law is that someone can shoot you if you frighten them. that's the whole point of halloween. you dress scary, you go to people's houses and you rob them of candy. i feel like in florida, it doesn't matter what you dressed as, you leaves as a ghost, that is what it mean, to be on the safe side for halloween i just walk around with my hands up, people are like what are you supposed to be, alive, mother [bleep] (applause) i'm not about to get shot for some candy. not getting shot for some candy, what is that, king sized reese, all right, shoot me in the leg, shoot me in the leg. (laughter) you know what amazing me about america as a whole is that every single year on halloween, in is always somebody who is not happy with just being sexy dracula or sexy frak enstein.
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no, they've got to take it too far. >> a father in kentucky as been criticized for drezzing his five year old son up as hitler. the halloween costume was posted on social media by brian goldbach. he said originally he did it for historical sources but now admits it was probably a bad idea. >> not everybody has the devotion to living history that i have. i done know how to put it-- how else to put it. >> jordan: okay. >> trevor: okay, first of all i done think we should call that a costume, all right, that was a uniform, okay, costumes are things you can guy as wal-mart that is something you find in a store storage unit in argentina, that is what that was. and can i say, can i just say it is pretty clever how he dressed himself up as a regular nazi but dressed his kid as hitler. it's like he just wanted an excuse in case kids went wrong, lookings i was just following orders. he came up with the master plan,
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it's not me. there's just so many reasons that it say terrible idea to dress a little kid as hitler, like someone could see the kid walking around and be like baby hit letter, this is my chance! oh, oh, and speaking, and speaking of baby hitler, president trump is in the news again. surprise surprise! don't boo, voavment here's some asparagus. this time president trump is in the news. he doesn't need a special day to scare people, he does it every day and his latest trick, his latest trick has everyone spooked. >> president trump believes his signature is enough to stop what's known as birth right citizenship, established in the 4th amendment which says all persons born are naturalized in the united states. are citizens. >> they are saying can i do it just with an executive order. now how ridiculous, we are the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby and the baby is essentially a
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citizen of the united states for 85 years with all of those benefits. it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. and it it has to end. >> trevor: wow. so trump, so trump trump plans to single handedly change the constitution, that's like hearing that war & peace going to be eded by guy fieri, that is what that sounds like to me. because basically trump wants to make it that if your parents aren't american and are you born here, you won't automatically be american any more. and honestly, part of me think trump is only doing this because he is hoping it will kick his kids out 6789 he is just going be out there like sorry, eric, so sorry, eric, your mom was an immigrant, you got to g eric, you got to go. >> dad, come on. that's not fair, dad. that's not fair. how come i vnga gets to stay. >> trevor: there is a hotness exception. i didn't write the law.
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>> but you totally did. >> trevor: take him away, boysk take him back to mexico. now obviously, obviously, let's be real, folks. you don't need to be a genius to realize that trump is not talking about babies that come from norwegian va-jay jays, no, he wants to wipe out the constitution so that he can whiten america, that is what he is trying to do, unfortunately for him, there are some people who read, who disagree with him. >> of course he can't do that. the reason, the constitution. >> it's very clear that an executive order, executive action can not do it by itself. >> i'm also a constitutional law professor and by no means could the president union latterly amend the constitution. >> republican house speaker paul ryan said the president cannot change current law by himself. >> you obviously cannot do that, you cannot ind citizenship with an executive order. >> wow, paul ryan finally standing up to donald trump? wow. wow. i guess, i guess for halloween
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he's going as someone with balls, look at that. damn, paul ryan. (applause). >> trevor: damn. so look, as spooky as this donald trump news is, most things on halloween, it's scary when it first pops out on you but on closer inspection it's some bullshit. we'll be right back. miami! you guys are amazing, give it up for yourselves! for yourselves! (cheers and applause)
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> trevor: welcome welcomek back. welcome back to the daily show, coming to you all week from miami. now last week, last week we all
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learned, we all learned about the florida man who was arrested for allegedly mailing bombs to big name democrats cnn and the star of meet the fockers but let's be real, this is hardly the first time that a florida man's bizarre criminal behavior made headlines. but why are florida man's this way. desi lydic has more. >> florida, god's waiting room t is home tho theme parks, everglades, your pipa and of course florida man. >> before commitk a sexual act on a tree yelling he was a god. >> trying to start a fire with spaghetti sauce. >> was karate kicking those bird. >> every week there is a new headline out of florida, wild, shocking, unnecessarily factual. >> masturbating at a bus stop, told police he was captain kirk. >> but have we ever stopped to sct question why? something is happening to men 234 florida. and it can't just be a coincidence.
