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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  June 28, 2019 1:38am-2:15am PDT

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>> live from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, "the daily show" with trevor noah presents, world war d, part two. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show," everybody! thank you so much for tuning in. we where live! let's do this. let's do this. oh man, the second night of the democratic debates ended just moments ago. and we are coming to you live from new york, ladies and gentlemen slasm (cheers and applause) >> that's right, we are completely live. i can prove it, this is how i can prove it, you see, it is a newspaper. anyway, here we are. night two of the democratic debate. and there has been so much
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excitement around these debates. basically everybody has been watching them, and i mean everybody. >> hey, twitter world trk is me, yours truly. we need to watch this debate. because a bunch of people think they are kanl of running our country, it should be interesting, because to be honestk i don't know most of these guys but i'm trod hear what they have to say and i think every american should be watching them. so i guess we got about 38 minutes to go, so won't be long now. take care. >> trevor: oh man. dude, o.j. kills me. allegedly, allegedly. i love how he just tries to act like he is a completely normal guy, he is one of the greatest running backs of all time, what are you doing am i found this video supersuspicious. part of me thinks o.j. was just doing there to try to set up an
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alibi, mr. simpson we found six dead bodies in your parking lot, it couldn't have been mean, you saw my twitter post, i was watching the debate. >> o.j. doesn't realize how much power he has. because if he really wanted to screw a candidate over, all he would have to do is endorse them. he could just be like i wouldn't be here without my brother cory booker. everything i have done was because of you, cory. no! now we don't know what o.j. thought of the debates but we do know what president trump thought of them last night because he tweeted his one word take away, boring. (laughter) and i mean yeah, let's be honest. everyone is boring, right, compared to him. yeah, he is the craziest dude on the planet. asking trump to weigh in on normal politicians is like asking heroin what it thinks of coffee, okay. and he is not totally wrong. last night's debate was fairly civil. and when tonight's debate started it looked like it would be more of the same.
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it even began the same. it was the same tel novela that we started last night. >> i want to say hello an good evening, buono noches is to mayor buttigieg. >> oh, mayor, speaking some spanish. you know beto o'rourke was at home going dious mios is, these gringos are stealing my swag. and i bet whoever trump was, he was like canw3w3 we de port the democrats? (laughter) so as for the topics, again, it seemed luke it would be more the the same. for instance on taxes theçóççóí democrats were prettyi] much on the same page. >> we can make massive cuts in theñrñr 1.7a5çó trillion-- 1.6n dollars in tax loopholes out there. and i would be going about eliminating donald trump's tax cuts to the wealthy.ñi >> on day one i will repeal that tax bill that benefits theñhñ percent and the biggest corporations in america. >> will you raise taxes forñr te middle class in a sanders
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administration. >> yes, they will pay more in taxes. >> trevor:n@ñ wow. yeah, bernie just said he is going to raise taxes on the middle class. at a debate. that is not a popular opinion. and that's why he is giving props to bernie sanders. he keeps it real. light-of-right. a lot of politicians would lie, oh no, and then raise it. but he gives it to you straight which is great for a politician. horrible for a doctor. can you imagine bernie, your imrand pa is not going to make it, the cancer has got hisd7gñ balls. you might as well say bye bye right now. bye bye. it's over. and just like yesterday, everyone was waiting to see if the unknown was shock us with something that they said. but it turned out today the unknowns were shocked when they got a chance to speak. >> you have said quote it's possible to write policy proposals that have no basis in reality. you might as well call them candy. were you referring to anyxdçó candidate or proposal in
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particular when you said that. >> was that me. >> that sounded like me. >> it was you. >> i appreciate it. >> trevor: that was so adorable. he is like genuinely shocked that they said his name, was that fromñh;!pog%d2svkq; time this has ha campaign, you realize that, wait, you guys can see me? i thought this whole time içó ws bernie's imagine air friend. now one of the big topics tonight was health care. and the dement krats are re-- the democrats have a range of opinion, from medicare for all, right w no private insurance to whatever marian williamson was talking about. >> where tens of millions of people arek and tell the insurance companies and the drug companies that their day is gone. that health care is a humanp18 rightl use profit. >> i am against any democrats whoñi opposes or takes down obaa
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care and a republican wants to get rid of it. >> let me turn it. >> we have to have a health care, if are you sick are you seen, and in america you never go broke because of it. >> i will tell you one thing t is really nice we have all of these plans. but if you think we are going to beat donald trump by having all of these plans, you have got another thunking coming. he had a plan. he won by simply saying make america great again. >> trevor: what? that say pretty bold move for a candidate to say i'm anti-plan, okay? like just waiting for at some point to say we don't need a plan, my friend, just give me one viel of cbd oil and our chak ras will be aligned. (applause) so at this point, night two seemed fairly chill but itq remember thatçovtiñâçkñhthis iso >> because we'll stop the greed of the insurance companies.
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>> on this issue we have to think about how this affects-- real people. >> insurance for all. and today. >> the reality of $5,000 deductible when we walkr those doors. that is what insurance companies are doing in america today. >> we'll continue this discussion. >> candidates, please. >> part of joe's generation, part of joe's generation, let me respond. >> before we move on. >> the issue is let me say. >> please,#qzv >> the it is intergenerational, issue is who has-- the the guts to take on wall street. >> bernie! >> trevor: who is dumb enough to engage with bern wree in a shouting match? you real eye there were ten people on stage shouting and the moderators and he outshouted them all. yeah, he's like that's right. and just wait until i turn on mó
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mirk-- mic. so things are really starting to heat up. but the action of the night, the thing everybody will be talking about really started when eric swarwell took the first shot at frontrunner sleepy joe. >> i was six years old when a presidential candidate came to the california democratic convention and said it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans. that candidate was then senator joe biden. joe biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans 32 years ago. he is still right today. if we are going to solve the issues, pass the torch. if we're going to solve climate chaos, pass the torch. if we are go fog solve the issue of student loan debt, pass the torch. if we are going to end gun violence for families who are fearful, pass the torch. vice president, would you like to sing a torch song. >> i would. >> i'm still holding on to that torch. >> trevor: that's right, biden is not letting go of that torch.
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even though that torch vl uncomfortable and told biden it does not bliek the way that he is holding on to t he is holding on to that torch. and oh, and just by the way, it was funny because swolwell tried to use the same torch line on bernie later on in the debate which totally failed because it will not work on bernie the same way. how will you let him to let go of the torch, when he invented fire. it is not the same thing. (applause) now i don't know if it was swolwell but the sharks could smell brood in the water. all i know is biden had a target on his back. and the way it started, disnt even come were imhad, right it didn't come from him t didn't come from swalwul, marian williamson was endorsing rep ar raise, talking about race and kamala harris is like the the rest of you need to sit your ass down. >> i do not believe, i do not believe that the average american say racist. but the average american is woefully undereducated by the
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history of race in the comeunt united states. >> we're going to get to you, hang]iñ on. >> i would like to speak on the issue of race. >> trevor: wow. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: wow! yes. you know, people who have accused black people of playing the race card but that was the right time to use the race card, yeah. and by the way, for those asking, the race card is a real card, yes. hi one two but i used it already to get a free jam ba juice, we have it for different reasons. so the issue of race has now been brought up it at the debate. and you might remember bied everyone had some problems with that last week when he seemed to be prothe relationships with segregationists and talking about how they were good people. so now that kamala had the floor, she was going to wipe it with biden. >> i now direct it to vice president biden. i do not believe you are a racist. and i agree with you when you
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commit yourself to the importance-of-finding common ground. but i also believe and it is personal and it it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two united state senators who built their reputations and career on segregation of race in this country. and it was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing. and you know, there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools. and she was bussed to schools every day. and that little girl was me. >> trevor: holy shit! she just pulled an m. night shyamalan. she was black the whole movie! i didn't see that coming. did you see that coming?
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that moment was so bruteddal on joe biden, for the first time i wanted to give him a massage. and it didn't get any better from there. >> do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose busing in america then. >> no, i did not oppose busing in america, what i opposed is busing ordered by the department of education. that is what o i posed. >> but in is a failure of state totion integrate public schools in america. i was part of the second class to integrate, california public schools two decades after brown v education. >> because your city council made that decision t was a local decision. >> that is why the federal government must step up. that is why we have the voting rights act and the civil rights ak. that is why we need to pass the equality act. that is whyñr we need to pass te era becó there are moments in history where states fail to propreserve the civil rights of all people.