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as a future pulitzer winning journalist, it is my responsibility town cover the truth. to reveal what lies beneath the swamp. to answer the question, what makes a man florida man. >> a florida man. >> florida pan. >> florida man. >> florida pan. >> a florida man. >> first thing i did was some heavy back channeling mostly on craigslist and facebook. i needed to locate some of these real life florida men. >> first up is robbie, last july he ran into a liquor store with a live alligator for some reason. >> florida man robi stratton decided to bring an alligator with him while making a beer run. >> that is definitely what that is, it was stupid. >> talk to me about the night that you became florida man. >> can't really tell you much about that night, there was too much alcohol involved that night. >> not just alcohol, though, there's probably a deep-rooted con spirszee. >> no, it was alcohol. >> isn't there something that all florida men share? there is something behind it? >> mental health issues?
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>> nah, that couldn't be it. and this wasn't the only man affected. >> he's been hit with charges after pictures in this video showing him handling an alligator which he posted were seen by law enforcement. >> the real name is jordan bedford but i go by the all gater man. >> okay. alligator man, what is the common factor among all florida men? >> we all durch, well, i'm different from the rest because do i the wrong thing and the right way f that makes sense. >> no. >> no? see you not from florida so you don't understand my language, what mi talking about. i do the w50eu8d thing, naig anything you think of, i probably do it. >> anything? >> anything, i catch gate katers-- shall gators. >> anything? >> anything, well, not anything, but basically anything when it comes to the reptile, an macialtion basically alligator incomes florida you not allowed to catch a alligator, i didn't know before, but i know now, i put one on a leash and did some dancing. >> what kind of dance did you do. >> the alligator man dance, kick your feet, as you are dangs, going around you are spelling
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all gater, the alligator man got a commercial too. >> you have a commercial. >> got a commercial, a theme song, everybody, nah nah nah nah it's the alligator man. >> that is a 1 hundred% the mcdonald's jingle. >> it is the all gater man. >> i see you saying doing the wrong thing in the right way it works. >> it works. >> where you do find gators in florida. >> where there is a lake there say gater. i promise you, there are gators everywhere. >> she gone. >> so many florida men, so many [bleep] alligators. surely there say florida man who is normal. >> all right, missy, mi captain silky silver chips. >> cool. and you are a pirate? >> well, i'm a pirate, most of the day. when i'm not, i'm a landscaper. >> what kind of landscaper pirate possibly have done. >> a man dressed as a pirate is accused of shooting his gun on the seven mile bridge in south floridas. >> i took out my flint lock. >> oh. >> to shoot at the sun, now mind
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you there were no prodiswrect aisles simply gun powder. >> why do you defend what you did? >> well, i defend my second amendment right. >> your second amendment right to shoot a gun into the sun? >> yeah, why not? >> how exactly did you become a florida man? >> to become a florida man you must first be a florida boy. and experience the life that it gives you as a boy. too hone your skills to be, in my case, a florida pirate man. >> have you always been a florida man? >> no, originally i hailed from chicago. >> so you are a transplanlt. >> i was then but since then i have lived my entire life here in the keys. >> what do you think is behind every florida man? >> must be in the water that we are drinking down here, that drives us to what we do. >> a water conspiracy. >> and women. >> women. >> yeah. >> they are the ones that drive you crazy. >> and while i was running away from these unusual men, i was heading towards a new idea, there had to be a common thread. what was i missing?
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there was something different about this state. so many florida man stories filling the news. did florida reporters know something i didn't? i went to an undisclosed orange grove to meet a very casually dressed journalist to find out. >> what you can tell me about these florida man stories? i mean have i my own research but you just give me yours to compare notes. >> i mean they are true, people do weird things here in florida and it gets into the news. >> no shit. >> a maij are fact certificate that we went from being the least pop lated southern state in 1940 to now being the third most pop louse state in the country. >> this nerd knew a lot about florida and while he mostly ranked, i was connecting the dots. >> tons of homes where there used to be just wilderness. >> if there is a lake there say gator. >> you can go about every weapon you want. >> 49th among the state in funding for mental health treatment. >> mental health issues. >> another big factor is florida was the first state in the nation to pass this lands mark law called the sunshine act that
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says that basically any government document is available for reporters to go in and see, police report, for instance, are all open for inspection. >> and that's when it hit me. the missing piece of the puzzle. >> by a guy named emory. >> shut up, shut, that's it. >> what is it. >> it is the sunshine act. >> yeah. >> it's not what causes florida man t is why we hear about florida man. >> yeah, pretty much. >> he just figured it out all by myself. i'm a [bleep] genius. >> florida man has been the butt of countless jokes. but maybe that is not fair. well, this guy was pretty weird. the sunshine act makes it easier to discover florida man stories. but i was just scratching the surface. we may not hear about them as much, but it turns out there are florida men in every state. >> he tried to shoot the. >> the shoots its owner. >> the emoji. >> and while florida will always be the-- behavior, the 2ru9 is there is a little florida man in
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all of us. (applause) dns desi lydic, everybody, we'll be right back. does this make you want a reese's? oh, how about this? ok, we'll stop. just kidding, we're not gonna stop.
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(applause). >> trevor: welcome back to the daily show. my guest tonight is a republican strategist, cnn commentator and long time resident of miami, please welcome ana navarro. (applause) before you sit down, before you sit down n case people missed it, can we-- what does that say? >> yeah, you know, since it's
11:23 pm
halloween i thought i would come dressed as a first lady who really does care. >> trevor: welcome back to the show. >> thank you, it's been awhile, bienvenido a miami. >> trevor: oh, muchos tbrasia. >> have you had cuban coffee. >> trevor: have i have hi. >> cuban coffee. >> trevor: have i had cuban coffee, i have had cuba sandwiches, have i had cuban friend, cuban nights out, cuban everything. >> stop right there. >> trevor: this is quite a time? you know what is interesting, i have a lot of people would come to the show and we talk about politics and a lot of the time, i won't lie many of the people who come to the daily show have political views that match with mine or the audience. but you are in an interesting position because you are a republican. are you still a republican? >> you know, here is the thing. i was a republican when donald trump was a democrat. i was a republican when donald trump was an independent. and i'm a republican now that
11:24 pm
he's pretending to be a republican and so many other republicans are enabling him and allowing him to pretend. (applause). >> trevor: in many ways you see done all trump and his affect mirrored in politics on a local level. you know, for many republican politicians it has now become a clear choice. either you are with done alt trump or you have to see your way out of the republican party. >> look, donald trump had so much to do on both sides in deciding briemaries. often the ones who won in republican primaries are the ones who embraced him the most. and the ones who won in democratic primaries were the ones who opposed him and confronted him the most. if ron desantis wins in florida, he owes it do to donald trump. he is indebted to donald trump. at that point donald trump owns the guy tses here say question i have for you as a republican who says you have been a republican your whole life. do you think there was maybe a siefd the republican party that
11:25 pm
you were not seeing or choosing to not see? >> both both. look, i think two things happened, i think theres with a shifter in the base and a side of it ma that many of us didn't see including the 15 other republicans who ran for the republican primary. people like jeb bush, people like john kasich. but i also think trump brought out a different type of people, a different class of people. he brought out people who had not been engaged in politics before. >> trevor: right. >> without had not been motivated to vote. >> trevor: so when you look at, let's just say florida itself, let's look at the governor's race. you look at a race between andrew gillum, ron derant-- ron desantis and you see gillum exciting people in a different way, you see who are engaged with him not just on policy but also in the way that he actually, you know, i guess conveys his message. when you look at that race as a
11:26 pm
republican in miami, what do you make of it? >> look, i-- you know, for me, i'm a centrist. i'm a mod raise republican, i'm a centrist. so when i look at that race, on the one hand i have ron desantis who is increasingly, other forget increasingly, he's not an option. and on the other hand, i have got andrew gillum who is a progressive democrat who is much further to the left than i am on policy issues. i had not met him before. i met him a couple of days ago, and i got to tell you something. part of the reason is that guy is awakening something is he is likable. i have forgotten what it was like to have a likable person running in floor dasm and i hope florida voters reject a campaign of fearmongerring and scare tactics. we can't fall for that again. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: thank you so much for being on the show again. >> thank you. >> trevor: always wonderful
11:27 pm
having you. ana navarro, everybody. we'll be right back. justin.
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my mother, soon as i could walk. it's one of the best films of the year. i don't think i've ever met anyone with you're appetite. you know my father used to say, whatever you do, do it 100%. [ laughter ] >> well, that's our show for tonight. thank you for tuning in, join us tomorrow night for our final night here in miami with our guests wayne wade! here it it is, your moment of zen. >> who did you vote for. >> i didn't vote for nobody because i'm not allowed to vote no more. >> because of the gater. >> no, way before the gater. >> oh, there's more. >> there's a lot more.
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