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>> trevor: at this point, kamala was busing biden right out of the debate. she was killing it. everything she said made sense. she was connecting with the crowd. she had him and biden, he seemed like he was angry, he wasn't looking at her, wasn't connect, i don't no he was messed newspaper his mind. all i know is biden wasn't having a good time. seriously, biden hasn't had such an intense standoff with a black woman since michelle call him sneaking a big plaque to barack. this hasn't happened in a long time. >> and that moment there with kamala, that is why you have to love black women. have you to love them. you think they have forgotten what you did. and out nof where, they will spring that, my mom would do that to me all the time. trevor, you remember that food you stole in 1991. no, mommy! and could you tell biden was pissed, could you tell he was shook, you could tell that this had become kamala harris'
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moment. because joe biden did something that no one on that debate stage has ever done. he cut himself off. >> i'm the guy that extended the voting rights act for 25 years. we got to the place where we got 98 out of 98 votes in the united states senate doing it i have also argued very strongly that we in fact deal with the notion of denying people access to the ballot box. i agree that everybody want-- anyway, my time is up, i'm sorry. >> thank you, vice president. >> trevor: yeah, after kamala did what she did tonight, joe biden, your time might be up. we'll be right back. wireless network claims are so confusing. america's most reliable network. the nation's largest and most reliable network. the best network is even better? best, fastest, best. enough.
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debate in sunny miami, it is time to play name that candidate. >> and here's your host, ronnie cheeng welcome to name that candidate, the game show where you can win it all like naming all the democrats running for president in 2020. for today's show. we will find one lucky american who can name all 4. seriously? 24-- 24 now, wow, okay, let's get on with it. round one, the blind round, no hints. , with who are you supporting within elizabeth war en. >> are you ready to play name that candidate within let's do it three, two, one, go. joe biden. >> wow, you didn't start warren. >> elizabeth warren.
2:01 am
>> jay insular. >> jay inslee. >> your one minute, starts now. >> cloab clar. o'rourke. klobuchar. >> please go slower. >> i had them before you asked me. >> warren. s-walwell. the new one from montana. >> run two, the helpful hopes. >> ron yea, give tints. >> black guy, bald, mayor. >> booker. >> no, no, the other one. >> black guy, bald, mayor? no, i don't know. >> wayne messan. >> i never remembered him, i think he should drop out.
2:02 am
>> this person. >> klobuchar. >> yes. >> the one candidate. >> john delaney. >> the other. >> hickenlooper, inslee. >> come on. new york city w bilt de blasio. >> this guy delaney? hickenlooper. de blasio. beto. >> yeah. >> okay, this guy. bernie. >> yeah. >> okay, this guy, this guy, this guy. >> yang? i don't know. >> sanders. >> wow, this is going much worse than we thought. it is time for round three. where we straight up show you pictures. >> gibar imrks. the chick from hawaii, hickenlooper. >> wow, is that hickenlooper.
2:03 am
>> yeah. >> i done even know. >> who is this guy. >> no clue. >> probably should have put names on the back. >> wait, this kind of actually looks like you. >> yeah, that is me. >> you are running for president. okay no more hints. >> our surprise celebrity candidate is tim ryan, maybe will win it all, not the election, obviously, just this game. >> all right, one minute, you ready, okay, let's go. >> eric s-walwell, seth moulton. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. pete buttigieg. >> i could about on. >> no, that is terrible, that was like five. can you do me a small favor, can you please stop running for
2:04 am
president! thank you! that goes for all of you. stop it. >> thanks to all of our contestants without participated today. >> i'm sorry you couldn't name all of them in time. >> can you name all of them. >> of course i can name all of them. all right. >> what? thank you for tuning in to another episode of name them candidates. brought to you by podium, when you don't stand for anything, stand behind it. (cheers and applause) ronnie chieng. we'll be right back. [radio weather report playing] [airpod case clicking open] hey siri, play me something new. ♪ music playing
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(cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome back. my guest tonight is the former governor of vermont who ran for president and also served as chair of the democratic party. please welcome howard dean. (applause) welcome back to the show. it has been awhile since you have been on. and what a race this has turned into. >> yeah. >> trevor: the debates started off fairly civil and then the action really kicked off. is it good or bad for the democrats as someone who is basically running, you know, as part of running the racial. >> first of all, i think it is great. second of all i think the debate is pretty civil compared to what the republicans were discussing, the size of what, four years ago. >> trevor: you mean dick size. >> i mean well-- . >> trevor: that is what it was.
2:08 am
>> this is a family show. >> trevor: yeah, families have ducks, it was duck side, that is what it was. so you are happy when you see a debate like this. >> i thought it was a damn good debate. >> trevor: what makes a good debate. >> i think kamala did greatk i think biden did pretty well de fendk him self. i thought the pass the torch from the next generation, there were a lot of people who got pieces of information out there that nobody knew anything about. >> trevor: when you look at the debates on that stage and aw proach this as somebody who has been in charge of running, you know, the dnc's machine, you are looking at a debate as doing what? what are you hoping emerges from a debate. >> a bunch of things. first of all, gives the can cats visibility. the next president of the united states was on the show, one of these two nights but we don't know who st. and there is a lot of talented low down on the totem pole at one or two percent, i just think two or three will emerge and challenge the more established people. second of all, the policy, third of all, this was a little better last night than it was tonight.
2:09 am
i don't think this debate is going to be about whacking trump, trump will do that to himself (laughter) >> no, i'm serious. if we're talking about trump three weeks before the the election, we lose. >> trump will remind us every day that we don't like it. we teed to be talking about the stuff we are talking about tonight. how we are going to do medicare. you had we are going to do health education. how we are going to do health care. >> when you look at the debates as a whole, i mean you have an unprecedented number of people running. >> yeah. >> to the point where you had to cut people off and still had 20 on a debate stage over two nights. are you hoping that this is now going to weed some people out so that people start focusing on the true possible contenders. >> i think it is a little early to start weeding people out. they will weed themselves out thvmentd takes a lot of money to do this. it is going to cost at least 20 million dollars to do the iowa caucuses alone. that is alot of money that you have to raise. and i don't think all 206 those
2:10 am
folks plus the five that didn't get on the stage will be able to raise that money. sos with's get closer you will see a knew people drop out. after iowa you will see a lot of people drop out. or they will be dropped out because they, you know, although i think because of the size of the field and frankly the talent in the fieldk i think you will see a lot more people survive the first four primaries than would you have in most other years. i think actually california may be the big place that people really start to coalesce around a single nominee. >> when you look at that single nominee, one of the things that always sticks out to me show the race was run it seemed like it was going to be civil. and by the end there was a deep fracture between hill rear anie. both supportedders going at each other feeling like other was doing the other wrong. you look at today's debate. you have in your opinion a good show of passion, kamala coming out with opinions, joe biden de finning himself with his record but at the same time there is always the risk that this will create a rift within the party. how do you manage that. >> you don't. the voters manage it. and here is some really good
2:11 am
peeses of information that koments from nate silver who i consider really the best sort of sourcerrer of old because he puts them all together. so the number one criteria for democratic voter this time is beating trump. that means they will vote to support anybody as long as they can beat trump, whoever the nominee. is the number two criteria is easily the number one criteria, i like somebody like me, or my value to be the person. >> it is 2-1. twice as many democrats want to be donald trump as care deeply about which is the candidate can win, that say good sign. we have to keep it up for another 16, 18 moptds, it is a really good sign. >> trevor: when you lack at a debate like tonight, when you look at the previous debate, what do you think can be improved from the moderatedder side and from the debate side for americans who have to engage in the policy that may decide who becomes the next president. >> we do need to figure out how to narrow the field without cheating people out of their opportunity. sna is going to have to be done by voters and public opinion.
2:12 am
>> st just, i actually thought it was pretty well managed by the moderators these two nights with ten people, that say big number. and i thought they did a pretty good job. but it is clearly eventually you want to get down to four or five or six. >> trevor: when you look at that four, five or six, you get to that stage of the race, you are someone in a unique position because you have also run for president. every time i talk to people they go man, we lost something in thal, they go like that one sound effect changed american history forever. and. >> you are referring to the i have a scream speech. >> trevor: yes, but i pleen it was one moment and-- and you look at that now. >> yes! (applause) you look at that now, do you think that maybe you can become a cautionary tale to democrats and voters out there and be like hey, don't get thrown off by the tiny thing, focus on the prize. >> the truth is we didn't lose
2:13 am
because of i have a scream speech. i came in third in the iowa, i was leading coming into the caucuses and i came in third. you can't do it, it happened to hillary in 2008, and it is how obama won. we had a lot of trouble. i'm not a very well disciplined candidate but of course it was a lot of fun. >> trevor: by that stage. >> you know, i was also running as an-- against democratic party which i didn't realize at the time. they all voted for the iraq war, they all voted for bush's tax cuts and i didn't think that was the right thing to do. >> trevor: that say big thing. >> here is interesting as you get closer and closer to the election. as you get closer and closer to the election, democratic voters want to take less and less risk and they will go with somebody they are pretty sure is more establishment and might be-- that is one of the reasons that kerie won but the truth was i wasn't a well organized candidate and said a lot of things that were true but you don't always have to tell the truth 100 percent of the time. >> trevor: we'll see if bernie
2:14 am
greas with that, going with the opposite, kamala is coming with flames, wonderful to have you the show. howard dean, everybody. we'll be right back. is bud light orange coming back this summer? and never leaving? and brewed with real orange peels? the answer is yes... ...yes... and yes. ♪ and yes. [ "i want to hold your [ "let it be" by the beatles ] [ "hey jude" by the beatles ] [ "yesterday" by the beatles ]
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